The good and not so good from training camp: Day 8

San Francisco 49ers’ Kyle Juszczyk runs at the team’s NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, July 29, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Check out the good and not so good from Sunday’s practice.

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    1. A second opinion:

      Chris Biderman: 49ers practice recap: Garoppolo, Bosa stand out in competitive, spirited practice

      The defense forced two takeaways (and nearly a third), while the defensive line did well to pressure Garoppolo. Yet Garoppolo still had a productive day (more on him below). The back-and-forth nature of Sunday’s practice made it one of the most entertaining to date. Garoppolo’s best pass might have been his first, though it wasn’t a completion. It came on a play action, and he had Bosa and DeForest Buckner pressuring him inside near his surgically repaired left knee. Garoppolo stepped into the 50-yard throw for receiver Dante Pettis, who was in the end zone trying to split double coverage from safeties Tarvarius Moore and Jaquiski Tartt. The coverage was good, but the throw was better. Only it fell right through Pettis’ hands as he slid to the ground. In the face of pressure, beating double coverage, the completion would have been Garoppolo’s most impressive of camp. It was an important moment of practice because it signaled two things: Garoppolo continues to get more comfortable letting it rip.Garoppolo unofficially completed 14 of 21 throws, testing various levels of field more regularly than other practices, when he often opted for check-downs. He found Kittle and Taylor on both quick and longer-developing routes down field. He also connected with Jordan Matthews twice on long routes toward the right sideline midway through practice, though Taylor was his favorite option. That could be because Taylor, the slot receiver, is often Garoppolo’s closest and most accessible target. Shanahan noted the team’s new-look pass rush has ramped up the pressure far more this summer. Bosa, Buckner and Dee Ford, who has missed a handful of practices with knee tendinitis, have been a big part of that. Garoppolo’s most explosive completion went for roughly 40 yards to fullback Kyle Juszczyk on a wheel route up the left sideline. He beat Malcolm Smith, who had good coverage on the play. The throw was just enough toward the sideline that Smith couldn’t break it up. Smith’s coverage has been tight throughout recent practices, including Saturday’s, when he was locked on Kittle during the 15-yard touchdown pass that highlighted practice.

      That a’ boy Jimmy Garoppolo, it’s great to have you back on the field, now let’s go get it!

      Go NINERS & peace out!

      1. A third opinion:

        Rob Lowder: 49ers training camp recap: Garoppolo sharp on Day 8

        Lowder also had Garoppolo finishing the day with 14 completions on 21 attempts. On his second pass of the day, fullback Kyle Juszczyk was running open down the left side of the field, and Garoppolo hit him in stride, allowing for some yards after the catch. He also had deep completions to receivers Trent Taylor and Dante Pettis, as well as one to tight end George Kittle. Deebo Samuel also stood out on offense. The rookie receiver reeled in three passes, two of which were over the middle for big gains. On the third, Samuel got open down the right sideline. Nick Mullens’ throw was a bit late, allowing the safety time to break on the ball. Samuel caught the ball at its highest point, with the safety passing right behind him. He landed on his feet and ran 15-20 yards into the endzone. It was Samuel’s best day of camp.

        On defense, it was another strong day for Nick Bosa. He’s managed to string together a handful of successful days—an important mission for every rookie trying to adapt to the rigors of the NFL.

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  1. Before we get Grant’s written report, I wanted to continue the debate which started on Grant’s Day 7 recap.

    Kyle Shanahan VS Jim Harbaugh debate:

    The jury on Kyle Shanahan – the Head Coach, is still out. The jury on Kyle Shanahan – the offensive guru and mastermind, has been in for a while. And when I say “jury”, I am referring to his reputation around the league (ie: coaches, ex-coaches, players, ex-players, radio show hosts, network analysts, etc). Kyle Shanahan is highly regarded as an elite offensive coordinator and coach. Not only that, his team appears to be trending positively, both in terms taking a roster bereft of talent, and improving upon it at almost every position in only his 3rd season as the 49ers head man. Despite the severe growing pains associated with the “process”, his players have remained upbeat, and have continued to respond is positive fashion in full support, as they have refused to quit during rough back-to-back seasons, hile rallying behind their Head Coach.

    Jim Harbaugh is a very different kind of cat. He’s uber-intense to such a degree that it wears on his players, both veterans, and younger players alike. His us-against-the-world mentality can be endearing to his players to a point, but like all of his other qualities and traits, it usually wears thin after a while, especially once the team is no longer winning at a high clip.

    As for results, He has consistently lost the big games, every where he’s coached. Whether or not the Chris Culliver distraction was a factor or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Harbaugh’s 49ers were utterly unprepared to start Super Bowl XLVII, and in fact his team committed an offensive penalty on the very first offensive play from scrimmage, setting the tone for a very lackluster 1st half of championship football. To his credit, the team rallied in the 2nd half, likely benefiting from a Ravens team who were clearly nursing a big lead, yet once again, when it mattered most, mistakes cost them on the waning moments of the 49ers first ever Super Bowl loss. Mistakes happen, but his wasn’t just any mistake. Harbaugh was forced to call timeout as the play clock was set to expire, and unfortunately the 49ers appeared to have been in the correct play call, and replays show that they likely had a very good chance to score on the play, making it even more of a heartbreak. But here’s the thing -THIS HAD BEEN AN ISSUE FOR HARBOUGH”S OFFENSE OVER THE COURSE OF THE ENTIRE SEASON – so even more frustrating than the fact that Harbuagh’s team sleepwalked through the first half of the championship game, was the fact that a problem that had festered throughout the season never got fixed, a full 21 weeks later.

    Fact) Harbaugh refused to replace Greg Roman, despite the fact that the offense was clearly stuck in a rut, finshing ranked 20th or worse in Total Offense for 3 of his 4 seasons as the HC ( 2011 -26th, 2012 – 11th, 2013 – 24th and 2014)

    Fact) Jim Harbaugh famously chose Colin Keapernick over Alex Smith, ultimately leaving the 49ers with a one dimensional “franchise” QB, and we know the rest of that story.

    Fact) Harbaugh was notorious for over working his veteran players and the expense of developing the younger less experienced players, which hindered his ability to develop young talent.

    Fact) There is ZERO debate over the fact that Jim Harbaugh left an absolute mess of a roster as he mutually parted ways with the Niners organization. Some players, like veteran RG Alex Boone, made no bones about the way in which Harbaugh wore his players down both physically and mentally.

    Fact) In 2015 Boone said this: He does a great job of giving you that spark, that initial boom, but after a while, you just want to kick his a_s. He just keeps pushing you, and you’re like, ‘Dude, we got over the mountain. Stop. Let go.’

    Fact) Boone was hardly the only player who expressed these sentiments, and the proof is in the pudding. AS Harbaugh exited out the back door, the Niners’ roster fell apart at the seams like a cheap fricken suit! The San Francisco Forty Niners’ 2015 offseason was an absolute travesty – the most tumultuous offseason in team history, as players took the opportunity to hit the door running, with an unprecedented number of players who were simply worn out, some wondering if there was any gas left in their tanks, while others threw in the towel altogether, deciding to retire earlier than they had ever envisioned.

    So there you have at least some of it, though I am sure the debate will live on, as it should.

    1. Hey Grant, it sounds like you are going to do a stock report soon. Thanks for that, I’m looking forward to it, and I hope everyone reads it.

