Seahawks are diminished, ripe for picking by 49ers

I shouldn’t pick the 49ers to win this Sunday.

They’re playing the Seahawks, who are just a game out of first place in the NFC West. Their record is 6-4. They have something to play for. And the 49ers really don’t. They have nine losses. Their season is over.

I’m picking the 49ers anyway. Here’s why.

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  1. One player I’ll be watching to see if he still has the heart and determination is Aaron Lynch.
    He needs to be the best player on defense getting in Wilson’s face and getting at least 2 sacks.
    If not, cut him Monday morning.

    Niners 23
    Hawks 17

  2. The defensive lineman will have to play disciplined, and not give Wilson an angle by attempting to sack him. Contain, constrain, and contort….

    1. Indeed. The defensive ends have primary contain responsibilities. They must aim for Russell Wilson’s back shoulder and not let him escape through the back of the pocket.

      1. Not to be arguementative, but every team has always tried to contain Wilson and he has an uncanny ability to escape, often with the reverse pivot.
        So yes, but easier said than done. I would agree that prioritizing containment may make them rush more under control and miss less. Maybe Buck can swat a couple.
        As to Rawls, in the past he’s had good games against SF. Shifty, quick, with a low center of gravity to break tackles. Maybe he’s slipped, we’ll see.
        I could see where SF has a chance to win, but I can’t quite call it. Maybe 40% chance.
        Kudos for contrasting wet turf vs wet grass field.

        1. I’m glad someone else made the point about Russell Wilson and not me. I remember his shiftiness at NC State.

          Regarding the wet grass issue, Grant, do you have data to back that up, or is that just your impression? I wonder if the Seahawks fare worse on natural wet surfaces?

          Regarding all the other stuff, Seattle is a dangerous team, and until we beat them convincingly, I give them the edge.

          1. You both are correct about Wilson but if they actually do as Grant says, aim for Russell Wilson’s back shoulder and stay in their lanes they will take away almost all of his ability to escape. Also, if you let him escape on the edge, spying usually just wastes a defender because he is too fast and the spy gets caught up in the middle traffic. Wilson is successful because although NFL pass rushers are superb athletes, they typically rely on that athleticism and varying their rushing techniques to put up the sack and hurry numbers they do. To stop Wilson requires methodical, disciplined old-time fundamentals to succeed. You either change the way you play against him or he wins. Easier said than done but possible. Wilson is Kaepernick with real talent and, at the risk of starting another bonfire here, the proof that it’s Kaepernick’s lack of talent and not his style of play that keeps him on the sidelines.

            1. Whine,

              Good response. Agree on all points, but would add that discipline is very hard to maintain in the chaos of extended plays, and it is here where Wilson really shines. He has the uncanny ability to manufacture a positive gain out of a disastrous situation and that is what has saved Seattle’s skin too many times.

              Regarding your last point, yes RW is a passer first and a runner second (like Steve Young) while others are not. Plus he has more skill and talent and plays smart too. As Moses has repeatedly pointed out, RGIII is another counter indicator which people conveniently ignore.

            2. Whine, Kaep is not being benched due to lack of talent, because he is being blackballed. The lack of talent is too apparent by watching some present QBs play, which proves the persecution and blackballing.
              Kaep’s style of play? Being a Super Bowl QB with a 4-2 road playoff record, and setting a record by rushing for 181 yards in a playoff, is what defines Kaep’s football prowess. Many of those other QBs could only dream of accomplishing half of what Kaep accomplished, and most have not even sniffed the playoffs.

              1. How many QB starved teams passed on him? This is about performance and him being a cancer, not your weak sauce black ball theory.
                Sorry, you are wrong.

  3. Grant sez:

    “…The 49ers have home-field advantage…”

    Just curious.. Grant …

    When was the last time (at Levis) … was “home field”
    of .. any… advantage … when playing the SeaChickens … ?

