The 49ers never had a chance vs. Green Bay — for lots of reasons

It was like this all night for Nick Mullens in the game with Green Bay. Surrounded by onrushing defenders he had to try to make something out of nothing, which rarely works.  (Kent Porter / The Press Democrat) 2020

One of the charming qualities of sports is magical thinking. It is the idea that a team with pluck, grit and gumption can overcome a more talented team on sheer will and want-to.

You take your best shot and the next thing you know the USA hockey team is beating Russia in the Miracle on Ice in the 1980 Olympic Games.

Unfortunately, there’s a reason we call those miracles. They don’t happen very often.

Was there ever a moment in Thursday night’s  34-17 loss to the Packers when you thought the 49ers had a chance? Aaron Rodgers and company motored down the field on the opening drive with the precision of a marching band to take a 7-0 lead. They never looked back.

As analyst Troy ‘Aikman said at one point, “This Green Bay offense is kind of just doing whatever they want right now.”

It was both ugly and discouraging, and raises real questions about where Kyle Shanahan’s group is headed in the second half of the season. We need to look at that.

But first, an editorial comment. This game should never have been played. It should have been postponed, as the Cal football game was, when it was clear the COVID-19 risk was too high.

You have to like the hypocrisy of the NFL. On one hand they announce that they are launching an “investigation” into the 49ers’ pandemic procedures. They want to know what Kendrick Bourne was doing to cause a positive virus test, which meant that three other players, all starters, could not suit up. They are taking this seriously, dammit

Yet the league pushed ahead with a nothing-to-see-here game on a short week, when both the Packers and the 49ers had positive COVID tests. By the way, whatever the league is doing to combat the spread of the pandemic, it isn’t working. CBS Sports is reporting that 40 percent of NFL teams had at least one positive test last week. And Green Bay had another positive test after the game.

The 49ers never had a chance. With an injury list longer than a voting line in Georgia, they were already at a disadvantage. But with the four starters sitting out with COVID, San Francisco essentially had a one-game suspension of four starters.

And, with three days to prepare the team had to close down the practice facility for a day and try to fit in workouts virtually.

So the 49ers had to field a team of backups – beat reporters calculated only four offensive starters were available – they had to prepare in a short week in which one full day of practice was essentially eliminated.

At the very least the game should have been moved to Sunday to get a handle on the outbreak for both teams. In a final, maddening development, Bourne has now tested negative, so he and the other three players could have played in a game on the weekend.

But that would have meant eating all that Thursday Night Football money, so the game went on. And the 49ers were manhandled.

What does that mean for the rest of the year? The good news is they aren’t as bad as they looked Thursday night. If the Packers showed anything it was that the NFL is a league of difference-making stars. Rodgers and his receiver, Davante Adams were spectacular. Players like Bourne, Brandon Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams, the COVID Four, are all difference makers, and they should be back.

But the trends aren’t great. Nick Mullens is reaching the “bless his heart” stage of his audition. He’s out there trying, but when you see him try to fling a throw wildly while getting clobbered by a Packer, you can’t but think we’ve already seen this film — even before the ball fluttered into a defender’s arms.

So no, he doesn’t look like the answer. And we’ve already gotten a look at backup to the backup, C.J. Beathard. He reminded us that he stands in there fearlessly, takes some big hits, and doesn’t get much done.

In a sign of the muddled state of the QB position, it was reported Friday that the 49ers have signed 34-year-old Josh Johnson, who is the very definition of a journeyman quarterback. To quote his Wikipedia page, Johnson has played for: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 49ers, Sacramento Mountain Lions, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders, Washington, Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Wildcats. Can’t say he hasn’t gotten his chances.

Which is when someone is bound to say they wonder where the 49ers would be if they’d signed Tom Brady?

My guess? The same place, because Brady would probably be hurt by now, like Jimmy Garoppolo, after getting hit too often.

Mullens took the now-familiar weekly sack for 49er quarterbacks against Green Bay. That would be the blindside blast from a full-tilt edge rusher that nearly took his head off. He fumbled. Who wouldn’t?

Finding a way to rebuild the offensive line, especially up the middle, would improve things dramatically. That means not only protecting the quarterback but running the ball.

And again, the defense has to get the other team’s offense off the field. The Packers converted six of 12 third down plays and picked up one on fourth down with a gutty, veteran play.

Needing only a yard, Rodgers threw what looked like a mistake to Adams. But the ball was right where it should be – outside and away from the defender – and Adams made a sensational catch for the first down.

Great players make great plays. Average players, even hard-working, gritty ones, make average plays.


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  1. The Niners will not reload, it looks like a total rebuild. They are not a player or 2 away from competing. Every position needs help. I am glad they have 9 draft picks.
    Johnson’s signing is a sign of desperation, but also kinda clueless. He is not the answer.
    I just hope they will do whatever it takes to win. Sounds like they are waving the white flag, with all the injuries.
    With the turnstile O line allowing blindside hits, I wonder if NM and CJB can last all season.

  2. Shame on those that always whine about political takes on this site – with emotions high the blog has been mute on the elections – no arguing, no fighting, no calling names.

    I am just glad the nightmare of the past 4 yrs is almost over. I am not naïve to think that Trumpism (bigotry) has ended. But I am grateful that there are more Americans who are ready to push back against it. 74M strong.

  3. “…..If the voting numbers hold, Trump won’t be in office much longer. But his imprint on the Republican Party is permanent. This much has been clear since the day he won the presidency, and it has grown clearer each hour since. The impulsive governing and the disregard for the rule of law, the undermining of allies and the embracing of tyrants, the schoolyard taunts and the vulgar sentiments—all of this will live on. It will be central to his legacy and to the party’s. And yet nothing will prove as enduring as his delegitimizing of the office he holds and the democratic process that elected him to it. Nothing can repair the damage done by a sustained effort to subvert the nation’s bedrock institution and diminish public confidence in it. Nothing that happens to the GOP moving forward can erase the memory of the president telling the American people their votes were stolen—and Republicans, not bothering with evidence, nodding along in agreement.

    The irony of Donald Trump’s presidency is his unremitting wrath over being viewed as an illegitimate president—when it was his attempts to portray Barack Obama as an illegitimate president that endeared him to the American right and planted the seeds of his political rise. There is no shortage of symmetry now, with his campaign for reelection in peril and the twilight of his reign upon him, in Trump’s efforts to make his successor as illegitimate as his predecessor.

    A healthy Republican Party would not abide this. Then again, a healthy Republican Party would not have winked and nodded at birtherism, nor would it have nominated Trump to the presidency in the first place. In November 2016, Republicans looked upon Trump’s victory and wondered if there was any going back. In November 2020, they looked upon Trump’s defeat and decided the answer was no….”

        1. Look who showed up with all the wrong facts and can’t spell worth a sh$t! Typical loser.

          Here you go for the record.

          Prime Time says: 
August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am 
He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

          Seb says: 
August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am 
November 4th.

          1. @Prime – you have lost all credibility on the blog, you don’t belong here – I suggest you leave or become a catfish…

      1. Trump is going to win in an absolute landslide – 🤬
        Republicans are going to win back the house – 🤬
        Trump is winning by bigger numbers than 2016 – 🤬
        Independents will break massively for Trump – 🤬
        Trump can still win without Arizona – 🤬
        Trump can still win without Wisconsin – 🤬
        Trump can still win without Michigan – 🤬
        Trump can still win without Pennsylvania – 🤬
        Trump can still flip Arizona back – 🤬
        ……..This is where you are…..
        Trump can still win with the Supreme Court
        Trump can still win with faithless electors
        Trump is free to run in 2024
        Trump won’t be indicted
        Trump won’t be convicted
        Trump will get out of prison in just 10-15 years

      2. Razor, you were a little shy on your 384 EC vote prediction. In the spirit of bipartisan reconciliation I release you from your obligation on the losing end of a wager. No need for you to change your avatar to our 46th president. Go Bill Walsh!

