The strengths and weaknesses of Jalen Hurd

San Francisco 49ers rookie wide receiver Jalen Hurd (17) work on a drill during the NFL football team’s rookie minicamp in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Check out my video breakdown of 49ers rookie wide receiver Jalen Hurd.

Note: Click the square at the bottom-right corner of the video to make it full screen.

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  1. You guys recall, Crazy Legs Hirsch? Maybe we got ourselves a Crazy Legs Hurd! Shanny clearly addressed the Red Zone woes by adding Samuel, Kaden and Crazy Legs Hurd….

  2. Nice compilation but I am not passing any judgements on a receiver who has played the position for only one season. He does show some promising traits and has potential in Kyle’s offense. I guess they could have traded down for him, but what the heck do I know ().

    Meanwhile, Niners have signed an eager Beavers. Wonder when Beavers will butt head with Bosa in practice.

    1. If Hurd played for the Raiders though we would pass judgment on a player who only played one season.

    2. I suppose just like there always needs to be a Stark in the North, the Niners always need to have a player with a sexual innuendo related name on their team. Crabs, VD and now Beaver.

    3. Mood

      The way he fights for the ball, and uses his body to protect the catch, he reminds me of the early days of ‘our’ Ed McCaffery…a bit bigger..(not much)..but willing and able to compete for the catch….he’s a big player …in a big players game….

  3. There was a report that Lynch liked marquise Blair a lot during the cfb season. He went in the middle of the second to Seattle proving he was a fit in the system. I think Blair was the target and Hurd was a consolation prize

    NFL dot com write up says Hurd is not a good blocker probably a bad fit for TE. If Hurd stays at split end then Goodwin might be on the outs.

    1. Goodwin looks to be relegated to a Gabriel 2.0 Jack of all Trades gadget role with snap limitations due to a track player constitution….

  4. My prediction is Hurd will have much, much less success in the NFL than all the other wide receivers from Baylor.

    1. Under Shanny? ‘Twould seem like the opposite to me, especially with Jimmy G.

      Did I just rap?😲

    2. Lol! We get it, you don’t like the kid because you think he is a quitter. Now he is a 49er. Get over it.

      1. I don’t get it. Once you’re part of the family, you’re family. Maybe I’ve got a problem with my daughters boyfriend, but once they’re married; He becomes my son. All hatchets get buried until she decides he’s no longer part of the inner circle. In Hurd’s case, until he’s asked to turn in his playbook….

        1. Hurd isn’t part of the family until after final cuts. We’re in the “I can’t believe my daughter is dating such a huge jackass” phase.

            1. Let me draw you a picture Tweedle Dee,

              This 49ers draft is like the movie Weird Science. Lynch and Shanny are like Gary and Wallace – Designing the perfect football player upstairs during a thunder storm. They end up designing Nick Bosa. Nick does some annoying things like throwing a party that destroys the house or freezing their grandparents but in the end we all like Nick and we understand his actions. We look forward to the day Nick starts crushing fools but we still don’t like that the grandparents are frozen in the closet. This is where you come into the story. There’s this highly annoying Delta Bravo named Chet – that’s you. Chet adds nothing to the plot other than being an annoying jackass that can be humorous at times but everyone knows he’s just an insignificant bit player. Congrats on your big debut, Chet.

              Now the Hurd pick is like the movie The Wedding Singer. I’ll explain that one later.

              1. Houston, I know that most of the people in Texas are in the closet about one thing or another and to compensate for that they’ll abuse either their family or do some weird drugie-stuff. Whatever you are smoking, it’s not helping! How’s your family? Are they safe?
                Just go to the emergency and ask for a psych eval, they’ll take you right in and treat you real nice and ask some questions. They’ll give a nice room with a TV and you can give them all your insights about movies and how they make you feel.
                You’ll feel better with the right meds too.

              2. Oh Chet, that’s the best you’ve got? Geographic discrimination? Yeah, Texans are crazy. You should probably stay where you are.

              3. I was born and raised in Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park but moved to Texas. I guess my crazy developed later in life.

              4. Oh Houston I’ve got much more than that but I’ve got to be sensitive to someone who lives his life through movies and thinks that it applies to real life….
                I know you’re surrounded by people who can’t think straight but try to get out of the house instead of rewatching outdated movies.

  5. Thanks for the breakdown Grant.
    Hurd will definitely need to work on his catching chops.
    I don’t believe that Shanahan and Lynch envisioned Hurd as a #1 WR, simply because Shanahan is looking to use him in different match ups.

    Hurd’ RB ability may allow Shanahan to line him up in the backfield on occasion. Not sure if Hurd can pass, but imagine the possibilities if he plays a little HBack who can throw the option pass.
    This kid may never be a GOAT, but he could be the perfect JOAT – jack of all trades.
    Hopefully he can master all his positions. Starting with catching the ball.

  6. Question:

    Which recently acquired player had the greatest chance of not contributing (like Foster or Williams or even CJB)?

    I think that honor has to go to Hurd. He’s the one who may be overwhelmed most, but this is merely a guessing exercise. It is similar to the ones that say he is projected to do x or y or z. Every year there is a player who disappoints. Who is this year’s most likely disappointing candidate.

    In a related question, who will surprise,like Kittle?

    1. If just looking at this year’s draftees I think it is the same player. Hurd could easily be a guy that doesn’t contribute much this year, due to his lack of experience and relative rawness at his primary position, or a guy that contributes and produces quite a bit more than originally expected due to his versatility and mismatch creation. I don’t include Bosa or Samuel here because they are kind of expected to be pretty big contributors as rookies anyway.

      However, most likely “recent” addition to have a year like Kittle last year (i.e. growing from a supporting player to big impact guy in year two) I would say Pettis, though I doubt anyone actually makes such a huge leap as Kittle did. Witherspoon an honorable mention, if we still consider him a “recent” addition even though it is year three for him now.

      1. I could see Witherspoon and Pettis having the year you envisioned. I could also see Harris stepping in for an injured player and having a good season (nowhere near Kittle last year , but something like his freshman year perhaps). No one expects much from the kid, so maybe he can be this year’s Breida.

        I also think that Deebo and Bosa are expected to contribute quite a bit right out of the gate. To be honest, I could see one or both faltering a bit. I think the challenges of playing at the next level and physical demands may prove a bit much for them (maybe some injuries that limit their contribution).

      2. I don’t understand why everyone is sleeping on Tarvarius Moore! He’s the most physically gifted DB of the entire crop, in my opinion, and he flashed big time once he got some consistent playing time at the end of his rookie season. We saw some inconsistencies, expected of a rookie transition to CB, but all things considered, the arrows pointing up strongly on this athletically gifted CB!

    2. If you are referring to just the players drafted, then I would say Grenlaw because he has competition for a backup and special teams role. However, if you are including the recently signed free agents, then I unfortunately have to say Verrett due to his injury history. When he is on the field, he is one of the league’s best, but he has only played in 39% of the games during the first four seasons of his career. Verrett will most likely be the starter opposite of Sherman if he can stay healthy, but the odds of that happening are fairly low; this is why I think Verrett is the most likely candidate to not contribute in the upcoming season.
      The player whom I think will surprise is Garnett.

      1. Yeah, I would include recently acquired players through FA.

        Varrett was definitely one I had in mind but we all know his injury history so his field time availability isn’t a great surprise. I guess the surprise would be if he played well and was avail, which may be what you mean.

        1. I was actually responding to your first question of which player has the greatest chance of not contributing by stating Verrett.
          Garnett is the player that I think will surprise everyone.

          1. Yeah Mid I gathered though I kind of was playing off Varrett being both a disappointment and or surprise.

            Guess he has the capacity for both.

            Garnett a surprise. Yeah I could see that occurring. His career so far has been definitely been disappointing.

            Wonder if there are others…

  7. Maybe instead of Hurd, the Niners could possibly have drafted Josh Oliver TE, who went 2 picks later.Then still could have drafted Hurd in the 4th round.
    10 picks later, Washington picked Terry Mclaurin. He was taken 80th, ranked 70.
    27 picks later, the Ravens chose Myles Boykin. He was taken 94th, ranked 99.
    37 picks later, The Cards took Hakeem Butler. He was taken 103, ranked 31.
    Hurd was selected 67, and was ranked 313. That was a slight reach.
    Butler is the same size, ran a 4.48 forty, and frequently high pointed the ball. He may have been a better option, since he was ranked so much higher, with no injuries, and is a good blocker.His drop rate probably dropped him in the draft, but 4 out of 18 contested catches for Hurd also is a weakness. Guess KS liked Hurd’s RB skills.
    Since he was drafted by the Cards, we will see which player has the better stats, two times this season.

    1. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

      Oliver is maybe a 2TE. He’s a Y receiver. He’s a back up Y receiver. He’s going to get open by finding holes in zones.

      The other receivers you mentioned are simply big receivers. When I see a big receiver I think of the guy the Niners traded A.J. Jenkins for Jon Baldwin. A big dude who didn’t have good quickness (apparently at one time at least had long speed) to get open or do much…his only asset was using his big body to get the ball. Maybe a guy like Butler has just enough speed to get deep…then he’s a split end.

      But none of those guys had what Shanahan wanted. He wanted ball carrier vision and tackle breaking skills. He wants RAC/YAC!!! There are those who criticized the Debo Samuel pick too….they believe there were better receivers on the board. And they’re probably right in the conventional sense in terms of WR talent. But what Shanahan wants is basically a running back that can run WR routes….that to him is more important than being able to beat receivers with speed and other skills……I think Shanahan believes he can scheme open his receivers and that it’s then up to them to run with the ball and get yards….very much like Walsh in that respect (he just goes about it much differently). So his emphasis in selecting personnel is less on pure route running, speed and catching….all very important at a basic level…so he’s not going to select a guy that can’t do those things….but since he doesn’t believe he needs to lean on his receivers to get open and catch contested balls….that leaves RAC/YAC .

