Super Bowl LIV film breakdown

Check out my YouTube film breakdown of Super Bowl LIV.

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  1. Turning my attention to the draft, one guy that has caught my eye is Jeff Gladney, CB from TCU. Good size, good speed and agility, competitive and seems to have good football IQ. Currently seen as a 2nd round prospect, but this far out from the draft who knows where he ends up. But definitely a guy I am thinking could be a target at 31 or after a trade back.

      1. He can carry a guy too long on occasion, leaving his zone vacated which isn’t good. But I think that can be coached up. Overall I like his football IQ. You?

        1. Kinda reminds me of a Denzel Ward, press man coverage type. I think if they had their choice at the end of the 1st round or a move back into round 2 they might prefer a player like Bryce Hall outta Virginia. Gladney is really good though. Good call…

      2. What are your thoughts on Lloyd Cushenberry as a day 3 (probably early day 3) iOL prospect? Played OC for LSU, but probably start him off playing OG in the NFL. Love his athleticism – seems a good fit for Shanahan’s system.

          1. I can’t see Shanahan taking an IOL before day 3. They have their starting centre, and he doesn’t invest those kind of resources in OGs. I think it will be more a case of looking for an athletic guy in the later rounds or as an UDFA. I like Cushenberry as a fit, but if he doesn’t last until day 3 he won’t be a 49er.

            1. Can’t argue that, however Richburg is coming off another significant injury. If facing Donald, and Reed twice a year isn’t convincing enough to get Shanny’s attention, maybe Jones was. I dunno. You’re probably right.

              1. It’s early, and I’m just starting to sink my teeth into the upcoming draft class, so take this for what it’s worth – I think the Niners are hoping to bring Ben Garland back at a bargain price, and they just signed an athletic Center who impressed them during their joint-practice sessions VS the Broncos last August, so if they do bring Garland back on another 1 year deal, I doubt they draft a Center, although drafting a versatile IOL who can play all along the interior, with a late round pick, wouldn’t be out of the question.

              2. SO, Grant just pissed of Armstead today.. but after this FB rant Grant did say he thought it’s funny Arik is still mad, that he didn’t say all this and praised Arik as a good player. There’s a 21 second video clip after the pre-season catching Grant having a video chat w/a fan. Grant says they’ll go 6-10 not 10-12 wins into the playoffs. This is most of the post below…

                Armstead started something of a one-sided Twitter feud with Santa Rosa Press Democrat columnist Grant Cohn earlier in the week after Cohn said on Twitter that the 49ers should pursue Jadeveon Clowney instead of Armstead if they cost the same amount of money in free agency. Armstead did not take kindly to that, and blasted Cohn on Twitter.

                Arik Armstead

                If you knew football and how to build a team you’d work in the front office of a NFL team instead of whatever you call yourself. Imagine that

                If Arik Armstead and Jadeveon Clowney cost the same, the 49ers should sign Clowney. Imagine him next to Bosa, Buckner and Ford.

                9:50 PM – Feb 5, 2020
                Armstead was not done there. He dug up video from before the season of Cohn predicting the 49ers would go 6-10, then continued tweeting about Cohn.

                Arik Armstead

                ? hating so much wishing your stupid predictions came true. A know it all that is wrong majority of the time . The worse @grantcohn

              3. Yeah that’s pretty funny. It’s on Twitter not FB. Grant started saying maybe Clowney is a better fit. Arik is reading up on things said latey, contract year and all. Look up Grant’s Twitter feed on the post above. John Lynch came out with this a few days back on possibly tagging Arik Armstead in 2020:

                “Arik’s an excellent player, he had an excellent year. I think everything’s on the table. We want to find a way to keep him and make him a part of the Niners for a long time.”

                10:59 AM · Feb 6, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

              4. I have to say that was dumb Grant.

                Armstead is DT who plays inside – Clowney is best as a DE…….why Grant think he would excel as DT shows how little Grant knows about football……but then again nobody is arguing Grant has a clue

  2. Thanks for your hard work this year Grant. To be honest, I can’t even watch this video very long because it just shows how lop side the refs were. On that 3 and 15, bosa get majorly held which if a flag is thrown, negates the completion and puts KC at 4 and 25. I still Reid goes for it but the d call would be different. Kc still could have converted but the odds would not be good or they punt. It the butterfly effect. Thats the power of one call/no call and the NFL knows that. Again thanks for the year of hard work but don’t go near AA anytime soon.

      1. This. No offence intended to Grant but on Earth wants to sit through a play by play now? If anything, it’ll only make it worse.

  3. Grant, I enjoyed your breakdown. Totally agree on Person, and I’ve been calling for the Niners to try to upgrade that spot for a couple years now.

    What are your thoughts on Garland competing for that RG spot? I will confess I have not studied Garland this season, and it seems like he has some of the same weaknesses as Person, but might he be an upgrade? Or does he lack the mobility for the pulling game?

  4. Tom Pelissero

    The #49ers re-signed* C Jake Brendel, source said.

    4:56 PM – Feb 7, 2020 · Plymouth, M

    *Error. Never was on the team.

    1. “Whitecotton spent four seasons (2013 to ’16) with the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he worked on the same staff as 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh.”

      I saw this….seems like a very good signing, he’s worked with 2 good DLs in Buffalo and Jax….seems like we didn’t miss a beat with that signing, must have been in the works for a while.

      Any idea who takes Woods’ spot?

  5. Grant,

    There’s a few other All-22 videos out there, and I gotta give you props for seeing that Shanahan got way too cute with putting Juice as a WR, when they should have stayed in some kind of run formation. I still don’t get what they didn’t do more bootlegs.

    Jimmy missed a bunch of throws in the first half, namely going to Kittle. In the 2nd half both Deebo and Bourne were not running the right routes. Bourne did it on one play where he’s running in the same area next to Samuels, and they are literally next to each other, and on the 3rd and ten and miss to Bourne, the play was designed for Kittle but Jimmy saw the post corner, and thought that’s what Bourne was going to run, but instead he ran a curl. There’ debate on where was helmet to helmet on some of the hits Jimmy took on the play too.

    On the last TD run by Williams, it wasn’t Bosa but Kwonne Alexander. He didn’t set the edge and Williams got around for the score. I think Chris Simms pointed that all.

    In the end, it was a magical season. The Niners were the best team for most of the year until the last 8 minutes. With better coaching from Saleh and Shanny, they would have won. Saleh made a couple of bad defensive calls and Shanny went away from the run. I can see that the play calls were good, but the execution wasn’t there because in the previous game you only passed 8 times. At the same time, they wouldn’t have made the SB without those guys. They are still young, both as a team and as coaches.

    What’s done is done. Moving on to the next season and I think it will have its own magical ride because they players are good and Kittle is pissed. Rosa probably is too.

    I think Jimmy will get better. He hasn’t been in that many situations. The deep ball might have worked if Sanders had a little more juice — but I would have taken the underneath to Bourne. Take time off the clock man. The defense is gassed at that point.

    Finally, while I think Mahomes is talented and a great kid, I think Russell Wilson would have done the same thing to the Niners with those WRs, maybe even a little more dangerous because he scrambles better then Mahomes.

        1. Thanks GEEP. Not sure how I missed this thread earlier. Not sure what to make of Davis. Seems a little too much like a “Deebo light” for mine though. I think I would prefer they look for a bit of a different type of receiver to play opposite Deebo.

  6. There’s a storyline unfolding here that’s worth pay attention to down the line . After watching Mohames KS deemed Cousins better , or a better fit for his “ offense “ problem is the way the NFL is now you need a QB who can throw from the pocket and scramble and throw on the run or pick up yards with his legs . With Shanahan s prototype might be hard to win big one

    1. I think Jimmy G is the right guy and can make all the throws and is athletic enough.
      The problem is his coach has him chained to too much structure.
      Let the kid play, he’s shown he can make all throws.

      1. Agree… remember when Jimmy G first got here?He was rolling out of pocket and improvising?I know he tore his ACL but he seemed way better back in 17, hopefully year of shanny system and a year from ACL he will improve

      2. Prime:

        I’ve been saying something similar for months. But I think what really needs to happen is that Jimmy needs to get to a level where he and KS, the play caller, are more equal. This is what you see with the top QBs and their play callers/OCs. So, it was the first full season for Jimmy and the way it played out was okay because KS’ offense is difficult; it’s unrealistic to expect Jimmy would be at that level. I hope their relationship can make the jump this next season because 1) Jimmy now has an understanding of the offense that is good enough for such a relationship and 2) KS will allow Jimmy more autonomy to make decisions based on the looks the defense gives him (beyond just the “kill” play).

        Also, the knee injury will be almost 2 years behind him once the 2020 season starts and I think we’ll see Jimmy take off more when warranted.

        1. “KS will allow Jimmy more autonomy to make decisions based on the looks the defense gives him (beyond just the “kill” play).”