    OTOH … while I love your optimism in this piece … I have to agree
    with ninermd .. (above) … lol …;-}

  4. I would love to see the Niners finally beat this hated team but 3 things make me nervous – that front 7, Russell Wilson and of course Trent Brown possibly being out. I’m cautiously optimistic but I won’t be surprised if that front 7 feasts on our OL bringing CJ back down to earth thus giving Shanahan the perfect excuse to start Jimmy next week… Best chance at winning is pounding the rock to wear down that front (take the fight to them!) so CJ can take advantage of play action…. Fingers crossed they can corral the midget.

  5. I can’t seem to find a link to click that bypasses the PD sign and pay page. I’ve tried clicking on the link in Grant’s twitter feed, but that doesn’t go directly to the article anymore. Can someone provide a little help. Thanks.

      1. Nope. Clicking on the link takes me to this page. When I click on Click here to read my column, it takes me to the Press Democrat page that ask you to sign up and pay.

        1. Grant …

          wouldn’t it be better to yell at your webmaster …and
          tell him to remove the offending link …?

          Problem solved !

  6. Good argument Grant. The line has gone from an opening of 7 1/2 to 6 1/2 so the feeling is mutual among wagerers. I think your predicted score is more in line with what’s going to happen. I’m gonna take the Niners and the 6 1/2, though Wilson seems to have ridiculous luck playing us. A victory here would go a long way in getting the Seattle monkey off the team’s back. Carroll, defensive injuries or not, will have some new wrinkles to throw at young CJ I’m sure. We’ll have to suffer through Wilson’s last attempt at the end to win it as usual, but somehow the Niners will stop him and hold on.
    SF 23 SEA 21

    1. I am a little confused Juan. If the Seahawks are favored by 6.5 points, how is the feeling mutual among wagerers? Grant is predicting that the 49ers will win outright, 20 – 19. Just because more wagerers are taking the 49ers +7, doesn’t mean they expect the 49ers to win the game outright, does it? Wouldn’t that be the moneyline? Seattle is -300 on the moneyline, for what it’s worth.

      I like the 49ers +6.5, but the Seahawks are fairly heavy favorites for a reason. They’ve won 8 straight VS the Niners and the Seahawks are in the hunt for a division title and/or a playoff berth.

      Seattle – 23
      Niners – 20

      1. Niners are 5-5 against the spread this season, 1-9 straight up, of course.

        I get the feeling Grant may be trolling us a little bit on this one ;) Seattle is beat up, but so are the Niners, who are starting a rookie QB, and are 2-3 against the spread at home this season. The Niners don’t have much of a home field advantage right now, and the Seahawks have a lot more to play for tomorrow. I think it’s a fairly close game, but the Seahawks will be a confident team tomorrow, despite their injuries, and they know how to win close games.

        I hope I’m wrong.

        1. Thanks 49r! Was unsure on the betting information. To be honestly, it was a bit surprising at first until I realized that LV tries to even out betting so it always wins with maximum number of transactions.

          It’s been many years since we’ve had true home field advantage, and it certainly was at the stick but haven’t really established one in the new digs (thanks again Jed).

          I’m with you on the logic, though my heart wants so bad for the Hawks to lose – can’t believe I had a soft spot for them in he Steve Largent days….

    1. Hope Lynch can work another deal like last year and garner two picks in the 1st rd. Then I would go after Nelson with that second pick.

        1. No question, Quenton Nelson is one of the best college football players in the country. He has a rare blend of size, athleticism, and demeanor. In terms of my big board, I have Quenton Nelson ranked 11th overall. However, in terms of ranking the best players in the draft, regardless of position, I have him ranked 5th. When it comes to where I think he should be drafted, he drops to 11th based on his position.

          Each position holds a different “value”. Interior lineman don’t have as much value as say, an Offensive Tackle does, so that has to be taken into account.

