Shanahan defends 49ers’ approach with Foster

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan during the first half of an NFL football game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Jason Behnken)

SANTA CLARA — When Kyle Shanahan learned police arrested Reuben Foster on Saturday night for domestic violence at the 49ers hotel in Tampa, Florida, Shanahan didn’t panic, punch a wall, hyperventilate, vomit or drink himself to oblivion. Nothing like that.

“I took a little extra melatonin,” Shanahan explained Monday, “so I could sleep. Then, I woke up. The game starts at a certain time and you know what you have to do. I’m used to being ready for games no matter what happens. You get locked in and there’s nothing else going on in the world. When it’s over, you adjust and think about what’s going on. The stuff about Reuben, I knew I couldn’t be up all night because I have to do a lot of stuff on game day. I would say it hit me more (Sunday) night.”

That’s how an NFL coach compartmentalizes.

Foster allegedly slapped his girlfriend Elissa Ennis in the team hotel the night before the 49ers lost 27-9 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The next morning, the 49ers announced they will release Foster. Ennis is the same woman who accused Foster of felony domestic violence this past April, then recanted her testimony. “It was all a money scheme,” she said under oath.

A judge threw out that case against Foster. But he and Ennis continued living together in Foster’s house. And police came to his house in October to investigate another domestic-violence incident between him and Ennis. Police made no arrests.

“We weren’t aware of that incident,” Shanahan said. “Absolutely not. No one in our building had ever heard about it. Someone told us after it was written in the paper. I was aware Reuben had spoken with her and still talked to her at times. I knew that from just asking him personally, like, ‘How are things in your life, have you seen her in a while?’

“But, by no means did I think they were ever living together or dating. I could have been living there personally and I would have known, but that’s not what I want, either. I would rather the person expose himself and move on so we can keep playing this game.”

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      1. It always sounded right to me. But some people on here (certainly not you and I) fell in love after one freaking game. Lynch and Shanahan should know better than us. They should have known that he frequently got washed out in college and that his effort was lacking at times. Absolutely terrible decision.

        1. In first 5 picks from that draft there have been one very questionable choice, one bad choice and two horrible ones. Only one pick has been ok. Hope that trend does not continue.

        2. It’s ok to say that Razor fell in love with the guy and he’s not worth the King’s ransom they paid to get his services.

        3. Yes, in hindsight, it would have been smarter to trade back again and selected Jamal Adams, Marshon Latimore or Malik Hooker, but the NFL tracker had his grade at 6.8, which was the highest of all the players left after Myles Garrett. Only Fournette and Jonathan Allen had equal grades.
          Still, the biggest need was stopping the run, because the Niners were giving up 165 yards per game. They were 31st in 2016. This season, they are 10th, allowing 102 yards per game, so there is a marked improvement. Thomas is helping out in that regard.
          Thomas, by helping shore up the run defense, is not a bust at all, and maybe the coaches are not putting him in the best positions to succeed. How can he get a sack if he is not in on passing downs?
          The entire D line, sans Buckner, are not performing well rushing the passer. Maybe they need better DBs, so the QB cannot throw the ball before the pass rush can get to him.
          Saleh is relying on 4 getting to the QB, but he should be dialing up some exotic blitzes, because the 4 are not succeeding.
          Against the Seahawks, Saleh should send some safety blitzes, because they are quick enough to corral Wilson. Wilson just jukes out the line men. They also need to be more disciplined, and contain him in the pocket. They allowed Winston to roll out, and he sliced and diced the Niner secondary.
          Solomon Thomas still has potential, and I still think he will be on the team for years and contribute. Yes, many expect more from a number 3 pick, but the draft is an inexact science.

    1. 80,
      I agree that we overdrafted on Thomas.
      But from a character perspective, Solly hits it out of the park.
      If Thomas can somehow elevate his play he becomes the type of player the team could build on and be an example for young players.
      Foster was a victim of his undisciplined lifestyle. Thomas is the
      complete opposite but with one caveat, he has been average on the field.

      Sadly, Foster will now need to be replaced in the off-season and the FO may need to take a closer look at Solly if he fails to improve the rest of the season.

