The good and not so good from the 49ers’ upset win over the Saints

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Kendrick Bourne (84) celebrates his touchdown in the second half an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans, Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Here are the under-the-radar heroes from Sunday’s win over the Saints.


  1. WR Kendrick Bourne. Caught two touchdown passes and established himself as the 49ers’ top red-zone target. During training camp and preseason, Bourne dropped lots of passes. But, he hasn’t dropped many this season, with the exception of the drop that led to the interception against the Seattle Seahawks. Bourne seems like one of the best No. 3 receivers in the league.
  2. LB Dre Greenlaw. Matched up man to man with Saints running back Alvin Kamara and helped limit him to just 18 receiving yards. Greenlaw was the 49ers’ best linebacker in this game — better than Fred Warner, who won the NFC Defensive Player of the Month for November.
  3. LT Joe Staley. Returned from finger, leg and back injuries and played well. Didn’t look old or slow or unhealthy. Gave up zero sacks and made excellent blocks downfield during run plays. Staley’s reemergence bodes well for the 49ers’ Super Bowl chances.
  4. C Ben Garland. Replaced starting center Weston Richburg after Richburg injured his ankle. Like Staley, Garland made several nice downfield blocks during run plays. Garland spent the entire training camp and preseason playing with the first team-offense while Richburg recovered from offseason surgery, so Garland is prepared to play the rest of the season if necessary.
  5. K Robbie Gould. Made both of his field goals, including a clutch field goal with the game on the line. Gould has made lots of game-winning field goals when the pressure is on. He performs extremely well under pressure. The 49ers will need him to make more clutch field goals this season.

And here are the players whose stock dropped.


  1. WR Marquise Goodwin. A healthy scratch, meaning he could have played, but the 49ers didn’t want him to. Didn’t even let him suit up. Goodwin almost surely won’t be on the team next season, and he probably won’t play the rest of this season unless Bourne, Deebo Samuel or Emmanuel Sanders gets injured. Just a couple seasons ago, Goodwin was the 49ers’ best wide receiver. They’ve moved past his level.
  2. LB Azeez Al-Shaair. The undrafted rookie blew his assignment in zone coverage and gave up a long touchdown catch to Saints tight end Jared Cook, who suffered a concussion during this play and left the game. Had Cook not gotten injured, Al-Shaair might have given up more big plays. Expect more teams to attack him.
  3. DE Dee Ford. Left the game with a hamstring injury. Simply cannot stay healthy. Anything the 49ers get from him the rest of the season would be a bonus.
  4. C Weston Richburg. Injured his knee and left the game on a cart. Richburg will have an MRI to see if the injury is a season-ender. He has been one of the 49ers’ best run blockers this season.
  5. RB Tevin Coleman. Gained only six rushing yards for the second game in a row. Clearly lacks the agility and explosion he had earlier this season. Plus, the other running backs have better vision than Coleman and find holes more consistently. Both Raheem Mostert and Matt Breida are better than Coleman.

While you’re here, check out my postgame show:

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    1. Razor,
      Yup. Soff Goff is on his game tonight. Rams defense is holding court as well. Maybe the rams have one good hurrah left this year.

    2. The not so good:

      For the umpteenth time during his career, in a game the 49ers needed him to step up, 3rd overall draft pick – DE/DT Solomon Thomas failed to record a tackle, and was, yet again, blanked on the stat sheet. In fact, the recently promoted UDFA DE Jeremiah Valoaga, whom the 49ers signed this August, recorded more tackles, and had a bigger impact on Sunday’s epic shootout, than the highly drafted Thomas.

      Solomon Thomas will make $7,678,465.00 this season (safe to say he’s under performed and grossly overpaid), and is scheduled to earn just short of $9M in 2020. Unless the Niners are able to trade Thomas for a bag of chips, or decide to just flat out release Thomas after this season, and swallow a dead-cap hit of $4,653,978 while doing so, 2020 will likely be the 3rd overall pick’s final year playing for the 49ers!

      1. The good:

        UFDA RB Raheem Mostert! For the 2nd straight week, the journeyman RB and ace Special Teamer out of Purdue, flashed his tremendous potential, rushing for 69 yards and a TD on only 10 carries, while catching 2 passes for 40 yards and another TD against the Saints. Suddenly Mostert, who went undrafted in 2015, looks every bit like a featured NFL running back, and appears to have corrected the one issue that had plagued him early in his career – ball security (Raheem now holds the ball a bit higher on his chest than most RB’s, but it’s a technique that seems natural, and works well for him).

        And Raheem Mostert is FAST!

        During his college career, the Boilermaker was ranked by as the fastest college football player in the NCAA, with only Oklahoma State wide receiver Tyreek Hill possessing a faster 100m time (9.98 s). Mostert took GOLD in both the 60 meters (6.63s) and 200 meters (20.73s) at the 2014 Big Ten Indoor Track & Field Championships, and qualified for the 2014 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in the 100 meters (10.15s), 200 meters (20.65s) and as a member of 4×100-meter relay squad.

        This season, his 6.0 YDS per carry leads all qualified NFL RB’s, and his improved receiving skills (159 YDS, with a 13.3 YD AVG) seems to have moved the 205 lbs RB to the top of Kyle’s 3-headed RB depth chart, and the beauty is … the 49ers were wise enough to lock him in to a very reasonable contract through the 2021 season! Booyah!

      2. I thought then as I do now there were much better options for the 49ers in the 2017 draft. Prior to the draft, I was hoping for them to pick Deshaun Watson (QB of the future). How good would Christian McCaffrey (8), Patrick Mahomes (10), or Deshaun Watson (12) look in a 49er uniform? Thomas is too slow, too weak and overmatched at the NFL level. I guess you can’t win ’em all but whiffing on this pick really makes one scratch their head as to what was the big deal about Thomas and why has it not translated to the NFL (like another #2 pick, Nick Bosa). I know Thomas was taken third but the 49ers did have the #2 pick. John Lynch has made a lot of great moves but this one is a “head-scratcher”.

        1. Agree, picking a “tweener” like Thomas was a head-scratcher, but at least they found their QB! How good was Jimmy Garoppolo during this daunting 3 game “gauntlet”, the toughest 3 game stretch in the Super Bowl era, this late in the season, according to ESPN?

          The Niners went 2-1, and here are Jimmy’s numbers:

          71.9 – COMP%
          10.2 – YD AVG
          7 – TD’s
          1 – INT’s
          129.3 – PASSER RATING


        2. Sure, in hindsight, there were better options, but at that time, they needed to stop the run, since they were 32nd in the league, and they saw Thomas’s bowl game, and thought he could rush the passer.
          Last game, I was bummed, because they negated a sack by Thomas, by calling a ticky tacky foul on Sherman, away from the intended receiver.

    3. I would bench Coleman and let him heal the next game or two. Grant is right: He is a totally different player. Get Wilson back on the field. He is not just a short-yardage runner either.

  1. I’d really like to see more of Jeff Wilson Jr. especially given how poorly Coleman has played as of late. Maybe he is injured because he looks slow and tired out there. JWJ has explosiveness that this offense needs.

    1. I agree with you Bebsie, but Coleman brings a veteran presence, which is important down the stretch, and I think they have long term plans for Wilson past this season. The way they’ve structured Tevin Coleman’s contract, with: a POTENTIAL OUT – 2020, 1 YR, $3,600,000; $0 DEAD CAP HIT, why risk Wilson’s health right now with 3 other viable RB’s on the active roster? I think they should continue to roll with Coleman as the 3rd RB, behind Mostert and Breida, and use Wilson as insurance down the stretch if needed. They can get it done down the stretch, in the redzone as well as short-yardage, with Mostert, Breida, and Coleman.

