Steve Young shares his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys and Jimmy Garoppolo

Steve Young is someone who knows when he is talking about when it comes to facing the Dallas Cowboys and playing quarterback in the NFL.

During his time with the 49ers, Young faced off with Dallas in the NFC Championship Game three years in a row. After falling short to the Cowboys following the 1992 and 1993 seasons, Young would finally lead San Francisco to victory on the third try in 1995.

When Young looks at the current Cowboys team he sees a talented roster, but something is missing.

“I think there’s something about hiring coaches who don’t have the authority, because the players know the owner is the authority, Young said during his weekly discussion Wednesday evening with the hosts of the TKB Show on KNBR.

“That’s why they’re so up and down and they don’t get to their full potential. I don’t believe the guys coming out of the Cowboys locker room are going to come out with the ownership, the belief like the 49ers players have.”

That could be true. 

San Francisco has fought through adversity all season. They would then open the season 3-5 before winning seven of their last nine while dealing with injuries to key players throughout. 

Moreover, there were constant questions about the quarterback situation, to be expected after the team traded up to draft Trey Lance.

“Jimmy had something happen this year. I don’t know when. He started the year tight, feeling all the pressure of what was happening in the offseason, not sure of his place, said Young.

“Against the Rams it was like playing with house money and there was a release. Usually when it’s tighter late in the game you can see he’s grinding. Last week it was like, ‘Bro, I’m good, let’s roll.’ He’s smiling, he and Deebo Samuel are laughing.

“I thought it was a different guy. I’m pretty excited to see him go down to Dallas.”

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  1. We are all excited about this game. It’s great to see our team overcome so much adversity and make it into the playoffs. This will be a tough game but we now know our team is capable of beating anyone.

  2. Believe it or not Compton’s run blocking grade is 2nd among all tackles in the NFL since he took over the spot. That’s also why we’re seeing more runs to the right side of the line since he’s been in this year.

    Tell me now what McGlinchey brings to the table. His pass blocking is better than Compton’s but at the expense of his run blocking, which had gotten worse. When McGlinchey came to camp bulked up this year so he wouldn’t be tossed around like a pancake, he lost some of that mobility that had allowed him to be a good run blocking tackle. Makes you appreciate even more what Trent Williams brings to the table at his size.

    McGlinchey’s salary next year jumps to 10x Compton’s salary this year (Compton is an UFA next year). The downside is McGlinchey’s entire salary would be dead cap if they moved on from him.

    I hope they take a look at drafting for the position next year and bring in someone better than the two we’ve had manning the position this year. More and more teams are showcasing two pass rushing specialists (on both sides of the line) nowadays. Other teams are moving guys around for better matchups. We do the same with Bosa.

    As for Aaron Banks- I have no idea what happened there but if you’re drafting an O-lineman in the first two rounds they should have really jumped off the tape. This one is looking more and more like a miss considering he’s seen no playing time. We also passed up on Asante Samuel Jr. by moving down 5 spots and drafting Banks. Samuel was eventually drafted right in front of Banks. Imagine if we had another impact corner with a much higher upside than Ambry Thomas on this team?

    1. McGlinchey encouraged the Banks selection who is a fellow Irishman. We need to bring in an O line draft expert who can accurately assess talent.

      1. I’m pretty sure that McGlinchy’s 2 cents were just that – one of many people who weighed in. Since the Oline ranks #3, I’m sure we can find better use for our draft picks.

      2. Yes they were roommates at Norte Dame I seem to recall.

        Not sure how much stock they put into player recommendations.

        McGlinchey I recall seemed to spend too much time on social media cracking back against criticism instead of focusing on working on his body (he had dropped a considerable amount of weight prior to last season causing him to be tossed around) and readiness. Hopefully that’s behind us now and we see more of a commitment going forward.

        Deebo (last year) and Aiyuk this year faced similar criticism from Shanahan about staying in proper shape and I think the two of them have progressively responded well.

  3. McGlinchy is better than Compton and he will be the starter next year. Im sure they’ll keep Compton as well. They are not going to draft a right tackle. That would be a waste as the Oline ranks third best overall this year. The weak spot is right guard which is Comptons natural position so maybe there is a competition with Brunskill and Banks. If Banks doesn’t win that battle then we will know we missed on a 2nd round pick. It doesn’t matter that we missed on a better player at that spot because that happens on every pick by every team.

    1. Ironically, Brunskill is a better tackle than he is a Guard. And Compton is playing out of position at tackle.

      Are there any draft decisions that you ever find to be less than awesome? Or position players that aren’t quite good enough? Your last name must be Shanahan or Lynch, I’m certain of it.

