The good and not so good from 49ers training camp: Day 3

San Francisco 49ers defensive back Richard Sherman, right, guards wide receiver Marquise Goodwin (11) at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out during Day 3 of 49ers training camp. Keep in mind, during one-on-one drills I missed the offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, running backs, tight ends and safeties because I was watching the wide receivers and cornerbacks instead. Tomorrow, I’ll watch other positions.


  1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Bounced back from a terrible practice Sunday with a solid performance Monday morning. Garoppolo completed eight of 14 throws, and launched a perfect 60-yard touchdown pass to Richie James on the first throw of team drills. The rest of practice, Garoppolo seemed hesitant in the pocket and late and inaccurate with his passes. He threw one dangerous pass from the far hash to the sideline that might have gotten intercepted had it not sailed nine feet high. Through three training camp practices, Garoppolo has completed just 19 of 34 passes (56 percent). He seems rusty coming off his torn ACL. Shocker.
  2. WR Marquise Goodwin. Beat Richard Sherman with a curl route during one on ones, and caught two 15-yard passes over the middle during team drills. Goodwin continues to have a better connection with Jimmy Garoppolo than just about anybody, including George Kittle. Kittle caught just one pass during team drills, and Nick Mullens threw it.
  3. WR Trent Taylor. Beat D.J. Reed with a dodge route for a 15-yard gain on third-and-four. Mullens threw the pass. Taylor almost always is the 49ers’ No. 1 option when the offense faces third-and-less-than-seven.
  4. WR Kendrick Bourne. Beat Ahkello Witherspoon with a post route for a long gain over the middle during one on ones. When the center snapped the ball, Witherspoon tried to jam Bourne with two hands at the line of scrimmage, but whiffed. More on Witherspoon below.
  5. WR Jordan Matthews. Beat Reed twice during one on ones, and made a tough six-yard catch in traffic during team drills. Matthews and Bourne are the only 49ers who make that catch consistently. One of them should make the team.
  6. WR Deebo Samuel. Beat Richard Sherman with a slant route during one on ones. Sherman tried to jam Samuel at the line of scrimmage, but Samuel swatted his hands away. Samuel also ran a jet sweep during team drills, but K’Waun Williams stopped him for no gain.
  7. WR Richie James. Caught Garoppolo’s 60-yard touchdown pass, and beat Greg Mabin twice during one on ones – first with a curl route, then with a comeback route. James has had a strong start to camp.
  8. CB Ahkello Witherspoon. Intercepted a short pass intended for Jalen Hurd during one on ones. Hurd ran a curl route, and Witherspoon smothered him. After the play, Witherspoon threw the ball at Hurd and it hit him the chest. Hurd seems to be popular.
  9. CB Emmanuel Mosley. Shut down Trent Taylor during one on ones, and intercepted a pass intended for Bourne during team drills. So far, Mosley seems like the fourth-best corner on the team after Richard Sherman, Witherspoon and Williams.


  1. DE Nick Bosa. Backup left tackle Shon Coleman knocked over Bosa during a run. Bosa landed on his back, got up slowly and sat out the final 18 plays of a 40-play practice. Afterward, he came to the press room and told the media he felt fine.
  2. FS Adrian Colbert. Gave up the 60-yard touchdown catch to James. The defense was playing Cover 3 and Colbert was in the middle of the field – the perfect spot to defend a post route. James ran a post. Colbert saw him coming and ran with James, but took the wrong angle and gave up an easy touchdown catch. Colbert did the same thing against the Cardinals Week 5 last season. He should not play single-high safety in the NFL, because he takes bad angles and has poor instincts. He’s a liability in the middle of the field. The 49ers should begin to give second-year free safety Tarvarius Moore reps with the starters.
  3. WR Dante Pettis. Dropped three passes – two short ones and a long one. Pettis doesn’t seem to have improved from last season. In fact, through three camp practices he seems to have regressed and lost confidence. But, it’s still early. He could get better.

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      1. I know its not a staple of his offense by any means but Kyle Shanahan needs to incorporate some slant routes in his offense for Deebo Samuel.