    1. Watching the comeback was Montana-esque! This is how QBs make their reputations. Just a fantastic and exciting day for 49er fans!

  2. A signature big 49er win with a degree of difficulty off the charts. This is a really good football team with as good a depth chart as there is in the NFL.. I think they are going to run the table all the way to the Super Bowl.. They are so mentally tough.. Huge win today.

    I know some are upset with the Defense but N.O. was blazing hot and Payton threw the kitchen sink at SF the first 25 minutes.. After the Niners scored their 3rd TD they cut to Payton and he had a look like WTF?? Right then and there I knew he knew he was in a war.. Great game..

  3. I NEVER want the Rams to do well and certainly don’t want Goff and their season to get back on track. They DID go to the SB last year if y’all will remember.

    Anyway, don’t we STILL have to beat the Hawks in Seattle to win the Div? (even if the Rams win this one)

    1. Rams are giving the blueprint on how to beat the Seahawks! Remember, 49ers WR’s dropped NINE balls in the Seattle game and still would have won if not for a missed FG!

    2. If they are one game apart or tied they would need to beat Seattle in the final game. Not a great day for the defense; which is stating the obvious. Coming back from being down 13 with the Saints playing their best offensively all season is quite a feat. The almighty 1985 Bears gave up 38 to the Dolphins so it can happen to a very good defense like the 49ers and all is not lost.

    3. Guys, now if the Niners beat Atlanta and the Rams, while Seattle drops one of their next two, the season finally VS the Seahawks will no longer be such high stakes, as we will have already wrapped up the division, and perhaps even a first round bye.

  4. You left out Saleh under not so good. Defense giving up way too many yards on the ground every game and now the secondary looked below average in this one… defense needs to patch those cracks in a hurry.

  5. the Highlight of Kittle running down the field with a guy hanging off his face mask, another around his neck and the third guy hugging him, he has to be at the forefront for MVP. No one in the NFL wants it more than Kittle. Every play he fights for every inch. Amazing.

  6. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Rams beat the Seahawks.
    Niners are leading their division and garnered the top seed.

  7. On to the Falcons. They scored 40 points against the Panthers, so I hope the Niners take them seriously.
    Hope Tevin Coleman can give some good intel, but KS should also know Matt Ryan pretty well.
    Falcons were opportunistic, with several turnovers and stops.

    1. Eh, Panthers are reeling. Niners of course need to be professional and take care of business, but they’re by far the better team.

      1. Yes, I am the ‘moron’ who called that the Niners should use Sanders for a flea flicker. Guess who threw a TD pass to Mostert?
        Were you smart enough to make that call? Or do you think that only ‘Morons’ could think of that?
        Intel is part of the game. It is short for intelligence. You, obviously, have very little of that quality.

          1. You also sound moronic to diss someone smart enough to write this post.
            ‘I hope the Niners can do some innovative, unexpected plays like a flea flicker with Emmanuel Sanders.’- sebnynah 12-6 4:06 pm.
            You, too, obviously do not have the intelligence to write something like that before a game.
            In fact, your posts are relegated to spewing snark, and you do not have enough character to give kudos when enlightened with smart advice. Bravo.

          2. Or, y’know, you could just give credit where it’s due. If it were the other way around, you would be chasing credit like a houndog.

            As for the intel thing, a former NFL player, DeAngelo Hall I think, came out and said Mike Shanahan, and many other coaches, would bring in players specifically for that purpose. I don’t think it’s anywhere near as pronounced as Seb seems to think it is, but it’s clearly a thing in the NFL. When one dismisses it as nonsense, you’re actually saying you believe you know more about the practices of the league than someone who played in it for years. We have a word for that – “hubris”.

            1. Thank you, Renas. They sure like to dish it out, but sure cannot take it.
              Teams are feverishly working to gain any advantage, however slight. Intel is part of the game.
              Tevin Coleman had played for 3 years with the Falcons. He could give intel on the team, since KS left, over 2 and a half years ago. Sure, it might be dated, and it might not be important enough to guarantee winning the game, but it is due diligence to leave no stone unturned. His locker room insights and player assessments should be valuable enough to be asked for, by the coaches. He could divulge tendencies, strengths and weaknesses. Few people other than former tram mates, have access to the locker room, and other players, along with the coaches.

              1. Oh, I do say so. I’d much rather someone who constantly gets told he’s completely clueless and dumb revel in being right than someone who will take one throwaway statement, that quickly gets conceded, and vomit it back for months. Not days. Not weeks. MONTHS. 3+ and counting, to be precise. Whew.

              2. Rib, you should show more class like Juan. He did not call me an insufferable Ahole because I was right.

              3. Were you smart enough to make that call?

                Seb, were you smart enough in calling for the team to keep Bourne (me) instead of Matthews (you)? See how that nonsense works? Now just drop it.

              4. You are the one who cannot seem to drop it.
                I also called for Wilson to get the ball, and he responded by scoring a couple TDs, and caught that ball to score the game winning TD. Did you call for Wilson to get more snaps?
                I wanted them to use Dwelley as a receiver, and he scored 2 TDs. Did you do that?
                I wanted them to use Richie James more in the offense, and his one opportunity went for 57 yards. Did you advocate for that?
                I did not like Bourne dropping all those passes, and I certainly did not like him batting the ball in the air for interceptions. Guess you did. Glad he is doing better, and has reduced the unforced errors.
                I liked Jordan Matthews size and catch radius. He was talented enough to sign back with the Eagles, although I think they cut him, recently, when some injured WRs returned.
                Just because you made a call that was right, does not make you superior to me, because I made 5 right calls including the flea flicker from Sanders.
                I would just like to talk about the Niners and how they can defeat the Falcons, but like Renas said, you dwell in the past, and cannot let things go.
                Impress me with your football knowledge, instead of me pitying you for being so small minded.

        1. Flea-flicking…. Yes Sebbie, you called it. I did see some 9er helmet slapping/bumping in the highlights–a big no-no for you, but that’s another matter. And let’s not go down the slippery slope of eye-black.

          I’m curious what you thought of Kittle’s late game heroics–running like a crazed man to gain yardage. If he had followed your direction, he would have dropped into the fetal position upon gaining the first down. Recall–all ball carries are to immediately flop to the turf to avoid injury.

          When Jimmy went to the ground, did he keep his ACL-injured leg in the air” Again, as you directed? I honestly can’t say he did. May have missed it in the highlights.

          Nice to be 11 and 2. I predicted 11 and 5, sure hope I’m wrong

          1. Recall–all ball carries are to immediately flop to the turf to avoid injury.

            Wait. I thought it was because to avoid having the ball stripped out.

            1. Ideally, the receiver should catch the ball in stride, and run untouched into the end zone for a TD. However, easier said than done.
              I certainly think all of the receivers during the Seahawk-49er game, should have fallen down while securing the ball, instead of dropping it 9 times.
              I think JG should have put 2 hands on the ball while falling down, instead of letting them gang tackle him, and stripping him of the ball. Believe it or not, defenders are coached to keep the ball carrier upright, so they can gang tackle him and cause a fumble. Many many times, they are punching and ripping at the ball.
              Guess you think that ball security is not important. Bravo.

              1. Guess you think that ball security is not important. Bravo.

                I guess you don’t like gaining yardage. Bravo back atcha.

              2. Reading is fundamental. I said ideally, the receiver should catch the ball in stride, and gain yards untouched for a TD. Easier said than done.
                Just as long as he gains a new set of downs, it does not matter if he runs, or sits down. Guess you do not care if he loses the ball.
                Emmanuel Sanders fell to the ground in order to secure the ball, and not drop it. That was very smart.
                However, in Kittle’s case, he ran after securing the ball, because he was not worried about a first down, but was more concerned about getting into field goal range. This is end of game, situational football. That is something you should not be rigid, and inflexible about, and not look clueless about.