      So the glaring separator between Hurd and the other players you mentioned is his running back experience.

      As for the draft rankings? Remember it’s all relative. had projected as a 3rd pick. I saw him ranked in the 3-6 rounds from other sources. Kaden Smith before the combine was the #2 ranked TE by one scouting service and #4 by another….then he ran a really slow 40 and the Niners got him in the 6th round.

      1. Yes, speed is important. That is why they have the combine, and rankings can change dramatically. Really slow players players get picked in the 6th round. A late injury can make a prospect drop like a rock, and a good Pro day can help a player zoom up in the rankings, like Ed Oliver did. GB moved up to 21 to select Darnell Savage, and his 4.36 forty, even though he was touted as a day 2 prospect.
        Terry McLaurin ran a 4.35 forty, so he is so fast, he can out run many of the DBs. You cannot tackle what you cannot catch.
        Myles Boykin was a fave of 49reasons, and he liked his YAC, along with his high pointing the ball.
        Hakeem Butler rag dolls DBs after the catch, according to his draft profile. That is a good talent to have to gain YAC.
        All of my observations and opinions will be settled on the field. Worst case scenario, Hurd will not like being asked to play RB at times, and quit on the team. I certainly hope that does not happen, but it is a possibility. That is why he was ranked so low, along with his knee surgery. Maybe the Niners got a diamond in the rough, but maybe they got a cubic zirconium. Hurd and Butler will play twice against each other, so we will see who drafted better.

        1. You’re still missing my point. You’re still looking at these guys like CLASSIC WRs. As the rest of the NFL evaluates at WRs. Sure 4.3 forty speed is great for running away from coverage and tacklers. It’s also great for getting open on deep routes. But the YAC/RAC that Shanahan is looking for is closer to the line of scrimmage. These are not just big receivers but strong ones (like running backs) bouncing off and breaking the tackles of SAFETIES and LINEBACKERS. Walsh used to think of his short passes simply as extended hand offs like to a running back. It’s the same for Shanahan except instead of a WCO quick step and read QB (at least primarily), Shanahan is doing much of it with play action. Hurd and Samuel catching a pass 5-7 yards downfield and banging against would be tacklers is the same as running backs accepting hand offs a little bit down the field. Will they be asked to run more conventional routes at times? Sure. Those routes will make them use skills that more typical WRs use….as you mention, high pointing the ball, beating one on one coverage through reading and anticipating coverage and precision route running….all those good things that good WRs possess. I’m guessing Samuels more so will be asked to run more conventional routes as what I’m guessing is an actual wide out role. But most of the time Shanhan is banking on scheming them open and letting them run and knock around some would be tacklers. They’re not banking on Hurd and Samuels possibly taking the ball to the house on every reception because you’re right they’re not 4.3 forty guys. But they are counting on CONSISTENTLY turning that 5-7 yard reception into a 10-15 yard one.

          So now the question is if you think they were the right pick for the 49ers? IMO that’s more a offensive philosophical and scheme question. Within the framework of what I think Shanahan wants to do with these receivers (Fysical …with an “F”…..RAC receivers), I absolutely think they were the right choice.

          However IMO, Shanahan is too married to his scheme. To committed believing he can “stay on schedule”. The primary tactic that Shanahan has built his offense around is disguising the run and pass…often making the blocking look fairly uniform. It puts the defense on it’s heals in a read and react mode (a half step to a step slow). That’s great and all but what happens when you’re in 3rd and long or down by 17 points in the 4th quarter. You’d better have a good QB and a receiver (and hopefully more than one) that can dictate to the offense. Threaten with 4 verticals that can get you 80 yards….even if all you need is 10. Spread out 4 and 5 wide. Threaten down field. Is Marquise Goodwin still capable of doing that? Pettis runs in the 4.4s. He’s not slow but I’m not sure defenses are worried about him blowing the top off the coverage. Is there a receiver with dominant receiving skills (hands, reading coverage, route running/adjustments…etc…) that can beat the coverage on his own? These are the same questions I had about the Harbaugh/Roman offense as every year we’d hear whispers of “opening up the offense”.

          So yeah, maybe more conventional receivers may have been the better draft choice in a more “holistic offensive scheme kind of way. But within the context of what Shanahan wants to do…..I guess he made the right choices.

          Hurd had no problem occasionally playing running back for Baylor….I don’t see why it should be an issue in the NFL.

          1. Yes, I concede that there are physical specimens who look like Tarzan, and play like Jane, so physical attributes should not be the only measurable.
            The player also has to have heart, and determination. It helps to be football smart, with instinctual reactions. Yes, sometimes, a smaller player can excel.
            However, when you talk about RAC/YAC, I saw many times, Butler rag dolling the DB, putting him on the ground, Then, there is no impediment to running after the catch. That is also a good talent to have.
            I watched N’Keal Harry, and he had the ability to maintain his balance, while gaining YAC.
            In Grant’s examples, I did not see Hurd break so many tackles, and many times, a DB would trip him up from behind, easily.
            I think even Myles Boykin had some good examples of high pointing the ball, then being hard to bring down.
            Something tangential to what you were saying about KS’s scheme. It does not matter what player is obtained, if the coaching cannot get the most out of the player. The coaching must put the player in their best chance to succeed, and optimize his skillsets.
            I sure hope KS is not too set in his ways, and hope he becomes more innovative. He needs to study KC, LAR and the Pats, and emulate their offensive schemes. KS needs to be accepting of new ideas that will help the red zone offense.

    2. Hurd was selected 67, and was ranked 313.

      What universal ranking service are you citing?
      There are like 30 different sources you can choose from and they all have players ranked differently. Every teams board is different and every team has has different traits, skills they like in player.

      I didn’t like the selection at all, but by citing a ranking, you are ignoring the fact that every team has players ranked differently and act like they are all using some universal ranking system.

      1. I used the Draftek Draft Big Board, because of all the ranking services, they had Murray at number 4. Some of the others had Murray out of the first round. CBS had him at 7. Sporting News had him at 13, Walter had Murray at 28.
        Many rankings only had the top 100. Draftek went up to 500. Sure, the draft rankings are subjective, an inexact science, and certainly varied wildly, but Draftek seemed to be the most consistent and comprehensive one that I liked, that conformed to my opinions.
        Yes, every team had a different draft board, but I was not privvy to them, so I chose the one I deemed best on the internet. I certainly did not claim that every team used some universal ranking system, but they all had draft big boards, and they all ranked the prospects. On many, Hurd was not even on their big board. At least Draftek had him ranked at all, even though it was at 313.

        1. Never use just one source for draft rankings Seb. Look at several sources, watch highlights of the prospect to see if you agree or disagree with what said sources are saying, and then form your own opinion of the prospect based on what you learned.

          1. Mid, I did look at many big boards, and Draftek aligned more closely to my player assessments than the others. I also liked that they showed the movement in their rankings. It was interesting to see which players zoomed up, or fell like a rock, after their Pro days.
            Although I did use the CBS big board several times, because they had Keelan Doss at 212, and that is where the Niners picked. ;p
            I also read each scouting report, and studied their strengths and weaknesses.

            1. Take my advice and look at several draft ranking boards Seb. Sometimes rankings has some bias within them that can affect how a prospect is ranked. Looking at more than one or two boards can help you to see if any discrepancies in the rankings is due to the analyst’s love or hate for a certain type of prospect; doing this can also help you to see a good area or concern that you might have missed. And above all, do not go along with a draft ranking board simply because it matches with where you think a prospect will go during the draft.

        2. Jerry Rice ran a 4.6, so drop him. And a 4.6 going up against NFL competition is rough going….so drop him!

          1. 15 teams passed over Jerry, including 2 WRs- Al Toon and Eddie Brown.
            It took Bill Walsh’s genius to spot a diamond in the rough, because very few small college players were chosen in the first round, back then.

  8. Thanks Grant another fantastic breakdown….what a shame they left AJBrown on the boards for Deebo and then this dude?…another head scratcher gadget player….Team needs a #1 and still none on this roster… wonder this team is in last place.

  9. Wait! Did the season start?
    Monty, how did you arrive to a last place record without a game being played?

    1. It was voted on by the owners over dinner, but Jed stiffed them with the bill so they voted the team last.

  10. Grant you should work at getting a radio gig and perhaps work into a TV slot. you are wasted doing what you do now. I guess it pays the bills but your upside is in Radio’TV commenting.

    1. I agree too, good job Grant !!…but just stay here. Can’t wait for the camp videos and more periscopes. Could you speak louder on the camp videos since that loud beat music drowns you out.

  11. One of you guys that follows this closer than me, please confirm or debunk this from PFT…

    “Bosa drew scrutiny before the draft for his online posts and some of the accounts he followed (which included white nationalists). Upon being drafted by the 49ers, Bosa apologized for calling Colin Kaepernick a “clown,” and said he’d be more thoughtful about his public remarks in the future.”

    Is that true? I’ve heard about the controversy but not the part about the white nationalists. Who was he following? IMO PFT is a trash publication who’s entire business plan is about stealing the work of real writers and repackaging it as their own. Florio is about as big an unethical p**ck as exists in the sports world so I take everything written on that site as a lie until proven otherwise.

    1. Yes it is true……he was following them and liking racist tweets….

      He already apologized ….now let’s see if he can play….