      I almost feel as if we are back to square one which pushes the team back another year or two.
      I’m a faithful for life, but this is disconcerting.

    2. Prior to the draft I had him as a second. After seeing him play in the NFL i’d say he’s really more of a third.

      1. Many players are drafted high based on potential. Not sure what the FO saw in Thomas that made him their 1st pick.
        Except for one big game performance in college, I don’t really recall hearing any news about him.

        I believe that the new regime was looking for high character person who had the potential to become a good player.
        At least I’d like to believe that theory which takes a big hit when they also drafted Foster.

  1. Niners are caught in a Catch-22. If they did not know about her, they were incompetent. If they did, but chose to ignore the situation, they were complicit.
    Austin Moss went to his house daily, and did not know she lived there? Talk about being clueless.
    The August incident earlier should have thrown up some red flags.
    The Niners should have emphasized she almost destroyed his career, and that he should have severed all ties with her. Heck, he should have gotten a restraining order against her, for her false accusation.
    Bringing her to the team hotel was just asking for trouble. Foster is not too bright.
    After seeing how this fiasco unfolded, Foster has no one to blame but himself.

  2. If the 49ers are looking at FA for a WR to replace Garcon, assuming Josh Gordon is off the table for the obvious reason, the best guy they could sign (based on players currently slated for FA) is probably Quincy Enunwa. Yikes.

          1. Unless a good player gets cut, it will be. That late first through second round is looking like a sweet spot for WRs atm.

            Much like edge, WR is a position they could double dip. Really at this point I think there are only 2 WRs on the roster I think are certainties of returning next season (Pettis and Goodwin). But they will need to trade back with at least their 2nd round pick in order to have the ammo to do so.

            1. They may need to pick up a veteran to a prove it contract. Doubt the hole can be filled in the draft, though I hope it does.

              I agree that the only two receivers worth keeping (and I use it lightly in regards to Pettis) are the two aforementioned ones.

              The challenge is that they need an Edge real bad and another so that sweet spot at the end of the first round may need to be used for Edge again or a corner, but if the right X is there , then by all means pick them.

              1. With the depth of DL in this draft there will be some really good WR’s available into the second round imo. If the Niners get the #1 pick, I would take Bosa and auction the first pick in the second to the highest bidder to get my WR and CB.

              2. The only CBs I would consider taking over one of the WRs likely to be available at the top of the 2nd round are Baker, Williams, Murphy and Diggs (if he declares). Of those, not sure any will last to the 2nd round.

              3. As to picking up a veteran, who? Unless there are some good players released the pickings are really slim. They can (and should) pick up someone on a prove it type deal, but realistically, looking at the options available the most likely outcome is the player will only prove to not be worth it. I’m not 100% convinced that a fully healthy Garcon isn’t better than the options currently slated to be available.

              4. I’m really not that enamoured with the CB crop tbh. Any guy they get outside the four I mentioned above will just be part of the competition with Witherspoon and Moore for the spot opposìte Sherman next year. They should probably look to add a FA to the mix.

    1. Quincy Enunwa probably is the best. I also like Tyler Lockett. Other than those two, there are no free agents worth looking at.

      As for the draft, given that N’Keal Henry will be gone in the 1st, I like Anthony Johnson from Buffalo in the second round. Of the cornerbacks, a lot of them don’t have the height for the Cover-3 scheme the Niners run.

      1. If we miss on Metcalf, I’d select J.J. Arcega-Whiteside at the top of round 2, and draft a scheme fit corner in, Joejuan Williams at the top of round 3….

  3. For the conspiracy theorists… Was the reason for the quick release this time due to his degraded level of play on the field and potentially the fact that his shoulder issues appear worse than first suspected by the team?

    I personally don’t believe that, however it does appear that his shoulder issues were worse than the team medics first thought.

    BTW… it is odd that the team didn’t know they were living together still if someone was visiting him daily. Basically he either had scheduled visits which allowed him to hide her, didn’t care, lied about not knowing, or the guy visiting his residence was Chief Wiggum. Not that I care, as ultimately the blame is Foster’s but it does seem like a statement made to make it seem like the team was doing more than it was.

