Show me the money and the bulldozer.

That’s what I am waiting for. The Niners announced yesterday they reached agreements with sub-contractors, concessionaires, a marketing sales agency and design people about a new stadium.

Great. Fine. Except one thing.

Where’s the stadium? Where’s the heavy equipment? Heck, give me a picture of a vacant lot with John York standing in front of it in a hard hat, drinking a pina colada.

Better yet, show me the check! Right now the projected cost of a new stadium in Santa Clara is somewhere between $800 million and a billion. Given the economy, California’s building codes for earthquakes and environment and the current lack of sugar daddy, the 49ers’ announcement about concessionaires, et al, it’s an empty announcement.

It’s like Alex Smith announcing he’s prepared his Hall of Fame speech. Um, Alex, that’s jumping the gun a little bit. You have to get there first. Like the 49ers getting hot about announcing the concessionaires at a stadium that has yet to be financed, much less built.

Maybe they’re thinking that will create a $800 million groundswell. I like better the chances of Alex leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl this year.

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