The good news and the bad news for the Warriors

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry (30) drives to the basket between Toronto Raptors’ Marc Gasol, left, and Danny Green (14) during Game 1 of basketball’s NBA Finals, Thursday, May 30, 2019, in Toronto. (Gregory Shamus/Pool Photo via AP)

The Warriors played like chumps.

They shot poorly, defended poorly and committed 16 turnovers against the Toronto Raptors during Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors seemed totally out of sync, like they hadn’t played a game in nine days.

Maybe that’s because they hadn’t played a game in nine days.

They eliminated the Portland Trail Blazers back on May 20. We should have expected the Warriors to be rusty on the road after a nine-day layoff. They won’t be rusty in Game 2.

Good news for the Warriors.

But they still have issues. Click here to read what they are.

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  1. Good report Grant.
    The Warriors did not play with their usual urgency. I also agree that they looked rusty. But even with that they were within striking distance up to about 2 minutes at the end of the game.

    We did a great job defensively against Leonard and Lowry but got burned by Siakam and Gasol. Klay has to find the basket and stop dribbling. Our transition game was MIA as well.

    I was surprised to see Bell start and Bogut not getting on the floor. KD may not be 100 % but if can be on the floor the Raptors will still need to give him heavy attention.
    IMO, if Iguodala is unable to play that would be a big loss because of his strong defense and athleticism.

    Our bench players are no longer the teams strength but if can get 25 from both Curry and Klay and 15 from Draymond and Boogy along with 25 – 30 from the bench we can continue the dynasty.
    Warriors in 7.

  2. Warriors ran into a buzz saw. They made way too many errors, and the Raptors could not miss.
    That said, the Warriors will come back. They are just too talented to go quietly. All they need to do is play better defense, not allow uncontested shots and reduce the turnovers.
    Sure looked like the league wants a 7 game series.

  3. Not saying it will happen, and I hope it won’t. But if the Raptors do win the series they won’t have to worry about that White House invitation.

    1. K,
      Just a thought. There were over 260 football entries in the last post. Did you engage?

      Obviously this is a 49er site, but some of us (like myself) enjoy Grant’ take on other sports as well. There will be a ton of football storylines in a few months.
      Patience my friend.

        1. True, but the steak talk was only being used as a mediphor surrounding football fans.
          I had no idea that it was going to be picked up by the posters.
          But that said, I went with chicken today 😉

          1. I was just suggesting that the k (who among these parts is Mike Krzyzewski) might have thought we might be a tad under cooked!

            1. I saw it, but knew what you meant, so I did not correct you.
              I generally just correct the snark to dampen their message. You, on the other hand, are a voice of reason on this site. Lord knows, I make spelling errors, too. ;p
              BTW, I think the Warriors take game 2. They made mistakes, but everything is correctable.

              1. I also see them winning today. If Boogy can give them more productive minutes and Klay can offset his mediocre game one performance, we should get that important win before coming home.
                I haven’t heard any news on Iggi, but he is vital because of his defense.

              2. Even with all their travails, they came within 3 points in the 4th.
                I agree. I hope Boogie gets 20 points. I also hope they do not leave their feet, and just get a hand in their face to contest every shot.

  4. A few contradictions in this article I have issues with: First off, is it rust for having 9 days off or being too old? Apparently you’ve come to the conclusion after game 1, after stating it could be rust.

    Kawhi only had 5 fgs because they were triple teaming him (like you said). “The Warriors allowed the Raptors’ supporting players to beat them even though Leonard wasn’t playing a great game.” Well, being double and tripled team would caused the “not great game” and the result was the supporting players thrived. It seamed as if Kerr and the Warriors felt that the stage would be too big for the role players of the Raptors that had never been to the finals so they went after Kawhi, the one player (along with Danny Green) with finals experience. It didn’t work and yet Warriors were still in the game while under performing. Adjust for next game, and move on.

    ” The Raptors have a balanced offensive attack — more balanced than the Warriors.” Duh. Of course when you have to pay 5 All-stars that demand huge contracts you don’t have the money to spread around to the bench and supplemental players. This team is top heavy and one of the leaders that is a double digit scorer isn’t playing.
    With that said, Draymond did end up with a triple-double , so there’s your third scorer in double digits. So your 5 “11-point scorers” for the Raptors to only 2 for the warriors are skewing the numbers. How about we say “9-point” or better scorers? Then it would be 5 to 4 (Steph, Klay, Draymond, Looney) in favor of the Raptors. See what I did there? Shave off a point or two to make your point look better…SMH

    As a Warriors fan, yes there is more doubt this year than any year prior. The injuries and the match up with a solid, long, defensive-first new team with a bonafide super star is more daunting than the Cavs the last four years. With that said, it was GAME 1 on the road. Wasn’t the Raptors season over last series after being down 0-2 to the #1 seed Bucks?