              3. Seb,
                God you make this blog insufferable…. We’ll that and Grant being a total Moron as well. And him continuing to let you do this to this blog. Both of you are equally morons I suppose

              4. And you must be one because you come to this site to spew drivel.
                Why waste your time, coming here to post?
                More importantly, why waste our time, with your mindless snark?
                You call posters morons, project much?

          2. Glad you had enough class to admit I was made a call before the game. Then the snark.
            Yes, I did see some Saints who wore eye black like war paint, and it looked like clown paint, after they lost. I also saw a bunch of Cowboy players with eye black, sitting on the bench while losing, with a bludgeoned look on their face. Maybe they should have concentrated on preparing to play, by studying the playbook, instead of putting on makeup. Some younger Niner players did put on war paint, but since they won, it was alright, although some rookies and young players struggled last game. Some day, they will learn that putting on makeup, will not help them win. JG studied enough to win the game, and he did not waste time, bothering to put on eye black. I hope JG, as a leader, will tell the young players that eye black does not help them win.
            Yes, some day they will learn, that head slapping will just increase their chance of CTE. They should slap the shoulder pads, instead. I certainly did not see any hard head slaps, or head butting, because the word is out on concussions. I did not see players head slapping Juice, after his hard hit. CTE is no joke, unlike you.
            Emmanuel Sanders did catch the ball and fell down, while securing the ball during the game. I sure liked he secured the ball, instead of trying to run before catching the ball, and dropping it.
            Kittle, however, was out of field goal range, so he wanted to make it as easy as possible for Gould. I did say that injuries should be avoided, but situational football dictates exactly what Kittle did, which was to gain yards, even while being held by the face mask. Glad Gould made his field goal, because it was close enough. I certainly did not want him to try a 55 yarder, which you seemed to have wanted.
            When JG was sacked and went to the ground, I held my breath. I certainly did not want him to fall on his surgically repaired knee with a pass rusher on top of him, like I guess you do. If he does go into a slide, I sure hope he does not slide on his surgically repaired knee. That is just common sense.
            After the draft, I predicted an 8-8 season. After TC, I thought they assembled a strong enough team to go 9-7. After the preseason success, I thought they could go 10-6, with a chance at the playoffs. Now, I am hoping that they win out. I, too, hope you are wrong.

            1. Glad you had enough class to admit I was made a call before the game. Then the snark.

              When someone’s head blows up to fill the entire blog, a little take down snark is called for.

              1. You just do not get it.
                You should just celebrate this win, instead of attacking me.
                Being more obnoxious than Prime, is hard to do, but you seem to be doing that.
                A person with class, does not need to tear down another person, just to feel superior, because it has the opposite effect.

              2. That’s the beautiful irony of it all Seb. Ribby complains incessantly about how the fans who complain about things are missing out on a great season, and how they deserve a two win team. Yet, for all his bluster, he does remarkably little actual celebrating himself. Indeed, the majority if his comments in any given thread will be him attempting a “gotcha” on someone he deems to be a lesser fan than him, and then an indirect complaint about all the haters that call themselves fans, before back to hunting for some of that blog credit one apparently obtains by landing a slam dunk on one of said haters. The end result is often Rib making himself look foolish and intellectually out of his depth, but Ribby hasn’t seemed to catch on to that part yet. Or if he has, he doesn’t let a little thing like logic get in his way. Truly remarkable and inspiring. Reminds one of the Flat Earthers, in a way.

                (DISCLAIMER: Ribby, I’m half joking. I actually don’t mind you mostly, you’re just a minor annoyance sometimes. I think you just need to realise the majority of us are Niner fans, and to not take individual comments too seriously when made in the heat of the moment. We cannot always be as composed and objective as you ;D)

              3. Renas, I certainly do not think Rib is evil, just obnoxious, and harmless.
                He thinks snark makes him look smart, but it does the exact opposite.
                He thinks he can debate, but he is kinda clueless.
                At least he does not devolve into another Prime, hurling insults and expletives.

              4. He thinks snark makes him look smart, but it does the exact opposite.

                Seb, I could care less about how my comments towards you make me look as responding to you calls for the very minimal effort required.

                And Renas, you’re OK. You’ve shown periods of humble contrition ;) something you’ll never see from Seb.

              5. Rib, just stick to football. I will avoid responding to your snark if you avoid making snark.
                You care way too much about me, that is why I am in your head so much, and you are obsessing about me.

              6. Seb, the effort I put into responding to you, when I can be arsed to do so, is indicative of how much I think of you.

                Go Niners!

            2. Haha!! Sebs in rare form today, fussing and fighting, calling people names…………I cant deny, I love Sebbies vitriol………..but……….can Sebs make some good vittles to make that vitriol go down easier? Only Mrs. Sebs really knows the answer to that one………..

              1. Troll away, I can take it. I call posters names? No, they are the name callers. Vitriol? Interesting you absolve the others of any blame, but act like they are the victims.
                The usual 8 suspects seem to delight in trolling me, but I will just continue to post about a team I love.

  8. Grant, I’m glad you put Bourne at the top of your Good list. He was quietly a key to this win. Not just his red zone catches but his blocking. I admit I was one of the guys who did not want or did not think he would make the roster.

    And I would almost include Warner on the bad. Only because we expect more from him now and his tackling was not what we expect.

    Great win and not just for the record, but for the teams psyche in winning big games. They already knew they were good enough to win these games but sometimes just pulling out a last minute win against a great team is priceless. Especially on the road in a place like the Superdome.

  9. The should have been at least a tie against the Seahwaks could bite KS at the end. A ite there will afford the Niners a lost at Seattle even if Seattle wins out from here and Niners winning the rest of the games except the last game at Seattle.
    Still pissed that we did not get at least a tie there!

  10. Heck of a day for the 49ers. Not only was it a great win against a top team, they went one up on their two main rivals for the #1 seed in the NFC is huge. And the 49ers now own the tie breaker against the Saints and Packers having beaten them head to head. Atm they still will need to beat the Seahawks in the finale, but that was always likely to be the case. 49ers can actually now afford to drop one of the other games and get the #1 seed so long as they beat the Seahawks.

  11. Browing some Saints fans comments. One said the playcalling from Payton in the first half was “p1ss-poor”. They scored 4 straight TD’s to start the game. Say what you will about Niner fans, but they’re not the dumbest out there!

  12. Never thought this would happen, but in hindsight it was Seb who correctly predict the score! Everybody thought he only said 24-23, but due to his split personality you actually have to multiple his predictions, just like all his posts .
    24-23 times two makes 48-46!!!
    Great intel seb! what’s the score for next week?

    1. At least I knew that it would be close. A real dogfight, with both teams throwing haymakers.
      Many others thought the Niners would blow them out, and absolutely no one that I read, had a 48-46 score.
      I strive for consistency. I would be happy if the Niners beat the Falcons by one point. The Falcons have improved a lot recently, after starting out 1-7, and just beat the Panthers 40-20.
      On 11-10, they beat the Saints 26-9, so they out scored the Saints by 17 points. Of course, the Saints also beat the Falcons, 26-18. The Niners beat the Saints by 2 points. If the Niners take the Falcons lightly, they may lose.
      BTW, you seem very interested in my predictions, but are too timid to post your own predictions.
      It will be a huge surprise to you, but I hope the score is Niners 24-23.

      1. I knew it! You are sticking with 24-23! Same against Seattle I predict.

        I don’t predict scores, I think it’s an exercise in wishful thinking or tea leaf reading in which I have no degree.
        I’m more of a Monday Morning Observer where I can analyze what actually went on.
        So much went on yesterday!!!
        I usually walk around and do other things while watching a game. Not yesterday!

