The season ends. Whew. But what did we learn?

In a moment that typified the season, C.J. Beathard has his pass blocked by Seahawks defensive end Carlos Dunlap. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

It is never a good sign to hear members of a team say they are “excited” to have a season end, as the 49ers did this week.

You can be excited about going to the playoffs. Or excited to start the season. But if you are thrilled that it is over, it must have been a real downer.

And it was. If the 2019 season was a rocket ride to the glitz and fame of football’s biggest showcase game, 2020 was more like a long, hot bus ride over flat, featureless countryside. And the cherry on top was forced confinement, in a hotel away from home, for over a month.

The milestones slipped out of reach as the season crawled along. First, there was no chance to win the division. Then no playoffs. Followed by the reality that a winning season was impossible. And finally, a hope to at least win the last game to go out on a positive note.

None of that happened. And by the end, everybody, players, coaches, and staff, just wanted to get off the damn bus and get  away.

“I will be very much off the face of the earth for the next month,” George Kittle said. “Don’t try to find me or ask me any questions . . . please.”

Kyle Shanahan joked that he was so eager to get going that he’d packed his bags two full days before departure. After the final crusher of a loss to Seattle, you have to assume Shanahan was ever more eager to leave.

The 26-23 defeat was more than just the 10th loss of the season. It encapsulated the season.

The Niners took the field with their usual keep-the-roster-chart-handy list of new and previously unknown players, due to an almost unbelievable number of injuries and the pandemic. They played pretty well early, even took a ten-point lead. But at crunch time they were done in by superior talent, in Russell Wilson, and the now inevitable fumble by the 49ers quarterback.

So it is fine that the season is over. Because we don’t need to see any more of that. We get it.

Feel free to move on. Spend time debating the skills of draftable college quarterbacks. Assess the effect of the expected departure of Robert Saleh. Consider potential free agents. And, of course, continue agonizing over the potential of Jimmy Garoppolo.

But before we do that, it is worth looking back. Surely the 2020 season taught us some things. A few observations:

The evenness of Shanahan’s keel abides: You may remember that one of the concerns the 49ers had with hiring Shanahan was the perception that he could be a little arrogant and abrupt. And, as the media noted over the first three years, he’s been anything but. In fact, he’s gone out of his way to be cooperative, giving lengthy, thoughtful answers to questions.

But honestly, that’s not hard to pull off when you are on your way to the Super Bowl. Let’s see how he is when he only wins six games. You’ve seen football coaches like Bill Belichick or Alabama’s Nick Saban, who get unpleasant when they get a tough question.

But Shanahan kept his cool. Unless I missed it, he didn’t get defensive or snap back. His composure was so noticeable that a reporter asked Shanahan how he can be so fiery on the sideline but composed in post-game interviews.

First, he said, “I think I’ve been doing it for a long time.”

Which, although we think of him as a young coach, is true. He is only 41, but he spent 15 years as an assistant before taking over the 49ers four years ago.

And then he made a real veteran move, a shout-out to reporters.

“When you don’t win and stuff, I expect to have tough questions,” he said. “But also, giving you guys a soft compliment, I think you guys have been pretty good to us too. I’ve had some places (Washington? Cleveland?) that aren’t so good. So not to get that confused with really good, but you guys are respectful, I try to be respectful in answering your guys’ questions.”

And that’s how you handle the media. One tiny caveat, the making sure the media didn’t think he was saying they were “really good,” sounds like classic Shanahan. Never one to toss around too many compliments. It makes me wonder if he’s ever been happy with one of his quarterbacks. Nothing wrong with a little back-patting. Just a thought.

It is true, the QB is the most important player: Don’t take my word for it, check with Shanahan. Asked what it takes to have a consistently successful franchise, he went right to the guy they give the ball to start every play.

“I think the key to long success is having the right quarterback that whole time and then having a great coaching staff and good personnel department,” he said. “I think if you look at . . . all the teams that have great quarterbacks over the last decade, with good coaches and good personnel departments, they’ve got a shot to be in the playoffs year in and year out.”

There’s a reason why guys who can rush the passer get the big bucks: The enduring image of the 2020 49ers season is the sight of Nick Bosa leaving the field on a golf cart. That injury, and don’t forget Dee Ford, made a huge difference. The numbers make the case. In 2019 they sacked the quarterback 48 times. In 2020, it was 30.

And finally, now that everyone can sit in on Zoom press conferences, people are mocking our media questions: Been there, done that. Let’s just say asking perceptive questions on short notice isn’t easy, especially now that they are broadcast live. I know I’ve asked some really dumb ones.

I’ll keep working on it. Isn’t that what the off season is for?

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  1. Availability is the best ability at qb, and then it’s accuracy. Jimmy needs to work on both.

    This draft is deep at edge and if I’m the 49ers I take one in either round 1 or round 2 and then double down on another with the late 3rd round comp pick they’ll get for Saleh. Someone like, Myjai Sanders.

      1. I’m looking for day 3 corners that take the ball away. This kid, Shakur Brown outta MI St., had 5 Int’s with 4 pass break ups in 7 games this year. He’s a threat to take it to the house once he has it in his hands too, averaging over 26 yards per Int return during his 3 years there. He’s only 5-11, 190 but I think he could be a field cb in this system. Day 3 prospect.

        Another kid I like is T. J. Carter outta Memphis. 4.3 speed and sticky. Could be our NB of the future. Think, L’Jarius Sneed. Might slip through the cracks and available round 4.

    1. I called the season accurately last summer. Niners were in for a letdown even before it was clear, midway through game one, that the talent and motivation and health were just not there. One can discern a lot if you look carefully and intuitively.

      1. Low hanging fruit, Allie. Most SB losing teams have not fared well the next season- just look at the Falcons and Rams.
        I was rooting for them to return, but no one, including you, could have predicted this Mash Unit sized injury list.
        However, I will agree that some may look carefully, and perceive intuitively, with the right mentality.

  2. The way I read the Press Conference that Lynch and Kyle had today is that Jimmy is coming back but they will look to add a QB through the draft.

    Off season needs: CENTER ( So important to an O line). While Brunkskull did ok for a guy that never played it, an upgrade is needed bad. I would look to sign Alex Mack to a 2 year deal while drafting a guy at that spot in rnd 3-4. GUARD- I would attack this spot in free agency too. Someone who can actually compete for a spot, not a Compton type player. Need someone who can also help Mcglitchy over there. Mcvittz and Skulle are better served as back ups.

    Bring back Trent Williams, Juice and Verrett. Everyone else can be replaced with cheaper options. Restructure Jimmy in March to help bring in those upgrade on the O line.

    One last thing, We are not in a position to move up and give up our two next draft classes for a QB. It’s not happening. Kyle again made it clear the picks this year are too important. But with Saleh third added, I could very well see Kyle moving back into rnd one for a Mac Jones. He also a guy that might not need a full year on the bench to be ready. If and when Jimmy gets hurt, Mac can come in and never come out of that position for a long time. Just my thoughts early on in the off season. Can’t wait for this conversation with a lot of you guys the next couple months.

    1. Wow feels foreign being on Press Democrat. Follow into the Cohn rabbit hole haha.

      To me their number 1 need in the draft is Edge rusher. I am also intrigued to see who ends up on this roster out Thomas, Jordan, and Blair.

    2. I agree the 49ers probably won’t look to make a blockbuster trade to move up and take a QB. But I could see a small trade up for one of the top 4 guys. And if one falls to 12, then would be surprised if they didn’t take the opportunity.

      If they miss out on one of the top 4 then Mac Jones is definitely the guy I expect them to want.

      Right there with you Alex Mack. Been saying they should sign him for ages. And agree they should also draft a C/OG to sit behind Mack and potentially compete for the RG job. Obviously need to re-sign Williams too.

      1. Williams graded out as the top OT in the league. He might have just priced himself out of SF.

        Listening to Jimmy’s presser, it sounded like he was told he’ll need to stay healthy and perform next year as they will be adding a quarterback through the draft, and to expect a more competitive training camp.

        1. I believe they’ll find a way to keep Williams. If they don’t then the 1st round pick has to be OT.

          I think JG was under no illusions heading into last offseason that he needed to improve – Shanahan intimated he had told JG as much at the end of last season. No doubt they had another candid discussion at the end of this season, and JG will know the pressure is on to prove he should be the QB long term. The 49ers would be foolish not to give him a legitimate backup that can push him, and replace him if JG gets hurt again.

    3. RAW,

      I think SF will do everything they can to bring back T. Williams. The problem is to do so in a cap friendly manner, it almost guarantees that Juice is gone. Williams will cost in excess 20 M per year, and they will likely need to either move on or restructure Jimmy’s contract to get the cap space necessary to sign him.

      Scooter and I have debated a bit regarding Williams as a niner, but I think he is right in assuming that SF will move heaven and earth to resign him. I personally believe they would be better served to go hard after someone like Moton, and sign him for 16 M and use the difference and not resigning to Juice to add Mack. To me, this would make for a much better Oline than one with Williams and whatever they can pick up off the scrap heap.

        1. Sigh I wish, but I cant see any way his agent will allow him, as All Pro, to be paid as the 10th best player at his position. You have a bit more faith than I, my friend :D.

            1. If Williams wants to stay with the 49ers he’ll work something out.
              But as the top rated interior linemen in the league he has earned the right to pursue a bigger paycheck.

              We were all surprised to see Buckner walk for a big payday. I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed for Williams to do his due diligence in doing the same.

          1. I’m thinking that a 5 year $90M with team outs after three years structured in such a way to keep the cap hit for 2021 to under $10M.

    4. Great breakdown RAW, but I would add edge rusher to the list of off-season needs. With the increasing likelihood that Ford could be cut, the team will need someone to pair with Bosa and return the line to its dominance.

  3. What did I learn? Losing half the team to injuries, made it twice as hard to win.
    It all starts in the trenches, so it will not matter who the QB is, if the O line cannot protect him, it will doom him.
    I learned that Robert Saleh deserves his upcoming promotion to HC. Maybe his best landing spot may be the Chargers, with a good QB and a stout defense.
    I learned that 2020 suacked, and I am so glad 2021 is here. I learned that this pandemic changed everything, but the vaccines may allow us to get back to living. I learned that winning by 7 million votes, may not be enough for some people.
    Now, on to the draft and the off season.

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  5. I heard on a Niners podcast that the team had a total of 43 players on IR this season. That’s a staggering number even after taking into account the special 3-week COVID season rule.

    Also 16 players in all played in the 5 DB positions. Great job by Tony Oden in coaching up and scheming with these player combos.

  6. “Teddy has to have a tremendous offseason,” Rhule said, via David Newton of ESPN. “Part of being a quarterback in this league is being able to withstand the physical toll of the season, playing your best football at the end of the year. I don’t think I’ve seen that from him.”

    “Teddy is here. I have a lot of respect for him. I believe in what he can do. I’ve seen glimpses, flashes of us as an offense looking really good. We need to get Christian [McCaffrey] back. We need to have a run game we can rely on,” Rhule said. “With regards to the draft and players, we’ll look at every opportunity to have the best we can have at every position, and that includes the quarterback position.”

    The Panthers are at the same crossroad as the 49ers are with Garoppolo, and they’ll be taking a quarterback. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to see Rhule move up to get his dude….

        1. Bruglar,

          Since 1960, how many times have 3 QBs been drafted in the top-5 picks? Twice (1971, 1999).

          Since 1960, how many times have 4 QBs been drafted in the top-10 picks? Once (2018).

          Both could happen in the 2021 NFL Draft.

  7. If Williams doesn’t sign, my trade back scenario works just as well. Trade back to #18 and pick up a late 2nd and a 4th. Then pick an OT at 18, with a pass rusher and CB in the 2nd.

    1. Man, he just articulated what I have been saying since midway through the season in a much clearer way than I could.

      In terms of roster, I think everyone is aware of the big names and that the secondary is almost entirely FAs, but the position group I feel doesn’t get enough attention is DL. That is a lot of good depth (and starters) that are FAs. And if Ford isn’t returning, that’s a lot of talent that could be leaving from what is meant to be the strength of the team.

      The staff departures are concerning. Saleh will be a big blow. He proved his quality these past two years. It won’t be easy to find as good or better. And the assistants he likely takes with him will hurt a little too. And Peters would be a big loss too.

      While I highly doubt the team trades up for a QB at such a cost, if the cap is indeed $175M the writer has explained very well why such a move isn’t ludicrous. Especially if you are willing to accept JG is at best a slightly above average QB. Even if you disagree with his take, it is explained clearly why it should at least be considered a viable alternative.

      1. Yep, he put pen to paper in a concise and deliberate fashion. I still think that trade makes sense, and if it were me and the HC was all in; I’d do everything in my power to make it happen….

      2. I appreciate his effort but obviously don’t agree with a lot of it. David Lombardi did a similar piece a couple of weeks ago and while we won’t have the exact same roster, there are ways to bring back the guys they really want. The trade up would be stupid as well. You’ve just given up 2 drafts to move up for a QB that could just as easily bust as be successful. Makes no sense at all, especially when you have a guy who wins already on the roster.

        1. I can understand why people will disagree with the take. But the writer has done a good job of outlining why it is a viable and logical approach that should at least be considered.

          I agree it is highly unlikely they make such a trade. However, if one of the top four QBs were to make it past the Panthers, I could definitely see the 49ers moving up a few spots to get him. Heck, even moving up ahead of the Panthers would likely not require an outrageous trade package.

          1. His analysis of Jimmy G seemed spot on.

            If the team moves on from Jimmy, I’m assuming they’ll have to do it before some “target” date in his contract, which date no doubt will precede the draft. So if JG is “gone”, then that pretty much signals that the 49ers will be picking a QB. I wonder how that affects draft day deals to try to move up and get a potential “franchise” QB. If KS decides that Mac Jones is the guy, then not much of an impact; but if it is one of the top four…..

        2. Nonexpert: The “guy who wins” was only 3–3 before he went down for the rest of the season. In the super bowl season, he was not as great as the record showed. That was a great team, top to bottom. And, the fact that he is already on the roster means very little considering his fragility. If the Niners keep Garoppolo for another season, and JG goes down again, the owner may be looking for a new coach and gm. Why pay a man 25 million when you can draft a qb for about 10% of that (or less).

          1. Yep only 3-3 playing the majority of that time with a high ankle sprain he came back early from. He also played well enough to win the game against AZ to start the season. Your next sentence is the same thing that can be said of virtually every team that has a good season. Their success was due to many factors but Garoppolo was a large part of it and his numbers back that up. Fragile is a very poor term to use in this case. That implies that he gets numerous injuries and his body as a whole can’t hold up and that’s not the case. He tore and ACL and had the same ankle rolled up on him twice for high ankle sprains. That’s not a case of being fragile it’s case of being unfortunate and unlucky. In between those injuries he put together a 19 start season culminating in a SB appearance so there’s also that.

            Your last question is the easiest to answer: You pay him 25 million because he’s been the only QB you’ve won with in your time in SF. That is the goal in this league last I checked. The HC and GM also just signed long term extensions so they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. You also don’t seem to understand the cost of a first round pick considering you think they will only pay that pick 10% or less. The 49ers are currently picking 12th overall. Last year’s 12th overall pick received a fully guaranteed contract worth 16.67 million and a SB of 9.685 million. You can count on paying the 12th overall pick this year more than 17 mill on a guaranteed contract and a SB of more than 10 mill.

      1. I’d let Hyder walk at that amount. He’s just a solid guy that can start in a pinch. His sack production is better than his actual level of play. Can likely pick up a different guy and get similar level of play at less than that.

        1. Let’s see they tried Ansah, Jordan and one other guy I believe. Can’t say I saw any similar production compared to Hyder. In almost every game, Hyder’s name was mentioned the most on defense by announcers for making plays except for Warner (and at the end Verrett).

          1. Those guys are either washed up, busts, or never were’s, that were signed during the season or just before the season. Street FA calibre.

            I’m talking more in the Ronald Blair calibre. He can provide the same level of production when healthy, and will be cheaper. In a depressed FA market there will be other similar calibre guys too that can be had for less than $6M. Can’t afford to pay $6M for a guy that is a marginal starter.

        2. One other thing about Hyder. IIRC, he didn’t sit out with an injury this year. On this team that has to be worth an extra mil or two per year. My internet search doesn’t mention anything about injuries.

            1. Yep. Torn Achilles in a preseason game. I still like him and would pay him. If you want to talk about the team overpaying for production, Armstead comes to mind.

              1. Yep, they overpaid for Armstead. Which means they can’t afford to overpay for many others.

                Armstead is a legit starting calibre player though. He was dominant last season, and while much quieter this year that was in part because he was the focus of the defensive line. Still played well, despite what the peanut gallery may try and tell you. Hyder is more a rotational guy that can start if needed, and gives good effort with decent skills.

  8. Given the current expected salary cap and the specific 49ers cap situation, I can’t see paying Trent Williams as much as he would get if the salary cap was going up 10 or 15 million in 2021 as opposed to down 15 to 25 million. You have to field a team not just a bunch of individuals. And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the OL a unit that really has to gel as a unit much more so than the DL for example. TW seemed more like he is about himself. Didn’t he throw some guys under the bus at the beginning to midway in the season when people were questioning his ability. There’ll probably be some good OTs available as salary cap casualties. Field a good OL (i.e. try to sign Alex Mack or similar at center) with quality depth instead of an OL with a star OT, who will reset the salary at that position.

    1. Imo, in order to field a solid to good OL group you actually need one or two stand out guys that can consistently handle their business with minimal help. A group of decent OL will end up being pretty poor as a group. Just have to look across the league to see this is the case.

      I’d do whatever I can to re-sign Williams. If they can’t, unless another high level OT like Moton is available (though he’s more a RT), it is OT in the 1st round. And I would try very hard to get Mack in as well, plus draft a guy like Morrissey in the mid rounds.

    1. I really hope they aren’t settlers. Only 3 of the 14 QB’s in the playoffs were picked after Round 1 and only 2 were picked after #32. It’s a rare QB class and Shanny is within striking distance. Time to pull the trigger and go up and get one!

