The good and not so good from the 49ers’ eighth-straight win

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) tries to avoid Arizona Cardinals defenders during the first half of an NFL football game, Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019, in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers are 8-0. Here’s what stood out from their latest win.


1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Bill Walsh used to say the quarterback defines the limit of his offense. Garoppolo certainly defines the limit of Kyle Shanahan’s offense. And until this game, I felt Garoppolo’s limit was limited. Wondered if he could carry the 49ers to victory. But, he did exactly that against the Cardinals. If Garoppolo plays this well every week, the 49ers will have no limit.

2. WR Emmanuel Sanders. Garoppolo is a faith-based passer. He doesn’t wait for visual confirmation that a wide receiver is open — Garoppolo anticipates the opening and throws the ball early. This requires tremendous trust of his wide receivers. And Garoppolo does not seem to trust the young ones yet, but he certainly trusts Sanders. They’re a terrific duo. None of the Cardinals’ cornerbacks could cover Sanders. He made All Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson look like a chump.

3. TE George Kittle. Appeared to hyper-extend his left knee on the 49ers’ first offensive play of the game, and appeared to be in major pain the entire game. Still blocked well and caught six passes for 79 yards and one touchdown. The Legend of Kittle grows weekly.

4. TE Ross Dwelley. Finally made a name for himself with a game-winning 11-yard catch on third-and-nine late in the fourth quarter. Dwelley was one of the 49ers’ most impressive players during training camp, but he had just three catches coming into this game. Now, he has seven catches. He’s becoming a key member of the offense.

5. DT DeForest Buckner. Hasn’t received as much publicity this year as he did in the past, because everyone’s focused on Nick Bosa. But, as terrific as Bosa has been, he didn’t do much in this game. Buckner was better. He recorded a sack and two tackles for loss. Buckner still is the 49ers’ best defensive player.


1. LB Kwon Alexander. Recorded zero tackles and left the game with a pectoral injury during the third quarter. If he tore his pectoral, he could miss the rest of the season. The 49ers will find out Friday once he undergoes an MRI. Losing Alexander would seriously hurt the 49ers’ defense, particularly their pass defense, because he’s one of their best pass defenders.

2. WR Deebo Samuel. Dropped two passes, including one in the end zone that should have been a touchdown. Samuel is extremely inconsistent, but so was Jerry Rice when Rice was a rookie. Samuel could improve. He played better in the second half and finished with four catches.

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  1. Maiocco has already tweeted they do not believe it’s a torn pec, because his range of motion is too good. Try to temper your doomsday ardor. We’ve been winning without our starters left and right. There’s only one starter we cannot afford to lose, and that’s Super Polo! As long as we’ve got him, we will continue winning and winning, and winning! So proud of my team! Great victory tonight guys!🤷‍♂️

  2. The throw that Samuel dropped was a beaut. That whole play by Garoppolo was really.

    We’ve seen Garoppolo make clutch throws and carry the team in the past. Not sure why this keeps being questioned.

    Good game managers have that ability when needed.

    1. Good game managers have that ability when needed.

      You just couldn’t stand it, could you Wacky Jacky? You couldn’t stand being proven wrong yet again, so you had to qualify Jimmy’s MVP-calibre game with your “game manager” delusion. You really do hate seeing this team win. All your precious, misleading statistics, all being proven worthless week after week. At least you have Grant joining you at the crow-eating table.

  3. On the not so good, I would include Blair. He did not set the edge, and let them break containment too often.
    On the good, I would include Pettis. He did not play that much, but he made a sweet TD catch.

  4. Who is Super Polo? I was high on Tony Isabella as a third rounder in the draft. He’s a track guy. The D got caught by surprise. I think we need some help in the return game. All these WRs are being kept like they are elite receivers but aren’t producing like that status like Pettis, even Goodwin, Mostert, and maybe Deebo. Richie James on kick offs continually only makes it to the 20 or 25 yard line. He could use a little help or someone to spark a big play once in a while. All in all, a win is a win. Hopefully, Kittle and Kwon will heal rapidly.

    1. Rok,
      The big play is exciting. But a great head coach once said; “just metriculate the ball down the field, baby!.”

      Hank Stram, had some great players back in the late 60’s who were very capable of making the big play, but he also understood that moving the chains could be just as productive.

