The good and not so good from the 49ers’ sixth-straight win

Washington Redskins wide receiver Trey Quinn, right, tries to outrush San Francisco 49ers defensive back K’Waun Williams, left, and San Francisco 49ers middle linebacker Kwon Alexander in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Here is the good and not so good from the 49ers 9-0 win over the Redskins.


1. Kwon Alexander. He gets the game ball for making Adrian Peterson fumble in the third quarter. Alexander punched the ball out of Peterson’s arms just before Peterson hit the ground. Alexander is one of roughly seven players who can say he is the MVP of this defense through six games. The other six are Fred Warner, Richard Sherman, Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner, Dee Ford and Nick Bosa.

2. Jullian Taylor. Replaced Solomon Thomas at nose tackle and instantly improved the run defense. Taylor is bigger and harder to move than Thomas, whose best attributes are speed and quickness. Taylor also completed the play of the game when he recovered the fumble Alexander created.

3. Nick Bosa. Didn’t get much of an opportunity to rush the quarterback, because the Redskins attempted 12 measly passes. But, he still recorded a sack and made four tackles for loss. Even when he has a quiet game, he’s not so quiet.

4. Kendrick Bourne. Led the offense with 69 receiving yards. Last season, he led all 49ers wide receivers in catches and receiving yards. He still might be the best wide out they have. He certainly deserves more opportunities and playing time.

5. Ross Dwelley. Made a difficult diving catch on fourth-and-one to pick up the first and help seal the victory. Dwelley is earning more playing time every week. He’s a natural pass-catcher and a better blocker than anyone expected.


1. Marquise Goodwin’s concussion. Goodwin ran into a Redskins defender during the first quarter and suffered a concussion. Goodwin did not return to the game. He has suffered at least five concussions since 2014, and should at least consider retiring, with all due respect.

2. Robbie Gould. Made three field goals, but also missed his seventh field-goal attempt of the season. The last two seasons, he made 74 of 77 attempts. Gould’s inaccuracy is an issue to monitor.

3. Jimmy Garoppolo’s interception. He stared down a receiver who was open downfield and led the free safety directly to him. Garoppolo seems to make this mistake about once a game. His quarterback rating this season is 90.8, which was Nick Mullens’ exact quarterback rating last season. When Garoppolo came to the 49ers, they saw him as their savior. Now, they’re saving him.

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  1. Rob Lowder

    The #49ers’ win over Washington lasted two hours and 36 minutes, the shortest game in more than a decade. The rain forced both teams to a combined 65 carries on the ground.

    1. I was talking to my buddy in the fourth on the last drive. He asked how much time left I said 2 minutes he said “one more quarter to go. I told him no it’s the 4rh. Looked at the other games at the time and all were at least 11 minutes to go in their games.
      Running The ball drains that clock quickly

  2. On the INT, agree JG needs to do a better job looking the safety off (and probably should throw more to the outside away from the safety help), but Pettis also has to be aware of where the defender is and adjust – go up and get it or at least contest it.

    1. That’s just absurd. Pettis is supposed to keep track of where the safety coming all the way from across the field is? That’s what Jimmy is supposed to do. Pettis should keep track of where the corner on him is and focus on the ball not some player across the field. I guess some of you guys are looking for any excuse to take responsibility away from Jimmy staring down and drawing the safety toward the receiver.

      The way you guys are treating Jimmy ( accountability wise ) is the exact opposite as previous QB’s were treated. I remember Kaep being blamed for players coming into training camp out of shape.

      I will say that Jimmy probably stares down Pettis more than other receivers because he has that weird wiggle. It takes QB’s a while to get used to what Pettis does. It can throw off the QBs as much as the receiver. Pettis also came back on that earlier pass that Jimmy threw way short. You know the one that he slid trying to catch.

      1. I’m not in any way absolving Jimmy on that play. Not sure why you keep replying to my posts suggesting I am trying to do anything of the sort. I’ve been quite clear in my posts that Jimmy does both good and bad things on the field.

        On that play, Pettis could also have done more to help JG out. And yeah, he should have an idea of where the safety help over the top is coming from.

  3. The good – Niners won a potential trap game against an awful team in awful field conditions in an awful stadium with an awful owner. The Niners escaped with a win and a healthy (or as healthy as they were going in) team!

    The not so good – some mistakes were
    Made, but this is football, stuff happens. Niners did what they needed to do. We should never apologize for a win. The patriots and Seahawks have been doing this crap for years, and everyone always says a win is a win, it doesn’t have to be pretty to count.

    That Sack and slide By Bosa at the end was epic! Epic!!! Go Niners! 6 and freaking 000000000ooohhhh!!!

  4. Dwelley made a nice 4th down catch, but what about that pass in his bread basket that he dropped. Oh, my bad, it was Jimmy’s fault of course.

  5. We’ll never know, but what if the game had been played in a dome, or Levi’s? Still a 9-0 score?

    A classic fall mudder in the rain–not artificial turf, but a grass field awash, turning to mud. Defense dominating, a bunch of guys who’ve come together and show they’re having fun. All is good going forward, work to improve. Imagine, winning and having fun–players and fans alike.

  6. Everyone else seems to be reporting that Goodwin did not suffer a concussion. He didn’t return because he got poked in his eye and had vision problems.

    Who is right in their reporting??

  7. I can not stand jimmy G at all. Mullens earned the spot. Mullens won last year with no team. Mullens would take them to a Super Bowl this year with this team.

    1. They are 6 and 0 with Jimmy G, I suppose you think they would be 9 and 0 if Mullins was the QB?

      1. Oh heck, If Nick had started the last 6 games the 9ers would be 11 and 0 today….easily. With 5 wins advanced to the 2020 season.

    2. Maybe you should find another team to root for or comment on because Mullins will not replace Jimmy unless Jimmy can nolonger play.

