The future will be in Seattle for Nate Davis

The discussion surrounding Nate Davis, perhaps the most talked about non-playing quarterback in 49ers history, is officially over.

According to CSN Bay Area, Davis will sign a future contract with the Seahawks. The signing will mark the end of a two-year career in San Francisco during which Davis was inactive for 16 games as a rookie and spent this past season on the practice squad.

Despite never stepping on the field, Davis inspired plenty of buzz thanks to his powerful arm and his reportedly porous work habits. His flashes of brilliance during a preseason game against Minnesota on Aug. 22 inspired this from NBC’s Cris Collinsworth, “I don’t know what else you have to see out of Nate Davis. This young man … his feet are quick. His release is quick. He’s seeing the field. He’s not hesitating, and he’s got a rocket.”

Collinsworth’s praise represented the apex of Davis’ NFL career.

Less than two hours later, Mike Singletary wasn’t nearly as enamored with Davis, tsking-tsking him during a postgame press conference for his work habits and his failure to pick up a first down when he slid too early on a scramble. Davis was released two weeks later and signed to San Francisco’s practice squad after he wasn’t claimed by 31 NFL teams.

Davis’ progress was stunted by a learning disability which made it difficult for him to learn the playbook.

But even before Jim Harbaugh arrived last week with a new offensive system there were strong indications the Niners were cutting ties. The 49ers signed five practice-squad players to future contracts and Davis wasn’t among them.

But count former general manager Scot McLoughan among those who, apparently, still believe. McLoughan, a personnel executive with the Seahawks, selected Davis in the fifth round of the 2009 draft.

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