The good and not so good: Day 10 — Nick Bosa injures right ankle

San Francisco 49ers’ Nick Bosa stands on the field at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out during Wednesday’s practice.


  1. DE Nick Bosa. Injured his lower right leg defending a run. Landed on his back after the play and remained seated on the field for three or four minutes while trainers examined his right foot. Bosa didn’t seem to be in much pain. Eventually, he stood up and walked slowly off the field. The 49ers say he will have an MRI on his ankle. Since the 49ers drafted Bosa in April, he has injured himself twice during just 11 practices. UPDATE: Bosa has a sprained ankle and could miss the entire preseason, according to the NFL Network.
  2. CB Jason Verrett. Appeared to injure himself while tackling a running back during 11 on 11 drills. Verrett left practice and did not return. He also will have an MRI on his ankle, according to the 49ers. UPDATE: Verrett also has an ankle sprain, according to the NFL Network.
  3. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Telegraphed a pass to his first read (George Kittle) on third and 2 and got intercepted. Fred Warner read Garoppolo’s eyes, stepped in front of the pass and tipped it Richard Sherman, who made the interception. This was Garoppolo’s only bad play of the day, but it was the fourth pass he has thrown the 49ers’ defense in camp (the defense has dropped three of his passes). Garoppolo needs to play just a bit more carefully.
  4. WR Kendrick Bourne. Dropped a pass for the second practice in a row. Bourne is a limited player – he doesn’t run jet sweeps or returns punts or kicks. He’s a pure possession receiver. If he can’t hang onto the ball consistently, he won’t last long in the NFL.
  5. WR Jalen Hurd. Jogged through a route and seemed surprised when Nick Mullens threw the ball to him. Hurd watched it fly past his face and land incomplete. He was the second read in the progression and apparently didn’t expect Mullens to throw him the ball. Hurd doesn’t seem ready to contribute.
  6. Red-zone defense. Gave up four touchdown catches during consecutive plays from inside the 10-yard line. On one play, Trent Taylor caught the ball between Fred Warner and Ahkello Witherspoon. On another play, George Kittle caught the ball between Kwon Alexander and Jaquiski Tartt. In both cases, the defenders seemed confused about whom to cover.


  1. TE Ross Dwelley. Caught a team-high five passes during 11-on-11 team drills. Also caught a touchdown pass. Dwelley always seems open, and he has terrific hands. He will be such an upgrade over Garrett Celek as the 49ers’ No. 2 tight end this season. Celek is 31 and he has back issues.
  2. TE George Kittle. Made two touchdown catches in the red zone, and one was a contested catch over safety Marcell Harris’ head. Kittle routinely has made contested catches in the end zone this offseason. He has improved since 2018, which is hard to fathom.
  3. Red-zone offense. The first-string offense scored five touchdowns in six plays from inside the 10-yard line while facing the first-string defense. George Kittle and Trent Taylor each caught two touchdown passes, and Raheem Mostert had a seven-yard touchdown run.
  4. LB Fred Warner. Hit Tevin Coleman so hard, Coleman’s helmet popped off. Warner looks decidedly bigger and stronger than last season. When he hits someone, that player falls backward.
  5. CB Dontae Johnson. Broke up a perfect deep pass from Nick Mullens to Deebo Samuel near the sideline. Mullens threw the ball over Johnson’s shoulder, and Samuel soared into the air to grab the pass. But, Johnson stuck his arm between the ball and Samuel’s chest and batted the ball to the ground. Johnson also knocked away a pass from Mullens to Dante Pettis, who was running a slant. Johnson beat Pettis to the ball and broke up the pass.
  6. WR Jordan Matthews. Caught a 15-yard pass from Nick Mullens on third and one while running a slant route. Beat Dontae Johnson to make that catch. Matthews hasn’t received a ton of targets in camp, but he has caught the vast majority of them. He has been one of the only consistent receivers on the team. He should get more playing time at flanker with the starters.

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  1. Wow really shocked about a few things….1. Bosa and Verrett injured…shocking to say the least 2. Confusion and missed assignments on the back end….shocked have never seen this 3. Garoppolo throwing the ball to the other team…have we not seen this before complete with pick six’s?
    Seems as though nothing has really changed…..WR fail…secondary fail….oline??? QB mystery….The 40K question is= will this team ever ever get it together

    Are Trades on the horizon?

    1. Are Trades on the horizon?

      Maybe the Niners can trade Bourne to the Giants for a seventh. Bourne’s dropsies won’t be a liability on that team, since Eli Manning has not demonstrated lately that he can get the ball anywhere near a receiver.

    2. Jeez… grumpy much? Seriously though, don’t you think that they deserve a little bit further into the process before we start calling for people’s heads? By other accounts, the two interceptions that Jimmy B has thrown were reportedly a dropped pass by Bourne, and tipped ball by Warner. Even Grant said that was the only bad pass from Garoppolo today. I’ve also seen/heard some high praise for the red zone office as a whole, and just about everyone seems to think the defense is going to be pretty ferocious this year. Why not mention any of that along with the critiques?

      1. david grant= I would follow the Raiders rather than this loser team but I cannot stand JGruden whatsoever…..

    3. I doubt Bosa misses a month. Unless it’s a high ankle sprain, he’s likely to miss 10 to 14 days. That means he will miss the first 2 preseason games. My guess is that he will play in the final 2 games.

      1. Bosa is getting hurt without tackling….what happens at game speed, tackling and collisions and such? Not really a good sign= he has been hurt twice already before preseason and regular season hasn’t started…me thinks this is foreshadowing…

        1. Yeah, my guess is the team should be better at characterizing the injury. Because they initially said it was a light sprain after the MRI. Only in instances of high Ankle sprains is the injured player likely to miss significant time, like a month or more.

            1. What I’m saying is they originally stated it was a mild ankle sprain. Not broken or high. I’m thinking it’s not as bad as it seems. And they’re just being cautious, like in it’s, when they shut him down after he pulled his hammy.

  2. Looks like our defense beater will be with a 2 TE attack similar to the Patriots’ Gronk/Hernandez and the 49ers Davis/Walker.

  3. Grant:

    Just as an aside regarding the Durant injury. From a Yahoo sports interview with Durant.

