Steve Young on Trey Lance

The quarterback situation is one of the most prominent questions hanging over the San Francisco 49ers as they head into 2022. Many point to Trey Lance taking over as part of their reasoning for expecting the 49ers to have a down season and miss out on the playoffs.

On Monday, former 49ers quarterback Steve Young was a guest on the Rich Eisen Show. Eisen pointed out to the Hall of Famer how many say the 49ers are keeping Jimmy Garoppolo because the team is hedging their bet, or San Francisco won’t be good because Lance isn’t ready.

“The word ready is just loaded. It’s not right,” responded Young. “He’s played two games so, “oh he’s not ready” doesn’t mean anything. When someone says he’s not ready, well it’s easy to say because he hasn’t done it. The more important thing is, is he capable of the on-field recognition of routes, getting through the routes, who’s open, anticipatory throwing, getting the ball out. It seems like he has that. The that you worry about the most about being ready, I feel like he has.

“Now, what I do worry about is the sense of accuracy. The sense that I know my brain knows where to go with the ball, but my arm is not necessarily cooperating.

“To me, that’s the issue that I really want to focus on this summer and as he gets into the Fall playing. I do believe he has the ability to find the open guys, the processing power that you worry about, he has that. But can his arm do the work. You either have that or you don’t.”

Lance has made only three starts since leading North Dakota State to the FCS Championship in 2019. Two of those starts came in his rookie year with the 49ers, and we saw Lance go through the ups and downs you’d expect from a young quarterback.

Early against Arizona and Houston, Lance struggled with his accuracy and seeing the field. The lack of accuracy led to an interception on the first possession in Arizona. Not seeing the field well against Houston caused Lance to bail out of the pocket instead of delivering the ball to open receivers.

The positive takeaway from those contests was how Lance improved as the game wore on. Against Houston, we saw Lance make the necessary adjustments, and from late in the second quarter on, the rookie was letting it rip. Lance led the 49ers to points during a two-minute drive to end the first half and 20 in the second half to help keep San Francisco’s playoff hopes alive.

Are the 49ers hedging their bet? Do they feel like Trey Lance is ready?

“That’s why we looked into trading Jimmy,” Kyle Shanahan told reporters during the NFL owner’s meetings in late March. “We obviously believe Trey can be the starter, and we are ready to do that.”

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  1. We can disagree on WHY KS chose not to give Lance more playing time. But the FACT is he chose JG, even when he was hurt, believing JG gave them a better chance to win. And it’s a FACT the 9ers were an INT from going to the SB, so there is that!
    It’s also a FACT that no one (including S. Young), knows how Lance will perform based on the 2021 season! The 9er coaches and KS, have until the start of the 2022 regular season to decide. So all the hand wringing is nothing but the talking heads opinion(s) and background NOISE, to be ignored until…. A) JG is cut or traded, or B) KS announces who will the starting QB will be against the Bears on Sept. 11th.
    So enjoy the ride 9er fans….LETS PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!

    1. I like this comment. The only thing is we are so far away from September haha

    2. Great Comment….it’s just too bad that the majority of Niner fans that comment on blogs fail to see the obvious….I think they’ve been unknowingly programmed to believe and think a particular way.

      1. Jack Hammer says: “Kyle Shanahan never announced a starting quarterback last season?”
        * Doesn’t mean he (KS) won’t announce a starting QB this season….just another opinion!

  2. Nice conclusion with the quote at the end. Ties it all together nicely and paints a clear yet deceptive picture of what will happen come September.

  3. This offense is going to be so different from the past — more power running, a mobile qb, and a stretching-the-field air attack. Will be enjoyable to watch once the bugs are ironed out. Also looking forward to watching the defense. Better cornerback and dline combinations. This team is looking formidable.

      1. mirro says: “Tighten up special teams play a bit and the 9ers should have a solid run.”
        I agree. This season, the ST should be the difference between winning and a losing.
        EXAMPLE: The week 13 loss against the Seahawks last season….

  4. May 10, 2022 Jack says:

    Trey Lance will be under center when San Francisco’s offense takes the field for the first time in week one.

    May 18, 2022 Jack says:

    Are the 49ers hedging their bet? Do they feel like Trey Lance is ready?

    What a difference a week makes….

      1. Yes, since you’re not the HC, both statements can be attributed to :”That’s what others are saying”
        Why is there so much doubt/stories swirling around Trey?
        It hasn’t stopped.
        Pre-season can’t come too soon!

        1. The first was my statement. The second is what has been swirling around from a number of media personalities outside of the Bay Area.

      1. I do too. I see a little bit of Gore and a little bit of Deebo. It’s rare to see someone cut as well as he does. Other highlights show him catching out of the backfield. And his college coach says he’s good at pass protection. So I’m psyched and want to see more of him.

        1. I like Hasty now that he has added some weight…….. he just needs to stay healthy- but I believe has proven that he can be a decent little 3rd-down back. I suspect it may be Sermon in the cross-hairs… camp will be interested with the competition at some spots (namely, Corner, RB and Guard)

    1. Jordan Mason NFL Draft Profile:
      Mason was an instant contributor from the time he stepped foot on campus back in 2018. On just 108 carries in 2018, Mason totaled 659 yards and had seven touchdowns, while averaging 6.1 yards per carry. Mason had his career-best year in 2019, Geoff Collin’s first year in Atlanta. He totaled 172 carries for nearly 900 yards and seven touchdowns. His yards per carry dropped, but Mason was the most effective player on the Georgia Tech offense.
      When Gibbs arrived on campus for the 2020 season, Mason’s carries dipped, but he was still a good player and a tough runner. At 6’1 220 LBS, Mason can make his mark as a short-yardage back and a goal-line runner. He has not shown much as a pass-catcher and his pass-blocking is average. That could cause him to drop a little in the draft.
      * During the Georgia Tech pro day last month, Mason tested well. He had a sub 4.5 forty yard dash time and put up 21 reps on the bench press, which would have tied him for the most at this year’s NFL Combine.

      * You could be right, Mason may replace Hasty. But I suspect he’ll make Trey Sermon trade bait, unless he shows better than he did last season.

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