The good and not so good from training camp: Day 9

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis (18) runs a drill at the team’s NFL football training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, June 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA – Here’s who stood out during Tuesday’s practice.


  1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo. Completed 9 of 13 pass attempts. Mostly dinked and dunked, but threw one perfect downfield pass while rolling left, which Kendrick Bourne dropped and tipped to Ahkello Witherspoon, who made the interception. That was Garoppolo’s best pass of the morning. He has steadily improved throughout camp.
  2. QB Nick Mullens. Completed 6 of 10 pass attempts, and two of his passes were dropped. Mullens threw a 90-yard touchdown pass to Trent Taylor, and what should have been a 22-yard touchdown pass to Deebo Samuel, who dropped the ball in the end zone. Mullens’ best pass of the morning was a 12-yard rope over the middle to Samuel on third and six.
  3. QB C.J. Beathard. Completed 6 of 8 pass attempts. His best pass of the day was a 15-yard strike over the middle to Dante Pettis, a pass the defense intercepted. More on Pettis below.
  4. WR Trent Taylor. Caught the 90-yard touchdown pass from Mullens, as well as two passes from Garoppolo. Through nine days of camp, Garoppolo has thrown 21 passes to Taylor, who has caught 13 of them. He and Kittle are Garoppolo’s favorite targets.
  5. WR Jalen Hurd. Ruined a run play by running the wrong direction and blowing his blocking assignment. Classic rookie mistake. Otherwise, Hurd played well. He caught three passes and gained three first downs. He seems like he can develop into a decent tight end or slot receiver, because he’s tough to cover in the middle of the field.
  6. RB Jerick McKinnon. Returned to practice after almost an entire year away from football following ACL surgery. Participated in position drills but not 11-on-11 scrimmages. May not play at all during the preseason.
  7. RB Austin Walter. Has taken lots of carries in camp, and has gotten better each day. Runs hard and stays on his feet. He has terrific balance for an undrafted rookie.
  8. TE Ross Dwelley. Ran by Richard Sherman, who bit on a play-action fake, to make a 25-yard catch on the first pass of practice. Dwelley also beat Jaquiski Tartt with a crisp out-route during one-on-one drills. Later during practice, Dwelley dropped a pass over the middle, proving he’s human. Afterward, Shanahan called Dwelley “a legit NFL player, and he’s going to help us.” Shanahan is dead right.
  9. LT Joe Staley. Has beaten Nick Bosa four-straight times during one-on-one pass-rush drills since Sunday. Bosa gave Staley problems the first few practices but, since then, Staley has adjusted. He is such a joy to watch every day.
  10. DT DeForest Buckner. Threw starting left guard Laken Tomlinson onto his back during one on ones. So disrespectful.
  11. LB Kwon Alexander. Gave up a catch to George Kittle, but chased him down and stripped the ball out of his hands.
  12. LB Elijah Lee. Started at strong-side linebacker in place of Malcolm Smith, who missed practice with hamstring tightness.


  1. TE George Kittle. Fumbled for the second time during camp. Kittle recovered both fumbles himself.
  2. WR Dante Pettis. Took most of his reps with the second-string offense after playing with the starters for most of camp, and made a nice catch over the middle. But, Pettis let Greg Mabin snatch the ball out of his hands. Pettis has struggled bigtime throughout camp – he played better a year ago. The 49ers should have signed a proven veteran to compete with Pettis, instead of anointing him the No. 1 wide receiver after an inconsistent rookie season. He remains inconsistent.
  3. WR Kendrick Bourne. Replaced Pettis as the first-string flanker for most of practice, and made a nice 19-yard catch over the middle. Also dropped an easy one when he was wide open, and the defense intercepted the pass. Bourne seems to drop too many passes to be a starting possession receiver. He’s a solid backup. Pettis should get more opportunities to start as camp progresses.
  4. DE Dee Ford. Missed his sixth practice in a row with knee tendinitis.