          You mean like audibling out of a run to a pass late in the 4th quarter which is what just happened?

          1. Jack: John Lynch stated that one of the reasons they gave Jimmy the big contract was because of the ability he showed in 2017 to make plays happen “off schedule”. I seem to remember KS mentioning it as well after the 2017 season was over. In his 2017 games, we saw a fair amount of that. Since then not so much. The 49ers OL is relatively light which works well for the zone run, but is not ideal for pass pro. According to PFF, of the teams that were in the playoffs, only the Vikings and the Seahawks’ offensive lines were rated worse than the 49ers when it comes to pass blocking. Wilson nullifies that relatively poor offensive line with his ability to extend plays.

            I’m not suggesting that Jimmy needs to run around like Wilson, Jackson, Mahomes or Watson. But when you think of Jimmy G this past year, his ability to extend plays is not the first thing that comes to your mind. All I’m saying is that it would be a good thing if he could add that arrow to the quiver for use when the pocket breaks down.

            Having said that, I suspect the ACL injury played some factor and maybe we’ll see more of 2017 Jimmy in this regard in the future, when needed. Calling more play action plays at key moments might help too.

            1. One of the things that JG first displayed was a quick release. How was it this year compares to previous years?

              Because a quick release also makes the OL look better than it is.

            2. “The 49ers OL is relatively light which works well for the zone run, but is not ideal for pass pro.”

              The 49ers gave up 36 sacks this year. The lowest total for the organization since 2006.

              Garoppolo was running around a lot in 2017 because: a) he was new in the system so the processing of plays wasn’t as sharp, b) the weapons that year were not as good as what they now have, c) he still made those plays from time to time this year.

              All of this scrutiny of the offensive approach is mind boggling. They just put up a year in which they were 4th in total yards, 2nd in points scored, were by far the best team in their conference and were in the Super Bowl.

              1. You misunderstand. I’m very pleased with the way this last season went, despite the SB loss. I am talking about incremental improvements.

                Do you disagree that the top veteran QBs and their playcallers/OCs generally have a relationship that is more equal or on parity than a teacher/student relationship?

              2. Sure, but Garoppolo isn’t a veteran QB. He’s started the same number of games as Baker Mayfield.

                In your comment that I initially replied to you seem to be questioning why Garoppolo isn’t moving around as much as in 2017, and I gave you some reasons.

                You also mentioned using more play action at key moments too. I’m pretty sure that the 49ers are near the top of the league in this regard as well.

                This team made huge leaps in 2019, and a big reason for that is they had their QB play the whole season for the first time. Now he finally has something to build off.

  7. There were numerous times , especially last game , where JG needed to get out of pocket and make a play . If KS is limiting him to the pocket it’s gonna be hard to beat good teams

    1. “If KS is limiting him to the pocket it’s gonna be hard to beat good teams”

      You do realize that the 49ers just finished a season in which they beat the 4 out of 5 NFC playoff teams right?

  8. Saleh turns down Michigan St for a head coaching interview by saying he’s got unfinished business with the 49ers. I wonder if he’d say the same thing if an NFL team came calling….

      1. After interviewing for the Browns HC’ing job, his “unfinished business” statement seems to ring hollow.

  9. Great film breakdown. In an early play, on third and 10, one could see the blatant hold on Buckner.
    Yes, the officiating was putrid. Sure with they could get competent refs.
    Looking at the replays, KS did not put his players in their best positions to succeed. He telegraphed his moves, and was not very clever and innovative.
    Yes, many 49ers did not play well. The coaches did not prepare them adequately. Still, with all the adversity, they were still only one pass from winning the game.
    I will agree that several players may be let go with their high salaries. However, I will disagree about Armstead. The Niners need to extend him, because he might go to the Seahawks, or another NFC West team. It is better to re-sign him, rather than try to find another pass rusher with 10 sacks.
    Sanders may be let go because they have Taylor and Hurd coming back. Ward might be allowed to walk because I hope they convert Richard Sherman to safety. Letting McKinnon and Coleman go may free up 13 mil in the cap.
    It was painful to watch the replays, because the Niners were so close to winning. However, there is a strong nucleus to build around, and JG will improve. Hopefully, KS will finally get smart, and promote LaFleur to OC.

  10. Hey the film doesn’t lie..still need a top flight QB….how about an OC and some help at secondary….hopefully Lynch will shake things up

    Thanks for your hard work this year Grant

    1. Your the same idiot before the season began ran your mouth about what a bad pick Bosa was along with the clown who writes for this blog. Your the same idiot who said Nick Mullen’s should be the starting. Or the same moron that predicted that the Niners would not make the playoffs. 13-3 and a SB appearance, Bosa Defensive rookie of the year, JG only QB in the top 5 in 3 of the most important passing categories…. You my friend are good luck. Every idiotic thing you said this year the opposite has happened. Please don’t go away Monty your predictions are so bad that a blind person could see the game better then you. Cheers to Monty for a great season !

  11. I wish to propose a trade, bundling picks and players. Since JL and Elway are friends, this transaction would be a win/win for both sides. The Broncos are in the same division as the Chiefs, so they need immediate help. Non first round draft picks usually take a couple seasons to become NFL players because they need to work out to get stronger, while studying the playbook and learning a whole new system.
    The Niners need to trade back, and the Broncos have 12 picks. The Broncos may lose several D linemen, so they need help there, and lost Sanders, so a WR is on their draft wish list. Protecting Lock should also be a high priority, so upgrading the O line is a prudent action.
    The Niners should offer the number 31 pick, along with Solomon Thomas, Dante Pettis and Daniel Brunskill. In return, the Broncos would offer pick number 46, 77, 115 and 254. If they had offered pick numbers 46, 95, 134 and 254, it would balance out exactly in the Trade Value Chart, and the Niners would recoup their third and 4th round picks. With 46, 77, 115 and 254, the TVC favors the Niners by 109 points, which equals a low third round pick, so essentially, those 3 players would be bundled for a third round pick.
    Why Solomon Thomas? Because Fangio would be able to use him properly. It would be like Justin Smith moving to the Niners. Smith became a Pro Bowler in Fangio’s system. Dante Pettis is in KS’s doghouse, so he should move to another team to get a fresh start. Pettis does have skills, and was a second round pick. In his 2 seasons with the Niners, he has 38 catches for 576 yards, a 15.2 yard average and 7 TDs. In college, Pettis ran a timed 4.32 forty, and has returner skills with 9 return TDs. Getting a veteran may help the WR squad, while the Broncos still may draft a WR, since it is a deep draft in WRs. Lock needs all the help he can get, since he will be in shootouts with the Chiefs. Brunskill will also help Lock, by protecting him. Brunskill filled in admirably for both Staley and McGlinchey, but with the return of Shon Coleman, he may be expendable. All 3 of those players would fill immediate needs for the Broncos, and help them compete against the SB Champs.
    Trading away those players will allow spots for new players, and gaining 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th round picks while moving back 15 spots from 31, will help the Niners obtain more bodies to put under rookie contracts, which will help the salary cap. The Niners will still get a good player at 46, and obtaining third and 4th round picks will let the Niners replenish their squad with more talent. The Broncos will still have 9 picks, and have 2 picks in the first round, so it is a win/win for both sides.
    Trading away those players may lessen the depth on the Niners, but they might facilitate the deal. The Broncos really want to compete for a playoff spot, so they would welcome Thomas, a number 3 overall pick, and Pettis, a second round pick. They and Brunskill are veterans, and could help right away, while non first round rookies may take time.

      1. Wasn’t this season Bourne’s third year? While he has stepped up in a few big moments, he’s also made some bonehead plays, specifically Rollins saying that he ran the wrong route multiple times in the SB. Will ShanaLynch look to replace him this year?

        1. Bourne is the 2nd best WR on the current roster for 2020.

          Yes they’ll look to upgrade that spot, but the UDFA keeps sticking around.

          1. Didn’t he also have the most receiving yards in 2018? Bourne does have a reputation for occasional brain cramps that show up in dropped balls and wrong routes run. But he does have skill and grit, and the mental part will improve with good coaching and experience since he has the right attitude.

          2. He keeps sticking around because there isn’t enough competition in that unit.

            Niners should target:

            Henry Ruggs III- WR Alabama
            Justin Jefferson – WR-LSU
            Brandon Aiyuk – WR-ASU
            Tee Higgins – WR-Clemson

            1. Agree. He’s had 3 years in the system. How many more years does he get of trying to learn the system.

              I really want to see what Hurd can do? Any idea what his timeline is?

