Ted Ginn Jr. is excited to “be on the field as a wide receiver” this season

SANTA CLARA – Ted Ginn Jr. spoke to a group of reporters at his locker Thursday afternoon, and he spoke primarily about his development as a wide receiver. Here’s a transcript.

ME: What excites you about your role in the offense this season?

GINN JR: Just being able to go out and compete and be on the field as a receiver. Competing with my team and keep playing as a group.

Q: Do you like playing special teams?

GINN JR: Yeah, it’s another attribute to who I am.

ME: Do you see yourself as a wide receiver first and a special teamer second?

GINN JR: Yeah. That’s how I’ve been trying to showcase myself as an NFL player.

Q: The depth chart shows four wide receivers – you being one of them. Do you feel like you’ve been given an opportunity this training camp to really show what you bring to the table as a wide receiver.

GINN JR: Yeah, especially coming off the injury and not being able to be at the OTAs. Being able to come in as an older guy in camp and still be considered as a starter is a blessing.

Q: What do you think of your competition?

GINN JR: We’ve got three or four first-round draft picks all on one squad. They’re great guys. We’ll compete and however it turns out, it turns out.

Q: Are you a better wide receiver right now than you’ve ever been?

GINN JR: Yeah. As you get older you start to mature, you start to get wiser. The game is coming to you more and more.

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