The good and not so good from 49ers camp: Day 11

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens throws a pass at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Here’s who stood out during Thursday’s practice.

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    1. Nah, Saturday’s game won’t tell us much about the DL. It may tell us a little about their depth, Street, Taylor, but that’s it. Most, if not all of the starters and top rotation guys will either play very little or not at all.

      Watch the rookie WR’s – Samual and Hurd, those 2 guys may be rookies, but they are the physical tone-setters at the position. Hurd is the big bodied possession receiver the team has needed at Flanker. Hurd seems to be a natural, and he plays with a chippy chip on his shoulder, a mean streak. Deebo is physical as well, and he plays bigger than his actual size, as he’s more like a RB who knows how torun routes like a WR, with huge hands for his size. Hopefully we’ll see some of Dante Pettis, and hopefully he continues to be a better in-game WR, than practice WR. And my man – Richie James Jr., of course.

      Watch the DB’s – particularly Reed, Moore, and Moseley.

      And watch the battle of the backup QB’s – Mullens & Beathard.

      Oh, and their future HOF TE – Ross Dwelley, of course, though how much he plays is anyone’s guess.

  1. Grant – Based on your tweets on Garropolo’s targets, is it fair to say that Jordan Matthews is the most consistent WR (he catches most of the catches thrown to him)?

    What do you think about his chances of making the team?

    1. My sense with Matthews is it all depends on how important having another veteran, and in this case a veteran possession type receiver is for Kyle this season. Matthews has been consistent, but there really isn’t any one thing he’s does any better than some of the younger guys fighting for a spot. He isn’t particularly fast, and while he has some size, he isn’t really a guy who is going to go up and high point the ball to make those contested catches. He’s a very solid route runner, but he isn’t particularly what I would call quick getting in and out of his breaks, so he rarely gains a ton of separation. They have one slot receiver who might be Jimmy’s favorite go-to receiver on the team in TT. They have Hurd who can already do a lot of the things Matthews can do, and Hurd is clearly making this team, as is Samual. And even Bourne likely offers as much as Matthews, and Bourne is younger. If it came down to Bourne, Matthews or James for the final spot, if it were up to me, it’s a close call between Bourne and James JR, but I’d probably go with Richie James thanks to his game-breaking big play potential, and his versatility at both WR and special teams.

      But that’s me, I wonder what the newlywed – Grant Cohn thinks?

      By the way, I forgot to mention Dante Pettis. He has talent, but I’ve really hated the effort Pettis has made during a number of plays this summer, and I’m pretty sure Kyle feels the same way. Right now Pettis is on a short leash, as he should be.

    2. Taylor and Matthews have been the most consistent receivers in practice, but Matthews probably will have to make some plays in the preseason to make the team.

      1. Grant
        * ” Matthews probably will have to make some plays in the preseason to make the team.”
        * I would think consistently catching the ball is “making some plays” when others have not.

    3. Faith,

      It seems the bear writers differ in regards to the wr’s. Crocker basically said Matthews couldn’t get any separation. So he wasn’t sure how much value he provided.

      1. Thanks Shoup….didn’t catch Crocker’s comments. Rooting for Matthews as he seems consistent in the slot and has the size advantage too.

        Bourne drops a lot of passes, so he might be a good ‘Pump N Dump’ Trade candidate.

        Anyway, will be fascinating to watch the WR group compete in preseason. I still think injuries will play a role in how the roster shapes up.

        1. Strategically, it would make a lot of sense for the Cowboys to let Bourne have a career night. Then perhaps the clueless Giants would trade a draft pick or two to the Niners for him.

  2. Well same crap…JimmyG has issues the team has issues the #2 pick is out 8 weeks..what dumpster fire this team is….Mullens will rescue the team after JimmyG goes down and Hurd will be a huge yard gainer….6-10 no surprise here unless Mullens led Frisco team wins more games

    1. First of all, no Niner fan says “Frisco”, so you’re not fooling anyone, troll!

      Secondly, Jimmy is playing well, he’s the franchise QB while Mullens is a backup, and the #2 pick – Nick Bosa – is out for less than a month, but could certainly come back sooner if they let him, which they won’t.

      Either get your facts straight, or just stop trolling bro, because nobody takes you seriously here, and the only person you’re embarrassing is yourself!

