The good and not so good from the 49ers’ loss to the Ravens.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks during a news conference after loosing to the Baltimore Ravens in a NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019, in Baltimore, Md. Ravens won 20-17. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Here is the good and not so good from the 49ers’ 20-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.


  1. DC Robert Saleh. Held the top-scoring offense in the league to just 20 points. Didn’t stop Lamar Jackson from running, but still made the Ravens offense one-dimensional by shutting down their running backs and passing game. He outcoached Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. More on Shanahan below.
  2. SS Marcell Harris. Entered the game early in the third quarter and forced a fumble on his just his fourth play from scrimmage. Every time a starter gets injured this season, the 49ers seem to have a backup who’s just as good
  3. RB Raheem Mostert. Mostert was supposed to be the fourth running back on the depth chart this season. But, after injuries to Jerrick McKinnon and Matt Breida, and a month of ineffective play from Tevin Coleman, Mostert has become the 49ers’ No. 1 running back. He gained 146 yards on 19 carries, and should have ran the ball even more. He also scored a touchdown.
  4. WR Deebo Samuel. He had 61 yards from scrimmage and one touchdown on just three touches. The 49ers have to give Samuel more touches. He is a weapon.
  5. FB Kyle Juszczyk. Blocked well for the first time since returning from a knee injury.


  1. RB Tevin Coleman. Gained only six yards on five carries. He has struggled since he scored four touchdowns against the Panthers last month. Is he hurt?
  2. K Robbie Gould. Missed his only field-goal attempt — a 51-yarder. Backup Chase McLaughlin might be a better kicker than Gould right now.
  3. TE George Kittle. Blocked very well, but caught only two passes. The Ravens made it their business to shut him down in the passing game and succeeded. Teams probably will follow their blueprint the rest of the season.
  4. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. People have questioned if Garoppolo can win a game on his own, but that’s not the right question. With such a great defense and running game, he doesn’t have to win games on his own — he merely has to not lose them. Against the Ravens, he helped lose the game. Committed a major mistake when he fumbled deep in his own territory. He made the same mistake during the 49ers’ loss to the Seahawks. Two hands on the ball, Jimmy.
  5. HC Kyle Shanahan. Mismanaged the clock at the end of the first half. Ran off 40 seconds between plays and didn’t get his offense enough time to drive down the field for anything shorter than a 51-yard field goal. Will Shanahan improve his game management and become a great coach like Sean Payton? Or will Shanahan continue to mismanage big, close games like Andy Reid usually does? Time will tell.

Check out my post-game Periscope as well:

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    1. No shame in today’s loss. These are the league’s top 2 teams and Baltimore was the benefactor of a few significant advantages today.

      Baltimore was playing at home. The 49ers were the proverbial west coast team traveling across country, and facing the dreaded 10:00 am (PDT) kickoff. The rainy weather clearly favored the Ravens’ QB/offensive style, as it’s simply tougher to pass the football in those conditions. Garoppolo is the superior passer, IMO, while Jackson is probably the best running QB the league has ever seen. The 3rd disadvantage was that the 49ers were facing headwinds in the 2nd and 4th QTRS, effectively stiffling Gould’s late 2nd QTR FG attempt, while aiding Tucker’s last second winner.

      Bottom line: Despite facing significant disadvantages, the 49ers went toe to toe VS the AFC’s best team, IMO, and had a chance to win the game. I think the 49ERS would have beat the Ravens on a neutral field today, and certainly on a neutral field without the time-zone disadvantage, and/or better weather conditions! If these 2 teams do meet in the Super Bowl, the Ravens won’t be able to take advantage of these factors.

      On to New Orleans, where I expect different results, as the Niners won’t be facing nearly the same kinds of disadvantages as they faced today. The Saints are a very good team, but it’s a much better road matchup for the Niners.

      Let’s give Drew Brees the Aaron Rodgers treatament. GO NINERS!

      1. What a reasonable outlook. Grant was looking for an excuse to blame Shanahan and came up with the time clock reason. Shanahan explained his reasons for his decisions. I think I’ll agree with the head coach over a beat writer. Duh.

    2. Next year may be our year. The Niners do not look quite good enough or experienced enough to win close games against good teams.

  1. This was a game with little significance in the NFC. Remaining for SF is a pocket passer in New Orleans and a winnable game in Seattle.

    They will not face another Jackson this year. Playoff teams in the NFC cannot beat SF.
    The Super Bowl matchup from the AFC will likely be Buffalo.

    The short comings on this team seem to be ones the organization has to live with because they are the same each year.
    Poor clock management. Needing to use timeouts because the play call comes in late or the offense can’t get lined up in time.
    Self inflicted penalties.

    The two losses are by a total of 6 points. The 49ers will be super bowl champions

  2. Not only did Shanahan mismanage the clock he mismanaged his time outs, his running backs and called questionable plays at crucial moments. These guys are laying their bodies down and they deserve a guy who doesn’t throw time away or go with a guy like Tevin Coleman who has not been able to run for 6 weeks. Right now they should be running Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr.. Wilson woefully mismanaged. Has 5 touches the last three games with a game winning TD and a 26 yard run from scrimmage. It’s ridiculous he is not getting at least 10 snaps a game if not more..

    4th a 1 and Shanahan calls a pass play when his run game has been outflanking defenders all game running wide? Two minutes left in the game and you have no TO’s because you can’t get the play in soon enough to beat the play clock and must burn one or get penalized? That’s just a flat joke.. And on top of it all they still got flagged for delay of game.

    If Shanahan can’t manage a game better than what he did today or Seattle he needs to get in the booth and call plays and let someone else manage the damn football game..

    1. Well said Don……Shanny called a crappy game in crucial situations and keeps putting the Defense in awkward spots…..where and the flock is the 4 minute drill and the 2 minute drill????? Not on this team…that is on Shanny

      Yes 4th and 1 you bring in JWinson Jr….at least run Mostert on a sweep right it worked all game duh

      Lets face it, JimmyG is a mediocre QB….not too bad, not too good…thats just the way it is….he has 14 turnovers this year in 12 games….hhhhmmmm

          1. They lost by a last second FG on the road in bad weather and that’s out coached?
            Please, you are now on Sebnnoying’s intelligence level with that type of commentary.