    2. Harbaugh is Garbaugh. Hes the reason the niners went into the cellar. It wasnt because he left, it was because he was even here at all. HE didn’t build a damn thing it was here for him and he ruined it with his dumb as kaepernick decision over smith as well as his attitude that players grew tired of. He’ll be gone from Michigan after this year. Worst coach in niners history, for what he had to work with. He has never accomplished anything in his entire coaching career.

        1. To be fair Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly both inherited teams facing a lot of turnover and turmoil. I am not saying either are better than Harbaugh, but Tomsula inherited a roster where the “core” was gone. No more Justin Smith, Willis, Ray McDonald, and Aldon smith. Borland who was a future player at middle linebacker retired. Bowman was coming off a horrific injury. Kaepernick did not improve as we hoped. I would say that despite all of that 5-11 was pretty darn admirable. I would say that Tomsula’s big issue is that he could not attract great coaches to assist him. The way I look at it is that either a coach brings a scheme on one side of the ball(like a Shanahan or a belichick or Pete Carroll) and develops coaches underneath them or they are like a Tomlin/Harbaugh where they have an extremely expensive staff and manage the team like a CEO. Chip Kelly was terrible I will not disagree.

        2. Montyderhak

          What is it that makes you so sure that ‘Chip” was not a better coach than Shannahan..? What coach can you think of who could take the reins of of the 49ers following Jim Tomsula’s one year stint, and without having a draft, nor Free agent opportunity, and do more than ‘Chip’ did…? IN ONE YEAR..! ?

          That is after taking over from Andy Reid in Philadelphia following Andy’s 4-12 season and posting back to back 12-4 seasons…. Yeah, I’m a ‘Chip’ Kelley fan and had he been given an equal opportunity to field a representative team, Kyle wouldn’t even have been called to show his resume. TOOOOOmany experts on here….

          1. « posting back to back 12-4 seasons…. »

            Kelly never won more than 10 games in Philly. If you’re going to call out others as “experts” at least get your own stuff right for a change.

            1. O.K. Jack ‘Wikileaks’ encyclopedia

              You’re RIGHT…I don’t keep my books close at hand…matter of fact, I don’t have any books…what was the point of your correction…accuracy ? You knew what my point was…still you had to throw poop in the soup with your ‘expertise’ . Well, you sure got me….now, go ambush someone else with your facts, oh and go to the head of the class….

      1. Hmmm, I kinda like going to 3 straight NFCC Games and a SB. They finally became relevant for the first time since 1994, and have not been back since.

          1. No, at least they were important games, instead of dwelling in the cellar, with no hope in sight.
            I blame the officiating, more than the coaching. Miller was bear hugged on that KO TD, during the SB. That NFCC Game in Seattle was given away by the homer refs.
            While I can be critical of the coaching, Roman in particular, the Niner coaches were not the deciding factor in those games.
            Niners getting out coached? You must be thinking about last season. KS even admitted he should have won 3 more games.

            1. Man I miss old Jim and Colin made some great plays he’s alot better than some of the other QBs starting right now I like Alex Smith but when he went through a whole bunch of offensive cords guess what he got benched and was considered garbage ed till old Jim got there

          2. Going to the playoffs year after year and 3 straight NFCC Games and a SB……….or………..crap 4-6 win seasons year after year.

          1. Sure is better than sitting in the cellar, with no hope.
            Bill Walsh spoiled us. We expected to win, because we never lost.
            However, these past struggles will just make the next one, all the more sweeter.

              1. And if you lose, you do not whine and cry about it. You move on, learn from your mistakes, and try again.
                How long did Herm Edwards play? Since 1977, and he did not win a SB. Guess he should just quit while behind, according to you.

            1. Sebs-your having a pisser cuz none of your draft proclamations worked out. Bosa, Hurd and the gang are kickin arse and the front office has decided to disobey you.

    3. This is extremely well said. I totally agree. Let us not forget the countless of the field issues the 49ers had under Harbaugh. I am someone who firmly subscribes to the mentality that the grinding nature of Harbaugh caused a lot of our players to become Alcoholics. Ray McDonald, Aldon Smith, Bruce Miller, too many players not to wonder why the niners specifically had this issue. His record in rivalry games is also awful. Pete Carroll whooped his behind with the niners and Urban whooped him the last few years at Michigan. Our team always seemed to have this stiffness while the other team always was free and aggressive. We had a vastly superior team in 2012 and the Ravens gave it to us into superbowl. He inherited a roster that was stacked with talent and just waiting for a coach that wasn’t incompetent kind of similar to the rams with Mcvay. Let us not forget that Navorro Bowman was flashing in 2010 before Harbaugh came. The core that performed under Harbaugh besides Aldon Smith and the resurrected Alex Smith were all stay overs from the Singletary days. His conservative coaching nature cost us in big games every year. He is certainly a good coach there is no doubt about it, but he is too conservative. Aggression wins in the NFL. I prefer Kyle from that standpoint. He is not scared and willing to risk it all like Sean Payton and to an extent Pete Carroll and Belichick. I also love how Kyle seems to have a strong relationship with our players and has maintained a strong locker room. Obviously he is still an unknown in terms of managing the game(Harbaugh’s strength), but I would like to think that he is improving in that area.

      This is slightly besides the point, but I would like to add that I believe that Vic Fangio is a good but not great coach. His recent record with insanely talented defensives has been remarkable but I do think there is a flaw with him as well. His defenses never seem to be able to make timely stops in big games. In the Super Bowl, when we came back and had all the momentum, Flacco was immediately able to drive down the field against the loaded Fangio defense and get a stop. Eli, Brees, Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Russell Wilson all torched us. Even this past year Nick Foles was able to go down the field and score in the pivotal moment of the game against the “genius” Fangio’s defense. With similar talent we have seen Pete Carroll, Belichick, and Wade Phillips create historic defenses that carried teams to superbowls. We have to wonder how good Fangio really is?

        1. For sure. He is definitely a good coach. I also believe that he is not on the level of those ELITE defensive minds. Think about how talented our defense was in 2011 and 2012. The fact that Drew Brees, Eli, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco shredded it makes me question Fangio. I have more evidence with Nick Foles this year. One of my biggest personal pet peeves with Fangio is his love to go to prevent defense late in games. With an elite defense we always went soft with big leads allowing teams to test our pass coverage. My other pet peeve was the fact that we never blitzed. Bowman was a dominant blitzed. I remember the Rams game when we started 1-2 with no willis and no Aldon smith. Fangio blitzed Navorro Bowman and he absolutely dominated. Why we did that so little,I will never understand. The niners were a defensive football team that played complimentary offense as Grant mentioned. The reason we didn’t win the superbowl was because our dominant defense would get dominated in the big games. The other defensive football teams that did win the superbowl, AKA 2013 Seahawks and 2015 Broncos dominated in the biggest drives and biggest moments with their defense. Flacco would’ve never scored 30+ in the superbowl against either of those teams. Given that the talent is remarkably close, I would have to say that its on Fangio…

          1. Oh yah, thanks for bringing up the Seahawks, who treated Harbaugh’s 49ers like their bi_ch. How sickening was that?

            I blame Harbaugh for ruining my 2014 Thanksgiving – watching Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson famously feasting on Colin Kaepernick, and then feasting on the 49ers logo at the 50 yard line at Levi’s Stadium was something I wont soon forget. I wanted to puke!

            The fact of the matter is, Harbaugh inherited the most talented defensive roster in the NFL, a roster stacked with pro-bowl players, yet he failed to win a Super Bowl. He failed because his offnse couldn’t come close to matching Fangio’s defense. Harbaugh is an offensive coach, so that’s an epic fail. The Seahawks won one on the backs of Harbaugh’s boys. Thanks for the gut punch Jimboy!