    1. If I’m keeping track at home:

      1) team doctors are not all that and a bag of chips. Wonder what that means for McKinnon

      2) team officials are willfully blind and/or incompetent

      3) Kyle Shanahan/John Lynch are good liars and/or ignore the obvious and/oror don’t have a good handle on their team

      Either way, yikes…

      This episode has eroded whatever confidence I had regarding their capacity to manage the team.

      To be sure, Harbaugh was/is willfully blind as his sole focus is football 24/7. That is a character flaw though and is one of the reasons he grates people and wears out his welcome. This lot said all the right things, and laid out a plan that sounded right, but then…..

    1. Gimme a break!!!!

      Wolverines put up 39 points against the #1 defense in the nation.
      That game was lost because Michigan doesn’t have the speed to cover crossing routes.

      You can’t coach speed but you can recruit it.


        “Early in the second quarter, Michigan had run 25 plays to Ohio State’s six, tallied 98 total yards to the Buckeyes’ 17 and held possession of the ball for 12:35 to Ohio State’s 1:55.”

        “Yet at that point the Buckeyes still led the game 7-6.”

        “The Wolverines offense ran 16:12 off the clock in their first six possessions and had just six points to show for it. That contrast was evident all day.”

        “Ohio State suffered one loss this season, to Purdue. In that game, the Buckeyes had no answer for the innovative offense run by Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm. Watch how Brohm’s Purdue offense played Ohio State, then watch how Harbaugh’s Michigan offense played Ohio State, and you’ll see the difference between being innovative enough to win and being arrogant enough to think you don’t have to innovate to win.”

        1. Harbaugh has a style that has worked for him every where he’s gone. It’s not due to arrogance; it’s because he’s had success. He’s also adapted depending on what he’s had at QB. With Luck they became more of a passing offense, with Kap they incorporated the pistol and a lot of play action to take advantage of his threat as a runner, with Speight it was limited due to his lack of athleticism but the offense changed again with Patterson because he could run the read option effectively. I keep hearing there is no innovation with Harbaugh and yet the evidence is there showing his offense has changed repeatedly based on what he has for personnel. It wasn’t a lack of innovation that cost them against the Buckeyes; it was a lack of athletes who could match up with their skill positions on offense. He has to recruit more speed for his LB and secondary units.

          1. He brought a squirt gun to a shootout when he needed a water cannon. His offense, while effective early on at chewing clock, ultimately stalled. So yes, the D did struggle, but the offense didn’t do enough, and most of their points came after OSU opened up a nice lead.

            BTW, JH picked the players on D. If anyone is to blame for the lack of speed, it’s JH.

            1. “He brought a squirt gun to a shootout when he needed a water cannon”

              I guess. The game was close until the blocked punt which blew the floodgates open.

              “JH picked the players on D. If anyone is to blame for the lack of speed, it’s JH.”

              Ya think? 🤔

              1. I do think. His path to the playoffs will always include beating OSU. Ever hear of a team building it’s roster to be able to beat the top dog in their division or conference? Has Jim?

              2. LOL. Obviously he hasn’t which is why I said on Saturday in a response to Prime and today in a response to you that he needs to get more speed, it’s why rocket said he needs to get more speed, and it’s why Dave said he needs to get more speed.

              3. “The game was close until the blocked punt which blew the floodgates open.”

                Yeah, Michigan scored 21 of their points after that.

              4. JH, with the high academic standards constraint Michigan has to overcome, is at a disadvantage.
                Many elite football driven schools have no constraints. They will take anyone.
                Many elite football players are more into playing football in the pros, rather than getting a degree, because they could reap millions in the NFL. They also see their friends with a degree, struggling to make ends meet.
                JH has bowed to reality, and has lowered standards to recruit elite players, but the fastest of the fastest, usually go to football factories like Alabama and LSU. This season, Michigan had the top 21st recruiting class. Georgia, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio St, Oklahoma and ND were in the top 10.
                Lack of speed? Lack of recruiting.

              5. Naw, JH has an incredibly potent recruiting tool. Tom Brady.
                Looks like it is working. Michigan is 5th in the 2019 recruiting class.