  5. Don’t bet your hard earned money on the Warriors tonight fellas. Though I don’t bet on the NBA anymore after the debacle with the ref(s) a few years ago, I still think there are shenanigans going on (just look at calls or non calls in the last game), if I did however, I’d take the Raptors and the over tonight. Face it, the opinion that the Warriors are better without KD is imbecilic at best. They’re not. Not even close, and a large majority of actual basketball experts concur, of course excluding the resident wanna be basketball, football, baseball, hockey, highlight, golf, bowing, soccer, and track expert running this sight. Go figure. The Raptors are better than the KD less Warriors, plus the Warriors are banged up. With KD, the Warriors might be slightly better. I think its a draw. They’re 0-3 against them this year, and soon to be 0-4. I think it’s going to be a blowout tonight. KD will come back in game 3 and right the ship, and the series will go to game 7. Will he be enough? Game 7’s are always a crapshoot so who knows. Warriors have the experience in that game so I’d lean GS. Let’s hope it gets that far. Tonight, take Toronto -2 1/2 and the over 213. Raptors 128 Warriors 113

    PS. I hope I’m wrong and I’ll be the first to eat crow. I’d love to see Drake cry.

    1. I disagree. Warriors swept the Blazers without KD, and last game had truly putrid officiating.
      Still think the Warriors have superior talent, and they just need to relax, play better defense and start draining 3s.
      Boogie coming back should solidify the inside defense, and if they defend the perimeter, they may eke out a 5 point victory.

  6. Seb, Houston was overrated and Portland? They had no business being in the CS. Either of those teams compares to the Raptors. I hope your right bud. I have my lucky Jersey on tonight. Didn’t have it on game 1 because I forgot to pack it on a 3 day excursion to Mendocino. It’s all my fault they lost. Go Warriors!

    1. Now that the warriors are down 12 points tonight maybe I should blame pg and e because we lost all our niner, giant and warrior gear in the camp fire, I hate the name camp fire by the way, camping is literally ruined for Me now! Any way back to reality Durant is pretty darn important! Go warriors

  7. Hope Klay and Draymond concentrate on shutting down Siakam, and continue to shut down Leonard.
    You did not wear your lucky Jersey? Did you jinx them? No wonder they lost. ;p

  8. Nice call Seb. Right on the money. Of course the Jersey is what did it. O/U 213! Unbelievable. Those guys know their stuff! Where was the Drake?

    1. Cousins was outstanding. He was a presence in the key and disrupted the Raptors easy drives to the basket that they had in the first game. His passing may be the best among the big boys. Draymond is the heart and soul of the team and he never let’s the team rest and lag or ease up. He ignites the team on both ends of the court. He has the heart of a Frank Gore!

      The Warriors look like they will need to hobble their way through the series with KD, Looney and now Klay having injury issues. Curry also seemed a little out of sorts in the first half, but finished strong. Klay didn’t look very comfortable with that 20 lbs (sarc) block of ice on his leg after the game, but he has three days to rehab and hopefully KD is ready by Wednesday if Thompson can’t go.

      I was hoping for quality minutes from Boogy and he exceeded my expectations.
      Iggi was his usual self with strong defensive play and hitting the final shot that sealed the game.
      Yeomen’s work for the Warriors tonight.
      Time to come home fellas.

      1. To win a game with that many major players injured says something about the team and coaches.
        If Curry is healthy, they might wrap it up at home!

          1. I know that geep, If they win the next 2, lose one in Canada, do you think they can wrap it up at home?

          2. I know that geep.
            If they win the next 2 games, lose one in Canada, do you think they can wrap it up at home?

  9. This article in the post-game two hindsight makes for some hilarious reading. Exhibit A of the misguided hot take. Where was that “more balanced scoring” from the Raptors last night? It’s going to take career games from players like Siakam, anyone not named Leonard, for the Raptors to have any chance in this series.

    1. Depends on Thompson. If he’s out and Durant is our there’s not much left scoring wise. This looks like it could be the most interesting Finals during the Warriors recent run.

      1. KD out, Thompson out, Looney out, Curry half way out and still they win.
        Curry has something wrong, he’s not playing like himself.
        Besides Cousins, I see Draymond as an improved player.
        Now that he’s not doing his temper tantrums, he has become more valuable to the team and he hasn’t fouled out when we need him.

          1. If Durant and Thompson are both out for game 3 the warriors will lose by 30. Toronto will stay with their box and one and completely shut down the Warriors. imho

            1. IMHO, Kerr will devise a game plan that utilizes the bench masterfully. He will have them playing tough defense.
              If they sag back, Steph will hopefully destroy them from outside.
              This will be a tough series, and neither team will blow out the other, unless KD and Klay play, and they demoralize the Raptors.

          2. They made 1 basket and scored 3 points in the last 5:39.

            Yeah and they still won!
            Toronto scored 1 basket in the first 6minutes of the 2nd half.
            And lost…

            1. The difference was that the Warriors were up 12 instead of 5. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice gritty win.

              No Durant + No Thompson = Not enough offense to win a full game

        1. Curry has something wrong, he’s not playing like himself.

          they keep fouling/holding him….dude gets no calls from the refs

      2. I could see this type of scenario developing. Decisive game. Will he (Klay, KD) play, won’t he play, no one knows. He (Klay, KD) comes out during warm ups, takes a couple shots, goes back to the locker room. Starting lineups announced, he’s in – crowd goes wild. First minute in, takes a shot, swish, crowd goes berserk. Raptors don’t have a chance from here on out. Hey, it worked for Willis Reed and the Knicks back in ’70.

