The good and not so good from 49ers training camp: Day 7 (a.k.a. Dwelley Time)

San Francisco 49ers tight end Ross Dwelley (82) during an NFL football game against the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out during Saturday’s training camp practice.


  1. TE Ross Dwelley. Caught a 50-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo on the second play of practice. Not surprising to true Dwelley connoisseurs like you and me. Here’s what is surprising, though: The fact that Kyle Shanahan called a deep shot for Dwelley on the second play of practice. I guess Shanahan sees what all of us have seen for weeks – Dwelleys a quality player.
  2. TE George Kittle. Ran a seam route through the middle of the defense and made a 20-yard touchdown catch over Malcolm Smith’s head. Kittle has made at least a dozen spectacular contested catches this offseason. I still can’t believe the 49ers didn’t throw him more passes in the end zone last season. Missed opportunity.
  3. CB Jason Verrett. Broke up a pass intended for Dante Pettis during one-on-one drills in the red zone when Pettis ran a fade route to the back pylon.
  4. WR Dante Pettis. Beat Verrett with a dodge route in the end zone during one on ones. Pettis ran straight upfield, faked a move to the outside and instantly cut back inside. Verrett couldn’t keep up with the second cut. Pettis also made a nice catch over the middle while running a dig route. Last year, he probably would have shied away from trying to catch that pass, which means he’s improving. He still needs to strengthen his hands and fight defensive backs for 50-50 passes.
  5. WR Deebo Samuel. Ran a fade route to the back pylon and beat rookie Tim Harris Jr. for a 15-yard touchdown catch. Harris Jr. never turned his head to find the ball.
  6. WR Jalen Hurd. Gained 20 yards on a jet sweep, made a five-yard catch on third-and-three and caught a touchdown pass while running a fade route during one-on-ones. Beat Verrett for the touchdown catch. This practice was by far Hurd’s best of training camp. He seems to be gaining confidence.
  7. WR Richie James. Made a 30-yard fingertip catch while diving to the ground. James has been one of the best receivers in camp. He almost certainly will make the final roster. Which means both Kendrick Bourne and Jordan Matthews are on the bubble.
  8. QB C.J. Beathard. Had his second good practice in a row. Completed five of six pass attempts. If he plays this well during the preseason, the 49ers just might be able to trade him.


  1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Completed 7 of 13 passes (54 percent), against a defense missing DeForest Buckner, Dee Ford, Richard Sherman, Jimmie Ward and Ahkello Witherspoon. Telegraphed two throws and almost got intercepted once when he forced a pass over the middle that hit safety Jaquiski Tartt between the numbers. Tartt dropped the ball. Not Garoppolo’s best day, although he did throw that nice deep pass to Dwelley.
  2. QB Nick Mullens. Completed only 2 of 5 passes, although one pass was a throwaway when no one was open. Also made the most difficult throw of the morning – a 20-yard completion to Raheem Mostert on third-and-10. Mostert ran a wheel route up the sideline. Mullens threw the ball before Mostert turned his head, floated it over Mostert’s shoulder with touch and hit him perfectly in stride.
  3. HC Kyle Shanahan. Most coaches would have structured today’s practice differently. The 49ers first preseason game is exactly one week from today. When Jim Harbaugh was the coach, he always had a live-tackling period of practice one week before the first preseason game to prepare players for violence. Harbaugh would line up the offense and defense in the red zone on the three-yard line, close enough to the end zone so that the collisions were low-velocity and relatively low-impact. Then, the players would play real football. Shanahan never has live-contact periods in training camp. Maybe that’s one reason his teams struggle early in the season.
  4. LB Malcolm Smith. Gave up the 20-yard catch to Mostert on third-and-10 and the 20-yard touchdown catch Kittle in the red zone. In both cases, Smith failed to turn his head and locate the football. He is a liability in coverage who should be a backup. Of course, we’ve known this since 2016 when he was on the Raiders.
  5. The health of the defense. It seemed dominant the first three days of camp, but now it’s banged up. Buckner, Ford, Witherspoon and Ward all have missed at least two practices in a row. The 49ers say their injuries are minor. We’ll see.