              6. Yeah, full on snark because most of your comments to me were nothing more than what I’d already addressed on Saturday when I said Harbaugh needed to get better athletes to compete with OSU.

                “Jack Hammer says:
                November 24, 2018 at 1:53 pm
                He’s the best coach the 49ers have had in 15 years, and his record backs that statement up.

                That being said, they got smoked today. He needs to get better athletes, especially on the back half of his defense.

                That poor DB #28, looked like Lucas running around out there.“

                The stuff about the offense or Harbaugh being arrogant was handled pretty well by rocket so I won’t regurgitate.

            2. He brought a squirt gun to a shootout when he needed a water cannon. His offense, while effective early on at chewing clock, ultimately stalled. So yes, the D did struggle, but the offense didn’t do enough, and most of their points came after OSU opened up a nice lead.
              BTW, JH picked the players on D. If anyone is to blame for the lack of speed, it’s JH.

              It was a 24-19 game at halftime and 27-19 halfway through the 3rd quarter. There was also a TD pass that was not secured by the TE that resulted in them having to settle for a FG inside the redzone. The game got away based on two plays: the blocked punt for a TD and the Int. thrown on the following possession. Up until that point it was a hard fought game both on the field and on the scoreboard. Even after that it was still a game when Michigan went down and scored a TD to bring them back within two scores with a lot of time left, but the defense gave up a 78 yard run on the first play of the next OSU possession and that was it. A game usually turns on a couple of plays and that was the case in this one.

              1. “The game got away based on two plays: the blocked punt for a TD and the Int. thrown on the following possession.”

                They had to punt because of the offense. The INT was thrown by the offense.

              2. “They had to punt because of the offense. The INT was thrown by the offense.”

                You are a freaking genous!!

              3. Michigan had put up 237 yards of offense and 19 points mid way through the third quarter. You are trying to put this on the offense but that simply wasn’t the case. OSU discovered they could take advantage of Michigan’s 3rd corner and their overall lack of speed in open space and that is what ultimately decided the game.

              4. I usually don’t care about spelling errors, but getting genius wrong is pretty funny.

                Let’s recap. The offense scored 21 of their points after they fell behind in a big way. They fell behind in a big way because the offense had to punt, and the offense threw an INT.

                Why aren’t you this forgiving of Shanny.

              5. “getting genius wrong is pretty funny.”

                Didn’t get it wrong. That was on purpose. It’s kind of a shout out to an old commentor, Pork Bun Luncheon.

                « Let’s recap. The offense scored 21 of their points after they fell behind in a big way. They fell behind in a big way because the offense had to punt, and the offense threw an INT. »

                Not sure why you’re incessant on bringing up the last 21 points to me. I’ve not said anything about their point total.

                « Why aren’t you this forgiving of Shanny. »

                When « Shanny » starts winning at a clip better than .600 he’ll deserve a little forgiveness.

                And in reality, I’ve stated that I thought Harbaugh made a mistake going for 2 before the half, and I’ve also faulted him for the weaknesses in his team. Both things are pretty similar to the type of stuff I say about Shanahan.

                I didn’t have a hard time knocking Harbaugh at times when he was here. The biggest difference though is he was winning games so others didn’t feel the need to defend his honor as some do now with a coach who hasn’t earned it.

              6. « take advantage of Michigan’s 3rd corner »

                Poor #28. He looked like a sophomore who’d just been called up to the varsity.

              7. “Not sure why you’re incessant on bringing up the last 21 points to me. I’ve not said anything about their point total.”

                That was more of a response to Dave, who said “Wolverines put up 39 points against the #1 defense in the nation.”

                “And in reality,…”

                I’ve noticed you have been critical of JH since the loss to OSU. That’s why I didn’t post your Michigan makes the playoffs prediction (I had it bookmarked BTW).

              8. “I’ve noticed you have been critical of JH since the loss to OSU. “

                So why bring it up?

                “That’s why I didn’t post your Michigan makes the playoffs prediction (I had it bookmarked BTW).”

                You bookmark what people say on here? That’s funny. If this stuff means that much to you it might be a good idea to get a life.