    “I know you didn’t come over here for nothing,” Durant says. “I’ll give you something.

    So we got straight to it. Did the Warriors mishandle the injury?

    Durant slowly straightened up with a perplexed expression on his face.

    “Hell, no. How can you blame [the Warriors]? Hell, no,” Durant told Yahoo Sports. “I heard the Warriors pressured me into getting back. Nobody never said a word to me during rehab as I was coming back. It was only me and [director of sports medicine and performance] Rick [Celebrini] working out every day. Right when the series started, I targeted Game 5. Hell, nah. It just happened. It’s basketball. S— happens. Nobody was responsible for it. It was just the game. We just need to move on from that s— because I’m going to be back playing.”

  4. Sooooo JG leads four td’s with his offense and he’s in the not so good side, because he threw an INT?
    I’d take that kind of day all day everyday in the regular season.

    What we are seeing is a depleted pass rush and the defense is what it has been for awhile now. A bunch of guys who can’t cover long.

    1. Grant Cohn hates JG, if he went 99/100 and had 57 touchdowns in a near perfect week in practice but one was a pick. He’s no good. For a matter of fact, grants writes off everyone who wears red and gold after a bad game or a bad practice. I don’t know how he’s not a nfl executive with his level of expertise and his under standing of the game. Jed York should pretty
      Much just hand him the keys and give him an open check book and let him bring in the talent since no one in SF can do it.

      1. Grant hates himself first and foremost.Can’t blame him ,if i was as ugly and unlikable as Grant i’d probably hate myself too.

        1. Funny I like Grant and his candor = honest un-homer attitude and truth to the team….I think his new bride likes him too.

      2. Hey…Why is………Your comment sucks so bad. You have to exaggerate because you really need to. You hate the truth because it hurts. You’re way off and you know it and learn how to write hater.

      3. LOL Why is these comments so bad? You’re seriously knocking Grant for reporting that JG threw an interception??? Guess what: he did. Grant also said it was his only bad play of the day. Grant has said time and again that being the Not So Good section is a critique the results of the day, not passing judgement on the player as whole. What the hell do you want? JG throws an interception and that’s some how Grant’s fault? Dude, you’re a butt hurt fan looking for excuses.

    1. I am worried about the DBs, Jimmy ward, sherman , verett, tartt all of them are very injury prone.

      Maybe the Niners should play without any DBs this season? Who’ll be the top pick in next year’s draft?

      They played without edge rushers last season, and it got them Nick Bosa and arguably Deebo Samuel.

    2. This whole team is injury prone,I’ve never seen any team in the 30 years I’ve been watching football that has players go down like this one.Its amazing,signs of a very soft team

      1. Check the injury rate across the league. Google NFL 2019 injuries. Lots of ’em. Ain’t just a 9er thing.

        1. It seem strange to feel the need to state the obvious on a football blog, but what the heck (this is not directed at you Cassie, rather the other’s who think minor injuries are somehow entirely unavoidable).

          I have 6 words for you guys: AMERICAN – FOOTBALL – IS – A – VIOLENT – SPORT

          It’s ludicrous to think that there is any chance to avoid these kinds of typical bumps and bruises when you have one group of 250+ lbs athletes running around trying to stop the other group of large athletes from advancing the ball?

          In this case – Bosa apparently got rolled up on during a running play and dinged his lower leg / ankle, according to reports. Assuming it’s nothing serious, this is hardly news worthy for the sport of American football, don’t you think?

          In fact, here are two more words for you: BIG – WHOOP

          1. I mean, world-class athletes, some topping the scales at over 300 lbs, decked out in helmets and shoulder pads like modern day gladiators, flying around the field. One group trying to stop the other from advancing the football by knocking them off their feet, and tackling each other to the ground.

            What could possibly go wrong?

            Knock on wood!

          2. NO there are not even tackling yet and there are injuries…imagine at game speed with tackling, collisions and late hits…..get real bro

            1. Bosa is going to be just fine.

              If you’re buying the “it’s a high ankle sprain, only it’s not really” excuse for holding Bosa, who’s been flat out dominant despite not having played for 9 months, out during the meaningless preseason, I’ve got a bridge for sale I’d like to show you. This smells an awful lot like his supposed hamstring “tweak”, early on in OTA’s. The 49ers are taking an ultra conservative approach to conditioning this season, and so far it’s working, knock on wood. Will they be in top shape come game one? I’m not sure. But I am sure I want this team as healthy as possible heading into the season!

              As for Bosa, he will be 100% before September’s opening week, I can assure you of that, and he’s going to dominate early and often. The point is, football players can get hurt at any time. One of the most common types of injuries for lineman are when they are rolled up on from behind. It’s simply unavoidable, because you can’t see it coming.

              In this case, one could easily surmise that, if it weren’t for the size and strength of his remarkable legs, the injury may have actually been much more significant. Niner fan’s should be breathing a sigh of relief, and be happy that this happened in early August, giving them a golden opportunity to bubble wrap one of their prized possessions until the games actually count for something.

              Go NINERS!

              1. Kyle Shanahan, on Bosa’s sprained ankle – 8/8/2019:

                “It’s a serious ankle injury,” Shanahan said. “It could have been a lot worse. The way we saw it on tape, we had a big pile up. We had a very big man fall on his leg. I think we were very fortunate that he’s a good enough athlete that he got his leg out of there. I think a lot of other people, it would have been his knee. But he got it caught up, and there’s nothing he could have done about it.”

                And that’s exactly my point. Watching the replay, this could very easily have been a devastating injury. It’s very easy to make the case that a typical athlete might very well have suffered a far more serious injury, perhaps even a blown knee. Certainly something more significant than a sprained ankle. In this case, a strong argument can be made to support the theory that Bosa’s abnormally strong leg(s) actually prevented what could have been, and maybe even should have been, a much more significant injury.

                Based on what I’ve seen so many times over the years, it seems apparent to me that Nick Bosa’s superhuman looking legs (George Kittle described Bosa as an “action figure”, straight out of the box) allow for added durability, and this bodes well for his All-Pro future as a 49ers DE, knock on wood!