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  1. Was hoping to see JG for at least the first two drives this weekend. But I understand why he won’t be playing.
    I hope they just cut Malcolm Smith. The guy is a walking injury.

    1. Pettis is a third WR. Debo, given the dearth of above-average receivers, might be starting as a one before too long. I am surprised we did not find a legitimate starting WR. I also worry about not having a good center we can rely on. We ignored this position in the offseason although Wesburg was no more than average last year. His replacements are all less than average. Poor JG!

  2. Grant, has Shanny shown any new formation groupings you didn’t see last year with this years offensive personnel?

    1. I surmise it will be 12 personnel with 2 TEs.
      One TE on each side will allow the Niners to run either weak or strong side. Left or right.
      2 TEs will allow for 4 receivers, so the defense must defend against the pass, which will help the run game.

        1. Getting Kittle, Dwelley and Juice on the field at the same time is a good personnel group. This is actually something that Grant brought up a few days ago and makes sense.

          1. Let’s see. As a group these guys would be “slow” relative to a group that includes some of the speedy WRs. OTOH, they would be better for blocking on run plays and probably catching passes over the middle. But since they are relatively slow and not as experienced with man press, they probably wouldn’t be a good grouping for obvious passing downs.

            What’s your reasoning, Hammer?

            1. Kittle, Dwelley, and Juice are the three most consistent players in the passing game, especially with a young WR group that’s very inconsistent.

              This group could be used much like Shanahan uses his 21 group, to force the defense into base personnel.

              1. Force them into base personnel, yet opens up passing plays because of their consistency. Seems like they would be a good group for play action.

              2. Yes, or you could spread them out by going to a single back set and force the linebackers/safeties to cover in space.

                It’s a good matchup for SF.

              3. I liked it better when Harbaugh used Staley and Sopoaga as Fullbacks and TEs.

                Who doesn’t want to see a 320 lb Nose Tackle split out wide? I mean if Saleh can keep dropping NTs into coverage for Fire Zone blitzes….why can’t we have a NT at Split End (try pressing him at the line of scrimmage). Or line him up in the slot. If the other opposing team drops their NT into coverage…..imagine NT on NT route running and coverage!

                Didn’t Sopoaga catch a pass once?

            2. To be fair, Sopoaga had a rugby background.

              I remember in high school, one of the offensive linemen was moved to Fullback for a day. They threw him some passes. He dropped them all and was quickly moved back to the O line.

  3. “DT DeForest Buckner. Threw starting left guard Laken Tomlinson onto his back during one on ones. So disrespectful.”

    WTG Buck, ‘attitude’

  4. As a group it seems that the WR group isn’t stepping up, no real consistency from day to day. Appears that the backfield group (safety and cornerback) is starting to gel.
    Has the OL started to play with more consistency?
    Good to see one of the Undrafted running backs get a 👍.

    1. I like Hurd. He brings toughness. His hands are tough. He can run over people. I look for him to move up during the year. He may become our key go-to guy over the middle.

              1. Joe Montana’s certainly the best I’ve seen. I’d take him over Brady because of his superior athletic ability, and the fact he played in a competitive division. When Brady runs a forty you time it with a calendar.

                When it comes to the GOAT, though, you can’t ignore the record of Otto Graham. Led the Browns to the Championship game in all ten seasons he played, and won it seven times. It would be hard to find a quarterback with superior athletic ability. In addition to his seven football rings, he got one as sixth man on the franchise that is now the Sacramento Kings. And he was one of the fastest guys on the Browns. Fast enough to play defensive back on occasion, and once returned a Sammy Baugh pick 97 yards for six. He was the leading rusher as well as the leading passer in his first NFL Championship Game.

                Otto Graham has done things no other QB will likely ever do. He won the championship his first year in the league, as well as his last. Spent virtually his entire career in first place and still holds the NFL record in the all-important stat of yards gained per pass attempt.

  5. Grant, am I correct in saying Deebo is backing up Goodwin at split end? And Pettis and Bourne the flankers? What are your thoughts on Deebo and Pettis potentially switching spots?

