Shanahan puts onus on players for team’s inability to close out games

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks after an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals won 18-15. (AP Photo/Ralph Freso)

Head coach Kyle Shanahan blamed the players Monday for the 49ers’ recent pattern of blowing late-game leads.

“We need to close people out, and we need some closers to do that,” Shanahan said on a conference call. “We are getting opportunities, reps and experience, but the experience hasn’t paid off yet. We’ve got to find people who can get it done.”

The 49ers blew a 12-point fourth-quarter lead Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals, who won the game 18-15. None of the 49ers’ best offensive players produced during the fourth quarter. None of them closed. Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin and tight end George Kittle each caught zero passes, and running back Matt Breida ran for five yards.

The 49ers also blew a seven-point fourth-quarter lead two weeks ago to the Green Bay packers. Again, the 49ers couldn’t close the deal. Goodwin and Kittle each caught zero passes in the fourth quarter, and Breida ran for 6 yards.

“In order to win an ugly game in the NFL,” Shanahan said, “you’ve got to be good at four-minute offense, and we weren’t there at the end.”

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  1. Grant,
    When did Shanahan say he put the onus on the players?
    I counted at least seven times when he used the word “we” and a few times when he said “I” or “I’ve.”
    That’s a far cry from using the word “onus” as that word suggests that Shanahan is throwing his players under the bus.
    Its your job to write, I get it.
    But subtlely changing the spirit of Shanahan ‘ comments to fit your agenda is wrong and unprofessional.

    1. But subtlely changing the spirit of Shanahan ‘ comments to fit your agenda is wrong and unprofessional.

      That seems to be happening a lot lately.

      1. Yeah, I’ve noticed a definite shift to the negative on Shanahan from Grant. He’s always come across as a guy who dislikes the 49ers to me but lately it’s been palpable. Kinda makes me thinks he’s been told to get his click count up on this blog.

      2. He does sound like he’s running people, his players under the bus..He uses the word.. people/closers.. instead of “players” so it doesn’t sound as direct…and ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ to shift blame in a way.

        He uses the word “we”…as the team/49ers needs people/players instead of taking the blame and responsibility by using “I”…sort of taking “himself” off the hook..

        we need “closers” to do that= “players” to do that. ……we’ve got to find “people” who can get it done= “players” who can get it done……..closers/people= “players”

      1. Right…’s easy to see. Come on KS…Shanny is subtlely using words like ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ to sort of take heat off his back……and we need ‘people/closers’ meaning players so it’s not as direct.

      2. Bull. ‘We’ refers to the team as a whole, and ‘closers’ are areas on the team that still needs to be addressed.

      3. Nevermind the simple fact that Kyle is 100% correct.

        Does anyone really think this team is 1-7 with Garoppolo starting throughout the season?

        I’ll answer that question for everyone: NO!

        6-1 as a 49ers starter prior to injury, and the one loss was a close loss during week 1, on the road, VS a team many were predicting to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

        The simple fact of the matter is, Jimmy closed out 6 of the first 7 games he’s started for Kyle’s 49ers. Anyone with a modicum of common sense would then conclude that maybe the 49ers backup QB is the cruxed of the problem when it comes to closing out close games.

        If the 49ers were getting blown out week in and week with their franchise QB on the field (like the Raiders for instance), I can see a basis for questioning the direction ShanaLynch are taking this rebuild. But that’s simply not the case.

        And to show just how out of touch Grant is within NFL circles, let me post a relevant statement which came yesterday from one of the leagues top insiders –

        NFL insider Ian Rapoport joined KNBR on Monday morning and discussed Shanahan and Lynch’s job security:

        “They are definitely good through this year, obviously through next year,” Rapoport said on the “Murph & Mac” show. “Beyond that, I don’t know. I would imagine that they are safe also beyond that. “I think one thing that has happened is clearly the organization, the talent is getting better, but obviously it’s not there yet. This year, if they had a quarterback that could have raised their level a little bit. Maybe they could have been a wildcard team, maybe. 8-8, 7-9, 9-7, something like that, that’s probably where they are. “Next year, with Jimmy (Garoppolo) coming off the ACL, (Jerick) McKinnon coming off the ACL, with a very top draft pick that they don’t need to make on a quarterback, they should be a lot better. “If they don’t win next year, I would imagine there will be some questions being asked, as would be the case in every league, but I don’t get the sense that anyone here is in trouble. I do get the sense there’s an understanding of like, ‘Wow, everything just came together to be the worst this season and, hopefully, it’s not like that next season.”

        Thank you Ian, you’ve backed up almost every point I’ve made in regards to the way this season has unfolded, and you’ve done it through your expansive network of NFL insider connections.