    1. “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last” My fellow Americans our long national nightmare is over”
      Two quotes from two great Americans, sum up how most of us are feeling today. I also feel compassion for all of our Trump admirers here. You all hold a special kind of affection for Mr. Trump that I have never seen before in politics and you must all be feeling very emotional and my prayers are with you and the Trump family today.
      God bless America and God bless Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

      1. Biden won the electoral votes that confirms him as the next president, but this will be far from over.
        The national news media followed the path of the democratic hate campaign against Trump over the past 4 years and got their wish.

        Not sure if God blesses people who are inspired by hate.

        If Biden is the president after all the dust settles, I will support him as my president and pray for him as I’ve done for every president during my life time.
        But that said, I will wait until the dust settles and all votes have been properly assessed and tabulated.

            1. Yup – look how SEA BLUE Georgia and Arizona is…….

              @AES –

              Not sure if God blesses people who are inspired by hate.

              … seriously lol – last I checked your side aligns with the racists and white supremacy….

              74 million strong – and growing – suck on that you enemy of progress

              1. One,
                Hmmm, the black panthers are out celebrating Biden’s win tonight. I guess these guys really love white folks (lol.
                Let’s face it, the media hate campaign against Trump is what won for the Dems.
                Also, Biden and the Dems pandered for the black vote, how else do you explain putting Kamala Harris on the ticket for VP after she accused Biden of racism.
                Something is crooked about this entire process. Enjoy your celebration while you can bud, it may be short lived.

              2. Something is crooked about this entire process.

                Thank you for slimeing the United States of America. Putin couldn’t have put it any better.

              3. ….black panthers …..Also, Biden and the Dems pandered for the black vote, how else do you explain putting Kamala Harris on the ticket for VP after she accused Biden of racism…..

                look at your racist ignorant self – according to you Black people can’t make up their minds or vote their interests – they have to be pandered to like dogs…

                dummy – maybe the Black people are the Dem party – you need to be woke.

                are equating the black panthers to the KKK ?

              1. Nah, not delusional. Just want a fair and honest voting process.
                I mean, I could bet the house (just figure of speech) that you and your Dems companions would be asking for same thing if Trump were the winner.

                Waiting for the dust to settle, my friend.
                Until the last.

              2. According to AES the Dems cheated to beat Trump, they also cheated to lose the senate, they also cheated to lose house seats…..they cheated to not win any major state seats…they cheated to have a high number of women repubs elected…..

                this Dems are really good at cheating –

                AES = Donkey of the day…

              3. Since this is a football blog that dabbles in politics, I’ll use a football term – Trump threw in a red flag to challenge the call.
                Will wait until the dust settles.

            1. One,
              “Black people can’t make up their minds or vote their interests – they have to be pandered to like dogs…”

              Ha! That’s hilarious! I’m not the one who said, “if you don’t vote for Biden, you ain’t black.”
              That racist Biden remark was heard around the world, you might have a hard time canceling that.

              Also, gotta love Biden’s speech that he’s a “bridge.” Heck, I’ve been saying that over the past 3 months.
              He’s a bridge alright – for Kamala, who will take over sooner than later.

              1. What is wrong with Kamala taking over? –

                Which pisses you off more – the fact she is a woman or she is black or Asian ?

                below are somethings on her resume – what is not to like – I even think she is too conservative on crime compared to other liberals….

                USA Senator
                The first person of color elected as district attorney of San Francisco
                The is the first woman, the first African American, and the first South Asian American to hold the office of Attorney General in the state’s history
                The first woman + color Vice President of the USA

                You prefer she was a White guy?……do you ever get tired of denying people opportunities?

              2. One,
                “What is wrong with Kamala taking over? Which pisses you off more – the fact she is a woman or she is black or Asian ?”

                Ha! Leave it to the most divisive person on this blog to infer that I’m a racist. This is Dems text-book tactic 101.
                Just call someone a racist and hope that it sticks.

                Kamala is an opportunist that is willing to do pretty much anything to get to the top – just ask former SF Mayor Willie Brown.
                Dems tactic #2 – deny and cancel.
                I will have to say this, you are the best representation of the Dems on the blog.

              3. AES – if you are not racist why do think alike and align with racist groups –

                Show me your friends(voters) and I will tell you what kind of person you are

                Kamala is an opportunist?

                Born in Oakland, California, Harris graduated from Howard University and the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She began her career in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, before being recruited to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and later the City Attorney of San Francisco’s office. In 2003, she was elected district attorney of San Francisco. She was elected Attorney General of California in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.

                How is she an opportunist ? –

                …but not Trump who was once a Dem – converted to a Repub to win an election.
                Trump who made millions with NBC – and embraced Fox when it became political

                Define opportunist = one who does things only for his own benefit and with little regard for right and wrong – (sounds more like your master Trump)

      2. Nice sentiment Old Coach but the only way to heal the division in our country is for Biden to endorse recounts in AZ, WI, MI, PA, and GA. The only way to heal our divided country is for Democrats to embrace an audit to prove they did not disenfranchise hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans in brazen voter fraud. Just look at what happened in PA alone. Ballots can be counted up to three days after Election Day. Mailed ballots with no postmark still qualify. Unsupervised drop boxes were placed throughout major cities where people could just drop off a ballot without any verification whatsoever. No verification. No postmark. Fearing adverse impact to Biden, Dems had the Green Party candidate removed from the ballot. The Pa Supreme Court, with a 5-2 Dem majority, ruled the removal did violate state law but they allowed it because of Covid. The Dem governor also imposed a rule that signature verification could not be used on mail in or absentee ballots. No reasonable person or intellectually honest person could look at those election rule changes without concluding the only purpose for total election chaos was to steal the election for Biden. And that’s only PA. Many, many stories exactly like this across every battleground state.

        Before you dismiss this as some partisan screed, I actually think Trump is the last GOP president this country will see for the next 30 years. Changing Demographics for business friendly states like Texas will turn TX blue before the next presidential election in 2024. People flee the oppression of Dem controlled states to move to states who favor capitalism but they bring their voting habits with them. But I do care about America. I do care about free and fair elections. 70M Americans should not believe with all their hearts the Democrats stole an election through voter fraud. Faith in the electoral process should be restored for all Americans. Audit these battleground states or I fear for where this country is headed for my kids. Al Gore was given 37 days to run through his lawsuits before he eventually lost to Bush. The same process should be followed for Trump.

  4. Hmm, it looks like it will be a good day, today. The late ballots are just padding his lead.
    I said November 4th, but was wrong. However, now that the biggest impediment to Kaep’s returning has lost, I fully expect him to be given a new chance to play, especially after seeing all the drek QBs presently trying to play.
    Good ol’ Prime Time, same old profane self. He seems to want to haunt my posts, so I wonder what his reply will be. He was certainly wrong about this election, so he can crow about me being wrong about Nov 4, but I have the best comeback. He was so wrong, and will continue to be wrong, ALL THE TIME.

    1. Prime Time says: 
August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am 

      He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

      Seb says: 
August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am 
November 4th.

          1. please stfu – canadians on this blog are starting to be annoying

            You spend days on here with multiple posts whinnying about how Trump will win……its been months/years now you been constantly insulting SEB – enough is enough – give it a fcking break or take ur a$$ up the border……

            1. FU! You are the worst poster on here for calling people out when all you do is talk non-sense.

              Believe it or not Canada is affected by who the President of the USA is. Sleepy Joe is gonna hurt a lot businesses.

              As for Seb, he is an idiot and so are you! Half the blog told you to STFU today. Take a hint.

              1. ha ha ha…..

                Nobody cares about Canada…….why are you even on here – you should be watching hockey

                We just had a historic moment – where we have the 1st Female VP – big freaking deal – we not even mentioning she is AA.

                The same AA who at some point were not allowed to vote in this country……….let that sink in your freaking head for a minute……

                nothing you can say to bring my USA-high down …….we the people have spoken

                dummy – half the blog – which blog?…..this dead blog with less than 20 real users

              2. Nobody cares about you and your stupid rants.
                You have posted one thing about football in the last 6 months.
                Just go stand in line for your hand out from sleepy Joe!