                Having said that, from what I’ve seen so far, I have zero reservations about the Niners holding Nick out of the preseason. He is not your typical athlete. He’s ready to flat out dominate early and often this season, regardless of whether he plays during the preseason.

                Go NINERS!

              2. By the way montyderhak, 29 straight games playing in the rough and tumble Big 10 conference, without a significant injury, doesn’t fit the “often injured” narrative that has been following Nick Bosa ever since he underwent surgery to fix the core muscle injury that he suffered in the 3rd QTR of the Buckeyes’ 40-28 victory over TCU in mid-September.

                And the same goes for his older brother Joey.

                In fact, the Saturday game proceeding Nick’s first and only significant college football injury, was actually only the second time over the course of Ohio State’s previous 73 games, that a Bosa brother was not on the field for the Buckeyes.

  5. Last year’s team trainers took the brunt of the blame to the tune of losing their jobs at the end of the season.

    So far, the injuries have been of the minor variety. So long as the injured are ready to play come September, there’s no need to panic or start pointing fingers.

      1. One thing tho, Razor……….KS going with a no-tackle camp……….they were inexcusably bad at tackling for, what, the first 5 games last year………didn’t remotely look like a Fangio D, specifically in that discipline…………..Should they not be practicing this art? I don’t agree with KS on this at all–not that it matters.

    1. If you carefully listen to Shanalynch (Lynch’s long interview on the latest Maiocco) podcast , the trainers and the medical team were let go not necessarily because of their fault for Niners injuries last season. The Niners were looking for trainers and medical people who work closely with each other using the latest techniques for not just reducing injuries but also for maximizing performance. The Niners earlier training and medical teams were in the traditional mold and worked separately, and often at cross purposes, as is the case with most NFL teams (but apparently not NBA and many NHL teams).

    2. How’s it been AES?
      I don’t think it’s really the injury thing that concerns some fans, those happen.
      I think well at least for me it’s Bosa and the concern of him staying healthy since he was picked first and has a history of injuries. There was a lot of talent on that board and if anyone on this roster should have been able to show they can stay healthy it would be Bosa. Glad it’s not minor, but this is the second time already.
      And it brings up the question as to whether he’s tough to play through these injuries in the regular season or will he sit to protect the nick Bosa product.
      It is a concerning issue with him since he quit on his team over an injury and again has a history of injuries.
      I’m not saying it’s the end of the world, but you should be able to see how it strikes up a little concern.

      As far as Varrett, personally I’m not counting on him playing a whole season anyways. He was a cheap bandaid and the team won’t lose much of he’s sidelined.
      If he plays well and all season then it was a good gamble.

      1. MD,
        How’s it going my ol’ friend.
        I agree that there’s no denying Bosa’ injury history, but he’s yet to miss a regular season game.

        Here’s a scenario: Let’s say just as a hypothetical that Bosa misses a few games this season because of injury, but still manages 10 sacks and many hurries as a rookie, will that be considered a poor (not saying you made this statement) draft pick?

        Bosa is a rookie and not yet the anchor of the defense. I felt that Lynch brought in some talented players like Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander to help offset any time loss by Bosa.
        Also, we may have something in Dre Greenlaw and K. Street seems to be making strides as well.

        My hope is that we can develop good talent around players like Bosa and D. Buck in the event they go down.

    3. Agree. No time to panic. Sounds like minor injuries. A couple unfortunate things though, Bosa is essentially missing OTA’s and most of training camp which means he’s probably going to start slow during the regular season. Other thing is, how are the coaches going to determine if Verrett makes the team if he misses OTA’s and training camp? He’s obviously one of the top 3 CBs in terms of talent but how do you assess his physical health and readiness to contribute when he can’t practice? Verrett’s injury complicates the coaching staffs decision making in assembling the roster. Perhaps PUP list him?

  6. Bosa was a mistake
    Quinnen and trade Soloman made way more sense
    Or Allen.
    But then again, Mahomes and Watson and Lattimore made sense
    Keeping Brown and Kilgore and drafting Derwin made sense
    Am I not making sense?
    Oh Jesus

    1. Prob is the Niners brass makes no sense….its the land of bad decisions….didn’t people who got traded to Frisco look at it as the Resort?…high pay, good weather, ez workload and soft practice who cares if you lose you make a ton of money.

      1. Niners brass makes a lotta sense. They traded up into the first round to draft Reuben Foster BECAUSE of his character.

  7. I’m disappointed that Bourne hasn’t been able to clean up the drops. He dropped 7% of his targets last season. Was counting on him getting that number closer to 5% this year and it doesn’t sound like that’s going to happen. Poop.

    Dontae Johnson, I mean really? Underwhelmed for 3 seasons and then was on 4 different teams in one year before being re-signed. 4 teams, in one year. Do the 49ers think he got better in that year? The only thing I can come up with is that two of the four teams he spent time with were division rivals. Are they gleaming secrets? I used to think the player had some potential but he just never showed up on game day. Re-signing him is a true mystery.

    1. Last season he was also running the wrong routes. Hopefully, he has cleaned that up. Maybe reducing will be next. Baby steps…
      Re Johnson, thought he was just an experienced camp body.

  8. Grant,
    From what I’ve read Bosa wound up on the bottom of a pile on a run play. Is this true?
    If so, getting stepped on or rolled up on in a pile isn’t the same as blowing a hamstring or an achilles or a non contact injury to the knee.
    It’s bad luck. Which of course can happen to anyone.
    I do worry about his injury history. This sounds like bad luck though

    1. Sebbie sprained his ballsack this morning while mowing his lawn. He said it’s hard to breathe, but mainly because of the stench.

    1. Got into a cryotherapy chamber at -10F with bare feet for 3+mins. Not a player given to profound cogitation, or even second thoughts….

  9. The Niners keep making the unforced errors. Too many false start penalties. Maybe they should not be so complicated.
    Maybe they need to learn how to walk, before they try to run. Start with the basics, and work up from there.

      1. Is it the scheme or execution? It is more like executing a simpler scheme. An over complicated scheme leads to failure to execute.
        They have those players. They gotta roll with them. However, the way they are coaching them can change at any time.
        Sure, it would be nice to have better players, but conversely, maybe they would become better players with better coaching.
        Sure would be nice to stop those pre snap penalties, those unforced errors.