      4. Bull..he blames players and uses words like ‘we’ as the team needs others[players] to close people out when he admits the ‘players’ they already have are getting opportunities, reps and have experience but the experience hasn’t paid off. Nice…that last line about exp. is code for maybe because you and Saleh have not coached them up good enough just blaming them running them under the bus instead of taking any blame whatsoever and use words like ‘I need to do a better job’ of being the captain of this quickly sinking ‘stinking’ freaking ship. At least Tomsula pointed a finger in his chest and said he took full responsibility. None of this ‘We’ crap.

        1. “instead of taking any blame whatsoever”

          “I’ve got to find a way as a coach to make sure I get our guys more prepared for those, better at those situations and able to make those plays really when it counts in the fourth quarter and not the previous three.”

          “Those who spoke with Kyle Shanahan last night at Falcons team hotel tell me he said “I blew it”

  2. I think Kyle Shanahan is one of the best young coaches in the NFL. Once he gets a few more pieces together, this team will win the division and contend for the Superbowl. I’m absolutely convinced the 49ers with Shanahan will have greater long term success than the Rams under McVay. Having said that, I think there is a fundamental flaw in Shanahan’s strategy for player selection. He prefers small/fast RB’s over the bigger grinders who can churn out a few yards against 8 man fronts. He needs more of a balance. Shanahan was content going with Breida and McKinnon to start the year. They are different runners but very similar in size. I think Shanahan needs more diversity in his RB’s so he can go with the bigger guy late in the game. I don’t know enough about the o-line makeup to know if they are equipped for a power running game but that may also be an issue.

    1. Boy, oh boy, I just missed a huge buck last night on the way home. Jumped right out 10 feet in front of me from outta nowhere. I was doing 45 mph, instantly reacted and turned the wheel and missed his hindquarters by 6 inches….

      1. Razor, did you see a deer in the headlights? Maybe that reminded you of a HC……
        Glad you re OK. I have a 6 point buck nibbling on my flowers, along with a couple yearlings who I first saw as fawns, in my back yard. I am actually looking at a doe out my side window as I type.

      2. You’re lucky you missed him. I was driving at night in central Texas about 2 years ago in a small sedan and hit a deer. It was like God dropped him from the sky right in front of me. I didn’t have time to even hit the brake or avoid him. Hit him probably doing about 70. Luckily no one was injured (other than the deer) but it totalled the car. Central Texas deer don’t get too big. South Texas and West Texas are where you find the big bucks. Can only imagine what a big buck would have done.

          1. No, great minds think alike.
            Sure am glad KS said-‘ There’s motivation to improve our team in every way possible.’
            Kaep would improve the team, and give them a better chance to win.

      1. Oregon,

        Yeah I did. It went well good enough to get me on as a writer for 49erswebzone. Did that for a while along with covering the 49ers and Buccaneers for

        Unfortunately I had some stuff that required more of my attention so I had to step away from it. Not as much time when you’re a single dad.

        Thanks for asking.

  3. I don’t want KS fired but I do want KS held accountable. I think most people didn’t think SB this year but also didn’t think 1-7 and the worst team in the NFL either.

    1. “… and the worst team in the NFL …..”

      one of the worst team(s) in the NFL … there .. I fixed it for ya ..

      … I suppose .. the final Battle of the Bay …
      should be called …. The Battle for the Anchor …

  4. Yup.
    ‘We’ve got to find people (players) who can get it done.’ KS is shouting from the rooftops that he is not to blame.
    At least Tomsula pointed a finger in his chest and said he took full responsibility. None of this ‘We’ crap.
    KS is solely to blame. His coaching and game management lost the game. He did not put the right players in the right positions to succeed. The players could ‘Get it done’, with better coaching.
    KS squandered time outs. He even used one that helped the Cards. Time outs are his responsibility. Sure wished the Niners had had more than one time out when they started their last drive.
    Grant was correct to focus on KS, and how he turtles in the 4th quarter.
    I keep telling them to stop running into the teeth of the defense. The Cards were selling out to stop the run. They shaped the Niners by stacking the box. How did KS respond? Bunched sets. The Cards dialed up some exotic blitzes, and sacked CJB at crucial moments.
    How to beat the stacked box? By spreading them out wide. Screens. Bubble screens. Fly sweeps. Reverses. Double reverses. Flea flickers.
    KS may not be on the hot seat, but he is squirming a lot. He may be pushing back on the chatter, led by Grant, but he should never let them see him sweat.
    A good coach owns his mistakes. He admits his failings, and he learns so he does not repeat them. KS is doing a good groundhog imitation. Starting from the second half of the SB.
    KS- ‘ I need to close better. I need to know how to finish games. I need to be more innovative. I need to know how to make quick assessments, and make quick adjustments. I need to consider time outs to be precious and saved for the last 2 minutes of each half. I need to have better game management. I need to have better clock management. I need to have better player assessments. I should not put in a raw untested player in at center, because he might hike the ball over the QBs head. My ego is preventing me from hiring an OC. I need to accept all blame, because I am the HC.’
    Did KS say any of that? No, he threw his players under the bus, and threatens to fire them for his own failure.
    JG saves KS. If not for those wins by JG, KS would have one win in a season and a half.
    KS needs to get smart, and do it quickly. He may have a 6 year contract, but the incompetence is too much, for any hope of turning this franchise around. Does not matter if they get the first pick. With the present leadership, they will fail anyways.
    What should KS do? He should promote Bobby Turner to OC and hire back Tom Rathman. If not that, he should hire Mike Shanahan to be the new OC. Above all, he should do SOMETHING.