        1. Another profile in courage. Afraid of being wrong. Glad you at least admit you do not have an aptitude for predictions.
          I am not afraid of being wrong. I am wrong many times, but freely admit when I am wrong. However, when right, I get to crow. I thought my call for Emmanuel Sanders throwing a flea flicker for a TD, was prescient.
          I wonder if you have enough class to admit I was pretty astute to make that call.

          1. You have the uncanny ability to make everything about you!
            Your insistence on wanting accolades for a call that you did NOT make shows you have NO class!
            You only said that you HOPED they would make up a flea flicker, that is not the same as predicting.

            You are like a weatherman saying; chance of rain today. So when one drops fall, you start tooting your own horn!

            1. Dee, you are such a profile in cowardice. Cannot seem to acknowledge that I made a prescient call, but refuse to stick your neck out and make a prediction yourself.
              Did anyone else on this site hope that Emmanuel Sanders throw a flea flicker? Nobody.
              Juan has class, and his post proved it.
              You, on the other hand……

          2. Seb, why don’t you post a link to your premonition so we all can see if you ‘predicted’ a flea flicker and a TD or a flea flicker and Sanders THROWING a TD!
            This should be interesting….

            1. Since I hoped for a Sanders flea flicker, and it was wildly successful, that is enough for me. It was not a perfect pass. Sanders threw off his back foot, and the pass floated and wobbled, but the results were perfect.
              I cannot dictate what plays KS will call, but maybe he read my post, and thought it was a good idea.
              It was certainly innovative and unpredictable.

              1. Thank YOU! for proving my point!!!
                What you did is you mentioned Sanders + flea flicker+ hope and now you crow success.
                What you leave out is you never say what kind of flea flicker. The flea comes in many ways, you did NOT predict a Sanders TD throw now did you! You just throw out the word flea flicker and then almost anything will go with that. If you had simply said Sanders would throw a TD from a flea, I’d be a believer.

                I definitely think KS read your post, called for an emergency meeting Saturday and told everyone that it was a go!

              1. It occurred Dec 6, 4:06 pm. I reposted it before, but here it is again.
                ‘I hope the Niners can do some innovative, unexpected plays like a flea flicker with Emmanuel Sanders.’

              2. Well, then it is official.
                You weren’t predicting, you were doing some wishful thinking!
                KS delivered, you didn’t.

              3. Juanhunglo Dec 8, 1;48 pm.
                ‘Seb, they hit all your points. Time outs, flea flicker, jet sweep, roll outs. Only missed the fake fall down, and then get up play. Well done! :)’
                Juan has class, and I greatly respect his football knowledge and betting acumen.
                You, on the other hand…..

              4. Nice to know that you think that someone who calls themselves Juan-hung-lo has class…
                It doesn’t take much to get on your good side, just a little flattery.
                We have someone in the WH who works the same way!
                And he tries put in a putdown any chance he gets too…

                Don’t forget to frame his comment so you can fawn over it every day!

              5. Juan is modest, and does not take himself too seriously, like you do with yourself.
                He is civil and respectful, and has more football acumen in his little finger, than you have in your whole body.
                I will take a dig from him, smile and come back for more.
                He define class, compared to you, who defines crass.

              6. I will take a dig from him, smile and come back for more.

                Please refrain from describing your love life with Juan-HUNG-LO and stick to football.
                Sebnoying keeps coming back now that Grant has given him the keys to this blog.
                Just remember a person with class, does not need to tear down another person, just to feel superior, because it has the opposite effect.

              7. You should remember those words and act accordingly. You have no class, and ripping me is just blood sport to you. You are not superior to anyone. In fact, your character flaws are put on display.
                Juan and I have a good rapport, and I do not take his digs personally. There is a vast difference between your screeds, and his good natured joshing.

                I have tried very hard to stick to football, but you belittle anything I say, even though it is correct, and prescient, showing ways how the Niners can improve and win.
                I am glad KS considered time outs to be precious, and saved them for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. When he wastes them, I will point that out. When he wisely uses them, I will give praise, like he did last game. It helped them win.
                I am just posting on a Niner blog. I cannot demand that KS use the plays I want. I can hope he would dial up a flea flicker with Emmanuel Sanders, and it sure was gratifying to see one be so wildly successful. You, on the other hand, must have not wanted one to be executed, because it might make me look smart, and since it went for a TD, you were apoplectic.

              8. Oh my, I was gone for a little and sebbie had a hissy fit at my expense!

                you belittle anything I say,

                I think you care way too much about me, that is why I am in your head so much, and you are obsessing about me.

                You are not superior to anyone. In fact, your character flaws are put on display.

                You should remember those words and act accordingly. You have no class, and attacking me is just blood sport to you.

                You, on the other hand, must have not wanted one to be executed, because it might make me look smart, and since it went for a TD, you were apoplectic.

                This is the kind of reasoning a 6year old would use when he’s found out to be perfidious.

                I cannot demand that KS use the plays I want.

                Now there is some truth coming from you! You did not PREDICT a play, you were ASKING, HOPING for a play and whhen it was called you acted like it was YOUR idea.
                Reading is fundamental!

                Sebbie you are very good at dishing it out, but get bent out of shape when you have to look at your own crap.. In fact you run to Grant to get people kicked off to protect your precious ego.
                You are not superior to anyone. In fact, your character flaws are put on display every time you post.

              9. No, Dee, I am still going to respond to your screeds, but you are the one who thinks engaging me is smart. Most others have learned their lesson, but you are like a moth to a flame, and cannot help yourself.
                Your repeating what I wrote, and point by point screeds, just means I am dominating your thoughts. Get a clue.
                You really are defending the indefensible. I said I hope the Niners do a flea flicker with Emmanuel Sanders. We all saw that flea flicker with ES, and it resulted in a TD, so it was a wild success. You just cannot bring yourself to admit I made a good call. Others have given me kudos, even Rib.
                Then you admit you are terrified, and cannot bring yourself to make a prediction on the score, because you are afraid of being wrong. I do not think you are a worthy opponent, because you may implacably oppose me, but say nothing. You try to throw my own words in my face, but that just shows an incredible lack of originality. Total weak sauce.
                I cannot take it? I have rhinoceros hide. I am still here, even with all the expletives, and insults hurled against me. Think again.
                A person with character, would give me kudos for being right. We all know who has the character flaws.
                I would much rather be talking about this wonderful victory. I would much rather be talking football. However, you are like Em, who tries to convince me that being deceptive, faking to tackle the RB, then swerving to tackle the QB, is an impossibility. This would be like saying, if the QB fakes handing off the ball, then keeps it, is also an impossibility.
                You should just try to astound me with your minuscule football knowledge. Too bad you are just as clueless as Prime, who declares he wants to make it twice as hard to win.

              10. You, Dee and Em are just like 3 peas in a pod.
                Look what I have to deal with. You think that going to the Clink twice is a good idea. Em thinks that fakes are an impossibility in football. Dee thinks that his character flaws are my fault.

              11. Oh Boy. Looks like someone really rattled your cage this time. You’re incoherent, rambling screed is full of self-pity.

                No, Dee, I am still going to respond to your screeds

                I never asked you that question, you are now officially talking to your self!

                Then you admit you are terrified, and cannot bring yourself to make a prediction on the score, because you are afraid of being wrong.

                Now you are desperately trying to get a rise out of me by posting something I never said, a common tactic employed by bullies.

                I cannot take it? I have rhinoceros hide.

                No you can’t and no you have not even though your skull might be as thick as a RHINO…. The only reason you are still here because you go crying to Grant to ban those mean posters.
                Remember you are the victim here…
                Most of your posts are mere projections, just count the number of times you use the word “I” and your insecurity and need for approval comes through.
                We all know who has the character flaws.
                You flaunt them!
                You are like a moth to a flame, and cannot help yourself .
                You have have to last word!