              3. ha ha ha – lol

                I am no big fan of SEB – but we in America are tired of the bickering, insults, all the trupism, name calling………. ENOUGH –

                SEB is an American I can no longer stand by and watch you harass a fellow American – You’ve been on this SEB rant forever – c’mon –

                as long has this blog resides in the USA – you have no freaking right to come to our country and insult us – FU Canadian …

              4. I felt sorry for you all those years NinerMD would school you.
                Now I know why!

                FYI dummy, there are a lot of people on here outside the US. And Seb is Asian, not American.

              5. I felt sorry for you all those years NinerMD would school you.

                Why do Canadians say ‘sorry’ all the time?…….

                ….lol….Ninermd is a coward who won’t show his face and eat crow, he is just like you with no moral principles.

                we should pray for Ninermd, i have no doubt he is talking about a Dem conspiracy to steal the election right now.

                Prime go back to your igloo….

              6. “ Prime go back to your igloo….

                That was funny!

                If you want to make this Canada vs. US thing go ahead. You want to make this you versus me, bad idea.

              7. let me guess you will publish my real name, ssn and address….or let me guess you will come to my house and beat me up…..or insult my family – ……..or eat my food…..?

                You do know you have a track record…..

                what are you going to do ? – You are nothing – honestly you are really nothing – I mean if someone asked me what i was doing right now – i would tell I am doing nothing – cuz you nothing – you don’t expect me to say I am chatting on a 49er blog with a fat belly Canadian bully who has no spine – so really you are nothing….

              8. Has Kaepernick been back in league? Nope I was right.

                The day you sided with Seb is the day you lost all credibility. American or not. The fact that Seb is the biggest cancer on here and you backed him, and with your daily political crap, you are now that guy.

              9. Technically you are wrong again – the NFL is promoting its social justice agenda with – first they publicly admitted they were wrong on Kap and second they are using him (without his permission) in their outreach videos on social justice.

              10. PT- ‘Seb is Asian, not American.’
                I was born in Sacramento, California. You are such a racist.
                How deliciously ironic, the stupidest person on the blog, calling people idiots.

              11. No American would run their mouth and not meet to back up his words.
                Seb, your prediction didn’t happen. The honourable thing to do would be to say you were wrong but you can’t even do that.
                Sounds like you are a Trump guy. Just admit defeat!

              12. ‘Honorable thing to do is admit you were wrong.’
                I did that. I was wrong about the exact date, but still think Kaep will play again.
                You, however are wrong so many times, I am astounded when you are right.
                Prime, you were wrong about the election, so I will haunt your posts about that.

              13. Prime, the honorable thing is to pay your bets, when you lose. Razor accepted your bet before you added your stipulations.
                Welchers should not be talking about being honorable.

  5. Shanny:

    With moving [OL Daniel] Brunskill to center, who I thought did a real good job, too, at center.

    If Brunskill can take ownership of that center position that would be a stroke of luck!

    1. I like Brunskill. Let him play one position the rest of the way and I guarantee he will be the starter there next year.
      He has a mean streak to him which is needed. Regardless where he ends up, we have to spend some draft capital along the oline.

    2. It would be found money, but even if he plays well the rest of the year I am not sure I would feel confident rolling into 2021 with him as the solution without a good contingency plan. Draft or sign an OC/OG to compete at either spot.

  6. Congratulations to Joe Biden and those who supported his candidacy.

    Donald Trump will begin his campaign for the 2024 election on January 21st.

    1. with mail in voting here to stay – repubs are not winning the presidency ever again

      2024 – yea re-election from Prison …….he will need money = debt collectors are waiting for him

      1. One,
        “with mail in voting here to stay – repubs are not winning the presidency ever again”

        Ha ha! And there you have it! Socialism at its best.
        Sheesh, you can’t make this stuff up (lol).

        1. voting is now socialism?…..nah you definitely can’t make this up.

          it’s too easy $hytin on you – best we educate you….

          ……”Using the false label of socialism to discredit proposals that would benefit the entire nation does a disservice to intelligent public discourse and hinders attainment of a better society. The quality of life in the United States was better when taxes on the wealthy were higher and before corporate welfare corrupted the free market

          Rather than employ phony labels to build straw man arguments, those who think we need to Make America Great Again should advocate for what actually has made living in America great. Examples:

          Free public schools educate children so that they can grow up to become productive citizens. The benefit has greatly exceeded the cost in taxes.

          Some advocate for free college tuition so that the United States can be more competitive in the world economy. California became a powerhouse economy because of previously free tuition at the University of California, Cal State, and community colleges.

          Health Care is important for containment of infectious diseases and essential for a good quality of life. Measles was wiped out — until access to health care declined. Everyone benefits when all citizens have access to health care.

          We cannot have beneficial socialistic programs — not socialism — without honest and intelligent conversations. Before passing judgment on the merits of a proposal, one should not repeat, without thinking, the diatribes of know-nothing TV and radio talking heads…”

          1. One,
            “voting is now socialism?…..nah you definitely can’t make this up.”

            Yup, the Dems setting themselves up to never lose to the Rep’s again (as you stated) has the vulgar smell of socialism.
            AOC and here squad should award you a medal of honor.

            1. Yup, the Dems setting themselves up to never lose to the Rep’s again (as you stated) has the vulgar smell of socialism.

              Maybe it’s the people making their choice by voting Liberal – or they shouldn’t have the free will to chose?

              USA population 328.2 million

              est number who voted in 2016 = 128 million
              est number who voted in 2020 = 144 million…

              …and you want to reduce that number instead of growing it – who is the enemy of America?

              America is a Blue country – The People Have Spoken

        2. One,
          “with mail in voting here to stay – repubs are not winning the presidency ever again”

          Ha ha! And there you have it! Socialism at its best.
          Sheesh, you can’t make this stuff up (lol).

          Actually, One is quoting Trump. So, in a sense you are right, he is making stuff up.

          If it’s easy for people to vote, Republicans will never win again


          You trumpers are in the first couple of stages of loss and grief, I understand. You’ll make it, even if you have to endure years of gloating, being called snowflake, etc. if you don’t reach that final stage, acceptance, perhaps you could organize some sort of movement. Call it, maybe, The Resistance 😁

    2. I agree that DJT will sow the seeds for a potential bid for reelection in 2024, but that ambition will fade soon enough. I think the odds of him being indicted for tax related issues are much better than the odds of him running another successful presidential campaign. Sure, in some ways Trumpism will definitely live on well after he leaves office, but to be clear, DJT’s will be leaving office on Jan. 20th, 2021, at the very latest. I have no problem with all of the blatant lies and disinformation as protected by the first amendment, I am just tired of the corrosive effects of the dishonestly coming straight from highest office in the land.

      Now, let’s all hope for the sake of our great republic, that we have a peaceful transfer of presidential power in the coming months.

      1. The Republican senate should fight fire with fire and bring Biden before a senate committee to come clean on Ukraine, China and Russia.
        It seems fair to me that two can play at this game. I’m sure that the GOP can find someone better than Mueller.

        1. Two things – (1) Whatever you think you know about football 49Reasons is several orders of magnitude less than you know about the IRS and taxes. (2) AES – Turnabout is fair play and I couldn’t agree more with your post. Maybe I should have said three things. If you post a reply 49 I will ignore it like most of your football “wisdom”.

          1. LOSERS – dude – Georgia is already blue – Add up the votes – where will the Repub get the votes?

            74 M STRONG MFer

          2. wine, what I know for a fact is that IRS audits don’t last for 4 years, come on dude, I think you are smart enough to know that. And if audits don’t last for 4 years, don’t you have to ask the question (you sure would if the shoe was on the other foot) – what the heck is this guy hiding, and why is he trying so hard to prevent the American people from seeing it?

            Come on man, you have to be smarter than that!