    3. Mullens won last year with no team.

      Um, Mullens is 3-5 as a starter, which means he loses more games than he wins. Do the math. In fact, Mullens has lost nearly 2 out of every 3 games he’s started. Garoppolo has now won 12 of the 14 games he’s started for the Niners, and has only lost 1 game in which he started and finished the game, and that’s the true measurement of a starter, Ptwn.

      Jimmy’s a winner. Just about all Jimmy does is win, and he finds new ways to win on a weekly basis, which is truly the sign of a great QB. I don’t know what neck of the woods you’re from Ptwn, but we measure success by wins, and Jimmy’s ability to win, has outpaced Mullens’ by a significant margin.

      This is Jimmy’s team now, so get over it! I like Mullens, but he’s clearly a backup QB. He’s a quality backup QB, which is great to have, but he’s a backup none the less.

      1. Jimmy is the starter and will be that until something drastic happens. But to attempt to justify it based on their winning percentage is not rational. Mullins was QB ing last seasons team which is quite different from these years. The defense is a major difference. Reminds me of the rational of comparing the 2011 team with the 2012 team. One year makes a huge difference.

        1. Very true, Jimmy has the D and running game to save him and he isn’t much better than Mullens, restructure that huge $137M contract and pay him close to Mullens pay which won’t happen but..

        2. Jimmy won with no defense and no weapons during his 5 game win streak and beat two playoff teams so what’s your reasoning for that? And Mullens lost to teams that were just as bad as the niners in Tampa where he threw two picks and the giants.

  8. Grant is too funny. He constantly speculates that Kyle “doesn’t trust” jimmy with no basis without considering the fact that they are playing with their 4th and 5th tackles. I doubt the o line would hold up if they just decided to drop back and sling it. The game plan seems to be clearly built around winning with their defense. They are literally scheming to ensure that the tackles don’t lose them the game. Jimmy hasn’t been great yet, but grant just takes cheap shots at him. This is the kind of garbage speculation that makes me think he’s a joke. It’s literally an attempt to take a shot at a qb without taking all factors into account.

  9. Kyle Shanahan is getting a ton of credit, and rightly so, not only for his offensive brilliance, but also they way in which he’s helped create a close knit group and winning locker-room culture. However, the way in which this defense has been constructed, with all of the pieces fitting as snug as a completed jigsaw puzzle, it would be hard to imagine a scenario in which John Lynch isn’t among the conversation for Executive of the Year honors, when all is said and done this season.

    A remarkable development for a guy who many envisioned as nothing more than PR figurehead, who was hired for his perceived media savvy above all else.Good for John Lynch, who is not only golden in terms of representing the 49ers as an articulate spokesperson, but also proving to be a fantastic GM behind the scenes, and making the point that there is more than one “traditional” path towards placing yourself near the top of the NFL executive hierarchy, league-wide! Good for John Lynch, good for Kyle Shanahan, and good for Boy Wonder – Jed York, who has rightly taken a step back while allowing the football guys to do what they do best, without getting in the way, and mucking things up, a la Jerry Jones.

    I would also be remiss for failing to recognize the dynamic synergy in which this coaching staff has been constructed as well. And the last person who needs to receive his own share of credit is Paraag Marathe – President of 49ers Enterprises and EVP of Football Operations. When it comes to constructing the kind of team-friendly contracts in which the foundation of this team’s personnel has been built, and the masterful way in which he’s managed team’s salary cap moving forward, Marathe is another guy who deserves a ton of credit. It may yet be premature to refer to this franchise as the NFL’s next dynasty (which would be the 2nd time the 49ers have reached this status), but it’s hard to imagine an NFL executive who has done a better job of creating the kind of of long term salary cap stability in which an emerging dynasty looks like a real possibility. Good for Paraag Marathe!

    As the team heads back west after yet another quality EDT victory, and now sitting at the top of the conference as the only undefeated NFC team, it’s time to take a step back and appreciate just what this team has accomplished, and the sweet road they are currently traveling! NINERS BABY. Let’s make it SECOND TO SIX, and then first team in NFL history to win SEVEN Lombardi Trophies!!

  10. Grant…

    With your unparalleled view of FedEx Field (as you were Hot Mic’ing), did you notice any 9er fans in the stands–many, few, none?

      1. Jimmy has not played well an entire game yet. He has his spurts of both good, decent and bad play in each game. Right now there is not one game he was a major factor in winning. That is a reality, so constructive criticism of him is not unwarranted. It is the defense that is winning those games.

        1. If you think Jr is constructive criticism you are not the smartest fan on here. He will never have a lot of good to say aboutJimmy.

    1. little moron robot, wrong again….Grant predicted a low score win by SF, possible trap game and his other predictions are solid. He’s also right on about JG, homers don’t like to hear anything bad about any player.

      1. Grant was on point with his pre-game analysis. He predicted that the Redskins’ game wouldn’t be a “cake walk” for the more talented 49ers team. Grant was absolutely correct in pointing out that the 10:00 am kickoff would be a factor working against the Niners, though this was obviously very low hanging fruit, as west coast teams have a well established history of struggling on the west coast, and especially with an early, 10 am – PDT kickoff. Grant was spot on making mention of Bill Callahan’s impact as the Redskins new interim HC. Callahan is a good coach, and it’s hardly uncommon to see a mid-season head coaching change have an immediate impact in terms of infusing fresh energy into an otherwise struggling football team, even if the impact is often only short lived. As Kyle pointed out, “he (Callahan) knows how to run the ball”, and he isn’t afraid to stick with it early, grinding it out on the ground, and handing the offensive play calling off to the Redskins former Passing Game Coordinator/QB Coach, added another layer of unpredictability into the mix. Considering the circumstances of not having 3 key players who help fuel the Niners lethal rushing attack, the 49ers running game is nowhere near where it had been prior to these injuries, and they are struggling to adapt their entire offensive attack. Outside of Kittle, the 49ers receiving corp has been less than inspiring up to this point of the season, and Jimmy is obviously missing Trent Taylor, while waiting on Pettis and Samuel to step up their consistency.