              1. Considering he was their leading TD receiver and basically put Pettis on the shelf I’d say he is doing just fine.

            2. Prime
              * Both WR’s Ruggs III and Higgins will likely be off the board by the time the 9ers pick at #31
              * Both WR Aiyuk and Jefferson could be possible Rd #2 trade down targets for the 9ers. My
              personal preference would be LSU Jefferson, because of the level of competition he faced and his
              performance in big games!
              * Still early and combine / pro day could change where they’re drafted

              1. So many good WR this draft, maybe best ever. Still early but if Ruggs falls, and he might, this is the type of WR the Niners need.
                Fast, agile and kick returning capability.

              2. Prime:
                Don’t know if you have seen this:
                * Multiple Senior Bowl players were flagged for medicals and told not to participate this week; among them were Auburn’s Prince Tega Wanogho, Utah’s Leki Fotu, and Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk.
                * Arizona State receiver Brandon Aiyuk will not participate in the Senior Bowl this week after being red-flagged for medical reasons prior to the start of the NFL Draft scouting event.
                * According to, the Sun Devils’ leading receiver in 2019 has a “minor hip issue” and will train with the expectation he can perform at ASU’s pro day and the NFL Draft Combine that runs from Feb. 23 to March 2.

            1. No. The free agent market seems pretty sparse unless you want to pay big money.

              They need to draft and develop, and hope Hurd or Taylor come around.

    1. Alex Rollins does good content. This is only a part of it, a few plays, but looking at the broader picture tells the same story. The play calling was fine. The execution was poor. Partly on JG, partly on the receivers, partly on the OL (in particular for not preventing Jones from getting his hands up). 49ers had their opportunities, and it was because of the play calling they had those opportunities, not in spite of it.

      1. Yep. Just picked a bad time to have a rough day. Against just about anyone else even that performance is good enough to win.

    2. The first commenter under the article gets it:

      “If people have to make videos and excuses
      For said person not choking, then the person probably choked. Shanahan and the whole offense choked.”

      Good luck redefining what it means to “choke” in sports. Im sure it will take hold throughout the world. LOL

  12. People time to get over it. There where two teams playing out on the field , there has to be a winner and a loser, it is the nature of the game. Our guys played hard and well. The other team won. I for one want the 9ers to succeed, but as the saying goes ,wait till next year.
    What a great year of football that we all watched!

  13. I wish to propose a Mock. It includes the trade back with the Broncos, trading back from 31 with 3 players, to obtain pick numbers 46, 77, 115 and 254.
    Using the CBS big board-
    46- Tyler Biadasz OL
    77- Jordan Elliott NT
    115- Michael Ojemudia CB
    156- Nick Coe DE
    176- Jared Mayden S
    210- Joshua Kelley RB
    217- Darion Daniels DL
    245- Sean Pollard OL
    254- Juwan Johnson WR

    1. Hmmm, Tyler Biadasz is ranked 28 on the Draftek Big Board, so I wish to revise this mock. He will probably not be available at 46, but could be available at 31, if they do not trade back.
      Mock 2, using the Draftek BB.
      46- Cesar Ruiz IOL (He was listed at 76, but is zooming up the draft boards.)
      77- Rashard Lawrence NT
      115- Noah Igbinoghene CB
      156- Van Jefferson WR
      176- JR Reed S
      210- DJ Wonnum DE
      245- James Robinson RB
      254- Rodrigo Blankenship PK

  14. Tough loss, still not over it…have not read the comments since the game but I can imagine that the blame game is running rampant.

  15. Looking at the big picture, as pointed out by Sando, a Seattle-style defense has blown double-digit leads in fourth quarters during three of the past six Super Bowls (’14 Seahawks, ’16 Falcons and current 49ers). Although the man-zone coverage mix may differ for the three defenses, wonder if there is some inherent aspect of this scheme that teams with top-10 pass offense can take advantage of for surgical strikes.

  16. I am hearing Kwon has restructured his deal which will save $8.1M against the cap next season. Huge if true.

    1. Reading 49ersMedia on twitter and they confirm, as does spotrac – also Richburg’s restructure saves $4.55M. That is an additional $12.65M to play with.

      My understanding is they converted ~$11M of Kwon’s 2020 salary to primaily an option bonus structure – which basically works the same as a signing bonus. Kwon gets the money upfront but cap hit is prorated across his contract.

      Very nice to get the cap relief. Not sure exactly what it will mean in terms of cap hit for future years. But I strongly suspect it is now much harder for the 49ers to cut ties with him moving forward.

        1. Yes. Need to be careful the team doesn’t make this a habit. But I suspect part of it is done with an eye towards the new CBA. My understanding is negotiations are trending towards the players getting an increased share of revenue, which could increase even more if the option to increase the number of games is taken up. So basically do what you can to get guys signed up now with the understanding that the cap will likely increase a fair bit for future seasons to fit the players in. A gamble, but probably a good one.

          1. My guess is they know the time to strike is now. Those windows close fast. As long as it it is done judiciously it can work but they cannot whiff on FA now.

          2. Cap space is now close to $20 milion. Further, given the dearth of draft picks, there might be an extra $3 to $4 million available in money not spent on the 2020 draft class (compared to the previous few years).

            1. What I should have said is that the team will have to allocate $3 to maybe as high as $5 million less for the 2020 draft class compared to previous years.

      1. I read an interesting article that basically said the niners need to try and trade Solomon Thomas for almost anything. As he would free up a ton of cap space.

        1. Trading him would free up a little over $4M. If they can find a team willing to take him for effectively nothing back (maybe swap 7ths or something) I would be fine with that. Anything better would be a bonus.

            1. That is why I am proposing to trade him to Denver. Fangio might be able to use him properly in his system, like he did with Justin Smith, who did not fit in the Bengals defense.
              Denver might lose several D linemen to free agency, so they need D line help.
              The Niners need to find a way to get second, third and 4th round picks. Trading back and bundling players may accomplish that goal. Drafting players and signing them under rookie contracts will be the best way to keep the salary cap under control. It would also help build for the future.

              1. But are you willing to trade Thomas and say 6th for a only 7th in return? Because something like that might be what it will take to unload his salary.

                That’s the rub, we need draft picks but we also need cap space to sign Armstead and Ward.

              2. That is why I want to bundle Thomas, Pettis and ERFA Brunskill for essentially a third round pick. A third round pick would help a lot more than a 6th or 7th round pick. The Broncos need help on the D line, WRs and O line, so they could immediately improve, rather than waiting for their draft picks to develop.
                JL and Elway have a rapport, and a burning desire to improve and win. It would be a win/ win situation. Maybe the Niners could eat a little of Thomas’ salary, in order to facilitate the deal.
                They may move on from Sanders, to make more cap space.

              3. Why would the Niners trade Brunskill when he could be the eventual starting right tackle or guard in another year?

              4. Or if Staley retires, either tackle position.
                Point is you never trade quality depth along your offensive line.

              5. Brunskill was not even drafted. He was an UDFA.
                With Shon Coleman returning, Brunskill is expendable.He did fill in for injured players admirably, but I hope the Niners will draft an IOL to upgrade the O line.
                Person signed a 3 year, 9 mil extension, so he may be hard to supplant.

            2. It could, but I don’t think it will. The team trading for him only has to pay him a bit over $4M this year, and it is the last year of his contract, so he only brings one year of guaranteed salary. Plus if he plays well the team has an option year they can use to keep him. I think you can move him without effectively paying another team to eat salary cap space – I think some team will want to see if he can find his niche in a different system at his salary.

              1. If they could move him I absolutely would.
                I am not one who thinks he is a terrible player or anything like that. I just think he is taking up too much of the salary cap for the role he plays on this team. So, if cutting him allows them to keep Armstead and potentially Ward or Blair then they should move him even if they swap 7ths or only get a UDFA type player (that they can cut).

    2. They added a couple years to make the money work. They can cut him in 2021 or 2022 and save money. There’s almost no risk to this move.

      Check out spotrac for the original and overthecap to see the new.

      1. He now has a sizeable dead money component if he gets cut any year prior to his contract voiding, so there is risk to the move. Interesting that they added voidable years at the end to reduce the prorated component – basically after his contract runs out at the end of 2022 he will still cost over $4M against the cap in 2023.

  17. Bat crap Crazy proposition (which I wouldn’t do) based on Grant’s tweet.
    Let Armstead walk, cut Ford, Coleman, McKinnon, Goodwin and Nzeocha (sp?)
    Now get Clowney and the best wr you can for the money.