                Everyone makes predictions on here, and we all miss on them from time to time. Big deal.

              9. “#80,
                You take this stuff way to seriously.”

                You take ‘taking stuff too seriously’ too seriously. We’re talking about sports where people showboat every week. I’m just one of many people on here that have let it be known when they are right. I also acknowledge the times I get it wrong, and I’m free with my praise when others hit on their predictions.

              10. “You bookmark what people say on here? That’s funny. If this stuff means that much to you it might be a good idea to get a life.”

                It literally took 1 second to bookmark. If it meant that much to me I would have brought it up on Saturday right after the game. But you were fine Saturday, today you came on here full of snark.

              11. Book marking somebody’s prediction so you can throw it back in their face if they’re wrong is the epitome of taking this way too seriously. As you and Jack both just pointed out, everybody gets things wrong on here so why go to the extreme of book marking an example of it? I’ve noticed you have a tendency to repost things from threads that took place months and sometimes years ago. What’s the point?

              12. “What’s the point?”

                Well, when people try to gaslight me and call me names just because I disagree with their opinion, I think it’s only fair to show that I was indeed right all along.

                And yes, I recently posted old Grant quotes about Kap. He trashed Kap to no end in 2016, even said he should retire. Now he says we should have kept him. What’s that about?

    2. The Michigan offense isn’t what cost them the game on Saturday. It was that they “lack the elite speed”, especially on defense. OSU had guys just running away against man coverage and their speed, the likes of which Michigan hadn’t seen all year since maybe week 1, also caused for bad pursuit angles.

      Harbaugh choosing to go for 2 before halftime was also a mistake.

  4. Ha…
    To be fair East, this was only for the conspiracy theorists out there… and it gives a topic to those that don’t want to start talking about offseason moves or the NFL draft just yet :D

    1. I got that, but the more i find out about this the more concerning it becomes.

      You would have thought the organization learned its lesson with Aldon Smith.

  5. Do you all think that the team can adequately address the areas of high need this offseason?

    I see the following as high needs:

    1) Edge rusher – possibly two
    2) CB – definitely need at least 1
    3) Safety – so glad we got rid of Eric Reid
    4) Wide Receiver – need a RZ target
    5) RB – a big back who can get 3rd down conversions and in RZ
    6) Tackle to replace rapidly declining Staley
    7) Guard – Bucs game is a good example of this
    8) Linebacker – thanks Rueben!
    9) kicker – I think that Gould may be declining
    10) depth – season underscores

    I think if things go right we can address 2-3 areas in draft but it seems unlikely all the rest can be addressed in FA. That means these problems will carry over into next year.

    So what will be the Achilles heel?

      1. It may be UC. I know it isn’t popular but we had a good Tackle on the team last year. And yes, I know, he didn’t fit the scheme, but how valid is that when your QB is in a heap from being blindsided?

            1. You give away a diamond in the rough and keep to the pebble by pebble and that’s fine when you’re young like most on this board. John Maynard Keynes famously said: “In the long run we’re all dead”. He was talking about economics but I’m afraid that has relevance to the 49ers to me as on old timer. I lived through the first phase 1946 through 1981. I doubt I’ll make it through the second.

        1. The rules continue to change which greatly effects the continued diminished returns of investments on the defensive side of the ball. Last year during the winning streak the defense stats seems to improve. With that it made the case for an offense that can control the ball will greatly enhance production/stats from its defense. Of course that isn’t anything new but what has changed is the importance of the offense staying on the field. I feel that the days of a dominate defense controlling the game is gone, its now more important for the offense to excel to control the ball and have the ability to put 30+ points a game. So it seems to me after edge take care of the offense. Its an offensive game now so the offensive is going to require a constant influx of good/very good ball players to maintain a dominance in ball control and scoring lots of points.

          1. I think Staley has a couple more good years left in him. Offensively the most important missing link is a bonafide X receiver. Good thing is this draft is replete with them, and the top of the 2nd round is the sweet spot for mine….

            1. They definitely need an X but Staley is declining. Don’t think he will be long in the NFL.

              And Edge and CB are most pressing needs in my opinion.