            1. Kyle wants to win with a balanced team, Grant. A good defense combined with a good offense that can run the football. That would be championship football and it’s coming soon Grant, injuries withstanding, so prepare yourself.

            2. Yep. Pete Carroll pompously smacking his gum while the 49ers looked totally unprepared and unprofessional used to drive me nuts. Everyone wants to deify Harbaugh as if he was Walsh for inheriting a great team. He did not build anything here. A better testament to his greatness would be if he won after the roster turmoil of 2014, but his personality did not last. Obviously he is a very good coach that wins teams games in the regular season. He is not a great coach by any means.

              Disclaimer: I am a huge Kyle fan and think that he has that potential. He is largely unproven at this point and is not a better coach than Harbaugh. My biggest fear is that Kyle fails with the niners and uses it as a learning tool to be a great coach with someone else like his father, Belichick, Pete Carrol, and others.

    4. Harbaugh didn’t have control of the roster.

      The team was winning so much before he got to SF.

      Took over a Michigan program coming off back to back seasons with no bowl appearance. Has reached one in each of his first 4 seasons.

      Boone owes his career to Harbaugh. Prior to 2011 he’d been active for 1 game.

      It was a lot of fun watching the 49ers play games until deep into January those first 3 years.

      At least the last few years we’ve been able to focus on the draft by the end of September.

      1. You are barking up the wrong tree. I think that we all believe that Harbaugh is a good coach, but he is flawed. It is a fact that he wears everyone out wherever he goes which is why he has only short stints in each of his head coaching gigs. While he has had success at Michigan, he certainly hasn’t lived up to expectation. He has the highest paid defensive coordinator and has had loaded high school classes. Yet he is still unable to make the collage football playoffs and to add insult to injury Ohio State and Michigan State always beat Michigan. The rivalry games are essential in college football. His terrible record against them compounded with his bad record against the Seahawks with the niners tells you that he isn’t a great coach, he is merely a good one.

        Boone was a undrafted developmental tackle prospect who had character issues. I do not think that his career is in any way indebted to Harbaugh. It wasn’t like Harbaugh signed him from Ohio State and believed in him. The niners clearly liked him to have him on the roster prior to Harbaugh.

          1. But Harbaugh neither drafted or developed him. He actually played Adam freaking Snyder at right guard over Boone in 2011. This was not a Steve Kerr discovering Draymond Green can play center type genius move. Regardless of that, can he not speak the truth about Harbaugh? Whether he owes his career to Harbaugh or not he has absolutely no reason to bash him and he did. Can you also respond to the myriad of off the field issues the niners had with him? I am fully subscribed to the mindset that his grinding personality made our player alcoholics. We had too many to not wonder whether it was partly his fault. Also Harbaugh acting like a petulant child on the sidelines always gave us a disadvantage with the refs.

            Is he a good coach? Yes.

            Was he successful with an extremely gifted roster? Yes

            Does he have a lot of issues and lose in big games and rivalry games? Yes

            1. “Can you also respond to the myriad of off the field issues the niners had with him?”

              Baalke had control of the roster. Not Harbaugh.

              Is Harbaugh flawed? Sure. Everyone is. And he won. A lot.

              1. Lots of those guys had a lot of issues once Harbaugh came. I will always believe that they self medicated themselves with alcohol to cope with the stress Harbaugh put on them mentally and physically. Did he win a lot? Yes… but he’s no Belichick or Pete Carroll. The roster was always stacked. He developed nobody. His instant success taking over a stacked roster was very similar to Mcvay the last couple of years. The true testament to me of a great coach is the ability to lead their team out of difficult situations and develop players to fill in for veterans. This was not Harbuagh’s forte as he was a pretty bad x’s and o’s Coach. We will see how mcvay does once they pay goff and they have some turnover in roster composition. We will see how he does once whitworth retires. Again Harbaugh is a good coach, but let’s not act like he is some god. I still think amongst current nfl coaches Belichick, Payton, John Harbaugh, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll are all definitively bettEr coaches than him and guys like Ron Rivera and mike Tomlin are in the same conversation.

                I do believe that Baalke Deserves a lot of credit for the his drafts and free agent signings to give Harbaugh the roster he needed. To me Harbaugh does not Deserve the sole credit for the 49ers success. While baalke was an utter failure post Harbaugh(maybe because Harbaugh’s inability to develop young players), both his 2010 and 2011 drafts were gems. Donte Whitner and Carlos Rodgers were timely signings and he had the foresight to re sign joe stayley early.

              2. Love how people dis Harbaugh though their current pet fits the bill just as much for every criticism levied against the former.

                1) Never winning the big game.
                2) Wearing our welcome.
                3) Trouble with conference rivals
                4) Overhyped
                5) Causing trouble with players (let’s not forget the challenges that have faced players in the Shanalynch era)
                6) developing or not players
                7) sticking with someone longer than they should
                8) overvaluing personnel

                Irony of ironies…

                Hey glad to see the door hit Harbaugh on the way out. Players hated him so much they only checked out after he left! 😂

                With Harbaugh out of the building we have the 49er franchise where it belongs!

              3. ‘They self medicated themselves with alcohol to deal with the stress.’
                Wow, that is so wrong, on so many levels. You make alcohol sound like medicine, when it is a poison in excessive amounts.
                Maybe you are thinking about Alldone Smith, but he lost a 90 million dollar contract by drinking too much, and imploded over a woman who told him she did not want him.
                ‘I do believe that Baalke deserves a lot of credit for the drafts and FA signings.’
                Wow, again. Baalke whiffed on an entire draft class. Instead of AJ Jenkins, he could have drafted Alshon Jeffrey, who went 15 picks later. Instead of Alldone Smith, he could have selected JJ Watt, who went 4 picks later. Those ACL picks never panned out, from Tank, Latimore, Reaser to Redmond. He should have drafted fully healthy players who could have helped the team right away. JH could not develop one legged players.
                Scot McCloughan built that SB team. Baalke dismantled that SB team.
                In the end, decent Free Agents avoided Baalke like the plague. One year, all he could sign was Beadles. He obtained Devey, the human turnstile.
                I sure am glad that Denise put down her foot and kicked Baalke into the gutter. He made leaks their modus operandi, and treated players like a piece of meat.
                Jed did not follow Madden’s advice and chose a suit over a coach, and the result was a 2-14 season.
                JH is not a God, but he did have a 44-19-1 NFL record, and a 5-3 playoff record. What other HC has gone to 3 straight NFCC Games? None.
                You are entitled to your own opinion, but if you want to make outlandish statements, expect some pushback. Baalke was a cancer, who liked to cut players on the team bus.

              4. Sour yeast, did I say Shanahan was better. I mentioned things I hated about Harbaugh and one thing I liked about Shanahan. I also mentioned that Shanahan is largely unproven and that Harbaugh is good but not a great coach. The shanalynch era has had Rueben foster off the field, the Harbaugh era had like 20 players. Also those players were going to check out regardless of him. Let’s not act like Patrick Willis would’ve continued to play injured for Harbaugh. Just to be fair also the 2014 team was loaded. We all wonder why we only went 8-8. To me in 2014, it felt like Harbaugh lost the locker room.

                Seb, as usual you are wrong. Alcohol is a poison but drinking your stress out is a real issue. Aldon Smith wasn’t the only player with multiple duis on the Niners. Bruce Miller had issues and so did ray mcdonald as well as a host of other players.