            Also, as for the Senate looking into Hunter and Ukraine, we know that’s all disinformation, but it really doesn’t matter now anyways, because GJT has set a new precedent in terms of congressional subpoenas …. that POTUS can simply ignore congressional subpoenas, because the POTUS is clearly above the law.

            Oh, and in terms of precedent DJT has set, when it comes to Executive Orders …. have at it Joe, get your favorite pen ready because your going to need a strong one.

      2. I’m sure that the GOP can find someone better than Mueller.

        You already have that guy-Rudy! He’s running the operation from the Four Seasons Total Landscaping. In industrial Philadelphia, next to Fantasy Island Adult Books. Across the street from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center. Between the fire extinguisher and yellow hose. (talk about stuff you can’t make up 😂😂😂😂😂) Good luck! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  7. Jesus! Crabbs has moved up Wilson over Lance and is now in the top 3 of quarterbacks in the upcoming draft. (I’ve had him over Lance for weeks) He played a hell of a game last night against some pretty good corners. I just keep thinking what Shanny could do with him in this offense….

    1. I don’t think Shanny is going qb in the first… and I’m starting to think Wilson will be a first rounder.
      Mac Jones might be a day 2 guy they could have.

      1. I don’t either but I’d be on board taking Wilson with our 12th overall selection in the upcoming 2021 NFL draft.

        I agree Mac Jones in round 2 is probably who Shanny would green light Lynch to target.

        1. I like Jones as an intelligent, accurate qb who manipulates safeties and is willing to take a deep shot. I dont love his arm, size or athleticism.

          1. Yea, I’m not big on Jones but I think he’s a qb Shanny would like and he throws a catchable and accurate deep ball.

    2. At this point I would be surprised if he wasn’t a top 10 pick.

      I’m not sure what the reticence is of some people regarding whether Shanahan would draft a QB in the 1st. I think he would have zero hesitation if he decides JG isn’t the answer. The question in my mind is how much would they be willing to give up to get the guy he wants.

  8. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. Catch the film breakdown from Thursday night on YouTube live and see why there is reason to be optimistic about the 49ers chances moving forward. Coming up at noon.

        1. The NFL stands for- Not For Long.
          At the present attrition rate, decent QBs will become as rare as hen’s teeth.
          Now that his main impediment is gone, Kaep should be able to play.

  9. Ok – what happened?

    Trump’s incompetence to control the Covid gave the People a legit opportunity to change voter suppression laws and expand voting to more People.

    There is no going back – People don’t have to vote in person anymore – Mail-in voting is now the People’s weapon.

    I am shocked he received 71 M – what’s more shocking is we have 74 M Americans who voted against and support a progressive future…….Going to be really tough to get a Repub president in the future….

    Just wait till we get ONLINE voting……

              1. It’s what’s out there Rib. Just stating the facts.

                It’s “WHAT’S OUT THERE” lol, and we wonder why politics is completely broken in this country? Here’s a hint: Look no further than “what’s out there” on social media and the internet!

                And BTW Prime, I hate to break this news to you, but just because “it’s out there”, doesn’t make it fact!

              2. Also, if you know anything about the way our general elections are done in this country, you’d realize that there is no way to effectively cheat, certainly not on the kind of scale that some fringe politicians and supporters are suggesting. There’s a reason it’s never happened in the history of our great republic. Our elections are done state by state. It’s this decentralized process, full of checks and balances, that insures a accurate count. Of course, when you have 146 million Americans vote, there will be some “irregularities”, it’s unavoidable. But something on the scale of hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands, is simply not possible. I can assure everyone who might be holding out hope for 4 more years … you need to stop hoping for some kind of miracle, because it isn’t going to happen!

                At the end of the day, those who are hoping for a different outcome need to get over it, because at the end of the day, it’s the American people who decide elections, and the American people have spoken by 4.5 million votes!

              3. Yup, everything he covered up and hid from the public, will soon be front and center. Now that his immunity is gone, he is thinking about fleeing the country.
                There will be a blizzard of lawsuits, and subpoenas will be enforced.
                He will have to defend himself against charges of sexual assault, so pedophilia is not a far stretch, since he was best buddies with Epstein.
                Just remember, his forte is projecting. casting the worst aspersions about things he is guilty of. A storm is coming.

              4. Brooks was incarcerated in the 1990s on charges of sexual assault, lewdness and endangering the welfare of a minor for exposing himself to two girls ages 7 and 11, according to news accounts.

                Gregg, so are you saying the Giuliani presser triggered an Amber alert? Are we sure that wasn’t just some guy who wandered by on his way to the next door porn shop that Giuliani corralled and gave a mic to?

    1. The country has to come together – let the politicians do their jobs and figure a way to cooperate – no need to be demonizing each other…..

  10. We are witnessing history, so I will diverge towards politics.
    Trump lost because he botched the Covid 19 response, he dissed John McCain, he made a Gold Star widow cry, he dissed the military by calling them suckers, took Stacey Abrams off the voting role, which energized her to make every vote count, and lied so much, I was astonished when he actually did tell the truth.
    Too bad those were all self inflicted wounds. If he had acted presidential, and was less bombastic, he could have stolen another election.
    He almost stole this one by slowing down the postal service. He ignored and delayed the mail in ballots, and tried to claim victory just from the people voting on November 3rd. Once every vote is counted, I wonder if Biden might win by 5 million votes. Thankfully, there was no third party candidate to divide and conquer. Biden ran a tight ship, and the unity produced over 74 million votes. 12 years later, he garnered more votes than Obama.
    Last election, Hillary won by 3 million votes. Trump used the EC to claim victory, but he only won 43% of the vote. Then he acted like he was not a minority candidate, and had won by a landslide. He thumbed his nose at the majority, then proceeded to act like a despot, above the law. He had no mandate, and broke all the rules.
    Well, he is threatening to sue again, but he just lost his immunity, so he should be lawyering up. I fully expect him to try to pardon himself, but that would mean he would have to admit he did something wrong. January 22st should be interesting.
    Republicans should remember that the Democrats had a 3 million vote popular vote majority, yet let Trump be President. Well this time, Joe Biden has a 4 million vote majority, along with the Electoral College majority, so the Dems did not steal this election. If Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia switched, they could have lost the popular majority, but then once again claimed victory. Oh, wait, he claimed victory, anyways. The Republicans tried to suppress voting, and the gerrymandering allowed them to do well in the House, but too many people were united to vote against Trump. The Republicans are trembling in their boots because the Dems have control of redistricting, and will redraw the gerrymandered districts.
    History tends to repeat itself. Bush won an EC vote by a razor thin margin, then his administration was clueless about 9-11, and he destabilized the Middle East. In the end, his economy cratered, and Obama had to save the day.
    Now, Trump stole an election by using foreign help, and playing up to people’s greed and prejudices. His administration was rotten from the top to the bottom, and he proceeded to screw things up royally. America’s standing has fallen to new lows, and the vacuum of leadership was filled by Russia and China. Trump is destabilizing the Middle East by allowing the UAE to build nuclear power plants, which will be a good source for some radical islamist to obtaining fissionable material, for the ultimate terrorist dream. History will not be kind to Trump, and his supporters. In the end, his economy cratered because he was incompetent against Covid 19.
    Thankfully, there is a new sheriff in town, and he will clean things up. Biden’s speech was presidential. He will actually listen to the scientists and medical experts. He was humble and empathetic. He was everything Trump was not, and could not be. Joe Biden will truly make America great again, erasing the Trump legacy of corruption, hate and putting children in cages. Once Biden is in, there will be a lot of exposure of all the venality. Republicans will have to own that, because they enabled Trump.
    Democracy is great. We had allowed our rules and civility to let some one con us. but in the end, we voted him out because he deserves to be locked up. I expect a blizzard of lawsuits, and his empire may evaporate. Don Jr wants to go to war, but what for? His dad will soon be too busy, unless he flees to a nation with no extradition policy.
    Back to football. Speculating about drafting a QB sounds nice, but they really need to draft an O lineman, especially if Trent Williams may move on. If the Niners do not have enough money to pay JG, they certainly do not have enough to pay TW.
    Drafting a QB in the first round is a crap shoot. Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers. Mitch Trubisky or Patrick Mahomes. Sam Darnold or Lamar Jackson. It is much preferable to roll with JG, since he took them to the SB, than some huge risk of a rookie QB. In this season of Covid 19, many QBs may not allow pundits to thoroughly assess each player, due to the team’s being affected by the Pandemic.
    Next draft, the Niners 2 biggest needs will be OL and DB. Then maybe a big RB, since the small guys the Niners have, tend to get injured.
    I still believe the playoffs are possible, but only if they stop getting injured.