        That way Goodwin can stay on the field and Pettis and Samuel can rotate.

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  1. If Jimmy can be as accurate deep as he is everywhere else, there’ll be plenty of running room for our backs.

    It’s just a matter of time until Moore overtakes Colbert.

    Grant, how’s Reynolds looked?

  2. Maiacco is reporting that JG looks like his knee is not affecting him at all saying he looked very good so far. He also reported that there were several dropped passes today. Which affects someone’s completion percentage. I’m sure Mullen’s looked great today lol.

    1. Mullens threw only three passes today. There were some drops. Garoppolo still has been hesitant, late and inaccurate. Some of his worst passes were caught today. It’s still early.

      1. Isn’t that what training camp is for? It’s to find a rhythm especially playing with a young Wr core. Plus the defense is always going to look better in TC. They know what the play is. I think JG being put there this early and putting together any soild practices is an outstanding sign.

      2. You just dont like him. JG hasnt been hesitant at all, its called making the right read. Its like you still dont understand how Shans offense works, it’s not just about that one play, it’s about how the defense reads the formation and reacts to the play, that’s what Jimmy is looking at. It’s called training camp for a reason. Take your hating reports somewhere else, or at least learn how to evaluate the plays that are been ran.

  3. Grant our receivers ha vcd e been man handled since we had Crabtree. No toughness. Maybe that’s why they are letting Hurd play tough. Our Wrs are soft in nature.

      1. Didn’t the 49ers tell Deebo to lose some weight? Perhaps not a good sign that he didn’t follow that direction?

    1. UC,
      Yup, I’d redo Hurd’ contract for more money for the simple reason that he has raised the level of our DB’s play.

      There’s been no fire (passion) from our DB’s since the Harbaugh era.

      Also, I remember watching a young WR raising the ire of the DB’s when the team had their TC at UOP in Stockton. The kids named was Terrell Owens.
      Not saying that Hurd is the next T. O., but than again who knows?

    2. UC,
      Looked more like a lobb than a throw.
      But as far as playing mind games, Hurd did take Witherspoon’ small towel and wiped his hands with it before tossing it to the ground.
      So yes, I agree that it’s going to be a fun camp.

  4. After intercepting a ball meant for Hurd, Witherspoon threw the ball and hit Hurd in the chest.
    KS must be so proud.

    1. Canada to India
      Australia to Cornwall
      Singapore to Hong Kong
      From the West to the East
      From the rich to the poor
      Victoria loved them all

      1. Maybe I should have said, -I just wish he gave a damn. ;p
        Some one once said- Choose your words carefully. Some day, you may have to eat them.

        1. Here is a case where the reporter intentionally exploited yesterday’s episode by choosing to use the verb threw instead of the verb tossed.

  5. Day 3

    1. Pettis situation is a point of concern.
    2. Mathews makes the team and starts in slot.
    3. Someone wrote that JG scrambled for 15 yards today and looked pretty fluid.
    4. JG is a late round steal in fantasy.
    5. Not worried about Bosa in the least.
    6. RIP Gilroy victims. I grew up in the South Bay – Los Gatos. I have been to the Garlic Fest while in HS. Very tragic.

    1. Interesting stat from Evan Silva below. Buckner and Thomas will feast.

      The #Rams will have the least experienced interior offensive line, and it’s not close.
      LG Joseph Noteboom – 79 career snaps
      C Brian Allen – 37
      RG Austin Blythe – 1,594
      John Sullivan & Rodger Saffold had 236 combined starts.

      1. Rollo Tomasi
        * Add to that, LT Whitworth will turn 38 during the 2019 season and he has lost a step.
        * Goff ranked 4th in the NFL in passer rating when kept clean in the pocket in 2018. He fell to 28th in passer rating when under pressure.
        * The Rams ran the ball 9th highest rate in 2018. 2019 season: Todd Gurley has an arthritic knee and CJ
        Anderson is gone!
        * DT Ndamukong Suh is also gone, more double teaming Aaron Donald.
        * The Rams are still a talented team, but they’re NOT the same team that went to the 2018 SB.