      1. HEY Nick Bosa crush man……Homer much? lemme guess you are in love with Bosa…..Yes Bosa will be a non factor to open the season FACT….JimmyG is 28 a “backup” QB to the Patriots FACT…..Frisco last year was a 4 win team FACT…..Mullens has played easily as well as jimmyG FACT….am I missing something here??? Thanks for playing homer …..

        1. Let me correct you Montyderhak. First off we don’t know if Bosa will miss any real games yet. Therefore it’s not a fact. Jimmy G is 27 years old not 28 until November. But thanks for rounding up. He did back up The GOAT.. Good job on that assessment kind of. But you failed again by stating that Mullen’s is doing just as good as JG. Mullen’s was 3-5 while starting. JG was 6-2 with SF and total is 8-2 as a starter. Now I’m not a math wiz but I think your off on your calculations. There statistics are close if you ignored the fact that Mullen’s had the opportunity to take advantage of a better supporting cast then JG had in those 6 starts with SF. Throwing to if you remember Louis Murphy(I think he is out of the league) Garrett Celek, Trent Taylor and an undrafted Rookie In Bourne. While Mullen’s had the luxury to have a fully developed Kittle(who is kinda good), Pettis who has talent, Bourne who improved, and a much friendlier schedule second half of the year. So it’s clear your not a Niner fan. It’s also clear you struggle comprehending the game of football because you seem lost. Or the more accurate conclusion is that you are a troll. So go enjoy the Raiders season because they will enjoy a 3-4 win season.

          1. Thanks RAW, I don’t usually like to feed the trolls, but this keyboard commander needed a smack down.

            You know somebody is off their rocker when they start typing FACTS in all capital letters, followed by so-called opinions that don’t come close to passing the smell test.

            1. The Frisco Kid lives in a cave on the edge of the Oregon wilderness. He is more likely a Seahawk fan. They tend to be obnoxious.

            2. Hey NBsmall bear…you are just miffed cause your man crush Bosa is hurt again……I can feel your butt hurt from my Oregon cave…LOL….do us all a favor and go fly a kite on the Nimitz..take mr know it all Seb with you homer

              1. Why would I care if Bosa misses the preseason? The preseason is mostly for the players who are fighting for a roster spot, not the consensus top defensive player in the draft. And Nick Bosa doesn’t need to develop chemistry with his WR’s or vice versa, nor does he need to work on his blocking assignments. Nick has been playing competitive football since he was just a lad. He’s already about as game ready as a rookie could possibly be from a mental standpoint. He’ll be rotating in and out during the first couple weeks anyways, so he should be just fine. I mean, the guy hadn’t strapped on a helmet and shoulder pads for nearly 10 months, and it took him all of 1 practice to show why he’s favored to win DROY honors.

          2. Yeah, montywhoever or montywhatever, there is no sense in hating on the Niners because your team is rotten. We’ll surprise you and a lot of ya’ll unbelievers this year!!!

      2. Um I grew up with plenty of people in the Bay Area who all say “Frisco” I don’t get where that dumb ass rumor that no one says “Frisco” came from

        1. Speed Kills yes indeed…Frisco used to be common and quite frankly I like it a lot better than the Santa Clara Niners…or whatever you want to call this mess called the Niners

        2. Just listen to what JG says about Frisco. He learned his lesson.
          Personally, I like what Herb Caen labelled San Francisco as. He called it -‘The City’.
          The Frisco Kid admits he is trolling from his cave, when he says Frisco.

  3. Kearse broke his leg, so the Lions are probably looking for a receiver.
    Maybe they can trade Bourne for a 5th or 6th round pick.

    1. Seb, your enthusiasm about Bourne is laudable, but do you really think he’s any kind of replacement for Kearse? Especially compared to all the other guys about to be available in the next few weeks?

      1. I want the Niners to trade him away, instead of cutting him, and losing him for nothing. The Lions would want a replacement, so they could work him in their system, and get him to study the playbook. If they wait until the last cuts, he will be totally unfamiliar with their scheme, at the start of the season.
        Giants may also be a good candidate for a trade. Several of their WRs are injured.
        Niners play the Bengals, so Bourne would give them intel, which may be a reason not to trade him to the Bengals. Bengals need a replacement for AJ Green.
        Niners would be directing where Bourne would go, so he may not go to a division rival. A 6th round draft pick is not too costly for the other team, with their huge needs at the moment.