            2. As has been pointed out there are few draft picks and many needs so not everything can be addressed in the draft. The Oline while still not great, is lower on the need list than Edge, FS, CB and WR imo. It’s tough to tell what they can do in FA as some of the players will be franchised or re-signed, but much like last offseason, not all the needs will be filled when it’s all said and done. What will generate the most impact right away is an Edge and hopefully 2. The next area that will generate huge impact is WR. If they add top level talent at those two positions, it will improve the team the quickest imo. FS and CB while also big needs, have some young players that we need to see and both will be helped by a better pass rush. I would expect FS especially will be a priority in FA as there are more good options available than any other need area the Niners have.

              1. “Earl Thomas should be priority 1a.”

                Agreed. But that’s a priority because of our scheme. Mo priorities, mo money, mo problems.

              2. Yep Thomas would be a great get, but they will be up against a lot of teams for his services. Having Sherman might be our ace in the hole if they are still close.

              3. Does anyone know what is up with the acrimony between Thomas and Seattle anyway?

                I’m kind of in the fence with him. I have always liked his play and while he would be a huge upgrade to our current crew, how much would it cost and what other opportunities would need to be foregone? Additionally, didn’t like the Dallas thing or the finger incident and wonder what that means as the team that picks him up.

                I do think that Sherman being here would help, but I think his heart is in Texas.

              4. EC,

                It stems from the team forcing Thomas to play out the last year of his contract instead of working out an extension. That is why he gave them the you are #1 salute on his way off the field after his season ending injury.

                I would want him for the same reason I wanted Sherm: He can still play at a high level and he gives them an experienced player who knows how to win and can set an example for the young players as to how to achieve it. They have a ton of cap room so the money is not a factor as he will only get a 3-5 year deal at most.

              5. Rocket, thanks for the summation.

                You aren’t worried about him coming back from the injury? I think it may affect his range. He is still way better than anyone we have, especially if the price is nice and the team needs some fire.

              6. Nah. It’s a leg fracture. He’ll be ready to go for the offseason program. He’s one of the best in the game and has excelled in the same system the Niners play. If they can convince him to come here it will be a huge get.

              7. What rocket said. He’ll be fine. He’s come back from a leg fracture before and returned to the same elite level of play. He should be the team’s top priority in FA.

  6. Scot McCloughan

    Dry him out and bring him in to run the draft

    He’s an incredibly talented alcoholic who’s never been in trouble for beating his wife/girlfriend.

  7. Let’s take a look at some numbers that a 21 year old MLB has done so far as a rookie:

    Top 10 NFL linebackers, 2018 run-stop rate (PFF):
    1. Luke Kuechly, Panthers — 12.6%
    2. Anthony Walker, Colts — 10.9%
    3. C.J. Mosley, Ravens — 10.8%
    4. Fred Warner, 49ers — 10.7%
    5. Leighton Vander Esch, Cowboys — 10.6%
    6. Bobby Wagner, Seahawks — 10.3%
    7. Darius Leonard, Colts — 9.7%
    8. Danny Trevathan, Bears — 9.3%
    9. Lavonte David, Buccaneers — 9.2%
    10. Demario Davis, Sai

    Top-10 NFL linebackers, 2018 passer rating allowed (PFF):
    1. Matt Milano, Bills — 62.1
    2. Joe Schobert, Browns — 69.3
    3. Myles Jack, Jaguars — 77.6
    4. Jayon Brown, Titans — 80.5
    5. Zach Brown, Washington — 82.4
    6. Darron Lee, Jets — 83.3
    7. A.J. Klein, Saints — 84.8
    8. Fred Warner, 49ers — 86.7
    9. Denzel Perryman, Chargers — 87.3
    10. Bobby Wagner, Seahawks — 88.4

    Some moron said there is nothing special about Warner. Well for a rookie surrounded by 1 quality player in Buckner he sure seems closer to a special type player then not. People need to remember that N Bowman didn’t hit the field until T Spikes left. Warner is ahead of the curve. A very nice pick going unnoticed because of the team record thanks to a QB injury.

