The good and not so good from 49ers training camp: Day 5

San Francisco 49ers’ Deebo Samuel, foreground, performs a drill at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my Periscope report from Day 5 of 49ers training camp. Stay tuned for my written report.

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  1. Grant, know that it is a forced perspective thing but you look like you’ve already put on some marriage pounds. 😂

    1. Very nice video report, Grant, but come on man, Kaden Smith was a SIXTH round pick, not a 4th rounder. That said, I do agree with you, Smith will be lucky to make the practice squad, however, cutting a 6th round pick would hardly be an earth shattering event. Am I right?

      Ross Dwelley is a perfect example of the difference between an great athlete, and a football player. Some great athletes are also good football players. Not all good football players are great athletes.

      Garoppolo had a fantastic practice today, yet you spent 10 minutes dissecting 1 poor read? What the heck. Again, Nick Mullens has been in Kyle’s system longer than Jimmy. This is Mullens’ 3rd camp under Kyle Shanahan. Jimmy is going to be just fine, he simply needs reps.

      As I mentioned yesterday, the Safeties continue to concern me. Hard to believe that I hold out hope for a relatively healthy season for Jimmy Ward, because Colbert doesn’t seem to be improving, and I’m not sure Moore will be ready for prime time come September, but we’ll see.

      Dante Pettis is adjusting to his added weight, on the other hand, Deebo Samual needs to shed a few pounds. The toughest cuts to make this year will be the WR corp. Do they keep 7? Pettis, Goodwin, Taylor, Samual, Hurd, James, Bourne? Keep an eye on Richie James Jr. this preseason, he’s come a long ways in 1 year. He looks like a dynamic, versatile receiver/kick returner, and I suspect that he is going to make a lot of noise between now and the regular season.

      One last thing – assuming Jimmy stays healthy, I think this is a playoff team IF the defense truly is as good as I suspect they may be. The Niners are going to gain yards and score points because they have one of the best offensive coaches/coordinators in the game, calling the plays. It would seem that he Niners also now have one of the better punters in the league, so it’s safe to say he’s going to his share to backing teams up, and setting up the defense with favorable field position. The only question mark seems to be the Safeties, but I have a feeling Ward/Moore are going to get the job done. We’ll know soon enough whether this defense is actually as good as advertised, because a run at the postseason may depend on it!

      Go NINERS!

  2. Grants gonna be pissed today that he can’t bash on Jimmy! I’m sure he’ll find away to pick apart his performance tho to make himself feel better. Guess what folks….. Grant was wrong again, Jimmy G killing it and it’s killing his #1 hater, aka GC. Poor guy, maybe he should take a break and write about donuts or dollhouses, just anything he’s more knowledgeable about.

  3. Jimmy G is and will be our starting qb this and for the next 4 years , its stupid to judge him over some trainning camp average performances, we all have seen what he is capable of, so its pointless to be worried about him over trainning camp, the only thing I worry about Jimmy G is how good is that leg after his ACL injury, besides that I feel comfortable with him and Nick Mullens as our premiere backup, we have the best qb duo in the 49ers since jeff garcia and steve young in the late 90’s.

    1. It’s amazing how he spent more time talking about the 1 not great throw that he made today than the whole rest of his practice. Grant is just a joke, I wonder what Jimmy did for him to cover him the way he does, it just seems personal at this point.

        1. It is just Grant’s way of spotting out the negative. So that if Jimmy does fail he can say “see I told ya so”

    2. “we have the best qb duo in the 49ers since jeff garcia and steve young in the late 90’s.”

      They were on the same team for 1 season, finished 4-12 that year.

        1. Garcia joined the 49ers in 1999 when Walsh brought him in.

          Young got knocked out in week 3 by Aeneas Williams. Garcia won his first start against Tennessee at home. Lost the next few and then was benched for Steve Senstrom during a terrible game at home against Pittsburgh. The Steelers fans took the stadium over on that wet day.

          When Garcia got his next start against Cincinnati a few weeks later he was on fire and set himself up for a Pro Bowl the next season.

          1. He’s a statistician, and he believes a 2nd overall draft pick represents the same value and investment as the #36th draft pick. If I’m a team looking to trade up to #2 next year, I’m hoping Jack is the GM that owns that pick….

            1. “he believes a 2nd overall draft pick represents the same value and investment as the #36th draft pick.”

              Not what I wrote.

              1. Nah.

                Your definition of “high priced picks” was different than mine.

