Should the 49ers sign Asomugha?


Yesterday on a conference call Jed York made clear the 49ers’ strategy for free agency. It is, in his words: “making sure that we resign our own guys.”

They’ve accomplished that with quarterback Alex Smith, but they’ve failed elsewhere on the roster.

Takeo Spikes agreed to a contract with the San Diego Chargers Tuesday, and David Baas agreed to terms with the New York Giants Wednesday morning. So the 49ers are 1-for-3.

Or maybe 2-for-4. They’ve resigned Tony Wragge to a one-year deal to replace Baas at center, even though Wragge’s only started two games at that position. Also, it’s reported they will cut David Carr Thursday. So they’re making some moves.

But will they make the big move? The 49ers along with the New York Jets are reported to be front runners for Nnamdi Asomugha. Now that they won’t be paying for Spikes or Baas, perhaps they can afford the four-time All-Pro. So should they sign him?

I’m not so sure. Matt Hasselbeck signed with the Titans, which means the starting quarterback job is Alex Smith’s to lose, which means the 49ers are a long-shot to win the NFC West, especially if Arizona signs quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Whoever signs Asomugha to a gargantuan contract should be ready to win now. The 49ers are a year or two away. I say they should spend their money on other players.

Do you agree? Who would you like them to spend their free agency money on instead? Manny Lawson? Aubrayo Franklin? Dashon Goldson?

My vote is for Lawson.

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