Should the 49ers sign Dez Bryant?

Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant (88) in action against Philadelphia Eagles’ Rasul Douglas (32) during an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Philadelphia. Dallas won 6-0. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant wants to play for the 49ers. He revealed his preference on Instagram when a fan asked him which team he wants to play for, and Bryant wrote “49ers.” He then deleted the comment.

Bryant, 29, played 16 games last season for the Cowboys and caught 69 passes for 838 yards and six touchdowns. He has caught 73 touchdown passes since 2010, while Pierre Garcon, the 49ers No. 1 receiver, has caught just 37 touchdown passes since 2008. Garcon will turn 32 on August 8.

The 49ers most likely could sign Bryant to a one-year contract, and they currently have more than $37 million in cap space. Should they sign him? Why or why not?

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  1. Too bad the team is at least a year or so from contending. A motivated Dez Bryant, which I believe we would get would be a fantastic signing. The question is, how long can he remain that way? Will he still be playing hard in two or three years when the team needs him most?

    I would sign him and hope that if the team improves and wins consistently he’ll continue to put out the kind of effort that can make him a #1 receiver.

    I expect the brain trust will concoct a contract that will allow them to cut ties relatively painlessly for the team.

      1. Man l think we should dez can still play I think him and jimmy g will be nice together he just needs a QB that can get him the ball no disrespect to DP

  2. Signing Dez 2 years ago when he was still performing at a high level would have been great.
    Now that’s he’s on the decline in his career and its possible Jimmy G could make him productive again, I’d rather see Victor Bolden and Kendrick Bourne get an opportunity.

    1. I’d agree. The youngsters we have are great. Last 5 games of last year showed that and Garcon is back. Deadly. We have I think the best unknown WR core in the league. NINER4LIFE!!!!

        1. The “unknown horseman” sounds more poetic. But the idea is great. The song ” Ghost Riders in the Sky” could even be adapted to them. Or perhaps the “Ride of the Valkyries”

  3. i dont think his personality fits the vibe of the lockerroom. Dez is a big boisterous diva type… and i dont think that was Shanahan and co are looking for.

    That said – if ANYONE can get the most out of the big bodied WR – who believe can still get it done in the endzone – it’s Jimmy Garappolo.

  4. Ah yes, an essay question, Grant’s go to when he hasn’t done anything for a column in a week. But to answer? No…

    1. John Barsat – to the knowledgeable it is not an essay question, but even for you simpletons, the answer is a resounding NO!!!!!!!

  5. It’s a lose-lose situation. If he can’t perform, we gain nothing (lose money, locker room vibe…). If he performs well, sure we see some red zone improvement, but he becomes difficult to deal with in that respect. Again, a loss to the team’s vibe, chemistry. Sure I’d love to see him at his best in red/gold and doing it as a team player, but I just don’t see it.

  6. If we can structure a Shermanesque type deal which is heavy on incentives and light on guaranteed money , I say yes . Dez is the master of the back shoulder fade or was once .

  7. I’m going to go out on a limb, sorta like Grant did taking the Rockets (hehe, wrong!), and say sign the guy. He’s proven that he can produce, especially in the red zone, and he’s got a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove everyone wrong. Always a good combination in a player I’d say. He’s a professional and he’ll fit in just fine. It’s not a big gamble. I’d make the bet.

  8. No, I wouldn’t sign him. He’s a contested catch playmaker, but this offense isn’t about winning contested catches. Its about running good routes and getting open. Not Bryant’s forte. Bryant also has a history of being something of a locker room distraction when things aren’t going his way.

    1. Very good point! And the risk is Bryant taking up a roster spot that will require releasing a potentially productive younger player. Now if they didn’t already have Garcon on the roster it might make sense. We need to also remember that they are not shooting for an immediate upgrade , but also a long term one as well. They need to develop young talent as well as having vets on the roster. Garcon is the established vet already.

  9. No. He would mostly be a RZ target at this point. He would complain about having a reduced role. Give those reps to Bourne and Pettis.

  10. Meh- I wouldn’t be worried if they signed him, Shanny knows what he wants.
    I won’t be disappointed if they don’t and stay with the youth movement.
    Dez’s interest speaks to the respect Jimmy Grappa has already earned, and to the wisdom of the investment in his big contract.