      1. Yeah, agreed. I am a bit surprised as well that they have them in those spots. Pettis looked best last year as the split end, so I just assumed they would stick with him there. I kind of understand the thought process of putting him at flanker so he has that extra space between him and the DB, but he showed last year his footwork in close quarters was good enough to beat the jam up on the line. And I thought Deebo looked best fitted to flanker in this offense as a draft prospect, though I can see the fit as a split end also given his combo of strength, footwork and speed to beat the jam. Given Pettis isn’t shining at flanker I think switching them both over would make sense.

        1. This is training camp and is probably a good time for both Pettis and Samuel to get snaps at both and X and Z positions. IIRC, I had heard one of the coaches (probably Kyle) mention that he wants Pettis to play in either position based on the personnel grouping. I can see Pettis playing Z when Goodwin is on the field.

      2. I’m guessing that Samuel’s power allows him to beat the press out at Split End for those man beater slant routes. The most important thing a Split End can can do is beat one on one coverage. Goodwin with speed. Deebo with power.

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  7. What a homophonic comment you’ve made. Please, do everyone a favor who isn’t a Trump sucking supporter and find a different blog to contribute your hateful hillbilly rhetoric. Damn.

    1. There ya go Fo9.
      Complain about someone’s comment being offensive and then do the same with your comment.
      Credibility level is off the charts with you.
      That will show em. Smh

  8. Hmmm, 12 good and only 4 bad? Posters are going to accuse Grant of being a Homer.
    21 out of 31, with 4 drops? Grant should be worried about the DBs. ;p

  9. Proudly independent thanks.
    I think for myself. Far left and Far right are both loons.
    Cous Cous throwing hippies-bad
    Religious right -bad
    Now back to that waxed leg hair.
    Many gay men are amazing artists.
    From what I have read that is Dante’s first love and passion.
    I just think if you wax your legs and rock a stache like that -you might be gay….thus maybe he is a bit too “loose” to be a WR 1.
    We’ll see your fan Mileage may Vary
    But I’m calling it now. He would rather have a Pu Pu platter than get hit over the middle several times a year.

    1. Bruh. Just go away.
      And Fo9 dude you’re not helping yourself with homophobic comments you just literally complained about.
      I swear you can’t make this stuff up.
      You hate trump, you like trump.
      This rhetoric is part of the reason there are insane youngsters shooting crowds up.
      Do a favor to humanity. Stop flaming the fire of divide.

    1. Well he should be a little faster with those waxed legs.
      But will he be able to take the hits?
      We’ll see.

    2. I will take Kittle over any Wr or TE the Raiders have. Terrell Williams is a one trick pony. Certainly not worth the 40 mil he got to be a #2 Wr. Plus Pettis and Deebo will be very good WRs under KS. Just takes a little time.

  10. Looking at the WRs, I think they will move them around, but generally, Pettis and Goodwin should be the split ends (X).
    Deebo and Matthews as the flankers (Z).
    Taylor and Hurd as the split ends.
    Richie James on STs.

    1. I do not see Matthews as a route running Flanker type that can run after the catch in traffic. I know he was primarily a slot receiver in the past….but that’s more of a beat the middle coverage either man or hook zones…find the open spot by adjusting your route kind of thing. Flankers need to run their routes in synch with the QB and the other receivers running their routes in the concept.

      Deebo seems to me that he’s set up to be a man beater X receiver.

      Hurd is definitely an F or slot receiver. He Matthews but with better RAC potential.

      1. I hope they move Deebo around to all 3 positions. I could see him in the slot, catching a slant, and gaining YAC.
        I put Pettis at split end because he would go one on one with a corner, and could attack the side line or go deep, without running over the middle. Goodwin, with his speed, could stretch the field.
        I think Deebo and Matthews can both catch balls in traffic. I liked how Matthews snatched the ball away from a DB, in a previous practice.
        I also see that Hurd could play in all 3 positions, with his versatility.