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    1. Nick Bosa continues to stack one outstanding practice on top of another, and today was no exception as he continues to feast in the 49ers offensive backfield. Today Bosa ran right through TE George Kittle, and then ripped the ball away from Tevin Coleman in the backfield. Emmanuel Moseley scooped it up for the score. Between Bosa and Ford, who has made a habit of forcing fumbles lately, we can expect to see a lot of these for a change, throughout the season. Also, I’m liking what I’ve seen from heard in regards to CB Emmanuel Moseley. He’s another guy I’ll be watching closely during the preseason.

      1. A couple more practice notes for Sunday:

        Rookie 5th round pick LB Dre Greenlaw continues to look like a draft steal, and that could be a huge development for this new look defense. He had a fantastic day today, including a Beathard INT and a PBU. Greenlawhas show some surprising wheels and today he ran stride for stride with Tevin Coleman before forcing an incompletion. Greenlaw is athletic, and looks like a natural.

        Speaking of rookies – WR Deebo Samual looks like he’s working himself back into shape, after missing almost the entirety of OTA’s and mini-camp. Deebo the bully has been noticeably faster the last couple days and had a standout performance today, including 2 big gains over the middle, which should be a staple for him, as well as a long TD reception down the sideline. Samual is picking up steam after a relatively slow start!

        Garoppolo watch: Jimmy G. also had another very nice practice, and continues his streak of no INT’s throughout the first 8 team practice sessions.

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  1. Dwelley time has a little bit more pizzazz sound to it then Celek time.

    I’ll be surprised if Shanny trades Beathard unless he gets an offer he can’t refuse.

    It’s a different game than when Harbaugh coached, and probably why he’s been so transient throughout his career.

    1. Its not a different game in the few years since Harbaigh coached.

      There are teams that do live contact drills still.

      The 49ers are just thin on talent so they dont want to hurt the few players they have.

      Harbaugh had a stacked team so he was less scared of injuries.

      Early on anyway.

    2. How do you figure that. Last 10 years, Shanahan has been on more teams than Harbaugh? In fact, Shanahan has been on as many different teams as Harbaugh has coached.

      But, we do like our narratives…

      1. Harbaugh’s a grinder, and Shanny is a players coach. Harbaugh has a proven shelf life as a head coach, and Shanny is entering his 3rd year as a head coach. Your quarrel sir is with the facts….

              1. As a HC, Jimmy Harbaugh has had short bursts of success, followed by a quick exit.

                Jimmy Harbaugh 2 yrs. at SD
                Jimmy Harbaugh 3 yrs. at Stanford
                Jimmy Harbaugh 3 yrs. at SF
                Jimmy Harbaugh entering year 4 on shaky ground at UM

              2. One of those is innuendo by a guy who had been on record praising Harbaugh shortly before, so….

                The rest doesn’t change what I stated earlier. Nice try though.

                Harbaugh is also the best we have had since Mariucci. Glad we, as fans, have thrown him under the bus just so we can elevate a guy who has yet to accomplish anything as a head coach!

              3. Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman called Harbaugh’s fights with the front office “extensive and nasty.” SI’s Peter King wrote that Harbaugh was “increasingly difficult to get along with,” and he quoted a source who said one of the sides was “leaking stuff” to hurt the other.

                Jimmy Harbaugh, the 3rd highest paid coach in CFB, makes over 7.5 million.

                In his 4 years at Michigan:

                – 0 wins against rival Ohio State.
                – 0 B1G East titles.
                – 0 B1G titles.
                – 1-9 against AP top 10 teams.
                – Blowout losses to OSU (2x), PSU, and Florida.

                Wally Richardson: “I like Jim. He was a good teammate. But I think his personality just kind of wears on people.”Assistants have come and gone like deliverymen in his college tenures at FCS San Diego, Stanford and now Michigan.

                I mentioned then that the only assistant who’s figured out how to tolerate Harbaugh more than a handful of years – and it seems a matter of mutual loyalty that trumps even the current dysfunction of Michigan’s offense – is current coordinator Tim Drevno.

              4. Again, your first posting is that the game has changed and that was why Harbaugh was likely transient. I questioned your information. You have changed the parameters of the argument to suit your narrative. I wouldn’t argue that Harbaugh grates people.