        1. Agree but the same players are making the same mistakes as last year.. Is it coaching? Is it scheme? Perhaps just athletes who are sub par to the level of game being played. If team makes scheme easier, the other team will exploit. If better players who can execute scheme, the other team has to move on from exploitation of said scheme.

          1. Making all those multiple shifts and putting a man in motion, seems to lead to pre snap penalties.
            Moving back 5 yards to make it first and 15, is self defeating.
            Teams have simply lined up and snapped the ball for years, and have won games by letting the other team to make the mistakes.
            If the Niners try to be deceptive, but incur pre snap penalties, they are only fooling themselves.
            Maybe they need to work on basic competence, before trying to become more complicated.

            1. SEB says:” Maybe they need to work on basic competence, before trying to become more complicated.”

              Or HIRE competent individuals who can do the job efficiently…this always seems to be the issue with Frisco….

              Note; I use to word Frisco to piss people off…LOL hehehehe or make people that have a sense of humor giggle…

              1. No, it is not humorous, and you are just defining yourself. Maybe I should refer to you as the Frisco Kid.
                Sure, I want them to be deceptive and exploit weaknesses, but they need to learn to walk, before they try to run. It is a process.
                If they can manage to fire off plays without the false start penalties, that would be a good thing. However, if they cannot manage to do that in practices, they need to make sober assessments and the proper adjustments.

    1. Bebsie…Yes ankle sprains can take a long long time to heal….I injured my ankle last year it took a full 2 months to get it back 95% and it still lingers to some degree..its Bozo’s 2nd injury so far in only 11 days of practice….it is not a fluke

  10. Matt Barrows : Lynch said it’s not a full-blown high-ankle sprain but that the expectation is that he’ll miss the rest of the preseason. Is Bosa injury prone? Lynch: “We don’t feel he is injury prone…. Yesterday he had a big human being fall on his leg while he was engaged with someone else.”

    Brian Banks movie is out this weekend. I probably wont see it but I know the story. A young mans life and football career was ruined due to false accusation and lazy investigation.

  11. This is why I wanted them to trade back and get more players. Counting on one player is like putting all your eggs in one basket. Multiple players means that if one goes down due to injury, the others may take up the slack.
    Many posters were worried about his propensity to become injured. Others insisted that he is fully healthy and would play in every game. Now that he is injured again, one could crow and diss the others, but I think that is counter productive. The Niners drafted him, so I am going to hope that he can return soon and contribute to help the team win.
    However, hindsight is demonstrating the wisdom in the trade back philosophy. They may have missed out on Bosa, but trading back would have allowed the Niners to additionally select a center like Elgton Jenkins or Erik McCoy, and a safety like Juan Thornhill. This draft was deep in pass rushers, so missing out on Bosa would not have been a catastrophe. Now that he has an ankle sprain, that alternative strategy may have been the better way to go.
    Still, it was not an ACL or re-injuring his groin, so one needs to be thankful that it was not too serious, and he may fully heal for the beginning of the season.

    1. Seb….. how many times are you going to take the opportunity of beating your chest with this “should have traded back” crap?
      What if they picked Allen or QW and these guys have great healthy careers?

      What’s done is done. I wouldn’t have picked him personally over those two, but I won’t exercise my narcissistic personality either every day.
      We get it. You would have traded back.
      Still doesn’t make you right!
      You are just a fan on a computer all day. You are not a GM for the NFL.
      And with your comments and opinion on CL thank goodness you’re not, for this team at least.
      Let it go dude.

      1. I for one wanted Allen he would fill a glaring hole in the roster. Team hired Ford as DE now they draft DE stupid we get it ….. Team went the other way to put fans in the seats……Seb is ok, he makes valid points= its the team in question not the posters

        1. Montey….. when you hear the same thing over and over again it gets old.

          Yeah don’t read it is what some would say, but when you have 30 comments and 30 percent is by one person it gets tiring.

          Seb has always felt he knows more than anyone else.

          1. ninermd….I agree Seb is the resident expert on everything= a legend in his own mind have you.…I have been attacked on here for being dreadfully honest about the team and the FO . Most of the teams problems are easily identified it does not take a NASA rocket scientist to figure out it is the “CULTURE”…its a culture of bad decisions made by the powers in place of this organization…Most of us see it clearly including Grant myself and many many others including yourself. Seb clearly can waffle back and forth and has done it over the years but that’s ok it him not you…..thanks for the reminder

            1. Frisco Kid, no I have never called myself a legend. Grant called me a legend, so your beef is with him.
              I have also called out the ownership, and the close ties Paraag has with his buddy, Jed, so I am not an apologist for the organization.
              However, you seem to employ schadenfreude whenever something goes wrong, and delights in their misery. I just want them to learn from their mistakes, and improve, in order to establish a winning culture.
              You think insulting the City of San Francisco is fun stuff. I just think it defines you.

        2. Monty,
          I don’t get this statement.

          “I for one wanted Allen he would fill a glaring hole in the roster. Team hired Ford as DE now they draft DE stupid we get it.”

          Where do you think Allen would play when considering the addition of Ford?

          The other problem I have with the simple trade back scenario is it’s absent of any real data… picks offered? Niners draft board?

          Baalke was one of the best at trading down and getting more picks… but who did he bring in with those additional picks?

          Buehler???? Buehler????

          So when the Doctor speaks about this he’s speaking more in terms of repetitive complaints absent of any real solutions. (NinerMD, feel free to correct me if needed)

      2. Ugh,
        I really gotta side with ninermd here.
        I like Seb. He’s respectful to others. Can disagree with someone without being ignorant towards them, and knows what he’s talking about.
        But Seb, for the love of god stop telling everyone you would have traded back. We all know man. We know, because you post it here daily. We know you had an elaborate plan to trade back and fill every hole on the roster and still get marquee players. Please stop. Your redundancy is extraordinary.

        1. Beb, I only brought that up AFTER Bosa was injured.
          Circumstances change. I am still rooting for Bosa to become fully healthy and get 10 sacks this season, but many have questioned Bosa and his injury proclivity.
          I am not ripping you and others for blithely stating that all of Bosa’s injuries are past him, but you gotta admit, this latest injury does not help him.