        1. I know what you want, but no team will trade for someone who could be cut. As much as you don’t like it, it’s the system. I highly doubt teams are thinking the 49er are stacked at WR. Goodwin could be the best trade bait for his speed.

          1. I guess I am counting on another team being desperate enough. Texans recently made a trade with the Browns, so it is not impossible.
            Niners need Goodwin. His speed is a good weapon to have. He can stretch the field.

    2. They aren’t trading for someone who will be a cut in 4 weeks.

      Also Crabtree and other WRs are on the market, they’ll sign one of them.

            1. Maybe you are unclear on the concept. They do not need to trade for a FA. They can just sign him.
              I am talking about trading away Bourne. I hope he has 8 catches and scores a TD against the Cowgirls. If they showcase him, they may even get a 5th round pick for Bourne.
              Several teams have had their WRs go down due to injury. Waiting for the cuts may not work out for some teams, because teams like the Niners have first dibs on a player, due to their record.

              1. Actually, Sebs-you being an outdoor kind of guy, if u do it just right…… in a cave in the Oregon wilderness would be all right-for a while. Go fishing on the Rogue river………snare a few rabbits………eat some venison….no hassles from customers…….what could be better?

  4. Some notable injuries from last night’s games (beyond Kearse…). And, more games to come today and tomorrow.

    [] Here are the other injuries we’re monitoring from Thursday’s games:

    1. New York Jets right guard Brian Winters left his team’s preseason opener against the New York Giants with a shoulder injury.

    2. Houston Texans receiver Keke Coutee was carted off the field against the Green Bay Packers with an apparent ankle injury. Rapoport reported the injury was not considered a major one.

    3. Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld was taken off the field in a cart after suffering a broken left wrist. Coach Doug Pederson told reporters after the game Sudfeld would have surgery on Friday, but added that the injury was not season-ending.

    4. Carolina Panthers tight end Ian Thomas suffered a rib injury against the Chicago Bears.

    5. Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Conor McDermott was evaluated for a head injury.

    6. Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle George Fant left Thursday’s game with an ankle injury. Running back Bo Scarbrough left in the second half with a hand injury.

    7. Denver Broncos rookie tight end Austin Fort left Thursday’s game in the fourth quarter with a knee injury.

  5. Has anybody been watching David Montgomery. Man that dude would look great in a 49er uniform. That’s the one guy I really wanted them to draft.

    1. Houston:
      I like Montgomery, but think he’s more an inside power RB. (Not compatible with 9ers O-line), plus he can’t make sharp cuts in tight quarters. And he lacks the speed for Shanny’s outside zone.

    2. The biggest question that comes up with Montgomery is whether he’s got the explosiveness to succeed in the NFL. His lack of all out speed precludes him to mostly inside work as already mentioned. The question though is whether he’s got enough quick twitch to him to explode into the line before the defenders do.

      He checks all the other boxes, he could end up having solid career as a tandem back but he’s not someone you want as your bell cow.

      1. Frank Gore is #4 on the all time rushing list. Montgomery can do it all in the same way Gore can do it all. He may not be a home run hitter every time he touches the ball but he’s a solid RB that will benefit any team. The 49ers RB’s are all very similar. I’d really like to see Shanahan have some diversity in style at the RB position.

        1. I’m rooting for the guy, I like him too. The only question was whether he’d have the acceleration to succeed at this level. We’ll have to wait and see how he does during the regular season when he’s facing all starters.

  6. Grant what do you think of Joe Staley thoughts on Bosa? He didn’t say he was more talented rather further along in technical understanding.

    “But he’s so much further along as far as understanding the technical side of the game (than Smith was). They’re different players. Nick’s really good with his hands, which is a learned skill for a defensive lineman.”

    1. Sounds like Joe is riding the fence on this subject…Joe has been handling Bosa no problemo during practice (when Bosa is not hurt) and ASmith gave him and everybody in the league problems…I like Joe he is a class act= didn’t throw Bosa who is injured again under the bus.

      1. A lot depends on matchups. Different players give others more trouble than other players do. Staley was also less experienced when he faced Smith. I don’t think it means as much as some would have it.