                I was arguing about how Shanahan has had more stops than Harbaugh has over the same amount of time (and therefore the short shelf life argument is somewhat mendacious) given that most coaches don’t have long tenures nowadays as well, and Shanahan has been no exception to that rule. But it doesn’t prove what you postulated.

                It is no doubt that Harbaugh grates on people. That wasn’t the point.

              5. That wasn’t the point.

                The point is, historically he’s a winner. That is, if you want to settle for second…or worse.

              6. “It must be true, yeah,” Harbaugh replies. “Sometimes I’d wear out my welcome.”


              7. And Harbaugh is still one of the Coaches who have won more than any other 49ers coach in recent memory. In fact he got us to a SB. People act like those coaches grow on trees. They do not.

                He took a SD program and made them winners, rehabilitated Stanford the 49ers and Michigan. Yet….

                Many great coaches have not won a SB Bud Grant, Andy Reid, Don Cornell and George Allen among them. I just don’t get why people ride Harbaugh down. He was great for this franchise and yet many think he has to be expunged for Shanahan to succeed.

              8. It’s a weird dislike, especially given the complete dumpster fire the organization was for the 8 years prior and has been for the 4 years after.

              1. Look, guys, every coach the Niners have had since Eddie DeBartolo lateraled the team to his sister has sucked. Now can we all be friends?

              2. ” every coach the Niners have had since Eddie DeBartolo lateraled the team to his sister has sucked. Now can we all be friends?”

                With the exception of Mariucci whom they inherited and Harbaugh.

              3. Sour, the jury’s still out.

                We are talking HC success here. At the end of Harbaughs stint as Niner coach that marked his, what, 8th year as a HC? I’m willing to concede that if KS hasn’t taken this or some other team to a SB appearance as a HC by then, we can all join the Grant-sour-Hammer chorus. Deal?

                (Btw, I’m not including JH’s thus far extremely disappointing Michigan run)

              4. The jury on Kyle Shanahan – the Head Coach is still out. The jury on Kyle Shanahan – the offensive guru and mastermind, has been in for a while. And when I say “jury”, I am referring to his reputation around the league (ie: coaches, ex-coaches, players, ex-players, radio show hosts, network analysts, etc). Kyle Shanahan is highly regarded as an elite offensive coordinator and coach. Not only that, his team appears to be trending positively, both in terms taking a roster bereft of talent, and improving upon it at almost every poistion in only his 3rd season as the 49ers head man. Despite the severe growing pains associated with the “process”, his players have remained upbeat, and have continued to respond is positive fashion in full support, as they have refused to quit during rough back-to-back seasons, hile rallying behind their Head Coach.

                Jim Harbaugh is a very different kind of cat. He’s uber-intense to such a degree that it wears on his players, both veterans, and younger players alike. His us-against-the-world mentality can be endearing to his players to a point, but like all of his other qualities and traits, it usually wears thin after a while, especially once the team is no longer winning at a high clip.

                As for results, He has consistently lost the big games, every where he’s coached. The 49ers were utterly unprepared to start Super Bowl XLVII. His 49ers committed an offensive penalty on the very first offensive play from scrimmage, and that set the tone for a very lackluster 1st half. TO his credit, the team rallied in the 2nd half, likely benefitting from a Ravens team who were clearly nursing a big lead, yet once again, when it mattered most, mistakes cost them on the waning moments of the 49ers first ever Super Bowl loss. Mistakes happen, but his wasn’t just any mistake. Harbaugh was forced to call timeout as the play clock was set to expire, and unfortunately the 49ers appeared to have been in the correct play call, and replays show that they likely had a very good chance to score on the play, making it even more of a heartbreak. But here’s the thing -THIS HAD BEEN AN ISSUE FOR HARBOUGH”S OFFENSE OVER THE COURSE OF THE ENTIRE SEASON – so even more frustrating than the fact that Harbuagh’s team sleepwalked through the first half of the championship game, was the fact that a problem that had festered throughout the season never got fixed, a full 21 weeks later.