  11. Jennifer Lee Chan

    Jennifer Lee Chan Retweeted Grant Cohn
    This is true
    Grant and I chatted about how he thought Deebo has been having a great camp.

    Grant Cohn

    Other than this drop, Samuel generally has played well during camp. I told @jenniferleechan on the sideline today I think he’s better than Pettis right now.

  12. The longtime 9er fan’s lament…

    His mind turned like the vanes of a wind-powered turbine, chopping his sparrow-like thoughts into bloody pieces that fell onto a growing pile of forgotten memories.

    Lifted from a winning submission in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (my apologies).

    1. That’s a rumor started by a Barrow’s quote about the # of WR spots and who’s likely to fill them.

      “…let’s say that the first four spots go to Dante Pettis, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd and Trent Taylor. That would leave two spots for Marquise Goodwin, Jordan Matthews, Kendrick Bourne and Richie James.”

      Goodwin had a down year last year due to off field (family) problems. The year before he was pretty good. With speed guys that have been around for awhile you worry that the’ll lose their speed. But Goodwin recently proved he still has his speed when he won that bogus 40 yards for Gold competition. One of the other receivers is going to have to out play him. I guess Bourne is having a good camp. I don’t know about Matthews….I wonder if Hurd will take his big slot role.

      I dunno…it’s always nice to have a speedster who’s reputation alone scares defenses enough to keep an eye on him on every pass play. But obviously he’ll need more than his reputation, Goodwin will have to show that he can still play.

  13. Hard Knocks

    1. So glad we are not the Hard Knocks team. Gruden seems past his prime.
    2. So this is what Petis looks like after he bulked up in the offseason.
    3. Grant, you can end a lot of the Shenanigans and Jabroniisms on this website if Press Dem moves the comments to a Google or facebook login system.

  14. I reviewed Kaden Smith in April and posted on this site that he would make an impact this season.

    The offense has a chance to be special/ muli-faceted, if the O-Line is healthy.

    Smith will be percect in a 3rd and two, double TE formation!

    1. Kaden Smith is one of a quickly becoming rare breed of classic “Y” inline TE. A guy that can block on the line of scrimmage DEs and OLBs…..and not simply get in their way in space. Most TEs coming out of college are primarily slot receivers that line up tight or in the slot.

      Smith’s huge knock was his 4.9 speed that he posted at the combine which puts him in the athletic offensive linemen class of speed. But prior to that I had seen his 40 time posted in the low 4.8s. That’s still slow but it’s at least functional for a TE. Hopefully Smith just had a bad day at the combine.

      1. He’s got some wiggle to him, but mostly a guy who has a knack for reading coverages in traffic to find his way open in seconds.

        World class speed won’t work with a LB grabbing onto you if you can’t shake him.

      2. I like Grant’s idea. Instead of a TE, add another O lineman, if they want to gain those short yards needed to score or convert a third down.

  15. Malcom Smith injured hamstring again?? We can not deal with these injury prone player, we need to cut him asap.

  16. “He’s gotten better each day,” 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan says of safety Tarvarius Moore
    By David Bonilla
    18 hrs ago • 1

    Jimmie Ward is still working his way back onto the practice field. Safety Tarvarius Moore, are taking advantage of the added reps. In fact, the second-year defensive back has been working a lot with the first-team defense.

    “He’s getting better,” Saleh said. He’s not a dumb guy. He’s actually really smart. And so, for Tarvarius, he’s only been playing the position for a couple weeks, if you think about it, here for our team. He’s been a corner.”

    Head coach Kyle Shanahan discussed Moore after Tuesday’s practice and feels the safety is progressing.

    “Each day, he’s gotten better,” Shanahan told reporters. “We’re throwing a lot at him, and we moved him there in the middle, I think, of OTAs and he’s come back on his 40 days away ready to attack it. He’s gotten better each day, and he’s earned more reps.

  17. Kaden Smith, with his 4.9 forty, just does not have the speed or quickness needed to be a receiving threat.
    However, unlike others, he is PS eligible, so they may go that route with him. Although, several teams have had TEs becoming injured, so they may take a chance on Kaden Smith, if he is available.
    The problem is, I just think they will go with only 2 TEs, so they can keep 7 WRs.

