The good and not so good from 49ers training camp: Day 4

San Francisco 49ers’ Matt Breida runs at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out during Day 4 of 49ers training camp.


  1. RB Matt Breida. Exploded around the left end and sprinted away from the entire 49ers defense to score a 60-yard touchdown. This was the best run of training camp by any player. Breida still is the best runner on the team, even better than Tevin Coleman, whom the 49ers signed this offseason.
  2. TE Ross Dwelley. Beat Adrian Colbert with an out-route during one-on-one drills. Dwelley isn’t a spectacular athlete, but he has a knack of getting open and making catches. All of the 49ers safeties and linebackers have trouble covering him. Dwelley should be the 49ers’ No. 2 tight end. He and George Kittle can form a dangerous duo in two-tight-end formations, which the 49ers should use more often next season, because Dwelley is a more dangerous receiver than the 49ers’ fullback, Kyle Juszczyk.
  3. QB Nick Mullens. Completed seven of 10 passes during team drills. Mullens has been by far the most confident and decisive quarterback on the team in camp. He processes information rapidly during plays, never predetermines his throws before the snap and makes playing quarterback look easy. He is a pleasure to watch.
  4. CB Richard Sherman. Gave up zero catches and knocked running back Tevin Coleman flat on his back. Sherman has played much better in camp this year than last year – his Achilles clearly is healthier.
  5. FS Tarvarius Moore. Replaced Adrian Colbert as the starting free safety, and intercepted a pass intended for Niles Paul during one on ones. Moore already seems better than Colbert, although Robert Saleh said Moore has been somewhat hesitant.
  6. DE Nick Bosa. Made it through an entire practice for the third time this offseason, and recorded one sack on C.J. Beathard while playing with the second-team defense.


  1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Completed only five of 14 passes. Missed throws that were short, medium and long. Seemed to predetermine his passes before the snap. On one play, Garoppolo dropped back and threw to his first read, Richie James, who was covered, and missed a wide open Trent Taylor over the middle. Garoppolo seems rusty after missing most of last season, but he also seems uncomfortable running Shanahan’s offense. If Garoppolo continues to struggle, Shanahan must pare down the offense as he did for Garoppolo in 2017.
  2. WR Dante Pettis. Dropped two passes and caught just one of four targets. Pettis is an early candidate for the Ahkello Witherspoon Award, a.k.a. the second-year player who crumbles under the weight of unrealistic expectations. The 49ers are counting on Pettis to be their No. 1 wide receiver this season. He doesn’t seem ready for that responsibility.
  3. DE Dee Ford. Injured his quad and thumb and missed the second half of practice. Neither injury seems serious, but Ford has a history of missing time.

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  1. Hope Moore settles in as the starter this season. To use a nitwit cliche, I think he has good upside–and can get there.

    1. You can see it. I can see it. Only Saleh pretends it’s not obvious. Otherwise people would be asking why he wasn’t playing his natural position last year when we were hurting fatally from injuries there. Ok so we’re asking “Why isn’t Moore our starting safety? Huh? Huh?”

        1. I’m not sure it makes sense to list players on the Not So Good list, simply due to the typical bumps and bruises that come along with the early phase of training camp. Perhaps a 3rd category is warranted for injuries which you might deem significant. One of the most obvious impressions of the 49ers training camp this year when compared to the new regime’s first 2 years, is the ultra-cautious nature in which the team is handling those bumps and bruises, so I’m not sure minor issues like Greenlaw’s hand laceration, or Ford’s thigh bruise is even worth mentioning until such players actually miss significant time.

          Anyhow, the first 4 days of camp are officially ion the books, and with the first mandatory day off scheduled for today, here are my noteworthy observations and overreactions, through the first 4 days of camp, including the first 2 padded practice sessions of the summer. So before I get to Richie James and the rest of the good, and some bad, on the offensive side of the ball, I’ll start with the impressive showing all around on the 49ers defense (with the possible exception of the Safeties).

          Part one – THE DEFENSE, observations:

          1) The Smaller Bear – Nick Bosa: While Bosa’s reps have been limited out of an abundance of caution, the 2nd overall pick has non the less impressed throughout the first phase of camp. Dare I say DROY? Yes, I just did.