                I also mentioned that baalke failed miserably in a few drafts, but his 2010 and 2011 drafts were crucial for the Niners. 2010 yielded bowman, iupati, and Anthony Davis. 2011 yielded aldon smith, kaep, Culliver, and Kendall hunter. At the time both drafts were outstanding. The signings of donte whitner and Carlos Rodgers -along with the early resigning of joe Staley was huge for the Niners. The 2013 draft was by no means bad. I am no fan of baalke, it I’m not going to isolate success to Harbaugh. Baalke was a clear contributor to success for the Niners .

              5. Davis quit on the team, and more specifically, Baalke. Iupati was allowed to walk by Baalke.
                Alldone Smith was not a shining example, when JJ Watt was picked 4 players later. Culliver’s homophobic statements were a distraction before the SB. Kendall Hunter never produced, especially after blowing out his knee.
                Kaep was a JH pick. Whitner and Rogers did well, then were allowed to walk. Staley was here before Baalke, and is still here after Baalke. He would have been totally incompetent to let Staley go, since pro bowl LTs are as rare as hen’s teeth.
                The 2013 draft was by no means bad? Not a single player is still on the Niners.
                Nice try, but the Niners had success despite Baalke. Baalke drove away JH and dismantled a SB team. Why blame JH for alcoholism? Blame Baalke for not selecting the high character guys like JL is doing. Blame Baalke for not monitoring the personnel. To be fair, I blamed JL for Reuben Foster, but that is the responsibility of the GM. It is part of his job description.
                Thankfully, JL stood tall and took responsibility, then vowed to improve. Baalke always blamed others.
                You seem disconnected from the facts. With a better GM, JH may had won a couple rings.

              6. Seb you are way off base on this as usual. Aldon Smith, Culliver, Anthony Davis, and Iupati were all Huge contributors during the Harbaugh era. Aldon Smith was the right pick in 2011 and his immediate impact was a large catalyst in the 49ers going to 3 straight championship games. Watt is the better player but he would have been repetitive with Justin Smith. I am strictly talking about how Baalke deserves credit for the job he did at that time. The draft picks in 2013 included Eric Reid who was a day 1 starter, Vance McDonald started for the 49ers, and a starter in Quinton Dial. The roster turnover made those guys have to change teams. I am by no means calling Baalke Ron Wolfe, but 3 starters is not bad from a draft. I hated many things about Baalke, but he was willing to cut ties with his picks. Look how quickly the niners moved on from the 2011 draft.

                Just for the record Aldon Smith did not have any dui’s before coming to the 49ers. Ray Mcdonald’s mother was appalled at what her son had become. Bruce Miller seemed to be a very normal human being and now we know him as a very troubled person.

                “With a better gm the niners may have won 2 superbowls”
                This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard you say. You have said a lot of dumb things over the years. I read this blog, but have not commented before and I constantly see other posters destroy you for the stupid things you say. Considering your dad’s genius, the apple clearly fell far from the tree. As bad as Baalke was the niners had the best roster in the NFL from 2011-2014. The defense was loaded and the offense added talent every year. Even with this talent Harbaugh always managed to blow it in the biggest of games. He has had phenomenal recruiting classes the last 4 years at Michigan. A lot of these classes have been ranked in the top 3 of the country. Even with this he still is yet to make the playoffs and has beat Ohio State and Michigan State once. There is no evidence that suggest that Harbaugh is capable of winning a super bowl.

              7. If Baalke had drafted JJ Watt and Alshon Jeffrey, instead of Alldone Smith and AJ ‘super bust’ Jenkins, it would not be out of the ream of possibilities that the Niners could have won a couple rings. JJ Watt is All Pro, and you think he could not have helped the team? The Niners needed WR help, and AJ Jenkins disappeared like a puff of smoke. Alshon Jeffrey helped the Eagles win a SB.
                You expose your lack of football knowledge when you defend Vance ‘Stone hands’ MacDonald.
                Quinton Dial? he had 4.5 sacks his entire 5 year career and is out of the league. Another Tide great but NFL under performer.
                Just for the record, Alldone Smith had a red flag coming out of college. Ray MacDonald is JH’s fault? JH stated many times that if a player lays a finger on a woman, JH would not defend him. RM was drafted in 2007, way before JH came to the Niners. Bruce Miller beat up a 70 year old man and you blame JH? Maybe you should blame Baalke for not selecting high character guys.
                Glad you have read all my posts over the years. Sure, I like to think outside the box, but your posts are trying to defend the indefensible. My suggestion to you is- the best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging.
                JH made it to 3 straight NFCC Games. He came within 5 yards of winning one, and you say there is no evidence to show he would be capable of winning one? That is- obtuse. Cowboy was injured before that SB, so JJ Watt could easily have stepped in to help win one. Instead of Crabtree, Alshon Jeffrey would not have been whining to Kaep to throw him the ball 3 times in a row. Instead of Crabtree one on one with Sherman in the end zone, Alshon Jeffrey may have caught that ball, sending the Niners back to the SB. There could have been 2 more Lombardis, despite your protestations that it was impossible to even consider that from happening.
                You see other posters destroy me? How come they have left, and I am still here? Others have learned their lesson and let me post in peace. Maybe- they cant handle the truth.
                Do not rip JH then tout Baalke, and expect no pushback. I did not say JH is a saint and can do no wrong, but he is also human and does not like being stabbed in the back.
                Baalke was incompetent and was a cancer to the team. He thought he was so clever, pulling an envelope out of his rear end with the player he was going to select. Too bad that person turned out to be AJ Jenkins.

              8. 1) Never winning the big game.

                He had his chances. Came up short 3 times. The team started the downward swing his last season here, so 3 was all he was going to get.

                So next. Which is where we are now. You can whine and moan about what you think the current chances are and glorify Coach runner up, or look to what the team is building for now. What choice do you have, really?

              9. The cool part about the Harbaugh years was they were at least in games that meant something. Since he left they haven’t been close to that.

                Hopefully this group can get there eventually.

        1. “It is a fact that he wears everyone out wherever he goes”

          This is such a tired argument. People keep repeating it as though it’s fact. Harbaugh has been a winner and will continue to be a winner because he’s a good coach and knows how to lead people.

          It seems that some people’s hatred for Kaepernick is having an impact on their re-visionary view of Harbaugh. Don’t forget that Alex Smith sucked for years until Harbaugh showed up.

          This narrative of wearing people out is nonesense. How many teams will line up to hire Harbaugh if decides to return to the NFL? Easily, more than a handful.

          1. « This narrative of wearing people out is nonesense. »

            Yup. He left USD for a promotion. He left Stanford for a promotion. His 4 year tenure in SF is the longest for any head coach in the York era.

    5. Whats the point of this?
      The reality is the debate is actually Chip Kelly vs Kyle Shanahan. Kyle is 2 coaches removed from Jim Harbaugh. The niners didn’t choose Kyle over Jim…. they chose anything over Jim. They had no plan in place when they fired him.

      The question now is Kyle Shanahan vs a replacement candidate… and one that the niners can sign.

      1. I hope they keep KS. You are right. Bill Walsh moved on from players, but he had a successor in place before the move.
        The Niners, if they treat KS badly, will be stuck with hiring another Tomsula type. Then Jed will go on another humiliation tour. Let us hope for Jed’s sake, that the Niners improve this season.

    6. Nice detailed critique about Harbaugh. I may have missed it, but I did not see the same level of scrutiny over Shanahan.

      I would agree that Shanahan has been accepted as a strong offensive mind, however a guru is a bit of a stretch. In fact Shanahan’s biggest and most critical issue is as an OC. He simply chokes sometimes in closing games and calling out the right play at the end of some key moments of winnable games. This takes many forms from clock mgmt, to field position to basic aspects of run vs. pass or combinations thereof.