        1. Prime Time says: 
August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am 
He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

          Seb says: 
August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am 
November 4th.

    1. Then he acted like he was not a minority candidate, and had won by a landslide. He thumbed his nose at the majority, then proceeded to act like a despot, above the law. He had no mandate, and broke all the rules.

      The Audacity of the right wing – the repubs are in love and blinded by the electoral college and always lose the fact that when all LEGAL votes are counted they are and will always be the minority in the country….

  11. “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

    I’m thinking of taking the Jets +10 vs the Patriots and the Panthers +10 vs the Chiefs. Trying times indeed.

    1. Nah, too inexperienced and is a statue in the pocket. Zach Wilson has been my guy since week 3, and I don’t see that changing….

      1. I like Wilson as well but Trask, looks more durable, has the arm strength and plays in the SEC.
        The only thing that bothers me about Wilson is the surgically repaired throwing arm.

        1. Wilson’s arm has looked perfectly fine to me all year.

          I could never sign off on drafting a QB who’s been a starter for one year. It’s Trubisky all over again.

          1. Maybe. But Wilson might be like Wentz. Played in a soft conference and damaged good already.

            The next guy who might fall is Mac Jones. I’m gonna start watching his tape.

            1. Aside from the obvious things to like about Wilson, I freaking love his mental makeup and where he comes from:

              “My whole life, I feel like I’ve always come from the bottom,” Wilson said. “I’ve never been the guy that’s had so many scholarship offers or was known as the big-time high school recruit, or even when I first got into high school, you know, I was the fourth-string quarterback at Corner Canyon High. It’s kind of a motto I’ve lived by my whole life. I came here to BYU and no one expected me to play and we had so many other quarterbacks in front of me. I got injured; no one expected me to come back from it.” “It’s kind of a mentality that I have,” said Wilson. “If people are going to doubt you, I’m going to use that as fire to fuel my fire and, you know, prove everybody wrong and show people that I am capable of being able to fight through adversity and come back from things.”

              I would turn in the card for this kid with my #12 selection with no reservations. Thing is, I don’t know if Shanny would. Mac Jones seems like the type of quarterback he’d sign off on in round 2. I don’t really like him, and you have to answer in your mind; how much of his success is a byproduct of his surroundings?

        2. I’d take Wilson over Trask all things being equal.
          Trask is bigger, and more experienced against quality completion. Wilson is more athletic and creative… they are both accurate, with quick releases and meh arms.
          I don’t like the idea of either one in the first round… Wilson is slightly better but I wouldn’t take him in the first.

          1. Their stocks will grow come April as the need for QB’s will be large for a lot of teams.
            The question is does Shanny want a project or a guy who will be ready in a year. Problem with Shanny’s projects was he didn’t chose wisely with CJ Beathard. So I guess it all depends who will be there for them in round 2.
            I think Trask will be there as well as maybe Mac Jones

          2. More experienced? Kid’s been a starter for 1 year. Didn’t start at the high school level and was a backup in college. He’s got clunky feet and an average arm. This guy has Trubisky written all over him. No way in hell would I draft Trask….

            1. What about Jones? For me it’s about what defenses these guys have faced in college.
              Trask and Jones will have faced better defenders than Wilson. That was the problem with Trubisky. He played against no one.

            2. He will have a been a starter for 2 years in the SEC… he won’t be a one year wonder. However, I stand corrected, Wilson has a longer track record as a stater.

          3. My days of saying I wouldn’t take a QB I like the look of in round 1, even early round 1, are over. If you think a guy can be a good starting QB, they are round 1 QBs these days. Only real projects or guys that are more backup calibre talents last to day two/ three. Very hard to find starting calibre QBs outside of round 1 these days.

            1. Yeah, and my days of saying I would prefer a pure pocket passer over a dual-threat QB are over. Now I think we need a primarily pocket passer but one who has some dual-threat capability when plays break down; more than what Jimmy gives us and certainly more than Mullens. Josh Allen looked good today.

              1. The reason why Shanny doesn’t need a “elite mobile” QB is because of the offense he runs. He is all about the YAC and the running game with the occasional down field home run.
                This is why the first order of business is fixing the interior of the oline.
                We have the weapons on offense now with Deebo, Kittle, Aiuyuk to be explosive. We have the RB’s.
                We just need a QB who is accurate and that can stay on the field.
                Before all that, get the oline fixed.

              2. Yeah, I understand that and I agree that we don’t need an “elite mobile” QB. The problem is that even with a great OL, what happens when guys get injured. It’s inevitable and for some reason the 49ers seem to have had the highest injury rate for years now. Plus a QB that can at least threaten to run and is able to buy time allows his receivers to get open since it’s very hard for a secondary to cover for more than a few seconds.

              3. I know that this would be debatable, but I believe that the biggest loss on the offense is Mostert.
                Mostert’ explosive speed causes the defense to account for him wherever he lines up. His home run threat allows for other facets of the offense to open up.
                Having Mostert healthy can make our QB’s much more productive. He has been sorely missed.

                Also, I’ve been touting the need for a dual threat for a while now, but someone like Kyle Trask piques my interest because of his great accuracy and size.
                But after watching Tom Brady get beat up by the Saints pass-rush tonight, I might stick to the dual threat QB. But he has to be able to sling the ball with accuracy.

                I haven’t been all in with Wilson for the mere reason that he likely won’t be on the board when the 49ers draft.
                Perhaps Trey Lance comes out early and we have a shot at him. 🤷‍♀️

              4. Agreed cubus. I’ve always been a proponent of wanting a pocket passer. But these days the most dangerous QBs are the ones that you also have to account for their legs, and are able to create in chaos.

              5. “I believe that the biggest loss on the offense is Mostert.”

                It’s Deebo. His versatility opens up the playbook.

            2. Fair enough Scooter.
              I just look at them like a poker hand. You have a chance of winning big with a pair of 6’s in hand but it’s tough to push in a more than half your chips on that hand. Imagine if SF chose CJ Beathard in the first… That said if the team really believes in the guy, yeah, take him early, it’s not nearly as bad as it once was with the rookie wage cap.

              1. Nobody thought Beathard was a starting calibre QB. Not even the 49ers – they were planning on him being Cousins backup.

                But guys that show very good starting QB traits don’t fall any more, no matter the level of competition.

              2. As long as the skill set is this in exact order:
                2.Arm strength

      2. With some pundits touting Matty Ice as a possible replacement for Jimmy, why not just draft a younger version of Ryan by taking Trask.
        Statue QB’s have had very good success when the Oline keeps them upright.

        More statue like QB’s have won SB’s than running type QB’s. Tom Brady is the most obvious example.

        While I’m impressed with Wilson’s TD to Int ratio and overall ability, his size gives me pause.
        At 6′ 3 and 210 lbs, I’d hold my breath every time he takes off on a run.