    1. Bingo, good job. He sure is way up on the roof top shouting he’s not to blame. A good coach owns up to the teams mistakes. He is doing a good job of being a groundhog and he should be squirming in his seat for having the worst product on the field. Hope he becomes captain of this sinking ship and with help of the front office they can get better probably next year when JG is back. Beathard is nothing but a 3rd string qb that needs to be replaced soon by one of the other 2 qb’s.

    2. Oh, Sebs……………

      Do you think its lost on ANYBODY that if KS had picked up Kap, got him a 10 yr K, you would be singing his praises from the rooftop?

      Walsh himself had the same problem with his secondary early in his tenure, and he drafted 4 outstanding players to man it. Walsh did NOT stick with what he had-he made changes, wholesale changes in the entire secondary. it was unprecedented-and it worked.
      If he had left the originals in, then THEY would have continued losing late in the games………..just like the 9ers are now.
      Shanaalynch has had to revamp an entire 53 man roster. You cannot do that in a couple of drafts. Not possible.

      1. Saw, I do not want them to sign Kaep for 10 years. I would think that would be counter productive.
        JG is the franchise QB, and Kaep would be a stopgap option.I certainly would not want to start a QB controversy.
        However, even with Joe, BW traded for Steve Young. In the NFL, there is constant turnover.
        I would want the Niners to sign Kaep on a one year -Prove it- contract. Low risk and high reward.
        Still, if they do sign Kaep, I will praise them for at least TRYING to win. If he does well, maybe another team will want to win enough, and accept Kaep. Jags would be a good landing spot. If Kaep had replaced Bortles, they might have won a SB last season.
        No matter what, Kaep is a superior QB to CJB and an untested rookie. Savage is a joke.

        1. PT FOOL ALERT!!!!!…..I don’t think they sign Kaep at all. He’s been out 2 years, the season is half way done so it doesn’t matter and he’s not in the future plans. He’d take weeks to get into shape and learn the playbook which I don’t think he is the study type. He’s 31 in a couple days, maybe not as fast as he was plus he isn’t a pocket passer that was good looking at mutiple receivers. He wants too much money, he’s a huge distraction with lots of baggage which is something the team doesn’t need. He’s a social activist at heart and should do his thing off the field.

  5. The negative Nellie’ have created an atmosphere of depression on this blog.
    Goodbye for now.
    Forever a 49ers fan… No matter what!

      1. Wrong again, Sebs!

        U like trite little sayings, so heres one for you……………….
        What happens to you is not as important as is the spirit with which you interpret it. And you…………are being a negative nellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. When you’re that bad, I intrepret 1-7 on the coach and losing JG. Negative nellies blast anybody that’s says anything different or criticism. They can’t handle it if it’s not all rosey. It is depressing when you lose all the time.

    1. AES

      Please reconsider…I am /was also tempted to do the same…I merely began to post less, and allow the negative maggots have their way (for awhile)…You are one of the most consistant, balanced, posters on here, and I, for one would miss your entries…so, please reconsider…you are not alone….

    2. The Grant negative nellies/maggots do need to go. They just want peaches and creme. They can’t handle any criticism or constructive ideas, they’ll just put down your hard opinions b/c that’s their way or it’s the highway. Thank God there’s not only rah, rah fans here that only want a rah, rah writer.

  6. When you hear statements from Shanny like these and, my favorite, “CJ is the best quarterback in the building” you can see clearly that the 49ers problem with youthful inexperience goes from the very bottom to the very top of the entire organization. I think he needs to spend some time with his father and learn more about things other than Xs and Os on offense. Something like this:

      1. Okay… Seems like we’re losing some of our stalwarts. A stinky season and a steady rain of steaming hot takes can do that.