      1. That’s a serious accusation. Not sure I can ever root for someone I find vile. Calling someone like Ben Shapiro or Guy Benson “white nationalists” is just a flat out lie. Who was he following?

        1. Its one of those did he really know what he was doing….

          I am on the side of dude is just dumb as a rock……….think about all the endorsement he could have got……

          The fact that he works with Black and Brown people everyday again points out how dumb he is…

        2. He was young and impressionable, and only followed posts, he did not write posts.
          He apologized to Kaep. Others are still blackballing Kaep, so I hope your ire is directed against them, and will advocate that he will get another chance to play.
          I am glad he scrubbed his accounts, and hope he stays off the internet, except to interact with family and close friends. Sounds like he is learning, and I will root for him to succeed. The Niners did not draft him for his social commentary, they drafted him to sack the QB.

          1. Is it okay if he frequents Ebay? What about online banking? C’mon Sebbie, he should stay off the internet? Really?

            1. If you do not believe me, just listen to what he said. Bosa is not going to be on the internet as much, and he scrubbed his account for a reason.
              He promises to be more respectful, and less confrontational.
              He apologized for his Kaep comment, and realizes that Kaep has done admirable things to promote social justice, and fight against police brutality.
              I did not say he should get off the internet entirely, but hope he avoids the controversial and inflammatory sites.

              1. Ooops! here come the thought police! Knowing that you were never young and opinionated certainly affords you the right to pass judgements on Bosa, Sebs!

                ‘Course, you left out the other parts of what Kap said-which shows even the Mighty Quinn can have selective memory!

    2. He followed 3 accounts which some said had posted racist/white nationalist content in some of their tweets…

      Too Savage For Democrats
      DC Draino*
      Angry Vet**

      He liked a friends tweet of a picture which had the N-word in the caption below it.
      He explained it as he saw a picture of his friend with a cute girl so he liked the photo and didn’t read the message with photo or read through the #’s used in the message.

      1. Those aren’t white nationalists accounts. They are ultra right wingers politically but there is absolutely nothing racist about them. Not my cup of tea but labeling these guys as racists is patently false. Also, hate to tell you guys this but young people use the N word – regularly. I’ve banned my own kids from ever using it in any context but I would say the vast majority of young people use it – even in mixed ethnicity settings and its socially acceptable. They are mimicking just about every rap song released these days. Seems to be a subtle difference in pronunciation and context that makes all the difference in the world. Apparently, Bosa never used the word himself online. He only liked a friends post. So far, the only things I’ve seen that instigated the outrage against Bosa is he leans right politically. Every other charge against him is the usual left wing online hate mob that lies or contorts situations to make everyone a racist. I’ll chalk this up to another PFT story that’s full of $hit.

        1. Yeah, I think it’s a dead story… so long as he is not constantly in public eye spouting off on his political beliefs everything will blow over by the preseason.

          1. I only hope that Bosa has an equal opportunity mindset and knocks down QB’s of all color.

            The only lingering concerns I have regarding Bosa’ ideology is the effects, if any, they will have in the locker room. If he and his teammates can get along and play together then I’m good.

            1. I really don’t understand what the big deal is, because in the military you work with people of all different sociological backgrounds and ideologies for the common goal. When you go to work everyday you’re do the exact same thing….

              1. One of our country’s most beloved Champions was a Muslim.
                Mohammed Ali was unapologetic about his beliefs and eventually became accepted as a national celebrity.

                Today, there are pro athletes who have Muslim leanings and accept the teachings of Luis Farrakan. I don’t see anyone trying to ferret them out.

                Personally speaking, as long as they aren’t promoting their ideological and political beliefs on the job, I’m cool.

              2. you give Luis Farrakan too much credit…….the truth is 90% of African Americans don’t jump when Luis or Sharpton says jump……

                Farrakan Islam is overrated – most muslims don’t follow the militant muslim ways or even care about farrakan

                its fits the right wing way of thinking – All black people think the same

                same was the excuse used to understand why
                Obama won – “they voted for him because he is black”….

                in 2019 – Black people are much diverse (Africans, Caribbeans, Mixed races) and the right wingers just can’t understand it….,…so they are stuck in the 60s -70s thinking

                And Muhammed Ali went through hell for standing up for his beliefs – lets not just sweep that under a rug…..

        2. Use of the term ‘mob’ is interesting. I’m sure 18th century Brits (royals and others in power) were quite upset with ‘the mob’ over there in the colonies….acting up and all. And there was that ‘mob’ in Tiananmen Square…more acting up.

          1. What word other than “mob” more accurately describes the online mass of social justice warriors ready to pounce on any real or perceived injustice? These online warriors are not remotely similar to people fighting true oppression from the Brits or Chinese. To equate people outraged over a high school kid “Liking” a social media post to someone literally staring down a tank sent by Communists to crush a peaceful protest is absurd in the extreme.

            1. All perspective, isn’t it? One person’s mob is another’s change agent–whatever the scale, whatever the cause. It’s all perspective.

              1. It’s not humanly possible for me to disagree with this “perspective” argument any more strongly. It is an objective truth that heroic and courageous actions of the US colonialists or the Tiananmen Square protesters, who were literally risking their lives to fight true oppression, risked more personally and their actions were more worthwhile than the online mob who attacks anyone they feel doesn’t conform to their idea of “Orange Man Bad.” This idea that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter is a mind-numbingly stupid argument that’s only purpose is to offer moral equivalence to true evil acts of violence. Was Dalal Mughrabi a terrorist or a freedom fighter? This can not be a matter of “perspective.” Mughrabi murdered 38 people including 13 children. Is it just a matter of “perspective” whether her actions were evil or not? Comparing the actions of colonialists or Tiananmen Square protesters to lunatics who are mad about what a teenager likes on social media is asinine. The moral equivalence between true heroism and online jerks who attack kids over meaningless online activity is exactly how we get guys like Colin Kaepernick and Shaun King. They portray any form of protest, even if disingenuous, deceitful, or dishonest as being heroic acts equivalent to the peace marches of Martin Luther King. These people risk nothing and only seek to glorify themselves. Their actions are not equivalent to Martin Luther King’s. The modern online mob does not seek to resolve injustice or end oppression. These lunatics peddle victimhood as a way to enrage weak minded people to instigate attacks on people they disagree with. This is not a matter of perspective. The actions of current day online mobs are despicable and that is an objective truth.

              1. Of course. Anyone of any political affiliation that digs into something a teenager liked on social media in order to create joined online hostility is a parasite on the earth IMO.

  12. How will KS utilize Hurd? I surmise he will be used to create mismatches.
    I agree with Grant, Deebo may be the better player for the fly sweep.
    However, the Niners will be confronted with the wide 9. I hope the Niners spread them out even wider with a 2 TE set, and let Hurd take the fullback dive on the option play, to gash them up the middle.

    1. Geepers Sebbie…. I sure hope the 9ers will have 11 players lined up at all times–particularly on offense. And they’d better be facing the endzone they are targeting. I’m not convinced the coaching staff knows enough to teach that. Help them Sebbie!

  13. @Grant – stop being lazy and write something…….we can watch the videos on YouTube….

    Don’t get it twisted you don’t have the video skills….stick with what got you here…..write something…..nobody wants to see your face or hear you blab…..

      1. I agree. Grant uses those visual aids to great effect, so we can see what he is talking about.
        Sure, I wish he had the All 22, because sometimes the player is off the screen, but I guess the PD budget is limited.

        1. hmmm I wonder if he could get the PD to pay for the NFL network… I thought I heard that they provide all 22 footage. Can anyone confirm that?

          1. I’m pretty sure that NFL GamePass has All 22 footage. Don’t you live in Prague? How do you watch the games if you aren’t using NFL GamePass?

            1. I do live in Prague.
              There are a number of sites that you can watch the games from online and stream to your TV or for early games go to my local expat bar. The biggest benefit of NFL GamePass would be that I wouldn’t have to stay up until 1am to watch niner games :/

    1. What a lame comment. You give no basis for your attack. Why don’t you go troll somewhere else. No wants to read your angry crap comments. Go take Tae Kwon Do, blowoff steam elsewhere.

    1. Sheets was the most liked player during the preseason, and Boone excelled until he decided he was over the mountaintop that he never actually came close to.

  14. Ha! Did Whine know something when he referred to Bosa as “Bosa Nostra”
    Good story Raz, but you may have opened up a can of worms among the masses here. 😁

              1. Sad and very disturbing!

                Like reading some of our box scores the last couple of years! 😂

    1. The Bosa Nostra was my attempt to keep up with the great Raz and, since we’re both of Italian descent, we get a little leeway on that. Truth be told, the actual Cosa Nostra was restricted to Sicilians only and Al Capone was a respected mobster peer but was not allowed in the actual organization. Apparently since Bosa’s forebears were affiliated with Capone, and like him, Italians, that would include them also. As far as mobsters are concerned, their ranks are now populated by those of many races and today are more likely to be respected lawyers, politicians, bankers and most other corporate chieftains in our society. At the top of the list IMO are the two Clintons. AFIC, they all give the old Mustache Pete’s a bad name.

  15. At the 2:04 or so mark in the video, Tim Harris is unable to make a play on the ball in the air on a deep pass. So as it is going over his head, he watches the ball and turns towards the receiver and makes a play on the ball as the receiver is catching it. Nice.

    I hope they give Harris a fair shot to beat out Witherspoon. I think he can do it.

  16. To really get the Hurd pick, his 2015-16 footage should be involved.

    Speed – People say Hurd played close to 250 lb Tennessee. Even if he was more like 240-245, his speed and short area quickness was still fantastic for someone his size. If he winds up as a 240ish H-Back he’ll be a matchup nightmare.

