Super Bowl prediction

In the AFC, I’m leaning toward the Broncos because of the significant additions they’ve made to their defense — DeMarcus Ware, T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby.

Yes, Wes Welker has a soft head and could be through at any time.

But I have a hard time getting excited about any other AFC team other than the Patriots. Still, if the AFC Championship game is in Denver then I favor the Broncos.

I don’t think the Bengals can get to the Super Bowl mostly because their quarterback, Andy Dalton, chokes in big games.

I don’t see the Ravens winning it all, but their run game will be much better than last year.

The Colts are too weak on defense to go all the way and I am not a fan of the offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton. He is over-matched in the NFL despite having “Luck” on his side.

The Chiefs have too many issues on the offensive  line and some other injury factors, too.

The Chargers don’t have enough quality at wide receiver, although Keenan Allen is quality. On the other hand, Antonio Gates is getting older and injuries appear to plague him more frequently.

Based on what I’ve seen from Russell Wilson and others in the Seahawks’ offense like Percy Harvin, Jermaine Kearse, Paul Richardson, Christine Michael and J.R. Sweezy, I’m leaning toward them making another Super Bowl appearance. But it boils down to where the NFC Championship is played.

In Seattle, I favor the Seahawks. In New Orleans, I favor the Saints.

The home-field advantage of those two venues is worth that much to me, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

I like the addition of Julius Peppers to the Packers’ front 7, but I don’t like their secondary and their offensive line always is a concern. Aaron Rodgers gets hit too much.

My dark horse pick for the NFC is the Eagles, but only if they have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

I favor a Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl rematch with the Saints sitting in a snug No.2 seat in the NFC and the Eagles lurking in the weeds at No.3. The Patriots are my second choice in the AFC. I have no dark horse in the AFC — I can’t get excited about any dark horses in this conference.

I don’t believe the Broncos’ passing game is suited to beat the Seahawks. You can’t beat them with a horizontal, shallow passing game — the Seahawks are too physical and get in your face at the line of scrimmage and disrupt releases and compress the receivers.

The Broncos’ defense will be better, but I don’t think the Broncos’ offense can produce enough points to beat the Seahawks. Wilson keeps maturing and the offense keeps adding more weapons.

I predict the Seahawks will repeat as Super Bowl champions.

What’s your prediction?

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      1. Surprise! Kawakami tonight predicted a 49ers’ Super Bowl.
        And Kawakami last year said his prediction ability is uncanny.
        I say 10-6 with the 49ers and Harbaugh parting soon after.
        To the Raiders? To the Dolphins?

  1. Seattle is going to be like an M-80 firecracker that you light the fuse and brace for the explosion, but it nevers comes. Dud! By the time the 49ers face them, their offense will be humming and like most defending Super Bowl Champions of the modern era, they will be physically and mentally fatigued taking everyone’s best shot. Percy Harvin hasn’t proven he can stay healthy. Sherman has put a bounty on himself with his mouth. I think the 49ers come in with a vendetta and sweep Seattle to take home field advantage. The Saints are dangerous, but the felony they committed against the 49ers went unpunished. The 49ers will be The Punisher…

    49ers over the Broncos

    1. Razoreater do you think the 49ers might suffer the same mental and physical exhaustion? They have played a lot of football the past 3 years?

      1. I think the 49ers proved everyone wrong last year missing key components. The playoff road victories demonstrated their mental toughness and they gave Seattle everything they could handle. Everyone is gunning for Seattle, not San Francisco. Seattle will get every opponents best shot…..

      1. He’d actually be perfect for the Raiders blog.
        So much more to criticize on that side of the bay.
        Plus, they live there, right?

  2. Grant i like your picks last year better. The Cowboys pick was taking a chance. Theres only one word to describe this years picks BORING!!!!! you are taking the chalk in both conferences. Comon man throw at least one long shot into your exacta.