  7. From PFT:

    C.J. Beathard (wrist) is uncertain for Thursday’s game against the Raiders.

    Per coach Kyle Shanahan, Beathard is struggling to hold the ball. Shanahan believes Beathard would be ready were the 49ers playing on Sunday, so it’s not a major injury, just an ill-timed one. Second-year UDFA Nick Mullens would get the call if Beathard can’t go. Tom Savage is the nuclear third option.

    1. Looks like the people calling for Mullens to get a go may get their wish. Something tells me he won’t be the answer those fans are hoping for.

      1. Zierlein Scouting Report on Mullens:

        STRENGTHS Good foot quickness in the pocket. Can go from play-action to pass-ready quickly. Able to bounce around and find slivers of space to cut it loose when pressure descends. Can make expedited throws from off-balance angles and hit his targets. Capable in controlled passing attack with tight release. Throws with quality touch. Exceptional toughness. Had training staff “push the bone back in” and stitch up a compound fracture in his thumb against Texas-San Antonio so he could finish the game.
        WEAKNESSES Well below NFL norm for size. Small frame unlikely to ever carry desired mass. Lacks NFL-caliber arm to push the ball down the field and drive it between the hashes without defensive backs making plays on the ball. Will opt out of throwing from balanced platform and into back foot tosses. Doesn’t bring his lower body through his throws to maximize velocity. Floats throws to field side and in the deep middle. Needs to get ball out earlier to compensate for a lack of arm.
        BOTTOM LINE Mullens is a productive college quarterback with good competitiveness and toughness, but lacking the minimum standards of size and arm strength. Mullens could make it into camp, but is unlikely to find a spot on a roster.

        1. You’d have to think so. Shanny sees Beathard and Mullens every day, and continues to say Beathard is the best QB on the 53 right now.

        2. EastCoast9er


          According to, Nick Mullins is 1″ shorter, and 5 lbs. lighter than CJB…Zierlein says he doesn’t have an NFL quality arm (not Mahomes), but in his 4 year college career at Southern Mississippi, he won the CUSA MVP, as well as the OPOY, while completing 928 of 1546 pass attempts for 11,994 yards….THAT’S approximately 7 miles….O.K., he’s not Garropolo or Luck…but for my money, after what we’ve seen since Jimmy G went down…he deserves a chance….Go Nick !

            1. No worries Oregon, it’s not my favorite lunch meat, but I’ve eaten that plenty! And crow, though it’s not good.

  8. To discuss whether or not KS is throwing his players under the bus is useless. Parsing words for their “true meanings” is just silly. Lets talk football. Why are the 9ers gaining 5.3 yards a carry in the first 3 quarters while failing miserably in the 4th. I don’t see any difference in the play calling, Grant himself said they are still trying to stretch the field. I believe its execution but why is the execution bad only in the 4th quarter?

    1. Would be interesting to get into the heads of opposing defensive coordinators and see what they’re seeing and discover how they scheme. Wonder too if there may be a conditioning issue later in the game.

    2. OldCoach

      Good question…

      Could it be that the answer is we’re not playing the same players in the 4th Q….due to injuries, etc. ? With the high amount of 1st-3rd year players having to step into injured starter roles could our 4th Quarter collapses be due to a lack of practice snaps for our newks (newcomers). These guys are moving up in grade when they face NFL veterans after college, and may need more live snaps to prepare for it….just a thought….

    3. “Why are the 9ers gaining 5.3 yards a carry in the first 3 quarters while failing miserably in the 4th.”

      For the same reasons that they can’t score TD’s in the redzone. This offense doesn’t have the physicality necessary to push teams around. They do a good job of moving people when things are open in the middle of the field, but when space gets constricted they lack the power to push people off the ball.

      1. I think that you’re right Hammer. There is no fight (physicality, toughness, drive, push, etc. ) in this team. Watching them week-after-week you always get the feeling they will somehow lose the game.

        They need a bit more fire (A Boldin had it, Gore has it, Rice Owens and Lott had it). I don’t see it on this team and I do believe the coach sets the tone here.

    4. OldCoach,

      Imo it’s because you have to be physical to run the ball when the defense knows you are going to, and the Niners are not. Defenses also have to respect the QB to get them off the line, and they don’t.

    5. OC, the opposition are making adjustments, and the Niners are not.
      Need better assessments, and end of game management.

    1. I went to a Raiders – 49ers exhibition game about 20 years ago and it was “eventful” to say the least. Fights broke out in the stands; one guy went over a railing. My buddy invited me because he didn’t want to take his kids. Where we sat, everybody was very nice and friendly, but they were all 49ers fans.