                Of course a 1st has a higher value than a 2nd. Never said it didn’t.

              2. McGlinchey top 10 pick. Plays for the offense.
                Thomas/Bosa top 10 picks. Plays for the defense.
                Pettis/Samuel 44th and 36th picks. Plays for the offense.
                Foster* 31st pick. Plays for the defense.

                *No longer on the team. Not because he kneeled, but due to character farts.

                Now where I come from, when a person uses adjectives like “high priced”, it means “higher value”.

              3. As I wrote back when this came up, our definitions are different. Never said yours was right or wrong.

                Over the last 3 drafts the 49ers have taken 3 guys on offense in the top 64 of the draft, roughly the top 1/4 of the total drafted and 3 guys on defense.

                If you disagree that all 6 are “high priced picks” that’s cool. If you want to say that only 1st round guys are high priced, that’s cool too.

              4. So if I had used the adjective, “higher” priced picks, your dictionary would have allowed you to agree with me?

              5. I haven’t disagreed with you on it since you responded with your definition.

                You gave me your definition, I gave you mine and then you continued to tell me why mine was wrong.

              6. “Not really accurate” would seem to be a disagreement which precipitated the ensuing discussion.

              7. Here’s the entire thread. Once you explained your definition of “high priced pick” I didn’t disagree further and you continued to explain how my definition was wrong.

                Razoreater says:
                July 31, 2019 at 4:16 pm
                As would I. The only high priced pick for the offense has been the Golden Domer.

                Jack Hammer says:
                July 31, 2019 at 4:56 pm
                That’s not really accurate. Of their picks in rounds 1/2 they’ve taken 3 defensive and 3 offensive players.

                Razoreater says:
                July 31, 2019 at 5:00 pm
                That’s not really good comprehension. “High Priced” means top 10, Officer Hammer.

                Jack Hammer says:
                July 31, 2019 at 6:54 pm
                Has nothing to do with comprehension. Your definition is different from mine.

                Razoreater says:
                July 31, 2019 at 7:33 pm
                Yea, $19 million dollars different.

                Jack Hammer says:
                July 31, 2019 at 8:23 pm
                Again, your definition is different from mine. You are basing it on $$ and I based it on draft capital. Round 1 and Round 2 guys are high priced picks for me due to the value of the draft slot.

                Razoreater says:
                July 31, 2019 at 8:55 pm
                #2 Draft slot is valued at 2600*
                #36 Draft slot is valued at 540*


                Jack Hammer says:
                July 31, 2019 at 9:36 pm
                Cool. Doesn’t change my opinion of “high priced pick”

      1. Haha. Yeah. I sat in the same seats at the ‘Stick from 1977 to 2007. That Garcia/Young thing just made me spit coffee out of my nose…
        I get that the guy looks like he wasn’t born until Kaepernick was starting, but Google is so EASY, kiddo…. and, well, since presumably you’re being paid to disseminate facts? You really should use it.

  4. Colbert is taking a beating. Sad. How are you Colbert fans feeling?

    I find it perplexing that KS doesn’t call Kyle Juszczyk for more plays if he’s really an offensive weapon.

    1. Yes Colbert is bad…they need safety help badly. Juice is way under utilized and the highest paid fb in the nfl…crazy there. Why isn’t he a redzone threat pounding the rock? strange indeed….glad to hear Pettis is catching some balls he does have skills= might be a confidence thing.

      1. I am being a bit smug. People were touting Colbert , Harris and Exum as serviceable safeties. Moore has some potential and Ward can play like 4-6 games. I like Verrett if healthy, Reed and Sherman as DB’s. Still need a safety.

        Would love to see Kyle J get more targets. He’s supposed to be an offensive weapon.

        1. I still have hope for Harris, but Exum has always been bad and I’ve never had much hope for Colbert.
          Even as a rookie, he made some big hits, but it’s jot like he was lights out.
          Harris missed a lot of development time in college with injuries. He’s the only one of the three I think had potential.

    2. Wilsonm73,
      I liked Colbert based on his 7th rd draft selection and the noise he made as a rookie. For a 7th rd pick, I felt that he showed well.

      No one here is denying that Colbert has regressed. But at best, the touting remark should be put in perspective.
      Remember, that there was a time that many here were high on Kap before he fell off the football world.