  3. Just curious…who drafted Josh Gordon in CfC’s fantasy league?.
    Dude is out like last year’s jeans…

  4. Seahawks vs Broncos certainly makes a lot of sense at this point of the year.

    I’m tipping the Patriots to make the SB from the AFC though. They’ve made some nice additions to an already strong team. Broncos have also made some nice additions, but it will be hard for Manning to be as good as he was last year again. The Colts are the only other team I really rate a chance, and that will depend largely on how Josh Chapman plays at NT. If he is as good as they are hoping, that run D will be vastly improved, and they’ll be in with a shout.

    The NFC is a bit more muddled. There are better teams overall in the NFC. I don’t think it is unreasonable to predict any out of Seahawks, 49ers, Saints, Packers or Eagles. At this stage I’m going to go with the Saints, but really any one of those 5 has a good shot. Whichever team gets momentum at the end of the year will be tough to beat, and with the 49ers likely getting some good defensive players back in the 2nd half of the year there is reason to think the 49ers might be one of those teams gaining momentum to finish the year. Will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

  5. So you’re picking a rematch of last year’s SB with the exact same result…that is so lame and weak Grant. It’s happened exactly one time in the entire SB era. It’s not going to happen, in fact neither of last year’s teams will make it back.

    It will be Saints vs. Colts, with the Saints coming out on top.

    Colts will dominate a poor division and gain homefield advantage in the playoffs, while the Saints will get homefield in the NFC. Both will ride that advantage to Arizona.

  6. If it’s a Broncos vs 49ers, then my bet goes to the 49ers but if it’s Broncos vs Saints then I’ll go with the Broncos. I think the Broncos will beat the Patriots again in the AFCCG and will beat the Saints in the Superbowl. The NFCCG will most likely go through New Orleans and that’s one tough place to play. Seattle is not as strong on the road and will likely lose to the Saints. But, if the Niners makes it at the NFCCG, I believe they can beat the Saints. The 49ers IMO are better road team than Greenbay or Seattle.

  7. Here’s Grant before writing this article:

    “I know how i can stir the pot, write a SB prediction article and choose the seahawks to take it. Now what would piss these guys off more, writing about all the preseason woes that I’ve been selling all month and going over every existing injury we’ve known about for 3 months now…. oh wait here’s a better idea i won’t even acknowledge the fact they even exist. Brilliant! ”

    Well played Grant, well played.

    1. Leo,
      Not sure if you were here last year at this time, but Grant nailed it by picking the Seahawks to win the super bowl.
      There was a bit of an uproar then as well but he got it right.

      1. AES,

        No he didn’t. He picked Dallas last year. He picked Seattle once the playoffs started, but not at this time last year.

        1. rocket,
          You may be right, my memory is starting to falter a little these days. My time period is off but I do remember Grant going with the seahawks to win it all.

      2. I was around AES, i have no problem him not picking the niners, actually i prefer him not to b/c he’s usually wrong. I just think its funny that he completely doesn’t even acknowledge that they have a legitimate chance to be contenders.

        1. Is there any other industry out there that can antagonize their customers and not only get away with it but it’s actually good for business?

  8. I said it earlier and I am going to revise my prediction just a bit. I said that New Orleans would go 16-0. I will revise that to 15-0. Week 17 probably will be a sit the team game and they could lose that one. They will not only go to the superbowl, but they will win it. I think wanted to say they would face Peyton in his last year in the league, but I think the NFC West is going to prove to hard hitting and tough for the fragile Broncos. I am picking the Colts to represent the AFC in the superbowl. That schedule couldn’t be any softer.
    I believe the 49ers are going to have to make a second trip to New Orleans for the championship game where they will lose a close one 17 to 15.

    As a side note, the CB from USC was proven to be a liar not a hero. The story never made sense from a logical point of view. Tough break for the kid. Hopefully he learns from this and falls to the 49ers in the late 5th round.