      1. Yup. I was at the 9er Raider preseason game in 1976 at the Stick–late August. Low scoring, Oakland won. I was in a 9er-heavy section so things were relatively tame, but the parking lot was a bit more rowdy.

        1. Cassie

          ‘Had almost the same experience in ’72 …took the rooter bus from the Los Altos Tarr and Feathers loaded with vats of Bloody Marys and trays of sandwichs to the ‘ Stick’ and watched the game and ensuing fights for a couple of hours…’saw a lot of human avalanches in the visitor sections, pre-season games were fun in those days…Sunshine, sandwichs, and Bloody Marys…then back on the bus and to the T & F….

        2. That’s funny. I have a big family. The Raiders used to have their training camp in Santa Rosa which is where I grew up. One side of my family were just rough guys. They were mostly long haul truck drivers or they were involved in some bad stuff like the Hells Angels. They were the Raiders fans. The other side was pretty much blue collar but couldn’t stand the Raiders. They were the 49er fans. I can remember many times as a kid having my family getting into fist fights over stupid crap including Raiders v 49er games. The pure P**** that pro football has become has taken a lot of the fun out of the sport.

    1. And from that transcript is this which literally blows a hole in Grant’s claims.

      I’ve got to find a way as a coach to make sure I get our guys more prepared for those, better at those situations and able to make those plays really when it counts in the fourth quarter and not the previous three.”

        1. Doesn’t really change the fact that the claims are false Jack. Shanahan put the onus on everyone (including his self), not just the players.

      1. I didn’t say he didn’t include it. But it was there as an afterthought. No discussion about how KS is taking some of the blame and realizes that he needs to do better. Only discussions regarding KS throwing players under the bus.

        1. Can’t speak for Grant, but I don’t think it wasn’t there as an afterthought.

          I actually think it was put at the end because Shanahan did lay some blame on the players. Grant started there and then used facts from Shanahan’s career to show that this issue isn’t new for him. Putting Shanahan’s quote about how he needs to better prepare the team for certain situations at the end is all about the next step.

          Can Shanahan now follow through and “find a way as a coach to make sure I get our guys more prepared for those, better at those situations and able to make those plays really when it counts in the fourth quarter and not the previous three.”

          1. It would be easier to accept your premise, if Grant had in fact, ended his column with your last paragraph or something similar. But he didn’t.

            1. “It would be easier to accept your premise, if Grant had in fact, ended his column with your last paragraph or something similar. But he didn’t.”

              Except he did. I just copied and pasted it from his last paragraph.

              This seems like a case in which people don’t like the title, it then shapes their opinion for the article and if they even take the time to read it are looking at ways to disprove what it says because it doesn’t match with what they want to believe.

              1. No. I’m not talking about the direct quote. I’m talking about Grant saying “can Shanahan now correct his mistakes and put his players in better situations….” Grant simply provides a quote with no discussion.

  9. Fooch’s update, 12:16 pm: The Packers are sending Ty Montgomery to the Ravens, per Josina Anderson.

    Fooch’s update, 10:46 am: Golden Tate is headed to Philadelphia for a third round pick, per Adam Schefter.

  10. Thanks George

    Apparently we (niners) didn’t hear about the trade deadline ? I wasn’t thrilled at the prospects for the most part, but I am certainly aware of the half dozen ‘people’ I would have seen go somewhere else….’it’s still fishing season……

      1. I’m reserving my judgement on Lynch till the 2019 FA and Draft class. But every time I hear…..Kentavius Street 4th round pick….torn ACL, sure brings back memories of Baalke.

          1. That’s the thing…. Blair is on contract till 2019 on his rookie deal which is cheap and he is actually having his best season so far and I’m pretty sure they will extend him as a rotation player.

            So why would you waste a mid round pick on a player who can’t play this year and is a very similar player to one you already have on contract till 2019.? A pass rusher here, O-Lineman or a corner would have made more sense. Water under the bridge I guess.

            Another head scratcher from Lynch was the 5th round pick for Kapri Bibbs who din’t make the 53 last year.

  11. Little Shanny should realize that he selects the personnel groupings, the formations and the plays for the 4-minute offense, so if fingers are pointed at anybody, he should be the prime target. Also, if he is concerned that the defense apparently has more defenders at the point of attack than he has blockers maybe he should resort to inserting a blocker post snap who was not in the original box count. Many teams use insertion blockers to handle the 4i defensive ends because angles and leverage are too difficult for an offensive tackle to root them out along the line of scrimmage. Additionally, with his quality control coaches, it is easy to research weekly the 4-minute offenses used across the league as teams close out their victories. This dilemma for Shanny has existed for several years, and one would think that he would have found an answer by now. Maybe head coach Shanny needs to direct OC Shanny to get with it and come up with a better plan. He has 4 or 5 other offensive assistants plus quality control coaches.