            1. PT you even say : They lost what’s the problem then? Harbaugh outcoached Shanny game over move on

              Don’t be sour grapes man….its all good

              We will win the next game

        1. +++ PT. it’s like these clowns are ragging on a 2-10 team. That’s the kind of team these putzes deserve, so they can wallow in their negativity.

          1. That’s the teams they want. They enjoy losing and mediocrity, it gives their life existence and meaning. They feel better about themselves because of it

  3. One correction: Gould did make one field goal from a shorter distance but he hasn’t shown he’s kicking any better than Chase did though he’s making like $5million more to do it. Some of these big salaries need to go next season like Dee Ford to pay for Buckner, Armstead and Kittle.

    As far as Tevin Coleman, he should be a part time player. he doesn’t hit the holes, he hits the line standing up too straight and not as quickly as Breida does. He is better used catching the ball. Mostert has the most talent but he’s had slippery hands up until recently. Can’t keep him off the field though with his talent for finding the end zone.

    The way to beat Lamar Jackson is to go after him every play. Just assume he’s getting the ball and he usually will because he can hurt us running better than anyone else. He made a bunch of running plays because everyone got fooled thinking he handed off the ball. Nail him for it a few times and Harbaugh won’t let him run.

    1. agree..Saleh did NOT do a good job against the only major offensive weapon for Baltimore. Grant seems bewitched by him this year.

  4. Shanny handled the end of the first half correctly. He didn’t give the ball back to the Ravens and he got a shot at a game tying field goal.

    1. The saddest thing about Grants commentary and opinions is that he doesn’t even know this team very well.
      The analysis is all based on ego.

      We need someone who knows this team, travels with the team and reports what actually is happening with the team.

      1. I wonder if Shanahan is back on the hot seat? I don’t understand all the hatred for Jimmy G? A few of the posters just want to be negative about the best Niner team we have seen in years.

        The biggest critics have never coached or played the game.

        1. Those people are just here to get a stir. Jimmy G and the Niners were one batted ball down by a linemen away from doing what they did 2 weeks ago to AZ.

          1. Niners were one batted ball down by a linemen away from doing what they did 2 weeks ago to AZ.

            yes that’s the problem…bring in JWilson JR. on 4th and 1… or at the least play action, or sweep right with Mostert it worked all game……that was a horrible horrible call by Shanny….

            Rubber meets the road = a loss

              1. Its not hindsight…I called it during the game “why and the flock are you passing wtf”… saw the outcome…it was a crappy play decision

                Rubber is meeting the road=loss

            1. Of course it’s hindsight. Rarely is there an NFL game that comes down to a game winning FG as time expired, where you can’t go back and second guess the coaching decisions.

              A big part of calling the right offensive play depends on the kind of look your getting from the defense. The Ravens were expecting the Niners to run it, and if Jimmy dumps the ball to Mostert in the flat, it’s likely a big gain on 4th down. Again though, easier said then done with the defense crashing down on the QB in rainy conditions.

              Bottle line: This was a game that set up perfectly for the AFC’s best team (IMO) and the 49ERS put themselves in a position to possibly win the game late in the 4th QTR. Baltimore made the plays they needed to make, and when you add that to their homefield advantage, as well as the type of weather that clearly favors a running QB over primarily a passing QB, you end up with a last second loss. That’s football! Put these 2 teams on a neutral field yesterday (as a general rule, oddsmakers consider homefield a 3 point advantage for a reason), and the Niners likely beat the Ravens.

              The 49ERS are 10-2, while outscoring their opponents by a combined 116 points, and both losses came on a last second FG’s to 2 of the league’s top teams. I don’t care what the negative Nancy’s say, that screems Super Bowl contender to me, and I couldn’t be happier! Any objective NFL fan would have to believe that the Niners and Ravens are looking like the most obvious Super Bowl matchup through week 13, and yesterday’s last second loss did nothing to change that.

              It’s worth reminding everyone that, while there are no “moral victories”, the Ravens have been absolutely overwhelming teams during this 8 game stretch, including BLOWOUT wins @ 9-2 Seattle (30-16), and @ home VS the 10-2 Patriots (37-20), and the 8-4 Texans (41-7)!

  5. Would add pass defense to the Good section. 105 yards.D-line was not very effective this game, but DBs held their own.

    These next 4 games will decide if we get home field advantage. Out of the remain 4 against the Saints, Falcons, Rams and Seattle……none are easy games.

    Did anyone catch the Rams demolish the Cardinals in Arizona? Falcons on their day can hang with the best teams. Saints have a great coach and Kamara/Thomas/Brees can all single-handedly tilt games with their play. Seattle at C-Link is tough.

    The attitude going forward should be to treat each game as a play-off game and not take any game lightly.

  6. The easiest thing in the world to do is spend other people’s money like politicians love to do. The second easiest thing to do is pick out failed football plays and berate someone like some posters do who let their emotions overrule their brain.

  7. Too bad the Niners and KS did not think they could make one yard running the ball, so they dialed up a pass play.The Ravens are bold and decisive, so they have designed several 4th down plays, and have the confidence to execute those plays with success.
    The Ravens defense knew JG would be delivering the ball from the pocket, so they got an arm in the air to bat down the pass, after clogging up the middle with 8 in the box. Maybe they should have been more unpredictable, and chosen a play that attacked the edges, where they were having great success.
    Some think the Niners are perfect, and any criticism is verboten. I just wish they could realize that the Ravens were selling out to stop the inside run, and more innovative plays were available, that would have been more effective.
    The defense only allowed a field goal in the second half. Too bad the offense could not score more than a field goal in the second half. Where were the counters, misdirections, screens and reverses? Why a fly sweep to a TE when Deebo, James or Mostert were much faster?
    I am glad that Grant detailed how deficient game and clock management were responsible for the lack of scoring. KS is responsible for all the winning, but he is also responsible for these last 2 losses. I see the SB KS, so maybe he has not learned from his mistakes, so he keeps repeating them.
    I still believe in this team, and think the Ravens were their toughest test. I also think they could win 3 out of the next 4 games, but only if they improve. I do not know why they refused to give Richie James or Jeff Wilson Jr any offensive snaps.
    Guess some posters are complacent and happy with a 10-2 record. I think an 11-0-1 record could have been achieved, with better game management, and play calling.