          1. No you do rip folks on here….folks are tired of it …… I can handle it I am used to Frisco Homerism’s….Homerism a new word LOL

            1. I have been called everything under the sun. You have called me a moron. I may question your football knowledge, but I have only mildly ripped posters in response to their venomous invective screeds and expletive laden diatribes.
              You, and others, sure like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.

              1. I’ve certainly never stated that Bosa’s injuries are behind. I don’t think there’s a current player in the NFL, who’s injuries are behind them. Tough sport. Lotta injuries.
                And I was against Bosa as the pick. I wanted Allen, but I’ll cheer for Bosa.
                The only thing I’ve said with regards to downplaying this injury, is that NO ONE in the NFL is immune to injury when another NFL player rolls up on their leg during play. So chalking this up to “Bosa is just injury prone” is lazy.

              2. Let’s see.
                Bosa tore his ACL in High School.
                He tore his groin in College.
                He became injured before playing a snap in a league game in the Pros.
                He has been injured in High School, College and the Pros, and you claim he is not injury prone? What an amazing coincidence, and blind loyalty.

          2. Kap had injuries………………..but Sebs never said a thing about it. Ever.

            Why is Kap allowed to have injuries and others are not?

            My point? You see just precisely what you want to see, Sebs-and disregard all the rest.

            1. Saw, delusional as ever. When Kaep was blown up along the side line in their first game against the Vikings, I talked about his injury. I could see him struggling to throw the ball in later games, and wondered if he was too injured to play. Of course, the trainers just told Kaep to ice it, and shrug off the pain.

      3. Yes, what is done is done. They drafted Bosa, and we have to live with their decision.
        However, this is a blog, and second guessing is allowed.
        Maybe they should have traded back with Jax. The Niners could have garnered their first, second and third round picks (7, 35, 98) with possibly a 2020 second round pick to help balance the trade in the TVC. Then the Niners could have traded back from their second round pick, and gotten an additional third round pick. The Niners could have ended up with 6 choices in the first 100 picks, instead of only 3. They could have added a Center, Guard and Safety, 3 positions that may need upgrading.
        They could have traded back with Jax, and selected Josh Allen, with that 7th pick. Then, with the additional picks, they could have selected Cody Ford, Erik McCoy and Juan Thornhill, along with Deebo Samuel.
        Yes, I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, not a GM, but I like to think outside the box. Guess you cannot handle that. Yes, I am the major advocate for the trade back strategy, and if the Niners manage to pull it off, I will jump for joy.
        ‘Still does not make you right’. With hindsight, maybe it does, especially now that Bosa is injured.

        1. An NFL lineman………………….getting a sprain………… the bottom of the pile……………… the trenches.

          Who would have thought? You can bet this injury is unique to Bosa………….

          1. Many wondered if Bosa was injury prone. He has become injured, but you expect everyone to ignore that fact?
            Did I say that Bosa was the only person in the world who has ever suffered a high ankle sprain?
            No, I have said that football is controlled violence, and sometimes, uncontrolled violence. I have also said that attrition is part of the game.

    2. 11 practices 2 injuries now he will be coddled….wait till there is full contact…yikes He has already missed over 40% of practices…can it get better? or worse?

      1. This injury would have happened to anyone. Don’t act like another football player falling on your leg wouldn’t sideline any player in the league. It’s bad luck.
        He wasn’t my choice either. I thought Allen was a freak. Bosa’s here now. Yeah injuries concern me, but I won’t unfairly categorize this as an “injury prone” thing.
        The guy is clearly insanely talented. Let’s hope he delivers come September.

  12. Either Lunch is full of crap on this business of he doesn’t see Bosa as injury prone, or he’s that stupid.
    I’ll go with the first one, nobody can be this dumb to pick someone at 2 and not have some concerns about his injury past.

    Either way he will not see the pre season, not because he won’t be healthy enough to do so, but it’s to protect this injury prone player.
    What kind of message does this send to a player who has already quit on his team over an injury that doesn’t take that long to heal?

    IMO Lynch has got to go after this season if they have another injury plagued one with the hopefuls he likes to sign.

    Bosa is losing valuable time in TC and pre season games.
    Lynch IMO is fabricating the truth on this ankle.

    1. What’s he supposed to say? “Yes, we do feel that he’s injury prone and we regret taking him that high in the draft.”
      He’s an investment and they have to protect all levels of that investment.

      1. I think that instead of saying he’s “injury prone”, one could say that he’s “prone to injury”, or “prone to pain”, maybe “prone to bad luck”…

      2. Captain….. he shouldn’t have to answer that question with the second pick in the draft.
        It’s really that simple. With his record of injury prone players, he should be truthful. Who doesn’t know?
        Bosa is injury prone.
        Keep it real.

        1. Lynch doesn’t have to answer to anyone in early August, for crying out loud. We’ll see how this season plays out. I have my money on Bosa taking home DROY honors, even though he’s the clear betting favorite, and suffering an ankle sprain in early August doesn’t change my expectations for Bosa in the slightest, nor should it change anyone else’s.

          Bosa wants to play. Getting rolled up on and missing the preseason out of the staff’s abundance of caution, isn’t the definition of an injury prone player who doesn’t want to play through injuries, now is it? Bosa was the consensus top defensive player in his draft class for a reason, and he’s a fantastic fit for this defense, opposite Ford.

          For true Forty Niner Faithful, trust me on this, it’s going to be a fun season with Bosa bookending Ford! Just enjoy the dang show!

          Go NINERS!

    2. Lynch is full of crap.
      He knows damn well there were injury concerns but this is a case of putting lipstick on a pig. He’s lying, everybody else knows he is, but they also know he has to defend the organization so to speak.

      1. 10 games? you really think he will play 10 games this year for Frisco? LOL Lets suit up Seb since he is the resident expert LOL

    1. Yah, yah, the Bosa’s are injury prone. Blah, blah, blah. What’s funny is, the Saturday game proceeding Nick’s first and only significant college football injury, was actually only the second time over the course of the Ohio State’s previous 73 games, that a Bosa brother was not on the field for the Buckeyes. And Joey went on to be named DROY during his fist NFL season, but yah, these guys are overrated, lol.