      1. I wasn’t speaking of you AES, some others have been high on him and stating how good he is. Even as a rookie he was overrated IMO. What I saw was that he made some big hits his rookie year and people liked that. His coverage has always been weak. CK actually achieved something before he declined. I was talking trash. You see him for what he is. He’s part of my frustration with our player selection. They still have a ton of cap room for needed positions and they continue to hope in people who have not produced.

    1. Grant is more like Garoppolo than he knows. Some of his periscope is excellent descriptive reporting. Then, just often enough to detract, he slips into bad reads, occasioned by his predisposition to be the smartest guy in the room. At least Jimmy G has 300lb guys trying to stomp him when he makes his mistakes. More consistency and objectivity please Grant. Your best stuff is worth the read…or the listen.
      Btw you’re right about Garoppolo and his reads especially against a middle rush. You’re right about Juice, a stud, but an extravagance. Next year that role could be Hurd’s. You’re right about CJB. The game is too fast for him. If it magically slows down, his superior talent could challenge Mullins. I’ll bet it doesn’t

  5. Reminder that Jimmy G has a 8-2 record and 68% completion rate as a starter, first four days of training camp notwithstanding.

    1. Notwithstanding a season is 16 games and he has been in the league 5 years already= so out of 80 games possible he has won 8….ok ….

        1. So true……however this is not happening NOW..Jimmy is into his 6th season and has never ever completed a season ever. I do appreciate this observation though. Aaron was supposed to be picked in the draft by Frisco instead they picked Alex again the FO gets burned on the draft..hey thanks for that

  6. Grant ,, idont speak English, but i read and translate all of your articles every day ,,somos fieles niners y amamos tus críticas grant..

  7. HoF game.
    Ronnie Lott is my fave Safety ever. Ed Reed is 1B. Awesome.
    Dawkins is #2.
    Atlanta’s Young QB shows promise.

  8. Hmmm, JG is staring down the receiver?
    Maybe he should practice turning his head while looking in another direction…..

    1. That’s not quite accurate in how it’s done. QBs typically need to take info on everything in their field of vision especially being aware of the defender the play is designed to put in conflict.
      They look off safeties or players in zones by looking at other receivers and then coming back to their target.
      If there is a safety in the center of the field and you are trying to hit the post, you need to move him. The qb could then look at an underneath crossing route, or a fly route on the outside. Once the safety commits the qb can come back to the post.

      1. Looking off the safety, moving the safety, freezing the safety or deking the safety, all take being deceptive. Turning the head one way, while looking in another direction, is just being deceptive.

        1. My issue is with description…

          The way you describe it, would mean the feet are not married to the eyes… the qb would have to reset in order to throw. Only qb’s like the Rodgers, Mahomes, and Elways of the world, might be able to pull that off.

          Bill Walsh would hate it, that’s why Montana didn’t do this nor did Manning, and Brady doesn’t do this either.

          1. Sorry, only the head would be turned in a different direction,and I would want JG to be stepping into the throw. I would not want poor throwing mechanics.
            Last season, I saw Mahomes turn his away from the throw, deking the safety.
            The main point is to be deceptive, and not stare down the receiver.

  9. I wish to disagree with Grant. I think they will showcase CJB, and he will do well. There will be several teams that have drek backup QBs, or attrition may force them into obtaining a new QB. CJB may garner a 4th or 5th round pick for a team like Miami, Buffalo or Cincy, whose unproven QBs have struggled. Maybe even Washington, with the legacy of Bobby Beathard, if their QBs regress.

    1. Seb, it’s kind of amusing that you think we could get a 4-5th round pick for CJB. He’s not very good. People do get desperate

      1. Wilson, if Fitzpatrick flames out, and Rosen is exposed further, CJB may be a viable option.
        I think they will switch quickly from Dalton if he falters, and Ryan Finley is an untested rookie.
        In Buffalo, Matt Barkley is backing up Josh Allen.
        In all 3 of those cases, if CJB plays well in the preseason, he may be an upgrade for them. Sure, they would have to be desperate, but who knows how TC and the preseason unfolds.
        I did not ask for a second round pick. 4th or 5th round picks are worth the gamble.

      1. Naw, just trying to think outside the box. If CJB has adequate protection, he can be accurate. This would all depend on CJB playing in the preseason, and playing well, coupled with another team having QB struggles.
        KS may showcase CJB, to increase his value. Then, the Niners would be able to direct where he goes, and get something for him, instead of cutting him, and losing him for nothing. Maybe a 6th round pick.