    2. Kyle Trask, another local Houston product. Comes from Manvel, Texas which is a hotbed of football talent at the 5A level around here. Also in the area where Nolan Ryan grew up and still has property. Manvel had 10 or 12 kids from Trasks graduating class sign D1 scholarship offers. Trask never started a varsity football game in High School. He was D’eriq King’s backup his entire high school football career. Everybody knew about King in Houston when he was in High School. Truly amazing athleticism and could really pass the ball with accuracy on the move. Trask was known because he got quite a bit of playing time. Manvel was usually blowing people out early so Trask was able to get into games in the first half. Even so, he was still known as the backup. BUT – Agree with Razor, he’s a statue. Great size and arm strength but IMO he isn’t a starting quality NFL QB. Having said that, the thing I love about the guy is he is a team guy. In high school, he could have transferred to just about any other school and been a starter and big time star. The only reason he wasn’t a major recruit was because he chose to stay at Manvel High School because that was his home town team. His high school coaches said he never complained and was always a team first guy. Went to Florida and has worked hard. This is a kid that loves football and shows great loyalty to his team and his teammates. From a football perspective this is a guy you want on your team. I just think with current NFL rules that favor mobile QBs, this is a guy who has serious limitations in the mobility department. I’d say he would be worth probably around a 4th round pick if I were picking for the 49ers.

        1. Yeah, Trask will get way over drafted which is unfortunate because that likely means he will end up in a bad situation on a team desperate for QB help. Outside of Trever Lawrence I don’t really like this QB class. I don’t think there’s really any chance whatsoever the 49ers draft a QB in the first 3 rounds. That means the 49ers will end up with someone like Brock Purdy, Tanner Morgan, or Kellen Mond. I don’t like any of those guys at all as NFL QBs.

          1. You know signing Johnson to the practice squad may be a portend of things to come. What if Shanny has decided to move in the direction of a more mobile quarterback, and Johnson is the designated mentor? Jimmy gets traded for a 4th rounder….

            1. I am thinking the same thing……. I like Johnson too. We have seen enough of Mullens.
              I also vote for sending JimmyG back to NE.
              The problem will be who will be the bridge QB…… I say keep Johnson if he shows well.

            2. I don’t understand immediately jumping to the “Shanny is potentially evolving his QB skill set requirements because they signed a 34 year old backup who last played in the NFL 2 years ago.”

              I look at the Josh Johnson signing and I think “the 49ers are signing Josh Johnson to the practice squad so they can give their defense good practice looks against mobile QBs to prepare them for their games against Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray.”

              1. Only two reasons for signing Johnson. He’s the mentor for a mobile rookie QB in the draft or he’s here to simulate Wilson and Murray.

                At 34 I’m not sure his simulation would be realistic, but I am sure he could provide mentorship similar to a Fitzpatrick once he learns the offense….

              2. MMMM… ok. but I dont really see it. Signing a QB to mentor a guy who’s not on the roster? I guess you could argue it’s a tryout for Johnson as a coach/mentor for the future but it seems more realisitc for Shanny to put a guy on the practice squad to improve a major defensive weakness for defending mobile QBs in a division with 2 of the most mobile QBs in the NFL.

                Also, Shanny does have a history with a mobile QB. RG3 was on a superstar path similar to Mahomes before he got injured. After the experience with RG3, IMO Shanny doesn’t want a QB who runs. He wants a QB who can avoid the rush. Guys like Joe Burrows and perhaps Desean Watson would be great fits in Shanny’s offense. I feel like guys like Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson would not be great fits in this offense.

              3. Houston, I just submitted the question to Tim Kawakami. If he ends up answering it by the end of the week I will post his response.

                Tim, is Josh Johnson the future mentor for a rookie quarterback in the draft or is he merely a sim for the mobile qb’s in our division?

              4. Ok. I’m not really a Kawakami guy but if he answers I’ll read his response. I don’t think any sports journalist has any more of a valid or invalid opinion than you or me. They only interpret what they hear and express their opinions the same as we do. The only real way to know why they signed Johnson is to hear it directly from Shanny or Lynch. And even then they may only say what they want you to know and not really divulge internal discussions on player signings.

              5. Can’t argue with that, but I think we can agree that he’s got a network of NFL information that we may not be privy to….

              6. After the experience with RG3, IMO Shanny doesn’t want a QB who runs.

                Oh, Kyle certainly wants a mobile athletic QB, he just wants a mobile QB who is an efficient passer first and foremost, but with the ability to make plays with his legs, unlike RG3, who was sort of the opposite. I know that’s easier said than done, but I am sure that is the goal. Giving Kyle a QB who is accurate enough to run his offense, but capable of threatening a defense with his mobility, would absolutely be the death knell for the rest of the NFC.

      1. Good info Hou. I’ll be watching him the rest of the way. He played great last night.
        It will be interesting to see him at the combine in a couple months. If indeed they have a combine.

  12. Tbh the more I watch… the more I love the prospects coming out in a few years.
    Sam Howell, Brady White, and Kedon Slovis all are very good looking prospects.

    1. Slovis looked like $hit for most of that game, not to mention I don’t trust drafting USC players. Especially at QB.

      1. Wait you are judging Slovis, a 19 year old sophmore, playing in a pac 12 conference that had no had offseason actvities based on one game?
        And in that game where, he played like S**t, only going 40 of 55, for 381 yrds, with 2 td’s and 1 int.. in which he lead his team on a 14 pt 4th quarter comeback victory?
        If he did that as a Jr. or Sr. I’d be impressed… to do that as true sophmore without an offseason… yeah… he’s not a good future prospect at all.

        1. I watched the whole game and reported on what I saw. Just being honest about USC players. I honestly do not trust them at the NFL level.

          1. So it’s USC players you are scared of then.
            As a player that throws for more than 3500 yards, with 30 tds to 9 ints, all while completing nearly 72 percent of his passes as a true freshman in a major conference will have my attention regardless of school.
            I’m not judging him off of one game.

              1. Fair enough.
                I think it’s a common issue… Trey Lance also looked pretty bad in his one game showcase. It’s really tough to judge them yet as they haven’t really had a chance to get in synch with their wr’s, route timing, progressions etc. Especially given the offseason these boys have had.

        2. Joe Burrow was a total unknown 19 year old sophomore at one time. I’m willing to let the kid grow and mature to see where he is in 2 years. Having said that, based on what I saw against ASU, I would say any NFL Scout who spent even a 7th round draft pick on Slovis based on what we’ve seen so far should immediately be fired and banned from scouting for any NFL team ever. Honestly, I’m not sure why anyone would even throw that name out as an option any time ever. Let’s let the kid grow up before we start putting the pressure of Future NFL QB on him.

          1. No one is taking him next year… but as a true freshman, when a kid puts up numbers in the same category as Trevor Lawrence, I stand up and take notice.
            If he is able to marginally improve every year… he will likely be a first round pick in the future.

  13. We keep talking about getting a QB but when you look at the division and our Achilles heel right now, is defending Metcalfe and Hopkins for many more years.
    With our 1st round pick, we have to address getting a lock down corner before anything else!

        1. Opposing quarterbacks own a passer rating of 23.2 when targeting Verrett this season. That is the second-lowest rating allowed among NFL cornerbacks with at least 70 coverage snaps. Only Washington’s Kendall Fuller has allowed a lower passer rating (9.3) when targeted. He can cover Metcalf….

          1. Are you seriously going all Jack Hammer on me with the stats?

            I almost like Verrett better as a nickel corner. On the outside he gets manhandled.

            1. Verrett has been elite so far. He is an outside corner and yes will struggle a little bit against bigger corners but that shouldn’t be a problem, any competent DC could still use him effectively. However, he is not on the roster next year and his price tag is going up based upon the numbers Razor has cited.

            2. Nobody is gonna shut Metcalf down completely. You can take him out of the game by giving help over the top but Saleh prefers getting burned deep for TD’s. Verrett has been auditioning all year to replace Sherman. Verrett’s price tag should be fine because Sherman will be gone, plus his contract will most likely have medical provisions and incentives. Verrett, Mosley and KWilliams look like our starting lineup next year….

              1. “ Verrett, Mosley and KWilliams look like our starting lineup next year….

                I’m concerned! Add the fact we have had zero big plays and takeaways from our safeties, we might be relying too much on a pass rush that doesn’t exist without Bosa.

        2. The only way to minimize DK’ production is to get to Russell. Our pass-rush has suffered with the loss of Bosa. When Hyder becomes our best PR’r, it makes for an uphill climb against mobile QB’s.

