Aldon Smith on Justin Smith, and more.

SANTA CLARA – Here are some quotes from Aldon Smith’s Q&A today outside the 49ers locker room. Q: How much does it help you playing right next to Justin Smith? ALDON SMITH: That definitely helps. Man, he demands so much attention. He’s a great player. He makes my job easier. Q: Are you blocked one-on-one often because you’re next to him? ALDON SMITH: Yeah, I’d say so, yeah, because you’ve…

October 18, 2011

Alex Boone talks

SANTA CLARA – Backup tackle Alex Boone spoke this afternoon. Boone is hands-down the most talkative offensive lineman on the team, so we asked him questions on a variety of topics. He starts by discussing his own progress, then he moves on to Justin Smith’s chop-to-bull rush, then Aldon Smith, then last Friday’s game against New Orleans. Enjoy. Q: Last time we talked to you we discussed you becoming the…

August 16, 2011

Practice notes II: Defense’s honor at stake

Niner42 and mcniner felt I skimped on the practice notes, and I aim to please, so here’s some more. Most of training camp has been fully padded but light on tackling. The lineman bang into each other, but the skill positions basically play two-hand-touch. Jim Harbaugh constantly reminds the players to “Keep them up! Keep them on their feet!” He doesn’t want any injuries. Today was a full-on tackling day,…

August 5, 2011

Fangio tells brutal truth

SANTA CLARA – Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio spoke to the media after today’s practice. He’s a blunt guy and he explained, among other things, there are only two positions set on his defense. You figure that out for yourself, and I’ll give the answer below. He also implied his defense is not ready for prime time. Q: What do you know about your defense two days into practice that you…

July 30, 2011

The 49ers’ five sure things

Thanks for your generous responses to my earlier post. Our discussion of the top 49er storylines turned into a lengthy list of concerns. Adam, among other readers, pointed out the defensive backfield and the offensive line as two more areas of anxiety for the 49ers. Thank you, Adam. Let’s look at the team from the opposite angle now. Injuries aside, what are the Niners’ locks? Where are they strong? What…

July 24, 2011

Willis, Justin Smith named to Pro Bowl

Patrick Willis, who was named as a starter, became the first 49ers player since Ronnie Lott to begin his career with four consecutive Pro Bowl appearances. Willis said it was an honor to be linked with the Hall of Fame safety.

December 28, 2010