      I’ll tell you what though, Jack Hammer. It makes me happy. I hope you and the rest of the doubters continue to spread this false narrative!

      I’ve already placed a healthy wager on Bosa to win DROY, @ +$625. The plan all along for me, has been to hope the numbers move in my favor, and then I would place a second wager on Nick at better odds, just before the start of the season. However, that plan appeared to be going south in a hurry, because Nick Bosa has been having such a phenomenal training camp up until now, and he’s done it against 2 of the better OT’s in the league, despite not having played football for over nearly 10 months. The word is out – Nick Bosa has looked every bit as polished and relentless as the majority of prognosticators had promised, maybe even more so. Not only is he relentless in pursuit of the QB, he’s also tough as nails against the run. The NFL’s odds on betting favorite to win DROY, apparently wouldn’t be sneaking up on anyone, at least up until 8/7/2019 that is.

      Like I said Jack, please continue to spread the “Nick Bosa is exactly who we thought he was” throughout the internet. I hope for my sake that you, along with every other Nick Bosa non-believer, work feverishly to get your point across, spinning your web throughout every corner of the interweb.

      And me? Well, I’ll just sit back a rake in the fruits of my Defensive Rookie of the Year wagers. And after Nick follows in his brother’s footsteps, and takes home the crown, I’ll count every last dollar bill I’ve made thanks in part, to people like you, and I’ll laugh all the way to the bank. But don’t you worry Jack, I’ll be sure to give you a shout-out, that much I can promise you.

      Go NINERS!

  13. Mike Jones @ByMikeJones 30m
    RT @mattbarrows: #49ers GM John Lynch on KNBR: He says that Nick Bosa’s ankle sprain is more significant than earlier report suggested. He said it’s the “dreaded high-ankle sprain.
    Matt Barrows

    Verified account

    1h1 hour ago
    MoreMatt Barrows Retweeted Matt Barrows
    Lynch said it’s not a full-blown high-ankle sprain but that the expectation is that he’ll miss the rest of the preseason. Is Bosa injury prone? Lynch: “We don’t feel he is injury prone…. Yesterday he had a big human being fall on his leg while he was engaged with someone else.

    1. Is Bosa injury prone? Lynch: “We don’t feel he is injury prone…. Yesterday he had a big human being fall on his leg while he was engaged with someone else.
      Well it’s a good thing that almost never happens in the NFL…..r u fn kidding me?!?!?!?!?!?!

      1. 2 X Pro Bowler, 1 X All Pro, Robert Quinn, whom Dallas expected to be their Defensive End Bookend Broke his hand this week and will require surgery…..Lucky the Big Man didn’t break Bosa’s leg!

        He made a splash on the 3rd snap of TC, beating Staley for a sack and has been the talk of the town….We, and the coaches, know what he can do.
        He’ll be ready Game 1. Go Niners!!!***

      2. Well it’s a good thing that almost never happens in the NFL….

        And when it does the player usually winds up getting hurt. This is not a case where Bosa suffered a serious injury because he is injury prone. It’s bad luck and the result was the same thing that happens to every player who has someone roll up or fall on their leg. Sh*t happens it’s football.

    1. CFB Yes they signed 2 DE’s who are both injury prone and may not see the field much during the season so now they have to sign this dude….UGH…bring back CMarsh and JeremiahA…oh wait they just signed another Jeremiah OMG…Me thinks Lynch is not a good GM

  14. Let’s see. The kid was hurt because he tried to make a play. Someone landed on his leg while he was on the ground, but it’s his fault for getting hurt?
    The anti-Bosa crowd is dancing in the streets.

    1. They remind me of a dog chasing a bone, but instead it’s a Bosa. I expect him to make his debut at home against the Steelers, worse case scenario. That’d give him about 8 weeks which is right in the middle of expected recovery time for a severe lower ankle sprains for a non-athlete….

    2. I don’t know about dancing in the streets, but if you had a million dollar lambo, would you give the keys to someone who is unlucky on the road?

      1. If I had three more lambo’ sitting in the driveway sure, why not.
        I would love for Bosa to complete a full season injury free – when the season actually begins.
        I want the kid to be ready in September.

        1. AES…. I want the same.
          You can’t knock fans for being a little frustrated with the injuries this teams had for the last two seasons, and then go and sign more players coming off or have a history of injuries and missed time.

          Hope he works out of course, I’d prefer 16 games though. Maybe 15 if they lock up the number 1 seed. 😛

      1. Possibly those who would like nothing better than to say “I knew Bosa would get hurt.” Or, “So far Bosa is exactly who he was thought to be.”

        1. That’s jumping for joy? LMAO!!

          Coming out Bosa was:

          Good pass rusher ✅
          Had injury concerns ✅

          So yes. Bosa is exactly who he was thought to be.

          Stating the obvious gets people’s underwear in a bunch.

          1. Stating the obvious is the lowest form of intellect.
            That’s why your blog flammed out and why you, and that storm chaser are the 2 biggest clowns still on here!

          2. Nah, it’s the accumulation of the overall anti-new regime comments for the past two years that make the above predictable.

            1. LOL. Anti-new regime. That’s hilarious. The regime has 10 wins in 2 years. We should celebrate their greatness.

              1. All the more reason to stick a finger in your face and say I told you so after we rattle off 10 wins this year and a wild card spot!
                Can’t wait!

              2. Anyone can stand on the sidelines and point out what has plagued this organization for the last couple years.
                Hammer is a d bag pretending he is so smart while pointing out the obvious. Lame!

              3. AES,

                Since you used my comment as an example of jumping for joy over the Bosa injury, you’re wrong.

                My comment is factually correct. He had some injury concerns headed into the draft. We’ve seen those through OTA’s and practices.

                He also had high praise from draft experts. We’ve heard those as well.

                So the guy has been exactly what his pre-draft report stated.

              4. There you go. Captain D bag stating the obvious.
                Hey Jack, no one cares about what we already know you moron!

          3. Bosa is exactly who he was thought to be? Thought to be by who exactly? Are ou speaking about yourself? Just because there happens to be a false narrative out there doesn’t make it true.