  18. Seb,

    Speed is an asset, not a requirement at the TE position….If you can’t shake that LB or safety grabbing you in traffic, world class speed is no good in this sport—–I spotted you as a track and field guy anyway, Sebby.

    “Kaden Smith has one heck of an opportunity in front of him
    Garrett Celek’s spot may not be safe.

    The San Francisco 49ers drafted tight end Kaden Smith, and while it was an obvious move for a position lacking depth behind No. 2 man Garrett Celek, he has a huge opportunity in front of him…. Celek had a terrible 2018.

    So a training camp and six weeks into the season. The 49ers don’t have much behind George Kittle at tight end….Smith is a competitive guy too. He earlier said he wanted to one day compete with Kittle for the starting tight end job on the 49ers

    If Smith makes the most of his opportunity, Celek may find himself out of a job at the end of the season.”

    1. I think Celek is a certain cut, or IR, with his injuries. I consider Toilolo to be better than Kaden Smith, even though they both are on the slow side.
      Looks like Dwelly is emerging as the number 2 TE. Hurd can also be a TE, he is so versatile.
      No, I am a former soccer player. I am not a track and field guy. I fully admit I was one of the slower players on my team, but I did OK because of my technique and savvy.

      1. Yes Seb Toilolo can be a red zone threat at 8ft 6…or is it 6ft 8? …….Kaden is slower than slow bad pick…..Dwelley will be 2nd so no more Celek time..

  19. Im sorry to say but we have lost MWNiner. But this was like his favorite thing to do was to come on her and talk with you guys about his favorite team. I’m sure he would of wanted us to let you know. GO NINERS
    sorry I don’t know how to write as well as him..

    His Grandson
    (EAGLESFAN) lmao
    R.I.P MWNiner

    1. I am truly sorry to hear that MWNiner is no longer with us. I was just thinking the other day that he hadn’t posted in quite some time. He was always a voice of reason and kind hearted with his posts. May he rest in peace.

      1. Here’s a classic MWNiner exchange…

        MWNiner says:
        August 13, 2018 at 10:13 am

        When the wife and I attended TC …(on Aug. 7th) ..
        Dante Pettis was the only one to come out prior to the practice
        to do a little posing and a few dance moves… and ..he received the
        obligatory cheer from the crowd….

        Here’s a cool “mini” bio of him … =>

        (I like this kid)

        Cassie Baalke says:

        August 13, 2018 at 11:58 am
        Did you see Grant?

        MWNiner says:
        August 13, 2018 at 2:15 pm

        Cassie asks:
        Did you see Grant?

        Nope … sure didn’t … but I was looking for him …
        I’m thinking he musta been on the other side of the field from me …

        but ..
        climbing on-board the shuttle bus back to our car … I noticed
        that it was about ¾ full … and everyone on that bus had their
        “collective” “umbilical chords” … (cell phones)
        super-glued to their faces … and it was extremely quiet …
        S-ooo … I yelled … “GO NINERS !” ….
        (and got the appropriate response ..)

        But then… they ALL went back to their cells …

        Damn, people ! … look up once in awhile ! … You just ..may
        see something beautiful !!

      2. thank you so much. I was just reading some old posts and I just thought about how he always had people to talk to on here and should let everyone know. He was 72 and didn’t believe in social media, but this was like his facebook. always checking to see if someone has replied lol. He has nothing but 49ers stuff. Joe Montana was his favorite QB of all time, and believes that Joe IS the GOAT.

    2. So sorry to hear of this loss. MWNiner was always a thoughtful commenter. May the laughter and joy he brought you in life sustain you in his passing.

    3. aw…man…sorry to hear that.

      A lot of the posters here go back a ways.

      MWNiner is one of them.

      He’ll be missed.

    4. Sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for letting us know.

      MWNiner was always good for some pretty funny comments. He will be missed.

