Steve Young on Flacco: “Joe is Eli Manning. It’s a compliment, but it’s a back-handed compliment.”

Steve Young spoke on KNBR Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about Joe Flacco.

Q: What do you think of Joe Flacco?

YOUNG: Joe is Eli Manning to me. It’s a compliment, but it’s a back-handed compliment. There is no question that Joe can get hot like last week and the week before. Eli would get hot in the worst scenarios – 10 below at Lambeau – and it’s like, this guy is amazing.

At the oddest times, like in the Super Bowl, Joe might go 30-for-30, and in the regular season he’d look awful. You’d really say, does he care? I’m not sure he was even that focused. The demeanor is so mellow, milquetoast. When things aren’t going well, it drives you crazy. And because of that, I think he’s not nearly as consistent.

Peyton, if things aren’t going well, he’s Zeus. He’s Old Man Winter blowing the sails. He’ll create the momentum. He won’t wait to find out if things go OK or if they work out. That’s not the personality of Joe. To me, Joe could play a Dudley-Do-Right game – hang around, don’t do much, don’t lose the game but don’t get anything going. Or he could get real hot and be the reason that they win. That’s the capability of Joe Flacco. That’s the fear of Joe Flacco.

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