    2. 6. RIP Gilroy victims. I grew up in the South Bay – Los Gatos. I have been to the Garlic Fest while in HS. Very tragic.

      Rollo, Cupertino here. Been to the Garlic Festival a bunch of times, KFAT was my fave station while in college. I can scarcely imagine something like that happening there :(

  6. Grant, are you being very critical of both JG and Pettis because you don’t see them living up to the hype the other beat writer’s are writing?
    Tomorrow will your coverage include the back up’s on the OL and DL?

  7. It looks like today was a practice that allowed the public in. Anyone go?
    Tomorrow same situation according to 9ers site…

  8. Grant, after 3 days who would you say has, so far:
    – Looked the best player on the team?
    – Looked the best rookie on the team?
    – Been the biggest surprise (good)?
    – Been the biggest disappointment?

    1. Witherspoon
      The Bosa Constrictor

      Sorry, couldn’t resist guessing based on the reports I’ve gleaned.

  9. 49er 53 prediction after 3 days of TC.
    QB- JG, Nick Mullens. CJB is traded to a QB needy team.
    RB- Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert. McKinnon on IR with a 6 week designation to return.
    FB- Kyle Juszczyk.
    WR- Marquise Goodwin, Jordan Matthews, Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, Trent Taylor, Richie James. Kendrick Bourne traded to a WR needy team. James makes it as the 7th WR because of his returner skills.
    TE- George Kittle, Levine Toilolo, Ross Dwelley.
    OT- Joe Staley, Mike Mcglinchey, Shon Coleman.
    OG- Laken Tomlinson, Joshua Garnett, Willie Beavers.
    C- Mike Person, Dillon Day.
    LDE- Solomon Thomas, Nick Bosa, Julian Taylor.
    LDT- Arik Armstead, DJ Jones.
    RDT- Deforest Buckner, Sheldon Day.
    RDE- Dee Ford, Ronald Blair, Kentavius Street.
    SAM- Malcolm Smith, Mark Nzeocha.
    MIKE- Fred Warner, Dre Greenlaw.
    WILL- Kwon Alexander, Elijah Lee.
    LCB- Jason Verrett, DJ Reed.
    SS- Jaquiski Tartt, Antone Exum.
    FS- Richard Sherman, Tyree Robinson.
    RCB- Ahkello Witherspoon, Dontae Johnson.
    NB- K’Waun Williams, Tarvarius Moore. Jimmie Ward on IR with mid season designation to return.
    K- Robbie Gould.
    P- Mitch Wishnowski.
    LS- Colin Holba.
    Niners take a risk and keep only 2 QBs, so they can keep 7 WRs. They keep only 3 RBs, so they can add another defender. Niners have 24 on offense, 26 on defense.

    1. Garnett? Beavers? what a crap Oline sheeesh….well minus Staley and Reynolds why is Reynolds not on the list? I have to be honest it does NOT look like a SB roster….thanks Seb

      1. Monty, I am just going off the roster, and fully expect they will scour the waiver wire for an upgrade.
        I am just taking into consideration that Richberg is PUP, and Person may be the best replacement at Center.
        Reynolds is an UDFA, so no team wanted to draft him. At least Beavers was a 4th round pick, 121st overall. Beavers used to be a LT, so he is plenty nimble enough to play guard. At 324 lbs, he is stout enough not to be driven back into the pocket, hopefully.

    2. What!? Sherman at FS?? Where’s Richburg? McKinnon on IR? Is that a guess based on roster moves or his health? And Jordan Matthews shouldn’t make the team in my opinion, he has no skill set that isn’t available in the other receivers.

      1. Yep, I thought posters would object to Sherman being moved to FS. I am just thinking about Ronnie Lott. he moved to safety, and extended his career. Thought you would object more about Colbert and Marcell Harris being cut. I like the ball hawking skills of Tyree Robinson, and he can tackle, too.
        Richberg is PUP. McKinnon suffered a setback.
        Matthews looks great in these practices. He is 6′ 3 “, 212 lbs, so he is one inch taller and 22 lbs heavier than Bourne. He also shows a willingness to go over the middle, while Hurd may be best utilized as a deep threat, and some one to attack along the side lines.