  11. I’d take a flyer on him with a lower end deal….issue is he still wants primetime money…even if you give him an incentive based deal he’ll make a scene when he doesn’t get the reps to actually hit those incentives…but definitely worth a flyer…hes got TO mentality and regardless of the divesque stuff TO was a monster when he was angry…I could see Dez light up the league…also with Jimmy G we dont neer him to beat out corners by a mile…Jimmy G can fit it into size 7 Nike shoe

  12. The move to sign Dez would be the expense of Garcion or Bourne. Do they view Garcions neck injury as a major problem? Does Bourne have the ability to turn into a #1 or a # 2. If you have questions about those then a 1 year deal for a highly motivated Wr who brings physicality is not a bad idea. I believe they have had conversations. Dez would not of thrown out the Niners if there weren’t so kind of dialogue. Well see.

  13. If Dez comes in at a bargain basement price, why not.
    He would not be a starter but he could still provide some contribution.

    A one year “prove it” contract gives him an opportunity to perform at a high level, and I believe DB still has a little mileage left in him.
    Yes, he’s on the tail-end of his career but so were Jim “Hacksaw” Reynolds and Fred Dean when they came onboard back in the 80’s.
    They worked out pretty good for us.

  14. Locker room dynamics are hard to cultivate, and can be destroyed in a heartbeat.
    He may help them win, but at what cost?
    I notice that JL has not signed him, so he knows more than we do about the situation.
    Even when the Cowboys were winning, he was a distraction.
    Washington or the Giants would be the most logical teams for him to go to.
    I also hear he tends to drop the ball…….

  15. NO! Why? He is toxic and poison. He is not a leader and a selfish player. Signing a one year prove it deal in order so that he can get a long term deal, means he is going to want his stats pump up and he is going to want the ball the whole damn time or want to be in the game no matter what, screw what Shanahan is trying to do.

    He is going to bitch at Jimmy and Kyle every time he does not get the ball and make a scene. He is going to set a bad example for the younger players. Garcon knows the system, Dez does not. He (Garcon) is a team player, Dez won’t be, chances are he can’t change this late in his career. It is his nature like the scorpion in the scorpion and the tortoise analogy.

    Last, he is on the decline.

    1. You probably mean the Scorpion and the Frog. In that one the scorpion stings the frog and they both drown. In the Scorpion and the Tortoise the scorpion attempts to sting the the tortoise ( although it should really be a turtle) but his shell is too strong so in retaliation the tortoise submerges and drowns only the scorpion. The Niners would be like the frog in that Dez attitude would bring them down.

  16. Expensive, Troublesome, Past his prime. And the Niners have 4 great role playing receivers already. Step backwards.

  17. I think we give him that one yr contact and give me 1,000 receiving yrs 10+ touchdowns and you can definitely return nxt season

  18. Jimmy G&Dez Bryant(hopefully),McKinnon gonna have the offense amp’d up Sherman,Marsh,Foster gonna be monsters on defense the NFC West in trouble think about it

  19. I’m thinking not. I wouldn’t be horrified if the 9ers signed him to a one year deal, but the risk factor is a bit high–for all the reasons stated.

    Wonder if Bryant is a natural, strong mentor-type….? Richard Sherman is demonstrating his willingness to teach and lead–with a vengeance. If Bryant had similar passion to effectively teach and lead his WR comrades, then I’d be warming up to the idea.

  20. I’m not really a fan of Dez anymore.
    He always had a limited route tree and was never that explosive or sudden type of receiver that creates seperation. So now that he has stopped making contested catches, I don’t know that he offers much or anything more than even Bourne.

    1. Dez needs the Niners more than they need him, which is why he wants to come to SF. He is not a good fit and would not be worth the potential trouble he would bring. If the Niners really wanted or needed a top WR they had their opportunity this free agency period. They are fine with what they have. now. He isn’t a system fit and that is all important to Shanahan.

      1. “He is not a good fit and would not be worth the potential trouble he would bring.”

        Exactly… at this point he offers minimal reward and huge risk.

  21. Good point Seb. We saw what happened to the team once already with a divisive distraction. Well put! Definitely something to consider. ;-)

    1. Hmmm, Juan, I felt as though the officiating was blatantly biased and persecutorial, but now you are claiming the players were turnstiles and dropped balls because they objected to something before the game off the field?
      How sad.