          2) Richard Sherman: At this stage 1 year ago, Richard Sherman had clearly lost a step, and appeared nowhere near fully recovered from surgery to repair his ruptured achilles tendon. Fast forward 12 months, and two words come to mind describing how Uncle Sherms is looking – lockdown cornerback!

          3) Dre Greenlaw: What can I say about a rookie 5th round pick who is showing out this early in the process? Greenlaw is legit, looking the part of a prototypical stack Linebacker for the Niners’ new over-front.

          4) 2nd & 3rd year Cornerbacks: Two young cornerbacks who seem to taking big 2nd year steps are Reed and Moseley. Reed has been moved to the corner, and he’s looking like a natural, as is Moseley. 3rd year CB Witherspoon has been savage. With the added depth (Moseley,Verrett, Harris), this group looks much improved across the board, and have done a good job against the 49ers wide receivers, with the exception of Richie James Jr (aka the 2nd coming of Antonio Brown) but I’ll have more on this vastly improved receiver when I get to the offense.

          5) The DL: Wow! While the Cornerback group looks much improved, the standout position group early on has been the Niners’ powerful Defensive Line. Talented and ridiculously deep, this group is looking like one of the best all-around DL’s in the league, bar none. And look out for my sleeper pick of last years draft class, Kentavius Street. Now that’s a grown man, 300 lbs of explosive power, and clearly the strongest specimen on a huge, talented, physical front line!

          6) The Safeties: While the 49ers very well may be fielding a top 5 defense this season, they still have question marks at the safety position. This group has been average at best in the early goings, and while they haven’t been torched on a regular basis, they still aren’t creating any turnovers to speak of, and that’s a concern, although I do think they’ll be strong in run support. Perhaps Moore continues to improve, and hopefully Ward can stay healthy enough to make a difference, fingers crossed.

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    2. I love the way Farhan Zaida has handled the Giants roster in his first year. Whether they continue to streak or not, this team looks to be in far better shape, top to bottom, compared to this time last season!

  2. Good periscope with Rob Lowder. You weren’t nearly as persistently negative as you usually are and the overall broadcast seemed balanced. However epic fail again at the end.

  3. Grant:

    How well do you think Nick Mullens would do if he were playing with the ones? By all accounts, the first team defense has been dominant. Is it really fair to compare Jimmy G playing against the first team defense with Mullens playing against the 3rd stringers? I’m not saying that Jimmy didn’t have a poor day today; by all accounts he did. But do you really think your comparisons are fair?

    1. These guys are going to have plenty of ups and downs throughout camp. What’s worrisome is that the issues in Garoppolo’s play that Grant and Lowder outlined today were the same things we saw from him last year.

      1. I am afraid Jimmy G is a bust. I think we need better talent scouts to put lynch and Shani in their place.

  4. Mullens is 3-5 while playing the weaker half of the season. He looked like trash against Tampa and Chicago. Jimmy far better.

    1. yea except not. mullens played with a depleted o line, no wrs healthy and 4th and 5th string running backs. yet his starts added to 4th most yards in history of first year qbs. he was on pace for 4500 yards with the weakest roster in football.
      jimmy locks in, i saw it last year. he locks his target early. he takes sacks to the face too often because holing it a second too long is just that, too long. mullens had little time to prep, no reps with 1st when he came in, and played safety on the practice squad for a while, so he didnt even get work on qb there. yet still, 4th best start in history and leads the team well and is basically free to us till 2021.
      id fake an injury to jimmy and bench him. something that lets him be a backup. and id start mullens. give us the best shot at winning it this year… then see how it goes… what i saw from mullens so far is a guy who loves ball. studies. natural leader on the field, calm as a cucumber, and gets the ball in the hands of his play-makers… add a killer defense that doesn’t set a record for least turnovers in history?? might be a fun year. go niners.

      if we get closer to the start and the reports look similar… jimmy is gonna get shipped. for like a 2nd at best and 5th at worst.. most his salary was front loaded so maybe someone can use his “big arm/ slow head” issues not matter.

      1. Nice post 👍, I agree. Mullens is more prepared and is 100% healthy ready to win some games with a good crew that has his back. Meaning wideouts,te’s,rb, and a good defense. Jimmy needs to come back down to earth and rest awhile.