      1. So Mike is right again. Tell us Grant–be specific please–name the offensive assistants working for Shanahan and comment on their abilities one by one–currently, and throughout their careers. Are they the best or do we have some issues with one or more of them?

    1. Good insights, Mike.
      I hope you can take some constructive criticism. I think your post would be more effective if you add spaces between paragraphs. I like the content, but it would be easier for me to read.

  12. No trades by the 49ers really. I would of loved to have any draft picks for players like Ward, Arik, Garcon, Garnett or anybody else. Players that will probably be good next year by way of release anyways. The 49ers management I don’t know what they are doing. people say they are building for the future and are developing young players. NO THEY ARE NOT. Or people will say we don’t have JG. He lost 2 out of 3 games and then got hurt again. With him they would still lose.

    1. Maybe they anticipate getting better compensatory draft picks when another team signs Ward, Armstead, etc., next year….

      1. Yeah, that supposes the 49ers will be net “losers” in FA though. I find it hard to believe they will lose more value in FA than they gain.

            1. Hasn’t everyone said this team has no talent and the players by and large are worthless?

              Upcoming FAs: (I can’t believe we are talking about this in October!)

              Robbie Gould K
              Jimmie Ward CB
              Kyle Nelson LS
              Michael Person G
              Mark Nzeocha OLB
              Alfred Morris RB
              Tom Savage QB
              Raheem Mostert RB
              Antone Exum FS
              Jullian Taylor DT
              Tyvis Powell S
              Bradley Pinion P
              Elijah Lee OLB
              Ross Dwelley TE

              I know…the loss of Savage should bring multiple 3rd rounders but I doubt it.

              Do you think Gould, Pinion and Nelson return? They are from the last regime after all.

              Does Mostert return?

              My guess is that Person is resigned as well as the aforementioned 4. The rest don’t. Do you think we will be on the right side of the equation to pick up players? I hope not.

              1. None of those players are going to net much in the compensatory formula, you’d think. As you say, the best of the bunch will likely be re-signed (e.g. Person, Pinion, Gould). And I doubt they would get big contracts elsewhere anyway.

                If the 49ers aren’t spending to bring in better players than that, well, as I said earlier, 49er fans will revolt.

        1. It’s a convoluted process, and based upon a formula, which is not released by the league. I know that it takes into account a player’s average salary per year, snap count and postseason awards. There’s a general level of compensation for a player based on the amount he has signed for, but his playing time in the upcoming season could alter that. We shall see….

    1. Grant has a point in his tweet re: releasing Mabin – why was he starting a couple of weeks ago ahead of Witherspoon if they had no intention of continuing to give him a go?

      1. Spoon has played better the last two weeks. Pehaps he is getting healthier, and/or KS benching him lit a fire under his ass.

        1. So to protect his health they had him play all the STs snaps that week instead. Smart. Nobody ever gets hurt playing STs.

    2. Undercenter

      I was pretty sure about Bolden…after his suspension, he had no place to come home to with James and Taylor being better slot receivers and P-KO-Rs…and they’re all 5’8″…a bit puzzled about Mabin though…I thought he had a chance to make it…

  13. Good read…

    “Where it gets interesting is if they decide to move down. If they hold the No. 1 or No. 2 pick in the draft, they could be in position to bring home a serious haul and still draft fairly high in the first round. If Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert ends up as a clear option at the top of the draft, maybe the 49ers deal down to a quarterback-needy team. If they think there are a couple other options worth pursuing besides edge rusher Nick Bosa, maybe they move down in the top ten.”

    I smell mock drafts in the not-too-distant future…

    1. Trading down for mine makes the most sense. Still have a lot of holes and fairly limited draft capital this year. Plus there is expected to be a lot of depth in the draft at the position they most desperately need.

      The question will really just come down to whether there is a player another team desperately wants to move up for. And to get that big draft haul it pretty much needs to be a QB. Is Herbert that guy? If the Giants are picking ahead of the 49ers have to think they would take the top QB. In order to get a trade back partner I think they pretty much have to be picking ahead of the Giants.

      1. I wonder how Gruden feels about Herbert. The Raiders have a ton of picks to maneuver with, and if they dump (trade) Carr…..