        However, what really made life tough for the Niners today, was the weather, and I don’t think Grant touched on this in his pre-game analysis. A rain-drenched football field works against Kyle’s rushing scheme, while a wet, heavy football also hinders a QB, and especially a QB who, as Grant pointed out, is not quite transferring his weight properly, an issue likely attributed to his recently reconstructed left knee. There were a lot of factors working against the 49ers on Sunday, and the heavy rain magnified every single one of those factors, but the 49ers amazing defense, along with their makeshift offense, led by Garoppolo, Kittle & Coleman, did what the best teams in the league do ….. they overcame all of those factors, and found a way to beat the Redskins. Having said all of this, the 49ers were actually in control of the game throughout the contest, and the outcome was never really in doubt. With seemingly everything working against this the Niners on this rainy, windy day in the Nation’s Capitol, the 49ers dug deep, and took care of business on Sunday, reaffirming their place as the NFC’s best team. Nick Bosa was dominant, and in the end, the 49ers eventually wore the Redskins down, and even though the Redskins held the score fairly close throughout this contest, this was actually yet another signature victory for Kyle Shanahan, and a 49ers team that isn’t yet playing anywhere close to their best football.

        This offense will continue to improve as their key players return in the next several weeks, while Jimmy regains his top form, and I for one, feel better about this team’s postseason chances tonight, than I did coming into today’s game, and I feel confident in saying that the 49ers are not only the most likely team in the NFC to make it all the way to the Super Bowl, they are also likely to give Kyle sweet revenge, while knocking off Belichick’s Patriots, in route to the 49ers 6th Lombardi Trophy!

  11. Watched the game from a bar in Boston. Couldn’t follow like normal. Looked like one of those games that you just throw out the window because of the weather. Hopefully the entire team plays better next week against the Panters.

      1. Ha! That’s funny. If the 49ers lose to a bunch of old guys walking up the steps at Universal Studios then, yeah, there’s a problem.

  12. Just got back from the game. Staying in Washington having flown from London on Thursday; yes, it was an ugly game but a win is a win! If you get the W when your offensive game is weakened then surely, we have to be taken seriously.

    Jimmy G is not 100%, in my opinion, but with our D Line we can DOMINATE.

    The atmosphere in the concourse of the stadium after the game was incredible; there were thousands of Niners there today and it was though a surge of pride and belief coursed through us all: the celebrations made this trip worth everything!

    6 and frickin’ 0 baby.

  13. I can’t understand why they didn’t bring in Nick Mullen’s, and his 3-5 record including 13 TD’s and 10 interceptions. So what if he hasn’t taken a snap with the first team or played a second this season. Throw the conditions on top of that mediocrity. I’m sure he would have done just fine. (Rolling eyes) Jeesh.

  14. We haven’t played any good competition yet regardless what anyone thinks. So we really haven’t asked jimmy to win any games cause we been up. Oh forgot to mention jimmy is 14-2 as a starter.

      1. I have a feeling by the end of the year, this defensive front will have tallied quite a few holding calls against offensive lines….

    1. Beat me to it Cubus…. coming into this season penalties and injuries were the main problem with this team I wanted to see go away. Well. One is vanishing.
      So far.

  15. As an old 9er homer said…

    In the year of our Lord 2019, patriots of Santa Clara, starving and outnumbered, charged the field of FedEx. They fought like warrior poets. They fought like Niners past, and they won their sixth game against no defeats. Yahoo!

  16. It not only rained during the game but the field reminded me of the year they opened the Alameda Colosseum. Apparently the same engineers designed the drainage system. Add in the East Coast location and early start time and a win like this with only one (apparent) injury doesn’t deserve the criticism I see here.

  17. Defense only played 41 snaps today. The 49ers have been keeping their snap counts very low all season.

    Fresh legs on defense+running back depth are gold in December.

  18. Matt Maiocco

    In the midst Kendrick Bourne’s 26-yard reception, some fan throw [threw] a can of beer into the end zone. Best throw I’ve seen all day.

  19. At this stage in the season, in the NFC the Packers, Saints and Niners are the premiere teams. Niners are starting to establish the new hierarchy in the NFC…

        1. On the flip side, these three QBs will be going up against the best DL and LB crew they’ll face all year–if the current level of 9er defensive play continues…

          1. I am hearing Brees but you never know. I tore my thumb ligament tackling Denise Eckersley (Oakland A’s) brother who incidentally is/was incarcerated for attempted murder. Took about six weeks to heal.

          2. Brees will be back and warmed up by then. He should be back next week or right after. They have a bye following next game. He doesn’t worry me. He loves throwing picks when pressured. Their defense is what scares me.

            1. I think both the Packers and the Saints are good squads that should be taken seriously. I hope some of our injured players are back like Juice and Staley by then.

  20. The one thing infuriating about Jimmy G is with this defense he has only one job to do and that is to NOT turn the ball over and he continually makes at least one bad pass a game which would likely lose the game if the D wasn’t so formidable. If we want to make the Super Bowl let’s not make this great D play with one hand tied behind its back. Throwing interceptions at the goal line or where the opposing team gets great field position should kill this team if the D wasn’t playing so insanely well. Let’s give them some help O and put up some points and run out the clock. I also would’ve liked to have seen Jordan Matthews get a shot in the game. His height could be an asset as our next tallest guy, Kendrick Bourne, was the leading receiver in the game.

  21. This was a slugfest and a hard fought win. The biggest takeaway was that there were no injuries…..that field is risky to play football.

  22. I think grant Cohn is right about his observations about jg. He is saying these things because jimmy continues to stare down receivers, and makes other mistakes that will loose games in the future when the teams are better. He wishes as we all do that Jimmy works on these issues so he and 49ers could be something really really special.

      1. What happened in the far past has nothing to do with today. I used to really rake Grant over the coals constantly, but his periscopes are very well thought out. They are far better than his articles for the paper because he has more time to fill in details, while often giving possible alternatives as well. I suspect he is somewhat directed by his bosses in respect to his articles. They want him to write controversial clickbait. He does not do that with his periscopes. What he says makes a lot of sense.