                Fact) Harbaugh refused to replace Greg Roman, despite the fact that the offense was clearly stuck in a rut, finshing ranked 20th or worse in Total Offense for 3 of his 4 seasons as the HC ( 2011 -26th, 2012 – 11th, 2013 – 24th and 2014)

                Fact) Harbaugh chose Colin Keapernick over Alex Smith, ultimately leaving the 49ers with a one dimensional “franchise” QB

                Fact) Harbaugh was notorious for over working his veteran players and the expense of developing the younger less experienced players, which hindered his ability to develop young talent

                Fact) There is ZERO debate over the fact that Jim Harbaugh left an absolute mess of a roster as he mutually parted ways with the Niners organization. Some players, like RG Alex Boone, made no bones about the way in which Harbaugh wore his players down both physically and mentaly.

                Fact) In 2015 Boone said this: He does a great job of giving you that spark, that initial boom, but after a while, you just want to kick his a_s. He just keeps pushing you, and you’re like, ‘Dude, we got over the mountain. Stop. Let go.’

                Fact) Boone was hardly the only player who expressed these sentiments, and the proof is in the pudding. AS Harbaugh exited out the back door, the Niners roster fell apart at the seams like a cheap fricken suit! The San Francisco Forty Niners’ 2015 offseason was an absolute travesty – the most tumultuous offseason in team history, as players took the opportunity to hit the door running, with an unprecedented number of players who were simply worn out, some wondering if there was any gas left in their tanks, while others threw in the towel alltogether, deciding to retire earlier than they had ever envisioned.

              5. I agree, the jury on Kyle Shanahan as a head coach is still out. And I agree that the jury likes Shanahan as an offensive coordinator. But jury verdicts are subjective.

                Shanahan’s had success as an OC, but came up short in the big one. He blew the Super Bowl in such an incredulous fashion, by forcing his style of play to the very end when game circumstance dictated otherwise, that I would not have hired him to coach my team.

        1. While I do not like Pete Carroll because he is the coach of a division rival, I must concede that he is a very good coach, and has won a SB.
          Of course, he is a disciple of Bill Walsh, and is a branch off the BW coaching tree, so he is just trying to emulate BW.
          JH is a good coach, despite his lack of success against elite opponents.He vastly improved the SD and Stanford programs. He took a moribund, listless, under performing Niner squad to 3 straight NFC Games and a SB.
          JH has re-invigorated the Michigan program, and has garnered the 5th best recruiting class for this season. If only he could find a decent QB, he could make it to the college playoffs.

      1. Vic’s old school. He doesn’t allow any music either. The direct opposite of a players coach like Carroll. Carroll > Harbaugh in the NFL.

            1. Matt Patricia is unproven, and legendary old school (a more fawning Belichek imitator there never was), and why the players don’t listen to him.

    3. If there is a shocking trade trades it would be Bourne and Mullens packaged up for a Safety……Shanny loves CJ…prob is if JimmyG gets hurt and CJ plays like a bum (which he has) it will be a 3 win team….

      1. Sorry, but it would take at least a second round pick to obtain Mullens, and while JG is still not fully recovered from his ACL surgery, they may keep all 3.
        Jed freaked out when he saw JG heading to the end zone, on a collision course with 2 defenders. Thankfully, they did not touch JG.
        Bourne could garner a 5th round pick from either the Giants or Bengals, who have had WRs go down from the active list due to injury. I wonder what team has need of a WR and QB, but has an upgrade in safety.

  2. Despite the fact that Nick Bosa has been a clear standout, Robert Saleh has been tamping down his praise for the young DE, but he did say Joe Staley and Mike McGlinchey are benefiting from practicing against him, calling Bosa kind of unique as a pass rusher. It’s funny to watch and listen to Saleh doing his best to pretend Bosa isn’t absolutely putting on a clinic each and every practice rep, just because he’s a rookie, and that’s the way it is with rook’s, lol.

