Reggie Bush comments on Jay Glazer’s report re: Colin Kaepernick

SANTA CLARA Reggie Bush just spoke in the 49ers’ media room. Here are selected quotes. Q: How would you describe Colin Kaepernick and his style of leadership? BUSH: He’s a hard worker. He works really hard. And I’ve said this before – he’s one of the hardest workers I’ve been around, especially in the weight room. He works his butt off. He’s constantly on the field talking to guys, just…

October 27, 2015

Jim Harbaugh’s job description does not include being nice

This is my Thursday column on the Jim Harbaugh rumors. This Monday, as the 49ers started to prepare for the Rams, Jim Harbaugh told the media, please, don’t ask the players if they like him. “That’s not their job to defend the head coach,” Harbaugh said. “Their job is to do their jobs – to play football, have each other’s backs, and that’s what I’ve always seen out of them….

October 9, 2014