        1. I think his periscopes have produced pretty much the same exact content as before but with selected video review. Sometimes they are great and others are reaching to support his hunches. He still says crazy things like “Ford and Bosa are looking like mistakes” after the Steelers game. It was way too early for him to be saying that. Ford has 4.5 sacks and Bosa 4. He also says things like you can’t run outside zone against a 3-4 defense, sometimes that’s true and sometimes not. It’s the same Grant on a different platform.

  23. JimmyG will be fine….

    He only stares down Pettis when he throws ..he his quick and decisive with the other receivers…
    Go look at the tape….at least 6 times this season he has either telegraphed his passed to Pettis or maybe it was a first read pass.

    Could be added pressure to get Pettis the ball…I won’t be surprised if it isnt Kshanny being persistent and bit stubborn to make Pettis the number #1 receiver…..

    With more time they will both be fine…

    1. I think Jimmy G stares down Pettis cause he doesn’t know what crazy legs is going to do. I noticed Richie James has made a big play in a few games. I’d like to see him employed a little more in place of Goodwin. I’m wary of Goodwin’s hands, he has had a few drops. His speed hasn’t been a big factor in games but good hands are because the offense depends on sure hands to move the chains.

      1. Thats what I believe as well. It takes QB’a bit of time to get used to his moves. Once that happens they should play lights out.

  24. 4-0 on the road

    1. Huge conference win. May have implications down the road – first round bye, home field advantage …
    2. Dee Ford is outplaying Frank Clark on fewer snaps at less cost.
    3. Bosa is much better than advertised.
    4. Two weeks in a row our run D struggled on the first drive and then made adjustments in a hurry.
    5. So Bourne is our best receiver now. Pettis hype only lasted 1 week.
    6. Can any of our receivers start for another NFL team ?
    7. Seahawks lost to Ravens and Saints. We play both on the road in consecutive weeks.
    8. According to Maiocco the Niners will stay in FL the week between those 2 games.

    1. You guys are just bigoted against Pettis. You look for any reason to run him down. He was both times Jimmy targeted him. The one that was intercepted and the on early in the game that Pettis came back and slid to get but the pass was way too short. The pass Bourn caught for his long gain, happened because his defender left him to help on Pettis.

      1. Ah, I see now why you keep railing at my posts re JG. Has nothing to do with JG, and everyting to do with my comments re the receivers, in particular Pettis. Not sure why you think it is fair to criticise JG but not the WRs, but hey, knock yourself out.

        1. Nice thought Scooter. Our WR’s are young and mediocre. Injured often. JG is the key but it’s not all on him. Will talk has bought Grants speculation that JG doesn’t trust his leg and is on a mission to enforce that viewpoint.

          1. I think JG is a bit undisciplined in his footwork over his short career both before and after the injury. He seems to rely on his arm talent. Maybe the injury adds to that?

  25. Jimmy G needs to improve no doubt. But:

    49ers are 12 and 2 when Jimmy G plays.
    49ers are 4 and 20 when any other QB plays.

    1. I’m a big fan of Jimmy and when the players come out and talk about him as cool under pressure and their leader, that just solidifies what you want your best player to be. Make everyone around you better.

      1. At least our team isn’t like the Seahawks. I was reading some comments over at FieldGulls, and pretty much all of the ‘Hag fans acknowledge that Wilson is the only reason they win games. They know he has to play at an MVP level in order to win. Some of the posters there are wanting this to be Carroll’s last year.

        1. I actually watched that game and the first half the Hawks looked great.
          Then Rusty makes a couple poor decisions and they fall apart.
          Note, to kill the snake, you have to cut off its head. Graphic yes but our front seven needs to get after him and we can beat them.
          But first the Panthers.

          1. I watched it too. I have to say that I’m somewhat concerned about how well our D will do against a mobile QB. The team really hasn’t faced one yet and the defense seems susceptible to runs up the middle. As Razor said, the game against the Cards and Murray will be a preview of what this D can or can’t do when the QB is highly mobile.

            1. Good point Cubus. With Warner and Kwon and their ability to run, I think they can run with Wilson and spy him.
              The other advantage is the height of our D-Line. Those are some large men to throw over.
              Bosa can run as well and Dee Ford and him have been great at containing the pocket which is a great formula to stop Wilson.

    2. There are other people on those teams. The makeup of the teams was entirely different. Your analysis makes no sense other than a stat you can use to support your own perspective. The eyes are the true test. The team has been winning because of the defense not because of Jimmies play. He has generally been average.

  26. it will be fun to see how many 49ers make the Pro Bowl and who gets overlooked. Bosa, Kittle, and Sherman should be in but hopefully Buckner, Kwon, Warner, Ford and Armstead will make it as well.

    1. There’s a bunch of OLB and DE’s with more sacks than Bosa and Ford. They are both very good but we can’t be too homerish if someone with double their sack total gets selected.

  27. Grant—- I don’t know if I buy into your reasoning that Jimmy G does not plant his left leg because he does not trust it yet. That might make sense other than the fact that he also failed to plant on long throws during his run in 2017. Remember people were analyzing why he had trouble throwing long and many pointed out it was because he didn’t plant on those throws. He could get away with it on shorter throws buy not the longer ones. Your perspective on it being influenced by his recovery might make more sense if he did not already have that problem before his injury.

    If my perspective is correct that might mean that the problem will not get better as he trusts his leg more. Rather, it seems to be a deeply ingrained pattern on is part.

  28. Man I miss this! There’s something special about this team! All the young dudes on Defense and Richard Sherman! Does this feel like the Harbaugh era with Greg Roman’s running game and a game manager as QB? I think Kyle is the real deal and have way more faith in him. Not sure if it’s Saleh or they just have great players on that front line. The best will always be BY and Stubblefield and those guys but these guys are just fun to watch.