              12. Well, at least he is not hurling insults and expletives, like you do.
                He seems to like engaging me. He started it, and I like to have the last word.
                In the end, he seems to be repeating himself, and parroting what I wrote.
                Sure, I would be happier talking about this last victory, but he seems obdurate.

              13. Prime I thought seb turned over a new leaf too, I thanked him and commended him for his courage.
                But it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks and when Grant gave him the power to ban people, the old dog came back.
                He really can’t help him self and thinks he’s smarter than anyone else on this blog.

              14. And you like to judge me, operating from a position of weakness.
                Why engage a person who just called that the Niners should employ a flea flicker with Emmanuel Sanders, then see it go for a TD? Nobody else advocated for that.
                A person with class would just give kudos for making a good call. My detractors should have just said- Lucky guess.

              15. And you like to judge me, operating from a position of weakness.

                Did you take this out of the bible??? What does it even mean?
                Seriously, seb, DON”T believe everything you think!
                A person with class, does not need to tear down another person, just to feel superior, because it has the opposite effect.
                You see, seb, everything you say is really all about you!

              16. No, it hits home with you. Stop judging like you have the right to tear down a poster who just made a prescient call.

              17. You have been trolling me since 12:51 pm, now it is 9:52 PM.
                See you tomorrow. I have just begun. Hope I did not make you cry. Whining about puerile taunting, while employing that tactic just means you have thin skin.
                Thanks for giving me so much material to bludgeon you with. I did not have to say you are afraid, you admitted it yourself. You seem to want to project your own worst faults on me, but I am not judging you like you are judging me.
                While responding to your screeds, I have also been studying the Falcons, and plan to post my strategies needed to defeat them.

            2. Yes Sebbie, You are a very prescient poster. A very astute one! For weeks now you are predicting a 24-23 score. Keep playing the same numbers and then, just like the lottery, one day your number will come up!

              PS last week you posted your prescient prediction twice so that makes 48-46!!!
              Good Job Prescient One!

              1. I know you and others are trolling me, but I do not care. I am so happy about this team’s success, you all can troll away, while I will continue to formulate ways to defeat the Falcons.
                Sure, I am wrong about exact score, but you cannot criticize if you are too afraid to make a prediction yourself.
                Man up and make a prediction, then we can compare who was more correct.

              2. No one would dare to troll the Master Troll, you have nothing to worry about sebbie.
                Man Up? Afraid? You really are a piece of work Paul.
                I haven’t heard that kind of puerile taunting since the 5th grade schoolyard!
                I don’t do predictions, watching the effort is what matters to me, not the score.
                W or L

              3. This site has posters presenting their predictions all the time. Trolls are afraid to do predictions, and just resort to snark. One troll claims to not even read an article, or watch a breakdown, and just trolls away.
                I do not need to troll, and just want to post about the Niners. Trolls hate the truth, and I am all about the truth. Trolls cannot handle the truth. Trolls like to stir up trouble, while I just like to debate, and defend my points of view. Sure, I like to write, but if you carefully study my posts, they are almost all responses, except my analysis of the teams and games.
                Master troll? Yup, you started this. I intend to be respectful to polite and civil posters, and if you peruse the live stream , I can be pleasant and engaging with like minded fans.
                I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, but do not suffer fools gladly. Grant got rid of my catfish, but he has generally not banned anyone, except the ones who are racists or profane haters. Since I am neither, he has allowed me to stay.
                You may like to get the last word, but I do, too.

              4. There is no requirement to do predictions to enjoy football, your supposition that if you don’t do predictions you’re a coward and a troll is utterly moronic (to say it politely) and use your own words.
                If you really are into truth telling you would have to agree with me.
                I agree, there is no need for you to troll, I want you to ONLY write about football, but you have started to attack people again and tooting your own horn as if you are the second coming of KS.
                When you are threatening to bludgeon me and say you have just begun, it shows your true character
                A person with class, does not need to tear down another person, just to feel superior, because it has the opposite effect.
                Is that true for you too Paul?

              5. You cannot belittle posters for their score predictions, when you do not make predictions yourself. That is cowardice.
                You seem to want to troll me. What about sticking to football, yourself?
                Since you want to engage me, I plan on using your own words against you. That is a standard debating tactic.
                If you cannot show class, by refraining from tearing some one down, and do not see it defines you, I just feel sorry for you. Denigrating my call for the Niners do a flea flicker with Emmanuel Sanders is not showing class.
                I have a deal. I will scrupulously avoid responding to you, but only if you do not try to troll me.
                Like I said, I do not suffer fools gladly. Cassie regurgitated some things I said previously, with no context, so I feel perfectly fine responding to her screeds.

              6. Grant got rid of my catfish, but he has generally not banned anyone, except the ones who are racists or profane haters.

                Now Now Sebbie ,
                Fibbing a white lie. What happened to whole truth and nothing but the truth?
                You knew before I knew that Grant had banned me and you triumphantly told me so. You did the same with some of your AlterEgos, (how many were there?) and I believe also when Prime was banned.
                YOU knew before anyone else knew.
                Can’t be a coincidence…

              7. You cannot belittle posters for their score predictions, when you do not make predictions yourself. That is cowardice.

                LOL, I made fun of your unimaginative, predictable score. Giving the same score 24-23 every week THAT is cowardice!

                I plan on using your own words against you.

                REALLY??? but this what you said earlier

                In the end, he seems to be parroting what I wrote.

                Changed your mind again?

                I’ll close with 2 more classy quotes from you where you contradict yourself;

                Your grandkids should read some of your posts, but they will probably ashamed at how small and petty your posts amply demonstrate your own worst traits. You think your snark is witty, but it is mean, and demeaning.

                If you cannot show class, by refraining from tearing some one down, and do not see it defines you, I just feel sorry for you.

                Classy touch to pull the grandkids into it Paul!

              8. I plan on using your own words against you. That is a standard debating tactic.

                No in this case it is you running out of ways to defend your self and starting to imitate me. I think it will be nice to finally be correctly quoted instead of your made up words!!!

              9. Classy touch pulling the grandkids in it? Talk to Cassie. She brought them up.
                I did not know you were banned. Maybe you were thinking about some one else, unless it was for Doxing. However, you are back, and if it was for doxing, I can understand your ire towards me. I did know Prime was banned, but he is a troll that hates me, so I was glad. However, he is back, too, and generally has avoided me.
                I do plan on using your own words against you, and you do parrot me, projecting your own shortcomings on me, but those do not need to be mutually exclusive.
                I run out of things to say? I can describe your lack of intellect in a thousand ways.

              10. I run out of things to say? I can describe your lack of intellect in a thousand ways.

                If you cannot show class, by refraining from tearing some one down, and do not see it defines you, I just feel sorry for you.

              11. I only made that comment, because you snarked about me running out of things to say. You should not lead with your chin.
                Now you know how it feels. You sure like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.
                Stop trying to tear me down, show some class by acknowledging that I made a shrewd call, and just stick to football.

              12. No one is tearing you down but you!
                When you are threatening to bludgeon me and say you have just begun, it shows your true character
                A person with class, does not need to tear down another person, just to feel superior, because it has the opposite effect.

              13. I only made that comment, because you snarked about me running out of things to say.

                You care way too much about me, that is why I am in your head so much, and you are obsessing about me.

              14. Talk about a lack of self awareness. You are engaging me in a war of words, then when I say I will bludgeon you with your own words, you whine and cry that I want to get physical with you.
                You have been attacking me constantly, but think I am at fault for defending myself.
                Now, you are just repeating yourself, and parroting my words, so you have lost the argument.
                Quit trying to be the blog police, and quit while behind. Show some class.

