The strengths and weaknesses of Dante Pettis

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis before the start of an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

Check out my video breakdown of 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis.

Note: Click the square at the bottom-right corner of the video to make it full screen.

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  1. strengths=hair weakness=muscles (11 reps on bench)

    Being that this guy broke all the Punt Return records in college, why does the team not allow him to return punts?
    Lets hope Dante muscles up and instead of coloring up….he is slight of build, when he gets bumped or smothered he is done with the play….teams know this

    1. How heavy is the football?
      Our muscle WR is going to be Deebo and Kittle is still our pro bowler. Pettis doesn’t need to break any receiving records. He just needs to be consistent.

    2. Monty, you answered your own question. The team doesn’t let him return kicks because he’s made of glass.

      1. Teams generally do not let their more valuable skill players play special teams. When you return punts, opposing players can really tee off on you. That is why they have created rules that make kick off returns less likely to be returned as well. On kickoffs, players have a head of steam and are colliding full tilt.

    3. If you ever watched him return punts he was not effective as a pro and had problems holding onto the ball. If you ever watched him in college then you would know his success as a returner came against poor opposition. Just saying

      1. Yup. He also was injured returning a punt, so they did not want to lose their starting WR.
        I am wondering if Richie James may make the team because he fields punts.

        1. Good call. I actually like Richie James more than Trent Taylor although Trent May be a bit more sure handed.

          Goodwin, Pettis, Hurd and Deebo are sure things. Mathews probably is the next most likely after that I think other roster considerations will be weighted heavily, ie special teams.

  2. I was really hoping Pettis would bulk up his upper body this offseason to help with some of his weaknesses, but the photos I have seen of him suggest he hasn’t changed his body much at all.

      1. Very true.

        The wont be getting bullied like he is a better route runner than Deebo, but Deebo can run some routes and wont be bullied as much.

        Also wont be as scared to take a hit.

        Probably wont threaten an outside corner deep though (any of them)

        He is

      2. Grant,
        So do you think the 49ers would have passed on Deebo if Pettis would have put on some muscle over the off season?

        If Pettis is marginally better than last year he’s going to be valuable.

        The ball is going to be spread around much more than last year. Pettis doesn’t need to be KD Metcalf, he just needs to get open – which is his strength.

        1. Sometimes adding bulk and muscle negates what makes a player good. His ability to make those cuts might be affected. They had LaMichael James add bulk during the 2013 offseason so he would be able to run between the tackles. All it did was make him slower and he still was never able to run between the tackles. Instead, it robbed him of the best part about his game.

    1. Lynch said Pettis is working on adding “strength and body mass.” I think he finished strong to close out the year, and I expect that trajectory to continue. Better health, less thinking should help in that regard….

    2. If we were watching the Niners last season, we all saw Pettis’ flash despite dealing with knee issues, and he came on strong during the last 5 games, and finished on a roll. Dante Pettis’ textbook route running and ability to separate are going to serve him well in his second season, especially with the additions of the versatile and fearless Deebo “the Bully” Samuel, the incredibly versatile, 6’5″ 230+ lb – all-purpose offensive weapon in Jalen Hurd (both draft picks have huge RAC ability), the underated big bodied (6’3″ receiver with Jerry Rice bloodlines and a knack for getting open in the slot – Jordan Matthews, the Taylor Gabriel type speed demon role playing field stretcher – Marquise Goodwin, George Kittle – aka the most electric TE in the league, and the best stable of stretch OZ slashing style RB’s, 2 of which are top end route runners at the RB position, and Breida is getting there. Mostert is a top end #4, and special teams ace. With Jimmy G back at the helm, with so many offensive options, this Kyle Shanahan offense is set up to play an exciting, balanced, high powered band of high scoring offense. And if their punter is as good as an think he is, the cherry on top of this offensive team, winning the game of feild position, could be the dagger.

      And with closers all over their defensive front 7? Sounds like 11-5 and a postseason berth to me!

      1. I’m going on the record in predicting this is a 9 win team at worst, despite the less than favorable schedule, and the penjelum of luck at least balancing out, and with a bounce here and big forced turnover at critical juncture, 11-5 wouldn’t shock me one bit. Kyle is still a better OC than McVay, and I think that will eventually bear out.

        I do think this team now has far more closers to close out a lot of these close games, and the defensive backfield will absolutely reap the benefits of a consistent pass rush. Even the best QB’s in the league can be rattled and thrown off their game with a viscous pass rush that just keeps coming!

        1. 49,
          That makes one of us. I still see this offense as lacking dependable weapons… Pettis looks good when he plays but he and Goodwin both look like the epitome of soft. I expect both of them to miss significant time on a regular basis.
          Deebo has a long history of hamstring injuries as well… I hope our trainers can straighten that out for him.
          Brieda is pretty tough and I think his injuries last season were largely an aberration it still bears watching.

          The biggest problem we have is the interior of our oline is garbage and we have an injury prone Qb playing behind them. Will they improve? Will he make them look better or will he become shell shocked from constantly having defenders in his face or diving around his knees?

          1. One of us- one of us, gooble gabble gooble gabble.
            Well, don’t include me. I am not one of you. I am more inclined to the other perspective.

    1. Let’s see. Unattributed rumor of a rift. Denied by both parties. Media waiting to pounce on the slightest thread of any rumor seeming to validate their preconceived notions. Then the writer tosses in a suggestion that a rift between the HC and his DC seems inevitable, based on less than nothing. Gase asked Williams to be his DC. Williams accepts. He’s worked under at least half a dozen HCs, but now he’s spoiling for a fight? C’mon man.
      Any GM, HC or player should negotiate a 10% addition to their salary as a dispensation for having to deal with the metro NY media.

  3. How much will Pettis improve in his second season? I’m of the opinion he will be like Kittel and have a break out season if he can stay healthy.

  4. Grant what I think is he was the only halfway viable reciever on the field last year so Jimmy “and others” had to make him their primary too many plays.

    I think this year Deebo Samuel will take at least a few of those primary targets away.

    If Dante Pettis alternates between first second and 3rd target more instead of being the primary I think he will show up better on film.

    I think the fear he shows in going over the middle and getting hit and outmusculing overly aggressive corners is actually going to be Deebo Samuels strength.

    They tried to play him like a number 1 last year but the team is made to have 3 or 4 numbers 2s.

  5. Kittle is our #1, while Samuel and Pettis will fight it out for the scraps, and Goodwin maybe 3 targets a game.

  6. Dante Pettis, Marquise Goodwin, Deebo Samuel, Trent Taylor, Jordan Matthews, Kendrick Bourne,

    Where is Jalen Hurd getting his snaps? Are you going to put 2 TE sets out there? If so, what’s happening with Garrett Celek and Kaden Smith?

      1. Agree on Bourne. Not so sure on Taylor. If he’s fully back from his injury he gives the 49ers something no other receivers possess. Elite short area quickness. Taylor was Jimmy Gs favorite target on 3rd downs when JG first arrived. Also Wes Welker is now the WR coach. I’ve got to think Welker will love Taylor’s ability to get open in tight spaces. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Taylor makes the team and sees quite a bit of action. Not saying he’s a lock to make the team. Just think he’s got a shot. IMO the odd man out could be Richie James.