    I like Jimmy G and it’s hard to argue against his winning record. He’s pretty much Alex Smith 2.0 but with swagger and a better arm, but Alex was more mobile. It might be interesting to see Alex and Kaep in Kyle’s system.

  29. I predicted a win by 2 scores (or more) but 9-0 was not what I had in mind…. Great win under the circumstances. Glad that the Niners made through this slog in the mud without any major injuries.
    Looks like Niners may be checking out receivers. Sanders is probably not available, but Sanu, Gabriel or Demaryius Thomas may perhaps be available for a decent price.

  30. JG will probably be the first person to say that he could improve.
    Somehow, the Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde designation seems apt. His first half, he had a rating into the single digits, but by the end, he ended up with a 60 rating, after completing his last 9 passes.
    He still managed to make another interception, but he is being aggressive, while his receivers are not fighting for the ball.
    Maybe it is unfair to grade him due to the inclement weather conditions, but how he handles adversity is a factor in assessing his play. Winning is the most important factor, and it will hide all defects. Still, he could improve, so winning becomes easier.

    1. Sebbie…

      What I found most disturbing about Jimmy was his failure to hold his ACL leg up in the air when going down–to avoid further injury as you instructed. Perhaps he failed to read your direction…perhaps he misunderstood what you said. How do you account for his appalling lack of judgement?

      1. Naw, JG is more healthy than I thought. Looks like he is fully recovered, and playing with no worries about that ACL knee.
        It was nice to see him making cuts, and juking out defenders. Jerrick McKinnon still cannot do that.

  31. A trade for a WR is going to happen.
    Question is who will it be? And for what cost.
    My guess is Sanu since ATL is falling fast,
    Sanders could be an option since he’s recently removed from an Achilles surgery and we know SF loves those injured players.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Parker (Miami) on this team either.
    But please no AJ Green. Never thought he was tough enough for this game and to make a physical presence on the field.

    1. I’d like to see Mullens traded, just to be able to compare his career to Jimmy’s. From all player’s accounts, Jimmy is their heartfelt leader, the bigger reason for Sherman picking the Niners, and earned a scholarship to the prestigious Big Shanny Quarterback Dynamics course. I’m looking forward to seeing this passing attack take off in November, and expect Jimmy and his receivers will be ready if needed to throw it around the lot….

      1. I’m not going to let the naysayers begging for Mullins right now ruin my liking of him. Let’s be honest Jimmy has a history of injuries. And in no way shape or form do I want to see the season slip away behind Beathard.
        I like Mullins where he’s at right now, a hungry and talented WB ready to go in case Mr G goes down.

  32. I just wanna note I believe Goodwin was tackled on the play he was injured he was just running his crossing route when the db lowers his shoulder and blows him up Goodwin was not expecting to be was while he was still running his route.during film review please look closer and verify please.

    1. I saw the same thing. Looked like a cheap shot. Can’t believe he wasn’t more than 5 yards down field too, which should have drawn a flag.

  33. As to Grants call for Goodwin to retire, I couldn’t agree more. When a player starts getting concussions on contact like Goodwin did its time to hang it up before serious brain damage sets in. Can some one tell me how there was no illegal contact on that play the defender didn’t accidentally run into Goodwin he intentionally took him out of the play.

  34. People defending Garappolo because he’s 6-0 as a starter this season are also forgetting that Robbie Gould is also 6-0 as a starter.

    1. Too, Lynch is the GM of a 6-0 squad, and Shanahan as HC has a 6-0 record as well. Heck, Jed is the CEO of a 6-0 NFL franchise…

      Sure, Jimmy G. has much to improve on–as do others. Is Jimmy not fit to wear a 9er jersey? Some would say he isn’t.

    2. What’s the W-L breakdown for the various long snappers this year? Does it matter? They are all undefeated, lol.

      Even that much reviled punter is 6-0.

        1. No, Ross Dwelley books Canton first… And I think Ross is 6-0 also. Could be mistaken.

          Washing my robot moron suit…

  35. The defense made a statement shuting out the Redskins. Kendrick Bourne and Richie James Jr stepped it up big time as well. It rocks that no matter the injuries, guys are still winning the games for the 49ers.

  36. Nothing could be finer,
    Than to be a 49er, in the morning.
    JG may shine or glimmer,
    A bonafide winner, in the morning.
    Nick Bosa sure had fun,
    When he surfed the turf, in the morning.
    KS was calm and neat,
    Revenge sure was sweet, in the morning.
    The undefeated Niners
    Have shut up all the Whiners, in the morning.
    One thing that a like
    Was seeing the ball go to Mike, in the morning.
    Nothing could be finer
    Than to be a 49er, in the morrrnninnngggg!

  37. Any receiver they bring in will be limited in this offense, except for possibly Sanu or maybe Sanders. In the case of Sanu, I’d prefer Samuel. As for Sanders, he’d provide more consistency at the position, but I’m not sure he’s worth using up the cap that could be rolled over to next year. If the powers that be truly believe this is a SB run, then let’s be bold and call Arians. See what it would take to get Mike Evans, and determine if it’s feasible….

    1. I would like to see Bourne, James and Matthews get more opportunities. Also, Taylor, Deebo and Hurd are coming back from injuries.
      The Niners should not over spend to get a WR. Maybe trade CJB for Sanders. However, if a WR can be obtained for the right price, they should seriously consider the options.
      Evans may cost the Niners at least a second round pick, which the Niners do not have, next draft.

    2. It looks like the niners wont trade away for a receiver this season, they are happy with who we already have, and we will get trent taylor and have Jordan Mathews as well waiting for a chance, I think there is enough talent receiver wise, just need to have Jimmy G take some more shots down the field.

  38. In 1988 a Joe Montana led 49er squad lost to the Raiders, 9-3 before 25 mph , swirling Candlestick winds, however, it was bright and sunny–not raining for 13 hrs prior…..Bill Walsh was livid.