    Speaking of the rookie sensation – Rob Lowder thinks Bosa’s showing off now, after sacking Garoppolo on first play of team portion of practice. Just how high is Bosa’s NFL ceiling? If what we’re seeing on the field is any indication, the first anlogy off of the top of my head would be Appolo 13’s message to NASA’s Mission Control Center @ Cape Kennedy, Florida on 4/11/1970 – “Houston, the NFC West has a problem”

    Jimmy Garoppolo: Pretty solid – 7 of 12, pair of TDs and a near pick – Jimmy G. has yet to throw an interception during team drills

    Redzone Alert – Code 85: George Kittle climbed the ladder and snared a touchdown pass over LB Malcolm Smith, who was tight in coverage

    CJB: Another solid day working with the 2’s, for third round pick. He had a very nice TD pass to WR Deebo Samuel in team red zone work and later connected with the Niners’ newly discovered version of *AB – Richie James Jr, for a big gain.

    *Speaking of the real Antonio Brown, alarming news regarding the Raiders 31 year old star WR, who is yet to be full go for the Raiders since they reported to camp on the 26th. According to reports out of Napa, Brown has been hampered by a foot injury that hasn’t been improving, prompting him to see a foot specialist today. I cannot stand the Raiders, but nobody wants to see injuries so let’s all hope it’s nothing serious!

    1. Puzzling!

      This is the only report I’ve read or listened to in regards to today’s practice session (and I am talking about somewhere close to a baker’s dozen), which indicates Garoppolo should be listed anywhere near the “not so good” category. He completed 7 of 12 (not that comp % is really all that important while your working through training camp), with a number of impressive throws, including 2 very well placed TD passes, and zero picks?

      This is training camp Grant. The 49ers are working on things with the goal of being sharp by week 1, and that is the purpose of camp. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY, realistically expects the QB to be in peak form on day 6 of training camp, especially barely 10 months removed from a torn ACL. Considering the circumstances, what purpose does it serve anyone by listing Jimmy on the bottom portion of your report when he had, by all other accounts, a solid if unspectacular day? Your only hurting yourself, making this a puzzling decision, indeed!

      1. He was 7 of 13 with a dropped pick.

        1. Complete to Dwelley.
        2. Complete to Kittle.
        3. Incomplete to Taylor.
        4. Complete to Pettis.
        5. Incomplete to Taylor.
        6. Incomplete to Coleman.
        7. Complete to Taylor.
        8. Complete to Kittle.
        9. Complete to Goodwin.
        10. Incomplete to Pettis.
        11. Complete to Juszczyk.
        12. Incomplete to Pettis.
        13. Incomplete to Tartt.

        1. Everyone else other than yourself has him listed at 7-12, not that it really matters that much. And there’s a difference between incomplete due to a nice pass breakup, as apposed to missing a WR by 5 yards. The point is, nobody expects him to go 12 for 12 on day 6 of training camp, and if he did complete 12 of 12, odds are you they were either not working on different route concepts, making too many conservatives throws, or the defense had poor showing. And so what if there were defensive starters missing? I can assure you the OL is not what it’s expected to be during the regular season either.

          I suggest you should list QB’s on the “not so good list” when they actually have a poor outing (like Monday’s practice), not a so-so performance like every other reporter is reporting about Garoppolo’s performance today, otherwise your list becomes rather pointless, don’t you think? But hey, it’s your blog.

          1. Some of the other writers compare notes after practice so they don’t contradict each other. That’s why you sometimes see the same mistakes in different places.

            1. By the way, the rest of your report was pretty fantastic as usual, and I really enjoyed your interview with the “ambassador” John Lynch. You are an outstanding interviewer in my opinion, but I am sure you’ve been told that. Keep up the good work, I appreciate the majority of your reports. I’m glad I found your blog.

              1. What would be cool would be if you could give us your version of a stock report for this roster, now that we are through the first week of camp. I’d be curious to see how closely you see it compared to my view and some others I follow rather closely.

        2. Grant, just a suggestion that your report should be more nuanced. For instance, there’s a big difference between:

          “6. Incomplete to Coleman – Garoppolo pulled a Kaepernick “watch how hard I can throw a difficult pass to an open receiver”


          “6. Incomplete to Coleman – Coleman should retire to a graveyard where his hands of stone are an asset.”

        3. Wrong, he was 7-12 with 2 tds and 0 int. Not 7-13 with a dropped pick! Who the hell writes like that about a player your supposed to be covering for his fans. Doesn’t anyone else notice how hard he tries to make jimmy look bad. Get rid of this guy.