    1. Seb, all of your critiques are 20/20 hindsight. How do you know what Shanny saw that made him call for a pass on 4th and1? Later, he said they were in the D he fully expected-put that blame on Graps for getting his pass knocked down.
      For every game, you always want a load and a half of “counters, misdirections, screens and reverses………… this case, you might be right-given the field and conditions. But your just not going to get a plethora of those plays every game.
      “Guess some posters are complacent and happy with a 10-2 record”…………….Who, Seb? Specifically?
      You remind me of the bad Eddie, who almost certainly chased Walsh out the door with his demand that Walsh win every game and every Super Bowl. When he didn’t, Eddie had a tantrum-more often than not right in front of the team.
      You also have your tantrum when they..
      1 Dont draft precisely as you wish
      2 Dont compose their coaching staff precisely as you wish i.e. no titled OC
      3 Dont have the players you want in, for a given play
      4 And when they win, you are relatively VERY quiet.

      While you certainly do have the right to bellyache 24/7-no one has disputed that-this is clearly a team on the up. They lost two games so far by missed field goals, and this is part of their growth process this year. A real fan would see that they are in fact growing and they’ll be better for it down the road. But you want immediate–and I mean IMMEDIATE gratification–no allowance for growth.
      Lets talk about how they are light years better than you were crabbing about during the draft……………..or man up and admit your…………………..SEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeBBBBBBBRAYDUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. No, Saw, even KS admitted he should have called a better pass play. He is using hindsight to say he could have done better. I wanted them to defeat the stacked box by attacking the edges. That was something they did with good results.
        ‘Guess some posters are complacent and happy with a 10-2 record. ‘ They are the ones who say posters have no right to criticize the team, when they lose.
        I will proudly wear the Eddie mantle, because he won 5 SBs, by demanding the most out of his players and coaches. Sure, he threatened to fire BW, but never did.
        Tantrum? I said I accepted their decision to draft Bosa, and promised to cheer for him to succeed.
        No OC? Just look at McVay in the SB. A Niner OC may have freed up KS, so he could concentrate more on clock and game management. 2 areas that need improvement, so we do not see the SB KS over and over.
        Guess you liked Coleman gaining 6 yards on 5 carries. Wilson can run between the tackles, and has scored TDs. Richie James touched the ball once, and gained 57 yards, a few games ago. When Kittle was down, I called for Dwelley to be a receiver, and he responded with 2 TDs. I called for them to utilize Marcell Harris, because he was good against the run, and he made a strip/fumble recovery.
        When they win, I cheer them on, but when they lose, I think like Richard Sherman, who says it is a teachable moment. He says they learn more from losses, than wins. He also accepts constructive criticism, because it will not make them complacent, so they will get punched in the mouth.
        Even JG says there is room for improvement, and that they all need to play better.
        I still think that the trade back strategy is sound, but we will never know if getting another second round draft pick, and multiple other picks could have helped them be undefeated. I do know that locking up multiple players to rookie contracts, are a good way to build for the future, and other players like Josh Allen are also having a good rookie season, so Bosa was not the only good option. You say I am whining? I am only presenting my opinion, and I certainly am not wishing them to lose because they went with the draft strategy that they preferred, and not mine. I just look at teams like the Colts and Seahawks, who lost many players on defense, but used the trade back strategy to rebuild their defense quickly, when many thought they would struggle. I wanted to trade back with the Giants, and get the 6th overall pick along with a second , 4th and 5th round picks. I bet the Giants, with their 2-10 record, would have jumped at the chance to possibly get Bosa, instead of Jones.
        Imagine if the Niners were 11-0-1. Then, I would be cheering like mad. Sure, they are light years better than 4-12, but I do want them to grow and improve. I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, but the Niners are not perfect, and above reproach. Immediate gratification? No, I know they played their guts out against a division leader, but fell short. I just wish KS had used better clock and game management, so they could have won. I wish KS had enough faith in his team to run the ball to get 1 yard.
        Calling me a Raider fan is calumny, and a vicious slur. Only a Raider troll would stoop so low. I do not see you cheering for the Niners, but you make attacking me your sole purpose on this site.
        GO NINERS !!!!!!

        1. 10-2……and nuthin you can do about it…………..a young, up and coming team, who obtained their players THEIR way, not yours……………2+ years of reworking the Balky debacle and they are one of the best teams in the league………….a meteoric rise, and tho it be a terrific recipe, you won’t let the meal cook, wont let the chef tweak it……….you see only negative……only looking at the speck of “sawdust” in Shanny’s eye, and refusing to see the “Plank” in your own…………..

          Lots of dark, negative energy………….might just as well go back to that bacteria frap bong of yours and mellow out…………stop being a negative nabob of negativism……….

            1. Haha!! Is that what it’s called when someone calls you on your negativity?? Whats it called when you do it when they lose a tough one, and you bring up ancient old stuff about Shanny?

              1. Negativity? Like all your whining?
                The SB KS is not ancient history, unlike the 1988 49ers.
                The problem is, KS still does not seem to learn from his mistakes. He keeps repeating them.
                Running the ball is a simple concept, but the SB KS tries to get too cute, and passes when he just should run the ball.

          1. Thanks Allie for noticing! In all these years of litigious people suing me for things I might have said, you pick up a few words of legal nebulism.
            Don’t be fooled by the merchants of mendacity that are lurking on this blog!

  8. Niners are SB contenders. They have the players and are 6 points from being 12-0. Jimmy G is a good QB. Rodgers is a HOF and he fumbled too so people need to lighten up.
    The big wild card now is Kyle Shanahan. Against really good coaches, like John Harbaugh and Pete Carroll, can he match up? Both losses are on his playcalling and game management.
    They have the players. Just line and and smash the other team in the mouth.

    1. Interesting analysis. Some how you are able to deduce that Shanahan is the reason for the 2 losses. I guess in your world fumbles, dropped passes, missed blocks, missed tackles, fouls etc don’t count for much. Or is it just easier to blame the coach or the quarterback like Grant does.