    2. Scooter, we agree on this.
      I actually have him as my 4th QB.
      1. Lawrence 2. Wilson 3. Lance 4. Jones 5. Fields.
      I obviously don’t like Fields even recognizing his huge upside… he’s just to inconsistent for someone surrounded by so much talent.

      1. So Fields gets no love even if he beats Alabama?
        He just ousted last year’s champion and was the best QB on the field in doing so.

        I still believe that Lawrence is the top QB but there’s no way Fields (who is a winner) drops to number 5.
        I would question why teams looking for a QB would view him as the 5th QB off the board especially if he beats the semi-pro team better known as Alabama.

        Speaking of Alabama’ incredible talent, two of their players were up for the Heisman and one won it.

        1. AES,
          I just don’t like Lance as a prospect as much as the others. I believe he is heavily managed in the OSU offense, they don’t ask him through a full progression tree there much. They roll him out a lot, giving him half field reads, which is fine in it of itself. My problem is how he runs those plays, in that he really seems to hold on to that first read, staring them down, then either throws it (covered or not) or takes a quick glance at his second read and then takes off. Doing this at OSU works where you almost always have a clear talent advantage but I don’t think it translates to the NFL.

          Every other prospect I mentioned has showcased the ability to go through progressions enough that I am more comfortable with them. IMO Fields is a poor mans Cam Newton.

          I could be wrong, but I expect Alabama will give him fits. If he plays well and goes through his progressions against Alabama then I would move him up a lot( to as high as 2) , simply because of his athletic ability is Uranium Grade, and he would have demonstrated the ability to grow in the area that most concerns me.

          1. Shoup,
            Fair enough. But Fields is an ascending player that has a high ceiling who will benefit in the right offensive scheme.

            And Cam did take his team to a SB and has only deteriorated in the last few years.
            But we don’t know how Fields is going to do in the NFL. I see a lot of Johnny Manziel in Wilson, but I can’t say that Zach will be that type of QB because we just don’t know.

            Like in many debates over the years regarding comparisons on potential draft picks, we’ll have to see how these players look after a few years in the pros.

            1. AES,

              We agree on that. In terms of raw Athletic ability, Body and Arm talent, Lance, Fields and Lawrence are very close IMO. Lawrence is far and away the most proven in terms of reading the defense and making tight window throws of the 3.

              Like I said with Fields, he appears to be highly managed at OSU, and doesn’t really go through progressions. I saw this more from Lance in his limited time at NDSU than I did from Fields in his 2 years, and that is a major cause for concern for me.

              As to Cam Newton, I admit, I am biased and never really thought he was all that great, and was always a 2 read guy, who was so good for a short time because he was literally as a running back.

              To me qb’s like that are 1 contract qb’s. That, to reach their potential, you must utilize as a runner and then discard in favor a younger, less banged up qb. The very thing that makes them great, is the thing that shortens their career because either, they have learned to rely on it too much, or their coaches have made them rely on it too much.

    1. I really don’t think they are going to trade up that high/ give up that much. You have to be absolutely sure the guy is worth it for such a move. Lawrence is the only guy I would feel sure enough about. A smaller trade up I could see.

      1. 2 firsts and a 2nd doesn’t sound that steep to me. Though I think 3 firsts and 3 seconds would be way to much or this team to part with.

        1. The Bills paid 2 2nds (53 and 56) plus pick 12 to move up to 7 for Allen. The Chiefs gave up 27, a 3rd and the following year’s 1st to move up to 10 for Mahomes. Texans gave up 25 and the following years 1st to get to 12 to take Watson.

          I’m thinking either 12 and 2022 1st rounder or 12, 43 and 2022 2nd may be enough for a similar move up (especially if Saleh takes the Lions job!).

  9. 2021 is already off to a better start than 2020. Watch out for deranged trumpeee fanatics domestic terrorists tomorrow.

    1. Shoup
      Do you agree with Matt Miller’s QB ranking?
      Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine may be wrong, but I don’t see Wilson being drafted before Fields.
      I think Lawrence is drafted by Jax #1 and Fields by the NYJ #2.
      I also think jones is drafted late first Rd. (9ers may trade down for him), and Trask early 2nd Rd.
      The Senior bowl, pro day and the combine, could still make some changes.

      1. GEEP,
        No I do not, but My rankings are still flexible right now.
        I am not a huge fan of Fields.
        For me currently it’s 1. Lawrence (Huge Gap) 2. Wilson 3. Trey Lance 4. Mac Jones 5. Fields
        – With Lance and Fields you are drafting them both based on upside and their athletic traits but I think Lance is is a better fit for this offense. I also think he is slightly ahead in terms of his development.
        – With Wilson and Mac Jones, you have 2 players that have played behind great Olines. Wilson, is more athletic, has more arm talent and is better when the play breaks down. Jones, appears better at processing information and is more accurate even on his deep balls and when pressured.

        1. Shoup
          Don’t disagree about Lance and Fields based on upside and athletic traits….BUT, you also have to take into account Fields performance in big games and the fact he stepped up under pressure. (We’ll see how he does against Alabama and Mac Jones). I don’t know if you’ve played the game, but when you play in big games, under pressure and the bright lights, you feel like you’re wearing an overcoat and you’re feet are in mud. That’s when you find out who the pretenders and the contenders are. (Just my opinion).
          Lawrence is still #1, but he got exposed a little and Fields rose to the occasion. I like Wilson, but I’m not as confident about him as you are! We don’t / won’t know if Wilson will wilt or rise to the occasion under pressure until we see him do it. That’s not to say he won’t, or can’t., just that he hasn’t been put in that position to see how he’ll perform.
          I believe there are three things we need to know before anyone has a better idea who the 9ers will draft.
          1) What will the 9er FO decide to do with JG? 2) What can they afford to do with T. Williams and 3) The Salary cap number! If it’s $175 Mil., or $185 Mil…..Or….$195 Mil….. etc.

          1. Geep,
            I’ve played a fair amount (8 years) but never in anything at that level. That said, in my experience the Big Game nerves were there in the pregame but went right out the window after the first or second snap. You are too focused on what you need to do to think about how big the situation is/was. Maybe for others it’s different, I can’t say but I was never the most emotional player or person.
            As to how he is in big games… he looked good against Clemson but not very good in the Big 10 Championship. Looking at his play, he showcased a lot of the traits that make you like him. Mobile, strong arm, Accurate. There is a lot to work with there.
            As to Wilson I like him but I don’t love him . This is a good class but I don’t like it as much as Razor does.

            1. Shoup
              I guess my response to your “the Big Game nerves were there in the pregame but went right out the window after the first or second snap. You are too focused on what you need to do to think about how big the situation is/was.”
              In a big (championship) game, especially when it’s close, there will be times when the bright lights are on every player and how he reacts is put under a microscope for everyone to see, especially a QB. It’s not just pregame., It’s when you’re called on to perform, to make it happen. Trust me, you may not think about it, but you feel the pressure. That’s why they play the game, to see who can control their emotions, get the job done and rise to the occasion! For a QB that needs to get a first down, or score, that happens every time they take the field, that’s how they’re judged and trust me, they’re “thinking about the situation.”
              “He looked good against Clemson but not very good in the Big 10 Championship.” Isn’t that what you want from your QB, to get better every game? To learn from experience and improve?
              Like I said, we’ll see how he does against Alabama, a team with superior players and very few weaknesses. If he leads Ohio St. to a win, no way will he be drafted the 5th QB off the board.
              As for Wilson, I only wish we could have seen him play against another top team where he was put
              under constant pressure to perform. His tape shows he did everything he was asked to do, just not against a top team. Razor may be right, maybe Wilson can walk on water? I’d agree that maybe he can….If he knows where the stumps are?

              1. GEEP,
                That is why my Ranking of Fields is so fluid and he could move anywhere from 2 to 5. His sample size is small, and he has not been consistent.
                And yes, I want them to improve for certain, but with this sample size, is it that he is improving or is Clemson’s defense not all that great and wasn’t prepared to play such an offense? Additionally, when I see that Dwayne Haskins was even more proficient as a passer at OSU very recently, it gives me pause.
                I am not writing him off, or saying I wouldn’t take him and maybe I am being overly cautious, but I am taking a wait and see approach.

            2. Shoup: The #1 quality when looking at quarterback play is accuracy/ball placement. Wilson has it in spades. When talking about the best deep ball throwers coming out this year, Wilson is in the top of the conversation. Re-focusing and going through progressions after turning his back from play action, Wilson stays in rhythm while changing his launch point, and hits his receivers in stride so they can RAC it up. He’s instinctual when improvising and filters out the noise to deliver strikes off platform. This kid is the perfect fit for Shanny, and I hope they know where they’ll need to be in order to secure him….

              1. To be fair, Lawrence and Fields throw excellent deep balls too. Very accurate, very catchable, huge arms. Lance isn’t far behind. Wilson might be the best off platform thrower though.

              2. Scooter
                yes, I agree with you! Razor makes excellent points…Just that Wilson has not done it against top teams! Not that he can’t, he just hasn’t had the opportunity. Not his fault, but until he faces a top team that’s still a question mark! NFL history is littered with players that looked great in college, but failed in the NFL.
                The draft boards I’ve looked at have Lawrence the first QB drafted, then Fields the second QB drafted, followed by Wilson at 3rd and Lance the 4th QB drafted.
                If the 9ers stay with JG, I look for them to trade down for more draft picks, then draft Jones late first RD., or early Second RD.

              3. Razor,
                If that is the case shouldn’t we be touting Jones more? He was by far the most accurate qb regardless of situation. Throws when under pressure, tight window throws, throws over 10 yards. Basically, if you can pick any category in terms of accuracy, he was the highest rated thrower.

              4. Shoup, his physical limitations restrict his ceiling, but I’ve said all along he’s a quarterback Shanny will love due to his similarities to Jimmy G….

  10. Highest positional success rate for Round 1:

    1st Round – OL (83%) LB (70%) TE (67%) DB (64%) QB (63%) WR (58%) RB (58%) DL (58%)

    1. Seems like OL is the best route for teams to go with in Round 1, with the other positions essentially being a wash. I’m curious what the rate of success is at each position after the first round.

      1. The hardest job in my opinion within a NFL organization has to be in the scouting department. No matter how much you interview, watch tape, or compare measureables, there is no way to tell how a player will develop or perform in the NFL.

      2. When you’ve got a position coach like, Kocurek your DL’s success percentage is higher than average, as opposed to a position coach like, Benton whose not as good at developing average….

    2. Funny, based on the comments from some here you’d believe the success rate of 1st round QBs to be around 20%… 😂

  11. troompeees battalion of cucky clanslosers , bugaloo butt boys and incels left their mummies basement and have overrun the capital. this is who and what what trumppeee is .

      1. Guns drawn in the Capitol Chamber. Sounds like they were incited to violence, staging a coup.
        Violent insurrection, sedition, giving aid and comfort to our enemies. Putin is so proud of his toady.

        1. This is the hill they choose to die on? For that fat f*ck who doesn’t give a fat f*ck about them? SMH.

          I’m glad I’m seeing certain posters posting here today. At least I know they are not connected to that seditious mob.

          1. “I’m glad I’m seeing certain posters posting here today. At least I know they are not connected to that seditious mob.”

            Funny, I haven’t seen any police officers killed. Did you see any statues being destroyed, because I didn’t. Hmm, I wonder how many businesses have been looted and burned?
            Can you get me up to snuff on this?

            Also, please explain to me why Polosi wants to call the National Guard after a few hours of protest but disagreed with Trump calling the National Guard after days and months of BLM and Antifa destruction.
            Also, it’s not only interesting but highly hypocritical that your media godhead CNN immediately called these people “Mobsters” and yet had one of their reporters call BLM and Antifa as peaceful protesters while fires were burning and properties were being destroyed right behind him last summer.

            I for one do not condone what happened to today and certainly would want to see violators being arrested and going to jail.
            But it should cut both ways.

            1. Are you f-big kidding AES? Storming the Capitol? Interfering in the nation’s business? Sending lawmakers scurrying for their own safety? They aren’t mobsters, they are domestic terrorists. Somebody has been shot and killed. Your false equivalence is sickening and shows your true measure.

              1. You completely deflected my comments. But that’s to be expected.
                Just like the anger and frustration that boiled over last summer, today we saw the same thing from another group of American’ that are angry and frustrated.

                The actions today cannot be tolerated. I hope that law enforcement punishes the culprits. And not release them overnight like we saw last summer.

              2. Yeah. Attempted destruction of entire American democracy is exactly the same as breaking a window at CVS. Pathetic cultist to the end. Why weren’t you with the mob?

            2. What’s next? Should I wait for you to start blaming this sedition on Antifa infiltrators like your more deranged cohort are claiming on Twitter?

  12. I love how re-pooplicants are saying “this is not who we are” Ummm, have you only been watching fox the last 4 years. Troompy has simultaneously been looting the treasury , looting from his own degenerate supporters and whipping those same degenerates into a crazzeeee frenzy. This this the culmination of 4-6 years of corruption, fraud , racism , hatred and severe lack of intelligence. troompeee is good at taking advantage of those people who yearning to be taken advantage of of.

  13. Dane Brugler
    Jan 5
    Since 1960, how many times have 3 QBs been drafted in the top-5 picks? Twice (1971, 1999).

    Since 1960, how many times have 4 QBs been drafted in the top-10 picks? Once (2018).

    Both could happen in the 2021 NFL Draft.

  14. So nice to see these law abiding “patriots” ransack the capitol.
    Where’s the pepper spray? The rubber bullets? The announcements that anyone remaining in the area will be arrested? I wonder what the difference could be…..

  15. I like Fields as the second QB taken in the draft. He has good size and is mobile. He can elude the pass rush, and gain yardage with his legs. He can roll out and throw on the run, and is accurate, but he may benefit from having Chris Olave to throw to.
    The Jets must move on from Darnold, so they should select Fields, instead of Wilson. The Bengals may take Zach Wilson, but he might be Joe Burrow’d, too.

    1. Only people who hate US and the constitution would vote for the Russian puppet Scump!
      How many non-white people are rioting in DC???

      1. DP , It is the trumpees who have blood on their hands. Kyle Rittenhouse -killed 4, San Antonio Walmart massacre, the mailbomber in FL, the Pittsburge synagogue shooter …

        These people are crazy , racist and unhinged and trooommpee lit the match.

    * Republicans turn on Trump after both Georgia Republicans lose and the GOP loses the Senate! * Democrats will now control all three branches of Government.
    * Fissures are forming as Republicans decide whether it’s useful to cling to Trump — even as he tries to subvert an election — or to distance themselves……Let the blood bath begin……
    * “It would damage our republic forever!” McConnell rebukes attempt to overturn election
    * Pence rebuffs Trump, telling lawmakers he has no authority to throw out election results
    * Protesters storm past police as Congress meets to confirm Electoral College votes
    * Woman dies after shooting in U.S. Capitol; D.C. National Guard activated after mob breaches building
    * Ivanka Trump calls rioters “patriots,”

    1. * Republicans turn on Trump after both Georgia Republicans lose and the GOP loses the Senate! * Democrats will now control all three branches of Government.

      “The GOP lost the House in 2018 and now the presidency and the Senate in 2020, after it came into office holding all three levers of power. Trump would become the first elected president since the Great Depression to lose all three in a single term, and he would join just five other presidents in doing so.”

      So much winning! And we him to thank for solely appealing to his cult (some of which were/are strongly represented here) while the rest of us “snowflakes”, aghast at first, organized to take down his @ss.

      1. Rib are you forgetting that Primedoll and Razdoll were guaranteeing a Humpty-Dumpty landslide?
        What a bunch of sore losers they are.

        1. Seriously Dee P, what kind of a demented loser are you to come out and flap your fat mouth only when a political event occurs?
          You seriously have nothing better to do you moron!

          1. Primate Slime reminds US of your prediction for November 3rd.
            You never waist an opportunity to show of your cerebral deficiency!

          2. PT
            I wonder how YOU would react it this was happening to The Parliament of Canada at Parliament Hill in Ottawa? Would you be one of the rioters trying to overthrow a democratically elected PM? Would you support thwarting the will of the Canadian people? Would you support a Canadian mob defying Canada’s constitution?
            Better yet, if it was happening to the Parliament of Canada and I was injecting my opinion(s) of how YOU should act in your country, of which I was NOT a part of. Would you support me questing your right to state your opinion?
            Just asking for a friend….Inquiring minds need to know!
            Seems only fair, if you do it why shouldn’t I (or any US citizen), have the same privilege?

              1. STFU you idiots! You clowns need a life!

                PT, surprisingly, there is a life beyond wondering who the Niners 3rd string OT will be next season. When events of a magnitude not seen since the Civil War transpire in our country, we are not supposed to acknowledge or comment on it? Yes, even in a sports blog.

              2. “ Yes, even in a sports blog.”

                Sorry Rib, no. Not on a sports blog because in case you have not noticed, the sports bloggers are all leaving and all these losers are showing up.

              3. Sorry Rib, no. Not on a sports blog because in case you have not noticed, the sports bloggers are all leaving and all these losers are showing up.

                Sorry PT, but yes. If the sports bloggers can’t take a cold water splash in the face from the world outside their little sports bubble, that’s on them. And this isn’t the only sports blog where the world at large is mentioned. Every professional league, nearly every player in said leagues, have opinions on the outside world and have expressed them. Pull on your big boy snow boots and deal with it.

    1. BruceLee
      Look at it as “A TEACHABLE MOMENT!” Some Republicans leaders have learned what Trump is….And have, or are now rejecting him, his rhetoric and criminal tactics. Some Republicans are even questioning weather there needs to be a new party formed for moderate Republicans! Trump legacy may be that he’s responsible for fracturing the GOP party?

