Seahawks pass game in a funk

This is my Wednesday column on the Seahawks’ passing game. Don’t blame Russell Wilson. People say the Seahawks’ passing game is spiraling counter-clockwise down the toilet because Wilson is in a slump. No. It might be more accurate to say that Darrell Bevell, the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator, is in a slump. “His passing game appears chaotic and out of sorts,” said a former NFL offensive coordinator. “Some weeks, Bevell is…

January 15, 2014

It comes to pass for 49ers, Panthers

This is my Thursday column on the difference between the 49ers and Panthers. SANTA CLARA – The 49ers face a version of themselves this Sunday. If the 49ers are a “Bob,” the Panthers are a “Roberto.” For the most part, the 49ers and Panthers are the same team: Excellent, hard-hitting defenses. Quarterbacks who run and throw. Offenses built around running the ball. And coaches who are the sons of coaches…

January 9, 2014

Cam or Kap? Still a tough call

Here is my Thursday column on the Cam-Kap conundrum. SANTA CLARA – “Merrill Feuerborn was adamant that we had to get Cam Newton and he was the future of the NFL,” Jim Harbaugh said at a recent press conference. Who in the world is Merrill Feuerborn? He is Harbaugh’s father-in-law. “You’ve got to give him credit, he saw it,” said Harbaugh, grinning. “I think the whole football world saw it…

November 7, 2013

When Jim Harbaugh told his dad he was going to draft Kaepernick

In July 2011, HBO Real Sports did a feature on the Harbaugh brothers. At the time, they did not air a clip of Jack Harbaugh talking about the moment his son, Jim, told him he was going to draft Colin Kaepernick. Here is that clip, and a transcript as well. JACK HARBAUGH: “Jim, can you tell me? Tell me. Tomorrow you’re going to draft a quarterback. Who’s it going to…

January 23, 2013

Highlights from warmups

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what I observed during today’s warmups. Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh’s father, Jack, having a serious conversation in the middle of the practice field. Patrick Willis gingerly high stepping hurdles. I would be extremely surprised if he plays this Monday night. Joe Staley jogging back and forth across the field with a backwards cap on his head. I doubt he plays this Monday night, either. Aldon…

December 16, 2011

How Jim Harbaugh got his fiery nature

This is about Jim Harbaugh’s football pedigree, how he became who he is. Specifically, it’s about his father Jack, a legendary football coach who instilled Harbaugh-tude into his kids Jim and John, both groomed to be coaches. To pursue this theme I phoned former NFL and college coach Fred von Appen. Fred coached 49ers special teams under Bill Walsh from 1983-88 and was Walsh’s defensive coordinator at Stanford from 1992-94,…

August 1, 2011