      1. I may only be a fan, and not a HC, but even I know that if there is less than 2 minutes, if they run the ball, and if the other team has no time outs, one could preserve a tie. Instead, if they try passing the ball. and there are 3 incompletions, it might result in taking only 15 seconds off the clock. In that minute and a half, Wilson could drive down for a game winning field goal, which is what he did.
        In this last game, letting the clock run down too much, left no time on the clock, so they could not use a time out, even if they wanted to. In the second half, they wasted time outs, so the Niners could not stop the clock. This allowed the Ravens to milk the clock, so they could kick the game winning field goal, with no time on the clock.
        Even KS admitted he could have called a better pass play, and JG admitted he could have played better, so maybe your beef is with them, not me and Grant.

        1. It’s a team game. Lots of mistakes were made by many players anyone of which could have changed the game. This team is 10-2 and only lost by 3 points in each loss. Fans should be ecstatic so far. If you prefer to pretend you know more than a head coach of a 10-2 team that’s pathetic.

          1. By the way Sebs–instead of your negativity, why not let us proofread your book on how Shanny is wrong and you are right? Or at least, how he should Coach? If you have something substantial, he’ll appreciate it…………not sure what you could teach him that his old man can’t, but give it a go, will you?

              1. Yes-Yes I do!! I have asked you for nearly a decade to give me a P.O.Box………..I owe you a LOT of money!

    2. New England looks done as far as a credible SB competitor goes. We have to beat Baltimore to get to the ring. Shanny sent a message that he is not yet ready to do that.

  9. Its very concerning that Shanny hasn’t yet learned from his previous failures, 4th and 1 we had no business passing. And if a pass must be called why over the middle? Very low percentage throw in that situation. All in all great game, but the great games come down to a play or 2. That’s where we have taken our 2 losses……

  10. Some of y’all can sit here and whine about this loss all you want.
    Name a team in the NFC that you can say in full confidence can beat this team. I’ll wait.
    Again the biggest obstacle for this team is health.
    This team is going to the super bowl and all this chatter about what if, and shoulda will come back to haunt some of you.
    This team is frickin 10-2 with a combined 6 points in the losses. Fg’s.
    I feel bad for Brees Sunday, I feel bad for Seattle in week 17.
    Nobody is stopping this team from going to the super bowl.
    This is more than likely the preview of the big game in two months.
    I’d bet the results will be a little different next time.
    Destroy NO and come out of this 3 game “death stretch” with a winning record.
    And BTW already 3 point dogs to NO.
    Why? I have no clue but I know where my money is going.

      1. Grant= absolutely and pretty much the same fashion….Jimmy turning the ball over and bad coaching by Kyle….if you can’t beat Seahawks at home how do you beat them in Seattle???

        I think you hit on something Grant= perhaps the Niners peaked too soon in the season….

        Sunday will be no ez task…NO has a great D and with Shanny failing to come up with crucial plays we may see a trend developing…

      2. So you would have great confidence that Seattle beats the 49ers in Seattle? With teams this good, it matters little where the game is played. SF can win anywhere.

  11. The Niners are very close. Till this year, they lacked the personnel to close out games. With the maturing of the defense in the third year of the scheme (along with the scheme modifications and new coaching staff) and the acquisition of Ford and Bosa, they have the personnel on defense to win a championship. On offense they are good enough to win the NFC championship when healthy. Now it’s just about developing a winning mindset in close games in the fourth quarter against top teams.

    1. 100% Mood.

      The 49ers have an excellent team. They well deserve to be in the mix for SB favourites this year with the way they have played. Every team loses games, and the 49ers two losses have been against two other very good teams and both games could easily have gone the other way.

      In saying that, the 49ers record against other teams that are considered legitimate SB contenders at this point is 1-2. Not horrible, and they still have two other opportunities pre-playoffs to improve that record, but the way they have lost both games suggests the main area they can still improve is being the team that takes their chances to close out tight games against good competition.

      1. What I like about these close losses (2-2 in the last 4 games) is that they are against play-off teams in play-off atmosphere. I also liked that the Ravens game was officiated more permissively like a play-off game.

        These games (including the upcoming Saints and Sea hawks games) are like going to finishing school for playoff preparation for the young players. They are gaining confidence with every game and developing the expectation to win that was in the Walsh-Seifert teams. I recall how those Niners teams would raise their level of play up a notch in the fourth quarter of close games.

  12. Been a big supporter of Saleh, still am, but the love fest on here with the guy from last year to this year is kinda funny.

    This defense has been terrific for the most part all season, but we’ve seen it falter now in both losses as evidenced by the following:

    3 sudden change situations, 21 points allowed.

    Allowed drive of 40 yards to set up the winning FG against Seattle.

    Allowed drive of 34 yards to set up the winning FG against Baltimore.

    For all of the improved play, these are the things that cost the team wins last year.

    Today it wasn’t until the 4th quarter that we really saw the defense adjust and start stopping Jackson on the outside runs. Their scheme for Jackson was questioned by Geoff Schwartz during the first half as well.

    The good news is the 49ers don’t see a mobile QB again until week 17 so they should be in pretty good shape since they’ll be able to let the pass rush loose.

    1. Jack yeah I gave Saleh a B….generous= but why and the fock did the Defense keep tackling the running back when he didn’t have the ball??? over and over all game

      this one comes down to clock management and plays in crucial situations a thing that Shanny always dies at…and of course Jimmy, he has now 14 turnovers in 12 games

      1. Shanahan has done the same thing at the end of the first half a couple times now and walked off with points. This time the kicker missed, so now he is mismanaging the clock. FFS, this is one of the 5 best teams in the league and has already won the same number of games as the last two years combined.

  13. I think the Saints is a must-win game to be honest. Not because they can’t win the super bowl without it, but because it would be great for confidence. I do not want to look back on this year as a year the Niners should have won a SB but beat themselves. I don’t think I’d ever get over it.

  14. Niners should beat the Saints next week. They’ll be staying/practicing in FL so no east coast hangover. They’ll be focused and determined coming off a tough-fought loss. But I think the biggest factor is their defense will be able to play their game by going back to the Wide 9 and pinning their ears back to take down a non-mobile QB.