    By several news sources a steady rain started early in Landover Maryland; so much so that the field could not be properly drained; wind gusts up to 25 mph; and if that wasn’t bad enough the 49ers were missing key offensive players.

    Garropolo found a way to do something Montana couldn’t do in 1988–even when backed by a Superbowl caliber team—win on the road in miserable weather!!!

    Props to JimmyG !

    Season Day Date Visiting team Home team Site
    1970 Sunday December 20 49ers 38 Raiders 7 Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
    1974 Sunday November 29 Raiders 35 49ers 24 Candlestick Park
    1979 Sunday November 4 49ers 10 Raiders 23 Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
    1982 Sunday October 30 Raiders 23 49ers 17 Candlestick Park
    1985 Sunday September 22 49ers 34 Raiders 10 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
    1988 Sunday November 13 Raiders 9 49ers 3 Candlestick Park
    1991 Sunday September 29 49ers 6 Raiders 12 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
    1994 Monday September 5 Raiders 14 49ers 44 Candlestick Park
    2000 Sunday October 8 Raiders 34 49ers 28 Candlestick Park
    2002 Sunday November 3 49ers 23 Raiders 20 Network Associates Coliseum
    2006 Sunday October 8 Raiders 20 49ers 34 Candlestick Park
    2010 Sunday October 17 Raiders 9 49ers 17 Candlestick Park
    2014 Sunday December 7 49ers 13 Raiders 24 Coliseum
    2018 Thursday November 1 Raiders 3 49ers 34 Levi’s Stadium
    Monday Night Football
    MNF (49ers 1–0)
    Year Winner Result Location
    1994 San Francisco 49ers 44-14 San Francisco
    “San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders”. The Football Database, LLC. Retrieved April 13, 2018.

    1. *I meant Joe Montana vs Raiders in windy conditions…

      Montana made up for this with a victory in more miserable conditions at Chicago facing that ’85 Bears Defense in -26 deg. weather

      1. I was a there for that game and it was cold. Best part of the game was watching Joe gut the Bears defense and the Niners laugh at the Bears inept offense. For the record the week before I also was at the fog bowl.

  39. TomD’s Jimmy G analysis (gm. # 6)

    Jimmy G still remains the only NFL QB w/o a go to WR….(And the only QB facing a stacked box with a bunch of #3 WR’s with a 6-0 record in spite of this).

    If and when the Niners make the trade (hopefully for Emmanuel Sanders) Garropolo will have the luxury of stepping into more throws. (Sanders makes sense–a plug and play player from the same syst in Denver).

  40. PFF SF 49ers
    Rookie tackle Justin Skule took advantage of the conditions yesterday. He only allowed two pressures (though one sack) and was the teams highest-graded player with at least 10 snaps.

    Overall Grade: 72.6
    Pass Blocking: 84.7

  41. Do you mean to tell me that Lynch might have identified the next great Trent Brown in round 6 without the baggage?🥂

    Holy Ballard!

    1. Razor,

      I hope this helps to answer your question:

      Skule (6-foot-6, 318 pounds) was drafted as a tackle. He started the final 40 games of his college career, and regularly went up against top competition in the loaded SEC.

      As a senior, Skule allowed only one sack in 473 pass-blocking snaps, according to Pro Football Focus.

      That sack – a sack-strip surrendered to Kentucky’s Josh Allen –

  42. The team is 6-0 and we have people whining about the QB. This blog is a joke under Mr. Hot Take to the point you can pretty much dismiss everything the guy says he’s been wrong so often. Shanahan a glorified OC, Saleh should be fired and replaced with John Fox, Bosa not a good pick, Alexander a bad signing. There is so much more but it would take too much time to list them all. He even invented his own story about Garoppolo being scared and favoring his knee when you can look back two years and see him throwing the ball the exact same way. His career is going nowhere to the point he’s resorting to apps to try and get his face on social media because nobody will give him a job. Can’t write an interesting story, it’s just hot takes with no substance. It is fun to read back the statements after they are exposed but even that is getting old. I’ve been reading the comments in this blog for years and don’t normally participate but felt the need to say something because this is really getting to the point where it’s a waste of time to come here. The team is 6-0 and the moaning and groaning continues on. What the hell is wrong with some of you? The team has stunk since Harbaugh left, they are now 6-0 and the big blog topic is Garoppolo not playing well enough in a monsoon. It’s the NFL where anyone can beat anyone on a given day. Enjoy the freaking ride instead of complaining about how it looked.

  43. 95.7 The Game @957thegame 8m
    Panthers head coach Ron Rivera told reporters that Kyle Allen will start this week against the #49ers. Cam Newton will continue to rehab.

      1. 49ers To Pursue Trade For WR
        October 20th, 2019 at 8:42am CST by Rory Parks

        The 49ers, who have raced out to a 6-0 start, are one of the league’s more surprising stories through the first 7 weeks , San Francisco has a long way to go to clinch its first division title since 2012.

        To that end, the club is aggressively pursuing a trade for a wide receiver in advance of the October 29 deadline, as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports.

        Sanu and Gabriel both played for Shanahan in Atlanta, so he is plenty familiar with what they have to offer. But in any event, it appears that the Niners, who have been one of the more aggressive teams in pursuing trades over the past couple of years, will do everything in their power to upgrade their wide receiver depth chart.

  44. The people nitpicking Jimmy are the same ones that did it to Watson during the draft. He was a proven winner, but he didn’t do this right, didn’t do that right. Something to think about anyhoo….

    1. JG and Shanny I think had a bad first half. Adjustments were made, still the interception happen but they soon forget that the ensuing possessions went well. I question some play calls, but so be it, an east coast road trip in a rain soaked field pouring rain and windy conditions and got a win – it makes me smile.


    2. Yep. What I loved about Watson was that when it mattered most he made plays. From what we have seen of JG he is the same. Great attribute to have.