        1. I would have liked CJ Henderson last year or the very least draft a corner last year somewhere in the draft.
          Especially knowing they are all free agents next year.

  14. Pff graded Armstead high? He did not record a tackle, or an assist. Guess they were watching a different game. Armstead allowed Rodgers to break containment, and was a non factor in the game. I sure wish they had kept Buckner, their best defensive player, and let Armstead walk.

    1. Seb,
      Signing Armstead over Buckner was more about the salary cap than talent. That was before they knew the cap was going to drop 30 mill. If they had signed Buckner it would just mean at least 2 more starters we would have to release. It is going to be a very ugly off season. It will be much like the blood letting they had to do after the 95 SB Which they never quite got over until they began losing big time.

      1. Considering Buckner’s play over Armstead, it still would have been wiser to keep Buckner, and structure his contract like Armstead’s.
        Armstead looks like he has feet of clay. He cannot set the edge, and keep containment. How many sacks does he have? 1.5?
        Armstead also lines up too close to the line of scrimmage. One play, it looked like his arm was lined up offside 2 feet, but it was not called.
        Arik Armstead whined about criticism from Grant, but he really should not pay any attention to the media, and concentrate more on improving his play.

          1. Indeed it was. Unfortunately through the first half of 2020 it looks like keeping Buckner would have been better than having those three. But maybe long term the better deal is having those three. TBD.

            1. I think keeping Ward was the mistake.
              Keeping Buckner at that price would still be rough… he has a cap hit of $23,378,000 to Armstead’s $6,000,000 next year that evens out with Armstead only costing about 4.5 mil more.
              The reality though is, this whole decision hinges on Kinlaw. If he is able to become a pass rushing force by year 3 then it was the right choice.
              However, before we go overboard praising Buckner, he also only has 2.5 sacks at the halfway point. He’s getting pressures yes but so is Amstead, so the question is… are 2 more sacks per season worth that additional amount? It’s very possibly will be, but who knows at this point.

          2. Maybe you should consider the third round compensation pick Armstead would give them if he had walked during Free Agency. With that pick, they could have drafted a center, as a distinct possibility that there would be a high need eventually. Especially with Richberg such a question mark.
            Tarvarius Moore may be a good replacement for Ward, and some on this site have been questioning Kinlaw’s impact on the game. I am cutting him a lot of slack, because the Covid Crisis disrupted the offseason. I think he is doing OK, and does have that quick burst. More experience in the system will help him. I do see that they have doubled him, so I hope he can split the blocks. I expect Kinlaw to be a long term prospect, who can help with the run defense, while also getting the pressure up the middle.

      1. Jonathan Taylor was the one who fumbled the game away.
        Actually, in the first half, the Colt defense did not allow a point. Buckner helped them do that. Too bad, in the second half, unforced errors and an inept offense, doomed them when the Ravens made all the right adjustments.
        Yes, Buckner took on the double teams so his backers could make plays. He did his job. He also had 5 total tackles, so he was not invisible.
        Comparing Buckner’s play to Armstead’s play shows a glaring difference.
        Buckner is helping the Colts become the top ranked defensive team in the league, while I watch a slow footed undisciplined and under performing Armstead, not making plays.

            1. Here, PT? Where is that. I know US citizens are not currently welcome up north ( nor many other places in the world) for good reason. But as far as I know, not reciprocal.

          1. When I was growing up I generally distrusted the US, basically thinking it as a bully; NAFTA was a way to screw Canada out of jobs, because of the lower salaries, social benefits, environmental laws in the US. Lol. Obviously Canada and the US benefit greatly from each other, and it’s ignorant to think otherwise.

            I also think that Canadians have a relatively objective view of the US, not being as steeped in the vitriolic politics, but living in a country that’s pretty similar. There’s all types—I have a Canadian friend from school who is very Trumpy, but most are not, of course.

    1. The category was “Talkin’ Football,” but Trebek was the only one in the conversation.

      All three contestants came up blank on the first four clues during the February 2018 episode, prompting Trebek to quip, “I can tell you guys are big football fans” after they fumbled the first three.

      And again after the fourth clue comes and goes.

      “Let’s look at the $1,000 clue, just for the fun of it,” Trebek joked. “If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die.”

      No one ventured a guess on that one either.

      “We’re gonna at take a break,” Trebek said to the camera. “I have to talk to them.”

  15. oh wait! You can throw on Seattle?! Nice to see Buffalo shredding them…….. Allen w 320 already w 12 mins left in the 3rd.

  16. As it appears PD is not going to pay someone to handle this blog maybe they would allow some of the frequent contributors run the blog.
    They could let Prime, Razor, Seb and Houston each start a blog topic a couple of times a week. Every other week two could start a new conversation. They could alternate doing the blog on game day.
    PD Could generate more hits and therefore more $ from advertisers.
    Any thoughts on this suggestion?

    1. 42,
      The PD has been virtually running without a host. CW, typically does an article on Mondays a day after the game when most of the pundits have already commented.
      This is no slight against CW. This is what the PD has offered.

      I’ve always said that I come here because of posters, and still do.
      Old Coach, Razor, Rib, Scooter and Jack Hammer keep this blog moving more than the host.

    2. 42, I am surprised that this blog site is still functional, with no head blogger. CW is good, but he is an absentee blogger.
      Still, with all the injuries, the Niners are decimated, and a shell of their former self. This really winnows out the fair weather fans, so I like that. I will still root for this team, because it is in my blood, but I am also a realist, and know that their path to the playoffs has become tenuous, with no room for error.
      Of all the posters, I think Old Coach would be the best candidate for head blogger. Many of us are too extreme, one way or the other. He could bring a moderating influence, and I also agree a lot with his assessments.

  17. Sunday Night Football = why I don’t bet on football any mo.
    Y’all oughta shut up about politics; you’re embarrassing yourselves. 🙄

    1. Optimistic about what?
      An early playoff exit ?
      Getting close to the playoffs and getting a crappy draft pick?
      At this point I am only hoping that players like Kinlaw and Aiyuk will show a ton of promise for the future.
      That Jimmy balls out when he returns.
      A backup player shines allowing the team to replace an expensive vet.
      A good draft pick.

        1. Maybe, I’m just not a believer in that. Winning games after being eliminated doesn’t translate to the next season imo. Additionally with the turnover in NFL locker rooms culture can change quickly.

  18. I will believe the HC of the San Francisco 49ers over the peanut gallery.
    KS- ‘JG gives us the best chance to win, and there are no plans on moving on from him.’ JG got them to the SB, so he should treasured like a precious ruby, not thrown into the gutter.
    All the speculation on drafting a QB is specious. An interesting exercise in futility, when they will not have the first or second pick, (Jets and Giants are locking those up), and the lesser QBs have just as much a chance to bust than shine.
    If KS is now enamored about dual threat QBs, he should just re-sign Kaep. He is willing able and eager to play again, and now his biggest impediment is gone, there is absolutely no reason to keep blackballing him.
    The problem is- college QBs generally do not run a pro system, so it is hard to evaluate them. Mahomes ran the Air Raid system, but now is a SB champion. The Bears passed on Mahomes and chose Trubusty, so they have major regrets.

    1. Seb,
      You would glad to read Gilbert Brink’ article about Kaepernick over on 49erswebzone.
      Of course, I don’t agree with his take, but it’s an interesting read if you have a minute.

      1. The most ridiculous thing about Kaepernick is, even if he did come back, being out of football for 4 years, what kind of shape would he be in? Keep in mind his words:
        “I don’t believe too much on working on mechanics or fundamentals”.

        Every GM in the NFL says: “Oh please can I sign a 33 yearold has been?

        Hey Seb, did you know Kaepernick’s birthday was Nov.3rd. Your prediction of Nov.4th makes it that much more enjoyable!

      2. AES, tyvm.
        If JL and KS thinks Josh Johnson can play, Kaep can certainly play.
        They even had Blaine Gabbert and Jameis Winston playing on Sunday, so if they will play drek QBs like that, Kaep deserves a chance to at least try out for a team.