      Our running game is very good and our young WR’s are getting better. The big plays will come, but for now we are winning games by following Hank Stram’ philosophy.

  5. Trent BAALKE could never put a great team like this together ever. Good riddance he is gone and never coming back because he ruined the great 49ers with his ego

  6. Did Armstead have an injury that caused Thomas to sub in more than normal?

    The Buckner, Armstead, Dee Ford and Bosa combo has been crushing it, and I wasn’t sure why Armstead was missing some snaps.

    1. The radio said he had a throat injury. I don’t know what that is specifically. I think later on Armstead got back in the game.

  7. Buckner did good because Bosa was getting all the attention with double teams most of the game as Aikman and Buck pointed out so NO Buckner is not the best D lineman on the team it’s still Bosa.

    1. Also not sure Buckner belongs in the good section the Cards were at times running the ball right at him with success I don’t think any defensive player should be on the good section for this game. If it weren’t for Jimmy G we would be 7-1 right now.

  8. Garoppolo won this game with all the clutch throws and probably could’ve thrown for 400 yards if not for all the drops by some of the WRs

  9. It may be a little early to mention this but Dee Ford may not be back next season. The bad knee is not going to go away and has already limited him severely this season. His huge paycheck could go to keeping Armstead and Buckner around. Cutting McKinnon would open room to sign Sanders next season too. A good young edge rusher may need to be taken in the first round next draft. I like Dee Ford even as a limited player but things are getting expensive and some players will have to go.

    1. Make your observations about 2020 when the 2019 season is over for the 49ers. Or, do you think their season is already over?

  10. Hard for this fan to dog the team from last nights game.
    Especially the defense.
    It’s a real tough situation to go into a division rivals house on a short week.
    This kind of reminded me of the Washington game. They’re not always going to be pretty.
    And it seems when they’re rested with a full week, and the competition is tougher they play near flawless games.
    So is the defense in trouble?
    I don’t know. Again it’s hard to judge them on a short week.
    The real test is next Monday night.
    We all know Carroll will be trying to duplicate Arizona’s formula.
    That will tell us whether we should have some concerns about this run defense.
    Because Carroll will be running the ball and having Wilson in the option a lot of the time.

    Good news is they will be fully rested. And Wilson isn’t as fast and quick as Murray, and Carson is a mauler type back, not a quick scat back like they faced last night. Arizona’s speed is exceptional. Seattle’s isn’t!

    I doubt Kwon will be playing, and hope he’s not done for the year. That’s a significant loss.
    and although it’s “next man up” what he brings at his position will not be filled by any player on this roster. It sucks. It seems every time they get someone coming back, another is out.
    Hope I’m wrong, and I hope it’s just a couple of weeks. But it’s a bad time to lose one of the best defensive players on the team.

    Offensively I called it at the beginning of the season, this passing attack and offense will start taking off around game 8.
    Garapolo has simply been doing what was asked, and it’s good to know he can deliver when the running game is stalled.
    Three of our studs are coming back, maybe even more trust in the pocket will help also.

    Juice will definitely get the PA pass going smoothly again.
    I saw a couple of times ARZ didn’t bite on it.
    Spoon man will be a welcoming site also.

    Overall an excellent win in a tough situation last night. And we will see them blowout Arz at home in two weeks and more rest.
    This could be the toughest 3 game test for the defense with mobile QB’s.
    Brees is a statue, Rodgers is a state, Goff is a statue.
    They have three more games vs mobile running QB’s
    And the most dangerous is coming in 10 days.

    Oh PS…… I’m glad they threw all over Peterson.
    And cmon Inury gods… save us from a season ending torn Pec… 😏

    1. Agree. Winning a game where few things are going exactly your way–on the road, on a short week against a divisional foe–is never easy. The 9ers got the win.

    2. “I called it at the beginning of the season, this passing attack and offense will start taking off around game 8.”

      Except the passing game has been pretty much what we saw last night all year, only difference is the volume.

      It was a terrific performance. We have a lot of recency bias going on.

      1. There were throws and plays made from the passing game that weren’t the norm all season.
        Not once did Jimmy have to carry the O and bail out the defense. He did last night.
        And now teams will have to respect his arm and weapons.
        It’s only going to get better from here.
        300 with 4 td’s and no Ints hasn’t been accomplished yet.
        It’s going to be a norm now is what I’m saying.
        Ok maybe 3-1 or 4-1 TD/INT but I’ll take it.