    1. Saints with a perfect .. (or almost perfect) season ??

      Matt .. are sure your name isn’t Oscar Mayer ?

      Cuz… you’re full of baloney !

        1. Matt ..
          it woulda been more outlandish if you woulda given
          those stats … and predicted …

          (wait for it ……)

          Duh-RaiDuhs !!

          (but, I bet Grant would have kissed you on the forehead)

          1. bwhahahahahaha!!! It was posted too early to have drank that much for that long to be able to post the Raiders going 15-1

  9. My Super Bowl pick … ?

    The NFC will be represented by.. none other than ..
    The San Francisco 49ers … and ..
    the AFC will be represented by …

    Who cares ..?
    (They’re gonna lose… anyhoo !)

    Russel Wilson will be nursing a 4-week concussion..
    on Turkey Day !!

    (Get the brooms, Mary!)

    Ok, ok, rocket … so I’m a homer !

  10. The 49ers, on a 49ers blog, don’t even get an honorable mention?

    Wow, dude, you have lost me.

    The Chargers, Colts and Bengals, all teams inferior to the 49ers get mentioned, but Harbaugh and Co. get left off. SMDH.

      1. Looks that way Nick. I mean I was flabbergasted when I didn’t see the 49ers names anywhere in there like we are chopped live and Mike Singketary was back at the helm with Tim Rattay the QB.

        This dude needs some mentoring from some real journalist, errrrr bloggers.

  11. Soooooooooooooo…P-R-E-D-I-C-T-A-B-L-E!

    I’m actually a little surprised Grant didn’t pick that powerhouse that is the Dallas Cowboys and the masterful football wizard, Tony Romo to lead the way.

  12. Half expected grant to say his dark horse pick was the 49ers (since they are such an underdog in his eyes), but leaving them out of the discussion completely works too.

      1. Kawakami makes some good points. I think the team will find its way in mid-season. Hopefully get hot in the end and run the table.
        Seattle is going to get banged up and they got lucky last year, like that hail mary against Green Bay.
        The tough outs will be Green Bay and NO. We seem to have Green Bay’s number, and match up well against NO.

  13. The SeaHawks got their A game going in August. Not sure that I have ever seen a legitimate Super Bowl contender play with this much energy so early on. I live in Nevada and I am going to RUN to the local Casino and plunk down some chump change on them vs the Packers. I think that Seattle will probably reach the mid point of the season 7-1 if not 8-0. The question is will all this spent energy early on drain them later in the season? Couple that with every team placing a bullseye on their chests. They are going to take some serious licks this season. They are not a supremely talented roster like the 49ers were in the 80’s and 90’s or even the team that plays in Dallas was in the 90’s. Seattle cannot rely on overwhelming teams with talent alone. Interesting to see if they hit the wall later in the season.

  14. In the playoffs home field matters. In the NFC the three playoff teams with the best home fields will be the Saints, Seahawks and the Packers. Defense wins championships. Packers D will be hurt by the loss of BJ Raji, Seahawks will be hurt by the new PI rules, but the Saints D designed by Rob Ryan will be ascending behind Keenan Lewis, Kenny Vaccaro (who contended for Rookie of the Year before getting injured), and Jairus Byrd. Last year the Saints were fourth in the league in sacks, this year they get better with the help of Byrd.

    Saints make it out of the NFC championship where they will face, and ultimately crush either the Denver Broncos or the Pats in the Superbowl.

  15. Oh thank god. Now it’s a fact the seahaks and broncos will not make the Super Bowl, thus making my prediction spot on.
    49ers vs New England
    Book it.

  16. AFC Division Winners:
    Wild Card: Broncos

    NFC Division Winners:
    Wild Card: Chicago

    Saints vs Patriots; won by Patriots. Brady and Belichick retire.

  17. Seahawks back up running back is dinged up. And Lynch is on a gimpy knee. This year Wilson will have to carry more of the load.