          1. Parsing over 7-12 or 7-13 and freaking out about how negative a writer is, so it will cost him his job, is just plain silly.
            Please grow up.

  3. Pathetic. You gave Jimmy no. 1 on your not so good because he had 2 tds and “almost” threw an interception. You’re a joke, GC. Did JG take your mom Dorothy Mantooth out to dinner and never call her again? Cause we don’t get why You dislike him so much. You need to let the vendetta go. Jimmy played well today, and he still hasn’t thrown a pick in team drills, but we don’t hear about that do we?

    1. Joey is a good looking Italian guy who is well liked and will make more coin this year than Grant will in a lifetime. Grant is an Italian dude who still runs his high-school senior-class picture at the top of his column. Must be tough to be so jealous…

    2. [More crying]

      Leave Jimmy Garappolo alone right now! I mean it! Anyone that has a problem with him you deal with me, because he is not well right now.

      [And more crying]

      Leave him alone.

  4. I’m loving what I am hearing about training camp so far. At full strength the DL sounds like it has been dominant. Buckner and Ford sound like they are working well together on the left side of the D. And Bosa has gotten rave reviews every day of practice so far, regardless of who he has lined up against or with. The starting LBs sound like they are doing well also, so the front 7 should be a strength of this team. The improved play of the DL has also helped the secondary from what I have read/ heard.

    On offense, week 1 was pretty ordinary but sounds like week 2 has seen the first string offense really pick itself up. Key players in the passing game have performed well, in JG, Kittle and Pettis. The WR group as a whole sounds like it has a bunch of guys that can contruibute, and some tough cuts ahead. And maybe, just maybe, they have found a decent TE2 in Dwelley. And sounds like Coleman is providing the outlet in the passing game the team had hoped for.

    All in all, very happy with what I am hearing.

    1. It’s all coming together nicely. I just want to get through the 3rd preseason game with no injuries to our starters. I want to go into Tampa at full strength….

      1. Shoot for the moon, dude. I want to get through the 16th season game with no injuries to the starters (no matter what I think of some of them…(cough, cough, any alleged free safety).

      1. That’s one of the reasons I am getting excited by what I am reading/ hearing. It’s not just Grant. The negatives we are hearing are all pretty mild from everyone writing or discussing 49ers camp. Generally if that is happening it means the players are doing pretty well across the board.

        1. Like you said earlier Scooter it will be good to measure how the team plays against someone other then themselves for a reality check. Cautiously hopeful

    2. Scooter,
      As someone who is far away I’ve always enjoyed your input.
      I too like hearing about the improvement in the pass rush.
      However, without pads the D has a huge advantage. Offense tackles are normally bigger and stronger, and they hold every play. Pads make this much easier.
      I worry more about the tackling… as I think tagging players down leads to terrible habits.

    1. Hell no! Just to have a pass rusher of his caliber on a rookie deal for 4 years alone is worth more than any other player other than a franchise qb….

    2. The cost was higher than that. If was Bosa for OBJ straight up… no problem. Start adding in other things… like new contracts, and additional high draft picks the answer is NO.
      If I had to give McGlinchey and a 3rd and Bosa for OBJ then Hell NO!

  5. 8. QB C.J. Beathard. Had his second good practice in a row. Completed five of six pass attempts. If he plays this well during the preseason, the 49ers just might be able to trade start him.


  6. Grant Kevin King has been a bust so far. He can’t even get on the field in Greenbay who’s DBs are trash, he has played in 15 games in 2 seasons. Witherspoon is a better CB than him for sure !

    1. Witherspoon is a better CB than him for sure !

      Which is like saying Ted Bundy is a better first date than Jeff Dahmer.

  7. You don’t live tackle when your teams battle injuries. That just helps contribute to the problem not solve it grant

  8. If we start a Dwelley cult, I know the perfect rural north bay spot to build the compound.

    Hence the cryptic palindrome “Lewd Did I Live … Evil I Did Dwel-ley”

  9. Interesting stat of the day. Seahawks gave up the most rushing yards and TD to opposing WR.
    Interesting fact : Niners drafted Deebo and Hurd . Oh, and Hurd has a propensity to kick ass.