        But you still didn’t answer the question, who’s coming off the field when Hurd gets his snaps? Pettis? Goodwin? Deebo? My guess is Goodwin but I’m not sure Hurd can fill that role. The one possibility I like for Hurd is lining him up in the backfield and isolating him on a LB on a wheel route.

        1. barring injury, i doubt Hurd is going to play much in yr 1.
          i’m guessing he’ll have a set of goal-line packages.

    1. Considering Pettis and Deebo’s injury history I imagine he get more playing time than any of would like.

      1. nah, there is still Goodwin and Matthews likely ahead of him.
        remember, he’s a rookie receiver who is only playing his 2nd year at the position.
        he’ll likely have a set of goal-line packages based on his versatility.

    2. Dante Pettis, Marquise Goodwin, Deebo Samuel, Trent Taylor, Jordan Matthews, Kendrick Bourne,

      Where is Jalen Hurd getting his snaps? Are you going to put 2 TE sets out there? If so, what’s happening with Garrett Celek and Kaden Smith?

      That’s the prob with this team….they have a bunch of similar players at WR and Dline but no OLB, Nose or a good outside threat at WR (Goodwin is meh sorry)….team loads up at certain positions and ignores other positions…Baalke used to do the same crap remember how many TE’s and CB’s he drafted? gadz

      1. Monty

        Of course it’s only my opinion, but I think that Garrett Celek would look great in Arizona Cardinal Red

      2. My guess:


        Hurd for goal-line packages as a swiss-army knife player.

  7. “The secondary wasn’t the issue last year,” Sherman told Chris Biderman of the Sacramento Bee. ‘We’d lose games by a touchdown down the stretch, the last second. It’s not like, ‘Oh man, the secondary was just getting killed the whole game and that’s why we lost.’ It was just guys’ immaturity, mistakes, just not executing. Not knowing how to finish, not having finishers.”

    Well that’s great! Wonder if he would have said we were getting pressure on the QB the year before, just not the sacks!!

    Also, wonder if he realizes that the same non-finishers are back this year?

    1. Played with the heart of a Champion!
      Looks like all the crying Houston did last year about how they lost to the Warriors because CP3 was injured will finally fade away.

    2. If this were inside the warriors, can anyone bet what Grant would have been writing or tweeting at halftime?

      1. I thought the PD had assigned Grant to do some Warrior articles.
        Bet Grant would focus on the importance of good coaching. Kerr should be extremely proud of of what an incredible job he did, with the team short handed because of the injuries to Boogie and KD.

        1. Grants knock on us Niner fans is that we have a low threshold for excellence and a high threshold for failure. By that yardstick there shouldn’t have a single critical article about the Warriors from his hand these last 5 years. I’m sincerely doubting that has been the case. Muckrakers have to rake the muck, good or bad.

              1. Ouch. Lets just wait until the end of the playoffs before speculating. I am sure other teams will throw money at him, and maybe even give him part of a team, to move.
                If they win, I think he will stay. Continue the streak.

              2. Grant,
                Do you think the Warriors have the cap room to sign Green, Thompson and Cousins if Durant leaves. If the Warriors let Durant go and don’t sign a very good to great FA I think they will be in trouble. Livingston and Iggy are getting to an age where they may take a big drop off next year.

          1. Let’s face it, when a team is as good as the Warriors, it doesn’t fit Grant’s MO of finding fault.

            Now, a losing organization is a sport writers goldmine.
            The 49ers descent has been a boon to many sports writers whose denigrating write ups can easily rouse the fanbase at a time of vulnerability.
            It is, what it is.

            I’m one of those fans that can quickly get in protect mode when my team is taking media hits, but I have to remind myself that these guys are just doing their jobs.
            Hey, Grant has to pay the bills like everyone else.

            1. I would like to hear what Grant would say about Steph’s second half. He was clutch, drove a dagger in the Rocket’s heart, and made it look easy.

              1. One of the most impressive performances I’ve ever seen live. Wish I had been there to cover it.

              2. I wonder what your assessment was of Kerr. He sure knows how to get the most out of his players, and how to finish games.

              3. As a fan of the 1990s Knicks, I feel the Rockets fans pain ( though just a little) There’s always that team, player, just better than yours (back then it was MJ’s Bulls).

                Did you read the Rockets owner’s comments post game? The team would be back after he had imparted his fighting spirit into them? Oh really? What a db.

              4. Steph is the baby face assassin – per Bob Fitzgerald.

                All the Warriors players were f’ing Giants – per Steve Kerr.

                Klay made a huge shot down the stretch that sucked the air out of the building as well.

                Great win on many levels.

  8. Interesting. I remember when Grant compared DK Metcalf and AJ Brown’s initial step once the ball was snapped. He said DK Metcalf took that stutter step, while AJ Brown stepped downfield.
    Now we see Pettis do a double stutter step, trying to juke the DB. Wonder if that will throw off the timing.
    Pettis had only 27 catches, but he had a 17.3 yard average, and scored 5 TDs. They should have been patient, saved that draft pick, and waited until 59 to take him. They should have traded back and still gotten Deebo, and not reached for Hurd, but the desperation to draft a WR seems to be the way KS operates.
    Hope Pettis has worked out hard to gain muscle so he can withstand the sledgehammer blows.
    I wonder if Deebo and Pettis may play the same role, while Mathews and Hurd may play the same roles. too.
    This TC may have a lot of competition. Maybe the best player who can field punts, will win a spot on the roster.

    1. Not a stutter step, DK took a false step.
      A stutter step has value as can be used to misdirect a defender, a false step has none as it only delays an athletes get-off and delays the start of their route. Basically, a stutter step might be used as part of the route but a false step never would be.

      Now, if a player stutter steps too much (ie dancing) that is a problem.

      1. Exactly. Grant pointed out that if the DB does not fall for the stutter step, Pettis does not get enough separation.
        I will also respectfully disagree. The false step could also be used to redirect a defender.
        I hope Wes Welker takes into consideration the delay with the stutter step when devising plays and developing timing routes.

        1. Seb, a false step is essentially an unnecessary step that slows down the ability for the WR to quickly get off the line and open.

          1. Yup, DK was taking a backwards step without moving any other part of his body prior to entering his route, it’s hard to misdirect anyone doing that. That said I believe it will be coached out of him at the next level. His college coaches might be good recruiters but are not very good at teaching technique from what I’ve seen.

    2. Grant

      Can you design a pass play that would set-up Hurd and Shawn Poindexter as WR, Kittles as TE, Kaden Smith as oppo TE and Deebo as Flanker; Jimmy G retreats to the 50, and just heaves it into the End zone… and immediatly raises his arms (Montana style) to signify …SCORE !……?

      1. OR,
        I like it.

        I’m also enjoying this time (before the season starts) to imagine how Shanahan will use his WR’s especially Jalen “the phantom” Hurd.

        Get your popcorn ready my friend!