      1. What Herschel Walker said.

        I absolutely think the protests are so upsetting, and I blame the commissioner,” he said. “I know people are going to be angry when I say it, but he should have stopped the protests at the very beginning.”

        The Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t beat around the bush. “Guys, let me tell you this,” he said. “Our flag is very special, and black lives matter, but what we should do is go to Washington after the season and protest there instead. We have young men and women fighting for the flag. And we have to respect the White House.”

        What US Woman’s Soccer did after Rapinoe knelt during anthem:

        Stuart Holden

        New Policy added to @ussoccer bylaws: Players “shall stand respectfully during playing of national anthem @ which federation is represented”

        3:32 PM – Mar 4, 2017

        1. We have to respect the White House?
          Maybe when they do something worth respecting. Maybe he should not call non violent protesters for social justice -SOBs.

          1. I will follow Mr. Walker’s leadership on this issue. He’s a great American, plus he still does 1500 push ups a day. Mucho respect for the way Herschel goes about his business….

          2. sebnynah– It has nothing to do with the White House. The people in the White House come and go but the nation remains. That is what the Flag and Anthem represent. It is traditional for people to stand during any nations national anthem, not just their own. The flag and anthem represents the people of a nation not their government.

            Ironically people like Hershal Walker and others of that era have a better understanding of social justice than the self indulgent brainwashed younger people who’s comprehension of injustice is tied totally to their hitching on to the experiences of that older generation.

            For someone who see’s them self as an intelligent out of the box thinker, in football, you seem oblivious to the philosophic box you are actually trapped in. That is the major problem with our society today. It is the intellectual arrogance of the majority of the educated masses.

            1. The Constitution, however, represents Freedom from Tyrany, and it supersedes BOTH the Flag AND the Anthem. And you know what it describes in there? A separation of power, and this notion that all men are granted inalienable rights by their creator. When the executive branch (police) usurp the legislative and judiciary branch, making themselves judge, jury and executioner, it is violation FAR WORSE than disrespecting the flag or anthem, because it disrespects the very beating heart of this country: our Constitution.

              Better to disrespect the anthem and the flag in protest of disrespect of the Constitution than to gloss over the rape of the Constitution because you are upset that the anthem and flag are being disrespected.

              The true Patriot is the person who stands up for the CONSTITUTION, which birthed this nation and was here long before the Anthem and is FAR more important to this country than the anthem. Th Anthem is a song about America. The Constitution is America herself.

            2. Will, I just was responding to what Mr Walker stated.
              He wants us to respect the White house. The occupant of the WH does not deserve respect when he spews expletives and racist remarks.( SOB, S-hole countries, Mexican rapists, Nazis are good people, too)
              He has a better understanding of social justice? He is not self indulgent and brain washed? He is so tied to a megalomaniac’s eruptions, he forgives the blatant abuses of power, just to keep going the anti abortion agenda.
              Young people are not tied to the experiences of an older generation. They are absorbed in their own experiences out on the streets. They personally experience what it means to be profiled, persecuted, and the abuse of authority by people who are supposed to serve and protect. Parkland is real.
              The flag may represent something to some people, but it may mean another thing to other people. It is also a tradition to have the announcer say- Please rise. They do not say- You must rise. To me, the flag also represents the freedom of free speech and the exercise of the right to protest. Kaep, by kneeling, is not burning the flag. Players kneel at the 50 yard line after the games. The NFL does not show that, just like they could decide not to show a kneeling player. The blowback against the protest, is another form of suppressing dissent, which is UnAmerican.
              I believe Steve Kerr, when he says that people hijack the flag to oppress opponents. He calls it Fake Patriotism. Declaring that one is more patriotic than another person just because one stands for the flag is specious. I consider myself more patriotic because I do not give aid and support to an avowed enemy that has nuclear missiles pointed at the United States. A real patriot honors a Gold Star mother. A real Patriot does not make a grieving Gold Star wife cry. A real patriot honors POWs, and do not fault them for being captured and tortured.
              I abhor people who actively accepted stolen emails from Russian spies sent by Putin to sway an election. I decry a campaign that then willingly used those stolen emails to subvert an opponent. He even openly asked for Russian aid in finding more emails. Every day, there is more active obstruction of justice. No one is above the law.
              I am trapped in a philosophic box? How? I am part of an arrogant educated mass? Sounds catchy, nice parroting, but the arrogance goes the other way. Maybe you are championing the disinformation a small minority employs, to justify willful ignorance, targeting poor uneducated whites to vote against their own self interests.
              Someone is throwing out a bunch of conspiracies. Here is another one. A failed megalomaniac had the Russian Mob bail him out from a collapsing casino, so they owned him. He is doing their bidding, and the attempted destruction of the FBI and Justice Department is shaking the faith in our institutions. Putin is cackling with glee. There is tangible proof that the Russians interfered in the election, thus invalidating the results. The failed candidate/president did not gain a majority of the popular vote, and cannot claim legitimacy because he cheated to win. Mueller is going to unleash his evidence, and history will repeat itself. This is worse than Watergate and Iran-Contra combined. Selling missiles to Ukraine to stop an investigation may get him jail time. This may be more thinking outside the box, but the entrapment will be self inflicted, once Mueller unleashes the Storm. Cohen is going to crack like an egg.
              Sorry about the length, but your post deserves a response. I feel like America is experiencing a long, drawn out nightmare, and it is cathartic to get this off of my chest.
              OK, back to football. Dez may be asking for too much money. Seahawks signed Marshall, but for only 2 mil. I think his best bet would be to go to Washington. Snyder will love him.