      2. Actually your wrong. Staley was getting abused until him and Bosa starting picking each other’s brain after practices. Bosa would consistently beat him. Staley made adjustments and did better but that’s after practicing against a 21 year old kid over and over. Bosa is going to be a Monster if he stays healthy. I don’t hold this last injury against him like most. He avoided a major knee injury from someone falling on his leg. It’s clear you and others have there own agenda when talking about Bosa. You better keep hoping he remains sidelined because that’s the only way he doesn’t produce.

      3. That is incorrect, monty–Bosa made Joe look old several times in camp, But, being the pro that he is, Staley eventually cought on to his moves. For those who don’t deal with Bosa every day and don’t have Staley’s talent, its going to be very unpleasant getting beat like a drum.

    2. Scouting reports from teammates about teammates is about as meaningful as your mother telling you that you’re the most handsome boy in school.

      1. Yes true but is there a solid clear definitive timeline as to when this injury will clear up? I have checked but seems like the brass is being elusive as far as the timeline…

  7. Did Shanny come out and say the pecking order of the backup QB,s yet? who is starting against the CowGirls etc? thanks guys

  8. Cassie Freakin’ Baalke says:
    August 8, 2019 at 11:50 am
    Hurd showing up…

    Chris Biderman

    Impressive 2-minute drill for Nick Mullens, who orchestrated a touchdown drive with three completions to Jalen Hurd. He found TE Kaden Smith for a tough TD grab in traffic. #49ers

    Reply: Seb, still betting against the ultra competetive, Kaden Smith, as the #2 ???…..What you forgot to factor in in your 4.9/40 yd criticism, is I’m like Bill Walsh, in that we don’t rely soley on the stopwatch. Like Jerry Rice, Smith runs faster in a real game than for the watch—it’s called adrenaline.

    But keep your stopwatch. Maybe you’ll find your Jarryd Hayne one day.

    Smith Stanford Highlights:

    1. So will it be Dwelley Time or Kaden Time??? LOL def not Celek time….I like the Hurd guy, Frisco always gets lucky with the 3rd round picks….too bad they can’t do that with their #1 picks….I think Hurd breaks out his first year…

      1. What’s noticeable about Smith in highlights is he’s getting ‘wide open ‘ vs top notch teams—Notre Dame and USC.

        He also wins in traffic–what you want from your TE on 3rd and 3.

        You won’t find that on a stopwatch.

    2. If they want a blocker, Toilolo is a better option. If they want a pass catcher, Dwelly is a better option.
      Kaden Smith may be cut, and put on the PS.

      1. You stated 49ers will only keep 2 TE’s…

        As usual slippery Seb, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        The 2nd TE must be capable of both, blocking and receiving—Kaden does both superbly

        1. Not if they manage to trade away Bourne.
          Dwelley is incapable of blocking? That is news to me.
          Kaden Smith is superb? That is why he lasted until the 6th round?

          1. After all, Sebs-Brady lasted to, what, the 7th? Our own Clark was figured to be a 7th rounder?

            Sebs, sometimes you forget-this is not track. Many players are much faster in a game than their clock speed. Many others are not so good in practice. If they can play, thats all that matters.

  9. You’d think Nate Sudfeld was going to be the Eagles starting QB with the amount of coverage his broken arm is getting.

    If Beathard or Mullens breaks their arm tomorrow will every news outlet be discussing it? I somehow doubt it.

  10. Can’t wait to see this new pass rush unveiled tom…oh that’s right, they’re all injured. Never mind.
    Guess I’ll have to watch the revamped secondary….oh that’s right, they totally ignored the secondary in the off season. Never mind. Well at least I can watch the run game with the improved Offensive Li… oh that’s right, they totally ignored the offensive line too.

    Nothing like a competent front office to steer a team in the right direction.

    Hmmm, good thing the Chiefs are playing.

      1. You’re right. I’ve done nothing but bitch. Can’t say there’s much reason to do anything else but you’re right. This is right around the time of year I do a mem-wipe and try to enter the regular season with an open and fresh mind. Temporarily forgetting all of the transgressions committed by the people in positions they don’t deserve. After all, who knows, they might actually be pretty good. If I was actually any good at picking or scouting players then I’d likely be employed by a team so there’s a good chance that some of these bums might be worth something. Anything is possible.

        I generally try to give them at least 1/2 a season before resuming to decry those in charge. Lately it’s been hard to make it to 8 games.