      2. You’re delusional. Mullens had all heathy wideouts. Pettis was healthy and so was Goodwin and Everyone else. Jimmy went up against the vikes defense as well as the chiefs offense. Those two teams alone were better than anyone else we played last year. And Mullens having a 4th best debut against raiders says nothing. Look at who we lost to. You guys seem to forget Mullens was already in the playbook and had the offseason and everything else that first year while jimmy only got here mid season and still ran off a 5 game win streak. And funny nobody mentions the dropped TDs against vikes or even the shuffled o line he played with where they had mcglinchy at guard. Plus jimmy is 6-2 with us while Mullens is 3-5. If it weren’t for jimmy shanny would have no damn wins. Plus Mullens lost to trash teams like the Bucs. Jimmy didn’t lose to the Bucs he lost to high caliber teams. Jimmy damn near would’ve had similar numbers to mahomes If he didn’t get injured or had a decent o line. Jimmy had 251 yards and two tds to mahomes 315 and 3tds. Mullens sucks get over it. He’s a good back up but he’s not starter worthy.

        1. Mullens is physically incapable of consistently threatening the deep ball. An early report indicated Jimmy’s improved accuracy downtown, which is very important. One of Shanny’s offensive prerequisites for his qb is to not only be capable of making the deep shot, but also be able to throw it accurately and consistently. If Jimmy is able to polish that aspect of his game, he’ll be very difficult to defend….

          1. Nick Mullens looks like a quality backup, who can win a few games in a pinch. He’s not, I repeat not, in Garoppolo’s class. Right now this is Jimmy’s team, and the Niners will either rise or fall with him at the helm. I am betting on Jimmy G, as his talent is undeniable, IMO! He just needs to knock off the rust and regain his confidence.

            Go NINERS!

  5. KS should play the first string offense against the third string defense, to build up their confidence.
    Then let Mullens and the second string offense go against the first string defense.

      1. Guess you are glad the Niner offense is struggling.
        I want to see how Mullens does against the first string defense.
        If the Niner offense cannot even have success in the practices, how can they succeed in the league games?

        1. How can the WRs develop timing with JG if they cannot get open?
          How can the RBs look for the blocking on the second level, if they cannot get past the line of scrimmage?
          How can JG look for the second read if the pocket collapses in his face?
          It is great the defense is playing so well, but if they are dominating the offense, they need to help out the offense, not crush its confidence.
          Success leads to more success. Failure leads to losing.

          1. I believe they normally do that when they get to the game schedule.
            The 2nd team D will run (scout D)… and the second team O will get reps against the starting D.

    1. What ridiculous comment will you come up with next?

      Anyone…and I mean ANYONE who has played any level of competitive athletics knows you play and practice with those who are BETTER than you. This pushes you to be better, to push yourself.

      Iron sharpens iron.

      You seriously have some of the most out there thought processes.

      Hell, if the goal is to build their confidence why not have them practice against the San Jose State team? Or even better, lets get the kids from my block to put on pads…I’m sure the niners will DESTROY them, boosting their confidence to a 16-0 Super Bowl winning level…am I right?!

      1. I guess by letting the defense dominate them, they are learning how to lose.
        They need to learn how to win. That is done by succeeding. That is what practices are for.
        Actually Iron tends to be brittle, and shatters against steel. That proverb may have different interpretations.
        Maybe a more apt phrase would be to say- Forging steel will strengthen it. Or- The hotter the fire, the stronger the steel.
        Yes my thought processes, are different than yours, thankfully. I do not want grown men going against PeeWee players. Third string players are good, and will provide competition, which will help them prepare for league competition, better than walkovers.
        The offense is behind the defense. They need to develop timing, rhythm and build on teamwork. The defense just needs to react. Crushing the confidence of the offense just seems counter productive.

        1. Seb

          You always play your O-1s against your D-1s in hopes that you can replace rookies into your #1 teams as they develop. You seem to be saying to play your best against your worst…..? Is that correct ? When the first game of the season came around, you’d have a whole team who trained against scrubs….How do you think that would play out….

          1. Ore, right now, the RBs are being tackled in the back field, and cannot make it to the line of scrimmage. How is that going to help them work on their down field blocking?