  45. I believe for the past 2-3 Years Razor and myself were telling people on this blog that the Niners secondary had the pieces to play well. We told everyone once the pass rush improved everything else in the back end will change. I’m going to tell you guys this, the WRs are very young and it takes time to develop chemistry with a QB. I sense a trade coming for a Wr that is a vet that will not hinder the development of Pettis, Deebo and Hurd. Watch out for E Sanders ending up in SF. He would be a great addition to that Wr core who needs a version of R Sherman on offense. Someone that is influential in that meeting room. Just a gut!

    1. “who needs a version of R Sherman on offense. ”

      Was hoping to get that from coach Wes Welker, but the WR corps overall has been less than hoped for.

      Still looking forward to getting TT back and excited to see what Hurd can offer.

    2. Sanders and Green are no-gos because of their contracts and age. Of the options available, Parker is probably the best one (which is not saying much), but that depends on what the Dolphins want in exchange for him.

  46. To All

    Can wefinally lay to rest the notion that Pettis should have broken up the pass that was intercepted? He was running away from the defensive back when the safety came out of nowhere to make the catch. No way Pettis’ momentum would have allowed him to turn around and knock the pass down!

  47. To All

    Can we finally lay to rest the notion that Pettis should have broken up the pass that was intercepted? He was running away from the defensive back when the safety came out of nowhere to make the catch. No way Pettis’ momentum would have allowed him to turn around and knock the pass down!

    1. Bull. That pass was obviously underthrown, but Pettis could have still made an effort to stop and come back for the ball.

  48. I just watched the interception Garoppolo threw, and while it was not an ideal throw, that interception was mainly on Pettis because he failed to come back and make any type of play on the ball.
    Every time we Faithful think Pettis is starting to turn the corner, he comes back and shows us that he is a one-trick pony. The team definitely needs someone who is willing to go up and fight for the ball, or it will face an early exit in the playoffs.

    1. I don’t know if I would say it was mainly on Pettis – it was a bad throw that was left too far inside. But I definitely agree Pettis could have done more to help out. Mike49 does make a decent point that in the conditions it would have been more difficult to stop and get position, but even so I am of the opinion he could and should have tried.

      1. Same Scooter. The one thing I keep seeing time and time again is that Pettis shows a lack on effort.

    2. I think Pettis is getting a long leash because of draft position. I think some forget that the receiver has to do whatever it takes to avoid an interception. Reminded me of Crabtree in the SB, whatever it takes to avoid the interception and he made no attempt.

    3. The fault was with Jimmy G for not looking the safety off – a safety with 4.3 speed.
      But the bigger faults is with some of us fans nitpicking a win in bad weather and worse field conditions. Jimmy G made some great plays with his legs and moved the ball so that the Niners won the ToP 36.5 tp 23.5 minutes while convert 8/18 3rd and 4th downs. ’nuff said.

      1. Putting the blame solely on Garoppolo is foolish considering the fact of the same complaint in regards to Pettis was being made last season as well when Mullens was in at QB. I agree the pass was underthrown and that the safety made a great play, but it is as clear as day that the pass was underthrown, yet Pettis made no effort to stop and come back to it.

        1. I just looked at the interception again several times. I don’t think Pettis could have done much. I don’t think he was aware that the safety was that close because he was looking up to catch the ball. The safety just kind of stepped in front of him. While the ball was a bit underthrown, if the safety wasn’t there, I think Pettis had a good chance of catching that ball (and it looked to me like the ball would have been caught around his hips). At least that’s what I saw.

          1. “I don’t think he was aware that the safety was that close because he was looking up to catch the ball.”

            Yes, I think you are right. I don’t believe he was aware of the safety coming across. However, imo he should have been aware that was a possibility, even a likelihood, that the safety would come across to help against the guy going deep.

            Looking at his angle he is intentionally angling away from the pass so as to make it a front shoulder pass catchable at stomach/ hip height and allow him to catch and run. But given the ball was hung too far to the inside the safer option on this occasion would have been trying to angle himself to go up and catch it at its highest point. Its something we see Deebo do, both in college and for the 49ers.

            1. Well, I can’t really make an assessment of “how” he should have tried to catch the ball. But if he did as you suggested, it seems like such a catch would have minimized his chances to get YAC, probably to the endzone. I’m not saying that was the right thing for Pettis to do, but in today’s NFL, it’s probably what receivers want to do (i.e. a highlight reel catch taking it to the house).

              To me it was more of a good play by the safety.

              As far as Jimmy G looking the safety off, I think there might be some truth that Pettis’ unconventional style might be causing Jimmy to spend more time looking at him, because it is hard for him to accurately estimate where he will be by the time the ball gets there. OTOH, it might just have been a miss by Jimmy G in not looking off the safety. Maybe the All 22 can resolve that issue.

  49. So-so 16: 49ers’ Garoppolo finally has full season of starts
    Eric Branch Oct. 21, 2019

    It took six seasons, but Jimmy Garoppolo did it: He now has a season’s worth of starts.

    On Sunday, Garoppolo made his 16th career start in the 49ers’ rain-sloshed 9-0 win over Washington…

    Reply: It took Joe Montana 1.5 years to feel competent in the WCO under Bill Walsh culminating in a 38-35 victory over the Saints. The following year he won a Superbowl.

    JimmyG has only been in the system less than one year.

  50. National view of 49er 9-0 win:Marc Sessler

    Verified account

    4m4 minutes ago
    My favorite game of 2019.

    The @49ers march arm-in-arm with Mother Nature into DC and dissemble Washington 9-0.

    You can have your precious needle-in-arm 54-48 shootouts. This was pulled from 1938.

    San Francisco floating from town to town, blowing heavies up.

    1. Jennifer Lee Chan @jenniferleechan 1h
      “You always want to take care of things the right way when you’re bothered by how some things have been for a family member.” Kyle Shanahan admits the #49ers 9-0 win in Washington meant a little more by giving the game ball to his father.