              1. cathartic? for who? u blather on, on and on and u still don’t get why Trump beat all these lying politicians? When politicians lie, they are speaking their native tongue-and yet seb-skov still wants the comfort of a career politician………

      1. “So giving Kap the Len Eshmont award is a sign of distraction?”
        No, but that has nothing to do with if it was a distraction or not.
        The fact that the team had to have a team meeting about something not related to football or answer countless non football related questions means it was a distraction.
        You could argue that it had no effect on the product on the field or maybe brought the team closer together and made them better, but you can not say it wasn’t a distraction to some degree.

  22. Nah, the Niners are ascending, Bryant is descending. He really isn’t a system fit and a good chance that he isn’t a locker room fit.

  23. Dez Bryant was once great because of his physical style of play. His body is not equipped to continue with that style of play so he would just be another guy on the roster. I would think it would be a total waste to sign a guy like Bryant. The 49ers already have better options.

  24. Grant:
    * ” Dez Bryant wants to play for the 49ers.”
    * Dez Bryant wants to play for any team willing to put up with him.
    * Since Dallas is no longer willing to put up with his tantrums, why should the 9ers?
    * Why would the 9ers want, at best, a distraction and at worst, a cancer on the team?
    * AWOL for a week and this is the best you can do?

  25. Pass, pretty much for the reasons stated, limitations of capacity, a terminal case of cancerous meism, etc. I’m wondering where he is likely to sign: NE, KC, GB, Miami, NYJ, Seattle? I think if he signs with NE, GB or Seattle it could be dangerous. Would it be worthwhile to sign him to keep him from other teams. I say no. Even if he signs with the Rams.

  26. The 49s should target him. San Fran lacks a true Red Zone target. And a core of Garcon, Goodwin, Taylor, Pettis and Bryant could be good. Garroppolo should be able to move the ball down the field. Adding a true RZ target would force defenses to be honest.

    1. Tony, let’s see what we’ve got in training camp before we proclaim we don’t have a true Red Zone target. Look for a player to emerge, perhaps Garcon or Pettis. If after that there are genuine concerns, maybe then you consider Dezzy. I have a feeling he’ll still be available….

        1. Install and eval, however we lost a toy right around the time we got a new toy. Jimmy G-Whiz to Pierre’s could develop into quite the Red Zone.

          Dante’s Inferno has been added this year, and he had fantastic success in the Red Zone for the Huskies. He doesn’t possess the typical size most desired to address the lack of production within 20 yards of the endzone, but 12 of his 22 TD’s came from there. Route running+0 to 60=Red Zone TD’s. In 2017, the three receivers that caught the most touchdowns within ten yards of the end zone were Jarvis Landry, DeAndre Hopkins, and Antonio Brown. I’d say Pettis is a combination of Landry and Brown. Shanny has addressed the Red Zone blues by adding Pettis, even though some only see him for his smallish stature. If they’d look a little closer, they’d see a player that could pay dividends inside the 20….