      2. I don’t like the idea of trading down at all. It’s time to add premium talent and no way they should pass on Bosa if he’s there. If he’s not then it could be a possibility, but I’d rather trade down in the second and take a blue chip in the first.

        Herbert is rumored to be going back for his Sr. year so there could be a situation where there is no QB worth trading up for. Honestly Herbert might not be worth it either. Really poor QB class on the surface this year.

            1. Yea, signing Graham would not deter me one iota from drafting Bosa. It would just mean I wouldn’t need to double dip at the position as early….

        1. I want the Niners to trade down to get as many picks in the second and third round as possible.
          They should take advantage of a QB needy team, who wants to move up. Even accept 2020 second and third round picks.
          Niners should strategize to get more than 5 picks.
          Bosa, with his injury history, is not a slam dunk lock.

    1. It was but the pick will be near the bottom of the third round and the Rams are setup to get two 3rd round compensatory picks so they could afford to go for it.

  14. 15 out of 19 seasons in NFL top half of league in scoring offense.

    6 wins in 1st 2 seasons without his franchise QB. 10-5 without him after those first 2.

    3 out of 10 seasons in NFL top half of league in scoring offense.

    1 win in 1st 1 1/2 seasons so far without his franchise QB.

    Shanahan couldn’t hold Walsh’s clipboard if it was taped to his hands. The comparisons between the two are absurd.

    One guy proved he could do the job as an assistant and as a college head coach. The other guy has his dads last name and a bunch of fancy yards that make people giddy in the fantasy football era we live in.

    1. Who’s comparing him to Walsh? He is running a version of Walsh’s system but he obviously isn’t Walsh. Different time, different league and a Niner team that has been through a lot of HC’s in a short period of time. Shanahan is going to be given time to put his team together because that is the only way this team has a chance to stop the cycle of disfunction they’ve been in for most of the York ownership period. If he has a healthy team and they still suck, I’ll be happy to join in on the hot seat discussion but we are not even close to that right now.

            1. Yeah I know but he developed most of the offense he took back to Denver while he was working for the Niners under Seifert.

              1. Shanahan developed his offense with Alex Gibbs in Denver. Walsh and McKittrick ran a totally different offense.

      1. “Who’s comparing him to Walsh?”

        There’s a lot of people who bring up his record from the first 2 years or that he had Montana to defend Shanahan’s losing.

      2. “Who’s comparing him to Walsh?”

        Apparently Jack is. Like he compares KS to Harbaugh.

        “Jack has been on fire all season. We are all just witnessing his amazing run.”

        You mean he repeats the same stats and criticisms every week. Jack sure is a genius when it comes to coaches.

        Jack Hammer says:
        January 14, 2016 at 10:53 am
        “Love this hire.”

        “Kelly will keep Gabbert and draft a QB.”

        January 14, 2016 at 11:09 am
        “Book your 2016 playoff fix now.”

        January 14, 2016 at 11:20 am
        “He’s going to work well with Baalke/Gamble contrary to what most everyone thinks.”

        January 14, 2016 at 6:16 pm
        “The only way Gamble is the GM next season is if Kelly fails. He won’t.”

        January 14, 2016 at 1:00 pm
        “He’s gonna knock it out of the park Mood.”

        1. Yep. Those are the kind of dumb@$$ comments that are made when typing with emotion instead of logic. 😂🤣

          Thanks for going back almost 3 years to find those.

          If you keep digging you’ll probably find one where I also supported the hiring of Tomsula and thought Baalke should stay over Harbaugh.

          It’s ok to be wrong sometimes.

      1. Grant… Who’d you bring in as the next 9er coach–one who’s available now, or would be at the close of this pro/college season?

        1. McDaniels. The biggest weasel in the NFL.
          I’ll be surprised if that guy ever gets hired as a head coach with any other team but the Pats.
          Actually I hope Seattle hires him next year.

              1. McAdope? My sources have informed me the Giants have sent scouts to Herbert’s games 4 times. I think he’s gonna pull a Leinhart and return to Oregon.

    1. It’s been a loooong time since QB’s called their own plays. Manning was the rare lone exception in the modern era.

      NFL offenses have become too complex and the playbook too vast for QB’s to be relied upon to run their own offense.

  15. Seb and Grant want Kap.

    Okay, he’s a free agent, no harm to the roster, but a coach put on notice ? While were at it why don’t we give the 2nd yr HC low grades for cleaning house, getting a late start on coaching hires when only Saleh was available.

    We could also conduct a general violence survey in the USA by ensuring employable aged citizens have starting pay set at $40,000 /yr. Those still commiting burglaries, robberies, general violence, after 1 year of the program signify program failure, so we end it.