  10. Nice to see Grant channeling his father. Perhaps the only 2 men alive who can be eternal fountains of negativity while covering sports teams during years of their dynasties. Congrats on your achievement.

    1. ‘They won’t be rusty for game 2. Good news for the Warriors.’
      Both seem to be master motivators, daring the HC to prove him wrong, and showing where they need to improve.

      1. You think a reporter/columnist’s job is to motivate a Head Coach? You think guys who write about sports really have more knowledge than a professional coach who has devoted his entire life to playing and teaching a sport? I mean if you’re saying the writer is showing a coach where he needs to improve his diet then maybe. But no way on earth any sportswriter knows more about a sport than any coach.

        1. Bill Walsh said that media writers are very intelligent. I suppose you think they are as dumb as rocks.
          I will take Bill Walsh’s opinion, over yours.
          That is why I like Grant’s writing. He gets to the crux of the matter. He does not blow smoke and fluff.
          Grant focuses on the salient points, and areas that need addressing.
          Chip refused to answer Grant’s questions, and went 2-14. KS spoke condescending to Grant, until he realized it made him look small and petty. At least now, they try to answer his questions in a professional manner. When Saleh answered Grant’s question about the Wide 9 stopping the jet sweep, he seemed oblivious to the fact that Belichick did exactly that in the SB against the Rams, so he missed the point.
          Believe it or not, there are some pretty simple football coaches, and about a quarter are fired each year. Only the smartest have continuity, but that is also associated with winning. Football is not rocket science, and every play and scheme has been thought of, and tried before. KS is not a genius for building upon Walsh, especially after imploding in the SB. When KS insists he is not running the classic WCO, he may be right, but he also uses a FB.

              1. With your elevated sense of what’s important in all things football, you must have a strong opinion on the matter. Does practice music provide motivation? Is it distracting? How about alternatives to music, such as audio books, or readings? Perhaps readings from Sun Tzu, done by Morgan Freeman. Wonder if Bill Belichick’s practices feature music as a backdrop?

              2. Cassie, quit trolling. Refusing to answer is a typical troll stunt, and it did not look good when the Niners did it, either.
                You refused to do a mock, and now you cannot answer a simple question, the exact same one you expect me to answer. The stench of Baalke permeates your posts.

              3. I’m on record (see this thread) that the 9ers should play whale calls during practice. Now, what do you think of music during practice?

  11. Some people were crowning Sean McVay as a great coach in his first season. And during their SB run.

    I’d say that Kerr is already a great coach, especially given the fact that he has the hardware to prove it.

    1. I think McVay got exposed as one dimensional because his entire offense revolved around Gurley, and he rode him like Little Blackie until he dropped. Once he went down, he had no adjustments and was fortunate to march past the Saints. I think we beat them up at least once this year….

      1. He is another HC who could have benefited from having an OC.
        Patriots were expecting a play they never saw before, but McVay kept on doing the same old plays. To win a SB, one needs to be more innovative, and yes, there were no adjustments, except by McDaniels, the Patriot OC.

      2. Razor
        * Yep, Gurley was the horse McVay rode until his surgically repaired, arthritic knee become a problem! (A condition with no cure)! * CJ Anderson was a capable replacement, but now he’s gone too, along with DT Ndamukong Suh and OG Rodger Saffold.
        * Buckner, Bosa and Ford will make Jared Goff uncomfortable….And should translate into mistakes!
        * Hopefully, your boy Solomon Thomas will also step up this year!

      3. Niners will win a game if the Rams sit their starters, or if they catch the injury bug.
        The Rams drafted Bobby Evans, a tackle from Oklahoma, and David Edwards, a tackle from Wisconsin, so they will not miss Saffold.
        Anderson was a Niner reject, but behind the Ram O line, he gashed the Cowboys in the playoffs. Now they drafted Darrell Henderson, who averaged a paltry 8.9 yards per carry.
        Sounds like they will get back Kupp, so their passing game will rev up again.
        They re-signed Fowler, and signed Clay Mathews, so they will not miss Suh that much, with Aaron Donald in the middle.
        Above all, Wade Phillips is a SB winning DC, and the Niners have former LB coach Saleh. McVay did get them to the SB, so he is not chopped liver.However, both KS and SM imploded in the SB against Belichick, so they are pretty even.
        While I hope the Niners always crush the Lambs, defeating them will be a daunting task.