  18. In basketball, they have made a 4 team deal with 12 players, and a 3 team deal with 8 players.
    Some day, the NFL will pull off some trades other than single player deals, and they have done it before, so it can be done.
    I want the Niners to be creative, and bundle players and picks, so they can improve. Not having a second, third and 4th round pick means the Niners have the 31st pick, then nothing until the 156th pick.
    I outlined a proposal entailing picks and players with the Broncos, but there may be other alternatives and opportunities. The Niners could trade away their backup QBs, since at least 10 teams are looking for a starter.
    Mullens could be traded away for a 3rd or 4th round pick to either Detroit, Miami, TB, Chicago, Cincy, Carolina, Indy or the Chargers. Maybe Gruden would like to give Carr some competition.
    The Niners could trade CJB for a 5th or 6th round pick to the Skins, since Haskins may not be ready to take the reins, yet. Bobby Beathard’s grandson may be welcomed there, and CJB would be able to compete for a starting job, unlike the Niners, who are set with JG.
    Then, with a QB spot open, the Niners could draft Khalil Tate, who could be utilized like Taysom Hill. Tate would benefit sitting behind JG for a few years, and work on his accuracy and decision making, while contributing as a dual threat to run or have a pass option. If not Tate, there are several other QB candidates in the draft who might do well even as UDFAs. They would be giving Mullens and CJB the opportunity to compete to find a starting job, so they should be happy, since JG is the Niner starter for years to come.
    Detroit, Miami and Cincy all need pass rushers. Maybe the Niners could trade away Dee Ford for a third round pick, which will help free up enough cap space to extend Armstead, Buckner and Kitttle.
    I know the Niners said they want to retain every player, but if they want to win a SB, moving on from players may be the best strategy for success, especially if those moves will improve the team.

    1. You can make smaller bundles in the NFL but large bundles in the NFL are nearly impossible.
      It’s common in baseball and basketball because neither of those have hard caps.

      Im not saying it’s impossible but it’s exponentially harder because NFL team can’t just eat large cap numbers for lesser players. In baseball and basketball they can.

    2. That’s all we are going to hear from Seb till the draft. Ridiculous and non sensical trade scenarios and mock drafts.
      Then he wonders why he is the blog idiot!

              1. I want the entire organization to yell at one another. Let’s all get a little emotional and stop being Mr.Nice guy.
                Did you see Tyron Mathieu yell at players and coaches during the SB? Seemed to get everyone fired up!
                Instead let’s take your advice and trade away our best swing tackle and be a bunch of pansies moving forward so we don’t hurt anyones feelings.
                Seb, or the imposter or whoever you are, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple!

              2. You yell all the time, and it just means you have lost control of your emotions.
                Yelling to demean and denigrate some one is your modus operandi.
                KS feels bad about losing, and yelling at him is counter productive.
                You just do not get it. Yelling at a team mate to fire him up is way different than a GM excoriating his HC after a bitter loss.
                Baalke and JH got into a yelling match after their SB loss, and guess where it got them?
                JL has too much class to devolve into a petty tantrum, like you do all the time. JL said it was like a gut punch and it hurts, but they took it like men, processed it, and moved on. I would think JL and KS would dissect every aspect of the SB so the Niners could learn from their mistakes.
                One thing I admire about KS, is his assertion that he has no regrets, because he called the best play that he thought could help win the game. Too bad the execution was flawed. Glad he is not second guessing. I and many others will be doing that for him.
                I hope that KS will learn from this game. I hope he will realize that he needs to delegate authority. I do not want to see KS staring at a play sheet, I want him staring at the game, and managing it properly. He should stop playing OC, and become HC. KS should just promote Mike LaFleur as the OC, and assign him clock and game management duties, along with play calling input. LaFleur can call the play, but KS could veto it, or call an audible, when he sees how the defense is scheming.
                KS was distracted, figuring out the play calls, when he should have been focusing on clock and game management. I firmly believe that KS lost focus, so he lost the game. Fortunately, it is an easy fix. Sean McVay finally wised up, and hired an OC. Hiring an OC will help the team. I can think of almost no way how having an OC would hurt the team. The only reason how it might hurt is that it might hurt KS’s feelings. I am way beyond that.
                Of course, you want people to yell at KS, so you do not care about his feelings.

      1. Prime Time
        * DID YOU KNOW? Khalil Tate was NOT invited to the 2020 NFL Combine?
        * WHAT HAPPENED? After two head-shaking, losing seasons at Arizona, Tate WAS NOT among 337 players invited to the NFL 2020 Combine!
        * THE DRAFTNETWORK.COM SAYS: Tate DOES NOT play within “the structure” of an offense and too often is flushed from the pocket and “slides into harm’s way instead of out of it.” The website said Tate is too quick to “bail on his read.” SOUND FAMILIAR?
        * THE IRONY OF IT ALL:
        The NFL scouting system is so thorough, turning over rocks at every conceivable school. In Arizona’s 2019 opener, a 45-38 loss at Hawaii, the Rainbow Warriors’ starting quarterback was junior Cole McDonald. He was benched late in that game after throwing four interceptions. As Tate was bypassed, McDonald — who chose to skip his senior season at Hawaii —WAS INVITED TO THE COMBINE!

        1. Even better. They can sign Tate as an UDFA, just like they did with Mullens.
          Many may be down on Tate, but I remember the way he destroyed the Cal Bears a couple seasons ago. He did it with his arm and his legs.
          Just like Steve Young, Tate needs grooming. Young was broken down, and rebuilt properly. I think he has the skills, now he needs the right system to flourish.
          Hawaii had a 10 win season, including a bowl game win over BYU.
          Arizona started out 4-1, then imploded. Tate did not have enough talent to help him win.

          1. CARE TO GUESS GUESS WHO SAID THIS……..ON FEB. 9, 2020 at 10:45 AM:
            * With Shon Coleman returning, Brunskill is expendable.
            * NOTE: 9er OT Shon coleman is a 2020 free agent………..

  19. Gotta say the Seb-Prime banter is one of the things that keeps me coming to this blog. Lmfao

    Sorry, Seb, but Prime gets you every time ?

    1. R U, by chance, the damsel formerly known as 49erGirl?
      If not, then I assure you that it is a highly complimentary association.

          1. You mean those 49ers stilettos? Muy sexy. No way I’m walking more than 5 feet in those things lol. They sure are pretty though.

        1. Quick drive bye every now and then, but the several repellent factors here remain the same over time. Some good eggs remain. ?‍♂️

          1. Ain’t that the truth.

            Now if only the team would seriously consider taking Sebs voluminous advice for improvement ???

            1. Considering they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, in an epic collapse, they need all the help they can get.
              I wonder what would happen if Tony Oden moves Sherman to safety, something I advocated for since before the season began last year. Will I be credited with making the right call?
              Heads would explode if KS finally breaks down, and hires an OC. ;p

              1. No. A 3-13 season would be needing all the help they could get. But taking your advice would turn that 3-13 to 0-16.

      1. Seb, I love when guys old school trash talk. I grew up with it and appreciate that Grant allows good natured stuff to fly on his blog. I will continue to laugh when sh*t is funny. Easily amused or not!

  20. The priority this offseason for Shanahan and Lynch…. is to get Pettis/Witherspoon integrated into the starting lineup. WR and Corner are probably our top 2 needs this offseason and these two can mitigate that need, without costing exorbitant Draft/FA capital.

    Both players are skilled as they have shown in flashes. It is a question of confidence and the coach/GM and in Pettis’ case Garapollo can infuse that.

    Also, I don’t think they would resign Sanders, because:

    a) This draft is historically good for WRs.
    b) Hurd and Taylor will be coming back.

    I like the WRs on IR/Practice squad – Shawn Poindexter & Chris Thompson.

    We are better off letting Sanders go and drafting a mid-round WR, if Pettis can contribute next season. That is why it is critical that Pettis sticks with the team.

    1. Faith+9er
      * “We are better off letting Sanders go and drafting a mid-round WR”
      * If you had your pick, which mid-round WR would you draft?

      1. Mid round prospects I’m looking into:

        Bryan Edwards, WR, South Carolina

        Stephen Guidry, WR, Mississippi State

          1. Razor
            * Lynn Bowden, WR, Kentucky: Not much 2019 video of him at WR. He Played QB. His 2018 season WR video looks good. Combine results could help him? Is he drafted as a WR, or QB?
            * Troy Pride Jr., CB, ND: Really helped himself in the Senior bowl…..From late 7th Rd to late 4th round.
            Combine results should also help him.
            * Reggie Robinson, CB Tulsa: Another late Rd CB that helped himself at the Senior Bowl. He would be a steal in the 6th or 7th Rd.
            * Ben Bartch, OT, Saint John’s: Bartch turned heads at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. He held his own against some of the top pro prospects in Division I FBS during the week of practice preceding the game. His Sr. Bowl performance may help him move up from 5th Rd.

        1. Prime Time
          * Bryan Edwards is on my watch list. He could make a good Z receiver, but I want to see his combine 40 results.
          * Stephen Guidry (Miss St. Hard to tell where he’ll get drafted? Charlie Campbell (Walters) has him 3rd to 5th round, NFL board has him a 7th to FA? With a better Miss St. QB he’d have better numbers and likely be a solid mid round pick.

          * Justin Jefferson, LSU is first WR on my watch list. Chase Claypool, Notre Dame is 2nd.