  16. So here we are at the end of October. Let’s stoke the ‘meaningless’ fires.

    Questions… Do we we pass into the meaningless zone as we look at the remaining games? Will they necessarily be meaningless as viewed in May of 2019?

  17. Watching Tyree Jackson, quarterback of Buffalo against Miami Oh this evening. He’s taller than you’d like at 6′ 7″ 245 lbs., but he’s got a cannon and gets the ball out quicker than most his size. His intermediate throws are accurate as well, not to mention he can move.

    Josh Allen 62
    Carson Wentz 57
    Patrick Mahomes 55

    I’d guess Jackson throws in the 55-62 mph range.

    It’ll be interesting to see where Jackson gets drafted. I mean if Allen got drafted as high as he did, I see no reason why Tyree couldn’t either.

    Another Buffalo player that’s an interesting prospect is Khalil (yes another Khalil outta Buffalo) Hodge, 6′ 1″ 236 lbs., and he’s a fast, block-shedding, tackling fueled linebacker. I’m imagining him taking over the Sam position for Smith, with Foster and Warner. I have no idea where you’d have to take him, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see his stock rise similar to the way Davenport’s did….

      1. This kid Anthony Johnson for Buffalo is having a monster night at WR. He’s the cousin of Clowney. That’s 3 star potential players at the next level….

  18. Niners did not pull the trigger on a trade. Good.
    Niners would have been considered desperate, and probably would have been taken advantage of.
    With all the attrition, the Niners need all the depth they have.
    Glad no players were demanding a trade. Sounds like the locker room dynamics are solid.
    With Mabin and Boldin waived, I wonder who they will pick up.

            1. Sure am glad Tartt got that pick, but it sounds like he may not play.
              I would rather see DJ Reed play SS, and Ward at FS. Tarvarius Moore is another interesting alternative.

  19. Cornerback Dontae Johnson is available……might as well bring him as a backup since he is familiar with the scheme..

  20. How could KS have won last game?
    By going bold. 4th and 3 for a TD, and KS settles for a field goal. If they had gone for 3 yards, and made it, they could have won by one point.
    Even if they do not make it, the Cards would have started on their goal line.

  21. Are u guys really sitting here discussing who’s going to be the next HC? You guys piss on the browns fan base but you all are com… I……Cal!!!! Kyle Shanahan is not going anywhere. This man will be given a chance to actually see a tear down and build up through. You guys are the epitome of ridiculous. Dave toub? Jeff Brohm? Been Macadoo? What’s next, mark trestman? If after 4-6 years, this team hasn’t gelled, then you guys have a reason to cry,$itch and moan. But after a year and a half of having to completely tear down an NFL franchise, it’s not happening. And I fully credit Jed York for not listening to pissant fans. For actually letting a gm and coach see through what they start. No head coach and I mean none could have came into this situation and found instant success. Case and point, alot of you were crying for Chris Ballard. “The architect on how to build teams” WTH has sir genius done in Indy? And they have a starting QB…. Like I said, you guys are trippin. I’m not going to say be patient, that ship has sailed. I’ll just say. #getoverit

    1. “alot of you were crying for Chris Ballard.”

      “The lack of talent of this roster is glaringly obvious. They don’t have any depth. That money could have been used to help increase that depth and maybe help the Colts float a little better in the face of all of the injuries that they have faced this season.”

      “Ballard has emphasized that he wants to build this team through the draft. But his draft history is starting to become murky as well. The Colts no longer have their second, third, or fourth round picks from last year on their roster. That is a huge miss on a draft.”

  22. Crazy I was looking up 49er news and a article from 2016 popped up saying ..well there’s always next year…we’ve been saying that every year since JH left and 12 seasons before that since the Munsters bought the team
    Everyone is talking about a high draft pick like it’s a sure thing and it’s not like this regime would even know what to do with it…They have drafted two good players in two drafts…Kittle and MCglinchey..At the rate there going they need five more drafts to even field a 500 team

    1. Totally disagree. Rueban Foster, Trent Taylor, Fred Warner. Jury is still out on the rest. Injuries have slown the development of some but only 2 good picks is stretching it.

      1. Totally disagree. Other than Joe Williams, most every other JL draft pick has made the team.
        2016 had Buckner, Garnett and Blair. 2015 had Armstead, Tartt. 2014 had Ward. Out of 33 picks over those 3 years, they have only 6 players. 27 of those players are no longer on the team.
        Baalke even whiffed on an entire draft class.

  23. Dominique Rogers Cromartie just retired.
    Sounds like Gruden is not only losing the locker room, he is losing players.
    Hope the Niners can Target his replacement.

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