        2. Freekin Seb and his school marm tactics…………….we all know there’s a diff between iron and steel, Sebs….you know what he meant.

          1. Guess I was referring to iron sharpening iron. Iron takes less heat, but High carbon steel takes a hotter heat.
            I will however, acknowledge that you are correct. Too much heat is also bad, just like too much of anything, is usually bad.

  6. Grant do you think JG’s problem is rust, defense, O or too big of a play book? Last season he seemed to have the same issues in the 3 ga?mes he played. I don’t think Mullens is the answer long term.??

    1. “Last season he seemed to have the same issues in the 3 ga?mes he played. ”

      I keep hearing that – but here is Jimmy G’s QB rating for each game last year:

      Vikings – 45.1
      Lions – 118.4
      Chiefs – 114.7

      Lions game was won. Do you really think the offense lost the KC game when the defense gave up a TD on each of the five drives KC had in the first half?

      1. Interestingly, Mahomes QBR versus SF last year was 115.5 – statistically, virtually no difference from Jimmy G’s rating.

      2. Garoppolo putting up good numbers in the second half against KC was a lot like Kaepernick putting up good numbers in the second half against Miami in 2016.

  7. The 49ers this year are going to be like Baltimore was the time before when they won the SuperBowl(not the last one).

    Legendary run defense that made teams 1 dimensional.

    If I remember correctly that team only gave up an average of 45 yards a game rushing and forced teams to be 1 dimensional.

    They also didnt have much offense themselves so it was a field goal fest every week with 12-3 final scores.

    That is going to be this team, watch.

    1. uhhhhhh… Are you seriously comparing this 49ers defense to the 2000 Ravens defense? That Ravens defense was one of the greatest defenses of all time. And you think the 49ers are going to go from being ranked as the #28 defense in points allowed and the worst defense in NFL history in generating turnovers to one of the best defenses in NFL history in only 1 year? I LIKE it! Your optimism is contagious. Let’s get this season going! Whoop!

      Only problem is that you also think Jimmy Garoppolo is Trent Dilfer who happens to be one of the worst QBs to ever start an NFL game. Yikes!

      1. HEY Atleast he’s not Giovanni Carmazzi. I mean it wasn’t like there was any good quarterbacks left in that draft.

  8. Good one Grant. You should have guests more often. Somehow having them keeps you less negative. :)

    Just the first 4 days of camp so far, so everyone should just temper their expectations. So far no major injuries which is the best development!

  9. Nice periscope with Rob Lowder. Lots of good insights, with good back and forth discussions.
    One slight constructive criticism- Do not wave your hand in front of your guest. It is kinda distracting.

    1. HAHAHAHA….. Just gotta close with a little dollop of criticism. Every time!

      Grant!! Hire Sebbie as your producer–quickly, before KGO steals him!

      1. Cassie, still haunting my posts. You seem to want to make it your job to constantly criticize me. Baalke, and now Paraag must have sicced you on me, I do not think anyone else in the FO would be so petty and obdurate.
        Grant is a big boy. He can take some constructive criticism. I just want his presentation to improve, and he will not improve unless he hears the truth, not some toadying sycophant, like you are. You used to kiss Baalke’s arse every day. Since he has been kicked to the gutter, you still are still hurting, and your snark is just another manifestation of your grief.

          1. Speaking of Baalke, I sure am glad Denise put down her foot and got rid of that incompetent cancer. Whiffing on an entire draft class, leaks and smears, cutting players on the team bus. decent FAs avoiding the Niners like the plague, dismantling a SB team, ACL picks, pulling draft picks out of his rear end, trying to coach the DBs,
            Choosing the suit over the coach is exactly what Madden advocated against. JH, with a competent and supportive GM, might have won a couple rings. Instead of Alshon Jeffrey, Baalke chose AJ Jenkins. Baalke chose Alldone Smith, with JJ Watt going 4 picks later.
            Keep it up, I will start on Paraag next.

            1. You’re my honeybunch, sugar plum
              You’re my sweetie pie
              You’re my cuppycake, gumdrop
              Snoogums, boogums, you’re
              The apple of my eye

            2. You guys still seem to not get what Baalke’s biggest issue was. It kept him from learning and improving as a GM. In fact it made him worse the longer he was there. The dude was OCD, which is the worst personality trait a GM can have. Works for you as a scout but not as the top manager. He was doomed from the start.