          1. Good point GEEP. The combine will say more and Edwards could show well.
            I’m looking at speed demons, field burners who can stretch the field. I think that’s what the Niners immediate need is.

              1. Razor
                * Judging from the video, you like Bowden as a WR, not QB? Maybe run some wildcat?
                * You still think the 9ers should draft TCU WR Jalen Reagor? NFL board has him listed at Pick # 43 now.
                * Your opinion on Notre Dame WR Chase Claypool as 3rd Rd. trade down option?
                He wasn’t asked to run the full route tree at ND and will need to be coached.
                The Combine should show if he has the speed and agility to get open.

              2. WR first and leave the rest to Shanny’s imagination. Claypool isn’t the type of WR we should be looking for. Need speed. Reagor has it but I don’t see us addressing it before the 3rd round. That’s where wr’s like Bowden, K J Hamler and Anthony McFarland come into play with not only speed, but versatility as well. Something Shanny puts a premium on in his offense….

      2. I’ve not yet looked at film on WRs GEEP….just got over the superbowl loss couple of days back. :)

        Based on the games I’ve watched….some one like a Donovon Peoples-Jones from Michigan?

        Didn’t have the best QB or offensive coaches, but still made a lot of contested catches and was a RZ weapon. Since he didn’t have prolific numbers, will drop in the draft. Just my opinion.

        1. Faith+9er
          I understand, the SB was painful! I look at draft prospects as therapy, it helps block out the SB loss and focus on how the 9ers can get better.
          * Fortunately, the 2020 draft is loaded with both the WR and CB draft prospects.

    1. Hmmm, I wonder if the league will fold and they will put the players’ luggage on the street like they did with the aaf. Did not know the league started and do not care. I like real football.
      Sounds like they want to restrict Kaep’s rights and pay him peanuts. Kaep considers himself to be an NFL QB. I can respect his position. A person can love football, and dislike the XFL. I do.

      1. Funny how you reply to the “blog idiot”.
        Buwhahahahha!!! At least you know who you are and your role on here without me even mentioning your screen name!

        1. You are transparent as glass, and I will respond to your snark about Kaep, while letting your insults fall off me like water off a duck’s back.
          I remember you once admitted Kaep took the league by storm.

              1. So easy. Like a moth to a flame. You hear blog idiot and there you are. Barking at the bell!

              2. We all know the real blog idiot is the one wanting to make it twice as hard to win, and thinks JL should yell at KS. Why do you think Kaep took the league by storm?
                Keep trying, though….

              3. Prime’s right about Kap, Seb. He disdains mechanics and the finer points of the QB position, He has admitted as much. He’d cop this attitude with Walsh and get a bus-ticket.

                He’s not a victim–other than his foolish penchant for doing whatever his girlfriend has ordered him to do.

              4. Saw, I will respectfully disagree. Kaep just needs to be on a decent team, and I could expect him to do well, because he is a dual threat QB. Prime himself admitted that Kaep took the league by storm, so there is no tangible reason why he could not do it again, if he had the proper support, but for the fact that no team has even given him a tryout.
                With JG, Kaep is not needed, but he could go to many other teams and perform well. Remember, he made it to the SB after playing only 10 games. He set a QB playoff rushing record against the Packers. He spotted Atlanta 17 points, and won on the road.
                Even with a drek former SB team that Baalke dismantled, with Devey and Pears acting as turnstiles, Kaep posted a 90.7 QBR. Even with a 2-14 record, Kaep helped make the Niners 6th in rushing offense that season.
                However, I will agree that Kaep is getting bad advice from his gf. He should promise to stand, cut his hair, and focus less on his gf, and more on football. He should state that he does not need to kneel anymore, because he effectuated awareness and change, and there are better ways to get his message across. He should apologize for enraging a large segment of the football world, and realize that he does not have a job because of his actions. He may grandstand for publicity, but the backlash makes it counter productive.
                I want to thank Prime for another opportunity to talk about Kaep. he just keeps opening his mouth, and inserting his foot. I would much rather talk about the Combine, Free Agency and the draft prospects, but Prime seems obsessed about Kaep. I can understand why Prime asserts that Kaep took the league by storm. Mobile QBs like Mahomes and Jackson are the wave of the future.
                I certainly was not going to bring him up, because I know posters are sick about the whole controversy. I will just continue to support Kaep. Preventing rogue cops from shooting unarmed civilians should be a noble cause for all. I hope he is allowed to play again, and I will wish him well, where ever he goes.

              5. “ so there is no tangible reason why he could not do it again”

                He did take the league by storm and I did say that. No denying that. But please let me continue to finish what I’ve always said after.

                He did take the league by storm but once the league figured him out, he flamed out like the one trick pony he is.

                There you go blog idiot. Be sure to quote the entire comment all the time when referencing my storm quote you dumb sh$t!

              6. You being the blog idiot, like Balaam’s ass, spoke.
                You try hard, but just cannot stop digging in your hole.
                You claim to have given an addendum, but I remember that day well, because I told you I would use your own words against you. You did not add anything. We posted way before Kaep’s season unfolded. He did not flame out because he had not played yet.
                This is just like you welching on your bet. You were begging me to take that bet, that you were so sure the Niners would draft Trubisky. Razor said- ‘I will take that bet.’ Then you added some stipulations, afterwards. Then welched.
                You want to call others blog idiots, but you were the one so certain that the Niners would draft Trubisky, you wanted to bet me 200 bucks. How has Trubisky turned out? Do you feel smarter for asserting that?
                Just because you try to yell and drown out what the others are saying, does not mean you are right. Maybe you should remain quiet, and only have them think you the fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    1. Nice. Well thought out.
      Now is the time to speculate on free agency, now that the season is over.
      I will respectfully disagree with some of your opinions. I did not think Kris Richard would be a good fit, coming from the Cowboys, but read his bio and found out he used to play for the Niners, so he would be fine. They should move on from McKinnon and keep Person. I advocated trading away Thomas and Pettis. Maybe instead of Brunskill, they should include Person, in my 3 player deal with the Broncos. Then they will be getting something for Person, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing.
      Restructuring contracts may help with the cap space, but it will be hard to re-sign Armstead while also extending Buckner and Kittle. Maybe they should franchise tag Armstead, and trade him away for a second round pick. By allowing Ward to walk, they may be able to get a compensatory pick.
      I think they should re-sign Blair. He is not too costly. I agree that they should cut Goodwin, and let Sanders walk because they have Hurd and Taylor coming back, and they probably will draft a WR.
      It is interesting to note that you wanted to let Armstead walk, and wanted to keep Sanders, in your previous post. My, how things have changed since this SB. ;p

      1. Thanks for reading the article.

        – If the 49ers can get McKinnon to agree to a cheaper deal, then I see no reason for the 49ers to cut him; at worst, he will end up being a cap casualty that costs little. In regards to Person, I would suggest reading the article by Lombardi if you have a subscription.
        – I believe the 49ers are going to forgo extending Buckner in favor of bringing back Armstead and extending Kittle.
        – I agree with you about Blair. But as I stated in my article, I believe the 49ers would be willing to pay Armstead and let Blair walk, even though Blair would clearly be the cheaper of the two. I also believe that would be the right move for the 49ers to make.
        – The Super Bowl did not have any effect on my opinion. Armstead will easily cost the most of the pending free agents, but he would be the hardest one to replace. Sanders is reportedly expected to cost at least $10 million/year, and that is a non-starter for a WR on the wrong side of 30 and who is between good and great at this stage in his career.

        1. I actually think Blair will be cheaper than you think and as such would be worth keeping.

          I say this because he was backup that will be coming off a torn ACL. As such, I would speculate that he would be more valuable to SF than to other teams… (However, SF spent a boatload on Kwon who was coming off such an injury so who knows,)

          I understand restructuring McKinnon, but after a 2 year hiatus the contract I would offer him would be insulting… maybe around 1.5 million more than the dead cap number if SF cut him split over the 2 seasons.
          So this year he would get about 4.75 mil instead of 8.55 mil and next year it would be about 2.75 mil instead of 7.2 mil

          1. Ronald Blair is a must keep. With Sheldon Day and DJ Jones, these guys solidify the unit.
            I’d rather keep all three guys than sign Armstead who lets face it, up until last year, wasn’t really a factor.
            My point is the rotational depth is more essential to this defense because injuries always are a factor.

            Trade Solo Thomas, cut McKinnon and deal CJB.

          2. Blair was on his way to breaking his career highs that he set in 2018, so I think he will be more expensive than what many think.
            What you would be willing to offer McKinnon is more generous than what I would be willing to offer.