      This has happened a handful of times as a Niners Coach already but was most notable when he lost the Super Bowl a few years ago. In that scenario, he only needed to keep the ball on the ground, burn clock, and keep the ball in a certain area of the field for his kicker. But instead he got pass happy and single handily cost the Falcons a Super Bowl victory in the process.

      Shanahan needs to dramatically improve his play calling and clock mgmt at the end of games before ever being considered a “guru.” And for our sake as the Faithful I hope he does soon as possible as the last two years have not demonstrated he has and he is now on our clock…and time is ticking – tic-tok, tic-tok

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    9. Bashing Jim Harbaugh is stupid. Before he arrived the Niners were garbage. Harbaugh arrives and in one year takes most of the same roster he inherited and gets it to the NFCCG. The next year he takes a QB who had only started a half seasons worth of games and goes to the SB. The following year they make yet another NFCCG and somehow you guys are trying to criticize his run here? One player complained after he left and the narrative becomes he wore out his welcome. Meanwhile multiple players sang his praises and some left when he did knowing the run was over now that he was gone. He moved on for better jobs until he got to the Niners and had to deal with a rich kid who thought he knew more than the HC. Harbaugh’s final year was full of backstabbing, injuries and rumors and he still had the team in contention for a playoff spot until the final weeks of the season. He went to Michigan which had one decent season in 8 years and improved them by 5 wins and has taken them to a bowl game every year. He didn’t beat Ohio State and you know why? He had to rebuild the reputation to get players to start coming to Michigan again after years as a doormat.

      I don’t know how good Shanahan is going to be as a HC, but he isn’t even in the same universe as a HC right now.

    10. Bosa bear-I agree with a lot of what you say…….but your wrong about a lot of things! and you seem to have a poor memory…..being so quick to burry JH!
      you blame JH for the mass exodus, but the evidence suggest the opposite! if all the players that retired of left via FA did so out of hatred/dislike of JH………WHY WOULD THEY QUIT/LEAVE/RETIRE AFTER JH LEFT!!!!!????? if THAT guy was the problem for them…….well …..hes gone!!!! problem solved! if its a me or him situation …..and HE leaves…..common sense would indicate…problem solved and all the unhappy campers would stay!!!!!! right?

      but the opposite happened!!!!! JH left…… and guys retired rather than play for TB and his hand picked dunce JT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      And that’s when kap seemed to check out as well…….he had leverage, but he took a team friendly deal… that the team had $$ to re-sing the boys, like Gore, Iupati etc……… but trent the weasel Baalke went on the cheap and let those guys walk!!!!! kap, feeling completely betrayed……was never the same! after the debacle that was the season to follow……kap said to hell with football and became an activist and the rest is history! say what you will about the offense in general and JH’s loyalty to Roman……the fact is…the guy was a qb guru and he took the same team the same players that coudnt even go 8-8… 3 straight NFCCG

    11. Here an article from 2013 on Kyle Shanahan shortly before being fired. It paints a different picture from a mastermind. Yes he understands X’s And O’s, but can he assemble a staff and teach players how to improve?

      Here’s another article from late 2013 with the following quote,
      “One opposing defensive coach, who faced the Redskins within the past two seasons, called Shanahan an “above average coordinator” who could be outstanding with the right head coach. His flaws, according to this coach: managing the game and play calling in critical situations. Other complaints over the years: he threw the ball too often and sometimes got too cute with his play calls.”

      1. Yes, but you learn from those experiences. He runs more than he throws now. He loves to run the ball to set up the pass. Not every coach can just step in and be 100% amazing. They all go through trials and lessons and learn from them.

        1. The 49ers passed 58% of the time. It seems as though that percentage increases when in the red zone (I have no data to back that up). It also seems as though Kyle still tries to get too cute in the red zone because they cannot gain yardage running in the red zone. Shanahan also seems to not know how to run consistently when ahead to control the clock.

        2. « He runs more than he throws now. »

          This is incorrect.

          2 seasons in SF averages out to 40% run to 60% pass

          9 seasons before averages out to 42% run to 58% pass.

          He’s the same guy he’s always been.

  2. Harbaugh bashers humor me, considering we were bottom feeders the previous decade…..instantly contenders when he showed up. Where were u guys when we were beating Pat’s in n.e. on a frozen icy night, or beatn atl in their house after being down 30 in NFC champ. We couldn’t touch gb most of my life….until harbs showed up. Ironic, Sf fans wanted Alex gone for years, until he was replaced with Kaep. We knew what Alex was/is and btw he still hasn’t seen a superbowl or even much playoffs. I’m a big time Alex supporter, but to prop him up at kaeps expense is ridiculous. Monday morning qb at its finest.
    Takes 5 mins to make a video, prob an hr to write up the article……which hopefully we get before midnight

    1. Maybe the Harb’s bashers miss Tomsula’s farts or Chip Kelly’s nonchalant “hey I am getting a big fat 5 year check” attitude. Harb’s was the best thing this team saw for 3 decades….

    2. 2012 was Alex’s Super Bowl.

      If he doesn’t get the concussion he’s taking them to the SB.

      In fact, 2011 was supposed to be a SB year. They would have handled NE easily, but 2 horrible punt returns killed that idea.

      Harbaughs biggest mistake was moving on from Alex.

    3. Where were u guys when we were beating Pat’s in n.e. on a frozen icy night,

      In person at Gillette. (and it wasn’t so icy as chilly / foggy / misty). That was one of the absolute high points of the Harbaugh/Kaepernick partnership.

      I was also in person at Levi’s Thanksgiving day 2014. That was the absolute nadir of the Harbaugh/Kaepernick partnership and when I fell off the bandwagon for both. Previous success notwithstanding, that was the end of the run for both and team had to start from scratch at that point forward.

      There have been missteps since, but the ship looks to be righted or at least no longer taking on water. I’m super jazzed about this upcoming season and can’t wait to stuff some serious crow down some of your yapping traps :)

  3. We got lucky when we landed Shanny.
    We got lucky when the Cardinals passed on Bosa.
    Harbaugh’s use by date has expired, and the Michigan fans around here have soured on him.

    I don’t dislike Harbaugh. I’m grateful for what he did, but I do not miss him or wax poetic like some others when his name is mentioned….

  4. Great recap. Can’t say that your either right or wrong , won’t be able to say
    Until after the Denver game if this team is going to be any good.

  5. Grant, amazing work. I used to think that you were a pompous irritating troll, but I am starting to enjoy your work. You more likable and engaging on periscope. I have really enjoyed your in-depth coverage and knowledge this training camp. Please continue the great work. Please write with the great voice and eloquent knowledge you show on periscope.

  6. Grant,

    Great points about the Yorks, Levi’s, softness of the team, probability, talent and the concerns. With you all the way on these. This is some of the same stuff that many have pointed out here over the last few seasons.

    Your measured approach will produce more impact in the long run. There will be those that think you should always heap lots of praise on the team, no matter what. Ignore them.

  7. Who has got it better than us- everybody– You must surely be Trent Baalke writing under an assumed name. Still trying to blame everything on Harbaugh ?

    1. Lmao. I am obviously not Baalke. I am just a fan who is perceptive enough to associate all the good from 2011-2013 with Harbaugh and place all the blame on Baalke’s doorstep. As a fan I am forever indebted to Harbaugh for the success he Brough the niners. At the same time I am not delusional and I do see his numerous flaws. I also think that Baalke gets his named dragged in the mud a lot. As a 49ers fan who lived through Terry Donahue, Baalke had moments that were pretty good with the niners. Obviously his total body of work is not great but he did a lot of nice things from 2010-2014. The way I see it is that they both deserve credit for the 49ers ascension and they both deserve blame for the way it fell apart.