        1. Carry the team? No. But even last night they got the run game going a bit in the 2nd quarter. Difference was it wasn’t as consistent as most weeks this season.

          The early part of the game reminded me of LA with everything a struggle, then they got some movement on the 4th possession with great starting field position and Kittle did what he does after a nice ball from Garoppolo.

          2nd TD drive was almost all Garoppolo and the one right before the half was the 49ers offense we’ve seen all year, big runs and timely throws.

          Yes, Garoppolo made some big time throws but we see him do that on the regular.

  11. When a team walks away from a game where they are unhappy with their level of play and they still get the W then that’s a good thing. Cards had 8 and even 9 players in the box throughout the night. The 49ers were not going to beat the Cards with the run. Jimmy G had a good game but I wanted him to audible out of some of those run plays. Late 3rd and early 4th the Cards had 9 guys in the box and both safeties playing extremely shallow. Take a deep shot on one or two of those looks.

    1. Houston,

      Against the Panthers (a much better defense), the Niners successfully ran against 10 in the box on multiple occasions.

      In this offense, consistently running the ball, whether successfully or not, sets up the pass.

      1. Don’t disagree. Always need balance. I’m saying I’d like to see audibles into pass plays, especially in games where you’ve had 3 or 4 series in a row end in punts. I’m not really a go back and watch a game guy, but the Cards had many plays where they had 9 in the box and then blitzed a safety to bring 10 into the box. Curious if other people noticed that. Make them pay for that crap. The Screen to Coleman that he dropped could hv been a game changing play. Perfect play call that could hv changed the entire momentum of the game. That was a huge drop.

        1. Houston I didn’t notice the play where jimmy threw at the safety blitzing in. And he knocked it down.
          I thought why didn’t he audible out of that play.

  12. A few observations.

    Jimmy G looked terrific. Scorpios almost always rise to the occasion when their backs are against the wall–especially during their seasonal return.

    Dante Pettis made PP look like a rookie. That’s what he can do when he has his head on straight. Pettis can get ridiculous separation not based on speed, but on waggles, jukes, and fast feet. Hopefully Sanders, another master at getting open can help him.

    Cardinals found the kryptonite to the wide nine–run between the tackles, get some helmets on the LBs at the next level and they chunked it up.

    They also ran the no huddle and kept the Niners from getting sub packages in. People have ripped Kingsbury as a one-trick pony, but he’s showing that he’s adaptable to the pro-game. Cards did the right thing by punting on Rosen and Wilks.

    Kittle is the spiritual leader of the team. Not only is he a terrific player, but he channels a wild intensity that other players feed off of. He’s the new Gronk.

    This was actually a great game, better than a blow out and they’ll learn a lot from a close call that was still a W.

    Well done.

    1. Yes you hit on something…the hurry up had the D playing lousy……this will get out to the rest of the league….Saleh must find another way to counter this!! Seattle up next and I bet they saw this no huddle….also Seattle will prob go after Sherm he gives a huge cushion.

      1. The hurry-up made it difficult to substitute DL as often as they usually do. I couldn’t really tell, but I wonder if some of the DL were more gassed than normal in the 4th because of it.

      1. Next monday is a “real test”…..If they couldn’t contain Murray what do you think Russell will look like??? next monday the rubber meets the road….

        1. I really think the short week on the road affected the Niners D big time in this one.
          Biggest concern is the health of Kwon Alexander. Maiocco’s tweet gives reason for optimism, but that injury is crucial.
          At least the Niners get extended rest now and hopefully some other players back from injury.

        2. Monty,
          What exactly did Murray do? Except for the pass that Mosley misplayed and the ridiculous missed tackling that allowed the WR to go 88 yrds for a TD, his play was subpar.

          We left two scores on the field with Deebo’ drop in the end zone and a likely pick six on Warner’ muffed Int. We had the potential for a 40+ score which would have made Arizona’ final score look like garbage time points. Drake did more damage to our defense than any other player I’ve seen this year. He was their star player last night.
          Murray is going to be a very good player in time, but his time is not here yet.

          1. Well said, AES. I look for the 49ers to find their can opener next time they meet, and handing them some old fashioned whup @ss!

