Singletary, Raye talk about 49ers offense

Niners coach Mike Singletary and new offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye got together with the local media on a conference call this afternoon.

Singletary spent 15 minutes on the phone with reporters. Here are some of the topics he addressed:


–He said the most important thing in this process was to find person with leadership, preparation and vision to take the 49ers forward.


–Raye signed a three-year contract.


–Singletary said he and Raye were on the same page, as far as their philosophies. He talked about physicality and toughness, mentally and physically, and the discipline it takes to do those things. Those are things he was really excited about.


–He was asked about the process. Singletary said on Dec. 31 that he wanted it done “yesterday.” He said it took longer than he wanted it to. “Sometimes good things come to those who wait,” he said. He said he did not want to have a knee-jerk reaction and regret hiring somebody too soon.


–Singletary said he was intrigued by Hue Jackson and what he accomplished with Baltimore this season. But he said it ultimately came down to the leadership “that we know we need on that side of the ball, the preparation and the vision.”


–Singletary said he had the assistant coaches meet with the candidates because he wanted them to take “ownership,” as well. “We have a staff that is pretty special,” he said. He said he wanted to get a feel for how the staff interacted with the potential candidates. Singletary said he did not ask the coaches to select the new offensive coordinator.


–Singletary said the “highly sought-after names” are not necessarily the best hires. “That alone does not determine whether you’re going to have a successful offense,” he said. “What I think about is that leadership and preparation and our team and our whole vision.”


–When asked if Singletary was looking for continuity, he said it went beyond that. He said there are no guarantees, but he wanted to get good leadership.


–Singletary was asked about Scott Linehan. He said he did not want to speak too much about that situation, but he said there was a misconception about him offering Linehan the job. “Scott Linehan was honest,” Singletary said. Singletary said he told Linehan what he needed out of the offensive coordinator. “I asked Scott Linehan straight forward: ‘Can you do these things? If you can’t, be honest and let me know.’ He got back to me and said, ‘What you need right now, I don’t think I can do that. I’m going to have to back away.’ “


–When asked of new QBs coach Mike Johnson will be the coordinator-in-waiting, Singletary said it would be nice to think he could do that. “But, right now, he is the quarterbacks coach.” Singletary said Johnson came highly recommended.


–I asked Singletary if Raye’s view of the quarterbacks were a consideration, and how Alex Smith fits into the future of the club “As we go forward in free agency, we’ll have to sit down when the time is right and deal with that,” Singletary said. He said he’s excited about Raye’s influence over everybody on offense – not just the quarterbacks. “I feel good about Shaun Hill and have to see what happens with Alex Smith,” Singletary added.


* * *


Jimmy Raye called in from Morristown, N.J., where he said the snow is about 12 inches deep.


–He plans to return to the Bay Area on Wednesday for good. He said he will meet with GM Scot McCloughan and start going over personnel evaluations. He will also look at all the film from last season and learn from the assistants what each player was asked to do.


–Raye has not worked with any of the assistant coaches on his staff, but he knows most of them from being in the league for so long. He said he will speak with Singletary about the possibility of adding an assistant with whom he is comfortable to the staff.


–He said he and Singletary share a vision and a passion for football. They have the same thoughts on the game. He spoke about being a tough, physical team.


–The first time he met Singletary was prior to the Jets-49ers game this season. Raye said he walked across the field before the game to introduce himself.


–When asked about his thoughts on the 49ers’ personnel, he said he knows more about the 49ers’ defense. He said he intends to study the offense, beginning next week. He said he’s aware of Frank Gore and DeShaun Foster. He did not mention Vernon Davis by name, but he said he is familiar with him from the combine. He said he lies his size, speed and ability to block. He said the only time he has seen Shaun Hill was the “day he took us (Jets) apart.” He also alluded to Isaac Bruce and center Eric Heitmann.


–Raye said he followed the interview process from afar. He said Singletary’s vision was appealing to him, and that he did not feel the least by stifled. “He is the head coach of the football team,” Raye said. He said Singletary has the right to influence the offense in any way he wants.


–Raye runs the digit system, which was brought to the 49ers by Norv Turner in 2007. Raye learned that system with the Rams under Ernie Zampese. That’s where he worked with Turner.


–When asked if he wants to be a head coach, Raye said his main objective is operating the 49ers’ offense to its maximum and see if we can get into the playoffs.


–His first NFL job came in 1977 with the 49ers. He was receivers coach. Gene Washington led the 49ers that season with 32 receptions.


–The last time Raye was an offensive coordinator was in 2004 and ’05 with the Raiders. However, Raye was not the primarily play-caller. Turner called most of the plays, but Raye prepared as if he would call the plays. From time to time, Turner would instruct Raye to take over. “He was principal play-caller,” he said. “I was the backup play-caller. . . . The lion’s share of the play-calling was done by him.”


* * *

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