Shannon Sharpe blasts Randy Moss


As reported on this blog earlier, 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss said Tuesday during Super Bowl Media Day that he is the greatest wide receiver of all time.

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe, now an analyst, is working the Super Bowl for CBS. His reaction to Moss’ statement bordered on outrage.

“Moss is out of his mind,” Sharpe said. “I mean you can debate every position in the NFL as to who’s better, but the only position you can’t debate is wide receiver. It’s Jerry Rice. It’s not even close.

“And think of this: Jerry put up his numbers when it was a run-first league. If Jerry played now, and played his entire career with these new defensive rules, Jerry would have had 250 touchdowns, 30,000 yards and 2000 receptions.”

For the record, Rice finished his Hall of Fame career with 197 touchdowns, 22,895 yards and 1,549 receptions.

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