  8. Harbaugh, Alex Smith ,Boone???
    WTF! They are in the rear view mirror.
    It is 2019… Time for Kyle and the boys…

    1. This year reminds me of when you rebuild an engine, and it’s time to Head Out To The Highway. It’s exciting, and I hope we leave those waxers of nostalgia in the rear view mirror….

      1. Yup, I just did not like the revisionist history. Waxing poetic? Hmmm, maybe a Freudian slip? ;p
        To me, even last season is ancient history. Hope springs eternal, and the Niners are undefeated.

        1. Last season is ancient history yet you were the guy saying KS should bring back Kaep.

          Talking about the past is fine, comparing and contrasting is fine, but it has to stop at that and not talk about wanting to bring in old players who are no longer in the league.

          1. Compared to Hoyer, Kaep was clearly superior.
            I am way past that. With JG as the Niner franchise QB, I am not advocating for Kaep to return. In fact, with Mullens as the backup, I do not think Kaep is needed as a backup, either. I will just wish Kaep well, where ever he goes, and whatever he does.
            However, Kaep is clearly a superior QB compared to the starter on many teams, and almost every backup. He is still a SB QB, in the prime of his life. His problem is all the blackballing, over his first amendment protests for social justice. Some claim he hates America. Actually, he loves America, and wants it to become better. The flag is just a symbol. It also flew over My Lai.
            OT, but as I type a 6 point buck is snacking on my astroelmerias.

            1. No, CK is not a clearly superior QB than many starters and almost all backups. He is not a SB level QB.

              He hasn’t played a down since December 2016. In that season he played 12 games, averaged 186 yards a game and 1.3 TDs. True he had just 4 ints but the offense was pretty average.

              His best asset was the read-option, that type of offense has all but gone extinct. His speed was lacking when he last played, he had awful mechanics and wasn’t progressing as a passer. The guy was a flash in the pan, nothing more.

              You’ll talk about his coaching and his players, but we’ve seen countless guys put up better numbers at the QB position with poor talent and coaching. Guys like Aaron Rogers and Matt Stafford come to mind.

              1. Murray is a raw rookie, and may get squashed like a bug his first game. Fitzpatrick was benched by several teams, but he is superior to Josh Rosen. Darnold has not impressed. Josh Allen is not accurate. Eli has regressed and Jones may be a mirage. Keenun is decent, but no slam dunk franchise QB, and Haskins has a lot to prove. Stafford is OK, but they may be looking for an upgrade. Dalton, Flacco and Winston may be on a short leash. Newton, Mariota and Watson are all coming back from injury, so they are question marks. Kaep is a record setting SB QB, so he has a distinct advantage over almost every backup.
                That means, over a third of the teams in the league have question marks.
                Kaep will not have played for 3 years? That means he has not been hit or sacked for 3 years. He should be fresh and fully healthy. If Brady just signed a contract at 42, Kaep has at least 10 years of playing potential.
                Of course, many teams would rather lose without Kaep, than win with Kaep.

              2. What proof do you have that CK would ever be able to pick up KS’ playbook? What proof do you have that he would be able to run any other offense than what he had custom made for him in SF?

                Lots of assumptions there buddy boy.

      2. Good analogy there, Razor……………….Sebs is still pining for his old 409….

        Yet all the 9er draft picks look like contributors and Sebby refuses to be happy–Why???


  9. Any word on who will be QB1 for the first preseason game. Sounds like it will probably be Nick Mullens but has there been an official announcement?

    1. It is a lot more nuanced than wins. The niners were loaded in 2014 and only managed 8 wins. There was clearly a lot of disconnect in both the front office and the locker room. There were a lot of players who seemed to be sick of Harbaugh or maybe sick of the 49ers. Despite all the turnover and retirement the niners went 5-11. Only 3 games worse than the previous year. As bad as Tomsula was, given his situation only 3 wins less is not terrible.

  10. Grant –

    What’s your impression of CJ Beathard during this camp? Is his best trait being able to take hit after hit still or has he evolved at all with his instincts?

  11. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season. I don’t have any hard expectations on whether it will be a 9- or 9+ win or a 4- win season, but there are reasons to hope for improvement. Yet here in this comment section the rampant negativism and oozing miserableness are unrelenting. I don’t understand how it can be fun for some of you to follow a team you hate. Or hate a team you follow. Why bother? Why click on practice notes and minutiae and the tedious nattering?
    Perhaps misery loves company. Free speech and all, …but …..yuck.
    I’ll be happy if the team does well. I’ll shrug it off if they suck, but it isn’t going to send me into depression or rage or lower the quality of life.
    If I ran a Pub and this lot here came by to watch the games and whine and complain as some do here, I’d close on Sundays.

    1. Oozing miserableness. I like the phrase. Close to ruptured boil.

      Said Pub might need a few bouncers at the door. Install tile flooring so the place could be hosed out at the end of each day.

      Reminds me of Billy Joel’s Piano Man

  12. Here is a topic besides Harbaugh and Baalke.,,

    Grant brought up the comparison between Aldon Smith and Bosa.

    I have to say I am with Grant on this one. I think Bosa barring injury is going to be an excellent pro bowl caliber player who gives the niners 8-10 sacks for the next 10 years. Aldon Smith to me was as special a pass rusher as I have seen in recent times. He was a defensive player of the year type of pass rusher. He was so gifted with long arms and innate strength. I personally think the Bosa comparison is unfair because Nick does not have his physical gifts. I do think that Nick may be a better run defender, but I am not sure if he ever has Aldon’s pass rush dominance.


    1. Ya gotta look at the total package. Alldone Smith had a million dollar body, and 10 cent head.
      Bosa comes from a football family, so he probably will avoid making egregious mistakes. He learned from his brother’s experience, and signed before the deadline. He has avoided sitting, then becoming injured. Sounds like he is a full go during these practices, and doing well.
      Alldone, with his long arms, was more gifted physically, but just could not stay on the field. Such a waste.

      1. I really feel bad for Aldon Smith. The guy had it all physically but he was definitely lacking in the mental capacity dept. I met a young man who attended Mizzou when Aldon played there. He said he had a friend that was employed by the athletic department and his sole job was to accompany Aldon wherever he went outside of football to keep him out of trouble. I can’t imagine a young person being so mentally incapacitated that you need a constant babysitter. For all I know that story is a lie but if it’s true; shame on Trent Baalke for drafting a player that you knew was going to have trouble. OR shame on Trent Baalke for drafting a player without knowing he needed constant supervision in college.

          1. No, she broke it off, and was not committed to anyone.
            Alldone could not handle that. She saw how out of control he was, and did not want to be his gf anymore.
            Kaep saved her from him. He did not steal anyone.

            1. Jesus Christ man, are you in love with CK….get off his junk.

              You seriously defending him when she goes from Aldon to Kaep…yet shes from NYC and hooking up with two guys playing for the same sports team 4k miles away.

              Just stop. He won’t be your friend.