            1. MWD
              * What should the 9ers do with Matt Breida? He’s obviously in KS dog house.
              * Do you agree Daniel Brunskill will replace Mike Person at RG?
              * Any thoughts on 9er free agent OT Shon Coleman? Should 9er resign him as Staley’s backup and replace Pearson with Brunskill?
              * I’d like to keep Ward, but don’t know how the 9ers can trust him to stay healthy in 2020. If he demands a big $$ contract, let him walk
              * Keep Armstead if his contract demands are reasonable. Maybe Paraag can work his magic?
              * Soioman provides good rotation back up. Keep him if he’s willing to restructure his

    2. Good write up MW…. you make a lot of good points.

      Something definitely needs to be done with Solomon’s contract….but what would be his motivation for restructuring? Is that 9mil guaranteed?

      I love how Armstead played this year…it was truly a pleasure watching him all year…..but he kind of falls into that Jimmie Ward territory. The guy has a lot of injury issues and was finally able to put it all together in his contract year. I feel like that makes him a risk to sign long term. I rather the team focus on proven players who consistently stay healthy, ala Buckner/Kittle. And I’ve said it all year but Armstead benefited playing next to Buckner. He was matched up 1-on-1 quite often. Seems like we can match or come close to that production with a strong steady rotation of DJ Jones, Blair, Thomas, Taylor, and FA/Draft pick. Just my thoughts….I’m not against tagging him and seeing if he can match that production again though, as long as we have the Cap to do so…..

  21. I’ve been bigger on Armstead than many on this board but I have to agree with Grant that Clowney is better.

    The biggest reason for this is that he can play the edge on pass rushing downs. While the majority of Armsteads stats came as an interior rusher on 3rd and long. Armstead is not as good on the edge and becuase of this Clowney provides more flexibility to the defense and protects the team more if Ford is unable to stay healthy.

    1. I disagree. I could then see a scenario where the Seahawks sign Armstead, so they would essentially trade players.
      Keeping Armstead should be a priority, but he may be lured away with a big payday. Maybe franchise tag him, then trade him to the AFC for a second round pick. Maybe Miami might be amenable to a trade. They have a boatload of picks.

      1. You Disagree with what exactly?
        You think Armstead is better than Clowney? or You think Armstead provides more flexibility than Clowney?
        Sorry, I’m just trying to get some Clarity.

        BTW while Grant is talking about Clowney… What would you think of Yannick Ngakoue? They might cost about the same.

        1. I disagree about Clowney being better than Armstead. He is going to have surgery for a core issue. Clowney, when fully healthy, may be slightly physically superior, but Clowney has his own injury history.
          Armstead fits better in this system, and one cannot underestimate the importance of team camaraderie.
          The problem is- Armstead will be entertaining lucrative offers, and may be too expensive, unless he takes a home discount.
          I like Ngakoue. I had him on several of my mock drafts. He was available in the 3rd round, but Baalke chose Will Redmond, an ACL player, on the pick before Ngakoue was selected.

          1. I guess we just disagree on who’s better. Clowney was a 9 to 10 sack guy as an edge player in Houston before going to Seattle, where he played hurt for the majority of the season and only missed 6 games in the past 4 years. While Armstead never had more than 3 sacks in season prior to this year, and has missed 15 games in the past 4 years.

            That said, neither one of their injury histories really scares and Clowney should be fully recovered from his injury prior to next season with no lingering effects.

            My biggest issue with Armstead is that he has to kick inside on passing downs to be effective as pass rusher. Meaning the team must keep someone like Ford on the roster as a part time pass rusher to allow him to do this. Additionally, if Ford can’t get healthy then SF will have to get someone else to fill that role… and situational edge rusher are more expensive than situational interior rushers. Clowney eliminates the need for this.

            1. For Houston to trade him tells me he isn’t a great lockerroom guy. Of course that is pure speculation but why would they let a good talent like him go?
              And if Seattle does the same that is more telling.

    2. Clowney has always been severely overrated based on an incredible physical feat in College. Armstead will likely be cheaper and is a better pass rusher. Not surprising Cohn is infatuated by the name with little consideration about what he really is as a player. Some team is going to overpay for a 6-8 sack run stopper but it won’t be the Niners.

      1. Grant is not the only one “overrating” Clowney.

        PFF has him rated as the 13th highest rated FA to Armstead’s 28th ranking.
        NBC when rating the FA DT’s and edge rusher rated Clowney 2nd and Amstead 7th.
        Sporting news has Clowney ranked 6th to Armstead’s 21st of the overall FA’s

        To be fair this only makes sense if they cost around the same, and if the team is worried about Ford’s future.

        1. They likely won’ t cost the same, but even if they did, Arik Armstead’s best year is comparable to Clowney’s best year. The difference is Clowney’s best year was 3 years ago and Armstead’s was this past season. I don’t know what PFF is grading on but Armstead’s numbers were far superior across the board this past season. I know Clowney was dealing with an injury but the numbers were pretty clear. No way I’m giving elite DE money to a guy who has never had a double digit sack season and is a better run defender than pass rusher. I wouldn’t give elite money to Armstead either, but I don’t think he will command it, and if he does the point will be moot because he won’t be back with the 9ers.

  22. The #Ravens signed S Chuck Clark to three-year contract extension worth $19M, source said. He gets $10M in guarantees, as Baltimore keeps taking care of the future now.

    Is that what Ward’s after you think??? Does he get it???

    1. Leo
      * $19 mil for a player that spent 1/2 his career on IR, would be a waste of resources IMO! Keep him if he’s willing to sign for around the same $8 Mil he made in 2019. If not, let him walk amd let the market set his value.
      * 9ers have more important players to spend their money on.

    2. I expect Ward will be after more than that tbh. And I agree with GEEP, I wouldn’t give it to him. Too much of an injury risk to give him a lot of guaranteed money. If they can bring him back on a deal that is effectively a bunch of 1 year deals at around $6M or less a year then I would try and do it, but otherwise I think there are other priorities to put that money towards.

        1. Depends somewhat on what they do in FA, but probably. I still think Moore is the long term answer at that spot.

            1. Scooter / Razor
              I agree, Moore’s the 9er long term answer at S
              * Delph had a better year in 2018 than 2019! He didn’t look like a first round draft pick against either Texas or Georgia.
              * Kyle Dugger, S, Lenoir-Rhyne: Height: 6-0. Weight: 217. Arm: 32.75. Hand: 10.13.
              Projected 40 Time: 4.48s. Projected Round: 2-3.
              * Here’s a kid that made himself some money at the Senior Bowl.

    1. That’s awesome. Love it when the players call out the kid who got a job he didn’t deserve because of nepotism and throw his idiotic opinions back in his face. It’s easy to find dumb comments from Cohn because he makes them multiple times a week.

    2. This was pretty funny on twitter. But Grant does have a good point. Who would you rather have for the price…
      This was a money season for Arik. If he was capable of this all contract where was he…

      I am drawing the conclusion that Arik Armstead is feeling like his value is diminished and that is why the savage response. It may be a preview into the discussions the front office has had with his agent. A man about to be paid by the organization that “wants” him isn’t responding to Grant or any other hater. He is letting the ink do the talking.

      This response sounds like it is business first for Paraag. Just my opinion and drawing my own conclusions. The response would make me believe there is some doubt that the team is going to pay him like he wants to be paid. Someone may, but I think you’ll be seeing the owners starting to circle the wagons. The salaries are getting out of hand and if they keep letting these athletes hold the team hostage, where does it end. Jerry Jones may be the only wreckless one off the 32. He was chastised in the last owners meeting. Perhaps that is why the Dak Prescott deal hasn’t happened…JMO

      1. If you are basing it on who was the better player this past season, Armstead was significantly better and more flexible to move around. If you are basing it on the name who has been over hyped since he jumped over an OL in College, then it’s Clowney.

        1. In career stats you’d be wrong about this analogy (considering Clowney has played 13 more games) Clowney has 32 career sacks in 13 more games. Armstead has 19. 10 from this year. Clowney is more disruptive this year with 4 ff this year with 9 total in his career. Armstead has 2 ff this season in three more games with 3 in his career. Clowney has nearly double the solo tackles Armstead has (again in 14 more games).
          This was a money making year for Armstead. He has been nonexistent prior to this year. I would much rather face Armstead 2xs a year than Clowney.
          In the match up against SF, Clowney had 5 solo tackles a fumble recovery for a TD and a sack. Armstead had 1.5 sacks and 2 solo tackles. In the second match up, neither was a real factor. Clowney had 1 solo tackle for loss and Armstead didn’t make the stat sheet.
          Armstead was a non factor for four years. If the addition of Bosa can make him this good, what could it do for Clowney?

          1. Well if you read what I said I clearly didn’t base it on career stats did I? Clowney is more hype than substance and is two years removed from his last really good season. Armstead dwarfed him in overall numbers last year and yes it was a contract year but it was also a contract year for Clowney too wasn’t it? Clowney spent the majority of his career opposite JJ Watt and never reached double digit sacks. That is a major indictment against him and his numbers clearly suffered when he didn’t have an all pro playing the other side. He’s fools gold. Really good run defender who is likely going to be paid like a really good pass rusher.