          For example: Let’s say I am a GM, and my team has a pressing need at both the QB position and OG. Maybe I have Sam Darnold ranked as the 7th or 8th best college football player in the country, and I have Nelson ranked as the 5th best college football player in the country. Which one of those two players would I draft at #5? That’s a no brainer. I am drafting the QB ahead of the Guard all day long and twice on Sundays!

  7. I agree with Razor that our D line will have to be disciplined. Foster will have to be disciplined too, he can’t go for his usual all or nothing tackles due to Wilson’s elusiveness. Foster will also be asked to cover Graham at times, so again, our D line will play will be important. Discipline is a must for the secondary too.

    We should be able to run against Seattle. How will the poor weather affect CJ and our WRs?

    I think it will be close.

    Sea 16
    SF 13

    1. You see it as a very low scoring game #80? The over/under is right around 45 points. I have it 23-20 Seattle, but I could see 16-13. I think Seattle by a field goal sounds about right, so good call.

      Let’s hope we’re both wrong.

      GO NINERS!

      1. That’s how I see it unless the two defenses score. I don’t expect either QB to pass well, but Wilson has the edge there. I think both teams wll be run heavy. A well timed read option or bootleg call by KS could catch Seattle asleep at the wheel.

  8. — who’s replacing Colbert? McCoil?
    — Foster may need to stay in coverage more often than spying/hunting down the Tasmanian Devil…
    — coverage on Graham & Baldwin will be critical….as long as SEA passing game can be throttled, we have a shot…

  9. This will not be a cakewalk. Seahawks are fighting for a playoff spot, and they are mad that they lost a winnable game last Monday.
    KS better be prepared for PC to have his team fired up and ready to play.
    Niners should attack the right side of the line, and do what Razor advocates by containing and compressing the pocket.
    Niners should blitz Reid because he is quick enough to corral Wilson, and I hope they do some delayed blitzes up the middle with Foster.
    Niners should line up Hyde deep in the I, and establish a running game, so the deep play action passes will be more effective.
    The team that makes the least amount of mistakes could win this game.

      1. Football for Dummies is about your speed, Prime.
        No, I gleaned those strategies from reading -The Score Takes Care Of Itself, and Finding the Winning Edge.

              1. It is required reading for many militaries. Bill Walsh had a copy, and quoted from it.
                Minnesota’s HC Zimmer is being called Zim Tsu, and his team is 9-2.

              2. Here’s one you’ve never tried Seb:

                “Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”

                Sun Tsu

                Which of course leads to:

                “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”

                Sun Tsu

                Keep trying though Quixote!

              3. No, East, I plan on thinking the improbable yet possible, like generating various mocks. Engaging the likes of you is futile,because your responses are too predictable. You condescend with hubris, intolerant of original thought, so you keep rolling that stone.
                The moment I am waiting for is for the Niners to start winning consistently by being shrewd, clever, unpredictable, focused, disciplined, with flexible and innovative thought.
                Glad you actually have read The Art of War, but you need to interpret its teachings better. You try to attack me with a saying, but really just skewer yourself. Maybe you need to read that again. Reading is fundamental, and wisdom eludes you.
                I do not need to pretend inferiority to encourage your arrogance.

              1. Prime Time was one of the best 49ers to play corner ever. He actually was a big reason why the 49ers won a SB.
                Sebnynah means what? Moron? Broken record, ignorant fool?
                Did you come up with that name all by yourself?

  10. Hate to say it but Seahawks are going to whip us into a reality check tomorrow. Their backs are up against the wall and are coming in with a must win game attitude. While they are missing some key players, they still have much more talent than niners do. Wilson is going to go lights out from 1st quarter on…not just the from the 4th quarter like he typically does. Beathard will be pressured and struggle this game setting up Garropolo to start next week against the Bears.
    Sea 31 Niners 13

    1. Sigh, sheathing a weapon is a good way to lose. Maybe they should play him because he is the best QB on the team, and even with a limited command of the playbook, could lead them to victory.
      Guess Scooter is wrong. They do want to evaluate JG. However, sitting him and not letting him play is not going to help the evaluation process. Seeing his play on the field during game time is the best way to evaluate JG for the future.