    Toughness – Again, check his 2015-16 footage. Also read up on his history at Tennessee. He “chose” to transfer only in the broadest sense of the word. As in “I can jump off the roof, but I “chose” not to.

    Success or Failure?

    Injuries – His injuries likely stemmed from his extremely aggressive play 2015-16. It’s too soon to call him injury prone. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of being injury prone either. Old injuries have a way of popping up.

    Position Dithering – Hoping the coaches figure out his best position by the end of this season. If they spend three years at receiver to figure out he’s really an H-Back it will hamper his development.

      1. I am going to have to disagree on that in this instance because he voiced what many of us have said in regards to Bosa.

        1. Not a fan of Dick Charmin but I tolerate him now that he’s on the team. I used to hate the guy. The fact that he’s our spokesman from a leadership standpoint is bittersweet to me….

      2. This from one of the top five blabbermouths on this forum? Really?
        Post as much as you want, but you’re hurling stones from the porch of a glass house.

  17. Matt Maiocco in an interview with Matt Miller is reporting that if things continue on a downward trend The 49ers would likely keep Shanahan and fire Lynch. I would agree with that move what do others here think?

    1. In think Lynch moves on in another year or two–probably on a high note, not in disgrace. If the 9ers record improves in ’19 and ’20, success will be declared and Lynch will bow out. Shanahan will remain. If the 9ers go winless in ’19 and the ’19 draft has contributed nothing, Lynch is gone at season’s end….and a few posters will have aneurysms…

    2. It is difficult to gauge which moves are driven by Shanahan and which one’s by Lynch.

      I would say CJ Beathard, Joe Williams, Pettis, Kittle are pretty much Shanahan’s picks, while Foster, Solomon Thomas, Fred Warner and Witherspoon are all Lynch’s (influenced by Saleh). So Hits and misses on both sides and more misses than hits, which is why we are having this conversation.

      But there are some boneheaded mistakes that Lynch has made which I think will get him fired:

      1) Trading a 5th round pick for Kapri Bibbs who didn’t even make the team in 2017.
      2) Trading 7th round pick for Shon Coleman who didn’t even suit up on game days in 2018.
      3) Knowing that he won’t play in 2018, picking Kentavius Street with a 4th round pick when the team had so many holes.
      4) Passing on an Edge rusher in 2018 and saying that Cassius Marsh is better than many draft picks. SMH

      The team needs to win at least 8 games for Lynch to be safe.

      1. Faith+49 Agree this team has been boneheaded for awhile and has made more this year if your ask me….like not reinforcing the secondary, free safety etc etc….hard to have a winning season with holes in the roster

      2. Yes, no doubt Lynch has made mistakes. But he also gets credit for getting Jimmy G while only giving up a 2nd. I think it was a very good reward to risk move, but Jimmy G hasn’t proved it yet. I think he’ll have a good year – just needs to stay healthy.

    3. Old Coach, Jed should only fire JL if he has a replacement readily available. Jed should not relish the opportunity to go on another humiliation tour. JL has turned around the culture of the team, and is a million times better than Baalke.
      If the team goes 2-14, I think both KS and JL will be on the hot seat.
      If they go 8-8, that is a doubling of last season’s win total, so both will be safe.
      If they go 10-6, they deserve a raise.

      1. Hi cubus. I did after I read the article and came to post it. Yours was a perceptive observation, and I missed it even though I watched the video twice. It seems he can play. No slouch, I mean. One thing I was able to observe by myself — because it’s so obvious — is that he’s no wallflower as far as contact is concerned. He kind of plays corner like a safety. Maybe that’s how they were coached up at Virginia, another example being Thornhill. And maybe that’s why you opined that he might be able to wrest the job from Witherspoon? Here’s hoping they’ve found a diamond in the rough, so to speak, and that he stays healthy.

  18. Thanks Grant,

    Hurd has the same build as former SuperBowl running back, Ricky Waters. I imagine he’ll be used for the tough YAC yards via slants, digs, square ins, sluggo’s etc, to move the stick.

    Grant did emphasize he gets separation in the slot, something we lacked in the previous regime.

    Ricky Waters Highlights:

    1. No Ricky Waters was a RB and not 6-4…… resemblance at all… far as the slot that is all this regime has drafted is slot receivers……still no #1 x z unless you think Goodwin is the answer….not trying to rain on your posting but “just sayin”

      1. What is the definition of number one mean to you?
        One who is the first option?
        One who gets most of the catches?
        One is always reliable anywhere on the field?
        One who is always open??

        I hear people clamoring for that…but..
        Im not really sure what that means anymore..

        In Shanahans offense…Hes making it to where any offensive player can score from anywhere on the field..
        He’s giving you options

        Running backs that can be receivers…
        Yac machines…
        We’re getting some height this season…
        So the catch radius will go up..Redzone effectiveness will go up..Drives will be extended

      2. Monty-

        You don’t need a #1 to win a SB. What if you have a #1 at TE and some really good #2’s with the rest?

        Few teams have a solid #1……….very hard to find. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

          1. And from his perspective of the 80’s, he would be right. But from mine and Bellichicks,
            WE are correct.

          2. Seb

            I think that you are saying that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but it’s pretty open knowledge that Rice was awful selfish in pass distribution….and that was with a supporting cast of Freddie Solomon, John Taylor, Brent Jones, and Ed McCaffery

  19. Watch the total video….i.e., the matchup plays–the way the Niner’s use Ricky on the outside and over the middle with sweeps, passes, etc. I envision hurd in similar packages.
    He’s going to be a move the chains type player.

    1. Monty,

      Appreciate your commentary—not raining on the parade–just envisioning those jet/outside zone run plays Grant demonstrated Hurd ran on the video.

      He also gets the YAC yards over the middle from the slot–as you stated–my point being–moving the chains anyway possible as a “Swiss Army Knife” type player.

      He’s another player the defense has to key on during 3rd downs ‘IF’ lined up in the backfield, meaning the LB’s have to take different drops, opening up their WR throwing lanes.

    1. Stacking the interior offensive line competition with your LG and C coming off serious injuries makes a lot of sense. Because Garnett only plays OG, he’ll need to have the camp of his life to not get cut or traded….

    2. George

      Wow…! That’s quite a write up…It makes my mouth water to think about him being in the middle of our Oline…I like ‘mean’ there..Thanks for the heads up…

    3. In 2017, WJ was the lowest ranked center in the league. He signed with Detroit, and was cut Sept 1. He signed with the Dolphins, and replaced Kilgore, who became injured. Miami let him go, because he was not very good at pass protection.
      Hope he provides stout competition to Richberg.

    1. He’s gonna help us win football games, and that’s not usually synonymous with 4th round picks.

    2. CFB,
      Thanks for the link, bud.
      Definitely looks like the 49ers knew exactly what they wanted in the Big Wishnowsky.

      We’ve heard the word “weapon” in describing Mitch more than a few times over the past two weeks. That is a high compliment for a punter. I’m excited to watch him place some of those punts inside the ten yard line. If he can do that consistently, he is worth every bit of a 4th rd pick.

      1. That’s a good name for him, AES. The Big Wishnowsky. The Big Lebowski is another one of my favorite movies.

      2. If he gets decent support from those around him on special teams–good snaps, good protection, good coverage downfield–he’ll be a positive asset. He won’t be confused with a shankapotomus…

  20. Hurd will post 500 + total rush and receiving yards and 6+ tds this season.

    1. He is a match up nightmare.
    2 . He can lineup in backfield, slot and wr.
    3. 33 combined rush and receiving TD in college with subpar qbs is significant.
    4. Final year in Baylor 1,155 total yards/ 7tds is also significant .
    5. Our new punter will be adequate but it was highly unnecessary to draft him in the 4th. There are 2nd string soccer players on college teams who are equally good.
    6. NY Times apprehends 10 years of Mrs Putin’s tax returns and it turns out he is a really Sh!tty businessman. 1Billion plus in debt. Big shocker.

    1. Thanks, but with all due respect, is it suddenly a crime to lose money? Enough is enough. I’m much more concerned about the threats posed by China and Russia. Aren’t you?

        1. Seb, with respect, collusion with Russia was investigated by Mueller, with vast powers to do so, and after two years could not be found. That’s a very long investigation, and as you know Mueller’s team consisted largely of people affiliated with the Democrat Party. The could grand jury, they could subpoena, they could threaten with personal bankruptcy and prison, etc. I understand why some people find it hard to like Trump, but, like it said, I believe enough is enough. Hoping we can move forward on this.

          1. President Obama’s/Senator Clinton’s coup d’etat on President Trump failed, and now AG Barr will bring those responsible to justice. Comey should be very worried….

            1. We are finding that the Democrats were the true victims of spying, and the Russian interference is being documented. This should void the results of the 2016 election, so Trump illegally stole the election, and he should be locked up, and Hillary be allowed to serve out her full term.

              1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

              2. That’s not happening Seb. Other than impeachment or 25th amendment there is nothing in the Constitution that covers the situation we are in now. The Founders figured that such a would-be despot, committer of multiple high crimes and misdemeanors, would be obvious to members of Congress, who have taken the oath to defend the Constitution. Obviously they didn’t foresee the modern Republican Party.

              3. Rib, I understand, but what would be true justice for Clinton?
                I agree, every person in Congress, swore an oath to protect the Constitution, from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
                I just hope enough of the Republicans will uphold their oaths. America deserves better.

              4. “True victims”……………………..