  23. Can somebody explain to me why free agent Greg Olsen can interview with teams now while other free agents will have to wait until the free agency period? Does it have something to do with when a player becomes a free agent?

    1. Yes….the way I understand…those with expiring contracts are “technically” still under contract until the new league year starts…..if you’re cut you’re a free agent instantly.

    1. Those of us not enamored by Saleh have questioned him all year. Not crediting him with the defense being top rated but rather crediting the talent and the new coaching additions.
      Saleh is who we thought he was. He is still better than any viable options and should learn from his mistake.
      There certainly needs to be some player changes. Ward. Ford. Sherman. In that order imo. Changing any one of these three will make the other two better if the team upgrades from the replaced players.

      1. Ford and Sherman aren’t going anywhere. Ward is dependent on how much attention he gets on the open market. I can’t see them resigning him if he commands top Safety money, but with his injury history that may not be a problem.

      2. I don’t understand this line of thinking. Sherman and Ward were excellent all year, and when healthy Ford is an excellent pass rusher. How exactly do you expect the team to replace them with better players? And the idea that getting rid of one makes the others better just seems nonsensical to me. I can only assume you are suggesting they aren’t good players, which is absolutely bizarre to me.

        1. No way I’d lose Ford or Sherman until I’ve located their equal’s. I’m hopeful Moore takes the next step in his evolution and mitigates the loss of Ward should that occur….

        2. I wasn’t very clear in my explanation. What I was saying is that upgrading any three of those players would make the other two better. I wasn’t saying they weren’t good. I was just saying that if SF could upgrade to the best player at that position, the remaining players would be better for it. So, if SF got a top notch physical corner who was younger and faster than Sherman, it would help Ward and help the pass rush/Ford. If SF signed a better safety, it would help Sherman on the corner and in his zone coverage, and it would help the pass rush/Ford. If SF were to sign a top notch speed rusher who could stay healthy, it would help both Ward and Sherman.

          A slight tweak to the defense should make it even better. That is all I was trying to imply. I do think one of those three positions sees a change this offseason which is why I mentioned those three players. The same could be said for the offense. The offense appears to be 1 player away from matching the defense.

          1. That makes more sense, thanks for clarifying.

            I think it will be very hard to improve on the play of Sherman and Ward from this year. They were both excellent. So I don’t really think that is realistic. Besides, if you are replacing a CB, better off replacing the CB opposite Sherman – that was the weaker link.

            As for Ford, we didn’t see the best of him this year due to injury. If he has a better year health wise next season he will naturally be a more impactful player. At his best, it is very hard to find a better pure speed rusher.

            Which is all to say that I don’t understand the idea behind wanting to get rid of any of these guys from a level of play perspective. From a cost rationalisation perspective I can understand, though that will most likely see a dip in performance compared to what these guys provide.

            1. I don’t think Sherman was good this year as much as I think the opposite side of the defense was easier to exploit. When it came down to the Chiefs needing to attack the defense in the fourth quarter they attacked Sherman.
              Green Bay did the same when Witherspoon came out. Rodgers missed on one pass and completed another. Sherman is not bad but he is susceptible to double moves, has admittedly lost a step, but is still a savvy veteran. Can he play safety? That would be interesting to see. If the team can get Witherspoon back to preinjury level, and the team loses Ward, maybe Sherman can become the safety between Moseley and Witherspoon. I would think this would extend his career but I am not well versed in the difference between playing safety and a cover 3 corner.

              1. Almost every measure there is strongly refutes the idea that Sherman wasn’t good this year, in fact very good. Or that the CB opposite him wasn’t decent either, bar when Witherspoon was in late in the season. I think a couple of big plays in the playoffs are clouding your opinion.

                As far as the Chiefs attacking Sherman, they only really did it once with success. When they needed a play on 3rd and 15 it wasn’t Sherman they attacked. I really think you are under-appreciating how well he played this season.

                As for moving to FS, I imagine it will be in the cards for him at some point, and I think he can be good there too. If they lose Ward maybe the team has that discussion with him. But given the season he just had I doubt he would be too inclined to make that move just yet. He would also be a very expensive FS, and the team would need to find a starting CB to replace him.

              2. I have to agree with Scooter on this.

                Sherman was spectacular this year but he had a bad matchup in the superbowl because the Chiefs are the only team that can field that kind of speed at the wr position. Normally you can rotate him away from these type of quick receivers.

                While he was beaten occasionally, teams were afraid to throw at him because if the qb’s placement is off, or the receiver breaks off his route, their was a high probability he would intercept the ball. That was key, because pass breakups don’t scare qb’s and coaches nearly as much as interceptions. Now, if you couple the interceptions with pass breakups… qb’s just start to consistently look away because the risk reward isn’t there.

              3. The only thing now and moving forward is teams will look at that matchup.
                When Sherman has to turn and run and chase, that’s a big problem.
                More or less, it’s the make up speed he has lost.

              4. The stats are misleading. Sherman gave up a passer rating of 95.7 in 14 games 4 tds. 69.6% catch rate on 341 routes defended.

                Emmanuel Moseley gave up a passer rating of 103.7 in 15 games. 4 tds. 58.1% catch rate on 255 routes defended.

                Ahkello Withspoon gave up a passer rating of 105.9 in 9 games. 4 tds. 58.3% catch rate on 234 targets.

                Grant did a video breakdown of Green Bay where Richard Sherman was beat badly a couple times and Rodgers just missed the throws.

                Richard Sherman is a good player because he understands offenses and routes. He trusts his eyes and jumps routes based of what he believes the route is. That is why the double move beats him. He is aggressive and makes up for his lack of speed with experience and film study.

                As prime stated he keeps plays in front of him because he can’t turn and chase. That explains the high completion percentage.

                Shoup is correct that the pass has to be on target when throwing at Sherman.

              5. Before the season everyone said the weak link in the defense would be the secondary.
                Overall it was helped tremendously by the pass rush but looking forward, its an area to address at the draft.

              6. It’s funny to me when I read about how Sherman got beat heaps of times but the QB just missed the WR, or didn’t throw it that way or whatever. Every CB gives up separation throughout the game. Sherman does a great job of disrupting routes that impacts on timing between QB and WR. He also does a great job of understanding what an offense is trying to do and where they are going with the ball.

                I don’t know where that site gets its stats from, but I don’t trust them. Gave up 80 catches for 600 yards? I think they must be including a bunch of screens and dump offs in there, amongst other things. That yards per reception is crazy low. On routes he was actually tasked to defend he was excellent.

              7. He gave up two big plays in the final two games of the season. That’s all the short attention spanners remember. No answer for why he was one of the highest rated CB’s over the course of the season or how he would be replaced. He got beat and has to go.

              8. The 2020 schedule will match Sherman up against 8 teams that will attack his inability to turn and run with speed. Green Bay. New Orleans. Miami. Seattle 2xs. Rams 2xs. New York Giants.
                I am not saying he is washed up. I am not saying he is not a top tier corner. I am saying he needs help.
                That help can come at safety or at the pass rush position. Or the offense needs to turn a bigger corner and start hanging 35 on each opponent. It will be fun to see how the offseason unfolds and how this team meshes with the changes.

      3. Late in the game with 3rd and 15, our hands around KC’s throat-and we dont have something special for their receivers…….double team the big three for starters…chuck them seriously at the LOS, and then double team them…..getting beat by a team you had all but beaten…..I have never been a Saleh fan. He’s as good as his talent and not one bit more.

  24. I don’t even read your crap anymore Grant. I just came to spike the ball for you getting punked by Armstead on twitter. Priceless

  25. The topic of clutch QB’s came up on Twitter today.

    Early career totals

    Jimmy Garoppolo – 26 regular season starts – 7 4th quarter comebacks

    Tom Brady – 30 regular season starts – 5 4th quarter comebacks

    Peyton Manning – 32 regular season starts – 7 4th quarter comebacks

    Ben Roethlisberger- 25 regular season starts – 6 4th quarter comebacks

    Joe Montana – 24 regular season starts – 3 4th quarter comebacks

    We are pretty lucky with the QB situation

    1. I know you are not a big fan of PFF
      But, It’s interesting to note that he also did this with one of the worst pass blocking win rate lines in the NFL.
      (win rate according to PFF being if the OLineman is able to block the DL for 2.5 seconds or more)
      Of the playoff teams on Russel Wilson had a line with a lower pass blocking win rate grade.