        1. AES

          My friend,…I think of myself as pretty much a positive fan…as I have for every year in cheering the niners on…For the first time in about 6-8 years, I like our chances…other than Bosa, ….I do like our draft (for the most part), I had hoped for Josh Allen but I’m also tired of seeing our UDFA being more flash than our draft choices…..again, it’s that way, but I DO like our OLinemen, and WRs…Good things coming Soooon

          1. OR,
            Yup, I always maintained that I would have been good with either Bosa, QW or J. Allen.

            I’m good with all of our picks, even though there are some head scratchers from my perspective I’m confident that Shanahan and Lynch got their guys.
            We’ll know if their picks (including FA and UDFA) were justified by this time next year or sooner.
            The sooner the better.

    3. like Mayock said in his press-conference, every coach wants to move up and get “their guy.”
      it’s up to the GM to put his foot down and do his best guesstimate as to where they can still get someone; as well as have backup plans or options should someone pick that player earlier than expected.

      I expect the battles to be Pettis vs Goodwin, Matthews vs Deebo, and Taylor vs James.
      I highly doubt a rookie WR playing only his 2nd year at the position is going to beat out any of these other guys. His role in year 1, if he has one, is as a short-yardage/goal-line, jack-of-all-trades, package player.

  9. Grant….

    Unsure if you can pull this off. Do some sleuthing and report on what types of vehicles are driven by 9er players. Not specific by make and color–may be inappropriate–but by type (SUV, cross-over, truck, sports coupe, motorcycle, etc.)–and year (estimate). This would give us another way of judging player fitness–on-field abilities, confidence, projection of strength, etc.

    What do you think Pettis drives? Buckner? McGlinchey?

  10. Since the team is in last place they should all take the bus and give stadium ticket discounts for sucking…LOL

  11. You guys all know he’s gay right? That’s a fact..

    He’s admitted it on his website that was taken down early last season. Not that his sexual orientation makes him a better/worse player. Just throwing it out there

    1. Being gay and being soft are 2 different things…I’d like to see Pettis play with more anger. Perception is reality and there were times he really looked timid, which hopefully was just a rookie thing. I do think hes as talented a receiver as the 49ers have drafted in quite some time. Also since you ‘threw it out there’, I’m pretty sure he has or recently had a girlfriend.

    2. I consider your post to be a scurrilous false accusation. No player would admit he is gay in the NFL, because he would be targeted and ostracized. Some gay players have played in the NFL, but they kept it quiet, so they would not be vilified and discriminated against. This is just vicious slander, meant to disrupt the team.
      Michael Sam was the first openly gay player, and was given a tryout in TC, but never played in a league game.
      Pettis also has a girl friend, so that disproves your calumny.

    3. What the $#@! does that have to do with his ability to be an NFL WR? More importantly, who cares if that is a true or false claim by you?

  12. Pettis is gay? well it all makes sense now= he is in the gay capital SF…LOL… a girlfriend? OH MY….bisexual…..well this team never fails to surprise me..

  13. I don’t think Pettis gives much value. I think he’ll spend time injured again and is panning out as, at best, a hard reach for a second round pick.

    Is he gay, bisexual, a plant? I don’t know, and I don’t care. As long as he performs on the field, which up to now he has not (because he hasn’t been on the field long enough) I have no issue. If Pettis doesn’t make significant strides this year Niners should look to get some picks for him.

    1. agree…they should at least let him return punts SHEeeeESH that’s where he made his mark in College…another dumb move by the brain trust’s in Frisco

      1. Frisco? Now I know you are not a fan of the 49ers.
        You are probably a Cowgirls fan, sent here to cause trouble with your constant negativity and divisive dissembling.

        1. NOPE I just hate the “JED” regime….my mom took me to Candlestick as a boy growing up…. I got to see John Brodie throw to Gene Washington and Ted Kwalick….I got to meet Ben Davidson and Mel Ott at the Alameda boys club. Met Ken Stabler at a restaurant in Orinda….Yes a Frisco fan just not a fan of Jed and his dumb regime and their stupid moves, being in last place and the overpriced Levi Stadium… all reeks of Jed

            1. Nah, not Darren. Darren finds it impossible to post without referencing Rush (the blow hard not the band) or Mark Levin.

              With that Frisco comment, Seb might be on to something. Though Ben Davidson… Ken Stabler… could be just another jilted Raydum fan.

              1. Les Misérables for sure….

                Do you hear the people sing?
                Singing the song
                s of angry fans…

          1. Oh, you are a Raiders fan. My bad.
            Yes, I have been as hard as anyone on Jed, but I still hope they can win another ring, despite his incompetence.
            I sure am glad Jed has shut up and let JL and KS run the team. Just wish he would get rid of the leaker.
            I sure miss the ‘Stick, and lament that they tore it down so quickly. They should have kept it up so it could have been another venue for the Olympics, as a selling point to bring the Olympics to the Bay Area.

              1. It could have been used as a soccer or baseball venue, but not now.
                Sure, the Cow Palace could be used, since it is still standing.
                SF was one of the last finalists for the latest round of Olympic site determinations.

            1. I was raised in Alameda and will always be a Frisco er Niner fan…went to early Raider games when they played in Berklee. Just not a fan of the management team of the Niners period!!!!=JED and his bozos who scar the team….not a fan of HOMER fans or first time fans that are wowed by all the idiotic antics of this regime and their wasted draft picks and lousy Coaching staff. Jed is very involved still…. = Jed still meddles with draft picks Bosa was JED’s pick…he is trying to fill the empty seats in the awful overpriced stadium of a last place team….

            2. Gay Olympics at the Stick….sounds good LOL could even have a parade…..Its a shame Jed moved the team out of Candlestick…have very fond memories there…saw Joe throw to Rice there, saw Willie McCovey hit two home runs in a game saw Willie Mays play Juan Marichal pitch Bobby Bonds hit a lead off home run against the Dodgers and he threw out a runner at home plate from deep right field had a cannon arm….JED had to go ruin that…no wonder I am bitter about that bozo

            3. The Stick was falling apart. Sewage spilling onto fans in their seats, filthy, rusting, outdated. By the end it was no good for football or concerts or anything. Not a suitable venue at all.
              Besides, the Olympics are a massive hassle that makes money for a precious few and is a drain on taxpayer services and drives up hotel and rental prices. I’d counsel against bidding on the Olympics and SB too. Cluster puck.

              1. The ‘Stick survived Loma Prieta, and was in good shape. They said it was hard to demolish, it was built so well.
                Sewage? you are thinking of the Colosseum. Fixing a few pipes at the ‘Stick would have been easy.
                I have great memories at the ‘Stick. I saw ‘The Catch’ there.
                Olympics do cost money, but they are a prestigious event, and would be a world class event at a world class area. It would give the whole region a huge economic boon, and showcase the Bay Area to the world.
                I think they tore it down so the Raiders could not move into it. Wish they had leased Levis to the Raiders so they did not plan to move to Vegas. They could have easily renovated the ‘Stick, and kept the Niners there to make more history.

              2. Absolutely, Franklin. The last game I went to the ‘stick was 2015 NFCC. The place reeked of urine… concrete spalling away from it’s reinforcing…. of course there is sentimental history attached to the joint (I still possess “croix de candlestick” pins, given to fans who gutted it out for the entirety of Giants extra innings night games), but it was showing every one of it’s nearly 60 years.