        1. I don’t mind the idea of Sherman eventually moving to Safety however I don’t think the niners personell currently would allow them to do this.
          Moving him to safety would mean SF would have two corners that struggle sticking with their man who are backed up by a slow footed safety.
          It would also take away one of Sherman’s biggest strengths as he would not be able to jam receivers at LOS. While he could play safety, he isn’t well suited for single high role and that might weaken the D as whole.

          1. Shoup, I am just assuming Verrett is healthy enough to play. Witherspoon sounds like he has done well in the practices. IMHO, those 2 are the best DBs to play CB, especially if RS has lost a step.
            Sherman could act as the field general, calling the coverages and schemes. Woods and Saleh also plan to have the FS and SS work in tandem, and they will be switching assignments so the offense cannot plan on the FS being the receiver defender, while the SS takes on the running game.
            I guess I am just counting on the fact that Sherman will use his veteran savvy and intelligence to be able to play the FS role. I also postulated the idea after seeing another poster on another site, propose the same thing, recently.

            1. Seb,
              I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all… it’s more a matter of my lack of faith in the idea that both Verrett will stay healthy and Witherspoon will play at a starting level. Both of of those things would have to happen for it to make sense to move Sherman to Safety.
              As for the interchangeable safety stuff, I’ve heard that for years in the NFL but I’ve never seen it. Ultimately one player is more physical and one is better in coverage so DC’s cater to their strengths.

              1. Shoup, we will see. I wonder if Woods is bold enough to make that change. I was doubtful about Verrett, but this TC has shown he is moving well.
                I think they are doing the switching around to disguise the coverages. I applaud that strategy, and think they are interchangeable enough to make it work.

  10. “And now for something completely different..” (to quote John Cleese)
    ..or at least a completely different take on Nick Bosa being #1 on Grant’s daily Not-so-Good list
    From Barrows at The Athletic
    “Bosa and Coleman went against each other once during the 1-on-1 pass-rushing drill, with Coleman riding the rookie to the outside. Their encounter in the team-wide session was more exciting. On a running play to the offense’s left side, Bosa said that he tagged the running back — there’s no tackling yet in these sessions — and then pulled up as he’s instructed to do. Coleman, however, stuck with the play and drove Bosa to the ground.
    “I actually tagged up the running back,” Bosa said. “I think Shon wanted to keep pushing me back, so I kind of let him have his moment.”

  11. From the video’s it seemed like all of the qb’s were late on breaking routes.
    In these drills the qb should look bad until they get their timing down.
    The drills become worthless to the qb if they wait for the break before throwing. As by waiting they are just playing pitch and catch and every qb in the league should be able to do that.

  12. Cohn is such a hater, do you really watch what happens at practice? It’s like you’re just negative for the sake of being a born hater. Jimmy G didn’t have a “horrible” day yesterday. The play youre speaking about Bosa on didnt even happen the way you said. Stop making things up just because you cant find anything to get your fix of haterade you’re addicted to. We’re all pretty tired of it.

    1. I’m sure you were there taking notes. Mind sharing them with us? Seeing as how you like to speak for everyone and all. No?

      1. Will be fascinating to see where Grant is with his sports media career 30 years from now–if he remains in the industry. Wonder what Grant’s hallmark contributions will be–with emphasis on contributions.

        I’m not predicting anything, only curious how his work (and his legacy) will evolve over time.

        1. This blog will be in the Internet Hall of Fame, with its contributors and commentators discussed in many a classroom over the world. Kids for generations will discuss whether Sebbie was a legend, for instance.

          1. Wish the Press Democrat would assemble a ‘Best Of Gran’ts 49er Blog‘ book–hardcopy and on-line versions. Have an intern and Grant work together this coming off season to cull through the archives for material. There’s a ton. Even allow us posters to nominate content. Grant could write the forward, and author additional pieces throughout to establish context.

            1. All posters will get a participation trophy. That way, you can add to your massive collection of participation trophies. You are soooo cute!