    It’s not a must-win, per se, but it certainly will have major playoff implications. As it stands, assuming the Seahawks beat the Vikings, the Niners just went from being the number one seed and getting a bye and home field throughout, to being the number 5 seed and getting in as the wild card—no bye, no home field.

    Every game counts from here on out. Staying healthy is crucial.

  15. No excuses.
    So close but no brass ring in the most cruial games.
    What seprerates the great teams from the good ones?
    Great teams wins these games.
    Painful but true.

    1. HACK this is so true…tell this the PT and Rib…..they fail to see the reality of the team= only what they want to see then rag on fans and posters

      I said from the Seahawks game forward “The rubber meets the road” and what do we have?? two losses and outcoached both times….

      sorry but Harbaugh outcoached Shanny

      1. Watch the game again if you can. Harbaugh made way more mistakes in that game then Shanny.
        Rubber meets the road, that’s lame!

    2. They win them in the post season. That’s where this Niner team will be judged. If they come up short then they’ll have shown they are not mentally tough enough to win those games. Pats have lost many times like they did last night. Not so often come playoffs.

  16. 49ers played a helluva game on the road against the hottest team in the NFL and got beat on a last play field goal. The 49ers are 10-2 and tied for the #1 seed in the playoffs. Both of their losses are on last play field goals. Last year this team was 4-12 with a -93 point differential. The 49ers scored 342 points last year and they’ve already surpassed that total scoring 349 points with 4 games remaining. The point differential is +166 which is 3rd best in the NFL. The team is going through the most difficult late season stretch in the history of the NFL and they are 1-1. The entire team and coaching staff are operating at an extremely high level. Claiming Kyle Shanahan mismanaged the clock at the end of the 1st half is asinine. 49ers started the possession at their own 25 yard line with 1:58 on the clock. The 49ers were able to keep the ball away from the highest scoring offense in the NFL and they were able to get a game tying field goal attempt. If Gould makes the kick, everyone is proclaiming that a successful drive. Everyone. The difference in this game came down to Justin Tucker being better than Robbie Gould. Tucker made the 49 yard field goal and Gould missed (perhaps tipped) the 50 year yard field goal. End of story.

        1. Did any body else think that the Ravens DB’s got away with murder yesterday as to holding and illegal contact past 5 yards. A couple of times it looked like Kittle was the victim of a mugging. Their play reminded me of what Seattle used to get away with when the Legion of Boom was at their height. imho

          1. Kittle got mugged the entire game. I liked the officiating in the game overall. Refs let them play without all the ticky tack BS calls. BUT, some of that holding on Kittle was ridiculous. Should have been called. Marcus Peters will wear his welcome out in Baltimore. Just a matter of when.

          2. Yeah, I saw that, Coach–9ers had several flags at half time, Ravens only one. NFL officiating isn’t getting any better at all, its still horrible-makes it very hard to watch.

    1. Houston, Everything you wrote is accurate but it still hurts. The good news is that it hurts a lot less than the Seattle game. Ravens are a good team.

    2. To be fair, if Seattle win tonight Niners are no longer the #1 seed. I mean, I understand why people aren’t all in on the team’s hype. They haven’t earned anything yet. They’ve been terrible for years, so they kind of owe the fanbase some success. They get to control their own narrative. If they go and lose to the Saints, then they’ve shown they’re not yet at that level. They can get there in the post season, but they’re not owed freebies. They cannot keep beating themselves. Jimmy cannot keep turning the ball over. This defence has to give the offence another shot with over 6 minutes left in the fourth. Kyle has to come up with a better play on 4th and 1. Lots of ways to improve. Whether they do or not will be the difference between whether they win the title or end the season thinking this could have been their year.

  17. I said before the Seattle game “this is where the rubber meets the road” and its happening= but not in good fashion….1-2 and more tough games ahead

  18. The level at which the NFL media are glorifying Lamar Jackson and the Ravens is disgusting. Charles Davis is going to have bruised knees for the next month after yesterdays game. Listening to him gush over Lamar Jackson was nauseating – and I’m a Jackson fan. All the people crowing about the brilliance of John Harbaugh and Greg Roman for their creativity with Lamar Jackson in the run game are the exact same people who will crucify Harbaugh and Roman when Jackson gets his first concussion or loses time due to injury. Running Jackson up the middle on a QB draw in the NFL is absolutely ridiculous. Harbaugh and Roman are going with the Machiavellian approach to Lamar Jackson’s career. As long as the Ravens win one SuperBowl with Jackson then they could absolutely care less about getting Jackson to his 2nd contract. John Harbaugh is managing Lamar Jackson like Augie Garrido managed Austin Wood’s career when he let him pitch 13 innings effectively ending any chance the kid had at a MLB career. Put the W on the coaches resume and the health of the players be damned. The Ravens offense is not sustainable in the NFL for even 3 years.

    1. who gives a F……. what JH and Roman are doing with their team is their business……..bottomline they won the game…..

      ..we lost because our boy Genius coach did not stick with our philosophy which was to run the ball especially on 4th down and inches…

      1. Our Boy Genius who has us at 10-2 with a great chance to get the #1 seed in the playoffs. That boy genius? I’ll take your commentary for what it’s worth and line the bird cage with it so it can serve a useful purpose.

    2. In support of your point, I forget which tv guy said it (Rodney Harrison maybe?) but they were chuckling about how to stop Lamar, and someone said ‘Have him play 4 more games like this and take the hits he took from the Niners. That will slow him down.’

  19. What is truly asinine is thinking that the SB KS managed the clock and game perfectly. He let the clock run down so much, he had no time to even use a time out in the last 2 minutes of the first half. Who knows, using that time out may have helped them devise a play that would have gotten them closer, so Gould could make an easier try.
    Wasting time outs in the second half allowed the Ravens to milk the clock, so there was no time left. If they had wisely saved their time outs, the Niners could possibly have had a minute and a half to drive down field for a game tying field goal, and maybe even a long run to win the game. Wisely using their time outs would have at least given them a chance. Instead, they were helpless to stop the clock. The SB KS struck again. In the SB, KS should have run the ball while in field goal range. Instead he got cute, dialed up some pass plays, and moved back out of field goal range. In the Seahawk game, he should have run the ball, because the Seahawks had no time outs left. Instead, he gave RW enough time to beat them, which is what he did.
    I will repeat what I have been saying for years. Time outs should be considered precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. If they keep wasting them, I will keep repeating that statement.
    They should be competent enough to get a play off in time. Wasting precious seconds until the last second of the play clock is obtuse, especially if they are behind. The Niners still incurred a delay of game penalty, so their clock management was deficient. it could make the difference between winning and losing.
    The SB KS wasted time outs, and it did not guarantee a win, but assured a defeat. Running the ball in the Seattle game would have assured a tie, instead of allowing the Seahawks to defeat them.
    Some think a 10-2 record is fine. I think an 11-0-1 record is better. The worst thing about it, is the fact that by simply playing smarter, they could have still been undefeated.