  26. Arik Armstead needs to grow up.
    He should realize that writers are paid to stir the pot, and his job is to remain above the fray.
    Just by responding to what Grant wrote, Armstead admits he reads Grant’s articles and analysis.
    Where Armstead went astray, was when he allowed Grant to get his goat. He should never, ever, let them see him sweat. He should be cool, calm and collected. He should be insouciant and unflappable.
    Armstead should read every word that Bill Walsh wrote about dealing with the media. He should not get mad. One who loses his cool, loses the argument. Yes. Arik Armstead just lost a SB and is bitterly disappointed, but he should not take out his anger on Grant, or anyone else. I expect more from the Niner players. Grant is not the enemy. The Chiefs were the enemy, and the Niner defense did not stop them.
    I hope Armstead thinks things through. Before he denigrates Grant’s football acumen, he should watch Grant’s review of the game. Armstead did not cover himself in glory, performing in that game. Too often, he was distracted and deceived, so he was not in position to make plays. The film does not show Armstead hustling, like he is playing in his last game. Armstead did not play like every snap could have been the difference between winning and losing.
    How can Armstead make amends? He should be professional and sit down for an interview with Grant.

  27. Looking at the review… there were a few things I disagreed with.
    1. On the missed deep ball, I don’t put that on the coach… He got 2 players open that would have gotten first downs on third and long. Jimmy has to make those throws… or maybe given the situation think first down first, then touchdown.
    2. He faults Bosa for losing contain but I am fairly certain that wasn’t his responsibility on that play. I think Kwon was the contain player and he wrong shouldered it.

    While we have some disagreements. It was a rough game to watch… especially knowing the chiefs tried to give the game away.

    1. The Niners guards, Kwon, Ford and Warner had rough games.
    2. In this case I’m not blaming Kyle as much given that the plays were getting guys open but I absolutely think Kittle and Deebo should have been more involved. Even if he needs to tell Jimmy ” hey, your playmakers are getting open take a deep breath and slow down a second.

  28. Armstead should choose his battles wisely.
    When he says that Grant is always wrong, I will gently remind Arik that Grant predicted a Chiefs win, so Grant was right about the biggest game of the season.
    Arik Armstead may be franchised tagged, but he also may be dealt away. It is just business. The salary cap may dictate that scenario, and has nothing to do with them wanting him to stay. The Niners are not mean and vindictive, but they need to extend Buckner and Kittle, and Armstead will be entertaining lucrative offers.
    When Grant says he prefers Clowney over Armstead, he is talking like an objective journalist. He has professed he is not a fan of the team, so he can make those calls. Armstead needs to settle down and be more professional. He may stay, but he may leave.If Armstead wants to vent his anger, he should do it at himself, for not containing Mahomes and getting only 2 tackles with no sacks in the SB.

  29. Don’t think Ward will return. His loss will certainly impact the secondary. He is a much better player than he is given credit for and will be surely be missed.

    Armstead while having a great season has yet to show he can do it on his own. He will command more money than value. I don’t think he will return.

    Sherman is slower and will likely be targeted more. Still a very effective and smart player, but I think that more and more teams will exploit his speed. At some point it will be a liability. But he isn’t going anywhere.

    Solomon Thomas should be unloaded but will be on the team next year (probably as a replacement for Armstead, which is a downgrade).

    Does anyone know Joe Staley’s status? At some point he will need to be replaced.

    I didn’t even realize that we still had Goodwin on the team. Can’t see that continuing. McKinnon and Brenda will both be gone. The one least expected contributed far more to the team.

    Blair would be good to keep but I figure Lee would be the one of the UFA that the team likely will try to keep. The others are largely expendable.

    Going into the draft needs are CB, Safety, interior OL, Tackle, WR, Linebacker depth, kicker

      1. I have no problem with them drafting a kicker in the 7th round. Competition is a good thing, and Gould cannot defeat father time. If they can obtain a kicker who can consistently make 60 yard field goals, it would be due diligence to explore that option.

        1. “ If they can obtain a kicker who can consistently make 60 yard field goals, it would be due diligence to explore that option“

          Since NFL inception only 20, 60 yard
          FG’s have been made.

          Two words: Blog idiot!

          1. Draft prospect Roderigo Blankenship has film showing him kick a field goal from 68 yards.
            Do not be so hard on yourself. You do not need to yell that you are the BI, we all know that already.

            1. How many consecutive 60 yarders has he made?
              Isn’t that what you said?

              “ If they can obtain a kicker who can consistently make 60 yard field goals, it would be due diligence to explore that option”

              1. Consistently does not mean infallibly. in his video, he made kicks from 60, 62, 64, 66 and 68 yards. I do not know if they were consecutive kicks.
                Already, he has a superior range over Gould, who has shown he can make 47 yard kicks but was 0 for 4 past 50 yards. Last season, Blankenship was 25 out of 31 attempts, including 3 of 5 from 50 + yards.

              1. Define consistently. Your word not mine that you used.

                Learn to pronounce
       every case or on every occasion; invariably.
                “the vehicle consistently outperforms some of the best competitors”
       a fair and impartial way.
                “students have to be treated consistently by all staff members”

                Seb says “ his video, he made kicks from 60, 62, 64, 66 and 68 yards.

                Provide the video link please

              2. I did not say he kicked a 68 yard field goal in a game. He has a video showing him kicking a football from the 42 yard line that went for a field goal. If I can type in – Blankenship 68 yard field goal, you can too.
                In a game, Blankenship kicked off and hit the cross bar.
                In football, they talk about a consistent kicker. He is accurate, and dependable, but no one expects him to be perfect. The NFL average is 84%, but in 2001, it was 70%, so kickers have become more accurate and consistent. Robbie Gould is considered a consistent kicker, but he has only made 86.8 % of his kicks, not 100%.
                There is a difference between a consistent kicker, and an infallible kicker. The latter does not exist.

              3. So now we should trade down for a guy who was in highschool at the time, kicking practice field goals of 68 yards? And you’ve determined him to have “ superior range over Gould”

                This one time I threw my basketball off my garage roof, bounced 3 times and into the hoop. Should I have called Guinness Book of World Records?

              4. If he did that in HS, he could do it now.
                You just gave 2 examples of him kicking plus 50 yarders that were clutch.
                I am just saying that a kicker with his range is an intriguing possibility, and Gould is not going to kick forever. It is just due diligence to explore the possibilities.
                Right now, the draft prospects are just idle speculation. Once the combine is over, will we get a better idea about various players. I think the Niners should concentrate on an IOL, NT and CB for their first 3 picks.

              5. Your telling me what you did in high school is achievable now?

                And now you went from “consistently 60 yard FG’s” to range of 50”

                It’s funny how you keep putting your foot in your mouth and changing the narrative.

        2. I wouldn’t draft a kicker given that we don’t have many draft picks, Robbies got a big cap number if he’s on the team or not this year.
          Additionally, I don’t like the idea of paying for 2 kickers, carrying 2 kickers on the roster or drafting a kicker that you will then expose to other teams for keeping him on the roster.

          If Armstead is not on the Roster, then I would hope SF either picks up a free agent corner and uses their first to trade back and accumulate multiple pics in the 3rd. I think that is the sweet spot in this draft and their will be a lot of talent available including some solid pass rushers.

          1. I am assuming they trade back, and have 3 picks in the 7th round. Using a 7th round pick for a kicker is not a huge waste of a pick, since they drafted a punter in the 4th round. That punter only punted twice in the SB, and left one punt on their 35 yard line.
            Gould missed at 4 tries past 50 yards, and his longest was 47 yards, made last season. He made a 58 yarder, but that was in 2013. He missed 8 out of 31 field goal attempts, so he is not as accurate as he once was.
            Competition is a good thing, and They should only move on from Gould if the kicker can demonstrate he is superior to Gould. Making a 60 yard field goal is not an impossible feat, and if the new kicker can make one, he would be in range from the 43 yard line. Gould made his longest kick when the Niners were on the 30 yard line. Being able to kick a 60 yard field goal should be possible, because they kick off from the 35 yard line, and kicks go out of the end zone. Moving up 22 yards, and a threat of a 60 yard kick would give the Niners an advantage.
            I totally agree with your trade back scenario, and agree that the 3rd round should produce many starters. The Niners have been fortunate to find players like Kittle, Greenlaw and Blair in the 5th round.

      2. Don’t think there will be either. However they should address now and stop the schizophrenic situation at kicker.

        1. There’s no schizophrenic situation at kicker. They have Gould and Wishnowsky. No reason to waste a draft pick on a kicker that won’t play this year.

    1. Does anyone know Joe Staley’s status? At some point he will need to be replaced.

      He’s signed through this season at a cap hit of about 11.5 mill. Only way he’s not around is if he retires.

      Going into the draft needs are CB, Safety, interior OL, Tackle, WR, Linebacker depth, kicker

      This team doesn’t have a lot of needs. They’ve got options at every one of these positions already on the roster who have shown potential. It would be great to get more young prospects into the mix, but they are a contender without making many moves.

  30. No comments from Cassie B / FRM / DRM since just before the Super Bowl. Did Grant ban him? Else hope he’s well.

            1. Don’t think we need Day anymore with Taylor and Street. You’ve got to let Armstead walk if you cannot tag and trade him.

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