        3. Monty……
          Wilson is not as fast as Murray.
          Seattle’s RB is not as fast as Arizona’s.
          They are a pound it out running game.
          Where Russell will be dangerous is outside the pocket. But this defense has the speed to contain him better than Murray

    1. I Could not have said it better.
      Coach Shanahan knows how to set up the pass with the run.
      Coach Shanahan does not know how to set up the run with the pass. Check out Bill Walsh offense vs the Chicago Bears defense. May have been the best defense I have seen in my 65 years.
      On Defense the niners were reacting, rather than taking it to them. Some run blitzes would have been a good idea.
      All in all , given the situation, short week, new coach, new quarterback, on the road, a great win.

  13. I feel sorry for Seattle. They are going to face a rested and pissed off defense next Monday night.
    And a very loud fan base.
    Bring Carson
    Bring Willson.
    49ers crush their next three opponents!

    1. I’ve had this game against Seattle circled on my calendar since the schedule came out. I cannot stand the Seahawks or their D bag fan base. Seahawk fan has surpassed Cowboy fan in their level of asshattery. In a perfect world Shanahan will call a timeout with 10 seconds left in the game to kick a field goal even though the 49ers are leading by 40 points. That way the camera can pan to that Rat that coaches the Seahawks and we can savor that look on his face like someone crapped in his pouch of Big League Chew. I cannot wait for this game.

  14. Interesting vibe across mainstream NFL media today–at least it seems that way (haven’t checked everything)…. The Cardinals are reaping a fair amount of love. Arizona is getting a pile of props–perhaps two feel-good props for every 9er feel-good prop. Not a big deal, but could serve as motivation for the 9ers–keeping them focused and hungry.

  15. The big difference in this game that has not been present in the last few games is penalties. It seemed that the team couldn’t get into rhythm because of them. Maybe the Niners need to stop deferring when they win the coin toss. It might be better to put the offense on the field first, the defense just kind of sucks on opening drives.

      1. That was a hard fought victory ending a 8 game losing streak in someone else’s house. They can say all they want that was probably the hardest game to win so far this year. People are forgetting that we are using our 4th and 5th ranked tackles and no Juice. All questions about JG being able to carry the team should of ended last night.

  16. Getting home field advantage is essential as the crowd (hopefully) will be loud enough to put a cap on that. Niners want to be at home, not at Lambeau or the Mercedes dome.

  17. This was a tough team to prep for on a short week – unique running QB (almost like Breida as a QB), found an up tempo offense in the 2nd half, with an unknown running back jailbreaking from the Miami prison. The Niners, correctly, knew they had the better team and could play their game and win, BUT damn that was close.

    Good news this preps the Niners for Wilson and watch out AZ, cause the game in two weeks gonna find the Niners well prepared.

      1. They should. It’s the most recent example in 49ers history what a Super Bowl defense looks like, and this iteration is matching it.

        1. Not sure how that defense relates to this one and why it matters.
          It also has zero correlation to how they play because of the differing scheme and personnel.

  18. Sherman was right…..this defense was humbled yesterday night. The next game will tell us what they are made of.

    Hope we can deliver a beat down in Week 11. That will be a short week for us as well.

  19. sebnynah says:
    October 31, 2019 at 10:49 pm
    I would give the coaching a B- KS kept the Niners running into the teeth of the defense, and did not respond well to the Cards stacking the box.

    REPLY: This, coming from the fan who stated: “I will call Shanahan less than astute if he doesn’t resign Colin Kaepernick.”

    And this from the fan who stated: ” (P) Wishnowski was a wasted pick that high in the draft (4th Rd) when others were available.”…”And his net yards are under players drafted after him.”

    Did you do the math Sebby?….Wish is a product of his environment; ie, the 49ers offense has been so good that Wish mostly punts from the 50 or below, meaning his net yds are down as he aims for the “coffin corner.”….To date, Wish leads the NFL in punts downed inside the 12 yd line….

    But I guess your all about the net yards Seb, not helping our defense enjoy offenses trying to march 90 yds on them…

    Good grief—somebody buy this fan a pocket ‘football for dummies’ strategy guide.