  11. The Niners need to take advantage of the Seahawks defensive speed by letting them over run the play and cutting back against the grain.
    Counters, misdirections, sweeps, draws, screens and reverses could prove to be the winning formula.
    I would like to see CJB look left, point left, pump fake left, the hurl the ball down field along the right side line to Goodwin, who went 5 steps, did a stutter step, then streaked down field on the right to beat the replacement DB.

          1. Prime, I know that the Niners toiled in obscurity until Bill Walsh came, and founded a dynasty.
            Dissing Bill Walsh and his books exposes your hate for the Niners, because I think Bill Walsh walked on water.

              1. No, Prime, your hate is more than skin deep. You are a typical reactionary who does not like my politics, so you constantly attack. Attacking my football knowledge is quaint, because your football knowledge is non existent. You actually wanted Trubisky. So much so, you bet money, then welched on the bet.

              2. You know what happened with that bet so stuff that comment. #80 posted the details so put that in your bong and smoke it weasel!

                The reality is you are very much like Kap on this blog.
                A cancer no one really wants around and a one trick pony who can only do one thing well, repeat the same old rhetoric.

  12. The game will be close entering the 4th quarter and then Wilson will do something to rip the hearts out of the 49ers.

    Seahawks 16
    49ers 13

          1. It’s not even supposed to start raining until 1 so that angle being a little overplayed.

            Grant brought up good points, many of the same things I was thinking until I remembered that the Seahawks are playing the 49ers.

            Seattle is definitely a flawed team, but they will the better one today.

            1. It’s ok to be a fan a make up anything you can to gain an advantage. That’s if you are a fan like me.
              Or you can just be salt and vinegar.

  13. 49R, It’s pretty basic. Vegas set the line at 7 1/2. Since, money has flowed towards the Niners by wagerers so the line has moved to 6 1/2. That’s all I was stating. More wagerers than not believe the home dog Niners will cover the original 7 1/2 causing the odds makers to adjust. I believe, as most of you do looking at your prospective scores, win or lose, that they will cover in a close game. As for my season, I’m behind overall with the Niners but have done well elsewhere. I’m up roughly 5k for the season generally wagering 500 per week. I’m not exactly high stakes but that’s the limit the boss (wife) gave me! ;-) Good luck today!

    I did notice that the O/U adjusted from 44 to 45 so I’d take the under being that it’s going to end 23-21 Niners!

  14. I used to really enjoy Boomer and TJ on espn’s Sunday Countdown……
    It’s barely watchable now, and sometimes not even that…..gimmicky, shlocky, and way over-produced; Gong Show

  15. Im with you BT, I don’t even watch that crap! I’m sitting here reading Grants article again in the PD. That’s why locals like myself call the paper “yesterday’s news today”! I read Grants last night and watched the news at 10! All in the PD today!

    1. Hilarious, Juan. My wife and I for years have marveled at how the PD could consistently be a day behind in their reporting. Even after they connected with NYT for a while, some local stories would appear in the NYT a day before it did In the PD. They might be a tad better now, maybe, but still needed for local stuff even if we hear it on the street first.
      As to espn, today Charles Woodson said Wilson will shine and the Seat/SF game will be “No contest.” Hope he’s wrong (everybody but Trump and Seb are sometimes), but Jack Hammer’s 4Q predix has some precedent.

      1. No, BT, I have admitted being wrong many times. I was wrong that Kaep did not return, even though I still think he is superior to a raw green rookie. I thought you were smart enough to stop attacking me, but now see you cannot help yourself.

          1. History will show that Kaep is a trailblazer. He is heroic in my eyes because he is risking his career over a principle. Cowards are meek and submissive.
            History will not be kind to his detractors, especially Twitler.