              15. Oh Sebbie, how feeble your mind and weak your memory. You started to troll and engage me yesterday around 1 responding to one of my posts and haven’t let up.
                If you don’t like my post, just scroll past and move on.
                Instead you have been attacking me constantly, but think I am at fault for defending myself.

              16. show some class by acknowledging that I made a shrewd call

                What else is on Santa’s list?
                But at least you changed from ‘prescient’ to shrewd….

              17. Yup, you started it by your snark, and I responded.
                I did make a prescient call, that was shrewd, because it resulted in an easy TD for the Niners.
                You sure like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.
                I am so implacable, posters end up bitterly regretting the day they even started. Some day, you will learn your lesson. Posters attack me all the time, I am used to it, but you seem to deserve special attention. I now have you parroting my own words, but you are not aware of what that means.
                Projecting just means you have lost the argument.
                Now you want to have the last word, but I will get that.
                Just move on, ignore me, and stick to football.
                The Niners are 11-2, and you want to keep engaging me? I posted a comment about the Falcons. That should be your focus too.
                Dazzle me with your brilliance and insights, or keep on trollin’. I really could care less.

              18. I am so implacable, posters end up bitterly regretting the day they even started. Some day, you will learn your lesson. Posters attack me all the time, I am used to it, but you seem to deserve special attention. I now have you parroting my own words, but you are not aware of what that means.

                Thanks for proving my point. Speaking with no knowledge defines you.
                This just reminds me of this quote- ‘ignorance is bliss.’

              19. You should just realize that your quote fits you to a tee.
                I on the other hand, was smart enough to think of a clever play ahead of time, that actually resulted in a TD.
                I feel like I am debating against an unarmed, blissful foe.

              20. You seem to want to project your own worst faults on me, but I am not judging you like you are judging me.

          3. Really, Sebs……….this I-me-my attitude of yours………….I said long ago, you should be in government!! Career politicians think just like you!

              1. You could never tell by his posts that “sebastopol niner” (sennynah) is a 65 year old adult. These childish posts of his are more like those of 13 year old schoolyard boys. I suggested before that he be the “adult in the room”, but he just can’t help himself. I used some of his posts to warn my grandsons about the dangers of using dope.

                Maybe he can have Grant ban me too?

              2. You are pot, calling the kettle black. Juvenile posts? You are the snark master, who delights in stirring up controversy.
                Your grandkids should read some of your posts, but they will probably ashamed at how small and petty your posts amply demonstrate your own worst traits. You think your snark is witty, but it is mean, and demeaning.
                You want Grant to ban you? Just ask him.

  13. Giving Saleh a c- for having 2 stops on D is crazy.
    If the niners were to win a game 16 to 14 with the D getting both touchdowns and the O converting on both 2 point conversions… the offense wouldn’t deserve a C-.

    It’s like giving a c- to someone that missed 95 out of a possible 100 points but got the bonus question worth 2 points right.

    I like Saleh and think he has done well this year… but I have not been impressed with his game plans or adjustments for the past 2 weeks.

    1. Nor have I, Shoup. Against the Ravens, you have primarily if not entirely two big weapons–the rb and a running QB. Why not load the box and take away these weapons? This is what they used to largely do to Kap-and it largely worked……….

  14. Rams are moving that pocket a lot, and using a lot of misdirection.
    I was wondering when McVay would stop trying to get his QB killed.
    LA is feeling themselves right now.
    Chalk up another tough and big game in two weeks. It won’t be the same Rams team we saw earlier.
    I wanted them to win, but looking crappy whole doing so. 🤣

  15. Idk is anyone else happy the GM finally picked a solid WR for this team?
    Samual is a huge part of this offense and is emerging into a number 1 receiver.
    I can’t say it enough.
    From day 1 he reminded me of A Boldin.
    Looks like he’s getting better each game.
    Awesome pick from Shanalynch

    1. Really happy with how Samuel has played and was happy when they drafted him. But have to admit, I don’t really see the Bolden comparison. I guess they are both stocky WRs that aren’t necessarily super tall for the position and both are tough. But Samuel is much faster and better with ball in hand than Bolden, while Bolden was better at boxing players out and had fantastic hands.

    2. I think it was Scooter who brought this up.

      I agree with the idea that we need to give praise to the coaching staff for developing these players.
      A large portion of this roster are undrafted free agents who have been developed by the staff. Not to knock on Harbaugh but he and his staff seemed more inclined to roll with vets, which can’t really be argued with given his results but it might make it harder to maintain a competitive team.

      The development of players is what has kept Seattle competitive for so long (maddeningly so). This bodes well for the team going forward as not only will it allow them to get the most out of players and ride out injuries better, but it will also allow them to stomach free agency losses going forward. Which, is assured for any talented team in the NFL. So let us all hope that this is the case and the staff is doing a great job of developing players; as I believe it is far harder to rely on the GM and the scouting department to get ready made players, no matter where they are drafting.

      1. It is hard to compare JH teams with this KS team. JH was handed a talented, but under performing team, while KS had to build from scratch.
        The salient matter is about the GMs. Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class, and decent FAs avoided the Niners like the plague because of Baalke, while JL has forged an 11-2 team, using UDFAs who are shining brightly.

  16. in last 2 mins of first half when Breida did the long run down the left sideline and ended up out of bounds why didn’t the clock stop? I thought it does in those situations? Not that it affected us, just curious

  17. I hope the saleh hype train slows down a bit. He is a good ascending coach, but the notion that he is on Kyle’s level is laughable. I also hope the mullens>jimmy g garbage is finally done. Jimmy g’s contagious swag and leadership makes up the identity of this team. There is a reason we only seem to win with him on the field. Finally, I want to credit bosa. It goes a little unnoticed, his solo third down stops won us the game. The tackle on taysom hill on 3 and 2 was so special especially considering it was a against an all pro right tackle. Also, he kept the saints out of field goal range by making an insane play to stop the screen to kamara. I know many people didn’t want him because of the fact that he “doesn’t” play hurt or that he “wouldn’t” sign his contract, but all of that garbage should be put to rest.

    1. Dredging up stuff that hasn’t been said in 8 to 10 weeks should answer your own question.

      If the next man up performs as well as this team has at every position, it would be reasonable to think that the next man up at QB would also get the job done.

      Instead of divisive comments enjoy the win. There will be two months after the season ends for antagonist comments. Don’t taint the water with some senseless negativity.

    2. Man, Bosa was just awesome the whole game. His motor and the way he forces the opponent to account for him just gives the Niners defense the edge every game. What has happened to De Fo lately. I know he’s still playing well but with the additional rush from Bosa and co I thought he would be wrecking the offense from inside like A. Donald.

      1. You mean DeFo who recovered a fumble or how our entire D failed to get a sack last game? DeFo is getting double teamed creating single matchups for Armstead and the rest of the guys.

  18. Drew Brees…..

    “That’s definitely a factor,” Brees said at his press conference. “You know, he had two catches for from 68 yards and two touchdowns today. He was impactful. Would have been nice to have him, obviously felt like he would have had opportunities. He would’ve been able to compliment everything that we were doing.”

    Yeah drew it would have been nice if SF
    Had their center finish the game, their best pass rusher finish the game, their starting CB to finish the game, their starting Lb to play in the game,…..
    It wouldn’t have mattered Drew!
    The Niners are the better team.

    1. Drew Brees has always been a low key whiner. It makes me hate him. His comments after the Ahmad Brooks hit were just absurd. He’s a weasel. Great QB though

  19. THE GOOD

    Kshanny finally beats a top 5 head coach this season….