    1. Some think a 10-2 record is fine. I think an 11-0-1 record is better. The worst thing about it, is the fact that by simply playing smarter, they could have still been undefeated.

      well said Seb….er hope its Seb……but yes Kyle put the team in bad places in two tough games … the losses are on him

      Jimmy has 14 turnovers in 12 games…this hurts as well

      Gotta play clean to be a playoff and SB contender…

    2. In ’88 there was a point where they were 6-5-Seb, you were clearly going berzerk at this time, pulling the hair out of your head …………….i vision u doing a Curly impersonation from the 3 stooges……………They went on to win a few more games that year, if you will recall……….

      11-0-1???? Purely arbitrary on your part………….you shape the “facts” to fit what you want, and say “thats how it should be”………….Always bringing up past mistakes, however long ago, and throwing it in Shanny’s face-instead of moving on………………..Negative energy…………

      Before this season is over, your going to be reaching for the Kaopectate……….

      1. As long as the Niners have the SB KS, they will never learn from their mistakes.
        11-0-1 is positive. I want them to be undefeated. You seem to think that is impossible. Talk about being negative.
        Back then, they had Joe Montana. Now, they have JG. Joe Cool was way better than JG. They also had Jerry Rice. Who on the present team can be compared to the GOAT? On defense, they had Ronnie Lott and Charles Haley, both HOFers.

        1. And therin lies your problem, Sebs–always comparing the past players to the present. Therefore, you are never going to be happy with this team.
          Montana, Rice, Haley, Lott? The dont grow on trees……………the Montana’s especially-a truly great player who in addition had a boat-load of magic…….very, very rare athlete.
          Its not coming back, Seb, so enjoy the moment–which is, a team ascending. This is a young team, not a mature team, yet.

          1. Saw, you were the one comparing teams. I did not bring up the 1988 49ers.
            Yes, this is a young team, that is over achieving, after a 4-12 season last year. Right now, I am very happy with their playoff position, but if the Niners had run the ball against the Seahawks, the Niners would have been 10-1-1, even with this last loss. The Seahawks would have been 8-2-1. Even with a Seahawk win tonight, the Niners would still be in the lead. Now, if the Seahawks win, the Niners would be in the 5th seed.
            Guess I am greedy, and want the best for the Niners. Just by running the ball 3 times, they would have guaranteed a tie.

            1. You see seb if you want the best for this team, you would be happy with the result.
              THREE points allowed from the #1 offense in the 2nd half!!!
              Saleh made some adjustments and it paid off.
              Not only that, but now they have ‘intel’ on the ravens in case they meet again.
              being the underdog in the SB has it’s advantages!

            2. Nice try, Sebs ol bean…….did you not bring up those players, earlier? No matter….Dee is right. Your negativity towards ShannaLynch is legendary to the long time bloggers. Loud and verbose when they lose a tough one, quiet as a church mouse when they win.

              You think we don’t see this??

              It may be time for TomD to put an accurate perspective on this………………….

              1. No. ‘In 1988, there was a point where they were 6-5. ‘ You brought it up, and I told you why the team could overcome adversity- The HOF players.
                Actually, when KS does use his time outs wisely, I have given him praise. I have also given the players lots of praise when they won.
                I have also given JL lots of praise for changing the culture of the team. He has built a playoff team, brick by brick.Do not know if they can make it to the SB and win, but at least they are relevant, now.
                Now, the Niners have dropped from division leader to 5th seed, so ensuring a tie would have been strategically the proper decision. Niners would have been 10-1-1, and the Seahawks would have been 9-2-1. Running the ball would have been the smart move.
                Guess you cannot bring yourself to admit that.

              2. I would love to play you a game of chess, Seb……..its all hindsight, but the Ravens D was set up specifically for a run.
                We both know if they had tried a run and failed, you would have found fault with that as well……………………

              3. Maybe you should want to learn from your mistakes.
                The Ravens D was set up to stop the run? Yes, they had 8 in the box. Why run or pass into the teeth of the defense? Attack the edge with Mostert. He was averaging 7.7 yards per play.
                We will never know if it would have worked or failed, but I wish KS had enough faith in his run game, to think they could gain a single yard on the ground.

  20. The NFC will come down to SF, Sea, NO.

    Whoever doesn’t win the NFC West will be in round 2 of the playoffs after beating Dallas in the WC.

    1. No guarantee of beating Dallas at home. They’re one of the more talented teams in the league. Jimmy in his first play off game at Jerry World makes me nervous.

      1. No way….that offense and defense is so one-dimensional and lacks creativity. That’s just the kind of team Shanny and Saleh would completely pick apart.

        1. You can’t afford to look past any team at home in the playoffs. Look at the Bears last year. Clearly better than the Eagles right up until they weren’t.

      2. Dallas sucks.

        The 49ers have shown the ability to smother any non-running QB.

        For all the hand wringing over Garoppolo, he has the team in position to win the game every week. Have no doubt that he could take this team into Dallas and win by double digits.

        1. Dak has plenty mobility to him. I think the Niners are better than Dallas, but by no means is it a gimme to go into Jerry World and win a game against what would be an extremely battle tested team playing with house money.

          1. Prescott isn’t going to move like Wilson, Jackson or Murray.

            Battle tested? No team in the history of the league has gone through a stretch like what the 49ers are in right now.