          1. Or a smallish decent college player who may have a tough time in the NFL. We shall see what we have soon enough, but I get no warm and fuzzies from Pettis. I certainly don’t see Brown or Jarvis in him.

              1. And this is from a fan of the team:



                —Excellent punt returner with nine career touchdowns.

                —Smooth route-runner with nice footwork, timing and leverage.

                —Has the second gear to run by coverage and displays concentration and balance on deep balls.

                —Dangerous when he gets open underneath thanks to speed after the catch.

                —Athletic bloodlines: father, Gary, played major league baseball and cousin, Austin, played in the NFL.


                —Missed combine and pro day with ankle injury.

                —Lean, slight frame (186 lbs).

                —Disappeared as a receiver against big competition.

                —Won’t beat press coverage with strength; might be a slot WR only.

                I don’t think I’m off the mark in wondering whether your assessment is a bit colored.

    2. Shanahan likes his offense to be unpredictable. With Dez on the field, the offense becomes predictable. The red zone struggles before Jimmy G were due to bad quarterbacking. After, they probably were at least partially because he didn’t really know the play book.

  27. No, they don’t need him in the locker room., regardless of how well he’d play. As soon as Kyle’s system reveals to Dez he isn’t the every down receiver he will start pecking away at everyone.

  28. Dez Bryant is a hot head and childish! He will disrupt our locker room and create problems with no positive results for the team. I say let him walk the unemployment line.

        1. Yes Jenkins potentially the G.O.A.T. who unfortunately did not have coaches who knew how to use him correctly.

  29. i like our youth movement. Dez can be temperamental. rather see Dante Pettis and Kendrick Bourne get theirs.

  30. I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I can’t see it happening unless Garcon has a setback in his recovery or something along those lines. Bryant doesn’t fit the type of style Shanny prefers and they have a large group of WR’s already. Bryant is going to be really sorry he didn’t take the Baltimore offer.

  31. The longer he waits, the less money he will earn. The other teams may be waiting to see if their present WR squad is healthy and productive. There are several teams with WR problems. Thankfully, the Niners are not one of them. They have so much depth and competition, the 53 final cuts will be painful.

  32. Why is this still a question or topic? Garcon at this stage is better for our team than Dez at this stage. Dez is a cancer to a team that is making strides in changing the culture of the locker room and while leaning on veterans to be mentors. Dez would be counter productive to the team. Stop asking this dumb a## question and move on. We have a good receiving core. Don’t need Dez. Would rather have Terrell Pryor than Dez at this stage.

  33. lil cohn mailing it in again.

    Meanwhile over on the Sacbee, Barrows pens a nice article with insight into the Kiffin hire.

    1. The biggest lesson is rushing as a unit and, in his words, “building a trap” for the quarterback. The jaws of that trap, he said, will be the team’s most talented defensive lineman, DeForest Buckner.

      I like this Kiffin guy.

    2. it’s a great article. We fans are often fixated with individual position, ‘edge rusher or bust’. In the absence of a premier edge rusher (which is the case for 75% of the teams), pass rush would need to be more of a scheme-based team effort. That’s where good coaches working with smart, disciplined and coachable players get it done.

    3. Give the kid a break. You never know what PD is asking him to do. He might be working on 5 stories for other sports and is still expected to keep this 49er blog active. I definitely wouldn’t mind more OTA coverage but you just never know. Cohn may be mailing it in or he might just need to post occasionally to keep the blog readers active. Either way, it’s the blog commenters that are more important than the actual columnist posting the story. It’s always been that way on this blog going back to Maiocco’s days.

      1. I agree Houston that this particular blog is more about the posters then then host. One of the alluring attractions of this blog is that we are ‘Grant’ed a great deal of latitude without the demons of restricted censorship that are present in other blogs, college campuses and other countries.

        1. If you want to have some fun go to Profootballtalk and post something even mildly critical of Mike Florio then count the seconds until your comment magically disappears. Florio is an absolute narcissistic kook, but give him a little credit. He has built an empire out of stealing sportswriters work and adding a little of his own commentary then posting it to his website as if he’s breaking news.