    1. Loved him coming out, love him as our defensive field commander. He’s not a finished product, which bodes well for the future. Now if Solomon Thomas can improve his pass rushing technique next year, and we add Bosa in the draft, Earl Thomas, Dee Ford and Sheldon Richardson through free agency; we might earn the moniker, ‘Legion Of Boom 2.0’….

          1. I’m with cubus. This is one area Ledyard is incorrect I believe. That money should be spent on Thomas and a top edge available, plus a starting calibre LB. Also should add a WR and CB for competition, and re-sign Person. That will eat a lot of cap space, and not likely to leave room for Richardson. Armstead will be retained under the 5th year option.

            1. I’d rather Richardson at 9 or 10 million than Armstead. I cut ties with Armstead and sign Ford. I think we’re good for now at LB with Smith/Lee/Coyle/Warner. They’ll probably have options there as well after the F/A dust clears….

  8. I feel terrible for Foster. After hearing about the hardships he endured growing up with his Dad in prison for shooting his Mom, I really wanted to root for the guy to change the direction of his entire family. Some personal demons are too difficult to overcome I guess. 49ers were right to give him a chance after the first incident and they were right to cut him after this incident. Some things don’t work out. I pray for Reuben Foster’s sake he finds the strength to stay away from this woman and turn his life around.

    1. Houston

      I laud your good heart and good wishes for Reuben…as do all of us 49er fans… but ,as we’ve all heard countless times on the blog…You can’t fix stupid. Not many folks get as many chances for fortune and fame as Reuben has already. Some ‘needy’ team will give him another chance….and maybe another after that…I only hope it will not be MY 49ers….Don’t blame the woman…!…Even though she is at least 50% of the problem…he is the real problem….I won’t miss you Reuben….

    2. Houston,
      Good call.
      Unfortunately and sadly, Foster is not acquainted with any other lifestyle than the one that leads to trouble.

  9. I hope the woman recants, again. Maybe those injuries were self inflicted, since she claimed that last time.
    Maybe Foster was trying to break up with her, so she wanted to destroy his career, like last time.
    I can understand why the Niners acted the way they did. Foster was given many chances, and he failed miserably.
    However, maybe they should have just inactivated him, and kept him on the team. Then, the Niners could have traded him after the season, and gotten something for him, rather than cutting him, and getting nothing.
    No matter what, the Niners did not give him the proper support. They should have first obtained a restraining order against her, so there would be no more contact. Ennis fooled them once. Shame on her. Ennis fooled them twice. Shame on Foster and the Niners.

    1. It is not the team’s job to babysit a guy, and I doubt that would have gone down to well in general. To imply the Niners have somehow failed Foster over this is utterly ludicrous. Though in the 5 days I’ve been browsing the comments on this site I’ve seen numerous such takes from you, so maybe you’re simply playing the role of the court jester here.

      1. It is called- protecting their investment.
        They spent a first round pick for him, and he disappeared like a puff of smoke.
        Niners were either incompetent, or complicit.
        You may think it is a joke, I think it is a tragedy.

  10. All he had to do was dump the bitch and stay away from her , and he’s playing in the NFL and making millions EZ-PZ… the stupidity to me is mind blowing

  11. Grant mentioned on Barrows Q & A today:

    Question: There is one local writer saying team should fire Shanahan and hire the Purdue coach. Any possibility Shanahan gets the boot? Seems ridiculous to me. — Louis W. via Twitter.

    Answer: If “The 2019 Awakening” doesn’t occur, it might be time to start looking elsewhere. But doing so now is at least a year premature. Shanahan has three things going for him: 1) a six-year contract; 2) a long-term plan in which 2017 and ’18 were always going to be rebuilding years; 3) the fact that his starting quarterback was lost for the season in Week 3. Few teams would flourish after that, much less squads that already were in rebuilding mode.

    1. It is and was a ridiculous suggestion to even address the head coaching position as on the hot seat.
      Grant writes for click baits, not on the true realities of this team.
      Did anyone think different besides the village idiot Seb?