            1. Battle tested in the sense of overcoming adversity. Of course, me saying Dallas wil be battle tested isn’t me saying the Niners are not, despite what you are (as is par for the course with you, as you are incapable of engaging discussions honestly), twisting what I’m saying into that. Niners have overcome a lot of injuries. My point is to say, while the Niners are better than Dallas, if they end up as the 5th seed it will be because in the biggest games, they would have lost more than they have won. Given that, I would not write off an away game into Jerry World as a gimme that the Niners just need to show up for to win, because playoffs have those kinds of games every single year.

              Given how Jimmy has performed in these games (not awfully, far from great), yes, I would be nervous about any playoff game, especially away games. I would also argue it would be a failure of coaching on some level, as this team is clearly better than the majority of the NFC, and to not get a home game would be a waste of potential. That’s for next month, anyway. This is why I say the Saints game is a must win. If Seattle wins tonight the Niners will likely need 13 wins to get the division, and I don’t know if even that will be enough. If they lose, 12 should do it.

              1. Garoppolo: 170 total yards, one touchdown, one turnover.
                Jackson: 206 total yards, two touchdowns, one turnover.

              2. Yeah, I know Jackson had more total yards thanks to his running. His QB rating was more than 20 points lower.

              3. Running is part of playing quarterback. Jackson accounted for 73 percent of the Ravens total offense and 70 percent of their total points. Garoppolo accounted for 51 percent of the 49ers total offense and 41 percent of their total points.

              4. Yes. Jackson is used like a running back so he ran for a bunch of yards because Saleh hasn’t figured out how to stop that yet.

              5. Garoppolo’s QBR: 72.6
                Jackson’s QBR: 74.3

                Only a 49ers fan would say Garoppolo outplayed Jackson.

              6. Jack, I think the QB’s were actually about even, but LJ made a few more plays late, while Jimmy did not. That’s to be expected – as of right now, LJ is a better player than Jimmy. He also is in an offence where he has to make the big plays, whereas Jimmy gets a nice running game (so does LJ, but he is a major part as to why that running game is nice) which takes the load off. I don’t think saying Jimmy has been less than great is unfair to him. He turns the ball over too many times. If you combine his fumbles and interceptions, he’s one of the most turnover-prone QB’s in the league. He usually makes enough plays to make up for them, but he needs to start not making them at all, because as we saw yesterday, he isn’t always going to make big plays.

                My point is to say, I would not approach an away game against Dallas as if the Niners will just steamroll them. They might well do. But I’ve seen Dallas play good games defensively, and if Jimmy turn the ball over a couple times and that Dallas offence explodes a couple times the game can get away from you. I don’t think Jimmy was bad yesterday. On another day, maybe the level he brought would be enough to win. But if they had done so, he wouldn’t have been the reason for it either. He was okay. LJ was okay too, but when it came to making the crucial play, he made it, as he is that calibre of player. I actually think Jimmy is a better thrower, but when you factor in the running ability LJ has the two aren’t that close. That’s why one is probably going to win the MVP award, and why Jimmy isn’t even close to consideration (and probably isn’t in the top ten). And that’s fine, because he doesn’t need to be. What he needs to be is better at not turning it over.

                There is no one clear reason as to why the Niners lost the game. There were a number of miscues and errors that led to it. If they get fixed, there is no problem. If not, then Niners will probably be going to Jerry World, or Philly, and neither game should be dismissed as an easy win. Those don’t really exist in the postseason, especially for an inexperienced Niners team.

              7. Jackson averaged 5.3 yards per touch, and completed only 60%.

                Garoppolo averaged 7.1 yards per touch, and completed 71% of his passes.

                On the season the 49ers have allowed only 4.6 yards per pass attempt. Jackson didn’t do any better, his 4.6 yesterday was actually worse than the 5.4 that the 49ers have allowed in the road this year.

                Garoppolo averaged 7.9 yards per attempt against a Baltimore team that had allowed an average of 6.6 yards per coming in.

                That’s how.

  21. One other nitpick on this blog post. 49ers defense played a good game and held the highest scoring offense in the NFL to their lowest point total on the year. Saleh should be commended for that accomplishment. However, I was not a fan of the game plane on the zone reads. Having the d-end crash down on the RB and leave 2 rookie LBers (Al-Shaair and Greenlaw) to exchange gaps and be responsible for Lamar Jackson was a bad game plan IMO. That game plan directly led to Jackson having over 100 yards rushing. Al-Shaair in particular had a bad game. I think Saleh should have recognized that issue and changed assignments at least occasionally. D-Ends should have attacked the mesh point and forced Jackson into more difficult reads. Plus you get alot more hits on Jackson when your D-Ends attack the mesh point.

      1. Jack:. Would you agree that Saleh doesn’t seem to be able to make significant adjustments during the game, but can do so, usually very effectively, after half time.

        Also, why do you think the “scraping” LBs and safeties didn’t eventually play their assignments after repeatedly being sucked into the middle on the fake handoff. Wouldn’t the position coaches be yelling at them to do this?

        These are just nitpicks in terms of the game and the team’s performance. I’m asking more for my own edification.

        1. It was Fred Warner who got sucked up on the TD pass the 49ers gave up to Andrews. Warner played great but that was his coverage. He bit on the play action and then Andrews went by him. Not too worried about Warner. That can happen in the NFL. 49ers have a great deal of success with the play action pass. The real issue on that play was with Ahkello Witherspoon. It looked like Witherspoon ran away from contact on that play. Truly a pathetic effort by Witherspoon. It’s plays like that that make me question the kids heart. At the very least, Witherspoon must take Andrews legs out and hope the ball jars free on the landing for an incomplete pass. Instead Witherspoon did the Ole play and I nearly threw my beer through the TV.

        2. No. I don’t agree with that. Saleh has shown the ability to adjust in game quickly. That being said, his scheme against the read has shown to not be very good in 4 games now. Perhaps the adjustment made in the 4th quarter will work against Seattle.

          1. Maybe it was Saleh testing multiple approaches so that if they meet again, they are in a position to use the approach that worked best. It’s true that expecting rookies to handle the scrape-exchange effectively is a tall order, but many rookies have surprisingly been up to the task these past two seasons….