        1. Deserve? Why would any team give a guy who fell off so quick in his skill set, a distraction in every area of public relations and overall one dimensional player deserve a chance?
          AND, AND, hasn’t played in 4 years?

          I mean you haven’t let that ship sail which tells me you have some sort of tie to this guy. What is it?

            1. Nah. Anybody not named Alex Smith was his guy. Troy Smith? Yeah, taking us to the SB. Shaun Hill? You da man. Josh Johnson? We’ll never have to hear the name Alex Smith again.

        2. Seb,
          I’ve always been a Kaep fan from his High School days and even touted him as a good pick for the 49ers while he was still at Nevada.
          But, every time his name comes up as possibly playing again, I need to remind myself that he is not the same QB that took us to the SB.

          Kaepernick’ quick ascent was followed by an equally fast descent. I still like my neighborhood High School hero, but I don’t see any possible way that Kaep can make a comeback.
          1. His abilities were in fast decline before he left the 49ers.
          2. Being out of the league all this time, does make for a better QB.
          3. He can’t possibly be viewed as an automatic Starter right away if he returns. Which he feels should be the case.

          Let’s face it, Kaepernick was a shooting star that quickly flamed out.

          1. No matter how many of us or how many experts around the NFL or General Managers and owners say the exact same thing about Kap, Seb won’t admit its true. The guy is stuck with that idea and won’t change.

            I guarantee Seb still wears acid wash jeans because he still thinks they are fashionable!

          2. QBs come and go, but you should put Kaep’s time with the Niners in context.
            Like Prime said, Kaep took the league by storm. With that under performing Niner team, because AS just was not the answer, he took them to the SB after starting only 10 games.
            Bad QB? He did regress, but that was because he was hamstrung with Baalke dismantling that SB team. One season, the only FA who would sign with the Niners was Pears. Most decent FAs shunned the Niners like the plague, because Baalke was cheap, and treated players like they were a piece of meat.
            Bad QBs do not set playoff records, have a 90.7 QBR, a 16-4 TD/interception ratio, and can shrug off arm tackles while running like a gazelle. Kaep put his foot on the half yard spot, then proceeded to run 99.5 yards untouched for a TD. He set the QB playoff rushing record of 181 yards, so he is a threat to score, every time he touches the ball.
            It is a tired but effective tactic to declare Kaep is a bad QB, so it justifies his blackballing. Too bad that his protesting for social justice has proven to be the correct thing to do, so he is a trailblazer. Kaep is a hero, and is being persecuted unfairly, so he is a martyr, too.
            The best thing his doubters should do, is allow Kaep to try out, and hope he falls flat on his face. People who are terrified that he may be given a chance to play, seem cowardly.
            Fortunately, his biggest impediment lost, so he will be shorn of power. Kaep will be given a chance to at least try out for a team.
            I have not said that Kaep should be handed a starting job. He will need to compete, and must win the starting job, wherever he goes.
            Sigh, Kaep was the first QB to take the Niners to the SB since 1994, and KS preferred Hoyer over Kaep. Too bad Hoyer threw like the DB was the intended receiver. Now, JG is the last QB to take the Niners to the SB, and posters are dissing him, too.
            I still want JG to lead the team, but things change. Now that he may not play again this season, Kaep would give the Niners their best chance to win, over Mullens, CJB and Josh Johnson. If not the Niners, several teams are starting drek QBs, so Kaep would be a superior alternative.

            1. Next time someone on this blog says I insult Seb for no reason, read his post above.
              Talking about a QB who played in the NFL 4 years ago, flamed out and wants him to lead our current team.

              Seb, you need help. Serious mental health help!

              1. Oh Prime, trolling me will not work.
                Posters on this site have declared that JG will never play again for the Niners. Naturally, if that is the case, Kaep would be a logical candidate, because KS is now enamored with fleet dual threat QBs.
                Did you know that Josh Johnson did not play for 5 years? Guess you think JL needs serious mental health help, too.

  19. Jack,
    You are certainly an optimist. I just wish I could be there with you. I believe the 49ers would have a hard time beating any of the teams on their schedule (with the exception of Wash. and Dall) with a good starting QB and Mullens is not a good starting QB. the 2nd reason I believe they will not make the playoffs is the total lack of pass rush. They can’t win without a healthy Nick Bosa. imho

    1. That defense is built on pressuring with 4 guys.

      Say it with me Jack, Nick Mullens is not as good as Jimmy Garoppolo.

      1. Say it with me Jack, Robert Saleh is a one defensive scheme guy.

        You see Miami’s and Arizona’s defense yesterday continually changing it up from blitzing to zone to cover 1,2 and 3 to man. Always changing depending the down and distance.
        What do we do? Cover 3 and blitz on 3rd down. So predictable.

              1. Jack I’m sure he mixes in some man but the Niners are primarily a zone team with variations. Point is it’s so predictable.
                It’s easy for OC’s to guess what coverage is coming. It’s a lot of Cover 3 and it’s been exploited a lot.

        1. Prime this is wrong and has been for 2 years now.
          Saleh has been very multiple in his coverages. He has made some questionable personnel moves and has not always been quick to adjust but he has shown a lot of different defensive looks unlike almost all the other cover 3 deciples.

    2. They are getting healthy. This week they should get Trent Williams back along with Deebo and Aiyuk. Those are big additions for the offense and part of why they looked so bad against GB. Following Sunday they get the bye week after which they’ll have Mostert back and possibly Sherman.

    1. Who are they going to replace him with? Top tier LTs don’t grow on trees.

      And if you are wondering whether he is still top tier – yes, he is. He’s had a few bad snaps, but overall he has been very good. He isn’t the issue with the OL. We saw what bad LT play looks like last week.

      1. Too old for me and he is going to command too much money.
        I know it’s easy to say don’t sign him without a legit replacement but signing old veterans for top money and term, is a recipe for salary cap hell.

          1. Too bad they won’t be trading him.
            If the Niners think Mullen’s, Darnold or Matt Ryan(too much money)can hold it down and draft a QB next year to mold, they will be here next year same time, same place a game under .500.
            This offense takes at least 2- 3 years to fully grasp. It will be Jimmy in 2021 and a playoff appearance.
            After that you get your rookie QB a year in the system and ready to roll in 2022.
            You give Jimmy a one year deal with an option for 2 and make it incentive laden and you roll the dice.
            Otherwise blow it up, release are your aging vets and start a small rebuild this offseason.

            1. They aren’t giving Jimmy a one year deal unless they give him an ultimatum to take a pay cut (and contract length cut) or get cut. He’s signed for two more years on a lot of money.

              At which point, why wouldn’t he just roll the dice himself, get cut, and see what other teams are willing to pay him? He’d likely find some team willing to pay him a decent salary.

              1. They can restructure his deal and if he doesn’t then see you later.
                San Francisco is the best situation for Jimmy G.
                If he thinks he’s going to go to the Patriots or the Bears and win or have a better roster than SF, he is dreaming.

              2. I’ll bet any of you that JG is here next year with no changes to his contract. You guys have created a theory that doesn’t exist in the real world.

        1. He’s 32 (which isn’t that old for an OL) and still an amazing athlete. He’s easily got another 3 years of high quality play left in him.

          He is an elite level talent that has played at an elite level for a decade, and is still playing at that level. They won’t get close to replacing that calibre of talent without paying the same (or more) and/ or using high draft picks.

          To me it is an absolute yes as to re-signing him. Not even a question.

          And they can likely do so while keeping his cap hit for 2021 below $10m. Can easily structure a contract that pays around $20M per annum over three years while keeping 2021 low. Can even add a fourth voidable year if they want to stretch the signing bonus (and cap hits) out further. You don’t want to be doing that with all your players, but for Williams you would.

          1. I don’t see Williams going anywhere.
            They could sign him to a big contract for 5 years and an out after 3 years.
            That seems reasonable for both sides… SF can’t be depending on the likes of Skule next year.
            Given that SF is looking at rebuilding the line somewhat on the interior I can’t see them letting him go.

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