    2. Like I look at that clip at 33 minutes into the video, where Pettis is as open as you’ll ever be in the NFL, and I’m horrified. That isn’t a good look. Pettis looks too concerned with self-preservation and it led to one of the worst drops you’ll find. This was him as a rookie, supposedly hungry to prove himself after a campaign that had been stop start at best. What happens if he’s playing for a contract?

      His attitude is thusly uninspiring at best, his hands are not the safest, he isn’t particularly quick, and his route tree is very limited given his build. He is, as of now, a one-shot gimmick receiver. And people are asking him to be a number one. I’m concerned, very concerned. If he hasn’t bulked up, and his game isn’t improved, it tells you all you need to know about the guy. Not made of the right stuff.

      1. Yes the drop is inexcusable….another wasted high draft pick…there were a lot of good players on the boards….can’t stand this REGIME….

        1. can’t stand this REGIME

          Better get used to it; the Yorks will be around for a long, long time. Your readers will be grateful; incessant complaining gets pretty boring, no?

          Suggest you adopt the same protocol as learning to enjoy crap, e.g., Hostess Ho-Ho’s. Eat a couple dozen day in and day out, and pretty soon you’ll forget you’re ingesting crap. Maybe hang a picture of Jed in his Speedo above your bed?

  14. On that first redzone clip against Detroit, Pettis is running a snag/pin route and is open almost as soon as he cuts out. Garoppolo just comes off of him a tick too soon.

    1. I agree Jack. It also appears that Garoppolo and Mullens has an issue of staring down their first read.

    1. Swap McCaffrey and Poindexter, stick Bourne in the Weak Bubble group, and that should about got it nailed (*barring injuries of course).

    2. TomD

      I think that we’re jumping the gun a bit here…at this point, I’m inclined to side with Balthazar on McCaffery and Poindexter…but other than the familiarity of the name…McCaffery, I know absolutely nothing about him other than he went to Duke….What were his accomplishmente there footballwise ?

  15. Hey Sebnynah I have great memories at the ‘Stick. I saw ‘The Catch’ there. awesome…..good times back then. When we beat the Cowboys it was one of the happiest days of my life….on a different note:

    At least the Giants got an upgrade when they moved… the Niners got Levi’s…AARRRGGGHHHHHH

    Plus when Jed York screwed over all the Niner ticket holders when they moved, makes me sick to think about it…too bad Jed just wouldn’t go away….

      1. Saw the “Catch”? I made the “Catch”. I “warged” into Clark just before the ball got to him.

        1. Please, Dwight Clark is an icon, who sadly just passed away due to a debilitating illness.
          Making jokes about him is…. insensitive.

    1. Glad you saw ‘The Catch’, too. I came back from that game so hoarse, I could hardly speak louder than a whisper for a couple days. Even after ‘The Catch’, the Cowboys were driving down the field, and many were worried they would do the same thing they did to the Niners, in previous playoff meetings. When Pillars caused the fumble, and Stuckey recovered it, it was pandemonium. That broke the jinx and the rest was history.
      The Niners were fortunate, The Cowboys scored more times, but settled for a couple field goals. The Niners committed 6 turnovers, yet still won. Eric Wright had a game saving tackle. Joe was so cool.
      Sweet memories.
      I have been in accordance with you about Jed, but have moved on. He did get back to the SB, and was one muffed punt and one tipped pass from returning, so he has almost succeeded. I sure hope he has learned from his mistakes, and will not repeat them, but you seem to doubt that will ever happen.
      I am hopeful. JL and KS seem to be on the same page, and has assembled a decent team, with a lot of depth. I wonder if the Coaching can utilize the players properly, and did not like all the reaching in the draft, but will just have to wait and see how it all unfolds.
      I am not a huge fan of Jed, but will not hope the team will fail because he is the owner. In a perfect world, he would fire the leaker, and allow Eddie’s to give advice on the team.

      1. C’mon Sebbie, do your homework. Here’s the complete 9ers ownership structure…

        Denise DeBartolo York Co-Chair
        John York Co-Chair
        Jed York CEO
        John M. Sobrato Co-Owner
        Mark Wan Co-Owner
        Gideon Yu Co-Owner

        1. So IOW:

          D. York: Parent/Investor
          J. York: Parent/Investor
          Jed: Kid with Toy
          J. Sobrato: Investor
          M. Wan: Investor
          G. Yu: Investor

        2. Sounds like the Yorks own 95% of the team, and as CEO, Jed is running things.
          Sure, Jed was handed the franchise, but it seems like his parents are keeping the title, in name only. I am certain, that Denise does not want to meddle, so Jed is the de facto owner.
          Who goes to the NFL Owners meeting? Denise or Jed?

  16. Good breakdown of Pettis. I agree with your take that Pettis has difficulties when it comes to certain secondaries. My overall take is Pettis is too finesse in his play on the field; in other words, he is afraid of getting into contested situations where physicality is sometimes needed and would rather drop the pass rather than take a hit. This would be slightly negated if he had track star speed, but Pettis seems to be more of a long strider that needs more into his toolbox in order to be competitive. I also noticed in the video that Pettis seems to have an explosive first step inside the numbers as a slot receiver which seems to disappear when he is outside the numbers. As much as I hate to say it, I am currently expecting Pettis to have a similar or worse outing during his sophomore campaign due to his lack of physicality.

    Suggestion: You might want to stop stating you are going to show another clip because you are afraid the viewer won’t believe you or think you are piling on a prospect. My reason for this suggestion is because it weakens the strength of your message. You can probably state something along those lines once, but you need to go for a strong stance on what you see and let the viewer determine whether they believe you.

  17. From an article by Rob Lowder posted yesterday on Niners Nation:

    “A pair of knee injuries suffered in Week 3 and Week 16 limited Pettis to just eight games in 2018. However, his durability isn’t a concern yet, given he never missed a single game in college. The 49ers rookie made an impact when on the field though. His 17.3 yards per catch ranked second among rookie receivers, reeling in 27 passes for 467 yards and five touchdowns on the season.”

    And this:

    “In his final six games of the season, Pettis established a 16-game pace of 62 receptions for 964 yards and ten touchdowns. The 49ers’ offense would be cruising if Pettis can come close to that in 2019, especially in the red zone.”

  18. Deebo is the one of the best wr coming out of college against press coverage. Looks like jimmy g will have an someone open if a team plays press and Pettis will do well against off

          1. I plead in opposition because it’s not about the highlights. It’s about the skillset, and Baldy highlights his versatility. His burst off the line is scary, and his movement for a guy his size is impressive….

            1. I wish to respectfully point out that he did quit on Tennessee due to concussions, and had knee surgery, so IMHO, he is not a slam dunk, can’t miss prospect.
              I will agree that he does have talent, and is versatile like a SAK.

              1. He quit on Tennessee because his coach sent him back on the field after he failed the concussion protocol then asked him to lie about it per John Chapman.

                Sorry I think it’s important to point out why he quit if we are going to call him a quitter.