                There’s that mindset again! And Hillary running her mouth off at home about national Business…………… THAT against the law, Sebs? Or is it time to point to other bad behavior to justify it……?

              5. I just hope enough of the Republicans will uphold their oaths.

                They’ve had plenty of opportunity up to now. I’m not holding my breath.

              6. Saw, are you advocating that they lock up Ivanka? She did the exact same thing.
                The con is on, but not for long. I expect justice, and accountability, and the Republicans who enabled the Malfeasance will also be held accountable.
                Now we have saber rattling, and Wag the Dog, so more Americans may be sacrificed to keep him in power.

            2. President Obama’s/Senator Clinton’s coup d’etat on President Trump failed

              Seriously razor? I thought MD was the only crazed conspiracy theorist was stalking these boards?

              1. You predicted Trump’s defeat against Hillary, and then double downed on your prediction President Trump would go to jail. I was right on both counts, and I’m now predicting that this counter investigation will end in at least one or more convictions. As we speak, Barr is working with the Inspector General investigating FISA application abuse. Stay tuned my deflectocrats!

              2. It’s OK, I believe in justice, and the truth will emerge.
                Hillary did get 3 million more votes than Trump, so she was the winner of the popular vote.
                Bush also won on a squeaker with the Electoral College. He was responsible for allowing 9-11, despite numerous warning signs. He invaded Iraq which destabilized the whole region, and allowed the rise of ISIS. He then was President when the housing market collapsed, and sent the US into a depression, that took Obama 8 years to dig out from.
                Now, we have Trump, who not only accepted Russian aid, he begged for them to interfere in the election. The level of corruption and obstruction has not been seen since Watergate, but the con game is unraveling.
                Barr himself will be impeached for lying, obstruction and the abuse of power.

              3. Seb-a-niah, it’s common sense that you do not want to be ruled over by 6-9 states. The electoral college was genius, and it’s how you win elections. Popular vote has never been the path to victory, and the rules are the rules. You must get a majority vote to make an amendment to the constitution if you’d like to change the rules. Good-luck!

              4. The only thing I’m predicting is that Trump will not continue to obstruct forever.

              5. Sorry, Razor, you like minority rule.
                I like majority rule. The Electoral College is obsolete, and unfair.
                Years ago, the senate was decided by the state legislators. The Constitution was amended, and now they are determined by the majority of the popular vote. In the age of computers, they can now have accurate, fair and fast elections.

              6. Seb, Razor…
                Normally I like to stay out of political discussions however this concept is interesting to me.
                IMO, both the Electoral College and Straight Democracies would be terrible for the country.

                Straight Democracies would make it so that middle america was completely forgotten about. The Coasts could vote in candidates who would run on platforms that would destroy the so called fly over states… at some point they would realize that they only had token representation and were basically in similar positions to the colonies.

                The Electoral College seeks to remedy this but has caused the exact opposite to happen. If you are a republican in California or New York like a Democrat in Oklahoma or Alabama due to the winner take all mentality you really don’t have much representation.

                There are other ways this could be updated… 1. If a candidate wins by a relatively small margin in a state… they do not get 100% of the electoral vote but maybe 2/3rds or 3/4ths, a ranked order system or even a % representation system where the majority party selects their leader not the people, this would allow for more parties and fluidity but on the downside could lead to more gridlock.

                All of the above have strengths and weaknesses, but it is interesting to discuss.

                Ok, back to football :D

            3. Razor

              Blow it out your barracks bag… just keep camping with your ‘chickenhawk’ buddy until you catch up with the rest of the world. “Art of the deal”, eh…? Now you know what you can do when your ‘daddy’ (loans ) you half a billion pesos…He’s a bum IMHO

              1. Seb-a-niah, my condolences for your loss, and Gods speed in your quest to do away with the great Electoral College.

                Oregoniner, there’s a great book coming out on the man called, The United States of Trump: How The President Really Sees America in September. I’ve pre-ordered you a copy….

              2. The United States of Trump: How The President Really Sees America in September.

                “300 million marks to be conned”

                There I saved you 20 bucks, Razor.

          2. George, sorry to disagree, but they are following the money, like Deep Throat advised.
            We are just starting, and the financials will emerge, with all the subpoenas being served.
            Considering the Republicans thought they could impeach a President for lying about a consensual relationship, the Democrats should feel perfectly justified in investigating a serial liar.
            Remember, it does not matter if the obstruction is successful, it just matters that it was attempted.

            1. Clinton lied, Sebs-to the nation. He was also a piece of dung to his wife……….those all point to character.

              None of your uber “moral relativism” liberal dogma for the day, pointing to cherry picked bad behavior to justify other bad behavior—– please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              1. Clinton lied, Sebs-to the nation. He was also a piece of dung to his wife……….those all point to character.

                Trump is up to 10,000+ lies to the nation. And has been a piece of “dung” to all 3 of his wives. Then you are in favor of impeaching Trump. Glad to hear you are bipartisan, cat. Unless you are on the Razor team and consider it Christlike to “forgive” Trump his moral transgressions (the same ones you still hold against BC).

              2. I don’t know about that-these political parties do whats best for their political parties-not the nation. They’re both nothing more than 2 legs of the same bird walking in the same direction. So when somebody tries to insist that one or the other has a lock on virtue…………the very definition of “fool”.
                As far as Sebs wanting to do away with the Constitution so that the large cities tell everyone else the way it’s going to be, the smaller states will be paying taxes to a government they had no say in it’s make-up. Why should they pay taxes to an outfit like that?
                And the dirty little secret to them is Tough S—,-. Uber Libs always tend towards totalitarianism.
                Besides, if we continue to tell the truth, if it was any other Republican in there, it would still be constant complaining.

              3. Pointing to bad behavior to justify other bad behavior-just like I said. How do you expect to sway anyone with an argument like that?

          3. If you moved into a new neighborhood and a known gangster/mob boss in that neighborhood offered you a free Samsung television which he boasted about stealing from Best Buy , would you accept ? Or would you call the police/FBI? Trump accepted the TV . His friends and family members had ongoing meetings with the mob boss’s lieutenants. Trump has welcomed additional televisions and electronics.
            And yes it is true that Trump did not technically break into Best Buy himself.

          4. I believe enough is enough

            Congressional oversight is Constitutionally mandated. It’ll be “enough” when the Constitutional requirements of co-equal branches of government are satisfied, and not until then. Is that so difficult to understand?

              1. Medicare for all means medicare for none. You just complained about our national debt, and how President Trump should address it more deliberately, and rightfully so. Now, you’re advocating for spending trillions of dollars more, not to mention Bidon saying not just Americans, but non-Americans as well? Ay yai yai!

              2. The only complaint I have about the national debt is with those who are currently running it to extremes, those very same who were sooooooo concerned about just a few years earlier. And will become concerned again, but not until Jan 2021.

                You know trump is the debt king, right?

            1. meet the new Boss-same as the old Boss.

              Way, way in the back of your psyche is some REAL fear, Sebs–because you KNOW that if you finally get your Castro in there, so that everybody makes $40 bucks a month-no one to be jealous of-there is no way you keep your 2.5-it will be taken from you. And if you complain to the “officials” about it, you will be taken to a re-education camp. Continue to complain, and you will…….disappear. If everything happens just the way you want it, that is a very real possibility.
              By-by Sebastopol, hello Leningrad!

  21. Way off topic and not football related (but not political either); so ignore if you’re not interested.

    Lyft just reported strong revenue growth at $776 million for their first quarter as a public company. After adjusting for one time costs related to the IPO, the loss for the 1st quarter was $228.4 million. What’s interesting about what’s written in the link is that the writer makes it sound like Lyft is performing well if they beat the analyst’s estimate of what their losses will be.

    “For the full 2019 year, Lyft anticipates raking in $3.26 billion to $3.3 billion in revenue, higher than FactSet analysts’ estimate of $3.24 billion, and losing $1.15 billion to $1.18 billion, less than the $1.25 billion analysts expect Lyft to lose.”

    Stock is down almost 18% since the IPO. It’s starting to feel like the late 90s/ early 2000s again. Fool me once, shame on you…….

    1. I personally wouldn’t have touched Lyft, but Uber is a different beast and I don’t think Lyft’s poor performance will daunt those hoping to get into the IPO. I am just hoping the $ from the SF tech boom continues to appreciate values here in Marin/Sonoma so I can get ready to leave CA when kiddos are done w school in a few years- I love CA, but the left has gone off the rails by going waaaaay left.

      I am going to bet the 49ers at 12/1 to win the West………. Raiders might be a sneaky play too as I think KC will slide a bit and they had a pretty solid off-season.

  22. Deforest Buckner is in negotiations with the Niners on a contract extension.
    I hope Paraag does not try to lowball him. The Niner will win if they retain their veteran talent and leadership.
    Since they have 35 mil in cap space, they should PAY DA MAN.

  23. Hey Grant…

    IT and streaming service spam is making inroads on your blog. Any filters you can apply?

    1. Only if they claim to be a coach, and then he’ll look into their personal info to out them if they’re lying.

    1. Sounds like this guy has the work ethic to succeed, especially with Shanny giving him jobs to do.

    1. Each of those QBs are first round picks that essentially were guaranteed the starting position as a rookie due to where they were drafted and the QB ahead of them on the depth chart , Garoppolo was behind someone by the name of Tom Brady for the first few years of his career.
      Anybody surprised or astounded by that information seriously needs to get out more.

        1. There is a consensus here among many posters and pundits that JG is a finished product. Most projections about our success are based on this assumption. JG has lots of promise, but the book on him (and Shanahan) has yet to be fully developed.