  13. Which WR would you guys cut? Frankly I don’t see how Hurd makes this roster without a position change, he’s so far behind everyone else. I’d like that 6’8 to make the team too, because he offers something different.

      1. Oh for sure, he defo makes it. Just, based purely on merit and his quality right now, I personally don’t see why he should. I should probably have made that clearer, so my bad there.

          1. I just wish I could see what the Niners apparently saw in him to justify that pick. I know it’s early and all but I said the same thing regarding Pettis and it’s looking increasingly likely I was right. I don’t mind the fighting so much, but if he gets himself a reputation for doing it then there’s an issue. No one wants to be that guy.

            1. I am amused by all the pushback I am getting about Hurd fighting. They are defending the indefensible.
              Fights in practice are a distraction, can lead to bad blood between players, and more seriously, injuries.
              The coaches were at fault for egging Hurd on to be aggressive while blocking, but he was overly aggressive. The coaches should have stressed to Hurd that fights between team mates is counter productive. Sure, it is showing his willingness to block, and demonstrating his toughness, but he should also play smart, and fair. Hurd crossed the line. Blaming the DBs is specious, because they did not get into fights with other players, only Hurd.
              Fights in practices are bad, no matter who it is. They waste precious practice time. The coaches should have talked about the subject before the practices. I am glad to see they did talk to the team after those fights, because I saw players shaking hands, and a DB helping up a WR. That is the type of sportsmanship I would be proud of.
              KS was proud of Hurd fighting? That is because he told Hurd to be aggressive. I wonder if he wants Hurd to keep fighting, since he is so proud of his moxie. Belichick would not say he was proud of a player fighting, he would have sent him off the field, so the player would get the message that fights against team mates is frowned upon. KS needs to be more careful with his words. He is also the HC of Exum and Johnson.

              1. Fights in practices are bad, no matter who it is. They waste precious practice time. The coaches should have talked about the subject before the practices.

                Belichick would not say he was proud of a player fighting, he would have sent him off the field, so the player would get the message that fights against team mates is frowned upon.

                Gotta call BS, Sebbers:

                Bill Belichick views training camp fights as a natural byproduct and will not break them up:

                “Football is competitive. We’re in a competitive camp,” Belichick said. “It’s part of football. I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

              2. I am amused by all the pushback I am getting about Hurd fighting.

                You’re getting pushback because you made a judgment without all the facts. Then when 3 independent sources indicated they thought he was only blocking hard and that he didn’t start the fight. The problem (I assume for most) is not with your original opinion, it’s that it didn’t evolve when new info was presented.

                I too thought he might have pushed it too far. However with 3 independent sources stating it looked like he was playing hard to the whistle I had to change my position.

              3. Seb’s mentally too tight. He needs some mental yoga, and I’d recommend some of my Blues Glues.

              4. I agree. Fights do occur.
                They only become a big deal when the HC says he is proud of the player responsible for fighting. KS did lament the escalation from blocking aggressively to rolling on the ground.
                I am not declaring the season is doomed because of 2 fights. KS should just consider them as teachable moments.
                I agree, they are no big deal, and it sounds like everyone has moved on. Still, in general, fights should be discouraged, because they are counter productive. Hurd is a rookie, and needs to learn. Hopefully, he will not be involved in another fight all season.

              5. Shoup, there never would have been a fight, if Hurd had not blocked overly aggressively.
                If they were fair blocks, none of this would have occurred. Exum and Johnson did not get into a fight with any other team mates.
                Hurd instigated the fights by being overly aggressive. He is not the victim.

              6. Move on Sebbie. You have your opinion. Goody. Others have their own. Move on.

                When will you be igniting your offensive coordinator rants? You’re about due. Try cramming that one down our throats.

              7. Cassie quit trolling.
                Both Shoup and Razor have stated their opinions, and have done it in a civil manner. I have responded, but have not attacked them personally, like you and others cannot refrain from doing to me.
                You just remind me of Baalke. Unctuous and smarmy, and you bring little to this site. Maybe you should move on. Your snark is getting tiresome. Stop haunting my posts, and I will leave you alone.