              1. Yes, I have not been a huge fan of hers, after she sent the Django gif, but at that time, she was not Alldone’s gf.
                Glad if she breaks up with Kaep, or Kaep breaks up with her. That’s life. She has given him bad advice. However, if they are in a loving, committed relationship, all the more power to them. I like more love in this world.
                She had a say in the matter. She had to choose between one guy who passes out drunk and drives, and a leader who is a social justice warrior. Tough choice.
                I have never wanted or asked Kaep to be my friend. He is living his life, I am living mine. I may be a fan of his, and hope he plays again, leading a team to the SB, but he should really concentrate on football, and social justice, not a Niner blog. If I was an overly enthusiastic fan, I would go on his website and follow him. I do not.

              2. You said it here, you want him leading “a team to the super bowl”…

                49ers card called into question. Fan of CK only. Hmm, I wonder if you were here in 2011 or before with the rest of us, I truly doubt it.

              3. Did I say I want the team he would be on to beat the Niners if they meet in the SB?
                I want him to do well just to make posters like you go apoplectic, and prove your lack of football knowledge, but if his team meets the Niners in the SB, I will root hard for the team I love since the Brodie days.
                GO NINERS !!!!!!

            2. You’re leaving out the best part Sebbie…

              You know, your assertion_ that Nessa became Delilah; stealing Kaep away from football. Don’t deny it, it’s in the archives. If only Nessa would set him free…

      2. How do you know he was more gifted, Seb? he was playing next to a near HOF player when he was doing good.

        Your gonna have Bosa-on-the-brain soon enough, Sebs……….if he can have his way with Staley, whats he going to do with the rest of the NFL?

        1. Saw, I know you are trolling me, but to answer your question, Kaep is the only NFL QB to run for 181 yards in a playoff game. No other QB has done that.
          A gifted player can set records.

          1. Not if the NFL catches on to his skill set-and they did. That was the end of Kap. And Kap did not grow from it……..finito.

            Ya know, Sebs, Prime was pretty adversarial, but he was right on the button about Kap-“a one trick pony who never grew”.

  13. I don’t think there’s any question that Deebo has the skill to be the teams tops receiver but will he be on the field enough to really make a meaningful impact? Jerry Rice is the greatest player of all time because of his incredible skill set but also largely because he almost never missed a game. From 1986 through 2003 he appeared in an average of 15 games(regular season) a season. The main reason few will ever come close to matching his records is because he almost never missed an opportunity to pad his numbers.

    Does the story of Jordan Matthews shelling out money for #81 mean he’s been told he’s making the final roster? He’s been one of my top cut candidates all Summer and I’m thinking if there’s any chance of my guy Bourne making the team it’ll be at the expense of Jordan.

    Juan Thornhill has been killing it in Chiefs camp. I’d give real money to know why the front office felt like going with Ward for another season was their best option.

    1. Thornhill may not be be the best example of the 49ers ignoring the Safety position. Thornhill was picked in the 2nd round so the 49ers would have had to pass up Deebo Samuel. I really like the Deebo pick and the 49ers obviously needed help at WR. Where I just don’t understand the strategy with Ward is in the 3rd round. The 49ers had a glaring need at safety and instead picked ANOTHER WR. I just don’t get it.

      1. Sometimes Moore is more. We need Ward’s versatility coming off the bench. Let’s see what Tavarius can do, because he’s got the tools. If he can get to a place where he trusts his instincts, and stops the hesitation, we’ll have that position filled….

      2. “Houston 9er says:
        August 5, 2019 at 11:24 am
        Thornhill may not be be the best example of the 49ers ignoring the Safety position. Thornhill was picked in the 2nd round so the 49ers would have had to pass up Deebo Samuel. I really like the Deebo pick and the 49ers obviously needed help at WR.”

        I’m big on Deebo as well but I wouldn’t have complained either if we had taken Thornhill at #36 and ultimately missed out on Samuel.

        In the back of my head I’d love to entertain the idea that the team was targeting a Safety at #67 but the run on the position at the end of the 2nd took them out of the market. However, I just don’t have that much faith in the current brain trust. Mostly because if they really did have serious interest in filling that need they should have recognized that picks 59-64 were replete with Safety needy teams and that there was a good reason to jump into that range and take one. It would have only taken 30-50 points in daft value to move up from #67 into that range. So if they really wanted to address the position with one of the top prospects and still take Deebo at #36 it wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

  14. I wonder when the 49ers will start practicing against Kevin O’Shea’s Cowboys team. He may have cut the Ice Box but Spike Hammersmith is truly a monster among boys…err men.

    I mean, its the best way to get this offense going, right Seb?

    1. I noticed when they took out Buckner and Ford, the Offense started to do better. Then they targeted Colbert, who may have lost his starting job.
      What an amazing coincidence.
      I have not followed the Cowboys much this TC, but they will find a way to lose, like letting their best offensive player vacation in Mexico.

  15. Harbaugh he was okay, I like smash mouth football, I liked winning again that was cool, my avatar is because of Harbaugh. A player losing his job to injury is never a good thing. (Alex Smith) also its my belief that Harbaugh would never win the big one at any level.

    The one thing I always remember about Harbaugh I believe it was in 2012 on the road against the Cardinals was the WCO in its purist form with AS at the helm. It was a masterful game. It reminded me so much of the Walsh days…that was then this is now.

    Go Niners 19-0 baby.

    1. Your belief is unsubstantiated and doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the man took a decent but limited roster to a SB and 3 straight championships, but to each his own. The complaints about him not giving the job back to Smith after his injury don’t make a lot of sense either considering the offense was more explosive with Kaepernick and they were winning. Kaepernick and his running were a huge reason they were able to get to the SB and come within 5 yards of winning it. Also something to keep in mind is the fact the defense was terrible during that SB run and they overcame it due to the fact teams hadn’t gotten a read on Pistol by that point.

        1. They weren’t as good over the last few weeks of the regular season and playoffs as they’d been for the better part of that season. Had something to do with Justin Smith and Aldon Smith both playing with injuries.

        2. The Niner defense was terrible near the end of the season and into the playoffs. The offense was the reason they went to the SB that year and it wouldn’t have been the same offense with Alex Smith.

      1. Lets see Harbaugh been in football long time has yet to win the big one. I guess it will take till he retires to know one way or the other. I am not bashing Harbaugh I liked him I liked AS also but I also don’t think they are winners at the highest level. You are right he went to three NFC and a SB lost three out of four games. He is a gamer, I loved the guy but he has limitations. And after this year we might find out Shanny has limitations too. Kaep ran out of surprises which didn’t surprise me as I questioned the drafting of the guy. The team started its decline the moment Kaep took over with his legs, threw some beautiful passes, beat the crap out of Green Bay, yup dazzled then fizzled. I actually think Harbaugh is right there with Dick Nolan, George Seifert, and Mooch as the second best HC in Niner history. Sorry if you don’t like that I think he couldn’t win the big one – hey I hope he does, like I say I like the guy. But he hasn’t and probably wont.

        1. If your knock on Harbaugh is he couldn’t win the big one then you shouldn’t have him tied with Seifert.

          It should be:


            1. Seifert won the Super Bowl.

              Harbaugh lost a Super Bowl.

              The other 2 got as far as losing Championship games.

              1. Its hard to argue against going and winning the SB. I also would be okay with your list. Here is the way I see it. Seifert took over a team that was just outstanding wouldn’t take much of a coach to take that talent to the SB, then it was slowly down hill. Harbaugh took a team from no where thrilled us with a Saints game in the playoffs elevated AS’s game. I think Harbaugh is right up there with Seifert. Harbaugh could of taken Seifert’s team to the SB, I doubt Seifert could of taken Harbaughs team to the playoffs no less. Probably can tell I am not a huge Seifert fan.