        1. My goal is to make it to the bye week…and we know how well the team does coming out of that. For us skeptical types it’s sticks and stones – yada yada. Only thing I can say for sure is when the 49ers are again able to compete (emphasis on WHEN) I’ll know it when I see it.

  11. I was watching that empty stadium during the Chiefs/ Cards game. Preseason games are money losers.
    The NFL should cut back preseason games to 2. The teams should designate 22 starters, and sit them, while giving them full pay. That way, no starter will be injured in a meaningless game.
    They should add one of those games to the regular season, and pay the players one sixteenth more. Experiment with having a 17 game season, and if no major problems arise, consider an 18 game schedule after 5 years, and increase the pay by one eighth. If too many injuries occur, go back to a 16 game schedule.
    They should use one of the weeks eliminated from the preseason schedule to add another Bye week during the regular season. The players would benefit from having 2 Bye weeks in their schedule. They could also use the Bye week to schedule Thursday Night Football games, with 10 days rest before and after the games.

    1. When Margie told me we were going to rob the jewelry store instead of going for a pedicure, my mind bent under the weight of it all like a cheap paper plate at a family barbecue when it is filled with all the wet heavy stuff like baked beans and sauerkraut. [HLF]

        1. Using her flint knife to gut the two amphibians, Kreega the Neanderthal woman created
          the first pair of open-toad sandals.

          1. The sea was very angry that day, my friend……….like an old man returning his soup in a deli………….

    2. You are missing the point of where preseason tickets are required for all season ticket holders. Also the point that the tickets are sold at normal prices. These teams are making tons of money off these games.

      If they wanted to make MORE money they would drop the prices of the concessions. People would be more enticed to go to the games if the beers were $6 and the hotdogs $3, instead of the close to $30 combined price. And those in the stands would probably buy more.

      Every game I’ve been to, 49ers/Warriors/Sharks/Giants, etc etc, I truly consider never spending a dime on food. I can wait 3 hours without eating and drinking at those prices. If they were 5 bucks a beer/soft drink and 3 bucks a hot dog, then it might be in the cards.

      Obviously these teams believe the pricing is at the proper level.

  12. Sleb’s,

    I don’t appreciate your degrading the moose. Like Trump, you probably hunt them for trophy.

    I reside in the Northwest and have hiked the Olympic National Rainforest and British Columbia where many moose call home.

    Moose love Oregon, Washington, Montana, Canada, even in Utah you will find them in the Wasatch Mountains.

    I hope you encounter one in the wild sometime.

      1. Seb plays with the womans volleyball league in Guerneville LOL Not man enough for football even though he really really likes the players LOL

        1. ‘Not man enough for football’. OK, tell me your bona fides. Where did you play? Pee wee football does not count.

      2. My ankle has caused me to retire from soccer, but my son is fully healthy. He once broke a guy’s jaw with one punch. He has climbed up Half Dome and can do one armed pull ups.
        Seeing you and he go toe to toe would be very entertaining. I would gain a very real appreciation of the game.

  13. -MM

    “In comparing the importance of those two joint practices against the exhibition games, Shanahan said he places a lot more value in the practices.”

    Totally agree with that statement.

    1. I’m sure none of the GM’s-in-waiting at this website castigated the Niners’ FO for not signing our frost-bitten friend.

  14. Preseason games are nothing more than glorified practices.
    The most important thing is to avoid injuries.
    Obviously, these two points are established and par for the course.

    On the flip side these games are vital games for veteran players who may be considered on the bubble, lower drafted rookies and UDFA’s. This is one of the intriguing feature of the preseason that I care for.

    Another concern is how the players react to real game tackling since they have been limited in practice.

  15. CFB
    I’m not a big fan of Antonio Brown, but after having Vontaze Burfict nearly decapitate him I can understand Brown’ concerns with the current helmet policy.

    After paying out millions to former players due to brain trauma one would think that the NFL would have been more diligent in developing a safer helmet by now.

  16. Eli Harold in the news…

    Ian Rapoport

    Trade: The #Bills acquired OL Ryan Bates from the #Eagles for DE Eli Harold.

  17. Grant,
    Forgot to mention earlier, that the shirt you wore for your periscope feature could be called the “happy shirt.”
    It seemed to have changed your entire demeanor.
    I can’t recall when I’ve felt so uplifted after your report.
    Keep the shirt!

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