  17. Both JL and KS stated they did not know how to prevent injuries, but really wanted to learn how to.
    Maybe the first thing is to concentrate mainly on healthy players. Street was an ACL player, and Ford was damaged goods. Yes, some injured players are bargains, like Verrett, but it is a hit or miss proposition. Start with fully healthy players, and definitely avoid ACL players. That may be one way to avoid injuries. Focus on college players who have played all season for multiple years, so they can demonstrate their durability.
    Next, maybe change their strength and conditioning coaches. Bring in some martial arts trainers, so the players can absorb and deflect the sledgehammer blows. I think it would also be good for their balance, and conditioning. Judo and even Sumo wrestling coaches may help linemen with their blocking and slipping blocks.
    Finally, work more on stretching. Deebo pulled his hamstring on the first play because he was tight, not loose. This seems like the easiest, and simplest way to avoid injuries, but I rarely saw players stretching on the side line.

  18. Sticking to football, I first thought that Saleh’s best opportunity may be with the Chargers. However, the Texans may be a superior landing spot. He would have to compete against the Titans and Colts, but he would not have to play twice against the Chiefs, every year. He will have Watson as QB, and a talented team that underperformed. He will be hampered by not having a first round pick, though.

  19. AES
    Did you know a woman was shot and killed by a police officer? Now why do you suppose he felt
    he had to shoot her, because she was protesting peacefully?
    And while you’re at it, could you explain why both the GOP and DEM’s had to be evacuated?
    Because the protests were peaceful, or because they were encouraged and incited to riot by
    In light of the fact even Republicans, not just Pelosi, were telling Trump to call off his proud boys, why would they do that if they were just peaceful protesters? Why would peaceful protesters feel the need to beak down doors and occupy offices? JUST FAKE NEWS, RIGHT?
    * Rioters Breach Nancy Pelosi’s Offices, Put Feet On Desks, Leave Menacing Note! A pro-Trump rioter puts his feet up in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s offices. after violently storming the Capitol building and clashing with police……JUST PEACEFUL PROTESTERS?
    A number of rioters entered the top Democrat’s suite of offices, flipping over tables and pulling photos from walls. Outside the Capitol, protesters were seen with a sign reading “Pelosi is Satan.”
    * Meanwhile, multiple rioters posted images and videos of themselves inside Capitol offices. Other photos show rioters apparently stealing property, smashing windows and climbing on building scaffolding. Do you believe somewhere in the Kremlin, Putin is smiling?
    * Then there’s these damn left wing, socialist liberals: Corporate group urges officials consider Trump’s removal “to preserve democracy.” The head of a major U.S. business group that represents 14,000 companies including Exxon Mobil Corp, Pfizer Inc and Toyota Motor Corp urged senior U.S. officials to consider removing President Donald Trump from office after supporters of the outgoing president stormed the U.S. Capitol. Why would they feel the need to do that?

    1. Inciting? Maybe you haven’t watched the media and dems labeling Trump as an agent for Putin, racist and Hitler comparisons.

      Do you think that what happened today was a sudden spontaneous act? Today’s ugly actions were the result of the Trump hate machine that was set in motion the day he came into office.

      There’s no respect for our cities and citizens as we witnessed last year. There’s no respect for the presidency as we have seen for the last four years.
      People (mostly white) were dragged out of their cars and beat on the streets last summer.
      And now all of a sudden, those very same people who were causing destruction and injury are now patriotic because the US Capital was breached?
      Sheesh, you can’t make this stuff up.

      Both sides of the political isle need to take the blame for what happened today. And if they humble themselves to accomplish this, perhaps America’s division can begin to heal.

      And it’s tragic that someone was killed today in the same manner of tragedy that many people have been needlessly killed by law enforcement and in subsequent rioting over the years.

      1. labeling Trump as an agent for Putin, racist and Hitler comparisons.

        LOL, Arthur which part is not true???
        Have you not heard what he said today to incite the crowds???

      2. AES
        * “Inciting? Maybe you haven’t watched the media and dems labeling Trump as an agent for Putin, racist and Hitler comparisons. Well AES, if the shoe fits, should you wear it or claim it’s all “FAKE NEWS?”
        * “There’s no respect for our cities and citizens as we witnessed last year. There’s no respect for the presidency as we have seen for the last four years.” Respect, AES? Respect is earned, not given. Do you “respect” a president that breaks the law, that incites a riot and pressures fellow Republicans to break the law for him, then he throws them under the bus? (not my words, but those of his fellow Republicans). If you believe Trump deserves “respect,” does that means you respect the Russian media that called him an “agent” of Putin and Russia.
        1) Even the GOP controlled Senate intelligence committee report #3, #4 and #5 concluded Trump and his aids solicited Russia’s help prior to and during Trump’s 2016 campaign.
        2) The latest example of Trump’s betrayal: Trump downplays government hack after Pompeo blames it on Russia. “The Cyber Hack is far greater in the Fake News Media than in actuality,” Trump tweeted on Saturday morning. “I have been fully briefed and everything is well under control. Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority chant when anything happens because [US media] is, for mostly financial reasons, petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!)”

      3. AES, you need to STFU with your pathetic whataboutism bullish!t. There is no precedent for or comparison to that rampage in the citadel of American democracy yesterday. None.

        1. And yet, the Biden’s are miraculously shielded from the the China debacle from the dems puppet known as the left media. Hey, I get it. The left (CNN, Twitter, Facebook among others) picked their side a long time ago. It’s not my fault that many here fell into their rabbit hole.

          1. Just stop it AES. There are no pro-Trump points you can make following yesterday’s attempted insurrection. Really no pre-republican points as nearly half that party’s federal lawmakers were complicit.

          2. The China debacle??? You mean the trade war that left Americans worse than before???
            America has been the laughing stock of the world for the last 4 years and after this coup attempt it has lost even the last moral standings. People like you, who still don’t get it, will continue the fill the pockets of this impeached and disgraceful ‘president’.
            It will takes decades to recover from this shameful episode in American history.
            Either China or Russia or Europe will fill the void that was created by a bunch of grifters that tweeted themselves to the top.

          3. AES
            “And yet, the Biden’s are miraculously shielded from the the China debacle from the dems puppet known as the left media. Hey, I get it. The left (CNN, Twitter, Facebook among others) picked their side a long time ago. It’s not my fault that many here fell into their rabbit hole.”
            BTW: 4 dead and 50 DC police officers were injured amid pro-Trump riots at the U.S. Capitol and 83 “INNOCENT PROTESTERS WERE ARRESTED!” Move along folks, nothing to see here…Just “FAKE NEWS?”
            AND THEN THERE IS THIS: Members of Trump Cabinet discussing invoking 25th Amendment: Sources…..Are they liberals that are against Trump too? lmao…..

      4. Oh AES, do you want a list of denigrating and/or demeaning names your Scump has called people he doesn’t like? Or are you too busy watching him grabbing women by their poosie?
        Pathetic how you only address one side and refuse to see who started this name calling.
        Maybe you’re like Cruz and let him insult your father and family and then take money on the side to pretend it didn’t happen….

        1. I do know that hate blinds, and you wear it well.
          And yes, give me a list of all the denigrating names he has used.
          Btw, when did I say that I saw Trump grab poosie?
          Since you like to fact check everything around here, please find where I said this.

          Just like your media god CNN you are very comfortable with projecting fake news.
          But then again this is to be expected of you. Your predictability is all to familiar here, you only show up to spew your hate.

          1. Gee Arthur, you really want a list? Let’s first see how blind, deaf and dumb you are…
            Who did Scump call a skank, a dog, braindead, psycho or deranged?
            I’m sure they showed you on FUX ‘news’.
            Since you want me to fact check everything around here, please show me where I said that I saw you watching Scump grab some poosie. I merely asked, since you don’t deny it, it must be true! Do you want more proof than that or are you satisfied and proud that your leader wouldn’t hesitate to grab your wife by the poosie? Now if you had an under aged daughter, he probably would go for her.
            BTW, I don’t watch TV, but you apparently do and your regurgitating of fallacies shows your tendency for fake news, it also lead to think that losers are actually winners!
            FYI checking facts and backing it up with REAL evidence is not the same as spewing hate unless of course you believe all of the 20,000 lies by the Impeached, disgraced and traitorous sociopath in the WH!

  20. The world has gone crazy! The NY Knicks, a team of nobodies, is tied for 4th place in the Eastern Conference.* The Brooklyn Nets, with KD and Kyrie Irving, are on the outside looking in.**
    * this may change by seasons end.
    ** ditto.

    1. Cool. Russia says we had it coming? Good to know.

      Don’t go “but Trump,” either. The supposed Nazi fascist dictator himself ordered National Guard and police to clear out the protesters who sided with him, and protect the establishment that did not.

      Actually no, comrade. It was Pence that finally had to order the NG in.

  21. Pretty funny how all the re-poop-licants are lining up to denounce , reprimand and resign with 2 weeks to go. Ummm, where were you for the last 4-6 years. Cowards.

    No one could have seen this coming
    . Troompy Twitter 12/19/20: “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

    We ain’t out of the woods. Former Chair Joint Chiefs indicates there are more shenanigans brewing.
    NEW: Former Joint Chiefs Chair Mike Mullen tells
    @JudyWoodruff Trump “incited” failed insurrection, says Trump “not in position to lead the next 14 days.” Warns “I don’t think we’re done. Today was not it. We need to act in a preventive way to prevent more from happening.”

    Thomas Jefferson prescient: “When a man unprincipled in private life desperate in his fortune, bold in his temper, possessed of considerable talents, having the advantage of military habits—despotic in his ordinary demeanour—known to have scoffed in private at the principles of liberty—when such a man is seen to mount the hobby horse of popularity—to join in the cry of danger to liberty—to take every opportunity of embarrassing the General Government & bringing it under suspicion—to flatter and fall in with all the non sense of the zealots of the day—It may justly be suspected that his object is to throw things into confusion that he may “ride the storm and direct the whirlwind.”

    TJ got the military habits and talents part wrong. LOL

    1. The best thing the 45 cult can do now is just keep their heads down. They own yesterday’s insurrectionist riot, lock stock and barrel.

      1. Ha ha!
        Looks like yesterday’s event has totally (conveniently) blinded you of last year’s so called Summer of Love.
        Lol, calling rioting, looting and squatters of city blocks that caused businesses to close down for months a Summer of Love, tells me all I need to know about the Lefts mindset.
        Interesting how the Summer of Love and rioting and destruction in other American cities suddenly get a pass.

        1. AES, soon it will be all over, and the new administration will open up the Mueller Report.
          I said they could defeat an incumbent President, and thought they could flip the Senate. I also said that Trump was his own worst enemy, and he imploded by himself.
          Trumpty Dumpty sat on his WALL, Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Trumpty together again.
          I fully expect Assange will soon sing like a canary.
          I predicted he would not go out with a bang, he would go out with a whimper.

          1. I’ve supported (not always agreed) with every president in my lifetime. And will continue to support every president as long as I live. I’ve learned this from many family members that served in the Arm Forces to allow me this privilege.

            What happened yesterday was a disgrace, but I also believe in fairness, and the way the media brushed aside the upheaval of last summer is absolutely hypothetical.

            If BLM and Antifa would have stormed the Capitol yesterday the news media would be spinning their quality control excuses for them today, like they did last summer.

            1. Give me a break AES! Just how short is your memory, or have you just conveniently forgotten about what happened to BLM protesters in Washington DC back in June, when hundreds of officers equipped with assault rifles and decked out in riot gear (some were even mounted on horseback) advanced rapidly on PEACEFUL PROTESTERS using batons, tear gas, rubber bullets, as well as sting-ball and flash grenades. And this was just one example of the differences between the type of response by law enforcement, between right-wing and left-wing protests in the nations capitol. Had this been a protest organized by a left wing group, they would have been met on the steps of Capitol Hill by the same National Guard troops that unleashed fury upon them in DC during the summer.

              So you can stop with the what-about-isms, because, just as there are distinct differences in our law enforcement and justice systems based on race, there are also distinct difference in the way political protests have been policed and adjudicated based on party affiliation. How else can you or anyone explain yesterday’s failure to protect our nation’s capitol? This organized right-wing, QAnon, MAGA, Whatever – protest by the DJT Cult and lunatic fringe, had been in the works for weeks. This was no secret or surprise. These groups had been gleefully organizing this pathetic insurrection and attempted coup all over social media, and POTUS’ nationally televised seditious speech had been planned in advance.

              No, I’m sorry but the jig is up! You don’t get to pretend that there is a parallel between protesting racism, and trying to overthrow our government. All of the conspiracy theories, the election “fraud” lies, and baseless bulls_it ….. all of it! The jig a fricken up! The big con of the DJT presidency is coming to it’s fitting conclusion and those who supported this psychopath don’t get to rewrite history and pretend that they aren’t partially responsible for yesterday’s tragic events, or the huge mess left behind in the wake of this disastrous presidency!

              Enough is enough!

            2. If BLM and Antifa would have stormed the Capitol yesterday

              – there would have been alot of dead people

              Remember the picture of Soldiers in front of the US Capitol

              See this is another reason racism always backfire – The police always under estimate the white person but always over estimate the intent of a black person…

              …now the Police look stupid…..they had one fat white cop at the door crying on tape…..sad stuff…..what a shame…bunch of terrorists

            3. AES
              * “If BLM and Antifa would have stormed the Capitol yesterday”….THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT IN THE FACE AND THE CAPITOL GROUNDS WOULD HAVE BEEN LITTERED WITH DEAD PEOPLE……There fixed it for you!

            4. * Hypocritical
              The problem is, they did invade the Capital and physically threatened congress people.
              The difference is- The BLM movement protested for social justice. A lot of the violence was perpetrated by anarchists in order to blame Antifa. Steven Carillo, a Boogaloo Bois, killed 2 law enforcement officials, in a vain attempt to foist blame on Antifa. Right now, they are trying to blame Antifa, but all of those MAGA hats and Trump flags told exactly who they were. There were Proud Boys, QAnon, Nazis and holocaust deniers in the crowd, and the Confederate flag was waved in the rotunda.
              Yesterday was a tragedy, and a travesty. In this case, it was an armed mob committing seditious acts, fomenting an insurrection, incited by the presidential loser. The police response was a joke. they let them in, just like they conspired ahead of time, with Trump. The National Guard was AWOL, on Trump’s orders, and he refused to deploy them.
              I am glad you decry the violence in the Capitol building, but there is no equivalence to the BLM movement. BLM Protested, and made history in Georgia. Trump’s failed coup will be a day of infamy, and shame.

        2. Ha ha!
          Looks like yesterday’s event has totally (conveniently) blinded you of last year’s so called Summer of Love.
          Lol, calling rioting, looting and squatters of city blocks that caused businesses to close down for months a Summer of Love, tells me all I need to know about the Lefts mindset.
          Interesting how the Summer of Love and rioting and destruction in other American cities suddenly get a pass.

          Nobody ignored the vandalism in those protests. It was a constant focus of all the media outlets. It also was discovered that a lot of the looting was done by people that had no affiliation to the protests at all and were just low lifes taking advantage of the situation. You seem to blind yourself to the fact that there is also a drastic difference in the two protests. The BLM protest was directly attributed to the murder of minorities by Law Enforcement with numerous examples to choose from. The pathetic display put on by Trump supporters yesterday was based on the continuing fraudulent claims from Trump and his supporters that the election was stolen. There is no evidence to support their claims and they have been shot down by both Left and Right wing Judges and Secretary of States but the travesty continued to the point the Trump supporters believed it or didn’t care, they were going to get their way and spit on the alter of democracy. There is no comparison here and your inability to see that is in lock step with all the other right wing indoctrinated extremists who believe what they want to believe and don’t care if it’s backed up or not.

          1. What news focus are you referring to? Are you talking about the death of Breyana Taylor who was shot in the cross fire when her boyfriend shot at police first? You must find it amazing that CNN, MSNBC and others news outlets spun that story to make look like the police officers were solely responsible.
            Sheesh, talk about being blind to the truth, dude.

            Gotta like your coward incoming presidents remarks that if BLM had stormed the Capitol that they would have been treated differently.
            Really? This guy cow-tows to the left more than any incoming president in history.

            What we saw yesterday was the result of the lefts polarization of the president since day one.
            Spin it anyway you chose, but there are many hands complicit in yesterday’s disgrace.
            And the only way to healing the country is for both sides to put down their sabers.

            1. Arturo really hates facts. They get in the way of the truth!
              Scump told the crowd at the Ellipse that he would go with them to the Capitol, but he didn’t (Coward in Chief). Instead he sent them off with incendiary rhetoric.

              “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” he said. “Let the weak ones get out,” he went on. “This is a time for strength.”

              His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, told the crowd, “Let’s have trial by combat

            2. AES, pathetic and disgusting. I’d have thought our usual firebrand Razor would be on the deck of the Trumptanic until the very end. But no. How the hell did you ever get a reputation on this board as a measured voice of restraint? True colors now.

              1. There’s an old adage that says “follow the money.” I’m so doing you find the root of the problem.

                In this case, I follow the core of the hatred and I find the that the root is Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Bernie and the squad. Following their marching orders from Soros, Hillary, Obama and big tech.

                With such a powerful alliance of hate, I wouldn’t put it pass them to infiltrate the Trump protest with hired plants to push their way into the Capitol. Oh, did I say push? Well it helped when you have a Capitol officer holding a door opened to allow a certain group come in.
                Also, gotta love the mayor turning down a request to have the NG at the protest before it took place. I mean, I guess the mayor didn’t think anything would happen, right.
                I’ll finish my comments on this topic by echoing Nancy Pelosi’ infamous words, “I was set up!”

            3. AES, all the bullsh!t, lies and whataboutisms you’ve been posting here is what the seditious mob used as justification and rationalization for desecrating the United States Capitol building and attempts in bringing down our representative democracy. Remember a few months back I labeled you as an anarchist and you took such high indignation? Little did I know then.

              1. What the IMPOTUS has done is expose how weak and gullible his followers are. We should thank him for that!

              2. The only thing that is embarrassing is how much of a low life POS you are.
                How’s your brothers bar doing?

              3. Which one of my brothers Primate? What’s his name?
                This is how Scump is doing

                Scump once vowed that he’d be the “greatest jobs president that God ever created.” Instead, with Friday’s jobs report, he’s on track to become the first president since modern employment statistics began to leave office with fewer U.S. jobs than existed when he was sworn in.