  18. Right now the consensus has to be Seattle. They are deep everywhere. Say what you will about Russell Wilson, he gets everyone to play at a winning level. Some guys just know how to rally the troops.

    1. That’s exactly right about Wilson. He makes players around him better. He got Golden Tate paid. Made Doug Baldwin and Kearse legit passing threats. He even turned Z.Miller into a threat at the TE position.
      I wanna see CK turn VMac into a passing threat. Same with Patton and Ellington. These guys are young but make the throws that give these guys chances to make big plays!

  19. So hard to predict this sport because injuries play such a huge role and there is no predicting that. A healthy Seattle playing in Seattle during the playoffs would be tough to bet against. But they have been the luckiest of the NFC west lately in terms of injuries considering Bradford ACL x 2, Crabtree, Hunter, Bowman, Darnell Dockett, etc. Not to mention suspensions of Aldon Smith and Daryl Washington. Not to wish them problems, it just that it is hard to stay lucky that long in the NFL.

  20. 49ers-Colts

    Grant failed to even mention the 49ers in his blog entry above. This is the purest example of lowdown bloggery, written by a guy who has all the potential in the world but all too often shows himself as a lazy hack. Shame really…

    1. This is my pick as well. I think the 49ers will win the Superbowl over the Colts but I think the score will be a little lower.

      49ers – 24
      Colts – 20

  21. Let’s get the prediction machine rolling.
    Here’s one. I predict Aldon smiths suspension will be handed down on Friday. :-)

  22. How about predicting the first official TD at Levi Stadium?

    I’m going with the unexpected. I’m going to say Quinton Patton gets the first TD. I know that’s way out on a limb but what the heck.

  23. Seattle will not even win the NFC West let alone the Super Bowl. They’ll finish 3rd in the NFC West behind SF and Arizona and miss the playoffs with a 10-6 record.

    1. h-mmm .. as of this writing ..
      171 posts on that thread, Grant ..

      So .. are you pickin’ Romo (again)
      to take it all this year ?

    2. 10-6 doesn’t merit discussion with the rest of your “big boys”, Grant? Not even as a playoff factor? Or do you think the Niners miss the playoffs this year?

      1. really, Jack ?

        Until he picked the Niners to win the Super Bowl ..
        I always pegged him like Grant’s pop .. ya kno ..
        a Niner hater

        1. Of course he’s a homer. How else can anyone say the 49ers will win it all? Has he not watched this team, it’s a mess.

          1. Well, Jack ..
            Guess, I’m a homer, too ..

            (one who doesn’t put too much stock in preseason games)

            But.. I believe in Super Bowl #49 …
            (and … #50 )

  24. Since all the cool kids are doing it:

    53 Man Roster

    QB: Kaepernick, Gabbert
    RB: Gore, Hyde, James
    FB: Miller
    WR: Crabtree, Boldin, Johnson, Ellington, Patton
    TE: V. Davis, V. McDonald, Carrier
    OL: Staley, Iupati, Kilgore, Looney, A. Davis, J. Martin, Snyder, M. Martin, Bykowski/Seymour

    DL: J. Smith, R. McDonald, Williams, Carradine, Dial, Jerod-Eddie
    OLB: A. Smith, Brooks, Lemonier, Skuta, Lynch
    ILB: Willis, Wilhoite, Borland, Moody
    CB: Brock, Culliver, Johnson, Morris, Cox, Cook, Acker
    S: Reid, Bethea, Ward, Dahl, Ventrone

    Specialists: Dawson, Lee, McDermott

    Let’s hope I can count to 53.

    Practice Squad
    Winston, L’D Washington, Cleveland, Seymour/Bykowski, Farrell, Purcell, Okoye, Skov, Thomas, McCray

    Dorsey (designated for return)

    Bowman, Celek, Ramsey

    Lattimore, Millard, Thomas, Reaser

    Reserve/Did Not Report

    I can’t decide between Bykowski and Seymour and was too lazy to flip a coin.