              Just can not understand how a franchise can make psychological evaluations a major part of player evaluations before the draft, yet ignore that step before hiring a GM who is dysfunctional.

              1. Will, do not blame me. I totally agree. Baalke was another textbook example of the Peter Principle. One tends to be promoted from a level of competency, to a level of incompetency.
                Blame Jed, and thank Denise. I just hope Denise puts her foot down again.

  10. Really good periscope Grant. Great idea getting Rob on with you, the two of you played off each other well. And thanks for doing the best player, best rookie, biggest surprise and biggest disappointment! 😁 Hopefully Fred Warner continues to surprise – having him come on as a top player on this D would be huge.

  11. I’m not that worried about Jimmy at this point.
    For all that film study, you need to see it in live action… I promise you all 22 is not the same view experienced through a facemask. Even when he knows what he is looking for, he needs to get his feet married to his eyes… and that requires reps.

    Mullens was not very good against NY or TB ( two terrible defenses ) but got better against some better defenses SEA and DEN. This was likely because he got more reps, which lead to quicker processing, and better muscle memory.

    Jimmy is way behind the others in regards to this. If this remains the case throughout the preseason then we have something to worry about.

  12. Its to early in the season. Get to know football before you talk upon it. The game of football is a team sport it takes time to get 56 guys moving in the same direction. This is what practice and training camp is for, to make a run at the super bowl !! The great game of football changes dramatically every year teams change 12 to 20 guys a year to there roster please you arm chair quarterbacks judge a team and players in the first 3 games in the regular season that is when you start panicking what all you arm chairs think your perfect in your daily activities or on your job yep they get paid way to much for a game so do the owners.

  13. I love mullens at our Q to i dont want to lose him either to not playing because of a high price dream of thinking you were getting a stupid brady out of it if he was billy would still have him playing for the cheatapats

  14. What you see is what you get with Jimmy G. Mullens on the other hand has a sunroof for a ceiling. I think they’ve got an issue on their hands with the QB position.

  15. Grant… Check the Wishnowsky reference. Have anything to add?

    Matt Barrows

    #49ers Day 4 report:
    * More Moore
    * Jimmy G struggles
    * Sherm shines (items 2 and 3 are related)
    * Mitch punts … and kicks
    * some injuries to report
    * Moore!

  16. Mr. Cohn,

    Baalke’s draft class: Amik Armstead, Adrian Colbert, Jakuaski Tartt, Joshua Garrett, Jimmie Ward and K’wuan Williams, Greg Mabin, undrafted players are not so successful squad after 5 years. Few is still successful and stay healthy: DeForest Buckner and George Kittles.

    Lynch’s draft class: Solomon Thomas, Rueben Foster, Marcelle Harris, D.J. Reed, Tarvarius Moore, Mike McGlingey, Nick Mullens, Matt Breida, Dante Pettis, Richie James, Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, Tim Harris Jr, Justin Skule, Dre Greenlaw. One bust, few aren’t yet successful. Hopefully will be immediate impact that are Breida, Bosa, Samuel, maybe Hurd and also Greenlaw and Moore too. Few are already improved: McGlingey, probably Thomas, Mullens too.

  17. Trade CJ Beathard for a 6 pick. Mullens will be our backup, still a little worried that Jimmy has struggled, but lets not get too panicked it is only the 3rd day of trainning camp, players are starting to barely get into football shape,

    god helps us and hopefully no major injuries this year for our great 49er team.

  18. I’m not super experienced in coaching QB’s but I have seen my son go through a process where he worked with an outstanding QB coach who really improved his footwork and throwing mechanics. Part of that process when you go through your first team practices is to develop the muscle memory so your throwing motion and footwork happens automatically without any thinking. Really the QB has to get past thinking about mechanics so he can use his thought processes on reading plays and throwing to the correct receiver. From what I’ve seen that just takes some time. I know Jimmy G worked with Tom House this offseason. I’m sure he will be fine as training camp progresses. He just needs to get past thinking about mechanics and focus on reading defenses.