    Gmorning Niners……..It’s a good day today

    We are #1….SB bound

  20. What a great way to start a week. The 49ers with an epic win and the Seahawks losing to a division opponent. Fantastic Monday morning. On the good side, Kyle Shanahan is the best coach in the NFL. Better than Belichick right now. Obviously Belichick is a HOF coach but right now Shanahan is the future and Belichick is the past. A few thoughts:

    The creativity in Shanahan’s play calling was awesome. He is the best play designer in the NFL – bar none.
    Coaches must have talked to Witherspoon about avoiding contact against Mark Andrews in the Ravens game. He hit Cook just like he should have hit Andrews. I don’t care what anyone says, that wasn’t a catch. That was a hometown call for the Saints. Sucks Cook got injured but I’ll take the penalty every time on that play. You must hit the receiver every time they touch the ball.
    Aziz Al-Shaair is a real liability on defense. I liked him in the preseason but he has to start playing better. That was a bad game for Aziz. Payton exposed the coverage weaknesses of Greenlaw, Al-Shaair, and Harris. Curious why Elijah Lee and Tarvarius Moore can’t get on the field with the starters playing so poorly.
    I initially thought the Sanders acquisition was a good trade but I wasn’t overly excited about it. It’s proven to be an amazing trade. Sanders is the real deal. If Shanahan/Lynch can continue improving the skill position players on this roster, the 49ers will win a Superbowl and maybe multiple Superbowls.

    1. One thing not getting enough attention which I thought was very Belichick-like was how Moore knew he could interfere with the pass on the fake punt all he liked. Not sure if it was Salah, Shanny, or whomever, but that’s the kind of play you see from the Patriots. You can debate whether it was holding or not, but it was savvy.

      1. I wonder if Moore knew a pass was coming his way, or was he taking out a gunner? He’s facing away from the LOS the entire play.

        1. I think Moore must have been doing his normal technique on the gunner but then he had to know a pass was being thrown at some point so he just stayed in the gunners chest. It was a good play by Moore. I felt like that was a major coaching mistake by Sean Payton.

          1. it was also a perfect no call by the NFL……how can you be trying to slow down the gunner and play pass at the same time……

            What the saints should have done is have the WR cut inside or have the #7 run the ball………S. Payton is still haunted by the ghosts of referee…..and yes there is holding on the gunner on every punt play…….its always a no call….

      1. No. I wasn’t able to make it. Game conflicted with a family obligation I had Sunday morning. Was able to watch the game from the comfort of my couch though. It was absolutely glorious. In a few years I’ll probably lie to my grandkids and tell them I was at this game.

    1. Witherspoon may have made a couple of mistakes yesterday but he was very solid the rest of the time. Give the kid a little time to come back from his injury.

  21. Robbie Gould still worries the hell out of me. One of his extra points was fading badly to the left and probably would have missed from a longer distance and another one was the same only to the right. I worry about him from 43 yards and out. The difference between winning and losing in the playoffs may very well come down to a longer field goal and right now I have no confidence in Gould.

    1. I agree, but kicking is almost entirely confidence-centric. A bit like tennis in that respect. Gould can get confidence from a game winner. If he doesn’t step it up from here though this should be his last year with the Niners.

    2. Old Coach, the way KS used his time outs, are how I want them to be utilized.
      I praised KS for using his time outs wisely, and I hope you can agree with me, since they helped the Niners win. You used your time outs to win, and I want the same thing with the Niners.
      Concerning Gould, I am rooting for him, and hope the Niners get close enough for him to try only easier kicks.

      1. Seb,
        Of course the best scenario is one where a team has all 3 time outs to use at the end of either half. My point was there are times when a Coach must use them early to save a drive/scoring opportunity or to change the momentum of a game that seems to be getting out of hand. All things being equal I would like to have all my to’s at the end of a game but sometimes you have to use them early just to keep the game close. imho

  22. The Good: Sour Yeast has lost his bet, and his interminable drivel has gone radio silent.
    The Bad: Weston Richburg’s injury.

          1. Thanks, Mood! They had the Bills – Ravens game playing all over the ship. I explained to the hotel director that the Niners – Saints game was the definition of a “big” game – just so he knows for next time. 😀

    1. The Richburg injury has thrown a monkey wrench in the Niners’ Super Bowl campaign. Ben Garland is a poor replacement. Kyle will have to keep on moving the pocket to protect Jimmy G as he did yesterday.

  23. So Jimmy Garropolo is not in “The Good” section? Remember when Grant started calling him out because he threw 5 interceptions in a row in practice and played awfull against the broncos in the preseason? I just think he cant accept that Jimmy G is the best QB we have had since Jeff Garcia in 2002.


  24. Sherman out a few weeks.

    “The bad: Witherspoon. He’s the Dante Pettis of the defense… Bad move by Saleh giving him his spot back.”

    Not much choice now–is there?

  25. 49ers just went 2-1 during one of the toughest 3 game stretches faced by any team. With their next win they will match the total put up over the past 3 years. We’ll be watching this team play in January for the first time in 6 years.

    Far more things to be excited about than nitpick.

    1. Far more things to be excited about than nitpick.

      Must have slept well……..that quote coming from you is surprising……… kinda hold the title of the nitpicker…..

      If I am accurate, the first thing you posted after the win was to point out to your adversaries about a 4th rd pick…….

    2. Heading into this stretch I was really excited to see some high quality football being played by both teams. 2 out of the 3 games really delivered! And the other was still a great game for the 49ers vs the Packers. Coming out of that stretch 2-1 (and the loss being one they easily could have won) was huge and firmly puts the 49ers as one of the favourites to win the SB this year.

  26. 1. Top seed in NFC.
    2. Seahags are a 6-6 team masquerading as a playoff team.
    3. Grant , the “under the radar heroes” is eerily similar to my Unsung Heroes from the last 3 weeks. I am looking forward to my royalty from press democrat.
    4. Jimmy stats since the acquisition of Sanders : 159/221, 1,951 Yards, 18 TD, 5 INT, 114 QBR
    5. Bourne is a good clutch receiver. A high percentage of his receptions are first downs or touchdowns. He also threw a critical block on the Sanders to Mostert pass.
    6. Speaking of the Sanders-Mostert connection, Niners can run the same play with Richie James since he was a high school QB.
    7. In the post game interview Jimmy G and KS referenced the noise in the stadium. Good experience for Seattle 12/29.
    8. Cant over look Atlanta. They have some weapons on offense.

    Niners Baby.

    1. Ridley was coming on the last few weeks, at least with Hooper out or hobbled. It’s a good thing the secondary doesn’t have to worry about him. Gage has potential but I don’t see him as the threat that Ridley would be.

      Atlanta, esp. when Sarkisian was there, has/had a hard time game planning to get Julio open. Especially in the red zone. I think they have great success with his fade routes but if Saleh can take that away (that’s where we need Tartt), his threat can be minimized.

    2. RT,

      To be fair, the Luckhawks do have a +20 point differntial this year, so they could theoretically also be called a 7-6 team.

      While it’s obvious that Wilson is a top five QB, the notion that he’s sooo dangerous in close games gets a little tired. He wins so many close games, because he’s in so many close games. The fact the Luckhawks have won so many close games this year is a statistical anomaly. Coming into this year, the Carroll/Wilson Luckhawks were right at .500 in close games. Not really what you’s expect, based on the promotion of Wilson as the ultimate clutch QB.

  27. JimmyG with 25 td’s needs 3 more TD to tie the league leader LJ in TD passes……

    If not MVP , he should be Comeback Player of the year

      1. and the writer did confirm he is a hater…….