    I suspect I shorted the special teams. If so, Cook and Acker are probably most vulnerable to being waived in order to make room for a special team player.

    I left Aldon Smith on the roster because he has not yet been suspended. If/when he gets suspended, Spillman or Purcell will get his spot. If Williams is not yet ready to play all the NT minutes, the team might want Purcell in there to spell him.

    I’m guessing that the team cuts Lloyd on Saturday and then re-signs him after the first game in order to avoid guaranteeing his 2014 salary. When it re-signs him, the team will cut Spillman/Purcell. If Smith isn’t suspended before the start of the season and is on the roster, then the team will cut Cook or Acker when it re-signs Lloyd. Cutting Acker after the start of the season may reduce the chances of him being signed by another team.

  25. Something had to be done about last season’s blind eye to Seattle’s mugging or WRs… but if the extreme preseason “emphasis” on PI/DH continues into the regular season it tips the balance to pocket passing teams like Denver and New Orleans.

    San Francisco and Seattle have the best rosters, but it won’t matter if officials turn football into a chuck-and-duck pageant for pretty boy media darling QBs.

  26. I like your list Claude. I do wonder about Bykowski. He has been rated the top OL in the preseason on the 49ers. I would be surprised if he wasn’t signed. They can hide some players with the IR and the Aldon Suspension.
    agree with just about everyone else except Patton and Martin. I don’t think Patton makes the team, I think Aker or Cook make it in place of him. I also think Martin starts on the IR with designation to return. Skov will get Martin’s place until he returns.

    1. Do you think Martin gets designated to return instead of Dorsey because you are pessimistic about Dorsey’s chances of returning this season?

      1. I didn’t think there was a limit to the players they could designate to return. I figured both would be put on that list.I think sf does a good job of hiding players on that list to keep more than the allotted 53.
        I also think we might be able to get a 4th rounder for Johnson who could be traded to the browns . Lloyd might also be trade bait as the Browns won’t be inclined to hope they can get a vet receiver off waivers. Jmo

          1. Thank you Jack. That torpedoes my whole list than. There ate going to have to be some I interesting moves and trades to keep some key people such as martin and Patton

  27. After an all out war against the Raiders in the AFC Championship game at Oakland, the Jaguars emerge victorious and earn the right to play the NFL-team-formerly-known-as-Redskins.

  28. Is anyone familiar with how Stevie Johnson runs route. Supposedly this is the reason for Kaep not being able to get him the ball. His route running is “unorthodox”. Can someone explain that lol

  29. Hey, just had a brainstorm about what and when Goddell will announce about Aldon. Just a guess, but I bet it’s light and he’s doing it tomorrow afternoon, before the start of a long weekend. Would be the best way to announce a light punishment. Why else would it be taking so long? We’ll see.

    1. Just saw where Goodell has informed the owners that there will be a new guideline on domestic violence. First offense is 6 games.

      Obviously a response to the bad PR from the Rice deal, but something tells me Roger isn’t in the mood for leniency.

      1. Jack:

        That’s one way to look at it, but I’m in sync with George. Goodell is on record stating that the purpose of a suspension isn’t to punish, but to rehabilitate. Since Smith voluntarily rehabilitated, and it thus far seems successful, a lengthy suspension isn’t warranted. Unfortunately, a short suspension or credit for time served will be perceived by some as light. All of which brings us to the timing. By delaying the announcement of Smith’s suspension/non-suspension until after the league has held firm on Josh Gordon and has come out strongly against domestic violence, it will minimize any criticism that Goodell was soft in his handling of Smith.

        I’ll take off the rose-colored glasses now.

          1. George: Another possibility: Goodell suspends Aldon for “X” number of games, but gives consideration for his volunteering to get help! Aldon is not suspended for any games now, on the condition he stays sober and out of trouble for a period of time, (say two years)? But if he’s busted again, then all infractions are taken into considered and he’s suspended for? (A year)?