              2. Yes, he had concussion issues, so that is a red flag. I do not take lightly, the possibility that he will quit football altogether, because of his concussion history. The NFL is a brutal place to play.
                The Niners seem to like to take red flagged players, because they are ‘Good Value’.
                He might turn out to be another Joe Williams, or Anthony Davis.
                I just wish they would take fully healthy players with no red flags.

              3. He did not quit football because of fear of concussions. Rather changed positions because Wr’s have a longer career. If he was not planning to have a long career he would not care how long a RB’s career lasted.

              4. You can sugar coat it however you want. He quit on his team. Hurd even admitted that it was a mistake, and should have handled it differently.
                Hurd thinks that WRs will not have as many concussions, so CTE was a big factor in his decision to switch positions.

        1. I really like this comment by Baldinger. He encapsulates Shanny’s approach, imo.

          “Should be the perfect fit with Shanny as this game evolves more and more into “positionless” football.”

        1. This had nothing to do with the rankings, but there were 10 WRs chosen before Hurd.
          Maybe your beef is with those 10 other teams.

        2. Seb,
          I doubt that the draft board outlets that rate players give little if any consideration on which team picks them and how the head coach plans to use them as well.

          Can you think of another player in the recent draft that has the versatile abilities, size and speed of Jalen Hurd?

          Brian Baldinger said that Hurd could take the Swiss Army Knife position to a new level.
          Baldy said Hurd could present a new positionless spot. I prefer phantom, but that’s just me.

          What we do know about Hurd is that he could catch, run and almost line up at every WR position depending on defensive alignments.

          If we’re going to rate Jalen in a WR role only, then he does not crack a top ten rating. But I’m fairly convinced that Shanahan has much more in mind for the phantom.
          Can’t wait!

          1. I did not rank him at 313, nor did I leave him off other draft boards due to his quitting on a team due to concussions. He also injured both shoulders and just had knee surgery.
            I think Hakeem Butler and Lil’ Jordan Humphrey are 2 other tall WRs who made spectacular catches high pointing the ball. Hakeem Butler specialized in rag dolling DBs, so that is a good skillset to have.
            I will root for Hurd to succeed, now that he is on the team, but I will also state that they may have reached for him. The Niners would have looked smart if they had been patient, and picked him in the 4th round.
            Granted, I do like his versatility, and like the fact that he has a RB mentality after catching the ball. I also think that KS likes his skillsets, and will be devising mismatches that he can exploit with him.
            IMHO, we will best be able to assess Hurd and Butler after the Niners play the Cards, after week 8 and week 10.

              1. I will kindly point out, that is just one pundit.
                Draftek had him at 313. CBS had him at 196. The Huddle Report had him at 193. Chris Trapasso had him at 170. The Draft Network had him at 152. Draft Wire had him at 144. SB Nation had him at 108. Walter Football had him as a 5th to 7th round prospect. PFF did not have him on their draft big board that went up to 250. Draft Countdown had Hurd as the 17th best WR.
                None of them had Hurd at 67, so the Niners should have been patient, and possibly selected him in the 4th or even 5th round. To me,it just smacked of desperation to see them reach, but it was their call. They have live with it, and I have to accept it.

              2. Ultimately Sebbie, what matters is where Hurd was slotted on the 9ers board. Don’t forget that.

              3. Doesn’t matter Sebbie…

                Whether you like it or not, it’s what’s on the 9ers board which carries the day for Jed, Lynch, Shanahan, etc. They don’t give a flip what you say or think.

                Am I saying they’re 100% right? Nope. It’s their party–not mine, not yours.

              4. I reiterate, Joe Williams was not on JL’s Draft board. KS had to talk JL into drafting him.
                Yes it was their call, and they certainly ignored my advice about not drafting red flagged players. Too bad JW disappeared like a puff of smoke. It was totally their call, and it blew up in their face. Foster, too. Such ‘Good value’.
                They even doubled down, wasting a player, by trading up for JW. My advice about avoiding the unforced errors, was also ignored, and they were 100% wrong.
                Sure, they do not give a flip about what I say, and in fact, have gone out of their way to pick ACL players and red flagged players. They even picked a player with an ACL AND an MCL injury. So far, that has led to a 4-12 season. Jed, JL and KS have to live with that, too.

              5. When your done stomping around the garage, come in and wash your hands. And turn off the light. Dinner’ll be ready in a few minutes.

          2. I did not rank him at 313, nor did I leave him off other draft boards due to his quitting on a team due to concussions.

            This comment by you is more than enough evidence to prove my point.

            1. It is easy to access the draft database.
              Guess you do not believe a player can be a reach, because you do not believe in rankings at all.

              1. Your rear end has to be hurting what with the number of times you have pulled something out of it in order to your often incorrect conclusions. 🌋🆘️

              2. Mid, I hope you have a good Mother’s Day.
                Pulling something out of his rear end? You must be thinking about Baalke.
                Even JL questioned the wisdom of reaching for a punter in the 4th round.
                Teams reach for players all the time, and we will see if they are correct or not, when the season unfolds. I just hope it does not unravel.

            1. No, I just listed 10 boards because you think I only consulted one draft big board.
              it was interesting to see they all bolstered my argument.

              1. Sebbie man…. Um, the board that R E A L L Y mattered was the 9ers board.

              2. I have it on good authority — my ouija board after a night of drunken excess — that Hurd was at #53 on the Niners board. Surprisingly, it has about as much credibility as all the public entertainers’ draft boards designed to profit from clicks and eyeballs in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft each year.

    1. A college coach hyping up one of his players??? That’s a source you can believe in.
      Still thanks for the share it was a good read.

      1. Shoup, i don’t post articles because I “believe” them, only because I think guys will be interested. I can see why they drafted Hurd and it appears to me he’ll improve the offense. But he wouldn’t be the first bust ever drafted. If he succeeds I won’t think or say that I knew he would.

        1. George, I didn’t imagine you did. I was just being sarcastic… I don’t think Hurds biggest fan believes him to be a top 10 pick

          1. No worries, Shoup. This form of communication has some issues. I appreciated your saying it was a good read. Glad it was for you.

            1. Yeah, I have a pretty snide/sarcastic sense of humor and that does not lend itself to the written word :).
              In general, I really enjoy your posts, you come across as being a realistic team supporter who is not prone overreaction. In general, I think I will overreact a bit right after the fact but once given time to think a subject over will think more reasonably.

              Even in this draft which I was not a fan of, I was initially more down on it than after he fact. I still dont like the Hurd or Wishnewsky selections. However, at least with Hurd, if Shanahan has a clear vision on how he fits, he could become a major benefit to the offense as a whole. (No one will ever convince me a punter was worth a 4th rounder

  19. Looking at the receiving corps, the Niners have improved. Who will make the 53?
    WRs- Marquise Goodwin, Dante Pettis, Jordan Mathews, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd and Richie James
    TEs- George Kittle and Kaden Smith.
    Richie James will make the squad because of his ST value.
    They keep only 2 TEs so they can keep 5 RBs.