        1. Seb, the GENIUS says:
          * “The Rams drafted Bobby Evans, a tackle from Oklahoma, and David Edwards, a tackle from Wisconsin, so they will not miss Saffold.”
          * Rodger Saffold: Rams starting LG….(salary cap victim)…..2018 stats: 16 games, 1 sack allowed, 6 penalties (54 yards)! Pro Football Focus grade: 72.8 (No. 9 guard)
          * ranks Los Angeles Rams’ 2018 NFL Draft class DEAD LAST in league!
          * NFL LA Rams 2019 draft picks:
          * 3rd Round, No. 97 overall (compensatory) |Bobby Evans, OT, Oklahoma
          * 5th Round, No. 169 overall | David Edwards, OT, Wisconsin
          * Rams 2019 starting LG Joseph Noteboom: NFL 2018 Scouting Report: Struggles to handle speed as a reach blocker and work laterally. Raw power from defenders overwhelms him and stuns him early in reps.
          Punch timing is inconsistent and creates spacing issues while he’s handling stunts along the defensive line.

          1. GEEP, Rams were picking second to last in the draft. They used draft picks to obtain players.
            They were smart to let Saffold walk, just like Brown with the Pats.
            The Rams had only 5 picks in the draft, but traded back, and ended up with 8 picks.
            Rams are a SB team, so they are loaded with talent. Looked like they were drafting for depth, rather than reaching for starters. Their FA class was a minor improvement, replacing the departures.
            I still think a 4-12 team has little chance against a 13-3 SB team. Guess the Pollyanna label fits you.
            I have never, ever claimed to be a genius. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who hungers for another ring. Since you think you are smarter than a genius, maybe you need to eat some humble pie.

            1. Seb
              Enough with the excuses! FACT: Safford was ranked the 9th best LG in the NFL and replaced by Joseph Noteboom. Noteboom played LT at TCU his Soph year and LT his Jr and Sr. year.
              * Noteboom’s NFL Scouting Report: Weaknesses:
              Prolonged tape work offers plenty of inconsistencies in performance
              Technique slips when matched against power
              Will lean and engulf with wide hands in pass pro
              Rushers who ramp up speed-to-power are a problem for him
              Wide hands open his frame to stab moves that walk him into quarterback’s face
              Fails to gain early ground in kick-slides
              Opens outside hip early in pass sets giving rushers a much softer edge to attack
              Needs to play with faster hands and a more efficient punch
              Takes inefficient paths to easy wall-off blocks allowing defensive ends to slide inside his block
              Inconsistent getting to his lateral blocks.
              * Sounds like an all pro, doesn’t he….lmao
              * As usual Seb, you think you know more than NFL scout(s)! But in FACT, you don’t know what you’re talking about…..Case closed!

              1. GEEP, you are denigrating the assessment acumen of the Rams. Obviously, they felt that they had a suitable replacement for Saffold. Brown did his job and helped the Pats win a ring, but they let him go due to what you admit Saffold was let go for.
                They also drafted Bobby Evans and David Edwards, yet you totally ignore the possibility that both players may compete for a position this season. Both players sound versatile.
                If I do not know what I am talking about, what about you? Were you the first poster on this site to predict Murray may be the first pick in the draft? No, you said he was not even on the draft boards.
                I just predicted the winning margin for the Warriors game, and surmised that Boogie needed to defend the inside. You had no clue about even trying to think of something to say.
                Really try hard to think of something, anything, interesting, before sniping, or you will truly look clueless. Case closed? In your case, you opened the case and guzzled the contents, before trying to sound coherent.

              2. A reading from The Book of Sebbie

                sebnynah says:
                December 9, 2015 at 10:42 am

                Oh Jack, my respect for you has diminished. I see I have beaten you so badly, you have resorted to name calling. The next step for you is to degenerate into expletives, and I will have truly won. Try harder next time.

              3. Yup, Jack learned his lesson, and stopped trying to engage with me. I have responded by leaving him alone. We both are happy.
                You, on the other hand, are a toady for the FO, and your snark is relentless. A true troll.
                That is OK, because I get to remind posters about how Baalke was a cancer, and a backstabber. Baalke was a terrible GM, and whiffed on an entire draft class. He loved ACL players, who wasted our time. He was such a miserable human being, he liked cutting players on the team bus. Sure am glad they threw him back into the gutter, but wished they had done it sooner.

              4. “Jack learned his lesson”

                You’re a dumbass. That’s why I don’t engage you.

              5. ‘The most successful people in history were made fun of, hated on, called crazy and ridiculed… because people did not want to think a normal person like them could be successful. Thank God they did not listen to the haters, because how else would the Founding Fathers of America establish America?- KG.

              6. More from The Book of Sebbie

                sebnynah says:
                August 17, 2015 at 11:52 am

                “Ahem. UCLA barbie dolls are good eye candy, But I fondly remember my youth on the UC Davis campus. There were coeds from around the world, and in the 100 degree heat, they had scant clothing. Ah, those were the days.”

              7. “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”
                ~Mark Twain

        2. The Rams will be interesting this year for certain… however they are not as strong as they were last year on paper. I’ve already outlined the reasons why in a prior discussion with seb.
          With all that said, they are still the most talented team in the division. Seattle is the second most talented and SF is the 3rd, how all of this translates on the field remains to be seen.

          1. Shoup: Why do you say that Seattle is the second most talented? They lost Clark this offseason and Baldwin is gone as well. It seems to me that the talent level has decreased, while the 49ers has increased. However, I would agree that RW does make the players around him better and because of him they, imo, perform better in games than would be expected based on talent.

