Brown says defending deep passes and open-field tackling are keys vs. Cardinals offense

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Tarell Brown said Thursday about the Arizona Cardinals offense.

Q: How do the Cardinals use Larry Fitzgerald?

BROWN: He’s their X receiver (split end), so I think I’ll get him most of the game. They move him around a lot. They do a great job of putting him in the slot, putting him in the three-receiver slot as well. I think we’ll all have an opportunity to go against Fitzgerald.

Q: What makes Larry Fitzgerald so good?

BROWN: Body control, he uses his hands very well, he gets in and out of his breaks well, and I think the thing about Fitzgerald is he always competes for the ball no matter if it’s a great-thrown ball or an average-thrown ball.

Q: Have you guys ever assigned one cornerback to cover one marquee receiver?

BROWN: No, never. Our coaches have confidence in all the corners on the field, and the safeties as well. We all can cover. Some guys play in the slot, some guys play on the outside. We’ll be up for the challenge.

Q: What have you noticed on film about their No.2 receiver – Andre Roberts?

BROWN: He’s a lot more polished than he was last year. He’s doing a great job of getting a lot of separation from DBs. He’s using his hands a lot better than he was last year. He’s getting in and out of his breaks. He’s a big-play receiver. They have a lot of guys who can make plays.

Q: What have you seen from their two quarterbacks?

BROWN: Skelton, he’s a big, strong, physical guy. He can make every throw. He does a great job putting guys in a position to make plays. Kolb is doing a great job as well. I look forward to seeing both of them. I think we have to gameplan both guys.

Q: What’s the lesson you guys take away from last year’s loss to the Cardinals?

BROWN: Keep the deep balls off us and open-field tackling. I think we gave up a few tackles when we should have had the guys down and the guy got a couple extra YAC yards.