  10. The Denver practices might be more revealing then the actual pre season games. Looking forward to the reports coming out of there.

  11. Chill. Grant is not touting JG, because he is tamping down expectations. JG may start believing the press clippings if everyone is heaping too much praise upon him. I am glad that JG has stuff to work on, and if he lights it up the first league game, I will be pleasantly surprised.
    Bourne and Matthews are on the bubble? I hope they trade one away for a draft pick. The Giants are being decimated in the WR department, so they may offer a 5th or 6th round pick for one of them.
    I will disagree with his take on KS. I hope KS stays conservative, and sits his star players for every preseason game. Let the backups compete for a job, and KS can showcase CJB if they want to obtain a draft pick. I hope Buckner does not risk injury in a meaningless preseason game, and they should work more on his extension. Hopefully, with little action, the injured can fully heal, and be 100% for the games that count.
    The league is changing, and teams cannot have 2 a day practices for 8 hours with full contact. Yes, the initial games will be sloppy with mistakes and poor execution, but if that is what they need to do in order to reduce injuries, that may be a smart and wise strategy. Sean McVay sat his starters, and did well last season.
    In a little over a week, the Niners will take on the Cowboys. I hope JG can have some Red Zone success. I also want the Niner coaches to study the Cowboy O linemen. Maybe they can pick up a player from the 53 cuts, later on.
    One way the Niners may accurately gauge their development, will be when they practice with the Broncos. Fangio’s defense will be a stern test for the Niner offense. The Niner defense should be able to shut down the Bronco running game, so Lock will be tested again. I hope the Niners can get a couple take aways.

    1. Yes well explained Seb but on the other hand, without the contact and less injuries will the players get injured once the hitting starts? We saw that during half of the year last year, players going down with injuries…..Grant may be onto something…me thinks there should be some contact before the regular season or preseason to temper the conditioning and to ready the players for contact…we will find out a few months from now

      1. Monty, I think it is more important to get through the preseason, with a healthy squad.
        They all know how to play football. I will also concede that full contact in pads will help the team’s timing and teamwork, so they can play cohesively and at full speed from game one.
        However, this is a grief stricken business, and attrition is a major factor in whether the team wins or loses.
        Maybe a team needs a ‘Cannon Fodder’ squad, that the starters can tackle and block against. However, I hope those players are well compensated for being tackling dummies.

      2. Expect the Niners coaching staff to ratchet up the intensity during joint practice sessions VS the Broncos. The new strength and conditioning staff is all about gradually ramping up the conditioning and physicality, with theb goal being having the team reach peak performance entering week 1, on September 8th.

        We’ll see if it pays off but the Niners have gone back to the drawing board this season, after bringing in Ben Peterson as Head of Player Health & Performance. A little background on Peterson: He’s a very smart analytics guy, and has a PhD in Kinesiology as well as a PhD in Exercise Science. Prior to his stint as Sports Science director for the Philadelphia Flyers, he was the Director of Research and Analytics at Catapult, a leading sports science company that makes high-tech positioning monitors for elite athletes. Catapult has developed a number of gadgets and high-tech devices, including Precision GPS, Accelerometers and Gyroscopes to track complicated data in regards to player movement, force and impact, and the company helps clients interpret the data collected. In one of his presentations called – “Keeping Your Players On The Ice”, he notes that hockey has a higher games-lost rate (50% of rosters) than any other professional sport, including American football (37%). His analytics have shed light on topics like “the value of avoiding injury”. He noted that, prior to 2016, the last six Stanley Cups had been won by teams with the fewest man-games lost. And when you think about it, postseason success in football has a lot to do with avoiding injuries, too.

        We’ll see if his approach pays off over time, but having a background in athletic training, I personally find this stuff very fascinating, and I hope for the Niners sake that this new approach pays dividends as the season moves along!

        Go NINERS!

          1. Are you not a fan of analytics, sebnynah? Personally, I’m all for it as a tool, but it’s only one tool. So far, so good in terms of injuries, knock-on-wood. The Niners will start the season in the muggy, humid heat of Tampa, so we’ll find out quickly whether their conditioning program is up to snuff.