      1. Seb:
        * “GEEP, you are denigrating the assessment acumen of the Rams.”
        * No fool, I’m addressing YOU with facts you’re obviously incapable of assimilating.

        1. GEEP, when in a hole, the best way to get out of a hole, is stop digging.
          The Rams made an assessment, and chose not to retain Saffold. I agree with their assessment, just like I agree with the Patriots and Trent Brown. The Rams let Saffold go, because they think they have an adequate replacement. If they thought Saffold was irreplaceable, they would have retained him, even with the salary cap hit. They did not retain him, but you think it was a huge error, and they cannot assess their players properly.

    1. Seb:
      * “The Rams drafted Bobby Evans, a tackle from Oklahoma, and David Edwards, a tackle from Wisconsin, so THEY WILL NOT MISS SAFFOLD.”

      .* 2018 Rams NFL Draft Picks: Round 3: (No. 89 overall) Joseph Noteboom, OT, 16 games/0 starts.
      * ranks LA Rams’ 2018 NFL Draft class dead last in league.
      * Ourlads lists LA Rams 2019 starting left guard Joseph Noteboom! A second year OT that has never played OG in college or the pro’s. But according to you, he’ll replace LG Saffold, the NFL’s 9th best LG? * “The Rams drafted Bobby Evans, a tackle from Oklahoma, and David Edwards, a tackle from Wisconsin.”
      * Bobby Evans: The Rams 2019 3rd Round pick (No. 97 overall). OT – Oklahoma. Not an OG, listed as backup to LT Andrew Whitworth. David Edwards: The Rams 2019 5th Round pick (No. 169 overall), | David Edwards, T, Wisconsin. Not an OG, listed as backup to RT Rob Havenstein.
      * But according to you, they’ll replace LG Saffold, the NFL’s 9th best LG and the Rams won’t miss him!
      * Seb attempts to spin and deflect: “Brown did his job and helped the Pats win a ring, but they let him go due to what you admit Saffold was let go for. Yes, The Rams let Safford walk because of Salary Cap, NOT because they had a better replacement.
      * Seb: “If I do not know what I am talking about, what about you? Were you the first poster on this site to predict Murray may be the first pick in the draft? No, you said he was not even on the draft boards.” * Murray signed a contract with the Oakland Athletics, includes a $4.66 million signing bonus, prior to his junior year with the Oklahoma football team. Murray said he would report to spring training in 2019, to begin his professional baseball career. (AFTER) his Heisman Trophy-winning 2018 season, he decided to forgo his senior year and enter the NFL Draft. Don’t hurt your arm trying to pat yourself on the back Seb, Murray had not yet declared for the NFL draft.

      1. GEEP, your football knowledge is deficient. There have been many cases where a Tackle is converted to a Guard. Less often, a Guard is converted to a Tackle. Even the player you cite, Noteboom, played as a Tackle. Believe it or not, the Rams will put their best players in their best positions to succeed. Both Evans and Edwards are known for their versatility, so it is not out of the realm of possibilities that they may compete for a starting Guard position. Ourlads also think Jimmie Ward is the Niners starting FS. Things will change by the end of training camp.
        Saffold is a salary cap casualty, just like Trent Brown. They both were let go, and they think they have an adequate replacement. If they keep winning, they will not miss him. In the SB, Saffold did not do enough to help them win, so he is not irreplaceable.
        Yes, I speculated first on this site that Murray would be the first player selected in the draft, because I read what Kingsbury said October 28th, 2018. Glad you admit you did not think Murray would play football. You did not have a clue. Maybe if you were more football savvy, you would realize that Murray, being the first pick in the draft, would earn way more as a starting QB, playing a game he loves. I am just bringing up that point because you think I know absolutely nothing about football. I am just showing that I know way more than you do. You should sit in the corner with a dunce cap on, since you are attacking a poster with superior knowledge than you. You are so churlish, you cannot ever give me credit for anything.

        1. Seb:
          * GEEP, your football knowledge is deficient. There have been many cases where a Tackle is converted to a Guard. And every once in awhile a blind squirrel finds a nut! Which has about the same odds as you claiming a 3rd and 5th round back up OT can replace a starting OG (Saffold), and the Rams won’t miss him. I didn’t think even you were that dumb….but then again, maybe you are!
          * Seb: “Believe it or not, the Rams will put their best players in their best positions to succeed.” No $#(t sherlock, what give you your first clue?
          * Seb psychobabble: Saffold is a salary cap casualty, just like Trent Brown. They both were let go, and they think they have an adequate replacement. If they keep winning, they will not miss him. This conversation is not about what the Rams think. It’s about you claiming the Rams won’t miss Saffold because they can replace him with 3rd and 5th OT’s that have never played OG. Is that more than your two functioning brain cells can assimilate?
          * Seb the spin-master says: “Glad you admit you did not think Murray would play football. You did not have a clue.” That’s weak Seb, even for you. In fact, I never said Murray would NOT play football (he was already playing for Oklahoma). I said he had NOT yet declared for the NFL draft, therefore he was not listed as eligible to be drafted. Is that too difficult for you to understand, or just you’re attempt to twist what said to your advantage? As you like to say, reading comprehension is mandatory…..