            2. Rena’s on that we agree.

              It was especially was confusing when the drafted Deebo before him… they are both best suited to play in the slot:/.

              I wanted the niners to address the interior of the Oline.

    1. He is KS’s boy hand picked not going anywhere despite the suckage and lack of position knowledge…thanks Kyle coulda had Butler who is balling out in preseason instead this bozo

      1. Kyle coulda had Butler who is balling out in preseason instead this bozo

        Ha, Butler and Isabella both cannot beat out a 6th round receiver. You, Seb and your silly Butler fantasies make my sides hurt, it’s so comical:

        Bordow, “Again, we can’t report on what we see after the first 20 minutes but we do hear things, and rookie KeeSean Johnson, the team’s sixth-round pick, has reportedly looked better than either Andy Isabella or Hakeem Butler. Johnson is a smooth route runner with good hands, whereas Isabella hasn’t been as natural catching the ball, and Butler is a raw product who struggles to shed press coverage.”

        1. In the draft, some were touting Keesean Johnson. He is also probably going against the third string.
          Isabella ran a 4.31, so to say he is a bust is premature. Looking at Butler’s highlight reel, one wonders how he lasted till the top of the 4th round. They will probably put Butler in motion, so he can avoid the jam at the LOS.
          Cards play the Niners twice, so let’s with hold judgement until they play.
          What is really comical is watching Butler ragdoll DBs, and calling him a bust.

          1. Water under the bridge Sebbie. Let it go, I know this is very difficult for you…

            Oh, and a question… Where’s the line between ragdolling a DB and fighting a DB?

            1. During a game, ragdolling a DB is legit and impressive.
              In TC, rolling on the ground fighting is not legit, and not impressive.

          2. Bust!? Who said anything about bust? Butler and Isabella both are behind Johnson on the depth chart, and you two keep lamenting Butler’s services. I feel like I’m on a ride at The Captain Insano theme park….

            1. No, Keesean Johnson is listed as a 3rd string WR, on the Ourlads depth chart. Both Butler and Isabella are listed as second string WRs.
              You are implying they are no good. ‘They cannot even beat out a 6th round pick. ‘That sounds like they are busts, according to you.

              1. I didn’t imply anything, I quoted an insider from Cardinals camp. You’re blaming me for Butler and Isabella behind Johnson on the depth chart?

              2. Razor, did you know that Bosa was taking reps with the second string? Guess that does not make him a starter. ;p
                I just looked at the Cards’ Ourlads depth chart, and Butler and Isabella are listed as second stringers, and Keesean Johnson is listed in the third column. Sounds like Keesean Johnson is doing well against the third string, but it is all relative.

              3. Seb, were you aware that Butler slid into the 4th round? Are you saying those 32 teams owe you at least two apologies a piece?

              4. No, I also read his draft scouting report.
                A player can be big and fast, with good skills, but if he drops the ball, all those positives are negated.
                Players drop all the time. Look at Metcalf. He was touted as a top 10 after the combine. Then, he fell to the last pick in the second round.

            2. You are, Razor!! This is the Alice in Wonderland show right here in front of you! And Sebs, God Bless him, is the Mad Hatter. Much entertainment………….

  14. Grant, glad you mentioned Moore this time, but how’s he looking?
    I’m not a Colbert fan. I think he’s surviving because people like him as a person.
    I think eventually Moore and Harris becomethe starters. Ward and Tartt can’t stay on the field. Moore has the range and Harris can thump.

  15. So far in camp the biggest weakness on the team seem to be WRs and both safety spots or at least the position that Jimmie Ward would play. Even the coach does not like his WRs at the moment. those were two areas where they needed to get better and they didn’t. Now they drafted 2 WRs in the draft but how much of an impact will they make and one used to be a RB. its still very early in camp but none of the 49ers WRS would scare most teams and if no pass or pressure is applied then the both safeties will get beat

    1. niner; you forgot the Oine which is hot garbage minus Staley….its a roster issue…3rd year with this regime and still gaps on the roster…..