  20. Longest Win Streak
    The 49ers won 18 games in a row from 1989-90. It began with a 34-24 home victory over the New York Giants on Nov. 27 of the ’89 season and ended with a loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Nov. 25 of the following year.

    2. Most Consecutive Road Games Won
    San Francisco won 18 road games consecutive from 1988-90. The mark still stands as the best streak of its kind in NFL history.

  21. I really don’t like Thursday Night Football. The teams usually don’t play very well and it is hard on the players.
    The Niners looked slow and tired yesterday, particularly on Defense. I think some of the penalties were as a result of mental mistakes, again because they were looking tired.

    That being said, the Cardinals have given teams with mobile QB’s a road map as to how to attack the defense. It was most frustrating to watch how successful they were would screen passes. If the Niners can’t stop getting gashed by screens the next couple weeks, they are going to see them the rest of the year.

    Like everyone else I hope that Alexander and Kittle’s injuries are not too bad.

      1. MRI showed a torn pectoral and Alexander will miss the rest of the season as a result.

        Greenlaw Will full time, and AA is the Sam.

    1. Nah, overreaction. We’ve been playing the whole time with backups. Greenlaw will once again show why Lynch is golden on day 3 as well as finding the UDFA….

    2. I mean it’s a blow, but I don’t feel like Kwon was the key reason the Niner defence was so good. It’s weaker now, for sure, but they can still rush the passer, they can still cover, Warner is a heck of a player and now it’s next man up. Greenlaw knows what’s at stake, and I think the right people are in the locker room to help him. I’d be more concerned if Bosa or Buckner were lost for the season. As it is, it’s another injury to overcome but that’s football. No excuses.

      1. Basically I see this as the test for the defence. If they let losing Kwon hurt them big time, then they’re not ready to compete for titles. I think they’re ready.

    3. MD,
      If this team has proven anything so far this season, it’s that it has vastly improved the bench play that have made the team resilient.
      Our defense is strong enough overall to the point that it could mask some of our younger players having to fill in at a moments notice.
      Of course, the proof will be in the pudding (when they actually play) but Shanahan has done a good job when he has had to plug in replacement players.
      Kwon is going to be missed, but I have confidence that the young will step up.

  22. When the tackles went down, KS adjusted to help out the offense. Now that Kwon is out, let’s see what adjustments Saleh can make. It might be of particular importance in the next game, because having a spy on Russell Wilson is a viable strategy (and that spy is usually a linebacker).


    Eagles released LB Zach Brown.
    Brown, 30 next week, started all six games for the Eagles after signing with the team in May following his release from the Redskins. For a player who annually puts up strong numbers, he sure seems to bounce around a lot. Brown is talented, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports he’s expected to have interest from multiple teams. It’s a curious move from the Eagles.

    Free agent LB Manti Te’o is visiting the Lions and Raiders.
    Te’o had already been linked with the Raiders, but this is the first note of interest from the Lions. The former second-round pick was a healthy scratch most of last season in New Orleans, but he is a solid option at linebacker. Both Detroit and Oakland could use some help there.

  24. Greenlaw should be ready….I expect fast playing like M. Harris last year playing on instincts……

    Warner need to step his game up to that all pro level…..

    Tough games coming up…….f..c..k..injuries🤕

  25. Alexander is our best linebacker when it comes to pass coverage, and important for the run defense given the Wide 9 formation. I expect Elijah Lee to be called up; but man, given Lee significant playing time is rough (he is a serviceable backup, a liability as a starter). I know Zach Brown bounces around a lot, but for a one year rental, with no ties beyond this year, he would definitely be worth a look. I think Mason Foster could work as an assist to the run defense; but neither Brown nor Foster can provide what Alexander did in pass coverage. No to Te’o, and twice no on Sundays.

  26. Good win on the road but it was costly on defense. Next LB up. I thought the E-man had a chance on the 88 yd play. The ball was a perfectly throw just over the E-mans hands. Try that play again AZ and the result would either be a batted down ball or an into we know what to look for.
    I would hate to be the Seahawks a week from Monday.

  27. Kwon Alexander out for the year.
    I hope Lynch will take my advice and coax Shanahan to let Buckner drop back behind the line of scrimmage more.
    A simple line up and drop back every 2-3 plays should have the offense confused.
    All the salient issues will take care of themselves and hope to see this strategy employed by the team come Seattle game.
    GO NINERS!!!