    1. Completely agree, Houston. I’m not entirely sure why we didn’t go man to man, given Jacksons less than perfect accuracy and field conditions. Their TE’s beat us like a drum………….Saleh should have made an adjustment sooner than he did……….but i’ll admit, im not a big Saleh fan. Their D is certainly better this year, but is it Saleh, or the new position coach’s?

        1. In all humility, correct me where im wrong, because I cant quite work this out–this was Salehs D game plan, he was using a Jackson type QB in practice to prepare them-and Jackson still ran for over 100 yds. That tells me the game plan was wrong from the start, tho they kept it close to the end because their awfully good, the 9ers……….seems simple enough, yes/no?

  22. It was interesting to see Armstead at DE, and Bosa inside. Armstead tackled the RB, but Jackson faked the handoff. Armstead should have faked tackling the RB, and at the last second, tackled Jackson. Then, he might not have gained 101 yards.
    Al Shaair and Greenlaw were 2 raw rookies, and Saleh expected them to play like grizzled veterans. Too many times, they were out of position, and not doing their job. That Jackson walk in was because they crashed down on the RB.
    Yes, it was a hard fought game, and many factors led to the defeat, but I think the Niners defeated themselves. They committed too many mistakes, and the Ravens committed fewer.
    Still, the Niners had an opportunity to win on the road, so I am very proud of them. If only they can limit the mistakes, they will be a force to reckon with. It sure is nice to have the Niners be relevant again, and no team is looking forward to playing the Niners, and expecting an easy win.
    This game against the Saints will be a dogfight, but the Niner defense is legit, and can stymie the Saints offense. If the 1-7 Falcons can defeat the 7-1 Saints, the Niners just need to play disciplined and smart, in order to win.

      1. Just like Jackson faked handing off the ball, then keeping it. Armstead should have made it look like he was going to tackle the RB, then at the last second, swerved and tackled Jackson. That would have stopped Jackson from breaking containment, and galloping for 101 yards.
        Houston brought up the term- attacking the mesh point.

        1. Shanny needs to go!
          Armstead-gone-right now!
          Lynch? See ya!

          You will find the others who need to go being finished up by my assistant, Alice in Wonderland!

          Really, Sebs….out of the hundreds of decisions made during a game-made in split second time-you leave no room for human beings. A young team clearly on the ascent and you expect a level of perfection not even you are capable of.

          1. SB KS needs to learn from his mistakes.
            I said before the season that they should extend Armstead, Buckner and Kittle.
            I have been praising JL for changing the culture. I especially liked that he bestowed an interview with Grant.
            Gosh, Saw, running the ball 3 times in the SB and against Seattle should not take a genius. Just some one who does not want to lose.
            I am happy they are 10-2. I would be happier if they had managed to be 12-0. Guess you do not want them to improve.

  23. Other than to fit your narrative I’m not sure how you can say Saleh outcoached Roman when the Niners’ defense failed to stop the Ravens when it mattered most. And putting Witherspoon back in over Moseley was another bad call by Saleh…. Witherspoon is the Dante Pettis of the defense while Moseley was playing like a top 5 corner. That TD pass most likely doesn’t happen if Witherspoon engages the TE on the blown coverage but it looked like we wanted no part of him.

    Go Vikings!

  24. So Jason Whitlock made some interesting points regarding Garapolo. He got into ball placement and if some of those passes he threw were leading the receiver, versus just getting the ball there is where Jimmy G needs to go get to the next level. Those passes count. A few extra yards and a first down is what really matters in these close games.

    That’s where he needs to be and I agree.

  25. “We got to find a way,” Rice said Monday on 95.7 The Game’s “Jo, Lo and Dibbs.””Fourth-and-1, you’ve got to give the ball to that running back. You’ve got to leave it up to that offensive line to get you one yard. That hurt us during this football game, and it also hurt us during the game against Seattle.”

    Even the GOAT knows wz up…

  26. Heard some jerk on Colin Cowherd this morning say that Kittle is not a blocking tightend. He was lauding Gronk and trying to make a point he was the only complete TE in the business. Did he not see yesteday’s game? What a dipsh!t.

  27. Keiana Martin

    Verified account

    44m44 minutes ago
    Kyle Shanahan provided injury updates following yesterdays game vs. Ravens:

    DJ Jones (ankle sprain)
    Richard Sherman (knee sprain)
    Jaquiski Tartt (rib fracture)

    All three will be “day-to-day”

    Jullian Taylor suffered an elbow ligament issue. Will be out a couple of weeks

    Geez…..the hits just keep on coming….talk about putting our depth to the test on the DL

    1. On Rotoworld:

      “Sherman appears to have escaped major injury. It’s great news for the 49ers’ top-ranked defense in both yards allowed per play as well as net yards allowed per pass attempt. The 31-year-old CB is PFF’s No. 3 overall corner among 132 qualified players this season.

      That’s surprising to me.

      1. Yeah especially if you follow Grant’s video breakdowns….He likes to point out how much cushion he’s giving players and how “Slow” he’s gotten…but I think at this point you have to acknowledge, though he’s lost a step or two (or five), the guy plays with such a savvy and intelligence that its hard to argue with results. He seems to be defying odds in regards to his age and injury history, due to the way he’s adjusted his game. He reminds me of a Brady or Lebron in that sense. Not many have the savvy and ability to do that. As much as I do not like the guy, I gotta give credit where credit is due.

        Also, just a tremendous signing by Lynch, especially considering the effect he’s had on the youth of the secondary. He’s earned a lot of those incentives he signed up for.

        1. That being said I will be officially changing my avatar….Sherman has earned my respect, which he has been fighting for for quite some time.

          Now……who can remind how to do that????

          Thanks in advance ;)

  28. A couple of interesting tidbits I heard on podcasts this morning:

    The Ravens blitzed Jimmy G on 21 out of 25 dropbacks. This was the highest blitz rate against a QB since the one against Case Keenum in September of last season. Jimmy G was 12/18 (when not sacked) for 149 yards and 1 TD. He continues to be one of the best QBs in the league when blitzed.

    Pretty unbelievable but apparently true. This game was the first time ever that the Niners have scored a TD in Baltimore against the Ravens. The last time the Niners scored a TD in Baltimore was in 1968 against the Colts. Niners scored 3 and 6 points in two games in Baltimore since Modell moved his Browns moved there in 1996.

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