          1. Quit whining about them losing Saffold. The Rams, obviously, made a determination, that he was expendable. So what if he was rated well, he may not continue to play as well with a different team, just look at Solder. He struggled on a Giants team, and they lost a lot. Brown most likely will not help the Raiders win a SB.
            If the Rams continue to win, they will not miss him, and like Shoup says, the Rams are loaded with talent.
            They obviously think they can win without him, and they drafted 2 O linemen to bolster their O line. Sounds like you think that just because they lost Saffold, they will be in the NFCW cellar.
            What is weak is your assertion that it was no big deal that I was correct in my prognostication about Murray. Like I said before, you did not have a clue that he would give up his baseball career. I was right, and you were wrong, but you keep insisting that being wrong makes you better than me.

            1. Seb:
              * I have to agree with Jack when he said: “You’re a dumbass. That’s why I don’t engage you.”
              * Those posting on this blog feel the same say about you, they ignore you! As Mark Twain said, “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

  12. With all these injuries I’m shocked that Coach/GM/All around sports expert GC hasn’t written a scathing, negative as usual article on how Kerr and his staff are at fault. Just say’n! Maybe it’s in the works.

  13. Since this is a Warriors thread, I will comment on the World Champs.
    Kerr will not be content. He will devise a whole new game plan, and put players in their best positions to succeed.
    The Warriors are battle tested, savvy veterans, but attrition may doom their playoffs.
    I hope the Raptors start getting tight, because few have ever been in a finals.
    Hopefully, with 3 days of rest, the Warriors can heal up and be at full strength, so they can give a fitting sendoff to Oracle Arena.

  14. All boils down to the pass rush Seb. If they can put up a dominate, consistent pass rush, with Kyles offense, they will hang with anyone in the league. It’s that simple. I think they will. 10-6. Bet on it. :)

    1. Juan, I am smart enough not to bet against you. ;p
      I sure hope I am wrong, and you are right. I would be the happiest Niner fan in the world.
      However, I think the biggest unknown, is determining if JG can stay healthy all year.

  15. Obama gets standing O in Toronto. Brits are literally making molotov piss bombs to greet Mrs. Putin.

    1. There are lots of stupid people in Toronto apparently, and Trump did not collude with Russia but Hillary did.

      1. If by collusion with Hillary you mean letting the rooskies break into the campaign’s and party’s mail system, distributing those stolen mails to WikiLeaks so that the candidate couldn’t take a dump without the world knowing about it? (“I love WikiLeaks!”) That’s your idea of collusion? No wonder your side needs outside help in winning elections.

  16. There’s shanagins on both sides of the isle.
    Hillary was the darling of the Middle East. Especially Saudi Arabia.
    Hard to know who to trust these days.

    1. That’s why President Trump was given a chance. Too many political shenanigans by the Bush’s, Clinton’s, and Obama. I want him to succeed, and I will vote for him in 2020. This will be my 3rd vote that I’ve cast for president, the last 2 being for Ronald Reagan….

      1. So you’ve only ever voted for the movie guy and the reality tv guy. I’ll keep that in mind when I hear the usual right wing complaints about entertainers and sports stars involvement in politics.

        1. “The first rule of Fight Club, I mean, talking to Trump supporters is don’t talk about facts.

          Whereas most people (hereinafter referred to as, “normals”) have a universal understanding that facts should generally be accepted true until disproven, Trump supporters see scientists, doctors, reporters, historians, mathematicians, statisticians, and economists, not as arbiters of fact and fiction, but as partisan hacks, all on George Soros’ payroll, spewing anti-Trump lies, designed to make America crummy, again.

          Therefore, any presentation of factual information to a Trump supporter will instantly trigger a massive reflexive recoil, as though you’ve just tossed an angry rattlesnake in his lap. His response will be instantaneous, indignantly pointing out the Soros connection that you missed, and laughing out loud (LOL’ing) at your childish naivety and lack of understanding the real world. Using facts is not only a no-win tactic, we normals actually lose the argument because, obviously, we’re chumps who don’t understand what’s really going on.”

    2. Stop this.

      Trump is scum, the worst person to ever be president, and a complete joke.

      Do not try to do a comparison.

  17. I too, will vote. And support whoever becomes our President.
    Coming together as a nation will need to be a grassroots endeavor, because it’s not going to happen in Washington.

        1. Sorry Cap’n. Hard to tell, what with the Trumpo attempts of painting anyone not in lockstep with bibi as anti-Semites.

  18. Saudi Arabia? You mean Jared’s pal Crown Prince Bone Saw?

    Really hard to trust when the President and his family tangles their business needs with despots the world over.

    1. Business is one thing, having Saudi Arabia put 10 mil in the fraudulent Clinton Foundation is something else.
      I didn’t vote for Trump, but I sure as hell wasn’t voting for Hillary.

      The Dems better come strong this time around if they want to win the election.
      They need to stop running their platform based on impeachment rather than proposing a solid plan to help America.