  34. To be clear, I wouldn’t want Dez on SF, for reasons many have stated.
    That said, I have to wonder if Dez has declined as much as everyone thinks. Or does a lot of it have to do with the fact that Dak Prescott just isn’t very good?
    Dez doesn’t fit in with what the 49ers are building, but I do think he has value to some team somewhere.

  35. Nope, no way, and that shouldn’t need any explanation at all. The only potential reason would be some unforeseen and critical injury to one of our receivers in TC and in that case, well, maybe take a close look . .

  36. Yes! Sign Dez. Show the fan base and current players on the roster that the ownership is serious in contending for a Super Bowl Championship. It will bring in a more competitive attitude for young receivers and a place to learn from a proven veteran.

  37. “Should Niners sign Bryant”?
    Why would they? Clearly he’s not a “Shanny receiver”. If we have learned anything from the two drafts, Shanny is not too hot on big, physical players with middling speed whose main strength is making contested catches, let alone a 30-year old diva looking for big money. Yet we fans keep on harping on the need for traditional ‘red-zone threat’, etc. etc.

  38. Grant

    Well, if the FO can write a conditional 1-year contract for him including both on /off field behavior, I don’t see any reason why not….I laugh at all of the bitching, moaning, and bellyaching about the Rams picking up Suh, and all of the hi priced FA’s, but when we get the option to pull off a deal, we complain about it…. Dez Bryant is in the prime (age) of his career…we have the money to afford him, and we need a PROVEN red zone threat with the speed and abilities that he offers…We don’t have any guarantees that Garcon won’t take 1 hit and call it a career. I like the young WR’s we have in Burbridge, Pettis, Bourne, Richie James, and Taylor, but none of them have the experience of a TO, Crabtree , Rice , or Bryant….Fill in the spaces on an incentive -laden contract and if nothing else …he can be the best paid ‘decoy’ in anybody’s Red Zone…

    1. I find it interesting after an entire year of being wrong about the Shanahan/Lynch rebuilding plan some people still haven’t learned that they pick players that fit their criteria and not the standard one that most teams use. If they had followed a different but fan popular plan they might have had more wins last season but their future would not be as bright. More than likely Jimmy and certain other players would not be on this team as well. The Niners would not be the team with a bright future that players are dying to play for at present.

      Dez is not for this team at this point in time.

  39. Many may feel that Dez is a locker room cancer but take a closer look.
    I could understand Dez’ frustration in Dallas.
    His former QB is not that good and his head coach is merely a window dressing puppet who’s strings are being pulled by Jerry Jones.

    This is the same Jerry Jones who scripted his entire coaching staff and players to kneel during the NA (along with himself) only to lift his head and look around to see if any player was not complying.
    Yeah, that whole episode was as real as a purple unicorn.
    But blame Dez, right?

    Btw, I don’t care where DB plays next, but at least take a closer look at the shanagins being pulled by Jerry Jones.

    1. It is not just about Dez’s character issues. He also is not a fit for the offense- this offense needs players that run good routes.

      1. willtalk,
        The character issues are being blown out of proportion.
        Personally, I believe the cowboy’s would have got rid of Dez a long time ago if it was about his character.

        It came down to Dez’ low production numbers that sent him packing.
        Bryant is no longer a #1 WR, but that does not mean that he can’t contribute.

        I lean more on the comments that he is not a good fit.
        Meh, on the cancer label.

    1. Good, on many levels. Good they won’t be adding a guy that could become a distraction, good they won’t be adding a guy that would get in the way of developing their younger guys, and good they like their current group.

    1. Yes, that would be interesting. Grant should also have an independent party expose all the sock puppets. Without giving away IP addresses of course.

        1. Sock puppets? Like The Instigator, The Short Fuse, The Conflagrator/Flame Breather, The Legal-Eagle Arbiter, The Reticent Smirker, etc. etc. ??

    2. Is that an algorithm that places every forum site into the degraded civil discourse category? Gee I could have written that one!