    1. Couldn’t Hurd be a third TE, they keep Taylor instead of James, and make Poindexter their WR, assuming he does well in pre-season? Poindexter is on the slow side but could be another Red Zone guy. Here are his Pro Day stats:

      40 yard dash: 4.68
      Vertical jump: 35.5
      Broad Jump: 10’5
      20 yard short shuttle: 4.33
      3-cone: 7.03

        1. Hey George

          Welcome aboard the Poindexter Special…and thanks for the link….It’s so good , to at least integrate the 49er ‘Smurf Patrol’ with some WRs who re tall enough to go on ALL of the rides at Disneyland. I may be fooling myself, but we could be seeing the beginning of the new Red zone attack along with Kittles and Kaden Smith…fun times ahead….

      1. That may be the call they make on Hurd, but if he does not like to block, he should play WR.
        After signing Mathews, and drafting 2 WRs in the second and third round, there will be some turnover. I think they keep James over Taylor because he can handle kick offs and punts.
        Poindexter is an intriguing prospect, but they just got Mathews(6′ 3″), Hurd (6′ 5″), and Smith (6′ 5″). Maybe Kaden Smith is the odd man out.

            1. Of course yes. The desperation to push back on my comment that Hurd was a reach, and should not be considered the 10th best player in the draft is what is the telling lesson. You seem to give my opinion so much power, you have to oppose me, even if I am right.
              Malignant narcissists think their opinion is the only one, and cannot handle another opinion, so they attack the messenger, ignoring the message. Kinda like you. I may differ, but I am civil about it.
              Choose your battles wisely. Hurd was a reach, and he certainly is not the 10th best player in the draft. He was not even the 10th WR chosen, he was the 11th WR chosen. I looked at 10 draft boards, and they all think Hurd was a 5th round or later pick. Now posters are saying that rankings mean absolutely nothing, and reaching for a punter in the 4th round was brilliant, when JL himself questioned that selection.

              1. Sebbie…are you high?

                The only ranking that matters to the 9ers is the ranking they developed for the draft–their draft board. Don’t like it? Tough… You’re certainly entitled to your opinion–many of us would die to protect your right to voice an opinion–but the bottom line is, the 9ers had their board and seem quite pleased with the decisions they made. Period.

                Having a hissy fit won’t change it.

              2. Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance

                Check. The team follows this blog to get your advice on draft day strategy

                Monopolize conversations

                Check. Is there not a thread that contains multiple multi- paragraphic Seb postings?

                Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it

                Check. “you have to oppose me, even if I am right”

                I could go on, but what’s the bother? Convince a narcissist that they aren’t one? The unwarranted attention only adds fuel to the fire.

              3. Hissy fit? No, I said I will accept their draft, but I can also point out that they reached, despite the protestations that they did not reach. A person throwing a hissy fit would be cursing their stupidity, and wishing they fail miserably. They certainly may fail again, but I want them to win twice as many games as last season.
                After the draft, there can be assessments made, and I will be the first to say that they did not leverage that number 2 pick to its best advantage. Missing out on Bosa would not have been the end of the world, especially considering that many were declaring that Bosa is fully healthy, but now realize that he did not participate in the Rookie practices, because of his core injury.
                Bosa is not fully healthy, and they could have leveraged that number 2 pick into multiple second round picks. The could have drafted a WR, an O lineman and Safety in the second round, instead of just a WR. They could have even moved back in the second round, gotten another 3rd round pick, and still could have drafted Deebo, but chose not to.
                Finally, they panicked, moved back in the 4th round, missed out on Chauncy Gardner- Johnson, and selected a punter. This was not their finest hour.
                Sure, they must keep up a confident front, declaring they are totally satisfied with all their picks, but I am just trying to keep it real. IMHO, they could have done so much more, but they will not seem to learn from past mistakes, so they will keep repeating them.
                Yes, They developed THEIR Draft board, and will have to live with their decisions. Even if they did hit a grand slam in the draft, their coaches better be able to utilize those players, properly.
                Many of you would die to protect my right to an opinion? More like many would die to protect their right to hurl insults and throw snark.

              4. Many of you would die to protect my right to an opinion? More like many would die to protect their right to hurl insults and throw snark.

                The same thing, sebbers, the very same thing.

            2. Explain. It’s all opinions. Or are you saying there shouldn’t be a right to insult and snark? That sounds pretty authoritarian, like what they tried with Lenny Bruce.

              1. You are not protecting my right to have an opinion if you are trying to shout me down. You should respect my right to have an opinion. Your intolerance is the opposite of respect.
                Think of it as having common decency. You are beginning to sound like Trump. That is what he does to people he does not like.

              2. I have the right to declare your opinions, or Donald Trumps for that matter, are FOS. And through whatever way I wish to express that. That is my opinion as well.

              3. Seb, tell me how my expressing my disagreement with your opinions is preventing you from expressing said opinions?

              4. Donald, I am too polite to constantly trash you and say you have very little football knowledge, trying to get you to stop posting, but if you want me to do that, GAME ON.

              5. Careful all, Sebbie IS THAT GUY

                Hey Sebbie, what happened to that big project you’re supposed to taking care of…?

              6. Cassie, thank you for giving me the opportunity to keep dwelling on the stench of Baalke.
                You keep him alive on this blog, so I get to keep reminding posters what an odious cretin he was.
                JL is like a breath of fresh air, and I thought he stopped all the leaks. Now, I realize that Paraag was here before Baalke, and since the leaks have started, even though Baalke is gone, Paraag is just up to his old tricks. I bet JL is regretting the praise he heaped upon Paraag in the 2017 draft.

              7. Seb, I believe you have some football knowledge. It’s just when you come out with crazy sht like claiming the team should have listened to you and you get all pouty that they didn’t I’m going to call you out on it. Grasshopper , just think of me as nudging you towards the greater greatness than you’ve already achieved.

              8. OK, Donald. That makes about as much sense as imposing tariffs, then bailing out the farmers for billions.

  20. OT, I will disagree with Lowell. The Rockets play their style of basketball, because it is very effective. Too bad they cannot match the Warriors, who have depth and good coaching.
    Steph was amazing, but Steve Kerr deserved the game ball.

  21. I’ll leave CJ, Kittle and Deebo out if this conversation for the moment, but three guys Kyle seemed very focused on getting, Joe Williams, Pettis and Hurd all have issues, that make them high ceiling guys with inherent flaws, either inside the ventricles or between the ears.

    Williams as we all know quit and then came back, but there was something off, lack of focus, commitment, a father figure, who knows. But he was clearly a draft risk, a guy with a rainbow of flags.

    Pettis is gifted when it comes to getting open, but you’d better hope it’s outside the hash markers, because (and Grant is being kind here) he’s not comfortable going across the middle. That’s why they in large part drafted Samuel, who appears to be fearless, something that’s not attributed to Pettis. Pettis is an artist too. Not that you can’t be one, just ask Marty (I’ve played with six teams in eight years) Bennett.

    Now we have Hurd. A guy that was a real five star back for the Vols who left the team to play another position. Hurd seems bright, articulate and self-aware. I hope he not only makes the team, but excels. That said, he’s in the same “special case” category as Williams and Pettis. Williams couldn’t hack it, Pettis shined when given a chance and let’s hope he continues to evolve and stay healthy. Hurd will have a lot of eyeballs trained on him at camp. Let’s see how he handles the scrutiny.