            FYI Jack, Bosa has been the odds on betting favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the Year for quite some time. Meaning Vegas believes that the betting public expects Bosa to stay healthy enough to be named Defensive Rookie of the Year over every other drafted and UDFA defensive rookie this season. Vegas isn’t in the business of leaving themselves exposed to the heavy hitters either, so Bosa would have to be considered to be the most likely defensive rookie to make the biggest impact for their team this season, and he can’t do that by missing a bunch of games to injury.

            So congratulations Jack, you are in the minority. I suggest you might want to bet against Bosa this season, if you have the cahonas to do so, which I doubt very much. If you do have the cahonas, please make your wager ASAP, as I am hoping to feast on gamblers who think like you. Keep me posted, would yah?

            Cheers mate!

            1. “Thought to be by who exactly?”

              Pretty much every draft report on the guy read like the one below, Mo. Excellent player with an injury history that’s caused a lot of missed games.

              So far pretty much every report from camp has Bosa showing very good play, and he’s now missing time of the practice field with his 3rd injury since the start of OTA’s.


              1. Do you know for a fact that any of his injuries so far with the Niners, were serious enough to miss games if it were the regular season? Of course not.

                The funny thing is, both Bosa brother’s were actually very durable in college.

                Nick was a 4 year starter in High School. He then went on to play in 29 straight games for the Buckeyes prior to the injury, never missed a game prior to this injury. Joey missed 1 game. The Bosa brother’s played in a combined 72 out of 73 games at Ohio State, prior to Nick’s core muscle injury.

                Does that sound like the Bosa’s are injury prone to you?

                Oh, and then big brother Joey won DROY, straight out of college.

                Just curious, are you saying you doubt Nick can do the same due to injury, or are you simply reading off someone else’s notes?

              2. Nick Bosa played only 1,000 snaps total in college. They kept him on a pitch count to keep him healthy. Didn’t work.

              3. Nick didn’t finish his senior season in. high school because he tore up his knee. He didn’t finish his final season at OSU because of the core muscle injury.

                Will he miss regular season games? We’ll see.

                I’m not comparing Nick to Joey so couldn’t care less about that. Little Nicky’s injury history is his own.

              4. Oh please, he won Big 10 Defensive Lineman of the Year. You can’t do that on a serious “pitch count”.

                It’s an unfair rap, due to the feeling some people had that he might have been healthy enough to come back at the end of last season, but chose not to be foolish enough to do so. I would have done the same thing he did.

                Yah, Nick tore his knee up his senior year, and Frank Gore tore his knee up twice in college, and he’s been an iron man ever since.

                Nick will play through most injuries, he certainly did in HS and college, save for the most serious, so maybe, just maybe, we should wait and see how many games he plays this year before labeling him?

                And, BTW, if you think his hamstring “tweak” was really a thing, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

              5. When I think “injury prone”, I think Jimmy Ward and Jason Verrett. Not a guy who was a 5 star recruit out of HS and played in 29 straight games in college, prior to his injury.

                Sorry, but no matter how many time you say it, or repeat what others say, being a 4 year starter in high school, a 5 star college recruit, and 29 straight games without missing a game prior to his core injury, well, it just doesn’t hold up as “injury prone”. It wouldn’t hold up in a court of law either, because the facts speak for themselves. Not even close!

                But I think you must be smart enough to know that.

              6. The vast majority of guys don’t have careers like Frank Gore though.

                “so maybe, just maybe, we should wait and see how many games he plays this year before labeling him?”

                Says the guy labeling him as the DROY. LMAO!!!

              7. I never labeled him DROY.

                I said I’m banking on him to win it, like most f the betting public is, or he wouldn’t be the favorite.

                Actually doing it? Well, those are two different things. But I do hope more people are listening to you guys, because that can only boost my potential winnings.

                And yes, he’s been the odds on favorite to win the award, which you can’t win if you don’t play a whole lot. And in the real world, that in itself says a lot more about Bosa than reading off of someone else’s scouting report.

                We’ll see if the odds shift now that he “sprained” his ankle, but I’m guessing they probably won’t, because now he’s actually more likely to be healthy and fresh come week 1, instead of risking injury in a meaningless preseason game.

              8. Any guesses who Joe Staley thinks has the best chance to win DROY? LMAO!

                I’ll give you one guess.

                In fact, I’ll give you guys a hint, because that’s the kind of guy I am: The last name doesn’t start with an A, an F, or a W.

              9. “Any guesses who Joe Staley thinks has a good chance to win DROY? LMAO!”

                Awesome. Hope he does. Haven’t written a negative word about his onfield play all day.

  15. What are the odds that as we approach the start of the regular season Bosa’s return gets pushed out even farther.

    Who want’s to guess which regular season game Bosa will make his debut? It wont be week 1.

    1. But I’m betting it’s not as bad as they’re making it out to be. I think they want him healthy for game 1 and he probably could play in game 3 or 4 of the pre season.
      I don’t blame them with the injuries they’ve had

  16. What is the silver lining in this debacle? Julian Taylor and others will get more practice time.
    Maybe, they should put Bosa on IR with a mid season designation for return, so they can use his roster spot to keep Julian Taylor and Kentavius Street. They will have all preseason to assess how injured his ankle is.

    1. I feel an emotional recitation of IF_ coming on…. Go for it Sebbie–the whole thing.

      Too, what was Sun Tzu’s take on injuries?

  17. The funny part is expect the defense to be bad regardless of him playing or not.

    We have a plumber, car salesmen, and fedex driver mascarading as DB’s.

    Additionally, Our staff can’t make up their mind if they are better at safety or corner. However, when they fail at the position they are learning, rather than let them learn the position or getting an actual nfl quality player… they just move them to a different position.

    In short, teams with qbs who are really slow getting rid of the ball, will struggle against this defense… but teams with qbs willing to simply throw to the fist open receiver will light us up.

    1. Bang on about the shuffling player positions.
      Moore should have been FS from day 1. At least we wouldn’t be waiting for him to learn the position right now, while simultaneously waiting for Jimmie Ward to come back so he can get hurt again.
      The faster Ward and Tartt go on IR the sooner we find out if Moore and Harris can be pro level safeties.