        3. AES
          RIGHT! And Trump and the Republicans are the PARTY OF LAW AND ORDER……ROFLMFAO
          And you my friend, are suffering from a severe case of inverted anal-cranial syndrome…..
          BTW: There is a reason the fascist, wannabe dictator Trump, loves grade school drop outs! The question is…..Have YOU figured out WHY?

          1. Hmm, let’s see if I can find my way through all the fluff you just wrote.

            Many illegal immigrants out out of state residents voted for Biden. But I’m sure you view that as Law and Order.
            The dems went on a witchhunt and hired their ace Robert Mueller to prove that Trump colluded with Russia.
            Big Fail!
            The dems tried to destroy Kavanagh by creating a rape charge against him.
            Big Fail!
            The left media hid the Hunter Biden, China issue in the days leading up to the election.
            If you don’t believe that your high school drop outs didn’t notice the obvious purpose and motive behind their silence on this, then you might want to ask a high school drop out.

            If want to ignore and forget what happened last summer, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at case studies on severe inverted analcranial.

              * “Many illegal immigrants out out of state residents voted for Biden.” PROOF PLEASE?
              * “The dems went on a witchhunt and hired their ace Robert Mueller to prove that Trump colluded with Russia…..
              * Mueller is a life long Republican and an American lawyer and government official who served as the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2001 to 2013.
              * What did the GOP controlled US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report #3 thru #5 find? The same thing the Russian media claimed, that Trump was a RUSSIAN ASSET AND PUTIN’S PUPPET.
              The Committee found that Manafort’s presence on the Campaign and proximity toTrump created opportunities for Russian intelligence services to exert influence over, and acquire confidential information on, the Trump Campaign. Taken as a whole, Manafort’s high level access and willingness to share information with individuals closely affiliated with the Russian intelligence services, particularly Kilimnik and associates of Oleg Deripaska,represented a grave counterintelligence threat.
              Hack and Leak.
              The Committee found that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian effort to hack computer networks and accounts affiliated with the Democratic Party and leak information damaging to Hillary Clinton and her campaign for president. Moscow’s intent was to harm the Clinton Campaign, tarnish an expected Clinton presidential administration, help the Trump Campaign after Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, and undermine the
              U.S. democratic process. Leaks actively sought, and played, a key role in the Russian influence and Trump likely knew it was assisting a Russian intelligence influence effort. The Committee found
              sinificant indications that at the time of the first WikiLeaks releases, the U.S. Government had not yet declared WikiLeaks a hostile organization and many treated it as a journalistic entity.
              (U) While the GRU and WikiLeaks were releasing hacked documents, the Trump campaign sought to maximize the impact of those leaks to aid Trump’s electoral prospects. Staff on the Trump Campaign sought advance notice about WikiLeaks releases, created messaging strategies to promote and share the materials in anticipation of and following their release, and encouraged further leaks. The Trump Campaign publicly undermined the attribution of the hack-and-leak campaign to Russia and was indifferent to whether it and WikiLeaks were furthering a Russian election interference effort. The Committee found no evidence that Campaign officials received an authoritative government notification that the hack was perpetrated by the Russian government before October 7, 2016, when the ODNI and DHS issued a joint statement to that effect. However, the Campaign was aware of the extensive media reporting and other private sector attribution of the hack to Russian actors prior to that point. Trump and senior Campaign offici.als sought to obtain advance information about WikiLeaks’s planned releases through Roger Stone. At their direction, Stone took action to gain access.
              The committee further found Papadopoulos communicated the information he learned from Mifsud to at least two separate foreign governments. The Committee could not determine if Papadopoulos informed anyone on the Trump Campaign of the information, though the Committee finds it implausible that Papadopoulos did not do so.

              1. Thanks for your exhaustive news sources that don’t mean anything to me.
                The dems hate and news lib spinners have colluded against the highest office in our country for the last 4 years and they’re efforts to attempt a political coup during this time should hold them just as responsible for yesterday’s event as they hold Trump.
                This has been brewing for four years and it finally came to a head at the Capitol.
                And don’t be surprised if this continues after the new president takes office. When a nation loses trust in their elected leaders nothing good comes from it.

            2. OMG, Arturo you’ve really gone off the deep end here.
              I hope for your sake that this your catfish, or maybe Seb’s catfish.

              1. The only one who makes threats is your Scump baby!
                And like the canadian coward doesn’t show.
                Sore losers and a bunch of snowflakes you MAGATS are!

              2. Rib, it’s surprising how intellectual dishonest people are willing to be. This circular thinking has locked them inside their own group-think with the garbage floating to the top….

  22. Looking at the draft order, the Jags, Jets, Bengals, Panthers and Broncos may all want to draft a QB. Additionally, the Falcons, Giants, Cowboys, Washington, Patriots and Bears may want to improve their QB position.
    Unfortunately, there are not 11 QBs who warrant a first round ranking.

    1. Why would the Bengals draft another QB Seb? Burrow was on his way to being OROY before he was lost for the season.

      1. “Before he was lost to the season’.
        He tore his ACL AND MCL, along with meniscus damage. He is damaged goods, may never play again, and certainly not like he played before his injury.
        Since many posters on this site think that all of these QB draft prospects are better than a SB QB, the Bengals should be prudent, and prepare for the future.

        1. Sorry, I misread that. Needless to say, those stats do show Kinlaw has a long way to go before he can even touch Buckner’s level of play.

          1. Agree. When you first stated that you thought letting Buckner leave was a bad move, I wasn’t so sure especially considering what the Colts signed him for. But now that I learned that Buckner stated he would have met the 49ers half way on the difference during the contract negotiations, I agree with you. Especially, since Armstead is making something like $17M average per year. One caveat is that Armstead’s contract is more team friendly than what would likely have been the contract if Buckner had been signed by the 49ers instead. But, imo, Armstead is not on the same level as Buckner and IIRC Buckner stated he would have agreed to around $18.5M per year on average.

            1. After 1 year, imo the move is clearly in favour of the Colts. But if Kinlaw develops into a good player that equation will change.

              1. Two good players do not make up an elite player Scooter. Anything less than an elite status means the Kinlaw pick and Buckner trade should be graded as a big win for the Colts and a considerable mistake by the 49ers.

              2. Not sure I would say Buck is elite per se. But very good. Two good players, paired with an elite edge rusher in Bosa, I think is as good or better than Bosa and Buck surrounded by decent guys. Basically, Kinlaw has to be good, but not necessarily elite.

                Though if Buck strings together a few seasons of play as dominant as this season I will change my mind and say he is elite.

              3. I am Jack – @Scoot_McG78 (recently changed from another handle). I don’t really post anything though – just use it to get sports news.

              4. Thanks Scooter. Doesn’t show up. Grant and I were hoping to get in touch to have you come on and talk about the 49ers.

                My twitter is @JackHammer_NFL If you’re interested hit me up. Would be cool.

              5. Strange. I think I am following you already.

                Thanks heaps for the invite, but I don’t think that is for me. You guys have way more insight than I do!

              6. Alright. If you change your mind let me or Grant know. He was hoping to get in touch with you. You’d bring some great insights and it won’t be with all of us yahoo’s lol.

              7. Not sure I would say Buck is elite per se. 

                We’ll have to agree to disagree on that considering that level of play was only behind Aaron Donald.

              8. Not only that, but a perspective from a non-American might be interesting as well. Tidbits like is American Football “big” with Aussies. How did an Aussie become so interested in American Football to devote over 20 years to studying and following it (correct me if I’m wrong on that one, Scooter). Maybe some remote or tangential connections to rugby, etc. Something you don’t get on your everyday sportscast in the USA.

            2. Part of the reasoning behind keeping Armstead over Buckner, besides the cost, is position flexibility, and I think that’s something that fans either don’t realize, or just simply forget. Armstead is the much more versatile DL allowing for more schematic flexibility. Unfortunately this didn’t pay off for the 49ers this season because due to the outrageous number of key injuries (Bosa, Ford, etc), Saleh was largely forced to play Armstead out of position. Even then the decision mostly paid off. Buckner is the superior interior lineman, but as great as Buckner is on the interior, he’s much proven to be much less effective out on the edge, than Armstead. Can you imagine if Buckner was the guy who was forced to play on the edge for a large part of the season, because of all the injuries? I can almost guarantee the results would have been worse.

            3. Why is everyone leaving Aiyuk out of the equation?
              Here is the combination of players SF got/kept by moving on from Buckner.
              1. Armstead 2. Ward 3. Kinlaw 4. Aiyuk
              So the question is would you rather have Buckner than those 4 players.

              I think a greater argument could be made that SF would be have been better off trading both Buckner and Armstead. The cap space and draft capital could have greatly helped.

              1. They could have drafted Aiyuk regardless (using a different pick to trade up with), and tbh, they probably could have signed Ward if they extended Buck and traded Armstead instead. So really it is Armstead plus Kinlaw vs Buckner.

              2. Scotter,
                To move up SF gave up a 1st, 4th and 5th.
                They had already traded away our 2nd, 3rd and 4th for Ford and Sanders then gave up a 5th and future 3rd for T. Williams.
                So using the draft value chart the alternative trade, without the additional 4th would have been every remaining selection they had a 5th, 6th, and 7th (which still falls slightly short on the draft value chart) or a future 3rd which they didn’t have due to T. Williams deal. Making such a trade would have been problematic to do without that selection, and that is why I feel it must be factored in.

              3. Fair enough Shoup. I still think they would have found a way.

                Tbh, I really just wanted to post under my pseudonym, Scotter_McG. 😁

    1. Buckner is a great player and one the team wanted to keep but you can’t keep everybody. The reason he was traded was because he would bring back the highest return. We don’t know how the negotiations went down but I would imagine the team would have re-signed him if he would have agreed to a deal similar to Armstead.

      1. Yeah, it looks like he might have agreed to $18.5 M per year average. I don’t think the trade was terrible; I guess I’m more irritated that they way overpaid for Armstead who is only above average. Buckner doesn’t need studs around him to be great, Armstead does.

        1. Buckner is a better player than Armstead but Armstead had to take on a lot more attention due to the injuries and loss of Buckner this season. He had the best season of his career in 2019 when he got go inside on 3rd down. That wasn’t the case this year a lot of the time. Wait and see how things look when Bosa is back and it’s not just on Armstead.

  23. I just want to say – WE TOLD YOU TRUMP WAS BAD FOR THE COUNTRY

    no argument on who the worst president in usa history is now..

  24. Jeremy Fowler
    #49ers and Pro Bowl LT Trent Williams had extensive discussions last week on a contract extension, per sources. Doing something before Week 17 would have helped SF’s salary cap. It didn’t happen, and an elite tackle could hit free agency, but SF is clearly prioritizing Williams

      1. I’d say a 4 year deal with a 5th voidable year to push signing bonus out, avg around $20M per year, 1st year cap hit around $10M. Approx. $60M guaranteed.

        Wouldn’t surprise me though if it ends up closer to $22M per year.

  25. Larry Krueger:

    Zach Wilson is “the guy” #49ers need. Lynch/Shanahan need to have conviction that Wilson is it, trade up to #2 w/the Jets, pay the price and get a franchise QB. This kid is it. Flip Garoppolo back to the #Patriots for a couple of day 3 picks, resign your core FAs and go win a SB!

    1. I’m not saying Larry is wrong, and I like Zack Wilson, but I don’t think he’s as sure of a thing as some people seem the think. He had a sensational season, but it was against sub par competition, at least compared to guys like Lawrence, Fields and Jones. I am not saying he isn’t the real deal, but I am saying that trading all the way up to #2 in order to draft him, is a huge risk. Standing pat and drafting him at #12, or a small move up the board, might be unrealistic, but it seems much more in line with where he should be drafted based on his performance in relation to the level of competition he faced. I am definitely uncomfortable trading up to #2, considering the cost. I mean, you have to factor everything into the equation. He does have an injury history, and while anyone can get hurt, the risk becomes great we when there is not only a history, but also when you give up a huge amount of draft capital in order to draft him. Is Wilson’s value that much higher than Trey Lance? I really don’t think so. Wilson may be the more polished prospect, but Lance probably has the higher ceiling. If Kyle is such a quarterback friendly head coach, why not stand pat and draft the QB with the higher ceiling? And how about Mac Jones. He doesn’t have Wilson’s mobility, but the guy is a surgeon when it comes to taking what a defense is giving, after all, Kyle is a master of scheming his receivers open.

      1. If Wilson falls, great, take him. But I think you’re right with regards to Jones. If the 49ers target a QB without the need to trade up (or at least not give away the farm for a tradeup), it’ll probably be Jones. KS seems to prefer QBs of this type.

        1. I like Jones, but I think you are taking him in the 2nd. Maybe you grab him at the end of the first just to have that 5th year option… but he is someone you take in a trade back scenario. Matt Miller even speculated that Lance could fall to day 2. If I could trade back for more pics and grab him I would be singing Halleluiah all the way to the podium.

    2. Kreuger is delusional. The last 2 QBs who went number one, both have struggled. Trubisky, Darnold, Jones, and Haskins were taken later, and have not won any SBs. Wentz and Goff were highly touted, and have won nothing.
      Zach Wilson beat up on second tier competition with a massive O line and good receivers.
      There is no guarantee that any QB will get you to the SB.
      Go win a SB? Easier said than done.

  26. If Deshaun Watson does request a trade, what would people be willing to give up for him?

    Personally I think he is a guy the 49ers should be willing to give up a lot for. Incredible player. Truly elevates the players around him on offense. And showed in college he can rise to the occasion.

    I would even consider adding Fred Warner to a trade for him.

    1. Fred Warner might be the one guy that I wouldn’t trade. Well, him and Kittle. Those two are untouchable in my opinion.

      1. In order to get a true franchise QB I would. Especially given the team is going to struggle to find the cap space to extend him this offseason anyway.

        Basically, if losing an all pro calibre LB means you get an all pro calibre QB, I make that trade every time.

        1. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but OK, I can get on board with this.

          Quarterback is the most important position in all of professional sports, and there aren’t enough really good ones to go around. Deshaun Watson is not only a really, really good quarterback, he’s also young. He likely hasn’t even entered his “prime”. I can hardly imagine just how dynamic Kyle’s offense could be with Watson’s at the helm. If he hits the trading block, the 49ers probably ought to go get him!

          1. That’s my thoughts exactly – it would suck to lose Warner, but if it gets you a QB like Watson it is worth it.

            1. The better plan is to draft and develop. It doesn’t matter who is available.
              The Niners need to maintain the depth on the roster while also staying competitive.
              Watson would command a huge return plus a substantial amount of cap space.

              1. Sure, if you can draft Watson then even better. But much harder to get that right. Thus the reason it costs more to get Watson.

                Regardless, having that type of QB is the sort of move that helps a franchise stay competitive long term. Yes, Watson isn’t cheap. After 2021, he’ll be a bit over $30M per season (for a team that trades for him – higher for the Texans due to signing bonus). But that is what a true franchise QB costs.

                And yeah, he will cost draft capital too. But if you include a guy like Warner in the deal, it is probably just the next two drafts you are giving up high picks. Or you can spread the draft picks you give up out a bit more. Worth it for a QB of Watson’s talent, imo. And by not needing to pay JG and Warner, you have the cap space to sign the majority of your FAs this year.

              2. Franchise QB’s are hard to find and will cost a lot via trade.
                But when you have a generational talent like Warner, you don’t trade him. You keep him and then still try to find your franchise QB.
                Selling the farm and assets is not the way build a winning roster. I don’t care how good Watson is, it’s about team first.

              3. Warner is now a generational talent? All pro calibre sure, but generational? If he is generational at LB, Watson is generational at QB, and I know which position I take.

                And yeah, for a true franchise QB you give up a lot – if you already have a strong core of guys. The 49ers do.

            2. Before getting onboard with shipping Warner out for Watson, I’d like to know the full terms of the trade proposal.

              1. 2 firsts and Jimmy and Warner. Done… But I wouldn’t do that deal if I was Houston. :D
                Jimmy is thrown in mostly just to clear the contract for SF

    2. I would definitely not give up Warner because he has become a leader and the face of the 49ers defense, but I would be okay with the 49ers parting with some picks along with some players as well for Watson, as he is most definitely an upgrade over Garoppolo. However, what I have read is that it would take three first round picks and three second round picks just to get trade talks started.

      1. Tbh I doubt the Texans even entertain the idea, but it makes for better discussion than politics. 😁

        The price you outline is why I think someone like Warner may need to be included in any such deal. He basically replaces a 1st round pick, imo. Maybe more. Not many guys the 49ers can trade that would provide close to the same value as that.

        1. Why would the Niners trade the heart beat of their team?
          It’s the same situation as Jimmy G. Everyone looks at these guys as expendable but you cannot replace the value guys like Jimmy and Warner bring in leadership and making others around them better.
          I’d rather pay through the nose for glue guys and guys that are leaders of men and guys that make other less talented players play better.

          1. “I’d rather pay through the nose for glue guys and guys that are leaders of men and guys that make other less talented players play better.”

            That’s exactly what Watson is.

              1. Seriously? Did you see the type of season he put up? With the supporting cast he had? With the coaches he had? It may not have translated to wins this year, but he was amazing. And he single handedly kept O’Brien employed the past few years by willing a bad team to the playoffs.

              2. So why not just keep the glue guys you’ve drafted and developed then draft more of them and develop them?
                It’s a proven formula for sustainable success.
                Brick by brick!

              3. Because the one and only proven formula for sustained success is a true franchise calibre QB.

              4. I still wouldn’t trade Warner Scooter. However, I would be fine if they included Garoppolo and Samuel in a trade for Waston. Maybe also Mostert.

              5. If that gets them a similar trade value as Warner, sure, I would do that too. Though it would set back the weapons around Watson which wouldn’t be great.

                Thing is, I think Bosa, Warner and Kittle are the 49ers most valuable assets and would be the most likely to result in the draft capital needed to get Watson being reduced considerably. And tbh, the 49ers are in a position with Warner that isn’t too dissimilar to the one they found themselves in with Buck. While I believe they will find a way to pay Warner, including him in a trade for Watson would free up some much needed cap space.