    1. There was enough time during OTA’s to get that stuff cleaned up. Mechanics might play a role in this, but I think it’s more about processing the information.

      1. The truth is JimmyG our QB is overrated……

        Just like the 1st and 2nd yrs…we will lose the season in the first half because of a late change in QB….

        It’s no rocket science our odds of winning is better with Mullens…

        We also risk shutting down one consistent play we had last season…Mullens to Kittles…..

        With JohnnyG at QB Kittles numbers will regress…

        1. Oneniner says:
          July 31, 2019 at 9:33 am
          The truth is JimmyG our QB is overrated……

          Just like the 1st and 2nd yrs…we will lose the season in the first half because of a late change in QB….

          It’s no rocket science our odds of winning is better with Mullens…

          We also risk shutting down one consistent play we had last season…Mullens to Kittles…..

          With JohnnyG at QB Kittles numbers will regress…

          Says the guy who one time said Alex Smith would be a HOF QB and called him a cold blooded assassin.
          You just confirmed JG will be a star.
          You scrub

      2. Garoppolo did some work with House while he was still rehabbing his knee prior to OTA’s but he wasn’t fully cleared at that time. His heavy training with House and some 49er receivers did not happen until after 49er OTAs so these training camp practices are the first practices he’s participated in since he spent all that time with House after the mini-camp. Also, OTA’s are only 9 days. There’s no way in the world throwing mechanics are cemented in during that short timeframe. JG is still definitely working through the process to fine tune mechanics.

        1. Thanks for the correction. Didn’t realize the bulk of the work was post OTA’s.

          Based on reports it doesn’t seem like it’s mechanics related, but we will see.

          As for the 9 practice thing, I can only speak from my experience. I had my motion completely changed over a 3 day camp. By the time I got back for 7 on 7 drills a couple days later it was second nature and not something I thought at all about during a play.

          I realize my experience was no where close to the professional level but it’s my point of reference.

  19. No one is great when they’re fresh off an ACL. I’m not ready to hit the panic button yet…. that’s not to say I’m sold on Jimmy G either.
    I think he’ll be fine though

    1. Bebsie….. the QB position is a different situation when it comes to ACL’ he was never a running QB anyways.
      If it were an arm or shoulder issue it would be different.

      1. Victor Borge at a concert at De Anza College’s Flint Center.: “If this is De Anza, then what’s the question?”

        True story 😉

        1. Alas, they are preparing to demolish Flint Center — apparently they don’t have the $150M to retrofit it to meet earthquake safety codes :(

  20. B2W had a good practice strategy. The QB would run the play over and over, and work on releasing the ball sooner and sooner. The QB would be anticipating and throwing to a spot, and the receiver would be working on being so consistent, he would be where the ball is thrown at the right time. The repetitions would make it almost second nature, just like Brent Jones and his 3rd down catches, that moved the sticks.
    They would be simple plays, but executed so flawlessly, they would be hard to defend.
    The Niners need to master some plays like that, and build upon them, so there would be enough plays to make them unpredictable.
    I think JG will be fine, because he has done it before. Those 5 games at the end of 2017, shows that he is accurate, and can win games. It is KS’s job to replicate his success.
    In hindsight, maybe they should have selected an interior O lineman, to protect JG and help with the run game, with either of their second or third round picks.

      1. I hope JG, Mullens, CJB and Speight could all compete daily with a dart match. There are many dart games that can be played in 10 minutes. Making it a competition between the QBs will work on accuracy and strategy.
        They should work on the flick of the wrist.

  21. GEEP says:
    July 29, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    KS needs to sit him down, and explain how things work.”
    * Sleb: “Hurd must apologize to the whole team, admit his immaturity, and promise to clean up his act. I am even more disappointed in him….Blah, Blah, Blah…You need to post your bona fides, Shanny’s are well documented—SuperBowl ring a bell???

    10 Signs Coach Camp Patty Cake’s (Sebraidah) is a Whimp:

    1Trying To Open A Jar
    Men and women are equal in every regard. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get asked to open a jar for your girlfriend once in a while. That is, if you can. With so many guys stuck behind a computer all day, some of the easiest tasks are slipping out of our ability. Don’t be that guy who has to get out a pipe wrench to open your jar of jam, or worse, get your girlfriend to open it for you.