      I honestly think Lynch has done a pretty good job overall, as has Shanahan. And I’d like both to be here for a long time. That doesn’t mean they’re beyond reproach. Questioning decisions comes with the territory of being a highly paid coach (or GM). It doesn’t mean all of it is justified, but to just sit back and whistle and say the right tackle position in terms of pass blocking is an area of strength might be going a bit too far.

      Btw it does matter- cornerback was a position of need due to Verrett’s unreliability over the years. They had a chance to pick up a meaningful player that was rated highly on the draft board. They chose Banks instead.

      Imagine how many games would have been won this year if we didn’t have the downright abysmal play at cornerback, all while Banks was a healthy scratch in many of those games?

      Josh Norman wouldn’t have been picked up off the streets had we chosen Samuel. Ambry Thomas wasn’t ready after being away from football for over a year. Luckily we won the very last game of the season to squeeze in, ironically, with Ambry picking off the pass to push us through. Yes, cornerback play is quite important, and we could have done better than picking up a lineman who has yet to see the field.

      1. This regime has done a poor job drafting in the higher rounds! But done good in the later rounds.
        Might as well just trade those high picks for impact players if we’re going to keep missing on those picks.
        Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks this year are the worst I’ve seen that are drafted that high when it comes to the snap counts! It might be the worst EVER! At least the worst I’ve seen in this team the last 30 years!

        1. I’m pretty sure that all of us make mistakes or have weaknesses, even you. Rather than always looking at the negative, I like to look at the totality of one’s efforts and I’m very pleased currently with this team and organization and will leave the criticism to those who have like to dwell in that world.

          1. Dude, who the F*** says we don’t make mistake. That’s a given and that’s not were talking about. I’m talking about FACTS here.
            What did I say that is not true? Cannot wait to hear this…

            If you’re happy with EVERYTHING these leadership do then good for you. But don’t try to lecture me or other people who elect to criticize them when we see something that it’s not right. This team is on it’s 5th year NOT on it’s 1st year! Nobody is immune to criticism, especially in sport. People get fired in the NFL all the time, even the good ones.

            What Gavin says above “Are there any draft decisions that you ever find to be less than awesome? Or position players that aren’t quite good enough? Your last name must be Shanahan or Lynch, I’m certain of it.”
            So is your last name Shanahan or Lynch? :)

            1. I didn’t see any facts, only an opinion. You expressed yours and I expressed mine, “Dude”. So are you saying that Lance was a bad decision because they let him develop on the sideline behind a veteran.

              1. This regime has done a poor job drafting in the higher rounds! FACTS!

                Our 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks this year are the worst I’ve seen that are drafted that high when it comes to the snap counts! FACTS!

                Tell me which one of those are not FACTS? And don’t come back with it’s just an opinion BS. Give me a number that says otherwise. I’ll wait.

            2. So apparently you aren’t able to tell the difference between an opinion and a fact. You can prove a fact by referencing it to proven information. Just because you state it’s a fact doesn’t mean it is.
              The 1st and 3rd round pics didn’t play last year so of course they aren’t up to full speed. That doesn’t mean they were bad pics. Cant you see the difference?

      2. “ Are there any draft decisions that you ever find to be less than awesome? Or position players that aren’t quite good enough? Your last name must be Shanahan or Lynch, I’m certain of it. “

        I was simply disagreeing with you on McGlinchy . Why would you want to waste a high round pick on a RT when the one you have fits your scheme so well? Trent Williams don’t grow on trees. I’m smart enough to to realize that the experts are much better at picking players than I am and if you or I were doing it, we’d make even more mistakes. I don’t see the value in always looking at the negative. It’s not how I want to live my life. I’m a FAN. No my name isn’t Shanahan or Lynch. I’m just a quy who has a different opinion and I like to voice it as do you. Mine just happen to be a little more informed than yours.

        1. Fair enough. You make good points, though I may disagree with your objectivity in your last sentence.

          😀 👍🏽

  4. ricardo, its far too early to call this last draft a bust!!! Trey looks legit!!! how exactly are you pegging him as trash? That blows my mind. Banks might not be in shape, might not be picking up the offense…..the bottom line is that we have a few guys that have been here longer… front of him on the depth chart.
    Sermon got beat out by Mitchell, then got hurt!
    These things happen in football dude!!!!! In school…..when guys have the advantage of being there a year or 2 longer….its very HARD to leapfrog them.
    The major factor your missing is this- only on the worst of teams… rookies just come in and take jobs!!!!!!!!
    considering this is a play off team…..pretty much no rookie came in and took ANYONES JOB!
    injuries at rb and cb opened the door……but had JV and RM not went down…….no rookies would have played much……as is the norm for a play off team/ super bowl contender

  5. There’s “Good Jimmy” and then there’s “Bad Jimmy!” No one really knows which one will show up this Sunday! 🙄

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