      1. The fraudulent Clinton Foundation? I believe it is still in operation. You might have it confused with the Trump Foundation, which was an actual fraud. So fraudulent, the authorities shut it down.

    1. LOL. According Trumpo that didn’t exist. The same thing happens when he dares step foot back into his “home town”.

      1. I’m not a crowd size expert, but I dare say the protestors outnumber his inauguration audience which was “huge”.

        1. And yet, the Dems will struggle to win the election – go figure.
          Btw, whose the Dem flavor of the month right now?

            1. Honestly, impeaching Trump may be the only chance the Dems have in getting in the WH.
              It’s called winning by default.

          1. Btw, whose the Dem flavor of the month right now?

            A little premature as the first primary votes won’t be cast until February. Right now all it is is media naval gazing. Not to be confused with covering up the USS John McCain to prevent President Snowflake’s naval gazing.

            1. Rib,
              I know that Trump can’t get out of his way, but like I said earlier, I’m going to support whoever the President is Dem or Rep.

              If the Dems win in 2020, are you ready to open the borders for all the tens of thousands of people that will come from South America and Mexico?

              And if the Dems are so confident that they can win, why are they proposing that illegals can vote?
              Now that is pretty desperate anyway you cut it.

              1. Oh Boy AES, and here I thought that you were one of the smarter guys but instead you’ve been drinking the FUX-aid.

                If the Dems win in 2020, are you ready to open the borders for all the tens of thousands of people that will come from South America and Mexico?

                Right now Scump is in charge and the biggest influx of immigrants is happening! So please provide a link where it shows that MORE people will be coming. (fortune tellers maybe?)

                And if the Dems are so confident that they can win, why are they proposing that illegals can vote?

                Which politician beside Scump has said this???

              2. The Marshall Project
                By JOHN CARLOS FREY,
                Within days of taking office, President Donald Trump signed an executive order threatening to stop aid to communities that don’t fully cooperate with federal officials to help deport immigrants. Many mayors of these so-called sanctuary cities were outraged and vowed to continue resisting Trump’s immigration agenda.

                Although a federal judge blocked Trump’s plan, these localities still face possible loss of some federal funds as well as reprisals from conservative legislators. Now the conflict between Trump and the mayors has escalated from a war of words to a war of tactics as some “sanctuary cities” — and one state — are taking action to help immigrants avoid Trump’s dragnet. Here are several examples:DenverIn May, the city passed municipal sentencing reform that could help immigrants avoid deportation for petty offenses. Federal rules put immigrants on Immigration and Customs Enforcement radar when they are convicted of certain types of crimes that carry a sentence of at least a year. Prior to Denver’s reform measure, all criminal violations of city ordinance carried the same penalty — up to 365 days. The new sentencing guidelines place the penalty for low-level violations under 364 days, which could help keep some immigrants off the federal books. “Denver is committed to taking actions that will protect our people’s rights and keep our city safe, welcoming and open,” Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement after signing the law.

                Los AngelesLos Angeles has an estimated 1.5 million undocumented immigrants, the most in any U.S. city. And the Los Angeles Police Department has a 40-year history of not enforcing immigration law, dating back to former Republican Gov. Pete Wilson’s crackdown on the undocumented. It doesn’t appear that Trump’s aggressive deportation strategy is changing L.A.’s stance. Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared he will sue the federal government for any withholding of funds or pressure placed on the L.A.P.D. to enforce immigration laws. He also set up a $10 million legal defense fund for people threatened with deportation. “This is a city that not only provides sanctuary,” Garcetti said at a recent press conference. “We are a place that will go further and defend our immigrants.”CaliforniaThe state Senate passed a bill in late March that officially would make California a sanctuary state. A defiant response to Trump’s threat to defund “sanctuary cities,” the legislation bars state and local law enforcement from using resources to help with immigration enforcement and prohibits law enforcement statewide from asking for immigration status. Connecticut, Colorado, New Mexico and Rhode Island already have similar statewide protections for undocumented immigrants, but this measure, expected to be signed by the governor, is the most far-reaching.

                Santa Fe, N.M.In late February 2017, the Santa Fe City Council passed a resolution reaffirming the city’s status as a welcoming community for immigrants and refugees and adopting several new policies. Among the changes: City employees are now prohibited from disclosing sensitive information, including immigration status, about any person except as required by law. Also, city employees have been directed to refuse access to non-public areas of city property by federal immigration agents who don’t have a warrant. Councilor Joseph Maestas said the measure was a way of “thumbing our nose at” the Trump administration.

                Portland, Ore.In May, in a partially symbolic move, the city council declared Portland a “sanctuary city,” boldly stating its unwillingness to help ICE find and deport immigrants. The city is also providing resources to train staff on how to respond to federal immigration officials who request information on city employees or Portland residents. “The City of Portland will remain a welcoming, safe place for all people,” Mayor Ted Wheeler wrote in a newspaper column.