  22. Henry Schulman
    11m11 minutes ago

    Giants trade Drew Pomeranz, Ray Black to Brewers for prospect Mauricio Dubon

    I always take publication rankings with a grain of salt. You should too. That said, Dubon ranked the Brewers’ third- and fourth-best prospect by MLB Pipeline and Baseball American, respectively. #SFGIants

  23. This is cool…

    Matt Barrows

    The 49ers’ nice-guy receiving corps needs a jerk; Welcome aboard, Jalen Hurd! (and other observations from training camp) …

    Midway through Monday’s training camp practice, cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon intercepted a pass intended for rookie receiver Jalen Hurd, took a few steps downfield, then turned and tauntingly flipped the ball at Hurd’s chest while the other defensive backs cheered.

    Yes, 49ers defenders have zeroed in on the guy they love to hate. And it only took a couple of days to find him.

    Two practices earlier, Hurd blocked Witherspoon so hard and so far down the field they would have gone out of the frame if the session had been televised. On the same day, Hurd nearly got in a fight with Antone Exum, the most senior safety on the team, for the same thing — delivering persistent, hard blocking. The next day, Hurd did indeed scrap with Exum. And with cornerback Dontae Johnson. That led to a sermon from Kyle Shanahan about not losing your cool and being tossed out of games.

    But make no mistake, Shanahan is not unhappy with what he’s seen from his…

  24. Training camps are about setting the level of competition high enough to meet it head on when the season begins.

    1. With that in mind, is the defense being tested enough? Passing game has been off and the running game plays right to the strength of the D.

      1. Right, but we needed to add the wide 9 to the toolbox against the run because of the teams in our division. Could we be susceptible up the gut? That’s my concern. Warner will need to be a better tackler this year. The passing game might be off, but I have a feeling the offense might have a chip on their collective shoulders. The question becomes, how heavy will it need to become before they unload on the defense?

      2. There are those joint practices with Denver coming up…

        One could argue that the offense has been slow to develop in training camp–a not uncommon outcome in most NFL camps. Too, a case could be made that an improving 9er defense is in-part responsible for weak offensive output.

        1. I absolutely think both of those arguments are true to some degree. But it doesn’t change the question on whether the poor play so far of the offense is the test the D needs to get itself ready for the season.

          1. I would be more concerned if the defense was the side of the ball struggling through 2 padded practices.

              1. That’s not really accurate. Of their picks in rounds 1/2 they’ve taken 3 defensive and 3 offensive players.

              2. That’s not really good comprehension. “High Priced” means top 10, Officer Hammer.

              3. Again, your definition is different from mine. You are basing it on $$ and I based it on draft capital. Round 1 and Round 2 guys are high priced picks for me due to the value of the draft slot.

          2. We gave up over 300 yards on the ground to the Rams at an average of about 4 yards per carry. Chances are that won’t be the case this year, at least not outside it won’t….

            1. Great – so the offense is preparing the D to face the Rams running game. Good for two games a year.

              Based on the replies I am getting I think people are reacting to my comment by assuming I think this is either a disaster, a big issue, some huge indictment of the offense or the D is being made to look much better than it is. I don’t think any of these things. Merely pointing out that if the aim of TC is to provide “the level of competition high enough to meet it head on when the season begins” then it is reasonable to question whether the D is currently getting that level of competition from the people across from them on offense, based on what we have heard from the first four practices. The offense needs to start putting some solid practices together.

              1. I think they will, Scooter. The Rams are the team to beat if we want to take the division. If they can take the butter from their bread, force Goff to beat them; chances are we come away with victories. The Seahawks run more inside zone, and I believe that’s what Kingsbury’s offense runs too. Our seeking lb’s must destroy the ball carrier, and drop him where contact is initiated….

  25. It’s kinda funny.

    If Garoppolo was completing passes at 85+% and had notched 23 TDs as of yesterday, most us us would be screaming about how crappy the defense is and that Saleh and his incompetent goon staff should be let go…now!

  26. Locking up Robbie Gould may have been the most crucial move we made. There’s a STRONG possibility we will need to win a lot of ball games by a few kicks, and Robbie Gould has been clutch. He will regress some what, but we’ll take him over anyone else.