    In these three picks, Shanahan has shown that he is willing to downplay personal characteristics and traits that flirt with eccentric, mad and individualistic, if the ceiling can rise above their personal quirks and in the case of Willams, demons.

    An interesting insight into Shanahan’s own psyche perhaps.

    1. I think people have made a lot of assumptions about Hurd’s character due to what happened at Tennessee that fly directly in the face of what his coaches say about him.

  22. Cap,
    Good write up.
    But I respectfully would not put Hurd in the same basket with Williams.

    Williams never had a deep desire to play football. On the other hand, Hurd wanted to play so bad, that he transferred to a different school to avoid another concussion (at RB) in order to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.

    The transitional move for Hurd is entirely different than that of Williams. Williams was getting outplayed by a UDFA (Breida) and didn’t have the heart to compete. I doubt that Hurd will give up like JW did.

    1. Thanks AES. I agree with you about Hurd. He’s not in the same bucket as Williams. if you go back and read the post, I tried to clarify that, but he is also not your average, grind through the system player, just like Williams and in some respect, Pettis was. All three are unique and very talented, with Williams obviously the most troubled.

  23. Hey George

    Welcome aboard the Poindexter Special…and thanks for the link….It’s so good , to at least integrate the 49er ‘Smurf Patrol’ with some WRs who re tall enough to go on ALL of the rides at Disneyland. I may be fooling myself, but we could be seeing the beginning of the new Red zone attack along with Kittles and Kaden Smith…fun times ahead….

  24. Okay, now onto Samuel, CJ and Kittle. These three players are very unlike the talented but troubled, eccentric and self-aware trio of Williams, Pettis and Hurd. In fact, they are diametrically opposed to them.

    CJ Beathard wasn’t the most talented QB in the draft, but lord knows, he could take a hit. I know Kyle wanted him because he saw something (God knows what) and that he could be a QB that could run his “system.” But what CJ lacks in elite skills and athleticism, he makes up for in spades with heart. He’s tough as nails and can get through just about anything. He’s got that old western style of grit. He ain’t pretty, but CJ’s a grinder.

    Kittle is like the TE version of CJ only he was blessed with the athleticism and talent that CJ doesn’t have. Kittle plays the game hard and with heart, something he shares with Beathard.

    Samuel appears to be cut from the same cloth, as Kittle, a plus athlete that at first glance has courage and heart. Built like a running back, Samuel reminds me a little of Hines Ward, Ward was 6’0 205 and Samuel is 6’0 210. He’s also been compared to Steve Smith. Another guy with a lot of heart that was as much of a street fighter as he was a WR.

    So we have three players that Shanny seemed to hand pick with Williams, Pettis and Hurd who had high ceilings and troubled/eccentric/self aware quirks and three guys who have heart, courage and grit, one of which is uber-talented, and another who looks poised to be.

    The latter trio also speaks to Shanny’s psyche as well, as a no-nonsense, old school, leave it on the field type.

    One group, talented but perhaps sensitive, even frail in some ways, the other, take no prisoners, blood on the grid iron warriors.

    Put the two groups together and they form a psychic whole of sorts.

    1. I think KS’s method is throwing things against a wall, and seeing what sticks.
      You should lump Joe Williams, CJB and Pettis together, and Kittle, Deebo and Hurd in another group.
      JW quit, CJB struggled, and Pettis was injured twice.
      Kittle excelled, Deebo was ranked high, and Hurd is a longshot, with high potential.
      Yes, KS was the architect of those picks, and he got the player he wanted for his scheme, but his track record with those picks amply demonstrates that he should not be the final say. He should let JL and his scouts do their job.
      Maybe that is the source of the ‘Friction’. I think JL wanted Q Williams, and KS wanted Bosa.

      1. Just for giggles…

        I do believe that the NFL has NOT seen the last of Joe Williams….maturity and a desire to eat steak will bring him back for a second chance…

    1. Thanks for this George. Very interesting. Does look like progress is being made. The part that stood out to me:
      “This is the kind of discipline that anyone who has run a business instantly understands. You’re constantly making these kinds of choices in a well-run business. If you don’t make such choices, you may not be running a business for long.” Hopefully we can reach a balance between the bean counters and the football minds. Seems like some teams are better at striking the right balance .

      1. Don’t get thrown off by some bonehead comment about how a punter should have been picked in the fifth rather than fourth round of the draft.

        Bless all the beat writers, CFC’s and Sebber’s hearts of the world….

        1. Being desperate and reaching should not be a draft strategy for any team, especially 4-12 teams.
          Only 2 punters were drafted this past draft. Even Belichick waited until the 5th round, so he did not make a bone headed move, although he could do whatever he wants, since he won the last SB.

          1. It’s done Sebbie. Sniff…. Wait, my eyes are tearing up–please forgive me.

            What you wanted (needed?) so badly, and for soooo long, has turned to dust. How bitter. How wrong. Don’t worry, another draft is coming. Maybe, just maybe the 9ers will bundle players and draft picks for blockbuster trade-backs–just the way you like it. Until then, be brave. Don’t cry for us, Sebbie-ny-nuh… We love you.


            1. Cassie, they did trade back, and did bundle a player and a pick. Too bad it was too little, too late, but I am glad they actually did accomplish those things.
              This past draft had many teams trading back, so the Niners just need to stop looking for deals that are too good to be true, and just find fair deals that both teams will like.

        2. “Don’t get thrown off by some bonehead comment about how a punter should have been picked in the fifth rather than fourth round of the draft. ”

          I wouldn’t draft a punter until the 7th if at all… 4 of the top 5 punters were all undrafted. Also if Shanahan’s punter is a real “difference maker” his offense sucks and he probably is looking at being fired.

          1. BB didn’t get your memo. Did you even watch the SB? The Patriots punter consistently kept the Rams pinned down with poor field position, which helped them win the football game.

            I don’t share you philosophy about punters whatsoever, but I wonder if you share mine regarding rb’s. I wouldn’t draft one in the 1st round….

          2. I consider a punter, and the entire STs, an extension of the defense. Using your logic, Shoup, why bother with with acquiring excellent defensive players at all?

            1. Huh???

              Defenses are on the field even if you have a great offense.
              If you score you kick off, the other team has the ball, you play defense.
              If you fail on offense you punt even though statistically teams should do it far less often than they do.

              The punter with the longest average punt in the NFL averaged 48.6 (Andy Lee) the 49ers punter drafted in the 5th round ranked 29th averaged 43.7. I’m sure the 49ers don’t regret spending a 5th rounder on such a special talent :/.
              I would much rather take a chance on player that might make it possible for SF not to punt or force another team to do so.

              1. Shoup, I agree. Baalke never should have thrown away such veteran leadership, and production.
                Andy Lee has kept playing, and has consistently been productive in the subsequent years.
                Exactly. The Niners should have used that 4th round pick on Chauncey Gardner-Johnson S, or and O lineman like Dru Samia or Hjalte Froholdt

              2. Huh???


                A defense is tasked with stifling the oppositions offense. If that can be done partly by limiting the offensive playbook in forcing them to operate inside their 20 ( or even better inside their 10) don’t you agree that is a sound defensive strategy?

