Tarell Brown says Kevin Kolb is “most definitely” a bigger challenge for the secondary than John Skelton

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Tarell Brown said this morning about his injured ankle and the Niners upcoming game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Q: Did you tweak your ankle yesterday?

T. BROWN: Yeah, I’m alright.

Q: Is there a difference playing Cardinals with Kevin Kolb at quarterback rather than John Skelton? Bigger challenge for secondary?

T. BROWN: Most definitely. Kolb is a gunslinger. He’s been a gunslinger since his college days. He’s a great quarterback. He does a lot of great things for their team so I definitely think they’ll throw the ball a little more, try to get Fitzgerald in the game a lot more like they did this past week. They’re on a high horse. They came out with a W yesterday so we’ve definitely got to go to their place and slow down that momentum.”

Q: What did you take away from your first meeting against Fitzgerald?

T. BROWN: I mean, I’ve played him. I’ve been here. I’v played him two games every year. He’s a great player. Take nothing away from that guy. He’s done a lot of amazing things in this league and he still does it. But I think we have a great defense. Their team isn’t just built around him. They have a lot of great players as well. So we have to go into the game ready to make plays and ready to shut down their whole team.”

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