          1. JG has lots of promise, but the book on him (and Shanahan) has yet to be fully developed.

            That may be true. But I’d much rather be reading that book than the Jim Tomsula/Blaine Gabbert non-fiction.

        1. ………..”Sebs sees what he wants to see and hears what he wants to hear”………………….

          He wasn’t a rookie then, Sebs. You should have put your School Marm hat on before making that foolish observation……………..

            1. Because I didn’t care one way or the other. Kap is yesterdays news. Irrelevant. Move on, Sebs..or as George Sorros would put it–

      1. Sebbie….this conversation is about rookie QBs. As you are always quick to point out, reading is fundamental.


        1. Cassie, then why were they talking about JG? He certainly was not a rookie, when he played those 10 games.
          You are trying too hard.

            1. Ha! That’s true! Sebs does have some charisma, in his own way.

              I’m buying at the Gravenstien Grill, Sebs!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. So last year the guy who had most yards from scrimmage was Kittle with 1380 the only other player with more than 1k was Breida at 1075. Both had 5 TDS. All WR were sub 500.

    Which player will have the most yards on each of the category groups in your view? Who will score the most TDs?

    I could see Breida and Kittle being at the top again in both categories. Don’t think that spells a good year though.

    1. If they get around 1,500 receiving yards combined from Samuel and Pettis plus solid contributions from some other guys, having Kittle go over 1,000 yards and lead the team again is more than fine.

      What they need is more TDs. I expect this will be a team that spreads them around this year, rather than having any one guy have a huge number.

      1. That would certainly be a great improvement from last year. As I stated earlier, no WR went above 500. Bolden led WRs.

        I think that Deebo and Pettis can go 700 if healthy but not sure that Pettis can handle that work yet. Deebo is a little bit of a question mark in this area as well.

        Yards matter but the TD production has to go up for sure.

      2. I’m going to predict Samuel, Coleman and Smith combine for the Trifecta of the most Redzone TD’s.

    2. Breida will be sharing reps with Coleman and McK. Total yards from scrimmage may be a better indicator than just rushing yards, although Shanny still wants to run the rock.
      DCs will be focused on Kittle early on, so WRs & RBs will need to make some plays to loosen-up coverages. Kittle may still lead the group, but I could see McKinnon catching quite a few balls as well.
      Source: I consulted my 8-Ball.

  25. Garoppolo was seen getting “confidential” advice from Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby, one being how best to approach returning to the field of play after his injury….

  26. Garoppolo’s response: “Not in the locker room, those type of things aren’t even discussed. Once you get into the facility, it’s all about football, it’s all about being a good teammate and putting the team first.”

    That’s our true leader speaking. Notice how different his response is from Dick Charmin’s.

  27. Does Kittle take issue with any of Bosa’s perceived views?

    “I don’t judge a book by its cover,” Kittle added. “I’m just going to get to know Nick, and that’s all I care about.”

    Mom and Pops raised George right!

    1. To paraphrase that paragon of right wing thought, Laura Ingraham, “Shut up and get the QB”. He’s done the former, now it’s time to do the latter.

      1. Ribs-I respectfully suggest you take a good look at these two parties and take note of the fact that when one of them has a good idea for the nation, the other one does all it can to stop it. I don’t say that to be fair-I say it because its the truth.
        Forget about pigeon holing talk show hosts, and look at whether what they say makes sense. You may or may not believe this, but neither one of these political parties has a cornerstone on virtue. They should be outlawed. And the nation would greatly benefit.

    2. 😊 Like it.
      In another 10 years from now when George is still catching football’s we could call him Pop’s Kittle.

  28. I’ve taken a little time to digest the draft. I’ll present my take on each pick and give my own personal opinion as well as do my best to give an objective look at the overall use of the pick. Although it can be hard to separate evaluating the overall use of a pick and grading the individual player I will be aiming to avoid the latter.

    #2 Nick Bosa – edge rusher
    Objective: Was considered by most to be the best edge prospect in the draft which even after the acquisition of Dee Ford was still a prominent need for the team. Has the potential to be a productive sack producer as well as an overall disruptive force for the pass defense.
    Subjective: This team is not in a position to be passing on the best player available and that wasn’t Bosa at this pick. Personally I question how many games a year will Bosa decide to play. It’s not that I think he’s necessarily injury prone I just don’t think he’ll be willing to sacrifice his body to football. I believe when you get paid the type of salaries that these men get paid that you should be willing to a greater extent to put it all on the line and the greatest moments and teams of this sport are replete with the players that were willing to do that. The rest were watching from the sideline in street clothes. I believe Bosa makes up that latter group.

    Grade for the use of the #2 pick: B Lynch/Shanny went need when they should have been thinking bpa.

    #36 Deebo Samuel- WR
    Objective Was commonly listed as one of the top receiver prospects. The position was a top need for the team, even considered by some to be the top need for the team in this draft. Drafting a top prospect to fill one of or possibly even your top need at #36 is good draft value.
    Subjective Even though I was a big fan of Samuel leading up to the draft I was initially lukewarm on this pick as I thought addressing the defensive backfield would be a better use of the pick. That mostly came from my personal view that db was a greater need then wr and my view on that hasn’t changed. What has changed though is my view towards the class of defensive backs coming out in 2020. It would not have been a bad pick to take a chance on a player like Thornhill, Rapp, or even Joejuan Williams but given the prospects available next year it made sense to address receiver at this spot.

    Grade for the use of the #36 pick: A Filled a top need with a top candidate in the second round. Proper use of the pick.

    #67 Jalen Hurd-TE/WR
    Objective Versatile prospect that could develop into a redzone target.
    Subjective As much as I wasn’t a fan personally of Bosa I really couldn’t fault the 49ers draft through the first two picks. At #67 however the wheels started coming off the bus. This was a horrible use of such a high pick. Even If Hurd was the best wide receiver/tight end prospect available at #67 I’d still struggle to give this pick a positive review. However, Hurd was far, far from being that player. He’s a late round long term development type player that has a really large chance of simply busting out given his apparent character concerns. To use #67 on such a prospect shows that Shanny and Lynch continue to suffer from what I call Fantasy Football drafting. They’re too afraid of missing out on players they like so they draft them at least a round or two before anyone else would ever consider doing so. This strategy can only work if your scouting is infallible. So far Shanny and Lycnh’s scouting has been anything but. Too much risk involved in such a high draft pick. Very poor use of this pick.

    Grade for the use of the #67 pick: F The earliest that some had this player selected was the 4th. Many had him as a 6th and some had him even later. Having just selected an offensive receiving weapon to then follow that up with a reach on a developmental prospect at a similar position is just bad drafting.

    Had to split this in two so I could post it.

    1. #110 Mitch Wishnowsky-P
      Objective The team technically needed a punter. Wishnowsky is considered one of the better prospects at the position.
      Subjective I could go in so many directions with this review. Given all the possibilities that were available to them I think this clip perfectly sums up the pick:

      Grade for the use of pick #110: F- Doesn’t matter if he turns out to be the greatest punter of all time it was still a ridiculous use of the pick.

      #148 Dre Greenlaw-LB
      Objective Productive 4 year starter. Essentially used a 6th rounder as Dakota Watson was expendable.
      Subjective Greenlaw was a candidate to be an UDFA. Maybe the team sees him as a SS prospect but I don’t think they needed to trade up for a LB that might have been available after the draft.

      Grade for the use of pick #148: D If you’re going to make a move up into the 5th you should at least get a 5th round prospect. Greenlaw was likely a 7th rounder to UDFA that was worth missing out on even if he went sooner to someone else.

      #176 Kaden Smith-TE
      Objective Kaden was seen by some draft pundits as a potential 4th round pick. Stanford has become a school known for producing NFL quality tight ends.
      Subjective IF Smith can remain healthy then this will turn out to be a high value pick. Smith has the potential to be a solid NFL back up with starter potential but there are enormous question marks regarding his durability. Something that has become a trademark for 49er picks over the last couple general managers.

      Grade for the use of the #176 pick: B Because of the range that this kid was projected by many to go and his overall landing spot I’m willing to give this pick a strong grade. Potential for good draft value.

      #183 Justin Skule-OL
      Subjective I know it’s “only” the 183rd pick but there just wasn’t any reason to use a draft pick on this player. He was certain to be an UDFA.

      Grade for the use of pick #183: D Had it been their only pick in the round I would have given it an F.

      #198 Tim Harris-CB
      Objective Has the raw tools needed to develop into an NFL defensive back. Some had as high as a 4th round grade on him.
      Subjective Another injury boom/bust prospect.

      Grade for the use of pick #198:B

      Overall grade average: D+

      Outside of their first two picks most of their selections are reaches on questionable prospects many of whom already have extensive injury histories. The selection of a punter in the 4th round by a team with more holes than a block of Swiss is completely inexcusable.

      1. Coffee’s for Closers says:Grade for the use of pick #110: F- Doesn’t matter if he turns out to be the greatest punter of all time it was still a ridiculous use of the pick.

        Really? Greatest punter of all time and he’s still a ridiculous pick? HOF? I’d say that would make him a ridiculously justifiable pick….

      2. A little harsh. The fact that the first and second round picks were good, gives more weight than 5th and 6th round long shots.
        I agree that the MW was a big reach, but that deserved a C-, because he was a need, and he was the first or second ranked punter in the draft.
        I gave the draft a B-.

      3. Your opinion…and that’s fine. Me? I give the draft a B. And you couldn’t care less. And that’s cool.

        Let’s come back and revisit next spring…2020, and again in 2021–if this blog is still around.