        1. yes and who Lynch bring in if anyone…usually he brings in nobody’s =at least that’s been the MO….odds are they just shuffle players, move a guard to center, a free safety to cb….a cb to safety then back again….

  16. i know that teams want to develop the players they draft especially the late round picks, but you do that with the backups or put on PS. Then they switch these players to different positions then what they played in college. Harris and Moore are no better than Ward or Tartt. That’s why safety is the biggest need on the team right now and could be the reason we lose games. John Lynch being a safety I would of thought would of brought in a big name or drafted one high in the draft, maybe he thinks he can find a gem in the late rounds and save money IDK but in this type of defense they are trying to run they need a good safety back their. It does not matter if you have a pass rush, if your guys cant cover or know how to read the offense then they will get beat

  17. One thing struck me in this post. Trent Taylor is Jimmy G’s favorite target. Taylor has been the favorite target since JG arrived in San Francisco. Jimmy hasn’t yet developed a good connection with Kittle. Could this be because Taylor’s strength is getting open quickly on short to intermediate routes and plays designed for Kittle take a little longer to develop. Jimmy G may not be patient enough to allow those plays to unfold as designed. Not sure how you coach that internal clock in a QB to slow down a little bit. Usually you want that clock to be pretty fast.

    1. I don’t think so… for all his quick release talk, Jimmy holds the ball for a bit.
      Additionally, from what I’ve seen he’s never really been a rb, te quarterback.

      Hopefully, Kyle will work to develop that connection with them.

      1. Maybe. But as Tom’s understudy wouldn’t plays designed for the TE (Gronk) have been plays that Jimmy would have practiced. After all, if TB went down and JG replaced him, you don’t want to have to change the playbook.

        1. Pro Football Reference always has all the best stats. The 2 games Jimmy G started for the Patriots were against the Cardinals and Dolphins. Martellus Bennett was the starting TE in both games. In the Cardinals game, JG targeted Bennett 5 times. He completed 3 passes for 14 yards to Bennett in that game. Against the Dolphins, JG targeted Bennett 3 times. He had 2 completions for 46 yards. That is the game where Jimmy got hurt so Jacoby Brissett replaced him. Brissett targeted Bennett 3 times and had 3 completions for 68 yards. Bennett’s production actually went up after Jimmy G left the game. Out of the 8 times JG targeted the TE, 7 of the passes were short passes. Only 1 pass was longer and it was a 20 yard TD pass. So with the Patriots, even when JG hit the TE it was on a short route and a quick pass. I think that is more evidence that maybe JG isn’t patient enough to let longer plays develop. The Patriots coaching staff may have recognized that fact and called plays more suited to JG’s personal style.

    1. I was in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. The are definitely all in for the Raiders. The stadium is just a shell of iron right now so it’s hard to envision how it will look. All I know is they better have good AC for the first quarter of the football season.

    2. I’ve never been a big fan of Levi’s Stadium. It looks like a glorified scaffold on the outside and a section of what looks like high rise apartments surrounded by a field and seating on the inside.

      Levi’s will never have the character and personality of Candlestick Park.
      I drove by the old park about a year ago and was saddened to see the once hallowed grounds now full of apartments.

      Hopefully the 49ers begin a fresh and exciting era at Levi’s this season.

      1. The character and personality of Candlestick was solely due to the events that occurred on the field. As a venue, in the latter part of its life, it was an absolute dump rivaled only by the old Boston Garden in it’s ratio of on field glory to venue craphole status.

        1. “The character and personality of Candlestick was solely due to the events that occurred on the field.”

          Yeah, it was about the team during the Candlestick era that made it special. I thought that I made it clear with my “Hopefully the 49ers begin a fresh and exciting era at Levi’s this season” comment. I agree that the old stadium was tired and decrepit but the vibe there was amazing.

          1. Yeah, that vibe was amazing. Especially in the 2010 timeframe. The assaults in the bathroom and murders in the parking lot were lit.

        2. Agree Houston.

          Any of you guys been to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro? I have, couple of times. It is another of the erector set construction, generic in the extreme, nothing fancy whatsoever. Also way out in the boonies, with murderous access. Yet the Pats haven’t suffered by it. I wonder why.