  10. Jimmy G bounced back great today with Ford and Buck out. Might as well cut CJ unfortunately I don’t see any team wanting to trade for him.Sorry Sebbie.!
    Safety spot is going to be problem if any of the first team DL guys go down by midseason Ward will be on IR. Colbert will cost us we need a quality back up along with Moore right now none of the other safety appear to be consistent.

  11. Everyone knows the 49ers have second rate fragile Safeties so why is it no one ever calls out Shanahan or Lynch on the way the got rid of one of the better safeties in the league Eric Reid… Saying he didn’t fit the system is bull and he offered to play at a low price and they just cut him loose anyway. Why are all the Bay Area and apparently national Press afraid to call them out for this glaring mistake.

      1. Razor BS Reid is a very hard hitter and was great fantastic tackler in the box….Tartt on the other hand barely rarely ever sees the field…it was POLITICS…..thanks though good try

      2. Razor, Reid wasn’t beat out by Tartt. They moved Reid to a hybrid linebacker. He got moved out of SF for a variety of reasons, but not because Tartt beat him out. They hoped Tartt could provide the same level of play for less $$. So far that’s not the case. They didn’t want to pay him. I hope Tartt has a good year.

        1. Shanny, “Yeah, I think I said what I said then and I’ll say it forever. If any really good player wants to come in here on a minimum deal and have a good player to be a backup, that’d be unbelievable. I don’t think that’s what Eric wants. I told you the reason we decided to go that direction is because we made a tough decision, but we had to do it. We went with [S Jaquiski] Tartt. We thought that was the right way to go. You can’t give a lot of money to backups, and that’s what he would be if he came here. But, I like Eric. Eric is a good player, he’s a good person. That’d be great if we could add him to that role. I don’t think he would be that interested in it.”

          You two do know that in order to be a backup, you need to lose your job to the starter right?

          1. It was their way of saying they didn’t want to pay him starter money and they could pay Tartt less for similar play. It’s coach speak Razor for we’re going the budget route, teams do it all the time. Let me ask you this, how did their decision work out? Let me give you a hint, worst secondary in the NFL and bad unreliable safeties. Did they choose the right guy? I have always thought they didn’t want to deal with the kneeling issue anymore. To many of us, it was perplexing as to why they would go with Tartt when he’s never really produced anything but hype. To me it was less about play and more about fit for the culture they were creating.

            1. Kneeling issue? That’s lazy. Are you sure his history of concussions, and subsequent adaptation of how he tackled didn’t enter the equation or did you just conveniently leave that out? PCL anyone? In 2017 Tartt ranked 7th overall at his position according to PFF. The 49ers have shown that if a veteran player is not good enough to win a starting spot, they have no problem letting them walk. Case in point, Navorro Bowman. Did he kneel too?

              1. They benched Reid, saying he was not as good as the others. Then when the others were injured, they had Reid playing multiple roles, showing his talents, and versatility.
                Reid has not had concussion issues since he changed his tackling technique, so that was not a factor in their decision to bench him.
                Of course, Kneeling had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. ( Sarcasm implied).

              2. So you’re saying he would have kneeled had his knee allowed him to, therefore the 49ers nipped that in the bud? Gotcha!

            2. Lazy is Cherry picking a single stat to prove your point. Talk to me when he plays a complete season about his rating.

    1. Hey Dino this idiotic FO let Frank Gore walk….the team got NADA and he will go down as one of the greatest running backs of all time…talk about poor decisions by a FO…..should have got something for him…Reid is just another example of horrible decision making by the FO..thanks for reminding me

  12. Hi, I’m living at Yountville veterans home and the Oakland raiders come here to visit during lunch time. We ,SF 49ers fans was thinking that the san Francisco 49ers could visit us here in Yountville in which is by
    Napa California. Thank you and let’s get that ring this season.

    1. Yountville is like 5 miles from Raiders’ TC site, thus they can stop by on their lunch break. Yountville is two hours each way from Santa Clara.

      1. That 49er vet will be happy to know that the Raiders are leaving to Vegas, so they will probably discontinue their training camp in Napa.
        Still, he asked politely, so Bob Lange should do his job, and get some Niner players up there. It would be a good way to honor their service. Ben Garland would be a great choice, with his military background.

  13. Grant….. its obvious that you will never get over the 49ers parting ways with your beloved Jim Harbaugh. While you sometimes make valid points, you can’t base a quarterbacks worth off of one play. Make the point but don’t assume that brady never stared down a receiver because he has. All qb’s at one point or another have stared down recievers.

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