  18. Bosa will be fine……the lack of tape on him will benefit us the first couple of games

    I am more worried about letting Richie J J go……can any one explain to me how CJB (QB3) has more value than RJJ ( KR, PR, WR)…

  19. Hurd showing up…

    Chris Biderman

    Impressive 2-minute drill for Nick Mullens, who orchestrated a touchdown drive with three completions to Jalen Hurd. He found TE Kaden Smith for a tough TD grab in traffic. #49ers

  20. Rob Lowder

    #49ersCamp Notes – Day 11: The #49ers starting offense moved down the field to find themselves nine yards out with :04 left. Jimmy Garoppolo finds who? Trent Taylor, of course, over the middle for the game-winner. #49ers

  21. 49ers: Our pass coverage will be better because we improved our pass rush by bringing in Ford and Bosa.

    Bosa and Ford our hurt.

    49ers: We’ll be fine on defense because the dline group is deep.

    Can’t make this stuff up. LOL

  22. KP 🏁

    4m ago
    Asked Shanahan who has the strongest hands on the team.
    He said:

    1. This Jet never left the hangar. Starting to wonder if he’ll ever fly over Bay Area skies. Outlook is cloudy.

  23. Losing Bosa for a stretch of time is a real blow. Maybe he is injury prone, maybe he isn’t, I don’t know and don’t really care. All I know is that not having one of your top DL available heading into the season is not a good thing. And Bosa in just 10 TC practices had shown he was already one of the team’s top DL.

    I see the anti-Bosa crowd has jumped on this hard. To be expected. Until he proves he can stay on the field this is what will happen.

      1. It never fails to impress that nobodies clogging up a nowhere bulletin board are absolutely certain they can see what those dunces running the team can’t and they have all the answers. If only the team would listen to them!

        1. As a three year experiment, the NFL should add one franchise to each conference, beginning in 2021. Each franchise would be owned by the league, but would be staffed top-to-bottom by fans–CEO, GM, HC, Director of Player Personnel, Scouting, Coordinators, Assistants, Marketing….the works. Applicants for these positions would be screened and successful candidates selected by the league–with input from a five person advisory board made up of fans. No candidate would have any NFL experience, and must be 40 years old or older. Sorry. Older the better actually. Applicants would simply provide a 1000 word essay on why THEY are best qualified for their position(s) of choice (ranked 1, 2, and 3). Interviews would follow.

          One team would reside in Portland, OR, the other in Birmingham, AL. Each team would be given a start-up fund to establish operations, and pay staff and players–all consistent with NFL regulations and CBA provisions. The two fan-run franchises would be subject to the same legal risks as any established franchise.

          At the end of the third year, evaluate and follow-up accordingly.

    1. Based on training camp reports and Joe Staley’s comments, Bosa already appears to be ready to start the season much like a veteran and certainly more so than most rookies at his position. So, I’m not too worried…yet.

    2. The group of people that rallied against picking a player they deemed injury prone that is now injured for a significant amount of time in only his first month of activity?

      Clearly they’re out of line.

      1. Where did I insinuate you were out of line? I specifically said it was to be expected until he proves otherwise.

    3. Eric Branch
      The only real concern about Nick Bosa as a draft prospect was his injury history. He’s been stellar on the field, but has sustained two injuries (hamstring, ankle) in 12 NFL practices. #49ers

      Beach is clearly anti-Bosa.

      1. Jack,
        Ha! Well at least we could add a new term on the blog.
        1. Smithers
        2. Keapoligist.
        And now,
        3. Anti-Bosa
        The wonders never cease around here 😊

  24. Fourth and Nine
    Deebo Samuel takes an end around run 70 yards to the house! Deebo stopped and cut back finding a huge opening in the middle of the field and outrunning the defense

  25. Good thing the posters on this blog–that’s all of us–weren’t responsible for working as a team to bring Apollo 13 back to earth. Imagine the carnage.

    All those elementary and middle schools named after Lovell, Swigert, and Haise…

  26. A theory…. A few of us are 100% convinced the NFL ‘fixes’ games–orchestrates outcomes… With that being so true, the NFL’s Deep State is reacting to it’s fear that the 9ers could make the playoffs. As a result, selected 9er players are being ‘Gillooly’d’. Watch, it ain’t over yet…

      1. Lol, I had a fullback that used to think he was a matador. I’d get crunched and look at him in the huddle and say thanks for the ole block, dick.

  27. Ultra lean muscular bodies can perform well but the human frame is designed to grow only so far. Some of these young men through diet and science and often through non-natural means have packed on more muscle then their bodies were designed to carry. Their muscles outgrow their bodies and the ligaments and tendons don’t always grow in proportion to these massive muscles they’re being tasked in controlling and supporting. They don’t have the anatomical framework to properly support a physique of that size and become prone to injury.

        1. Yes, you do not suggest, guess or pretend because you have no clue.
          You should just stick to Canadian Football, and hurling insults. That is about your speed.

    1. He suffered a high ankle sprain. It’s a pretty common injury in the game of football no matter how lean the player is. So many miserable people who want to be right about this guy being a bad pick it’s sad.

      1. The miserable people are the ones who touted Bosa, only to see him go down due to injury.
        I am content to be proven right. In hindsight, they should have traded back, garnered more picks and drafted an interior O lineman and safety. They could have afforded to miss out on Bosa, if they had leveraged that pick to fill other needs. This draft was deep in pass rushers, so Bosa was not the only, or best, option. The Niners are rebuilding, so they need as many picks as possible.
        Right now, Bosa was not a wise draft pick, if he cannot go through 2 weeks of practices without becoming injured.
        I am unhappy that they went with Bosa, with all the disclaimers that all his injuries were behind him, and that he would play every defensive snap, for all 16 games. I am unhappy about this set back, but will just have to accept the reality, that Bosa may not play for 8 weeks. Maybe the Niners should put him on IR, with a mid season designation to return. That would be the best way to protect their investment. Then, they will not hurry him back too soon, and risk further complications.
        I hope Bosa can come back and contribute to help the team win, but if he cannot even get on the field, he is just taking up a roster spot. I sure wish Bosa had not become injured, but attrition is part of the game. How the Niners respond to the loss of Bosa, may determine if they win or lose. I hope the Niners are resilient, and can deal with this set back. Kocurek is facing a daunting challenge.

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