            2. Rib,
              I dont believe an offense is limited unless its inside the 10.

              Philosophically, we are looking at this very differently. You want to draft a guy who likely will be on the field for less than 100 plays in a season and might have a chance to make a pin down punt on 50 of those. Most backups will play more than this, potentially far more if an injury occurs.

              Then there is the risk-reward, the upside of drafting a position player is that they can be a difference maker on 500 to 1000 plays. The upside of drafting a punter is he is great on his hundred plays if the offense sucks or he is great on his 50 plays if the offense is good.

      2. Yes, thanks for the link, George.

        Now 11 personnel, 21 personnel, it won’t matter. Shanahan will someday be able to run pretty much any play from any personnel grouping, and defenses will only find out what’s coming after the ball is snapped.

        Naturally barring injuries aside, this will be the season we approach the Shanirvana described above. And will finally answer the question, why did they pay so much for that fullback?

          1. Pleasure of anticipation? Like the 2-14 seasons? I will deny they were pleasurable at all.
            Since 1995, we have anticipated greatness, and gotten less.
            Maybe hope, with realistic expectations may be the better mindset.

              1. Greatness means attaining a Lombardi.
                I was quite disappointed with the outcome of those seasons, even though the Niners were relevant.

        1. “Now 11 personnel, 21 personnel, it won’t matter. Shanahan will someday be able to run pretty much any play from any personnel grouping, and defenses will only find out what’s coming after the ball is snapped.”

          Football 101

            1. So they can target players to create mismatches. It also will take advantage of the defensive personnel. Are they in a base, nickle or dime?

              1. Wouldn’t a power sweep out of a 11 surprise that dime defense? Or a base handle dual go routes from a 12? Even Sun Tzu must appreciate attack them where they ain’t.

              2. A power sweep with 3 WRs? Unexpected, but may lead to attrition.
                Putting Hurd in at FB and having him run a go route out of the 21 personnel, may be a wiser strategy.

              3. The element of surprise Seb, the element of surprise. Some Sun Tzu acolyte you are.

                All warfare is based on deception

                I’m betting Deebo and Hurd could easily handle those second or third level blocking assignments.

              4. Force Hurd with his concussion issues to be a blocker?
                One thing Sun Tzu advocated was preserving his army, so it could keep fighting.

              5. Dude, he’s going to have to be the occasional blocker or he’s not going to see the field as a WR. I’m not proposing running plays out of 11 formation every series, that would negate the element of surprise, right grasshopper?

              6. Sebbie calling out Borland for CTE concerns? Really Sebbie? Really?

                You’ve gone on and on the last few years about the NFL’s duplicity regarding CTE, and now you rip Borland?

                You are so two-faced. Shame. Shame.

              7. Rip, Borland? no, he retired because he did not want his brains scrambled, and Baalke was just treating him like a piece of meat. He showed no loyalty to Baalke, and was glad Baalke did not get the chance to cut him on the team bus.

              8. Cassie, your screen name is living in Seb’s head rent free. Love it!

                Baalke, Seb? Want to rant on Joe Thomas too? He’s about as relevant.

              9. No, Donald, Cassie is keeping Baalke alive on this blog. Her snark may seem hilarious to you, but it just etches the stench of Baalke even deeper, and more pervasive.
                Joe Thomas is ancient history, to me, and Bill Walsh washed away all of his infamy.
                Sure wish JL would wash away all of Baalke’s ignominy, but that will take a ring.

            2. Quit? That’s a losers way to describe what happened. How about decided to seek out opportunity more commensurate with his skills.

              Opportunities multiply as they are seized.

              Hurd is a living example of the Sun Tzu philosophy. Unlike you, just a mindless parrot.

              1. Exactly, grasshopper. It’s my opinion, you are not going to stifle it by bullying me with that odiously snarky comparison.

              2. Odious snark? You sure like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.
                You are now even whining like him.

              3. Lol, grasshopper. You can’t even recognize your own whining signatures when they are snarked back at you. Another trait of the malignant narcissist.

    2. Isn’t this just a blogger though… where is the scrutiny of his credentials?

      Should so and so’s opinion weigh more?

      1. He invites you to use his methodology and plug in different variables. I think he’s premature in assigning top value to JG and Bosa, that’s something we’ll have to see played out over the season. But can there be any argument that this roster, overall, is not vastly improved from the one 3 years ago?

      2. But, but the colorful charts make him a roster maven. ;p
        Glad he admits he rosily scenarios, with Pollyannish player assessments.

          1. I do not need to look at charts to see that a SB team dismantled by Baalke and was devoid of talent, to know that there has been massive improvement.

        1. Doesn’t matter. Haven’t we seen established, household names, national figures torn to shreds on these pages? If you don’t like what someone is saying, you aren’t going to give two figs who that someone is.

  25. One thing the Niners did not do is draft an O lineman early. Looking at the depth chart, they have Ben Garland at LG, but he played in 14 games and started 4 games at RG, when he played last year in Atlanta.
    Both Richberg and Tomlinson are rehabbing after knee surgery. I hope the Niners put Garnett in at LG, his natural position, move Person to center, and insert Ben Garland in at RG. This would allow both Richberg and Tomlinson to fully heal, before becoming starters again.
    Coleman could be the swing Tackle, and Magnuson could be the swing Guard/Center.

  26. Peter King believes……… ranked us 7th

    7. +SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (4-12)

    Here’s my big surprise. Only I don’t see it that way. In 2017 and 2018, the Niners were 6-2 when Jimmy Garoppolo started and 4-18 when he didn’t. In his fateful last start, when he ran left and tore his ACL at Kansas City, these were the last four drives he executed that afternoon, going head to head with Patrick Mahomes at rabid Arrowhead: 54 yards to a field goal, 87 yards to a touchdown, 77 yards to a touchdown, 58 yards to a field goal. In his 10 NFL starts, he’s a 66-percent passer. I have no problem making two statements: I think the 49ers are a playoff team if Garappolo plays a full season. And I think Garoppolo will be seen as a top 10 NFL quarterback if he plays a full season this year. Still, the fact that he hasn’t done it leaves the question in everyone’s mind: The kid’s started only 10 games in five NFL seasons, he’s been rewarded ridiculously for what the Niners expect him to do … and now, can he do it? The future of so many people in San Francisco—including joined-at-the-hip coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch—are riding on Garoppolo’s right arm. And his health. I’m fine gambling

  27. Now wouldn’t it be a kick if the 9ers were featured on Hard Knocks this year. Not only would 9er ownership, execs, and coaches have a blast, but the players too. And local media! Wonder how Grant would approach his work with Hard Knocks in town? With Grant’s reputation (however one views it), he could become a throbbing side story. And his blog. What a trip it would be for us posters, having the 9ers on Hard Knocks. Sebbie would be ecstatic–posturing and preening for the national audience–if he could manage to get some exposure.

    Hard Knocks and 9ers. Wow!

    Possible outcomes: Niners season tanks (internal rifts), Grant joins the NFL Network, and Sebbie is hired by the Patriots…

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