      2. The DeBartolo’s were mall builders. Levi’s fits right in with their middle-of-the-road imagination. Perfect manifestation of bland.

        1. University Park Mall has been the premier mall around here since I was a kid, and was built by the DeBartolo’s.

          1. Too bad they didn’t build a mall in Santa Clara instead of a stadium. Bet it would’ve been a fine mall.

  18. Today’s activity…

    Matt Barrows

    Wilson, Joshua Garnett (finger) and Kyle Juszczyk not practicing today. Juszczyk’s foot was stepped on yesterday. Look for Tyree Mayfield, Niles Paul to fill in at fullback.

    Matt Barrows

    Pre-practice notes:
    * Jimmie Ward (collarbone) has been taken off PUP. He’ll take part in walk thrus initially, probably won’t be in full practice for a while.
    * RB Jeff Wilson tweaked calf on Monday. With Jerick McKinnon out, not sure if another RB must be brought in.

  19. GEEP says:
    July 29, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    KS needs to sit him down, and explain how things work.”
    * Sleb: “Hurd must apologize to the whole team, admit his immaturity, and promise to clean up his act. I am even more disappointed in him, and think they should have spent that pick on_________(fill in the blank)….blah, blah, blah…
    * O-for. Not too bad Sleb…….TRY AGAIN!

    REPLY: SEBRAIDAH showing a more insidious way to ruin the 49ers. Get rid of Hurd and resign his man crushes, Jarryd Hayne and Kraeppy, then turn NFL TC’s in to CAMP PATTY CAKE

    10 Signs Coach Patty Cake’s (Seb) is a Whimp:

    1Trying To Open A Jar
    Men and women are equal in every regard. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get asked to open a jar for your girlfriend once in a while. That is, if you can. With so many guys stuck behind a computer all day, some of the easiest tasks are slipping out of our ability. Don’t be that guy who has to get out a pipe wrench to open your jar of jam, or worse, get your girlfriend to open it for you.

    1. Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida say the 49ers’ beefed-up defensive line is tough to go against
      By David Bonilla
      19 hrs ago • 2

      Coleman continued, “Man, they’re cold (The D-Line). They’re real good. All the guys, they’re deep back there, and they’re damn near all first-rounders. It’s going to be tough just in practice. Those guys are good.

      “It’s tough to see holes right now and get (to) those holes because those guys are so good. It just takes more practice.”

      Matt Breida is entering his third season with the 49ers. He too is impressed by the bolstered defensive front.
      “It’s hard to even run the ball,” Breida told reporters.

  20. You need help. You’re the one calling the NFL offices trying to turn the Niner’s TC into ‘Camp Patty Cakes!’

    Please go watch badminton and leave the football to true football and 49er fans, SEBRAIDAH!

  21. The Niners had just two interceptions last season, and none were from their cornerbacks. While it’s still early, seeing Witherspoon working as a ballhawk early is a great sign.

    He’s managed back-to-back interceptionson consecutive days. Last Sunday, Witherspoon outmuscled wide receiver Dante Pettis, stripping the ball away for an interception. On Monday, Witherspoon got in the way of a pass intended for rookie wideout Jalen Hurd

  22. Mo(o)re from today…

    Matt Barrows

    There’s movement afoot at safety: Tarvarius Moore getting some first team reps.

    Cam Inman

    Ford up and involved in Dline drill. Shaking off apparent knee issue.

  23. Maybe there is more to the Moore story. Could he be the best safety on the team, was reading an article about it suggesting that could be the case.

    1. I thought he had a chance to win it in training camp, but I predicted by game 6 or so he’d take it over. Very good news that he’s expedited his learning curve, and we may be on the brink of a dominant, record breaking defense if we can get Moore outta the FS position….

  24. Matt Barrows

    Glass is half full assessment of today’s #49ers practice: The defense was spectacular!
    Glass is half empty assessment: The offense stunk. Jimmy Garoppolo was 5-14.

    Can’t blame this on Wishnowsky (yet…).

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