      4. Does anyone else ever read what this guy writes and thinks, man you don’t know sh$$. For some reason you think you are the best at eyeing talent when all you do is look at Chris Ballard’s balls and YouTube, then proceed to bring that garbage here.. Oh wait didn’t you say, “man I’m done with this team”. Well then go the F$$$ on.

      5. Not sure why you are wasting your time on here Nostradamus. Knowing the right players a team should have drafted, while being sure the guys they did aren’t very good, seems like an employable skill to me.

    2. Coffee’s for Closers says: Grade for the use of the #67 pick: F The earliest that some had this player selected was the 4th. Many had him as a 6th and some had him even later. Having just selected an offensive receiving weapon to then follow that up with a reach on a developmental prospect at a similar position is just bad drafting.

      Wrong, Grant’s favorite scout, Zierlein gave him a 3rd round grade.

    3. Tbh, in 3 years time this draft will largely be graded based on how the first two players picked turn out. If they are good then drafting a project in round 3 and a punter in round 4 will largely be glossed over even if Hurd busts badly and Wish is just an average punter. If they can jag some good production out of some other guys then great, that would help and potentially offset a negative if Bosa and/ or Samuel don’t pan out, but really it comes down to whether Bosa and Samuel end up being any good.

      1. That is very true Scooter. Coffee does make some very good points about where players were chosen and highlights some of the criticism of this draft.

        It’s funny to see some of the very people who wanted to skin Baalke alive for taking a punter in the 5th (no talk of great punter then) bend over backwards to talk about the possibilities and impact the punter will bring. Funny, aside from Cassie, I don’t recall many emphasizing the punting game the last couple of years. Now all of the sudden, it’s very important.

        It will be interesting to observe the career trajectory of the two punters in the draft and the FA punter that the Browns picked up.

        1. Yes he does – as you are aware I have said many of the same things about the draft though probably not as critically. In terms of overall grade though as I said, I think it will be more about the first two picks and how they perform as to whether this will be considered a successful draft. Not trying to say anything after the first two rounds doesn’t matter, but I think it is fair to say in general expectations are that round 1 and 2 guys will be starters and top line players and you hope to jag some starters and solid contributors in the other rounds.

          I hated the pick of Pinion and I hate the pick of Wish. Not because I didn’t/ don’t like the players, I just don’t like drafting punters that high.

          1. I certainly didn’t mean you in regards to the Pinion selection. Your justification then and now is right on.

          2. Remember how I was the only one who liked the Pinion pick? MWD hated it. His ability to consistently place the ball inside the 20 never translated to the NFL. His other calling card was his dual ability to kick off into the endzone. Plus I knew Baalke didn’t want to pay Lee, and thought he was deteriorating. I believe Pinion underperformed for where he was drafted, but I think The Big Wishnowsky has a higher ceiling than Pinion did coming out….

            Pinion scouting grade 4.95[7th round projection or UDFA]
            Wishnowsky scouting grade 5.25[5th round grade]

          3. Pinion was a terrible pick not just because he played a position that isn’t of high value but also because his level of production was equivalent to someone they could have gotten off the street.

            Wish had better be one of the top punters in the NFL. But even if he is he is not worth a 4th round pick. It simply isn’t a position that provides a notable difference in overall results between a drafted player and an undrafted player at the position historically.

            1. I might put it this way. A great punter can earn your team 10-20 yards per punt. The NFL average for a team is 5 punts. Now a great pass rusher will get you 15-20 sacks a season at an average of 10 yards per sack. You do the math, and the punter earns much more yardage for the team. Now that’s an on the spot comparison, and not entirety as a great pass rusher affects the game in more ways than just sacks….

              1. Please show me the stat that shows the top punter in the league is getting you 10-20 extra yards per punt compared to sn average punter.

              2. The difference between the top punter and bottom punter last year is 5 yards (6.5 net yards btw)! That may be (since we do not know yet) all that the 4th round pick will get. For anyone who counters that ball placement inside the 20 is what matters, well, the guy who led in that category was an undrafted guy. No way to justify the pick.

              3. The pick has been made and we will see what happens. If the team does well and Wish does well, then no more will be said. However, should Lynch fail and ultimately be let go, this pick will be something analysts and fans point to as an example of a “rookie” GM mistake (and why a guy with no experience in a FO shouldn’t have been hired in the first place).

                At this point I still support Lynch; but, as everyone has been saying, there needs to be significant improvement this season.

              4. There were a number of secondary players taken in the 4th. If the coverage has trouble again this season and any of those guys play well then it’ll be an easy second guess.

                The defense of this pick considering the blowback the last time the 49ers picked a punter is funny.

              5. Jack, use of 4th rounder aside, if the secondary struggles again this year I have to think some heads will roll. An historically bad unit last season and the only real change they made to the playing personnel was a guy that’s barely played in 3 years and a 6th round pick. With the changes they did make, they are basically saying the issue was health, coaching and front 7 pressure, not the secondary players. Its very unusual for an awfully performing unit to have so little change to personnel. If they suck again the FO has nobody to blame but themselves.

              6. To those who are angry about the team not taking secondary players in the middle rounds, it’s really not that difficult to understand when you really think about it. They’ve done that the past two years and have a glut of players they need to develop and at least give an opportunity to. Who was the magic bullet sitting there in the 4th round who was going to come in and completely change the fortunes of the secondary? They have multiple 2nd and 3rd year players at CB and S that they don’t know enough about so I totally understand not taking more to add to the pile this year. It doesn’t completely excuse the pick of a punter, but at least the punter is going to be a part of the team that contributes this season.

              7. Notanexpert, I’d add that the cb’s in this draft class were shallow, and if you wanted a decent one, you would have needed to dip your toe in early. They chose a day one starter in round 4 that happened to be the best at their position and had a 5th round grade. If they’d chosen a db instead, and he’s not good enough to win a job over the players we have, why in the hell would that be better? No, if The Big Wishnowsky lives up to the hype, nobodies going to care when he was drafted….

              8. Notanexpert, that’s definitely the mantra the FO wants the fans to get on board with. But I take that the same way we should look at their statement about how hard it would be to unseat the edge players last season. It’s either bad evaluation, or coach speak.

                Yes, the 49ers have invested picks in the secondary. But that does not mean you should just be content to see if they develop when the team was so bad in that area last year (not to mention that many of those picks are late round picks, so expecting them to be the answer is asking a lot). There is no harm in bringing in more talent and letting them all compete, let the best guys rise to the top. If you end up with lots of talented and good players, that’s awesome. What isn’t awesome is not investing in a position that was awful because you hope the guys you’ve added previously develop, only to find out they don’t. Especially if you find that out in a year when the rest of your team is performing and it costs you the season.

              9. “I’d add that the cb’s in this draft class were shallow, and if you wanted a decent one, you would have needed to dip your toe in early.”

                That’s an excuse, not a reason. They need decent players in the secondary. Currently they have only one proven guy (I don’t count Verrett as he now has to prove he can play following three major injuries). They had opportunities in FA and the draft to improve the secondary. Some really good opportunities in FA to improve the safety position in particular. They chose not to.

              10. 1. They weren’t drafting a corner with the 1st or 2nd pick period.
                2. There wasn’t a db worth taking after that, because Lynch did not believe any of them were good enough to win a job over the starters they already have.
                3. Dick Charmin has proclaimed that the secondary will be fine once the front starts knocking around the qb.

              11. To me the defense of ignoring the DBs is similar to the defense of not seeking pass rushers last year. We saw how that played out. Scooter also made this point earlier.

                Those arguing that they need to let DBs develop fail to realize that the argument is undermined when you take into consideration that the WRs have had the same thing happen in last couple of drafts too. They went WR this year heavy but ignored the DBs.

                That is as Scooter stated either bad evaluation or coach speak. Let’s hope that our defensive backfield is not as bad as it was last year or heads will surely roll.

              12. Actually, the NFL drafted 51 DBs, almost one fifth of the draft. No other 2 position groups had more players drafted. It was not only deep, but tapped into and explored thoroughly.
                The Niners could have chosen a DB, but chose not to.
                They possibly could have drafted a DB in the 3rd round, Hurd in the 4th, and MW in the 5th, but chose not to.

              13. Coach speak or not, it’s their jobs on the line, and they backed up their talk by not drafting one until value presented itself in the 6th round. Smith will compete against Mabin and Moseley for a roster spot, while Verrett, Witherspoon, and Moore will fight it out for the position opposite Dick Charmin….

              14. I guess my biggest hope is for Joe Woods to coach them up.
                Sure am glad Hafley is gone, so maybe players can be put in their best positions to succeed, and the squad can gel into a cohesive unit.

              15. “They weren’t drafting a corner with the 1st or 2nd pick period.”

                No, they weren’t and didn’t. That doesn’t mean it was a good plan.

                “There wasn’t a db worth taking after that, because Lynch did not believe any of them were good enough to win a job over the starters they already have.”

                The first part of that sentence is your belief, but with so many DBs drafted this year there is considerable evidence to suggest the majority of the NFL didn’t share it. The last part of the sentence is definitely what the FO want the fans to believe, but they said much the same thing last year about the edge players. And the funny thing about it is they then drafted a CB in the 6th anyway and Lynch said you can never have too many good DBs. Work that one out.

                The draft was also only one possible avenue for improving the secondary.

                “Dick Charmin has proclaimed that the secondary will be fine once the front starts knocking around the qb.”

                What, you mean Sherman didn’t say he thought the secondary he is part of is bad? Shocking. :-P

              16. I’m just telling you that it’s their necks on the line, and they agreed with Dick Charmin. Good plan or bad plan, it’s a plan they obviously believe in.