    1. Thanks Seb, if you have news that we haven’t already been enlightened with 20+ times it would be helpful?

      sebnynah says:
      October 30, 2019 at 9:50 pm
      Relax he is just my catfish. I plan to grace you with my presence once I get done burning down the neighbor’s shed.

      sebnynah says:
      October 30, 2019 at 10:21 pm
      I win again.

      REPLY: FYI , Seb, it is not a win burning down your neigbor’s shed.

      1. TrollD you just cannot seem to keep me out of your mind.
        I started this post much earlier but was sidetracked by my day job. I came back and hit submit without knowing the other responses before me.
        Also, take some time to peruse the last few prior blog posts by Grant. You will find that I predicted this season-ender for Kwon well before his MRI was taken.

        1. Please take everything posted under sebnynah with a grain of salt. This catfish is trying very hard to sound like me, but most regular posters should realize who the real catfish is. If some one is offended by any subsequent posts, I wish to apologize ahead of time.
          TrollD, I stated that I won again, when some one resorted to using an expletive, and you are being fooled by this catfish. Of course, being easily fooled is one of your problems.
          The Niners are undefeated, with an 8-0 record, and you just cannot help yourself. Such immature childish behavior just defines you.

          1. While you may (almost) sound like me, it is very apparent who the catfish is.
            You’ll notice I never put a full stop after my last statement unless I wish to pontificate further to support my arguments.
            Also, the real sebnynah never apologizes for others’ behavior on the blog.
            Nice try.

            1. He is trying to sound like me, but always seems to slip up. He cannot refrain from getting in the snark.
              ‘I wish to pontificate.’ – That is a dead giveaway.

              1. Now that sebnynah has his internet back, it almost makes you wish for more fires, or just the blackouts.
                It really was a nice break from this nuisance.

              2. sebnynah , you sure are a drama queen who’ll say anything to get some attention.
                Your problems with reading comprehension, typical impediment for HS kids, aren’t going away by you posting more nonsense.

              3. Maybe you should think before you post. Advocating for fires is reprehensible.
                When in a hole, the best way to get out of it, is stop digging.The Camp Fire resulted in 85 deaths, with 5 firefighters dying, too. Thankfully, with proper warning, there were no deaths in this Kincade fire, but 174 homes were lost. The 2017 fire cost 40 lives.
                You should not ‘almost ‘ wish for 174 homes to be burned, just to keep me off. You should wish for no fires, and no heartache.
                Drama queen? Maybe you should not be such an insensitive heartless lout, willing to compound tragedies, because you cannot seem to scroll past my posts.

              4. sebnynah, a firm grasp of the English language seems to elude you, are you even American?
                NO ONE is advocating for fires, but as always you are advocating for attention.

                because you cannot seem to scroll past my posts

                Now that’s a piece of advice you should repeat to yourself instead of resorting to name calling like a HS kid would do…

              5. ‘It almost makes you wish for more fires.’ – That sure sounds like you want more fires.
                Am I an American? Well, I was born in Sacramento, California.
                Are you an American? True, patriotic red blooded Americans do not cavalierly advocate for more fires, that destroy lives and dreams. We know people who have lost their homes.
                Resort to name calling? Like you did by calling me a HS kid and drama queen? You sure like to dish it out, but sure cannot take it. Quit whining.

              6. Just for you sebnynah

                Comprehension is the understanding and interpretation of what is read. To be able to accurately understand written material, children need to be able to (1) decode what they read; (2) make connections between what they read and what they already know; and (3) think deeply about what they have read.

                I know you have trouble with (1) and skip right to (2) and then ignore (3).
                That is something a HS kid would do. You see I NEVER called you a HS kid you made that connection yourself…..

  28. Jimmy G/Sanders….we’ve all seen that great anticipation throw.
    What was awesome was seeing Peterson had his head turned with ball in receiver’s hands.
    Next game with Cards at our home, and we are all healthy on offense, and the fans excited will be fun

  29. Where is the GreatPrognosticator when we need him?

    His imoji is a direct response to your pontificating, wrong-sided predictions and I enjoy his repartee to your dry posts.

  30. The BAD…. STARTERS keep getting injured/out for year and guys on IR expecting to come back this year NOT HAPPENING. Sucks. Unbelievable.

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