      “When the Niners made Shanahan their third coaching hire in as many seasons in 2017, they finally committed to the long-term rebuild that had been coming for a few years. The results, particularly in close games, have been disappointing, but this is only Year 2 of Shanahan’s six-year deal, and he’s going through it without his franchise quarterback and top running back, among other key injuries that make this season tough to evaluate. The 49ers knew this would take some time. Shanahan has kept his team competitive despite frustrating losses, and there’s no indication from anyone making the decisions that his job is in any sort of jeopardy.”

    1. Good. Pretty sure that means any of the guaranteed salary the 49ers would still have owed him gets passed on to that team instead.

  12. Foster getting claimed on waivers illustrates my point about the league. Doesn’t matter if you kneel, stand or beat your girlfriend. If you have actual skill, you’ll still have a job. Teams don’t think you can help them win? No job for you. Guess we know why Kaepernick is still unemployed.

    1. Trump did not call Foster an SOB, and call for him to be fired, and yanked off the field.
      Denying the blackballing is specious.

  13. Nice, the Niners claimed Godwin Igwebuike off waivers from TB.
    Maybe he can help the running game or STs, too. Sounds versatile

  14. So the Redskins picked up a woman abuser to go with their child abuser. They should sign Michael Vick to finish the trifecta.

    1. Vick appeared to have learned his lesson when he returned to the NFL for a few more years and is an animal rights activist now.
      A better example of finishing the trifecta would be adding Greg Hardy.

      1. November 27, 2018 at 2:48 pm
        sebnynah says:
        November 25, 2018 at 5:09 pm
        Kaep could….

        Reply: My old coach used to say: “If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.”
        Quit making excuses.

        Fans hate snivellers.

        Reading is fundamental Seb. Why don’t we start today’s reading lesson with the word, sniveller.

        Definition of Sniveller: Noun. 1. sniveller – a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining. grumbler, moaner, squawker, whiner, bellyacher, complainer, crybaby. disagreeable person, unpleasant person – a person who is not pleasant or agreeable.


  15. Jeff Driskell is now the starting QB for the Bengals. Then they claimed Savage. Former Niner QBs are in high demand.
    Looks like another team will be in the QB sweepstakes next draft.

      1. Yup, more proof of the blackballing.
        Glad you reminded me that you once conceded that Kaep took the league by storm.
        Soon, teams will run out of options, and poor QB play will empty more stadiums.

    1. I would have no issue with the 49ers taking the best available offensive linemen in next years draft. I’d prefer a pass rusher but oline would be fine as well.

      1. Jonah Williams should only be considered above an edge rusher if Staley retires. If he doesn’t, it can wait a year. McGlinchey has shown a top rookie OT can slot into a starting role. No need to groom them for a year or two.

        1. If the 49ers can address some of their pass rush needs in free agency then I don’t think it’s unreasonable to take Williams with that first pic.

          Last year they didn’t do anything in free agency. I think free agency this year will set up their draft and make it much more clearer as to addressing needs.

          1. Completely agree with the last paragraph. I expect them to bring in a few key FA additions. However, signing a good edge shouldn’t change their plans for then drafting one in the 1st round. It should just give them the leeway to trade back.

  16. Prime, JG learned his lesson and will get down this season. A little insurance on those 7 step drops Shanny dials up helps also.

  17. Foster gets a job quickly. Foster’s GF might not cooperate again. He’s currently on the Exempt list, good for his shoulder/dead arm. I can’t blame the Skins for signing him. Low risk when you don’t spend a 1st on him.

    1. I’m guessing that they are looking to next year, but with right incentives could be a good pick up for them. Of course that means Foster needs to stay out of trouble.

      1. Yep. For the Redskins it’s a low risk for the future. If the judicial process goes against Foster (assuming there is one), they can easily cut bait at little cost.

  18. Grant, your article re Lynch was spot on. I basically said same thing the other day. He’s a terrible evaluator of talent. Simply not good. The Chiefs are amazing evaluators of talent. Hell, the Seachockens are even competent again. We are not. We waste picks on no names. You know doesn’t, teams that draft well. The teams that draft well, draft guys who perform at high levels from big programs over a sustained period of time. Rarely fails. Solomon Thomas has basically, one good year and great game. That’s it. We took him third. Stupid. He looks like goof when he runs. Not coordinated.

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