    3. No. First, there is no telling when some troll is going to post something nasty just because they are a troll.
      Second, too often people misinterpret what someone is posting. A great example of this is when I called the Alex Smith TD pass to Vernon Davis Smith’s Montana moment, and the next thing I knew I was being accused of putting Smith at Montana’s level.
      Third, there are some on here that make a statement and then deny they did, even though the evidence of what they said is available for everyone to see. I will admit I have done this every once in a while, but there are those on here that aim to make it their second career.
      Fourth, there is absolutely no way of knowing what will trigger a person. Something that is very innocent may actually offend or strike the wrong nerve of another poster.
      Fifth, there are times when Grant loses some of his civility in his responses to the posters on here.
      Sixth, there are topics and articles presented on here from others that are divisive, and there is no way to know when that will occur.

      1. Sixth, there are topics and articles presented on here from others that are divisive, and there is no way to know when that will occur.

        Midwest, there are off-topic topics (politics, religon, the meaning of “meaningless”, etc) that can cause heated division when debated. But I think most of us can compartmentalize and when the topic returns back to our Niners we can can put away what we learned about our fellow poster’s non-football worldviews and debate those same posters purely on the merits of their Niners-based arguments.

      2. Trolls notwithstanding… Everything spoken or written carries a message, and embedded in that message is intent. Understanding and appreciating intent where we often fail as listeners/readers.
        “the next thing I knew I was being accused of putting Smith at Montana’s level.”

        and trying to objectify a completely subjective argument… this one is now officially a classic!
        “the meaning of “meaningless”

        As Rib points out… “most of us can compartmentalize and when the topic returns back to our Niners we can can put away what we learned about our fellow poster’s non-football worldviews”
        I hope you’re right!

        Take a moment and ask yourself before pulling the trigger…
        Did that poster really mean what I thought he/she did? Am I missing their point, overreacting, overly sensitized? Am I about to do something that I can’t undo?

  40. This team is moving in a positive direction. Don’t need a headcase for throwing cry baby on the sideline if he’s not getting the ball as much as he sees fit. No thanks

  41. sebnynah says:
    May 29, 2018 at 8:59 am
    Hmmm, Juan, I felt as though the officiating was blatantly biased and persecutorial, but now you are claiming the players were turnstiles and dropped balls because they objected to something before the game off the field?”

    No Seb, I was just respectfully agreeing with your own words, “Locker room dynamics are hard to cultivate, and can be destroyed in a heartbeat”. You couldn’t be more right. We’ve seen it happen. The circumstances which made that happen on previous Niner teams are for another discussion, one which we’ve all weighed in on ad nauseam. The fact is, it happened, like it or not, agree with it or not. The question at hand is would it happen signing Dez? I don’t think so.

    1. Juan, yes, we have beaten that dead horse to spam, so please accept my apology since my attempt at levity fell flat.
      Yes, the question about signing Dez , and avoiding disruptive locker room dynamics is all we have going on right now, since Grant seems to be AWOL.
      To put it in Warriors terms, there is no way in hell Dez will sublimate his ego for the good of the team like Steph, Kevin, Klay and Draymond do. Dez would whine because Dez whines a lot, demanding the ball.

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything that contained Ghost pepper…
      … now I’m absolutely sure I don’t want to.
      PS. love Marquise and family.

      1. What he is eating is probably 1000 times hotter than a ghost. Those things are lethal and he is now my favorite Niner. Guy and his wife totally rock!

    2. Great stuff MWNiner, thx for sharing. Fun to see the candid silliness.
      I like spicy stuff but Ghost Peppers are the Dilithium Crystals of the culinary world.
      My buddy Ron Gallo used to challenge this gringo with Peppers his mom would send him. He lit me up a few times. 🤯 😱 💥 👺 🔥 😤

      1. Thanks guys … I figured you’d enjoy that one …

        it would be great .. if Grant could score
        an interview with Marquise … and ask him about
        his “challenge” … and post this interview here…

        Ya know… it would be a helluva lot better than
        mailing it in … like he did with this column…. right ?
        With a little perservance … he could do it again

        After all… Grant did scoop
        the other Bay Area Niners reporters … last year …
        with his interview with Eddie D !