                Washington, D.C.In response to the Trump administration’s threat to withhold federal funding, Mayor Muriel Bowser said the District would continue to limit cooperation with deportation orders. “I will not let the residents of D.C. live in fear,” she said. The City Council also unanimously passed a resolution vowing to maintain “sanctuary city” status. Meanwhile, Attorney General of the District of Columbia Karl Racine, an immigrant who fled political oppression in Haiti, said his office would protect the rights of all District residents, including undocumented immigrants.

                ChicagoLike several other big city mayors, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has declared that Chicago will remain a safe haven for undocumented immigrants. In December, even before Trump took office, he pledged $1 million of city funds to assist immigrant families. On Trump’s vow to withhold federal funding from “sanctuary cities,” Emanuel said, “The United States government cannot coerce the city, cannot blackmail the city, cannot punish the city into changing its value system.”

                MilwaukeeIn early February, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors declared the jurisdiction a sanctuary for immigrants and assured that no county money would be used to enforce federal immigration laws. “Some of the values and ideals that have been attacked by President Trump, we’ve now stood up against, and we’ve gone on record,” said County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic.

                New York CityIn late January, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he was socking away an additional $250 million a year in reserves for four years because of a “huge amount of uncertainty” stemming from Trump’s threat to cut federal funds to “sanctuary cities” like New York, which is home to an estimated undocumented population of over 750,000. “The stroke of a pen in Washington does not change the people of New York City or our values,” de Blasio said.BostonIn January, Mayor Martin Walsh vowed he would physically protect and harbor undocumented immigrants if necessary. “I will use all of my power within lawful means to protect all Boston residents — even if that means using City Hall itself as a last resort,” he said. “If you don’t agree with me, there’s an election in November.”

                My grandfather and grandmother came to the USA from Mexico in the mid 1930’s. With the influx of Mexicans entering the USA, the congress adopted a “whites only” immigration system. American farm owners and employers allowed them to work in their fields for pennies a day.
                My grandparents used whatever time was permitted by their employers to study to earn their USA citizenship that took them nearly 7 years. But they did it the right way.

                The number of undocumented immigrants today are around 10.7 million (Pew Research Center, 2016). Today that number continues to climb. To his credit, Pres. Obama did a good job of keeping the immigrant numbers down, but that may have been largely due to a poor US job market in the wake of the 2008 recession.

                As a Hispanic (with a history of immigrants), I would love to have people from other countries come and enjoy the privileges our great nation. But it has to be done the right way.
                Sanctuary cities with Dem mayors don’t seem to view that way.

              3. AES just like other Trumpturds you are confusing ‘sanctuary ‘ with ‘ citizenship’.
                YOUR grandparents basically benefited from sanctuary laws after entering the US >ILLEGALLY!
                I have many Mexican friends, some Guatemalan. Some entered under duress but all have been better citizens and workers than a lot of Americans.
                Now please provide a link where you prove your outrageous statement!

                And if the Dems are so confident that they can win, why are they proposing that illegals can vote?


              4. Dee–I suspect that all you will hear is crickets. He can’t give you a supporting link to his crazy accusations because they don’t exist. The best he can do is post another war and peace type response and hope that no one reads it and assumes that he answered your request. Pathetic.

              5. AES didn’t know you were this naive……well actually thinking about it now… makes sense

              6. AES, I’m still waiting for the names of ALL the democrats that are proposing that illegals can vote. Please include a link.

              7. “why are they proposing that illegals can vote?”

                Take 10 minutes to actually read up on this stuff. No wonder we are in this situation.

              8. Jack do you have the list with the names of ALL the democrats that are proposing that illegals can vote? Is Stormy Daniels on it?

              9. Dee,

                He plays well to a very specific type of base. You can find untruths in something he says every day. Doesn’t matter.

    2. It’s very interesting that even though there are many signs, there is not one misspelling or grammatical mistake. As opposed to right wing and pro-Trump demonstrations, where four letter words are misspelled. I’m not sure if that tells us that Trumpsters are dumber than the average person or if Britain has a better educated public. I suppose that it could be both of these things.

  19. Glad that Goodell is thinking about reducing the number of preseason games.
    It would be simple to just count one of those preseason games as a regular season game, expanding the season to 17 games.
    Of course, the players should be paid one sixteenth more.
    The league should also institute 2 Bye weeks so the players can have more rest during the season. Players may think a 17 week season may be too grueling, so the additional rest could help alleviate their concerns. The Byes should start after the 4th week, and end after the 12th week, and could be determined on a fair rotating basis for a team of each division.
    This could also aid in setting up Thursday Night Football games, which would allow for 10 days rest between contests, instead of only 3 days rest.

        1. On a rotating basis, I would have teams with the 4th week Bye, also have the 13th week Bye, along with the 5th and 12th weeks. Then random 6th through 11th. Having a Bye before 4 weeks is unnecessary, and having a bye after 13 weeks is unfair to the teams with earlier Byes.
          Maybe make the TNF flexible. Align TNF and the Byes to coincide with the conference leaders, so the TNF interest will be greater. Seeing 2 cellar dwellers will not be as interesting, or draw as many viewers.

  20. I had a bad feeling about this game, and wondered if Klay would play.
    Warriors need to keep the Raptors around 100 points, if they want to win. Obviously, Klay being out, hurt the defense.

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