            1. Good comment. You know, if Goodell does go light, he’s bound to specify that too, which he really should. Glad you added this.

              1. If Goddell does go light on a suspension for Smith, and says it’s because he willingly missed games for help, it could pave a way for future drug or alchohol related problems with players to seek help instead of punishment.
                The old make the child feel bad it disappointed you as the parent instead of hitting the child. Hmmmm
                Could be a heathy way to set a trend Mr Goddell.

            1. Another reason he might not go easy on Aldon is that he mentioned repeat substance abuse and arms violations in his letter to the owners about violence against women.

              I’ve been hoping for an eight game suspension with five games credit for Aldon’s rehab effort, but including eight games lost pay.

              1. That sounds fair to me. It’s a lot of money to lose, but it’s a needed slap in the head. Let’s hope he’s finally woken up.

              1. Claude, my take on Goodell is that because everything he does is in the owners’ behalf, in my opinion I think he does know what he’s doing.

              2. George:

                I don’t think Goodell is clueless. Tone deaf maybe, but not clueless.

                By the way, the trickiest matter he’s handling right now is Irsay. He’s going to delay that one as long as he can.

              3. Claude,

                He’ll delay on Irsay until the courts are done with it just as he has done with almost every issue of that type.

              4. Jack:

                I understand that. Unless Irsay accepts that he has to take the same kind of hit that a player would, I think Goodell will drag his feet as long as possible even after resolution of legal proceedings.

            2. Jack: It’s too late to un-ring the bell, Goodell has set a legal precedence with his ruling on Rice! With respect to Aldon, if he comes down hard on him, his ruling is subject to being challenged by the players union (is it not)? Do you think his ego will allow him to risk his ruling being over turned?

      2. Jack: IT’S TOO LATE: He’s already set a precedence with
        his ruling on Rice! If Goodell comes down hard on Aldon, it
        likely will be challenged by the players union. Do you think he’s willing to risk his ruling being overturned?

        1. Why are you yelling?

          The commish has already set a very strong precedent when it comes to alcohol and drug offenses.

          I’m sure part of what is drawing this process out is negotiations with attorneys, the team, etc, so I don’t think he’s worried at all about it being overturned.

          1. Jack: Sorry if you think I was “yelling,” I was trying to
            emphasize my point! Goodell may not like it, but his
            ruling on Rice does sets a “legal” precedence and a new “legal principle”! It also represents a change to the legally bind CBA agreement!! The players union, or any good lawyer, will use it to their advantage!
            I agree Goodell is negotiating with the lawyers. I’m also sure they are aware of, and reminding him of
            the president he set with respect to Rice! Do you
            believe he can ignore his own precedence, with legal impunity?

            1. Different punishments for different offenses.

              Using caps and exclamation points don’t do anything to help your argument.

              1. Jack: Your attention to paragraph 10; More importantly, and as explained last night, the CBA doesn’t give Goodell a “blank check” to do what ever he wans to do!~~~His power
                to be judge / jury / and executioner, must be
                exercised fairy and impartially and in accordance with the rules contained in the CBA
                If he fails to do that, Goodell is subject to
                external oversight, thru the federal court
                Did you hear, Goodell apologized for making a
                MISTAKE, regarding the Ray Rice decision?
                fair has nothing to do with “different offenses”,
                especially after his comments regarding Aldon
                volunteering for treatment!! You disagree?

