Matt Williamson on Jim Harbaugh: “He is a buffoon on the sideline. It’s an embarrassment.”

Here’s what Ross Tucker and Matt Williamson said about the penalties in the Super Bowl and Jim Harbaugh’s sideline behavior on Monday’s ESPN Football Today podcast. Q: What do you think of the way Crabtree handled questions about the controversial no-call on the last 49ers’ last play? (He said, “If somebody’s grabbing you, you always expect a call, but you can’t whine to the refs. It is what it is….

February 4, 2013

How to stop the pistol

Friday afternoon on ESPN Radio, NFL Scout Matt Williamson and former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker broke down the matchup between the 49ers’ pistol zone-read running attack and the Ravens’ run defense. Here is their breakdown. Before you get into the text, I am not saying they’re correct. It makes for intriguing reading. WILLIAMSON: “I think the running game eventually wins this game for the 49ers, but the Ravens’ defense…

February 2, 2013