              2. Jack Hammer=Kraperneck lost the Super Bowl……somewhere Utube don’t know if it was taken down, the overhead mic picked up Craptree saying something to the effect “throw me the ball man I got this” and Krap was like “you got it dog” and then Krap throws to Craptree 3 times straight…There were other receivers open as the instant replay showed…..Kraperneck lost the big game he even admitted to it … Stop pinning the loss of the Super Bowl on someone +Harbs that didn’t even play…sheeeeesh

        2. That five yards might as well be a thousand yards. Harbaugh called a play Kaep threw a pass that was short and the ‘me first receiver’ didn’t have the mindset to wrap up the defender preventing an interception. Yup two bonehead players one is out of football, not sure where Crabtree is, the HC is not in the pro’s anymore. The demise was swift and certainly was not subtle.

        3. Harbaugh had 4 years total in the NFL with a pretty good but flawed roster. In that time he went to 3 straight NFCCG’s and a SB. He took three poorly performing programs in College and turned them all into winners. Who was he supposed to win a Championship with that diminishes him in your eyes? U of SD? Stanford? Michigan? All of these teams including the 49ers overachieved with Harbaugh. He’s starting to get some of the top recruits to come to Michigan now that he’s turned them into winners. We’ll see if he stays long enough to win a Championship or decides to take one of the multiple offers he’ll get to return to the NFL.

    2. More revisionist history. Alex could not guarantee he would not go 1-13 on third down conversions and only complete one pass to his WRs.
      Kaep spotted the Packers a pick six, the proceeded to gallop for 181 yards, a playoff record.
      Kaep’s defense let the Falcons score 3 TDs, then led a furious comeback to get into the SB.
      Kaep is the only QB to lead his team into the SB after 10 games. It took Tom Brady 14 games.

      1. « Kaep is the only QB to lead his team into the SB after 10 games. »

        Took Jeff Hostetler only 2, and he won it.

        1. Haha!!

          “During the game against Buffalo, Hostetler was called in the game to replace Simms after Simms had suffered a foot injury. The Giants lost the game, dropping them to 11-3 on the year, but Hostetler was able to lead them to victories in their last two regular season games and their first playoff game against the Chicago Bears.

          In the NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers, Hostetler suffered a knee injury in the fourth quarter when Jim Burt tackled him below the knees. Although he was injured, Hostetler was able to walk off the field on his own and later returned to the game and engineered two late scoring drives, that culminated with a Bahr field goal, and a 15-13 victory.

          Hostetler started Super Bowl XXV; the Giants defeated the heavily favored Bills 20-19. He completed 20 of 32 passes for 222 yards with one touchdown.”

        2. Thats right-Hoss DID do it in two…..and threw an accurate ball while being pretty shifty in his own right.

          Freekin Sebs and his false god worship……………………

        3. I stand corrected. Hostetler started 2 games in the first 4 years of his career. He then took over from Simms for the last 2 games, and won their 2 playoff games, one with the Niners.
          So, in his fifth season, after starting 6 games, he played and won his SB.

      2. Kraepernick was the first 49ers QB to lose in a SB. That’s his legacy.
        That and no one willing to give him another NFL job.

        1. THIS Krapaerneck lost the SB not Harbs……somewhere there is a clip of the mic picking up Crabs saying to crap “throw me the ball man I got this” and guess what…..Krap throws to him 3 time straight….Krap even admitted it was his fault…fans can be so blinded by BS

            1. Nah Krap coulda woulda shoulda hit the open guy, why throw to a guy covered?…..but I never really was a Crab= fan he was mediocre

    1. Crabtree vs Sherman – super!

      Interesting move by the Cards. They brought in a lot of WRs in the draft. Makes me think they aren’t developing as quickly as hoped – good news for the 49ers!

      1. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the result you’re going to get,” “Don’t you ever talk about me!” “CRABTREE Don’t you open your mouth about the best!”

      2. Looks like Crabtree wasn’t signed after all.


        ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Cardinals and free agent Michael Crabtree could not agree to terms on a contract.
        ProFootballTalk reported the deal as done Monday night, and Schefter confirmed the Cardinals did offer Crabtree a contract. The deal apparently fell apart, however, and Crabtree remains a free agent. Ultimately, it is good news for Arizona’s trio of rookie wide outs.

        RELATED: Arizona Cardinals
        SOURCE: ESPN
        Aug 6, 2019, 9:17 AM ET

    2. Was Crabtree really signed by the Cardinals? I read that he worked out…..but don’t remember that he was signed.

    1. I respectfully disagree. It should be Bourne for a 4th or fifth round pick.
      Goodwin is a complementary player whose speed can stretch the field. Bourne is duplicative with Matthews and I think they keep Matthews for his veteran help with the rookies.
      Bengals may also be a good trade partner. They need WR help.

  16. I can’t wait for the conversations following Saturday’s game. The football talk will change on here because of new fresh content provided by the game.

    I know it’s silly, but what heck. I’m going with two sacks for Bosa, a wow moment on a punt from Wishnowski, a TD catch by Pettis and a eye opening performance from Greenlaw.
    Now, none of these predictions will likely happen, but then again …

    Ahhh, football is in the air.

    1. What I really want to see is for the offense to play crisply, quickly and with no unforced errors. I hope they can score TDs in the red zone, and for the RBs to have a few long OZ runs.
      I hope the defense can stop the run and force them to pass, making them one dimensional. I would like to see an interception, and a fumble recovery.

      1. Me thinks since they have had little contact we may see offsides, delay of game and a host of other things not ironed out yet…if so its the same bs that Kyle doesn’t fix….lets hope not though….excited to see Deebo Bosa and Greenlaw

  17. On Rotoworld:

    “The Athletic’s Matt Barrows doesn’t consider Marquise Goodwin a lock to make the 49ers’ 53-man roster.
    Barrows named Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, and Trent Taylor as the top four, leaving Goodwin, Jordan Matthews, Kendrick Bourne, and Richie James competing for possibly two spots. Bourne has been showing out at camp and led the Niners’ receivers in receiving a year ago. Matthews has reportedly been steady in camp, if not splashy. And James is a youngster with some intrigue. Goodwin carries the fattest cap hit at $2.95 million, but the Niners would save virtually none of it against the cap if he’s cut. Goodwin couldn’t stay healthy last year but was productive in 2017.”

  18. I used to be a Goodwin advocate–not any more. Can’t stay healthy and frankly, not sure his focus is entirely on football. I know he’s had some hard stuff to deal with on the home front and hope that’s behind him so he and his wife can heal and actually have a healthy kid, but I would not be disappointed if he was traded or let go.

    I like Kendrick Bourne a lot and think that he could have a breakout season in year three.

    Bourne > Goodwin

    1. I beg to differ. Goodwin is the fastest player on the team. He can present unique problems for the defense’s.
      I certainly hope and pray his wife can have a problem free pregnancy and have a healthy baby boy to follow in his footsteps. His own injury questions can be ameliorated by not playing him so much. The depth of the WR squad will allow them to spread the ball around.
      I like Bourne, too, but it is just a numbers game. These 53 cuts will be painful. If not Bourne, Matthews may be the player who does not make the team. Goodwin with his speed makes the team. They invested high draft picks for Pettis, Deebo and Hurd. Taylor looks healthy and JG likes to throw to him, and James is important as a KO returner. That is 6 players. Will they keep 7 WRs?
      The Niners may want to trade away a WR to the East Coast, because the Cards are looking to upgrade their WR corps. Giants, Bengals and Miami have lost WRs due to injury.

  19. Will they move McGlinchey to LT now until Staley is back (as they will likely do when Staley calls it a career) and let Skule play RT? …should they?

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