              1. Jack: 1) Common law, commonly known as case law or precedence. law developed by judges thru decisions of courts and similar tribunals as opposed thru statutes adopted thru a legislative process!!
                2) A common law system is a legal system that gives great precedential weight to common law on the principal that it is unfair to treat “similar facts” differently on different occasions!!
                3) The body of precedent is called common law and it binds future
                decisions! In cases where parties disagree on what the law is, a
                common law court looks to past precedential decision. If a similar
                dispute has been resolved in the past, the court is usually bound
                to follow the reasoning used in the past!! (known as “stare decisis”!
                4) Goodell’s punishment for Rice exposes his ruling as inconsistent! and he’s admitted his decision was a mistake!! The courts options, when one party in a contract (CBA) dispute admits to making a mistake under common law are: A contract is a legally binding agreement, once entered into between two or more parties! The court may find, since Goodell admits to making a mistake, that the contract is unenforceable due to “unconscionability”! Meaning
                something is so shocking unfair that the ruling simply can not be
                allow to stand as is. The court will also take into account if one
                side has unequal bargaining power!! Let’s agree to disagree and
                see what happens next!!
                unenforceable under the unconscionability rule!!

  30. After entering the playoffs as a wildcard team, Carolina pulls off a huge upset by beating the Seahawks at home in a divisional playoff game, then go on to beat New Orleans in the NFCCG to get to the Super Bowl.

    The surprise team for the AFC is: The Pittsburgh Steelers. They beat Denver in the AFCCG because Manning chokes, turning the ball over three times for easy Pittsburgh scores. Manning retires after the game.

    Super Bowl winner: Pittsburgh Steelers get Lombardi #7.

      1. Ghost,
        Agreed. While I just want to win another Superbowl, my selfish/greedy side want’s the 49ers to have more SB’ rings over all teams.

    1. The NY Jets get into the AFCCG and beat Manning and the Broncos with a rejuvenated defense and second year luck at QB Jeno Smith.

      The Eagles beat Seattle in the NFCCG but Foles gets knocked out with a severe concussion and cant play the super bowl.

      Geno Smith butt fumbles twice and Sanchez and the Eagles obliterate the Jets. Rex Ryan bites off his tattoo of his wife with Sanchez’s Jersey on while the confetti drops

    2. My homer prediction:

      49ers go 14-2 and lockup home field throughout the playoffs. Seahawks lose their wildcard game on the road (against the Packers) and their fans cry about defensive holding non-calls. 49ers beat New Orleans in the NFCCG with a last second TD pass to Crabtree on a fade pass.

      Pittsburgh will still be the AFC champs and meet the 49ers in the SB for a classic game of former Super Bowl dynasties. 49ers tie Pittsburgh for six Lombardi’s by winning! The Quest for Seven begins!

  31. As much as it seems like the Broncos’ D has improved, I think the Pats have improved more. I’m picking at Pats-Hawks Super Bowl…with the Pats winning a defensive battle.

    1. Razor,

      I guess we were posting at the same time. The link you posted has more complete info than what I heard. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

        1. And Jack was posting before us…

          Stinking clients keeping me from the truly important stuff, inconsiderate b@st@rds!

    2. Thanks. It looks like he had to get his ducks in a row before he could announce on Aldon. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  32. I’m not sure if anyone else has commented on the new NFL guideling for punishing domestic violence, or not. The way I understand it is as follows: first offense, 6 month suspension; second offense, lifetime ban.

    With this announcement, the NFL/Goodell is admitting they/he blew it with the Ray Rice ruling.

    This ruling comes with a possible side benefit for the 49ers and Aldon Smith, it might take the pressure off of Goodell to come down harder on AS than he would otherwise, in order to show the NFL is not going to be soft on bad behavior.

    On the other hand, it might allow the NFL to mete out a suspension harsher than the two games it gave Rice. Without today’s ruling as a buffer, Goodell would’ve looked like a a$$hole if he had suspended AS for two games or more, cast against the two games he gave Rice for what he did.

    Also, does anyone else think it’s crazy that the fine for dunking the ball as a TD celebration is way bigger than for flipping off the opposing team during a game? I realize the dunking fine came from trying to keep the goal posts from being knocked out of alignment and delaying a game, but, come on.

  33. Ran outside in a helmet. Hurdled a deer decoy, stiff armed a fat kid & yelled,”Football is among us my brothers. Can I get an Amen?”

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