              6. Because the one and only proven formula for sustained success is a true franchise calibre QB.

                Let’s take examples of franchise QBs, say Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, John Elway. It was combined 29 years for those franchise QBs to get their franchise a SB win. Add Dan Marino and you have more years than most posters on this board have been alive. In the meantime should we settle for MVP? Or the satisfaction of a gold jacket a couple decades down the road?

              7. Though it would set back the weapons around Watson which wouldn’t be great.

                Not really Scooter. Mostert will be on the final year of his contract, and Samuel will be in line for an extension after this season, so it is quite possible that the 49ers do not see them in their future plans going forward. However, the team could bring back Juice and add another WR through free agency or the draft, thus giving Watson the weapons he needs.

              8. Sure, lets take those examples. All but one won SB rings. And each of them had their teams competing for playoffs long term. So yeah, proved my point, thanks! End of discussion.

              9. So yeah, proved my point, thanks! End of discussion.

                And you’ll be patient to wait 9 years, a la Manning or 14, a la Elway for a ring huh? I’ll check back in with you, say, around 2030. Deal?

              10. I’m going to be the contrarian again in regards to trading for Watson. If you gave me the choice of Watson or Garoppolo, I’m taking Watson every time but that isn’t what is being debated here. The question is should the 49ers trade for Watson and my answer is no. For what you would have to give up for him – high picks and I saw Warner being thrown in there by Scooter McG, how much better is he actually making you? I’ve said this numerous times already but I’ll say it again because it’s important to have context when doing these types of comparisons. In 2019 the 49ers had the second best scoring offense in the NFL. Houston was 14th. Check out these two stat lines:

                Completions -329
                Attps – 476
                Completion percentage – 69.1
                Yards – 3,978
                YPA – 8.4
                TD’s – 27
                Int.- 13

                Completions – 345
                Attps – 505
                Completion percentage – 68.3
                Yards – 4,165
                YPA – 8.2
                TD’s – 26
                Int – 9

                The first one is Garoppolo’s 2019 numbers, the second is Watson’s best season as a pro before this past season which was 2018. His 2019 season was similar but featured more Ints.(12) and less yardage as he missed a game. So knowing that the 49ers had a better offense than Houston with a full season from both QB’s how much is Watson really going to improve the 49er offense and is it worth trading the picks and a great young defensive player to do so? The numbers say no.

                If you are strictly looking at Watson’s 2020 season the numbers are the best of his career and yet they only won 4 games. Thats where stats can be deceiving because I think if we look closely from game to game and I’ll try to do just that at some point or somebody else can if they feel so inclined, we’d find out that there are a lot of empty yards from Watson in situations where they are behind and have to throw to get back in the game. Whatever the case on the surface it was a great season from Watson but it didn’t move the meter in the W/L column.

                Watson is a heck of a player and as I said I’d take him over Garoppolo if it were one or the other, but I can’t see anyway this team would be better with him and the loss of picks and a core young Defensive player over Garoppolo with the picks and young Defensive player. Watson’s cap hit is about 16 mill in 2021 but jumps to 40 mill in 2022 and even higher in 2023 so the ability to build a team around him hampered both by a loss of picks and player and the lack of cap space.

                It was a fun exercise but not going to happen both because of the compensation it would take and the fact Houston is not going to trade him anyway.

              11. The system the two QBs play in matters. Are you of the belief that O’Brien’s system is as good as Shanahan’s? That he provided Watson as many easy throws?

              12. The system the two QBs play in matters. Are you of the belief that O’Brien’s system is as good as Shanahan’s? That he provided Watson as many easy throws?

                I’d take Shanahan’s system for sure. I have no idea on the amount of easy throws do you? All I know is before this season the Houston passing game was DeAndre Hopkins and then the next closest player had about a quarter of his production if that. This season it was Cooks with the most catches and the next guy with about 10-15 more than he would traditionally have with Hopkins on the team.

              13. So? Production was pretty similar. If your point is that Watson will throw more deep passes, that could be true but overall this offense is mainly short to intermediate passing and running the football and as I pointed out, the offense was near the top in 2019 so how much better is it really going to get with Watson?

              14. My point is that the 49ers system is a lot more QB friendly. JG and Watson putting up similar stat lines does not make them equal.

                As to how much better would it get with Watson, well, first and foremost teams would have to respect the deep pass. And there would likely be less turnovers in the short to intermediate game. So I would think it could be noticeably better.

              15. My point is that the 49ers system is a lot more QB friendly. JG and Watson putting up similar stat lines does not make them equal.

                If you say so and I didn’t say they were equal. I’d take Watson over Garoppolo but not for what it would cost to acquire him.

                As to how much better would it get with Watson, well, first and foremost teams would have to respect the deep pass. And there would likely be less turnovers in the short to intermediate game. So I would think it could be noticeably better.

                Yep and I think Garoppolo will continue to improve in this system the more he plays. Both of these statements – mine and yours – are speculation and nothing more. The numbers say they aren’t that far apart in production or turnovers.

              16. Watson’s average depth of target is much deeper than JG.

                And that’s definitely worth losing 1st, 2nd round picks the next couple of years, and an all pro LB to boot.

              17. If they’re consistently in the hunt, yeah. Been over all this with you already.

                The past decade the Niners have been in 11 playoff games, including 4 NFCGs and 2 SBs. Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Jimmie Garoppolo – all Franchise QBs? That says the most important thing is competent coaching and squad health, not pie in the sky thought that some stat-master or touted rook is going to take the team to the promised land.

                Next argument, mate?

              18. 49ers have made it to the playoffs due to having a shirt tonne of high draft picks which has provided loaded rosters. They got those because in the intervening years they were atrocious. The opposite of consistently being in contention.

                Next argument mate?

        2. Tbh I doubt the Texans even entertain the idea, but it makes for a better discussion than politics.

          I find it hard to argue against that, although seeing DJT permanently wiped off of the face of Twitter has a certain appea, and is certainly worth celebrating as far as I am concerned!

    3. For Watson? 3 firsts no problem, and Yes I would throw Warner in there if necessary… he will cost a ton at a non premium position.
      In theory, he is a guy I would be willing to trade regardless if I get a high enough first. This is mostly because his position is not one I want to throw a huge salary at. SF is looking at 18M per season for him vs drafting his replacement which even a first rounder will only cost around 4M per season. I don’t want to invest that much cap space in a LB ever.
      The only problem is, from an optics stand point letting him go after letting Buckner go could look really bad from an optics stand point to potential free agents.

      1. I disagree with you on Watson as I stated my case above but you make a good point on Warner. Is it worth 18-20 mill for a MLB in this defense? Warner has been excellent but a case could be made that he’s well down the list of importance on the defensive side of the ball. The optics would look bad if they let him go but I’ve seen other teams do just that instead of paying the LB’s. That deserves more discussion.

  27. The girl who got shot at the capitol, started yesterday thinking she was an American eagle. She ended yesterday as a dead duck.

    1. Oneniner:
      She is NOT the only one dead….This one may get Trump supporter(s) some prison time.
      Prosecutors plan to open a federal murder probe into the death of Brian Sicknick, the US Capitol Police officer who died after reportedly being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during this week’s riots, according to a report.
      A law enforcement official told CNN that prosecutors in the US Attorney’s Office will launch an investigation.
      Sicknick, 42, died Thursday, a day after collapsing when he returned to his division office following the attack on the Capitol, according to the USCP, which said he was injured “while physically engaging with protesters.”
      Two sources told the New York Times that the officer had been struck with a fire extinguisher.
      News of the officer’s death came as the chief of the Capitol Police, Steven Sund, announced his resignation.

    1. I don’t know Watson, but it isn’t apparent to me why a young player would be someone you’d want input on for the GM position. HC position, I could easily see.

      Rather than promising him input on the GM, if promises had to be made, I would have wanted his input for the HC position only and not both.

      And with regards to Florio speculating that the 49ers would be in the hunt – yeah, I need to hear it from somebody else in the “know”. Florio has hated Jimmy G for several years now, so…..

      1. I think the issue is stemming from the fact he wants to more involved in helping decisions get made Cubus. In regards to the GM, Watson is probably wanting to know if the GM’s thoughts line up his his on what the team needs to do.

    2. from the Texans’ perspective, stating that the team would require three first- and three second-round picks even to start considering moving on from their franchise quarterback.

      Sure and also throw in Warner and Kittle too. That should land us our long term Franchise QB, right Scooter.

      This off-season fan naval gazing has taken on more bizarre dimensions than usual. Glad we have some end of democracy insurrection to discuss, as a way of bringing things back to reality.

      1. You know Scooter never indicated that Kittle should also be traded, right? And if the team can get a QB who is already an upgrade over Garoppolo, then why not?

        1. You know Scooter never indicated that Kittle should also be traded, right?

          Yeah, I’m being (somewhat) facetious. But if that’s what it takes? We’ve been seeing some pretty outrageous scenarios floated here in the name of moving on from Garoppolo.

          And if the team can get a QB who is already an upgrade over Garoppolo, then why not?

          Did you see my quote from the article upthread? “the team would require three first- and three second-round picks even to start considering moving on from their franchise quarterback.” That’s why not.

        1. No. I just think it’s insane to push the idea of giving up multiple 1sts, multiple 2nds, All Pro linebackers in an attempt to erase him from the team. All in the name of some nebulous idea that what this teams needs is a franchise QB or high 1st round draft pick. Since we all know high 1st round draft picks always develop into franchise QBs and franchise QBs are SB winners year after year after year….

          1. If the team wants to be consistently good, history shows a true franchise calibre QB is what you need. That isn’t a fantasy.

            Recent SB history also shows that first round QBs are the most likely path to a SB. That isn’t a fantasy.

            I am not saying all 1st round QBs develop into great QBs or SB winners. Just that they have a significantly greater chance, so unless you believe JG is the guy, the chance of taking a later round QB and finding you’ve gotten Brady is so remote that as a plan for long term success it is ludicrous.

            I also am not advocating giving up heaps of draft picks for a 1st round QB. For Watson, yes – he is a proven franchise QB. For a rookie QB I have said I would do a small trade up for one.

            But, if Shanahan absolutely falls in love with a guy and trades up big for him I also wouldn’t be upset with it. But obviously that puts a ton of pressure on Shanahan to get it right, and I wouldn’t put my neck out like that for anyone except Lawrence.

            1. I can’t see any way this actually happens.
              Even so don’t get what the debate is on that… a top 5 QB in his mid 20’s comes up? Yeah, I’d give up a lot for him. I’d throw Bosa or Warner in that deal if necessary because that’s how valuable qbs at that level are.
              Looking back does anyone think that Ravens wouldn’t have thrown Ray Lewis in a trade to get Manning or Rodgers in their mid 20’s?
              Having one of those guys turns a 6 win roster into a perineal playoff team.

              1. “I can’t see any way this actually happens.”

                No, me either. Just some fun hypotheticals to discuss. Texans will find a way to appease Watson before it gets to forcing a trade.

                But yeah, surprised there has been any opposition to the idea if it were to become a thing.

              2. You know what turns a 6 win roster into a perennial playoff team? Not having an entire pro-bowl quality roster sidelined for a good duration of the season.

              3. “You know what turns a 6 win roster into a perennial playoff team? Not having an entire pro-bowl quality roster sidelined for a good duration of the season.”

                That, and not having a salary cap so you can keep that roster together long term in order to meet that perennial part of the statement, hey?

                Tell me, which NFL team in the past two decades has been a perennial playoff team (i.e. team that consistently made the playoffs over a long period of time) that didn’t have a great QB?

            2. But obviously that puts a ton of pressure on Shanahan to get it right

              Not to mention the pressure of getting drafts right without 1st or 2nd round picks for the foreseeable future. They’d better keep up that string of finding 5th round gems.

              1. Rib,
                To your point/argument I would agree with you that they have not exactly been great in their drafts, nobody is, but you would hope to have a higher hit rate with those first rounders. Right now… Solly, Foster, and McGlinchey are not looking like great selections… hell even Bosa is a bit of a question, given his injury history and the fact that he has already missed a seasons worth of games in his 2 seasons in the league.
                Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes… but based on what they have done you could argue either they are better off using those picks to get established players or that they need as many swings as possible to get good players. Though, there is no arguing that rookies are cheaper.

              2. Shoup, that they don’t need high picks because they’ve been crap at exercising them somehow isn’t convincing to me.

              3. Rib,
                Sorry for not explaining it correctly I meant that due to their draft record they might need more draft picks because they haven’t been good at them. |
                The problem is, this team was able to accrue a lot of talent precisely because they couldn’t make the playoffs. 4 times in 15 years

        2. Nah I think ribico is just looking at it from a practical stand point instead of a fan fantasy angle. I’ve already stated my thoughts on it above, but I don’t think there was a lot of thought put into these trade ideas beyond wanting to get Watson for whatever it would take. As we saw in Houston this past season, he isn’t going to win games without a good team around him and Garoppolo had comparable production to him in Watson’s best statistical season before this past one. If you want to look at the injury angle Watson comes out ahead overall but did suffer his own ACL tear in his first season so there is history. I’m guessing we are going to be doing this with a number of other QB’s before this offseason is over judging from the tunnel vision involved with this subject. Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford? Anybody else? May as well get it over with.

          1. “As we saw in Houston this past season, he isn’t going to win games without a good team around him.”

            The Texans were absolutely awful on D this year. The previous two seasons he led them to 11-5 and 10-6, and did so with a roster nowhere near as good as the 49ers 2019 roster. He absolutely can win a lot of games without a great team around him.

            1. In 2019 the Houston defense was 19th in points allowed the offense was 14th in points scored. In 2018 the defense was 4th in points allowed the offense was 11th in points scored. He’s been good but in the year they won 11 games the defense was ranked higher than the offense and the offense in 2019 was middle of the pack in a 10-6 season so I think you are overestimating his achievements in these years. The Houston defense was awful this season but funny thing is the 3 teams just below them in points allowed – Dallas, Minnesota, LV – all had better records than the Texans so they obviously found a way to win more games with defenses comparable to Houston.

              Ultimately the question is whether the 49ers would be better trading for Watson and I don’t think they would be for what they would have to give up and the fact the offense is already among the best when Garoppolo has been healthy.

              1. So to confirm, for you it pretty much just comes down to what they would need to give up. What would you be willing to give up for Watson?

  28. What I’ve read is that Watson is upset because he didn’t get a say in the GM hiring and isn’t being consulted on the hiring of the next coach. If true, I don’t want him on the Niners at any price.

    1. Can you blame him? The previous regime traded his best receiver for chump change and has done a very poor job building around him.

      1. Exactly. And what I have heard is he was told he would be kept in the loop, then wasn’t, which is what his issue is. The Texans have made a bunch of blunders in recent years and you can understand why Watson feels disenfranchised.

      2. Okay to ask for a trade if he doesn’t think the organization is doing a good job but when he thinks he should be involved in hiring decisions I draw the line. What next? Decide draft picks? Not on my team.

    2. I agree 100% Jerry. I have no idea why Cal McNair would give Watson an indication he would be involved in determining who is hired as GM and HC but that is a huge mistake if he did.

  29. If Watson wants to leave Houston, the Niners should trade JG for Watson, straight up.
    Since Caserio is now the GM of the Texans, he may want to re-unite with JG, who he helped draft.
    Watson would give the Niners a mobile QB, and hopefully, KS will know how to maximize his potential.

  30. Tommy Tremble has declared for the draft. Didn’t think he would. He’s a guy the 49ers should consider to replace Juice.

  31. Trent Williams said he wanted to stay with the Niners. Now, he is not satisfied with the Niners offer, and will now entertain other offers. Being the top rated OT in the league, he will command top dollar. Other teams will throw money at him, and some playoff team will probably lure him away with the chance for a ring.
    The Niners will need to draft O line help, and fortunately, there are several good prospects that could help solidify the line for years.
    The Niners may not only lose Trent Williams and Richard Sherman, they may lose Kyle Jusczyzk.
    With their third round compensatory pick for Saleh leaving, they may be able to draft RB Rhamondre Stevenson. He is 6′ 0″, 246 lbs. He may be able to replace Juice.

    1. Actually, Williams said that he wants to stay with the 49ers but also wants to see what his worth is in free agency since this will be his first time being one. And from what I understand, there has been no offer put out there yet by the 49ers.

      1. I just read that they did meet and TW was not impressed with what the Niners offered, so he plans on exploring the market.
        Of course, with the shrinking salary cap and JG’s 27 mil cap number, paying TW 22 mil may be too much. Ronnie Stanley makes 22 mil, and Bakhtiari makes 17.9 mil.

  32. Looks like the Eagles will be letting Rich Scangarello go. Could be a good replacement of Lafleur or McDaniels leave.

  33. The thing that is shocking is that there is a segment of our population who is so painfully dumb and easily manipulated that a known con-artist could convince them that a handful of senators and the vice-poodle could overturn elections results which have been certified by all 50 states.

    1. BruceLee
      An ‘angry’ Pence navigates the fallout of his rupture with Trump over election, Capitol riots.

      Before leaving office, President Barack Obama awarded the nation’s highest civilian honor – the Presidential Medal of Freedom – to his vice president.
      In President Donald Trump’s final days, he has presented similar honors to California Rep. Devin Nunes, one of his most vocal supporters during impeachment, and to three professional golfers.
      To his vice president, Trump bestowed the label of coward.

      1. Pency is just as much of a fraud as troompy. Why else would a self described devout conservative Christian snuggle up to the most corrupt and immoral man. Someone who constantly professes their piety is most likely a snake in the tall grass.

        1. BruceLee
          Ya kinda missed my point, which is….THERE’S TROUBLE HERE IN PARADISE! The next thing ya know, t-RUM-pee (AKA golden showers), will be accusing him of paying off Stormy Daniels?
          Yea, I know AES….”FAKE NEWS!”

  34. Looking at the draft needs, the Niners would want to re-sign their DBs, because some mocks have them picking Patrick Surtain CB, with the 12th pick. Maybe that would be good for the Niners to build towards the future, but there also may be some other team’s FAs who could fit well in the Niner system.
    Like OC, I want the Niners to trade back with the Dolphins, to obtain an additional second round pick, which would give them flexibility in selecting players. They even might trade back a second time, and get another third round pick. it may be well worth moving back 10 spots, an ending up with 5 picks in the first 3 rounds.