    5. Thank you MWNiner grandson. So very sorry to hear this, condolences to you and your family. He will be missed here mightily as well. Of course he believed Joe is the GOAT, that’s truth right there!

    6. MWNiner, RIP.
      MWNiner Grandson, would you please give us a eulogy, so we can honor his memory? I wonder where he lived, how he became a Niner fan, and which was his favorite 49er game?

    7. He was a great poster, and he will be missed. My condolences to you and your family. Thank you so much for letting us know.

    8. MW Niner (grandson)

      Thanks for the heads-up on MWNiner….I’m sure that he’ll be watching from a better seat than the rest of us…R.I.P…..

    9. Aaw man sorry to hear that. Your grandpa was one of the folks on here with class.
      Great poster.
      Prayers for you and your family in this tough time.
      RIP and a BIG GOOOO NINERS! For MWNiner

  20. This doesn’t look good…except the TD part.

    Chris Biderman

    Goodwin’s up but limping pretty noticeably. Looking like a lower right leg. #49ers

    Chris Biderman

    And now Marquise Goodwin is down after slipping while running a route. #49ers

    Chris Biderman

    Bosa’s leaving the practice field and walking slowly under his own power.

    Chris Biderman

    Bosa’s up and walking gingerly. #49ers

    Chris Biderman

    Nick Bosa just got hurt. Looks like the medical staff is looking at his lower right leg. #49ers

    Chris Biderman

    #49ers offense just scored four straight touchdowns in a red zone period. Jimmy Garoppolo hit George Kittle and Trent Taylor for a pair of scores apiece.

  21. Nick Bosa walked off the field unassisted. Saleh said he’s not worried, it’s not serious:

    “Bosa’s brilliance has been the biggest story of the 49ers’ training camp. He set the tone for his strong summer by beating Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Staley on three snaps in his second practice.

  22. First of all, Happy Dwight Clark day! maybe my grandpa is celebrating this day with him #87
    my grandpa was born and raised in South San Fransisco he became a niner fan when his dad took him to a game and he met a player . Sorry forgot his name. he worked in broadcasting and did some journalism in his young adult life. He worked hard and family meant everything to him. He was very proud of his children and all his grandchildren and great grandchildren. He would tell me stories about going to Niner games with my mom and uncle’s friends, so they would take the place of his “real” kids during the games.My Uncle’s teacher was a Gold Rush cheerleader He would go to all the meet and greets around the Bay Area with both my uncles. He gave my mom a hard time when she was in Santa Cruz and the Niners were having a volleyball tournament and Tom Rathman wanted to sign his jacket, my mom was wearing his coat and swore she would take care of it. When she went back home her friend, (one that often went to games with him) told him how my mom said no to him mainly because she had no clue who it was until after. He loved Dc, Ronnie Lott,Jerry Rice and Joe.He even went to Football Hall of Fame when Joe was inducted.These are the one’s in my memory. I did used to do the duckwalk when I was younger, but became an Eagles fan shortly after Hanks left. Later in life he moved to Mid West for my grandma and other family. Still cheering on his team and of course blogging. WE would talk about posts he thought were important topics. He was always thinking of others and refurbished computers for schools in need, single mothers or people that could not afford them. With preseason almost here and the game to be played on Friday, I find myself lost as I don’t have anyone to guide with my fantasy game picks or to harass when the Niners lose it. Thank you all for the kind words as I will miss him during football season. Even though I’m an Eagle fan I will root for the Niners. #Go Niners #Go Eagles #Never Forget MWNiner

    1. Great memories. Your family was very fortunate to have had him for 72 years.
      I am sure he and Dwight will be cheering from up above.
      Thank you for such a moving eulogy. He would be proud of you.
      PS, maybe Razor could give you some fantasy tips. He is the blog maven, and has won his league before.

    2. MWN,
      You are blessed to have had a wonderful grandfather and dad to share these awesome stories with.
      Remember, that no matter how far you are from the 49ers, it’s safe to say that the 49ers are part of your DNA!

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