        Maybe I’m hating, but it’s hard to find another issue with this 49ers team


        Before I worry about JimmyG…..I will worry more about the lack of tackling, Saleh getting expose and lack of discipline on special teams……

      2. I mean, an argument can be made against Jimmy in those losses, but it’s vastly overstated. National media is lazy in general – I can just use Undisputed as an example. Jimmy on Thursday Night beats the Cards, Shannon Sharpe says he sees why Belichick wanted to move on from Tom Brady. Fast forward a few weeks, Shannon Sharpe says Jimmy is the weak link of the team and will hold them back in the playoffs. Fast forward today, Shannon Sharpe says he sees why Belichick wanted to move on from Tom Brady. I like Shannon, but it’s a symptom of the national media in general. They don’t watch the games fully, so they don’t have a full appreciation for what happened.

        1. those loses were solely on Kshanny…..

          Sea (4th and 1) – should have got it closer for the kicker

          Ravens (4th and 1) – You throw a pass into the middle in a bad weather game…..(note lesson learned – against NO – throw a pass that couldn’t be batted down and with a high percentage of completion. )

          That last drive – I believe all passes on the winning drive was to Kittles….

          Funny I am currently listening to Undisputed right now…….honestly i don’t know who else has not join the band wagon……Everybody believes in the 49ers now….

        2. “ They don’t watch the games fully, so they don’t have a full appreciation for what happened“

          You have no idea wether they do or don’t and if you do, prove that?

          1. You have no idea wether they do or don’t and if you do, prove that?

            The national media? Shannon Sharpe has freely admitted it. They watch a bunch of games at once and as such don’t pay full attention to the games that will not get the full focus on their show.

            Here you go Prime Cuck:

            Start from 1:51. I expect your concession pronto. Of course, you’re too much of a weak cuck to ever concede, so I also expect I’ll be waiting a while. This is common knowledge.

        3. Renas,

          Shows like undisputed aren’t journalism (just like Grant’s writing, but I digress), they’re “hot takes” factories. One commentator takes one side and the other opposes, and the ridiculous takes ensue. Rinse and repeat.

          You can bet the hosts of such shows usually have to be reminded by producers of what their previous takes were. They live off of creating controversy, even when there is none, just like Grant.

  28. Apologies to Kshanny for doing his job………..He was looking for those 3 starting WR’s all preseason + season long……I have to guess this was part of lesson learned in losing the SB….

    Since starting the 3 WR’s consistently to compliment the Almighty Kittles ….Passing offense has been more explosive….

    Pettis is the loser out there…..a good backup at best…..

  29. The other negative issue this game is that the “formula” to deal with the “4 beasts” D line is exposed on tape.

    Get the ball out in one second or create options with running backs/hybrids/tight ends to force D line to play gap discipline from a wide nine and make post-snap decisions.

    Give the Niners a good lead late in the game with a stand up passer and it’s crunch, crunch, crunch.

    1. So many worriers. The formula has been there all season, teams other than the Saints don’t have the personnel to exploit it. Also don’t forget the loss of Tartt and Kwon as well as Ford.

        1. Yep. 49ers keep having to rely on guys stepping up as there have been a lot of injuries throughout the year. And the team keeps ticking along just fine. Speaks volumes about the depth, coaching, skill of the remaining starters, and mindset of the team.

          Now it is Garland’s turn to show he is up to the task. His cameo against the Saints was encouraging.

          Ford and Sherman may both be out until the playoffs as well. We know Moseley can step in and be decent. Ford has been out for a while already anyway. The team should be fine.

  30. No Sherman. No Dee Ford for the rams game.
    Losing Ford these last three weeks has shown on the d-line and the pressure.
    This team is getting more banged up as the season goes on. Hopefully by some miracle they can win out with these pieces missing and get another Seattle loss so they can just rest them for three weeks and not have to play them in week 17

  31. Shaun Draughn, Dujuan Harris and Mike Davis — three RBs who were once ahead of Raheem “the Dream” on the depth chart for back up position to Hyde. Before he joined the Niners four seasons ago, he bounced between six teams in two seasons!
    Mostert’s come a long way since then.

  32. Collapsing to the ground vs. pushing forward…

    “Our tight end coach (Jon Embree) always says, don’t let one guy tackle you,” Kittle said, via The Sacramento Bee. “That’s my mindset, just try to run through him, try to carry him as far as I can.”

    Coach Embree disagrees with coach Sebbie.

    1. Guess I have seen way too many times when a ball carrier is held up, gang tackled, and stripped of the ball, struggling for every inch.
      Kittle is an exception. He had 3 players on him, one grabbing his face mask, and he still gained yardage. Not too many other players could have done that.

  33. TomD says:
    December 9, 2019 at 3:08 pm
    Posted By Grant Cohn on December 8, 2019

    “Kyle Shanahan was the best coach on the field. He outcoached Sean Payton — the best offensive mind in the NFL. Shanahan was more clever and even-keeled than Payton, who complained to the refs throughout the game. Shanahan improves every week. What a privilege to watch him work.”

    Seb once said that he “would consider Shanahan less than astute (for letting Kaep walk) if he does not resign Kaep.”

    Now Seb makes excuses to distance himself from his comments, but all who follow knew that Seb said Kaep was a better QB than Jimmy Garoppolo also.”

    By extrapoloation, I guess Seb thinks Grant is “less than astute for making the above JG observation.

    I again extend you the invitation, (for the 4th time) to prove your on board with the current 49er regime and admit that JG is a better QB than Kaep, Seb.

    Replies by real Seb, not catfish Seb accepted.

    1. TrollD, what are you babbling about?
      I have said many times that now that JG is the franchise QB, I do not think Kaep should come back to the Niners. I would just wish him well, wherever he lands.
      My less than astute comment came because KS thought Hoyer was the answer. JG was not even an option, at that time. Too bad Hoyer benched himself after 6 winless games. JG was traded for, just before the trade deadline, and the Niners continued to lose their first 9 games. CJB proved to be tough, but limited, in 2017, and 2018.
      I am well satisfied that JG is the Niner QB. He is accurate, and can thread the needle. He has proved to be clutch, and is a natural leader. He also is a winner, and has led the Niners to a 11-2 record.
      JG is not perfect, he can work on his ball security, but even JG will admit he needs to improve. Still, JG is leading the Niners to the playoffs, so I am jumping for joy that he is the starting QB for the Niners.
      You keep delusionally saying that I have not said that JG is superior to Kaep. This is like you raving about breaking into gun safes, and creating nightmares. JG is the franchise QB of the San Francisco 49ers, and I am happy as a clam.

        1. Grant, like a few of the posters here, are always commenting in “the Moment”. They judge every thing as a separate act and can’t see those acts as part of a body of work. If Jimmy G throws an int or fumbles the ball, he is having a horrible day, ignoring the fact he threw for 300 plus yards and 5 or t TD’s. They are kings of the “hot take”. How would you like to work for someone like that??

        2. Goff was struggling, Palmer was an old shell of himself. Wilson was number one.
          Then Hoyer pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself, after 6 straight losses.

          1. Many of us knew Hoyer was a huge reach even in that context and knew he wasn’t the answer. You also pointed out the biggest issue 6 straight losses. Glad KS saw it too and got JG

            1. sung to the tune of “Rawhide”:

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              1. Keep movin’, movin’ movin’,
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                Through rain and wind and weather.
                Hell bent for leather.
                They keep on trollin’ hard,
                But why.

              2. Seb,


                Having said that, you clog the blog with a paralyzing amount of “content”, have an inflated sense of yourself and often don’t make sense. And, there’s your “why?”

              3. Maybe you should castigate Dee. He started it.
                If you will notice, I posted a comment on the upcoming game against the Falcons. The others, you included, just keep a’ trollin’.
                Maybe you should concentrate on the Niners next opponent, and stay away from the snark.

            1. Isn’t this a little like arguing about which of Nickel Back (Gabbert) and Bon Jovi (Hoyer) are better? Bon Jovi (Hoyer) is clearly better, but who cares, really?

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