  35. Proposed offer for Watson: Would this be enough, and if not, what else would you throw in?

    Our 1st round pick this year
    Jimmy G
    George Kittle
    Deebo Samuel

      1. Been fine, buddy, just taking a break from Inside the 49ers. I tried Grant and NN. No dice. Learn much more here. How’ve you been?

        1. Good to hear. I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.😎

          Hope to hear more from you during the 2 months of Draftmas.

    1. Kittle is the face of the franchise and a lynchpin of the offense, so he should not be included in any trade discussion. For me, a good trade scenario to get Watson could look like this:

      49ers acquire –

      Texans acquire –
      2021 1st round pick
      2022 2nd round picks

      If that isn’t enough, then throw in a second round pick or two.

      1. I hear you, but this is my reasoning about including Kittle: For Houston to let Watson go, they ‘ll have to think about appeasing their fans, so if we’re going to get him, we have to gear our offer to what the organization can brag about from the trade. Mostert isn’t a household name to diehard NFL fans. Kittle is. So they’ll get a starting QB, a starting WR, and the best TE in the League. And there’s another side to this, the injury history of each of these players. It would be a win for us in that regard. I do agree with you about needing to throw in more picks.

        1. I understand what you are saying, but trading Kittle would result in a dead cap of almost $18 million for the 49ers in 2021, whereas keeping Kittle result in a cap hit of only $5.5 million.

          1. That is why, imo, if it requires a top tier player talent in exchange (which like George I think it might) then Warner is the most likely and obvious candidate.

            1. Well, I hope not. If they balk, I’d up it by offering Aiyuk instead of Deebo. They’d be getting a guy who could develop into a Hopkins. They’d also get a serviceable QB, be able to draft one of the top QBs, and have Kittle.

              I have to admit, Scooter, that I got that idea from you and figured that the defense should be off limits, so put in Kittle, in part because of his health history. Deebo too.

          2. Trading Kittle would result in a dead cap of almost $18M?

            Say what, MWD?

            I am pretty sure that a dead cap penalty applies to a release, not a trade. I don’t think there is a penalty if a team takes on his current contract via a trade.

    2. Hey George,

      Would this be enough

      Not according to analyst Benjamin Allbright, quoted in the article that started this speculation frenzy:
      “Three 1sts, three 2nds and a player might start the conversation”. But then again our analyst Seb says a straight up Garoppolo for Watson swap would get it done.

        1. Indubitably.
          If Jamal Adams is worth 2 firsts and a third, JG is worth at least 2 firsts and a second round pick.
          I am not calling for a Wentz or Goff level of compensation.
          Kreuger is brain dead to think a 13-3 QB who led his team to the SB, is worth a couple day 3 picks.

          1. Intelligent gms won’t be looking at JG as a 13-3 quarterback. If he’s that great, why are you trying to unload him? He was 3-3 in 2020 before he went down for the count. And, he missed most of the 2018 season with an injury. The guy has to be looked at as fragile, and not a franchise quarterback when he’s healthy, if that time ever comes again. He’s good when he’s healthy, no question. But not great. You can’t build your team around a gimpy quarterback, hoping he’ll stay healthy. The Niners should unload his big contract. Take what we can get for him, and don’t be surprised if it isn’t much.

            1. Maybe the best solution is to give JG adequate protection, so he does not get injured so much.
              Go ahead, diss JG all you want. It just shows how little you know. You want to get rid of a SB QB, and replace him with what? A raw rookie? When has that worked out well?
              JG knows the drill, and expects the hot takes and second guessing from the peanut gallery. He also knows that JL and KS like him, calls him a leader, and a winner. George Kittle just does not understand why so called fans are so down on JG. Kittle would run through a brick wall for JG.

              1. No, don’t replace JG with a raw rookie. Replace him by trading for a durable quarterback whose gm foolishly sees JG only as a superbowl quarterback, and is willing to take a chance that he won’t go down for the season with another ankle sprain. There are such fools out there, we just need to find them and see what kind of a deal we can make. The only people still defending Garoppolo are nincompoops. The 49ers are pretending to back JG to keep his trade value up. If they told the truth no one would want him. Where did you get the foolishness about Kittle going through a brick wall for Garoppolo? He does support him, but your comment is way over the top.

  36. @PFF
    laid out a hypothetical trade for Deshaun Watson that had the #49ers sending their 2021 1st, 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2021 2nd, and Jimmy Garoppolo to the Texans for the QB.

    @Razoreater says don’t give up more than, Jimmy, 2021 First round pick, 2022 Second and Third round picks.

    1. Would the Texans want JG, and would JG agree to be traded to the Texans?

      I’m a little confused razor. That almost sounds like less than you would be willing to give up for Zach Wilson.

      1. Caserio had his hands all over the Jimmy G pick. Jimmy has familiarity with the promise to build around him.

        Scooter, I’ve been Dazed And Confused for so long it’s not true. All good, mate. It’s not like we really expect a deal to get done, but they have a disgruntled employee on their hands, thereby negotiating from a position of weakness. Their team is bereft of talent, bereft of draft picks and bereft of common sense. Watson is special, but I believe Wilson/Lance/Fields could be too. I use that as my position of strength. It’s not gonna cost an arm and a leg to move up from 12 to 7 for the one that falls….

        1. But Watson is proven, the others not, obviously.

          @PFF laid out a hypothetical trade for Deshaun Watson that had the #49ers sending their 2021 1st, 2022 1st, 2023 1st, 2021 2nd, and Jimmy Garoppolo to the Texans for the QB.

          I actually think it’s not brazen to give them 3 number one picks. Watson’s 25 and the first round is still a crap shoot, especially if some of them are later picks. Losing our second pick this year, though, would hurt.

          1. That would be a terrible trade and set the team back for sometime with all the picks lost and the cap space his contract would take up. People on here have been complaining about JG’s 27 mill hit the next couple of years but Watson’s is 40 mill+ starting in 2022. So no cap space and no picks but we got Watson who just led his team to a 4-12 season. Sounds like a great plan.

            1. Watson would be a bit over $30M from 2022 on (and much less in 2021). Texans would have to absorb his signing bonus.

  37. In the end, Trump cost Republicans the Presidency, the Senate and the House. The son of a B actually did it. He made America great again.

    1. funny…….

      I am a moderate (fiscally conservative D) living in a split house, but I just hope everyone can agree that some heads need to roll from the debacle which transpired yesterday…… and there should be investment to explore constructing a concealed hydraulic lift fencing to secure a perimiter, a la posts at entry points.

      I would trade for D Watson in a heartbeat

        1. That begs that there will be enough common sense for appropriate staffing…. wherein clearly there was an obvious fail by Capitol police command….. granted, they will swing the opposite direction now w over-staffing for the inauguration and moving forward. Personally, I would simply prefer to see an investment which makes it clear to the world that the White House and other select government buildings could become a fortress w the push of a button.

  38. JL is not BOB. He would not have given away Hopkins for a song., and he will not give away JG for a bag of Skittles, either. Remember, they considered JG more valuable than Tom Brady.
    I fully expect that Belichick is considering JG, and what it would take to pry him away from the Niners. He will not continue with Cam, because he is not accurate enough.
    In any bargaining negotiation, you start out high and work your way lower. 2 third day picks for a SB QB is like a dog rolling over and lifting a leg. Total capitulation.
    Maybe I am assuming that Caserio is operating from a position of weakness. He has to make deal, and no other team would give as good a QB as JG. Draft picks are nice, but give no guarantee for success. Caserio may really like JG, since he helped draft him.
    Maybe they could add a conditional pick. Whichever team who gets to the playoffs first, has to give up a second round pick. If a team reaches the SB, it becomes a first round pick.
    JL does not have that kind of mentality. His bargaining position is- We will only accept deals that may look too good to be true.

      1. Belichick was forced to trade him away, because otherwise, he would have lost him to free agency for nothing.
        He liked JG so much, he sent him to the Niners, instead of some team like the Jags.
        Now, he is faced with a new year with no competent QB. Belichick is such a good HC, he could take back JG and get back to the playoffs. Belichick would be smart enough to utilize JG properly, like allowing him to control the game with his short passing attack, instead of forcing JG to throw long bombs, which is not his forte.
        Look at it this way. Belichick is just re-acquiring JG, he is not going back on a trade. Belichick may deem it wise to spend a couple first round picks and a second round pick, because he assumes those picks would be late first and second round picks, anyways. JG would be way preferable over an untested rookie. Cam is inaccurate, and Stidham is a stiff, so JG would be a major improvement.
        I think the Niners should keep JG, but I also thought they would keep Buckner, too. If Belichick did offer 2 firsts and a second round pick for JG, that might be an offer that is too good to be refused.

        1. If BB had wanted to keep JG, he would be a patriot now. Cam has to go but BB has a history of paying very little to get players. He likes to get players with underdeveloped talent and then raise them up to his standards.

          1. I wish to respectfully disagree. BB wanted to retain JG, but he would adversely affect the salary cap, so BB decided to trade away JG, in order to obtain a second round pick for him, instead of letting him walk in Free Agency, and get nothing.
            BB liked JG so much, he traded JG out of the conference to a team with a SB history, not some perennial loser.
            BB may want to trade 2 first round picks and a second round pick for JG, because he knows what happens when he played an inaccurate QB. If he wants to get back to the playoffs, he may think that the price is not too steep, but would probably start out by offering a couple day 3 picks for him. Maybe the Niners should start out by demanding 3 firsts and 3 second round picks, because JG had a 13-3 record during his SB run. Then they could both settle on a 2 firsts and a second round pick as reasonable compensation.
            Yes, BB raised JG to his standards, so he could possibly continue utilizing him in his system.
            However, JL should think hard about trading away JG to the Pats, which could possibly give them more rings.
            On another note, BB just declined his Medal of Freedom, because of January 6th. I hope Biden gives him one, 2 weeks from now.

  39. Fat @ass banned for life from Twitter. LOL. Time to impeach again or execute the 25th. We must remove the cheeto dust monster.

            1. He thinks it makes him look smart, but it just does the exact opposite.
              I really must be living in his head to make him obsess about me so much.

              1. I don’t think you’re living in his head anymore, he keeps on showing you his pecker!
                Combine that with his penchant for scatological eruptions, I think he’s really going downtown ……

  40. Yeah, I agree with Jack on this.
    I would be ok with 2 subsequent 1st rd picks, but definitely not 3.
    Watson would be good fit for the 49ers especially under Shanahan, but giving up 3 first rd picks in the next three drafts is a deal breaker for me.

    My upset for this weekend is the Bears over the Saints. I’d like to see if Trubiski has had a real resurgence or if his last few games have been fool’s gold.
    Bears have been averaging 28 pts per game of late and if their defense holds up their end this becomes their biggest win in a long time.

    1. I would be ok with the firsts because they would be using one of those on a qb anyways, potentially two, if you wanted to trade up… the problem is the 3, 2nds in addition.
      Understanding SF’s cap situation, including Watson’s figures, I don’t know how they field a competitive roster on those seconds… maybe if you trade away some established talent like Bosa and Warner for pics but then you hoping you get lucky in drafting similar players.

  41. Look at the Texans. They declare they will not give up their starting QB for less than 3 firsts and 3 second round picks.
    Now they expect the Lions to give up Stafford cheap, when they have no superior QB candidate identified?
    Some talking heads want to give up JG for a couple day 3 picks? Then acquire Stafford, who has good stats, but owns a 5 win -11 loss 2020 record? He had a 64% completion record, 4084 yards, 26 TDs and 10 picks, for a 96.3 QBR. Those are good stats, but JG had a 13-3 record, and is a SB QB.
    Stafford is the least of their worries, and they might have won only a couple games without him. They will not dispose of Stafford, if they want to win.
    Wentz even costs more than JG, and JL is not a clueless noob who would want a shell shocked QB who is struggling. If they cannot afford JG, the Niners certainly cannot afford Wentz. He is damaged goods, and no other team wants to pay him 34 mil. Barnwell must hate the Niners, to predict that Wentz would go to the Niners. The Colts certainly do not want to inherit a 34 mil cap hit for a sub par QB.
    Darnold? Why the heck would any team want him for? Maybe if they are tanking, and want the first pick in the draft.
    Guess these talking heads think they can hoodwink the Niners into making a Hopkins styled trade. JL is way too smart for that. He went to Stanford, and is a candidate for Football’s HOF.

    1. Hi Seb. This is one of those articles I post because I think people will be interested. Call it Saturday morning reading with a cup of coffee in front of a log burning in the fireplace. I have no clue about what’s going to happen in the offseason, only that it will be “bloody” for some teams, including us. And the more I think about it, the more I think Scooter is right about Fred Warner. He might very well be Bucknerized, as Scooter called it. A good term.

      1. George, you should apply to be the blog master amongst us old timers. I do appreciate your posting salient ideas, so I can comment on them, and I hope you know that I would never infer your football expertise is lacking due to your posting contrary ideas.
        How is your ticker doing? I am now a member of your class, and am improving.
        I wish you a better New Year, and look forward to your posts.

        1. Hi Seb. Just read this. Very sorry to hear about that. I do hope you’re getting better and have a full recovery! Best wishes.

      1. Well, I concede that Stanford alum are pretty smart to be able to get in, but what they do with their education is up to the individual.
        Hawley and JL are polar opposites.

  42. The Texans want 3 firsts and 3 second round picks for Watson.
    Maybe they should not have ticked off Watson, and at least kept him informed about the GM and HC search.
    Another unforced error. They did not shoot themselves in the foot, they shot off their whole leg.
    Sounds like McNair is a chip off the old block.

  43. A trade with Houston is unlikely. It is nice to see that the Houston Chronicle has joined other TX newspapers asking Rafael ted Cruz to step down.

    1. Well, so far, Grant is 1-2. Bills won, but the Seasquawks and WTF lost. His upset prediction fell flat.
      BTW, just a word of caution. Some posters do not countenance any mentions of Grant, now that he is gone.

        1. George, Grant at least got his last grade right. I would give him a D for his efforts.
          He seemed to do the hot takes approach and did impart some cogent analysis, but he was way off base. To think he is impactful is ludicrous. Why, it would be like they take my suggestions! I certainly hope they are using their time wisely, instead of getting distracted on the internet.
          My problem with the SI site is that they tend to focus on unimportant things, like JLS spouting about the offense and STs, when it was the defense that won the game. Maybe I would respect them more if they had talked about CJB dropping back, and if all receivers are covered, the best thing for him to do is fling the ball out of bounds, past the sticks. They were focusing on other things, like dissing JG.
          I also was critical of their presentation. Poor lighting, low quality, seemingly improvised production. Grant would shout while JH would whisper. I must admit that Jack has improved, but any competent production should have some sound modulation.
          I will say that I tried hard, but just got bored of their topics. Grant, being consistently wrong, did not help. Just look at his latest predictions- 1 right, 2 wrong.
          Now, about Lowell; I love his stories. He brings me back to the Glory Years. His writing style is hard edged and scintillating, and he was a- must read- for years. However, I do not like his stance on Kaep, and I hope Kaep will get the chance to prove him, and many others, wrong.
          One slight critique of Lowell that I have, is his insistence to use the name IGGY. Yes, it is a pet familial endearment, but in the business world, Grant is a solid name. In no interview should Grant be called Iggy. Grant is a professional name, and he should not be labeled with 2 names. Lowell would further Grant’s career if he just stuck to Grant. In an informal setting, Lowell should be able to address Iggy all he wants, but when the camera is rolling, Grant is a stronger name.
          I wish Grant well. He is caught like us all, in this Pandemic. I am glad he is on first name basis with JL and KS. Kittle likes him. too, and Richard Sherman respects Grant enough to discuss strategy with him. However, I still think his last grade was appropriate, and he has room to improve.
          I, too find him entertaining, but I also find him informative.

      1. Some posters do not countenance any mentions of Grant, now that he pissed away his years of heading up this blog, classlessly exiting without as so much a thanks for the memories, a goodbye or a see you later

        Fixed that for you Seb. May Grant toil away in internet obscurity, garnering zero to one responses to each of his irrelevant posts.

        And George, sure, go ahead and find your entertainment on the site that Grant currently blogs for.

        1. Sorry, Rib, I did see his farewell message, but it was on twitter.
          My take on the situation was- Grant was informed his salary would be cut, like many others, and Grant, seeing the writing on the wall sought out further career enhancements. The PD caught wind of his job search, and fired him. They did not allow a farewell message. Grant certainly would have written one, if allowed to do so.
          So please do not blame Grant for abruptly leaving. Maybe the PD felt betrayed of hearing about a career move, but they should have stayed classy and let there be a smooth transition.

          1. Ahhh Seb, I actually predicted Grant’s departure. He never took a shine to my constructive criticism about his vids. Funny thing though is that all the pointers I gave him on how to improve his vids they made him do at SI. I wrote about 2 years ago that he was fishing for a new job with all the different platforms he was playing at. Not just print
            I think he left because he wanted to be using more of the social platforms and the PD is a little slower (and not paying) in that regard. I also think he wants to work towards doing broadcast and is making the connections at SI.
            I’m surprised that he slighted you and asked scooter(nothing against scoot) to be interviewed with Jack. It would have been entertaining one way or another!
            Hope you get better, especially with that Primate following you where ever you go!

  44. Yeah, I believe in the old John Madden philosophy that you always go for the points rather than gamble.
    Reich, passing up on a field goal before halftime proved to be their downfall.

  45. So great to see Seattle lose. Can’t stand’em! Amazing how the Rams routinely beat Seattle, the Niners rarely beat Seattle, and to add to this years grief, the Niners JV’s beat the Rams twice this year, and If I’m not mistaken at least the last 4 in a row. Such is the NFL I guess. I’m pulling for the Bills. Cali, Central Valley farm boy kid at QB. Overlooked coming out of HS. Josh is the real deal. Roughly 6’5”, 240, has the great, accurate arm and runs like a RB. A lot of GM’s missed it! Go Bills!!!