  51. Shanahan to the legions of hand-wringing, know everything, entitled whiners….

    “Look, we play in a league that rips the ba**s from your back—on every freakin’ snap. And every snap has to be taken by men who are angry, tired, and injured….directly across from men equally motivated to clean your clock. Who’s gonna do it? You [insert poster name here]? You, Grant?

    I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You claim superior football intellect and you curse the 9ers. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. My existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, wins games. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about on this blog or HotMic, you want me on that sideline, you need me on that sideline.

    We use words like honor, commitment, perseverance, and sacrifice. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent in football. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to jokers who—even today—tear down every player, fault every play call, and then question the manner in which we’ve provided you with a 6 and 0 start to the season. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, otherwise, I suggest you strap on some pads and line up. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.”

    1. Lol! This is the funniest thing I’ve read today.

      And I should most appropriate, seeing some of the comments on here.

  52. Sanders is now on the trading block. In last year of contract, he should be attraction to either of the top two teams in the league.

        1. I’m torn. Niners have the talent in the WR corps in the building but they are far from reaching their potential by January. And this D line may not be the overwhelming monster next season that it is now. They could really use a boundary receiver who can jump and get the ball. Jimmy G definitely will put it up there to be had.

          1. I know this won’t be a direct comparison, but look at how much the addition of Cooper helped the Cowboys last year. Of course, noone of his caliber is available, but if we could get a good consistent WR at a decent capital outlay (draft and $), it might be worth it. This team might only be a good WR away from winning the SB. Of course, I’m only speculating.

      1. The link did not post, but Adam Schefter is the one who reported that the Broncos were receiving calls on Sanders.

        1. Just some early thinking without really thinking it through, but I wouldn’t give up any more than a 6th for Sanders. After all, that’s what the team gave up for Boldin. Boldin turned 33 during his first season with the 49ers.

          1. Lest people forget, we find starters with these day 3 draft picks. Too precious to give away for a guy like Sanders. Sure he’s been consistent, but he’s old, expensive, limited and comes with durability concerns. I’d just stand pat, unless by some miracle we can get Mike Evans for next year’s 1st, and 2021’s 4th….

            1. Well, I’m on record as not being overly thrilled with our WR group. If bringing in a guy like Sanders would increase our chances to get to the SB, I’d consider it. It looks like most other positions are in good shape and we’ll start losing guys next year (although not too many – main guy would be Armstead). If we could get him for about the same numbers as Bolden, I’d probably pull the trigger.

              The day 3 draft picks would most likely take at least a year if not more to develop, which is expected.

              I guess the main question is, would a guy like Sanders push us over the top this year?

              1. I don’t think he would, but what do I know. This I do know. It takes time to develop a relationship with a wr. Both qb and wr have to see the exact same thing in a split second, and with two different pair of eyes from two different perspectives. Just let that sink in before anyone in this room joins the, “Mullens is just as good as Jimmy” club. I think it’s in the best interest of the team to let that chemistry play out until Taylor and Hurd return….

              2. I’ve got a question for the “Mullen’s is as good as Jimmy club”

                Why are teams not offering us a 2nd rounder for him?

  53. C’mon people. it’s time to celebrate the return of Kyle Nelson and the resulting rejuvenation of the $5M kicker (hopefully).

  54. In an article by David Bonilla about Monday’s meeting with reporters, Shanahan had this to say about the urgency to add another WR:

    “I think less that we’ve had in the last couple of years because I do see that there are guys in our building,” Shanahan responded, “that I do think the answers are here. It was tough not having Deebo (Samuel) last week (and), you know, [Marquise Goodwin] being a little bit banged up. We’ll get both of those two back.

    “The guys we have, I still think can continue to get better, and we’re still holding out hope for Jalen (Hurd) and Trent Taylor that they can heal up and, hopefully, return later this year.

    “Always looking to improve, though, like you said, but I do like the guys we have here.”

  55. Does Victor Bourne not get enough recognition? He’s had the drops every once in awhile but is he not getting enough playing time to show what he can do?
    He’s made some big plays when he gets the chance.

  56. I luv the 49ers….

    From Frank Gore

    I still talk to Jed (York), talk to Paraag (Marathe), I still talk to Scot McCloughan,” Gore told KNBR’s Al Sacco. “I played 10 years there. I was blessed to play 10, and I know the business of it but I respect Jed. He let his guys make the decision on whether to bring me back and I respect it. Like I said, his mom calls me, his dad texts me here and there. It’s like a family over there.”

    1. I’ll bet Paraag calls him before he inks any contract to get Frank’s take on the player’s prospect of productivity and longevity ;-)

        1. I’ve heard that Gore is a football savant but I always thought that had more to do with Xs and Os. Is he also good at player evaluation?

              1. Yea, Frank isn’t as verbose as Seb but boy I truly believe he could contribute right away to a staff or front office.

  57. Apologize if shared earlier…

    In part…

    49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan met with the media Monday afternoon to provide a couple of injury and status updates on the team. Shanahan said that CB Ahkello Witherspoon and OT Joe Staley have an outside chance at playing next Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Witherspoon had a minor setback last week. While there’s still a chance Witherspoon could return Sunday, Shanahan isn’t as hopeful as he was last week. Staley will try and practice this week. The 49ers play a week from Thursday, so resting two starts those extra few days would make more sense.

    Long snapper Kyle Nelson 10-game suspension is now over. Shanahan said Nelson would practice this week. So now we have a long snapper competition in San Francisco. Shanahan said that practice would determine if it’s Nelson or Garrison Sanborn. Robbie Gould mentioned that Nelson’s return could help him.

  58. Shanahan on the interception:

    “Same thing. We didn’t hold the safety long enough and the safety made a good play over there. When you do, I still want [WR] Dante [Pettis] to break that up, worst case scenario, I always say the worst-case scenario is an offensive PI, try to never allow an interception. He ran a good route, beat the guy hard, we just had to hold the safety a little bit longer.”

  59. Grant

    1. Marquise Goodwin’s concussion.

    Shanahan said there was no concussion.
    When are you going to correct your error?

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