              1. Kaep is unfairly being blackballed. He is being ostracized for being ‘Uppity’. The NFL wants a bunch of sheep, that will take what is given to them, and not rock the boat. They want players who are meek and submissive, yet also violent, so they tolerate DV.
                Kaep wants to fight injustices. He loves America, and wants to make it great for all Americans. He wants liberty and justice for all.
                His haters intentionally misinterpret his protests, and twist it about to say Kaep hates the military. His detractors are for rogue cops profiling and shooting unarmed civilians. They are for letting rogue cops getting away with murder. Kaep, by silently non violently and respectfully protesting, is upholding the cornerstone to our democracy.
                Trump, with his vile expletive laden hate speech, shows intolerance, and besmirches the Office of the Presidency. Trump would rather attack the protests as a dog whistle for his followers, in a vain attempt to drive the narrative by wrapping himself in the flag. Such delicious irony, the draft dodger who disses gold star family members, using patriotism, because it is the last refuge of a scoundrel.
                Meanwhile, Trump dithers about protests, when he should have been concentrating as Commander in Chief to stop Americans from being ambushed and killed. He has no clue about tactics and strategy. He wants a photo op, so he commands 3 aircraft carriers to sail in tight formation. That is so imbecilic, it boggles the mind, to give a nuclear enemy the opportunity to deliver another blow like Pearl Harbor, by concentrating forces.
                Yes, some will diss me for bringing up politics, but they are intertwined, and the politics of the NFL are closely related to the present political climate in the United States. I sure hope they delve into the email archives, because the call to blackball Keap is striking, and pervasive. They did not even try to keep it quiet, so collusion should be easy to prove.
                That means. this grievance could lead to the voiding of the CBA, which could lead to Goodell losing lots of power, and giving the players more power. The NFL owners conspired and colluded to deprive Kaep of his opportunity to play, and they should be punished for their malfeasance.
                With continued attrition, they are running out of QBs to play. Some team on the cusp will want to get into the playoffs. Kaep will give them the best chance to succeed. Heck, with Brady limited with his Achilles, Kaep may be they best option for BB. Hoyer certainly is not, and they will pull him after his third pick.
                Yes, the cancer screed is predictable, but Eshmont winners are inspirational role models, that show leadership and courage.

              2. Blah, blah, same old crap.
                Look Kap is not playing because he is a cancer and a running QB with a limited skill set.
                The NFL has spoken, stop your rhetoric garbage.

        1. See? Even though you constantly dis 45th, your logic(?) and debate style and self-described faultlessness, as well as narcissistic self image and attacking anyone who disagrees……you’re a lot like him. Loose with the facts too.
          So, was that a threat about “attacking” you? I’m terrified, LOL!
          I was pointing out what is obvious from your gigantic body of droppings on here.

          1. See, you cannot even bring yourself to admit you are attacking me. I was inferring a negative connotation towards your intelligence, but I guess that went over your head. I really expect no less.

              1. Yup that was one admission of being wrong months ago. I have been right all along subsequently. Hoyer certainly is not a starting QB, and I was spot on to predict he would pull a Gabbert and bench himself.

            1. You’re so Funny! My hero? Did you read how I characterized you both?
              Is it raining in fantasy land today? It’s raining here, LOL!
              Have a nice day, but grab your bumbershoot if you step into the real world.z

              1. BT, don’t get sucked into the whirlpool of see-saw logic/goofyism between these guys…it’s an eternal pillowfight…

  16. This is an opportunity to play fast and loose the Seahawks have trouble with this aspect in the other teams. They tend to get chippie among themselves and assignment break downs are predictable.

  17. You nailed what the Defense must do.. Offensively the key is a successful running game. I really like how Hyde and Breida have been working together. But bottom line our O line needs to win at the LOS and if they cannot win with Seattle wheeling back in 6 days and SF with 14 days they don’t deserve to win.. Run it and play action mid range deep into Seattle’s secondary..

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