    Ps And, Allen grew up a Niner fan!!

  46. I see that Grant “I don’t know much about football but ask me about soccer” Cohn picked 1 out of 3 games yesterday. Lol. Some things never change. Todays a little easier. Maybe that will help.

        1. Trask could develop into a starter but I wouldn’t bet on it. I did bet Prime $200 that he’d still be on the board after pick #15, and if CFC wants to get in on that action, I’d be perfectly happy accommodating him….

          1. To be fair… Even if you and I don’t like Trask, CFC said they were his rankings, not where he thought they would be drafted.

            1. If you’re convinced he’s the 2nd best qb in the draft, I’m not so sure it’s unfair to challenge his conviction. Put your money where your mouth is!

      1. Ha!

        I’ve noticed that if a blogger makes a wrong call on this blog, it’s remembered forever; but if you get a call right you get maybe 15 minutes of fame.

        1. Lol! So true.

          The willingness to die in a ditch over an opinion on here is also something I find hilarious. As if there is only one right answer to anything, and any opinion other than your own is stupid.

            1. My memory isn’t good enough to recall the reference – all I remember was I liked the Millard pick, thought he could be really good. But he wasn’t.

              1. I can’t remember exactly, either. I do remember jokingly giving you grief about it. It was more than you liked him IIRC. Maybe akin to he would become the best FB in the NFL or something like that. As Hammer would say at this point it is “meaningless”.


        2. The one thing I will never forget CFC for is how he said Turner was going to run roughshod over our defense, while Gore would be shut down. According to CFC the Falcons were going to handily defeat the 49ers in the NFC Championship game. He talked that $hit all week long….

          1. Razoreater says:
            November 27, 2016 at 1:48 pm
            Mahomes? Another project spread quarterback just like Kap? Please say we can do better than that!

          2. Just for funsies

            sebnynah says:
            November 27, 2016 at 1:51 pm
            I would take Kizer over Mahomes. Especially if he falls to the second round.

            1. Lol. That’s what happens when you are focused on some highlights/hype. That’s the way it is for most of us fans who don’t have the ability to study these players in depth or find out about their mental makeup.

            2. No problemo. He did not fall to the second round. Even Tyreek Hill had his doubts about Mahomes.
              I thought it was essential to use their first round pick to shore up the run defense. Instead of moving up to select CJB in the third round, KS should have just re-signed Kaep.
              Well, at least I did not bet 200 bucks that the Niners were going to select Trubisky.

    1. I thought so too at first, but replay showed it was pretty soft……. I thought it was a good non-call.

      Rooting for Roman- I always wonder what he had to work w during the Kaepernick years as he clearly had a QB who didn’t seem to be able to read the field

      1. In this case, Brown clearly had an easier catch after pushing Humphrey away with his left arm. So this play clearly fit the definition, both officially and practically. But it should be noted that NFL officials were pretty stingy on offensive pass interference this season. They threw flags 72 flags for it in 2020, the fewest total since 2007 and third fewest since 2001. This season’s total represented a 40% drop from 2019, when there were 122 such flags.

        Sure could have used that officiating largess last season and especially in the SB :)

      1. He is just a running QB. 109 yards passing? One trick pony. The Ravens will never win a SB with that style of QB.

        Morons like Seb think he is the wave of the new age QB. He’s not. You have to play and being able throw from the pocket 90% of the time.
        That’s why Colin Kaepernick is out of the league.

          1. He’s a rb that can throw but he’ll never be anything more under Greg Roman. It’ll be interesting to see if they pick up his 5th year option, and/or extend him….

            1. he’s dynamic and will b paid handsomely……. I agree w your guys assessment as a QB, but w his athleticism, I now view him more as a hybrid QB/RB, as opposed to a mobile QB, based upon how many designed runs he has, as well as the fact that he runs inside so often.

              1. His body will begin to break down at some point in the not so distant future. Meanwhile, his development as a passer never gets the time necessary to catch up….

              2. KC will expose him. You can get away with the running against other running teams. But when your down 1 or 2 positions in the 4th and have to throw? He will crumble.

        1. Poor Prime. Talks tough but is just a clownish buffoon.
          He is the one who bet 200 bucks the Niners would draft Trubisky, then welched on a stipulation.
          Poor, poor Prime. Wrong AGAIN. Hey, did you know that Lamar Jackson just tied a playoff record? He is the second QB to rush for over 100 yards in a playoff game. Guess who did it first? Yup, Colin Kaepernick.
          So yes, Kaep will get his chance to compete, in less than 12 days. Do you know why? Because you were wrong AGAIN, and Biden will be the next President.
          Feel the burn……

          1. Nothing like proof.

            Prime Time says: 
August 22, 2020 at 7:59 am
He did take the league by storm. But when will he return?

            Seb says: 
August 22, 2020 at 9:16 am 
November 4th.

            Prime Time says:
            December 2, 2020 at 8:18 am
            We have, just need confirmation as I keep getting labelled as one when it was you and I that made the bet and the stipulation. So please for the record, tell me one way or the other?
            Did I welch?

            Razoreater says: 
December 2, 2020 at 8:27 am 


            1. A real QB has set playoff records and has a 4-2 road playoff record. What other non-SB QBs have done that?
              Lamar Jackson just won his first playoff game, and may compete in the AFCC Game. If he gets past Mahomes, he may be SB bound.

              1. You have to be a good pocket passer to be considered a good quarterback. That’s not Kaepernick or Jackson.

              2. No, you have to win games in order to be considered a good QB.
                Kaep got to the SB after only 10 games. Lamar Jackson is a good QB because he defeated a playoff division winner.
                DeShaun Watson is considered to be such a good QB, the Texans will only accept 3 firsts and 3 second round picks for him. He is a dual threat QB, not an immobile pocket passer.

        1. PT
          Your frequent 🦜 responses to Seb are infinitely more palatable to this room than vitriolic posts that don’t work on the moron and are only an annoyance to the rest of us. I, for one, prefer this method of disapproval. 🤷‍♂️

              1. On franklin’s behalf, I submit all your posts ever as evidence in support of his analysis. You really seem to be a sad little man, but, have at it, as your reputation is already cemented.

              2. Boyd, I am glad you have read all of my posts. Most posters just scroll past. Sounds like you are also bent about this election, and want to vent out your frustrations on me.
                Franklin’s analysis? More like Franklin’s screeds, and even he admits that the vitriol and expletives do not add to anyone’s edification.
                Yes, so sad, that you want to make insults a new art form.
                So go ahead, snark away. Just, do not start whining if I push back.
                You are another one time burner account, from some gutless wonder. Good show.

      1. Henry looked slow and sluggish today. The physical play of the season may have played a big part in his disappearing act today, but Baltimore’ defense had a great game plan.
        They consistently collapsed to middle of the line to clog up any running lanes.

        I also felt that the Titans should have gone for it on 4th and 2 with around 10 minutes left in the 4th QTR.

  47. Question for you Notre Dame fans,
    could Tommy Tremble be converted to Fullback as a replacement for Juice? How is his blocking in space?

    1. That’s a heck yes from me. Posted about how they should draft him for that role earlier. Love his game. Really athletic and a beast as a blocker.

        1. That sounds about right… right now by the numbers he looks like a better athlete than player. The question is if that lack of “production” is because of they way he is used (similar to Kittle) or is there some other unknown reason.
          Thanks Scooter, based on what you said it looks like he could be another diamond in the rough.

        2. Yeah, that’s where I’m thinking razor. Around 4th round. I don’t think he is leaving ND due to draft grade advice he was given by the committee coming back as a high grade. I think it is likely more a personal decision.

          Shoup, he was basically used as a FB/HB by ND, so it won’t be much of a transition. And the way he was used was the main reason for his lower end production. Love the way he plays the game.

  48. Interesting. There is now speculation that Deshaun Watson may go to the Dolphins for Tua, and a first and second round pick.
    That just bolsters my straight up JG trade for DW. JG is a SB QB. What has Tua done?

      1. Oh good. BB will now receive the Medal of Freedom. Who cares about a Covid Crisis? Golf, anyone?
        I hope BB has enough class to decline the ‘Honor’, considering who is bestowing it.

      1. At first blush Heinike looked very good.
        But Heinike seemed to catch the Bucs defense by surprise with his quickness, speed and accuracy.
        While he looked good to me, personally I would like to see him play against a team that has game planned for him before jumping on his bandwagon. A snap decision on an unknown player seems to risky.

    1. George,

      Actually, I was adding a posting with the mocking intention of another hysterical fan’s recipe for solving the Niners question at QB. So far, we’ve seen calls for trading for other teams discards, giving up HUGE draft capital and proven players at critical positions (warner? kittle? deebo? aiyuk?) to move up for a possible drafted savior or highly touted QBs that somehow couldn’t bring their team to the next level because they lacked defense, coaching, complementary players, you name it (does that sound familiar with our team?). Churn churn churn… NOW without high draft picks!

      So why not Heinicke ? He came from nowhere, had a good showing in one good game, probably can be gotten on the cheap (though we’d have to fight other teams who saw the same highlights). Should be on the fan’s short list for the next starting QB, right?

  49. Jason La Canfora
    Had a few execs text me a siimilar trade concept regarding Texans should the situation with Watson go nuclear: Jimmy G plus several high picks for Watson. Caserio/Jimmy reunion. Gets Watson out of the AFC kinda like how Belichick wouldn’t trade Jimmy within the AFC.

  50. ESPN Chris Mortensen reporting Tua and picks for Watson.
    I say let these teams hammer it out while we draft and develop our own franchise QB.

    Everyone keeps touting Shanny as this great offensive guru. Well it’s year 4 so the honey moon is over.

  51. So, in the NFC it is 3 HOF QBs (of which only one was taken outside the top 32 picks) and a former #1 overall QB, and in the AFC it is going to be 3 1st round QBs from 2017 and a 1st round QB from 2018. But yeah, taking a QB in the first round is a silly idea.

    1. All those HOF QB’s and 1st round QB’s( not Jackson as I don’t consider him a QB, he’s an athlete) had exceptional coaches to develop them.
      My issue is, is Kyle Shanahan one of those exceptional coaches to draft one, develop him, and then have him become a franchise QB.

      1. Any reason to think he isn’t? Are we blaming him for RGIII and Manziel not developing? RGIII’s best football was under Shanahan, and Manziel was Manziel. Other than that, he has helped Schaub (who he was also instrumental in developing), Ryan and JG put up their best years. Also was an important part in Cousins early development.

        1. “ Any reason to think he isn’t?

          CJ Beathard and Jimmy Garoppolo.Both guys in 4 years have not developed technically or physically.

          1. Are you suggesting that both of those guys should be great QBs? You can’t make a great QB without having the right raw materials. You can make a decent QB look good though, which is what he did with Schaub and JG.

            1. I’m suggesting that for all the praise and hype surrounding Shanny as this offensive genius and coach, he really has not done much in his career to indicate he can.

              He has made a lot of average QB’s look good through his play calling but as an “instructional coach and developer” he has not.

              In the 4 years he has had Mullen’s, Jimmy G and CJB, fundamentally they haven’t improved and overall their games have not developed to a point you could say, they are better QB’s. Decent yes, better no.

              1. Exactly when is he supposed to teach these guys these fundamentals? His role is to coach his team up to execute his playbook/ scheme/ game plan. He successfully coached JG up in this regard.

                In terms of general fundamentals and mechanics that is up to the player to seek outside coaching during the offseason. In season there isn’t much time to do so.

              2. “ Exactly when is he supposed to teach these guys these fundamentals?
                How about daily at every meeting and practice? That’s what coaches do.

                “ His role is to coach his team up to execute his playbook/ scheme/ game plan.
                But you forgot, putting his players in the best position to win. And that begins at the fundamentals. No matter what sport you play, if your not drilling the fundamentals daily, your players are not getting better.
                These are not up to the players in the offseason. It’s drilled over and over again because if it isn’t, the talent regresses.
                This is critical to any professional athlete.
                If your not teaching or working with the players on mechanics, or the technical components of their position, how do you expect them to understand and execute the play book and the scheme?
                Any good teacher will show you what to do and how to do it. It’s called progression. No matter what level you play, this is sports 101.
                Scooter did you ever play football?

              3. Prime, this isn’t HS or College. They have a very limited amount of time to teach technique. The rules in the CBA mean they basically need to spend most of the offseason practices installing, and during the season getting the players across the game plan. They aren’t spending much of that time teaching these guys technique, because they don’t have the time to do so.

                Here is an article that explains it.


              4. Prime, KS has forgotten more football that you ever knew.
                While I also do not think he is a genius, he is very smart and innovative. Yet, like all of us, he can improve.
                KS has not done much? He took a 2-14 team, and made a total rebuild, getting back to the SB after only 3 years. That is impressive.

              5. PT,
                I don’t think Jimmy and CJB are fair reasons to say he can’t develop a qb.
                Jimmy has been rehabbing for the majority of his time in SF, when you are doing this the focus is on getting healthy not growth and development. I think that is biggest argument in favor of keeping Jimmy, We really haven’t had a chance to see him healthy after an offseason were he could work on his mechanics.

                As for CJB, he was a late 3rd rounder who Kyle brought in to be a potential backup, he was never looked at as a starter. This was not a guy they invested heavily in. Then when they brought in Jimmy, and Mullens moved ahead of him… why are you really going to waste time on him?

                In terms of development, when it comes to Kyle’s ability, its a massive unknown.

              6. At least 30% of every practice in a 75 minute practice is spent on warm-up and technique/fundamemtals. And if it isnt then you are doing a major diservice to your players. Might be a reason why we have had so many injuries.

                The point is, to teach a route or a pass rush move, a tackle,or a particular throw, you have to implement the fundmentals. If you dont, that player wont execute the technique needed for that skill.
                To tell me they dont have time is ridiculous. They have position coaches portion prior to every practice. And they have after practice time. Kyle Shanhan as the HC, should be instructing his staff to work on these things.
                As for the development of the current QB’s on the roster, Shanny as a head coach, under his direction has not developed these guys. All 3 guys have terrible footwork and throwing mechanics to start. That all begins with working on the fundamentals.
                Point is, for such a highly touted offenisve genius, he is doing a terrible job getting his players better. Once you are fundamentally sound, you can open up your play book. But if your players can execute simple skills, you will never evolve the player. Thats his job!

              7. Prime,
                30% of a 75 minute practice is not much. Especially if you include warming up in that period. Even throwing out the stretching/warming up it’s only 22 minutes a session, now divide that by the number of qb’s you have and you get 7 minutes a session, 11 minutes if you have 2 where coaches are really working with a player.
                There is a reason why most of them go to see qb coaches in the offseason like Tom House etc. Here, they can have multiple hour sessions dedicated to these fundamentals and spending the extra time to do this doesn’t violate the CBA. 1 session at a qb school, could then be the equivalent or more than 2 weeks worth of practices.

              8. At the end of the day, regardless of how much time you have, you better get it in. If you pass it off to the offseason, your players are getting worse and as we have seen, picking up bad habits.

                Look at Jimmy G. His footwork and throwing mehanics are terrible. They should be working on that with him daily. How can the coaches leave that to the offseason? Again, might be a very good reason why the 49ers are so injury prone.
                I cant say for sure but I know when I played and coached, it was a significant part of practice. And if it was not drilled in practice, we worked on it during the strength and conditioning component outside of practice.

                You guys telling me its something they dont have time to work on during the season blows my mind. To me, its more important than anything. You can have the best game plan and best designed scheme to the cows come home, but if you cannot execute the simple skills, does it matter? Case in point McClinchey this year. Technique was awful. Bourne for years has been a terrible route runner. Witherspoon still cannot turn and locate the ball.

                Overall Id say this is something that falls on the direction of the HC and if we think drafting a franchise QB in the 1st and saying Shanny is the best to develop him, I am questioning it.

              9. That extra work you are talking about will have to be done on their own and it is… there are QB camps, Lineman camps, and Pass Rushing camps for players to go to on their own.
                The team cannot just take “extra time” to do it because the league would punish them either by fining levying a monetary fine, taking away draft picks, or both. That, is something that would get people fired.

            2. It should not be considered “extra work”. It is work that is a cornerstone for every athlete to have and be great at.
              A great coach would never leave it up to chance or for the player to do it on his own. Its as important as film study and conditioning.
              Look at all the players that struggled this year. It was all flaws in their fundamentals.

              1. Prime, whether you want to believe it or not, I have merely relayed what is known about pro coaching – they focus on implementing their scheme/ game plan as practice time is very limited. The “fundamentals” they get taught are limited to how they pertain to meeting the requirements of the scheme. They will get pointers on certain things they can do to make them better, especially during preseason, but it won’t be dedicated training to teaching fundamentals.

                As far as fundamentals for a QB go, they will run through some of the mental side of things, but in terms of mechanics, probably very little, especially once the season starts. Basically it is too late to be changing a players mechanics anyway at that point and would be detrimental.

                If the coaches ID an issue I am sure they will tell the player and get them to work on it on their own during the offseason, but they don’t have the time to do it themselves.

              2. Scooter your telling me coaches don’t correct flaws in players mechanics and fundamentals because they don’t have time?
                Well Shanny should find the time because when you look at the development of his QB’s, they need that type of coaching time!

                My point originally was I don’t trust Shanny to draft and develop a rookie because a) he’s never done it and b)he’s done a poor job with the current QB’s on the 49ers roster for 4 years.

              3. I’m telling you that any major overhauls in mechanics and technique happen during the offseason and is mostly done away from the teams coaches.

                I have pointed out numerous examples where he has developed QBs and gotten the best seasons out of the QBs he has coached.

              4. No one said over haul, I said drill and work on them daily which is required. You could tell throughout the year a lot of 49er players struggled with basic techniques.
                And yes you mentioned some examples of QB’s Shanny worked with but I’m talking develop. From scratch to finish. Most of the QB’s Shanny worked with were already with NFL experience.

              5. From start to finish? He’s never been in one spot long enough for that. He developed Schaub into a starting QB. He was the guy that developed Cousins over his first 3 years in the NFL so he was ready to start when he left.