    3. Nice.MW
      I was more interested in his throwback 90’s chain with his initials. Lol
      So tacky, but yet so cool. 🤣

    1. ‘Seemed’ like for awhile Kilgore was giving up 4 sacks a game. That’s probably the biggest improvement on the O-line

  42. Dez; No, don’t think he fits the system or the team. Would just slow down the development of the younger receivers.
    Ghost pepper should be classified as a spice of mass destruction.
    Kneeling during the anthem; I don’t see why people get so upset at other Americans exercising their free speech rights when it doesn’t impact them at all. Is seeing some one kneel really going to infringe on some one else’s rights or harm some one?
    I also wonder if during the Obama administration, conservative players took a knee to protest some action of they didn’t like if there would be the same reaction.

  43. I suppose if the Niners don’t sign him, Grant will use that as further “proof” they are not serious about winning it all this year.

      1. Ward is a good DB, who’s services can be relied upon for 20 to 40% of a given season’s games, based on his prior seaons with the team…

  44. I don’t understand why people are saying it would stop the development of younger WRs or stop their growth or won’t get a chance to play. As far as I know they have 11 WR on the roster. They will all not make it. Pierre is a WR2-WR3 on most teams but he’s WR1 on 49ers. Goodson if healthy can be a good WR3 not a WR2. The WR they drafted not sure what he will play but they say he can’t catch passes over the middle. I like Trent but he’s only in his second season and WR4. So to answer the question yes they should sign Dez and they need to because what Dez is now is better then what they have on the roster. he would be WR1 and everybody else gets pushed down the depth chart.

    I’m not saying he’s the best WR in the NFL anymore, he’s far from that but his skills is what’s needed on the 49ers. if they can get him on a cheap contract, probably with incentives and he wants to play for the 49ers and he plays his best its a win-win for both sides. If he does not do well then cut him when the season starts, simple as that. I would take a proven WR over any development WR. you can put them on the PS or just sign later or find another one.

    All they seem to have is small WR. Kittle hopefully becomes great TE but looks to be injury prone and only is in his second year. They should sign Fleener or should of got Graham and let Kittle develop behind them then take over in 1 to 2 years and that’s what they should do with the WR and sign DEZ. The WR/TE/pass rush is the weakest groups on the team. RB is not to far behind.

    1. — some posters here just can’t let go of the “#1 rcvr” or “T.O. model” concept…KS has a different approach…
      — his qb’s don’t target a high percentage of throws to a “#1 rcvr” in the hopes that rcvr will win the contested catch battle…they throw to the open rcvr who’s created separation for catch + YAC…
      — the fact that he inherited Julio Jones in ATL doesn’t change this…
      — if you look at Garcon’s stats from last year before he was IR’d, you’d see a trend line for very high production numbers if he’d lasted the entire season…
      — in fact…I wonder how much “#1 rcvr” comment there’d be now if Garcon had been in the last 5 game stretch with the Jimmy G Experience????

      1. How are you defining #1 receiver? If Garcon was on a trend line for very high production numbers, wouldn’t that have put him on par with a number of other #1 receivers in the league?

        Aside from that, I agree with you. I don’t think KS’ offense needs a number one WR for the reasons you stated.

        1. how are other posters here defining the concept of a “#1 WR”??
          I submit these posters are pining for the days of T.O. flicking DB’s off him whilst grabbing the catch…
          with Joe Starkey screaming “he caught it” 50 times…
          my point is that Garcon is for all intents+purposes KS’ #1 rcvr, wide or otherwise…

  45. Marginally off topic (but on NFL) –
    In the story about Coangelo I read that Roger Goodell’s wife has/had a Twitter Burner account to anonymously push back against criticism of ol’ Rog.
    Reminiscent of the owner of a NJ pro football team who had an invisible director of public relations who was never ever seen and only heard from by telephone with a voice that sounded remarkably like his boss’ voice.

      1. Plenty of time on her hands. She ain’t moppin’ or scrubbin’.
        Q/ How many Goodells does it take to change a lightbulb?
        A/ Two. One to mix the Martinis and one to call the electrician.

        1. She says she was a tomboy as a child and loved to play football in the mud with the boys until she was seven or eight years old. Her dad was worked under the first Bush as his COS & SOT.

        1. I can see the t-shirt… MPFPRDVGG

          Would also be a good name for a small-potatoes village in NW Norway…

    1. Another mail-in…

      Grant could ask us if Jimmy G. looks like a young George Clooney–yes or no and explain why.

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