            1. Platelet-rich plasma treatment for Dee Ford, so he’ll miss another week. Smart move for the Niners, gotta protect their investment. FYI, Staley has been no stranger to this ailment over the years, and it hasn’t slowed him down.

            2. I agree, it is a good tool, but the ACL picks were analytics driven. Too good of a value to pass up, and the healing time frame was wildly optimistic. Analytics do not take into consideration the human element.
              My big beef with analytics come from the fact that I believe Dr York preferred Paraag and his analytics over the decades of experience Bill Walsh brought to the table. Bill Walsh liked to assemble all the facts, then go with his guts. Instead, they got a punch in the gut.

  12. Grant,

    Could you compare this years camp to some of the ones in the past?

    How does jimmy compare to what he looked like last year? 49er qb’s for the past few years at this point?

    Does the offense/defense have more of an advantage over than the other compared to previous years?

    Most improved and biggest disappointment?

    We all know it’s early so this could change but I think it could help put everything in perspective.

  13. Question: will the D line be good enough to save Saleh’s Job or will his lack of creativity and inexperience still push him out the door this year?

    As a follow up, will Woods be a sacrificial lamb to the lack of talent in the defensive backfield?

    1. Good question, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s pretty minor.

      Basically, for the Niners to reach and sustain their potential, apart from the players, here’s what they’d need:

      GM: John Dorsey
      HC: Bill Belichek
      OC: Kyle Shanahan
      DC: Vic Fangio

    2. More likely, if the defense falters, Saleh will be the sacrificial goat, and Woods gets promoted.
      However, Woods and Kocurek will more likely improve the defense into a top 10 standing, and all the coaches will be retained.

      1. Propelling the defense into the top ten and you still think they only win 8 games? What gives there? I think that is a tall order (top 10).

        Great talent on the team but it takes a bit more than talent to step it up to the next level. This is something our fans sometimes forget.

        1. I just look at the schedule, and see 4 games against NFCW division playoff teams. 4 late season games against the Packers, Ravens, Saints and Falcons.
          They were blown out by TB last time they played. Steelers, Panthers and Redskins could all have solved their problems that kept them out of the playoffs, and the Browns have a stacked lineup.
          Heck, I would be happy for a split with the Cards, since the Niners have not defeated them in years.
          If the Niners start 4-2, they have a chance at the wild card. If they go 3-3, it will be tough. if they go 2-4, it probably be impossible. A 2-6 record for the back half of the schedule is realistic. They would need to go 4-4 for the second half, in order to have any chance at making it to the playoffs.
          I will refrain from expecting the Rams and Seahawks will regress. Their GMs have built strong teams, and the coaching is playoff caliber. I will hope for the best, but expect the worst, so I will not be bitterly disappointed.
          Oh, and statistics sometimes do not translate into wins. Niners were 13th in defensive yards, with a 4-12 record. Rams and Chiefs struggled on defense.

  14. So far haven’t heard much about Goodwin. Has he made a case to be on the 53? KS is saying that so far none of the WRs have separated themselves. I think Crocker might be right that Goodwin will be traded or cut if a trade doesn’t materialize.

  15. -Barrows

    “The 27-year-old rookie has a big leg. During every special teams session, a few of his punts hang in the air for more than five seconds and drive the returner deep toward his own goal line. What’s more impressive is Wishnowsky’s technical skill and his array of different punts. He seems to be particularly good at finding the coffin corner, a dying art in the NFL. The 49ers return men often have trouble fielding the Aussie’s punts, something that perhaps could boost the 49ers’ lousy takeaway ratio in recent years.”

    1. Wonder if a canny coach like Belichek would rush 11 if Captain Coffin Corner is truly the weapon he’s touted to be, figuring he has more to gain than to lose by doing so.

  16. What is the possibility we keep 8 WRs on the 53 roster…..

    Dante Pettis, Marquise Goodwin, Kendrick Bourne, Jordan Matthews, Trent Taylor, Richie James, Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd.

    1. Very unlikely. Could keep 7, but that would compromise depth somewhere else. Six is the safe number. Barring injury or other dire circumstance, safe to say Pettis, Goodwin, Samuel, and Hurd make the 53. The rest are on the bubble, comparatively speaking.

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