                Basic techniques get taught through repetitions, drills and warm ups. Of course they do. But they are mainly teaching what the players already know. Honing of techniques. Not trying to suggest that doesn’t happen.

                Bit when you talk about the mechanics of a guy like JG, what do you want to change? You mentioned footwork. Any change in footwork is a major overhaul. You asked if I have ever played football – I have not. But I have played a lot of sport, including a lot of sports where footwork is essential. I assure you, unlearning something like that and learning a different way of doing it is major. And you will be worse before you get better. An NFL team will NEVER mess with something like that for a starting player or a guy they believe may need to play an important role for the team leading into a season or during a season. That is something that MUST be done during the offseason. All you can do during the season is help reinforce good habits and try and prevent bad ones from emerging/ re-emerging, not learn new ones.

                For a QB, if you include going through progressions and reading defenses as part of the fundamentals (i.e. the mental side), then sure, that will be getting taught. It has to. It is vital to playing the scheme successfully.

              6. There is many more but the first fundamental flaw I see in Garoppolo is weight transfer. On most of his throws he tends to stand stationary when throwing the ball. Instead he should be stepping forward and transferring his weight to his lead left foot.
                That fundamental doesn’t take an offseason to rectify or a QB school.

                The second fundamental flaw I see in his game is his lateral movement. He lacks the agility to side step on in the pocket. Another footwork issue he should work on so he does not have heavy feet on the pocket.

                Point is if Shanny wants a QB to make short accurate throws in his scheme, they should be working more on his footwork, agility and mobility. In 4 years being with the Niners, Jimmy has not improved in this area. That’s on him and his head coach. You work on things with players so that they develop the skills to mesh with your scheme.

                As for KS developing Schaub? Really? Schaub, like Cousins, like Jimmy G, like RGIII was a by product of exceptional play calling, in my opinion.

              7. “As for KS developing Schaub? Really? Schaub, like Cousins, like Jimmy G, like RGIII was a by product of exceptional play calling, in my opinion.”

                Of course he was! That’s my point! You can’t make a QB great if they aren’t great QBs. They need to have the raw materials. But Shanahan can make a decent QB look good (Schaub, JG), and a good QB look great (Ryan). Imagine what he could do with a great QB.

              8. You also cannot make a great QB a franchise QB if he doesn’t have the simple skills mastered.
                Shanny throughout his coaching career has had to do a lot of masquerading with his play calling with his QB’s. I’m just not sold on him being this great developer of talent.

    2. So, in the NFC it is 3 HOF QBs (of which only one was taken outside the top 32 picks) and a former #1 overall QB, and in the AFC it is going to be 3 1st round QBs from 2017 and a 1st round QB from 2018. But yeah, taking a QB in the first round is a silly idea.

      Big whoop. 2/3s of the league’s teams start HOF or 1st round QBs. I would hope some of them would be represented in the post-season But that means 15 of those 1str round led teams never sniffed the playoffs this year. 6 of the playoff teams with 1st round pick QBs got bounced out of the first round. *golf clap*. Wait til next year, first rounders!

      Scooter, when are you going to give Grant and Hammer your insight over at SI?

      1. I also don’t get the point as like you said most of the starters in this league are first rounders. What we also know is that there are exceptions to every rule and Brady is the exception. Last year Garoppolo was as well. While the majority come from the first round, there are always successful ones who don’t.

        1. Yep, vast majority of QBs in the NFL are 1st rounders. Vast majority. Because the vast majority of talented QBs get drafted high. There are very rare exceptions.

          Combined with my previous points about recent SB winning teams… the point is that any strategy for SB and long term success that is based on a QB from outside the 1st round is banking on a rare exception.

          1. Yet we saw the exception play out when they went to the SB last season. You seem to want to overlook this or just don’t give it much credence. If we were sitting here with Garoppolo not having accomplished anything you’d have a point but he has and there is no reason to believe he can’t do it again.

              1. They may do that. I’d rather use the first pick on another area of need or trade down, but if they take a QB so be it.

              2. Doesn’t have to be their first pick. Can move up from round 2 to get someone like Jones late 1st. My point is, you don’t often find talent at QB late. And the 49ers need to add talent at QB regardless of what they do with JG.

              3. I’m all for adding talent at QB but Jones and Trask to me are not first round picks. I am hardly the guy to state who the best QB’s in the draft are but neither one of these guys jumps out as quality pro prospects imo.

              4. Agree on Trask. From a physical traits perspective I also agree on Jones. But I think what he provides above the shoulders makes him worth looking at late round 1. He really looks like the type of QB Shanahan likes.

          2. Much less rare is a 1st rounder not doing much for the team that drafted him. *my best Dirty Harry* “Do you feel lucky punk? “ Giving up those 1st and 2nd rounders and that all-pro LBer will not increase your luck

  52. From the GM’s own lips, JL states that he is not anticipating drafting a QB in the first round. Glad to stop beating that dead horse.
    Now, who will be drafted is the big question. Looking at the top prospects list, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, And Zach Wilson may go top 5. Trey Lance is rated 12, and Mac Jones may shoot up the list if he wins a National Championship.
    Penei Sewell OT may be the first non QB to go, along with Micah Parsons, Kwity Paye and Greg Rousseau as the first 3 defenders. There are 3 WRs listed on the top 10- JaMarr Chase, Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle, along with TE Kyle Pitts. There are 2 CBs in the top 13- Patrick Surtain and Caleb Farley. Those may be the top 15 prospects.
    After that, Wyatt Davis, Rashawn Slater, Alijah Vera Tucker, Christian Darrishaw, and Trey Smith, who are all O linemen, may be available in the top 20. I think the Niners may be able to trade back to 20, and still get one of those O Linemen.

  53. Thanks, admin for putting up such outstanding and passionate information with us through this article.

    If you are seeing Canon E31 Error it is because the printer is unable to establish a connection with the computer.

    Assuming the 9ers move on from JG, T. Williams signs with another team, the 2021 salary cap is ~$175 Mil. and the CBSSPORTS.COM draft board stays the same on draft day and is accurate with respect to when players are drafted.
    1) How many would draft Trey Lance at #12?
    2) How many would trade down from #12 to #19 and draft Virginia Tech OT Christian Darrisaw, plus extra draft picks?
    3) How many would trade down from #12 to #25 and draft Alabama QB Mac Jones, plus extra draft picks?

    1. Geep,

      I’m not sure which I prefer between option 1 and 3.
      If Williams goes, I would go hard after Moton, Okung, or Villanueva that should be about a 7M difference. If the decision is to keep Jimmy, then option 3 makes the most sense to me, though I would trade back further and go after either Humphrey or Meyers then hope for Jones in the 2nd.
      If they decide to Move on then you use option 1 and Add Alex Mack along with your tackle signing. With the amount of cap space available from Jimmy’s contract they should be able to resign most of their FA’s and potentially add an Edge or CB to help the defense remain in the top half of the league.

    2. 1. Not me.
      2. I hope the Niners would try to trade back at least 2 times, to get as many picks as possible in the first 3 rounds. Darrishaw looks like he will be available when the Niners select, and I touted him before.
      3. Trading back that far would help garner a boatload of picks. With one of the later ones, I hope the Niners could select Jamie Newman, or if he is gone, Brock Purdy or Kelly Mond. Mac Jones may move up from ranking number 25 to up in the top 10, if he manages to defeat Fields.
      I am glad you are coming around to the idea of trading back. You are pretty astute.

    3. I agree with Shoup. If they keep Jimmy, drafting Jones makes the most sense to me, if they can get him at 25, and letting him fight it out with Rosen for QB2. It’s a lot for a QB3 if Rosen wins that competition, but I think that there’s a good chance they won’t like the Chosen One’s intangibles OR that, if they do, Rosen supplants Jimmy and they trade him. So Jones would be QB2. Would that be too high for picking a QB2? I don’t think so. You need two starting-caliber QBs imo, especially if your QB1 isn’t mobile.

      1. As for the extra picks, we have strong needs at Edge, Oline, and CB. I can’t make an intelligent guess about those available players. I’ve seen Jones play and read reviews about him. That’s it. He’d be a great addition imo. Btw, tonight should be fun TV, yeah?

    4. If the 49ers were to move on from JG they would pretty much have to take a QB in the first round. I don’t think they’d take a player without some serious physical talent with that first round pick so my guess would be Lance.

  55. If, Lawrence, Wilson, and Fields go off the board, 1, 2, 3; I would trade up with the Falcons at 4, (This years 1st, this years 2nd and next years 1st) for, Trey Lance….

    1. Razor
      * I’m assuming no changes from CBSSPORTS.COM draft board. Trey Lance is listed at pick #12. You obviously aren’t assuming no changes, as you’re trading up for him. Before I would agree, or disagree, I’d want to know how far you would trade up? And if you’re going to trade up, what’s the difference between where Lance is listed and Wilson?
      * CBSSPORTS has Wilson listed at #6 and Lance at #12. I believe we’d both take Wilson over Lance if their listings were reversed?

          1. Drafting traits and projecting what a player can be at the next level is how you scout prospects. That’s why Lance is among the top four at the position with a lesser resume….

            1. I get that, but it also depends on how the players utilizes those traits.

              I don’t see Lance as a prospect worth taking over an edge rusher, CB, C, or RG; I also don’t see him as a prospect worth mortgaging the future for.

              1. Lance would’ve been the number 1 pick next year by far if he would have returned for a full season. He’s worth trading up for as long as you have a plan in place for him, and a coach like Shanny to implement it….

      1. MWD
        * “That would take too many picks for someone who may not be an upgrade over Garoppolo. Pass.”
        Not sure who you’re responding to? Lance is #12 on the CBSSPORTS.COM draft board. Are you saying that Wilson would take too many picks? If that’s your point, at 400 point, it would be the 9ers 2nd Rd. draft pick.
        * I assume that your response is directed at Razor?

    2. No to trading up to #4 for Lance. It would be a gamble taking him at 12 never mind trading those picks away to move up to 4.

  56. I’m assuming trading up to #4 would be the cheapest way to secure the last elite traits quarterback left on the board. You don’t want to wait at that point because it’s highly likely another team would target him before #12….

    1. Razor
      I’d have to agree with WMD, I would not trade up to #4 (for Lance). If JG & Williams left, I’d trade down for more draft picks, Virginia Tech OT Christian Darrisaw at #19 and Mac Jones at #25! I can see why others would draft Gregory Rousseau at #14 + an extra Rd. #4 draft pick, but I don’t see Shanahan drafting a CB or Center in Rd #1, not with Oklahoma’s Center, Creed Humphrey at #61 and several top CB in Rd #2 and Rd #3. Just my opinion.

        1. I’d give a 3rd rounder for him. Some team would probably be willing to give more.

          He has talent, but also has a lot of areas he needs to improve, in particular pocket awareness and poise which is really vital to the position. Basically have to hope he Steve Young’s it.

    1. Tua is a great example of why it shouldn’t be assumed that a rookie QB could come in here and replace Garoppolo. He played in more games than most of the QB’s in this class at a major SEC school and struggled big time. He is very talented and has a chance to be very good eventually, but it’s never a given that a highly ranked rookie QB is going to come in and keep things running.

      1. Well, he was on a 10-6 team and had a 6-3 record as the starter despite not playing that well… hard to say he didn’t keep the team running.

        1. He didn’t play well and was replaced twice during his time starting. Even the “good” games weren’t overly impressive. Expecting a rookie to come in and play as well as an established veteran is unlikely.

          1. Yes, it is. Maybe I haven’t been clear, but I am not suggesting we should expect a rookie QB to come in and be better than JG year 1. But I do believe Shanahan and this 49ers team can be very competitive and a playoff calibre team with a rookie QB – so long as the rookie doesn’t completely suck.

            1. With a strong defense and running game, a rookie game manager would be ok. Grant proposed something today that I thought made sense. Trade Garoppolo (actually he said release him), sign Andy Dalton, and draft a QB. Dalton could be a good game manager for us. Actually he’s more mobile and may have a better arm than Garoppolo. He’d obviously cost much less.

              1. I see Grant is continuing his D grade suggestions. He still wants to diss JG. It makes him look petty, and stubborn. Die hard Faithful Niner Fans like JG. Kittle loves JG. JL and KS have repeatedly stated that they are planning on having JG back. JG knows the drill, and is not affected by the chatter, and will concentrate on things he can affect, and are important.
                Andy Dalton? Maybe if they wanted to tank.
                Fortunately, Kaep will be available soon. He would be way superior to Dalton.

              2. That’s what I have been suggesting previously. Comes down to just how tight things are with the cap. My preference would be keeping JG and draft a QB if they can manage it and still retain a strong roster.

  57. I think a lot depends upon how the negotiations go w T Williams, but while I don’t believe JG is the answer, I think the best move is to roll w him and I would personally look to trade down for value, if there wasn’t a big talent drop-off, and take a Corner around 17-22 range, if possible- otherwise, T possibly (or OL 2nd rd, bpa) and get an Edge in round 3… unless they went w another Corner/DB.

    No Tua for me… I am curious to see if Rosen can develop, at least into a solid #2.

  58. In football news, Belichick just turned down the Presidential Medal of Freedom because he didn’t want to be associated with One-Term Donnie’s wannabe fascist actions. Nice.

  59. If I don’t jinx him, Jones is looking really good so far, though admittedly I am more interesting in watching Fields in this game.

    1. I’m actually more interested in watching Jones. I think the chances of him being a 49ers player are greater than Fields.

      1. Agreed. I’m liking what I see from Jones. He’s going through progressions, knows where his outlets are, seems to have good awareness of what is going on around him, accurate and seems cool, calm and collected. The only thing I’m unsure of is how well he can function under a strong pass rush.

        1. That’s definitely the big question mark cubus. He rarely gets pressured. When he has been what I have seen is he usually handles it well, but in the pros it will be more relentless which can mess with a QB.

      2. Scooter / Shoup
        I’d be very surprised If the NYJ don’t draft Fields with their first Rd. pick #2, and Atlanta takes Wilson with their first Rd. pick #4.
        At this point, it’s all speculation and a lot of this will change before the draft. But Lance may not make it to the 9ers at pick #12. The Eagles could take him at pick #6, if they don’t, there is a chance Denver will at pick #9.

        1. Ok. If the top 4 are gone by pick 6, so be it. They have JG. They don’t need to force it. But if a guy is available at 9… that isn’t a huge trade up… I could see them potentially thinking about it at that point. But if not, again, so be it.

              1. Like who? Don’t give me a cb or iol either cuz you and I both know that’s not happening at 12.

              2. If a top 4 QB isn’t there, and they don’t need an OT, then CB at 12 I think is likely. Again, you have to draft for value. At that point CB, OT and WR will likely be the highest value. I imagine they would look to trade back, but if no takers, CB absolutely could be the pick.

              3. I don’t give a rat’s patoot about value, they are not drafting a cb at 12. Will never happen under this command.

        2. Yeah, I like this qb class but I don’t think it is that good.
          I don’t see 4 qb’s going in that early, In fact I think one of them will be available at the 49ers selection without a trade up… the question is more do you want to risk it. To that end, I understand Scooter’s slight trade up.
          I wasn’t a big Fields guy before this game, I don’t like the way he sees the field, but his raw talent is exceptional.

            1. I like Jones quite a bit, but there is no way I am taking him at 12.
              Maybe at the bottom of the first for that 5th year option, but he has a 2nd round grade IMO.
              I was thinking Lance at 12.

              1. Shanny is going to see Kirk Cousins written all over Mac Jones and he’s going to draft him at 12. That’s been my biggest fear since week 10 of the regular season.

                There’s nothing about Jones that makes me want to move up into the 1st round. Maybe in the previous NFL but not in today’s NFL….

              2. Doubt it razor. I think he will like Jones a lot, but he will also still recognise he’s not a top 20 pick. Still have to draft for value.

              3. Yeah, I don’t see him taking him at 12… I think Shanny believes in himself to much to do that.
                There are things to like with him though, he is the most accurate passer in college football, goes through progressions and goes and always seems to make the right decision.

              4. Let’s not forget that Shanny and Lynch have moved up previously (to the chagrin of fans) to take the guy they wanted: CJB, Pettis, etc. If KS wants Mac, I think he’ll take him with the 12th pick unless they feel they can trade back a bit and have a high certainty that Jones will still be available.

              5. Cubus,
                I think the CJ trade up is massively over scrutinized, he was a late 3rd pick that they gave up one of multiple 7th rounders to move up for. Additionally per Peter King that was more of a John Lynch call than a Kyle call as he wanted Kyle to have a guy he liked to work with.
                The Pettis Trade is more problematic but that wasn’t for a qb, Kyle’s history is not one where he reaches for a qb.

        1. Seb
          * “Well, after this game, Mac Jones may be the third QB taken.”
          * After this game, Jones is who we thought he was! A late first round draft pick. He pays in Saben’s system, a system that has a Heisman Trophy winer that Scored 3 TD’s in the first half. WR DeVonta Smith is the Alabama player that’s likely to move up in the draft. Alabama QB Mac jones game tonight only confirms that the Alabama team put up 54 points in the National Championship game and Jones did his job! He made no mistakes and he can make all the throws to play in the NFL. Shanahan will likely move down for extra draft picks and then draft him. Sitting behind whoever is the 9er QB and for a year, 9er QB coaching, a year in the Gym and he’ll be ready.

          1. Actually, he destroyed the vaunted Ohio State defense.
            You are way off base on your round prediction. Mac Jones is ranked 25th on the CBS big board, so he will be a top 10 first rounder, after this game.
            Alabama used to be an NFL training camp for every position except QB, but that is changing. There used to be no quality QBs since Stabler, but Alabama has produced Tua and Hurts recently.
            Not only did Mac Jones put up 54 points, Fields looked pedestrian. Since he won a national Championship, he should be the second or third QB selected in the upcoming draft.
            There are several teams who need a QB. I fully expect that there may be 5 QBs taken in the top 10, just because the drek QB play demands improvement.

  60. I pity the fool team that makes Jones a 1st round pick, but I have a bad feeling it might be Shanny. Hope I’m wrong.