    There’s really only two MAJOR issues I see needs to be fixed:

    1. Red Zone efficiency. I mean I’m not expecting miracle work here, but atleast 50% beter than last year. I mean COME on. GOD AWFUL inside the 20. Getting Coleman, Jet back helps. I think Deebo will be a menace in the red zone to opposing defenses. Jimmy G just has to find a way to get it done. I can forgive the inaccurate passes down field or interceptions here and there. Throw 3 picks in a game, but put together a few key drives that results in 6, I’m OK with that. Our pass rush is decent enough to keep us in games.

    2. Secondary – Pass rush isn’t always successful. Most of the time it fails. You do get that occasional field change from a huge sack here and there, but outside of Sherman…literally I question everyone else. I have zero faith in the secondary. This is what scares me the most on the team. THIS is what will define us as a winning team. It all boils down to the secondary.

  27. What have I learned from these first practices?
    I surmised that there would be 2 injuries that would prevent players from practicing. I was wrong, because 4 players were out. I was surprised to see Richberg on the list, and the O line struggles may have something to do with his injury.
    The O line has hampered the running and passing game. It is nice to talk about continuity, but improvement may be more important. The O line open holes for the RBs, and protects the QB. The O line is in flux, and needs lots of attention. Maybe the best strategy is to not panic, and wait for the 53 cutdowns. Then, find an O lineman from a team that has depth in their O line, like the Cowboys Saints or Steelers. Meanwhile, they should experiment with different lineups.
    The question is- Is the D line that much better, or is the O line that much worse? I think it is a little of both.
    I look at the videos, and see the DBs playing tighter coverage. That is good. However, I hope it is not because the WRs cannot gain separation. Maybe the hiring of Woods is paying dividends already.
    The competition for the FS spot will be spirited. I hope Woods goes bold, and thinks outside the box.
    The sky is not falling on JG. I think KS just needs to tweak his system to accommodate JG, and he will thrive. Finding better protection will help, too. I hope KS emulates Sean McVay, and holds out major players in the preseason. I do not want JG to play. Then there will be zero risk for injury. Let it be a spirited competition between CJB and Mullens. Showcase CJB, and if he plays well, possibly trade him away for a 4th or 5th round pick to a needy team. Miami may be a good target. Buffalo and Cincy, too. Keep Speight as the third QB.
    Buckner has nothing to prove. He should be saved until the season starts. This way, the other players can play and compete.
    The Niners have an excess of D linemen and WRs. They should trade away Blair to the Dolphins, for a 4th round pick. They should trade Bourne to the NY Giants for a 5th round pick, because their WRs are injured.
    Many teams are losing DBs. They are dropping like flies. The Niners should send a bubble DB to a needy team for a 5th or 6th round pick. That way, the Niners can direct where they want the player to go. Avoid trading players to future opponents. They also will be getting a draft pick for him, instead of waiting until the 53 cutoffs, and losing him for nothing. Many teams, with all their injuries, will be looking for replacements. They will want to get them in camp, so they will fit in better and be more familiar with the playbook, before the season.
    All in all, I am happy that the defense looks so strong, but am concerned about the O line.

  28. OT, but kudos to Farhan Zaidi. He actually did well by doing nothing. Earlier, he did not overpay for Harper. Now, he did not trade away MadBum or Will Smith.
    He did trade Pomeranz and Ray Black, for a good prospect, Dubon. He traded Sam Dyson for Jaylin Davis OF, a solid prospect.
    He traded Melancon, and his contract, and used the savings to buy Scooter Gennett, an all star second baseman.
    Farhan Zaidi did not trade away Madbum and Smith, yet still got talent. Now they are poised for the stretch run, for w Wild card berth.
    While I was criticizing him for not doing anything in the early season, he obtained Dickerson, Solano and Yastrzemski, and the Giants have started winning.
    Farhan Zaidi deserves praise. He has worked hard, and succeeded to improve the Giant. I am very thankful that he did not give a World Series to the Dodgers, by possibly trading MadBum to them.

  29. Based on TC chatter here, I’m guessing next draft and free agency 49ers focus on OL and D-backs (again, 4th time is the charm!). This should complete the rebuild (assuming JG is the QB answer). If SF can plug these holes, looks good for the future!

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