Solari is “all business,” and the O-line benefits

In 21 seasons with the 49ers, legendary offensive line coach Bobb McKittrick was handed exactly one first-round draft choice to work with — tackle Harris Barton in 1987. Mike Solari has been with the team just a few months, but already is benefiting from two first-rounders. So there is pressure on Solari to build a strong line, but with it comes a lot of optimism.

The 49ers’ veteran offensive linemen are already appreciative of Solari’s no-nonsense approach.

“It’s all business, 100 percent of the time,” left tackle Joe Staley said. “Not saying it wasn’t last year, but just the demeanor he brings when he comes into the building, the mentality that he’s breeding here. … When we get on the field and work, the attention to details and the fundamentals, the techniques, it’s really going back to basics.”

Here is my story that ran in the Press Democrat today.

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