                Smith is a developmental depth player they believe can strengthen the team over players like Mabin.

              17. Your comment about the NFL sharing a different belief is dubious considering the two best cb’s didn’t even come off the board until 30 and 33. Face it, this just wasn’t a very deep or talented cb class….

              18. Teams not taking DBs early in the draft is indicative of teams not believing there were top end guys available. The significant number taken thereafter is indicative of teams believing there was a lot of good talent and depth available.

              19. Zierlein: Cornerback: Your team picked a bad year to need a cornerback — well, at least a CB1. Over the past three drafts, at least four cornerbacks have been picked in the first round (counting the versatile Minkah Fitzpatrick in last year’s group). It could happen again this season, but some of those picks will be reaches. The trend of bigger, longer cornerback continues, and this is a fast cornerback group overall, but it lacks a bona fide star. Potential first-rounders like Deandre Baker and Byron Murphy are 4.5 40 guys. There is actually intriguing value on Day 3 in this group.

                We got an intriguing value in round 6. We won’t know if Lynch’s plan was the right one or wrong one until they hit the field. Until then, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt….

              20. Scooter,

                Notanexpert, that’s definitely the mantra the FO wants the fans to get on board with. But I take that the same way we should look at their statement about how hard it would be to unseat the edge players last season. It’s either bad evaluation, or coach speak.

                We could look at it that way, but we could also look at the fact that they have taken 5 DB’s the past two drafts – most of any position – and are still evaluating due to either injury or a lack of playing time. I understand the anger over taking a punter in round 4, but it seems like there is also anger because the team didn’t take another DB in the middle of the draft as they have the previous two years. I guess I don’t see why that is necessarily a bad thing considering you would be adding similar talent at those spots in the draft to what you already have.

                If the argument you are making is they should have added more DB’s at the expense of their day one and day two picks, I’d disagree for rounds 1 and 2, but maybe they could have looked at a DB in round 3. Just looking at it as a whole however, it really seems like it was a poor year for DB’s considering how far they fell and some of the names that went off the board in the middle rounds. There were Safeties in the 3rd round from Kentucky and Murray State coming off the board which tells you teams are looking for Diamonds in the rough because there are no obvious talents available.

                Honestly I have no idea how this will work out, but I like the fact the HC got another couple of toys to play with and the pass rush should be greatly improved. We will have to wait and see whether the coverage follows suit.

              21. Notanexpert, the thing I take exception to is the narrative there was no value in taking a DB in the middle rounds. Just because they have a bunch of young guys already and want to see what they can do is not a reason to ignore the position. Taking a guy in round 3 or 4 would not have meant they could no longer evaluate the guys they have. And the idea that any player taken in round 3 or 4 would have been no better coming out of college than what they already have, even if true, is also not a reason to ignore the position. Adding competition to a spot that has little in the way of set starters is never a bad thing. Throw resources at the position until it is fixed. Because until you find someone, you have no one.

              22. Scooter:

                Here’s how Richard Sherman would respond:

                “We’d lose games by a touchdown down the stretch, the last second. It’s not like, ‘Oh man, the secondary was just getting killed the whole game, and that’s why we lost.’ It was just guys’ immaturity, mistakes, just not executing. Not knowing how to finish, not having finishers.”

                “We needed guys to hit (the quarterback) in the face,” Sherman said. “You need a few of them. Now we have guys that can rotate in and rotate out and put pressure.”


              23. Cubus, as I said to razor earlier when he alluded to Sherman’s comments, it is hardly surprising that Sherman believes the secondary he is part of is fine as is.

                As I have said many times, I am not trying to say the secondary will be bad this year, nor that the players they have won’t develop, or that other factors such as a better pass rush won’t help improve their play. What I am saying is that the unit was awful last season and it is a big (and unusual) risk making little change to that unit, and that comments along the lines of needing to see what they have or it being hard to beat out the guys they already have are not good reasons for avoiding trying to upgrade or add competition to the unit.

      2. Tbh, in 3 years time this draft will largely be graded based on how the first two players picked turn out.

        Exactamundo! I based my A grade on the first two picks alone.

    4. CFC,
      “Lynch/Shanny went need when they should have been thinking bpa.”

      Nice overall work, but IMHO, debating who and where a player should have been taken is objective.
      I have a mixed bag thinking on taking the BPA vs NEED.
      Regarding Bosa, I feel that he satisfied both areas.
      He is highly regarded as the best EDGE and many quarters also the best player.

      If we follow the BPA theory then that honor goes to Murray who was drafted #1 overall.

      I certainly understand the concern with Bosa’ injuries and also his commitment, but we have to see how this plays out.
      I go back to what I’ve said since the draft was over. Lynch and Shanahan got the guys they wanted. Hopefully, they were/are right. But the only way to know is until they hit the field.

  29. Punting and opponent field position…

    The graphic (FBS based)…

    “Reading the chart: On the left side is the opponent starting from their own 1 yard line. On the far right side is if the opponent only had 1 yard to go. The size of the dot is how often the teams start at that yard line. The 20 yard line is most common due to touch backs. As the dots rise, you will see the points go from under 1 point to over 6 points.”

    Kinda obvious. Forcing a team to begin an offensive series inside the 15 or 10 yard line is a good thing vs. touchbacks. Wonder how this would look using NFL data…

  30. So much obsession about the punter in the 4th!
    Al Davis made some boneheaded high picks, BUT
    Ray (HoF) Guy in the 1st Round was NOT one of the bad picks.
    ‘SeaBass’ paid dividends for years as well.
    All the experts here are fun. Yes, Pinion turned out to be a reach in retrospect, but with Wish, like Bosa, Samuels and all the others, we can only wait and see.

    “In your life there’ll be some trouble
    When you worry
    You make it double.
    Don’t worry
    Be happy”
    Bobby McFarrin

    1. I just wonder how many of those who think it’s ok with a punter in the 4th, overlook the obvious admission that the offense will fail enough that the punter may matter?

      Aren’t there players that might have been taken that might have helped more?

      1. Yup. I made this exact point day 3 of the draft. Wouldn’t it have been more wise to use 4th on G , T etc. Expend resources so that we convert on 3rd down and punting isn’t necessary.

        1. Punter matter? All we have to do is look at the last Super Bowl to see how valuable a punter with great ball placement, along with gunners that can get down there on coverage. When a punter can consistently earn the defense another 10-20 yards, it puts added pressure on the opposing offenses. Ultimately this will give our offense a shorter field. Field position should not be underappreciated, as I’ve always believed it is extremely important to any game plan designed to win….

          1. Sure, getting a good punter is a bonus, but maybe they should not had let Andy Lee go.Since he was allowed to walk, Lee has been consistent, and productive.
            Yes, this new punter may work out well, but he is 27 and had 3 punts blocked last season.
            Sure, he can kick it it 50 yards, but he may out kick the coverage, setting up some long returns.
            My premise is that they should have been patient, and waited until the 5th round. The Pats may have moved up a few spots, but they still picked 15 spots later than the Niners.
            IMHO, the Niners seemed desperate, panicked, and reached. There may have been no guarantee that MW would have lasted until the 5th, but there also was no guarantee that he would have been picked before the Niners could have picked him in the 5th round. There was a higher probability that he could have been picked later, because only 2 punters were selected, and the Pats had 10 picks, so they could afford to gamble on taking a punter.
            We will see. I do not want the punter to fake a punt. If they fail, it leaves the Niners with terrible field position. Also 3 blocked punts will also be disastrous, and may cost them the game. If MW does well, he may help the team win, but I hope JG can sustain drives, so a punter is not needed.

            1. Sebs-
              you put a negative spin on everyone of your hypotheticals………….this is why some are thinking your a clever Raider fan……….from the black hole!

              1. Saw, please do not defend leaks, and leakers.
                Calling me a Raider Fan is a disgusting slur.

          1. “…we convert on 3rd down and punting isn’t necessary.”

            Stuff dreams are made of…maybe even wet ones.

        2. ‘….expend resources so that we convert on 3rd down and punting isn’t necessary.’
          Low hanging fruit there Rollo.
          Pats have the best 3rd down QB in the game, yet they sprung for a punter in the 5th round, (after Lynch took the best one off the board in the 4th), so BB apparently recognizes the value of a good punter and didn’t settle for Joe Schmuckatello off the street.
          Also, as we enjoy our 20/20 hindsight, who in the 4th was going to help convert on 3rd down? An OL? Meh.
          They got a RB and WR in FA and drafted 2 WRs to help the offense. I’ve mostly read gripes about not grabbing a DB there in Rd4.
          Many fans are just nit picking. Lynch has to be accountable, but realistically this was an institutional decision by FO consensus. Until presented with some real evidence to the contrary I’m going to guess Shanny bought in.
          (PS – Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories do not constitute evidence. That remark is not directed at Rollo, but rather for the room).

      2. Considering they went offense in the previous two rounds, I thought the gripe was the team didn’t address defensive concerns (secondary) with that pick. You’d hear the same whining had they gone OL, WHAT ABOUT OUR CORNERBACKS????

    1. Rollo,
      It was a good win. KD went out with the game still in limbo. Steph and Klay seemed to be energized at that point and put the game on their shoulders.
      Looney gave the team a big boost tonight.

      I doubt that KD plays in Houston so the Rockets will be favored. If Houston wins at home they come back to Oakland, where hopefully KD could play.

        1. Rollo,
          The Warriors have looked slow and tired at times. Steph is one step slower this year. Klay has had stretches where his shot has disappeared. Iggi thinks he’s a 3 point shooter which is not his game.

          Draymond is the heart and soul of the team, but he still hasn’t learned to control his emotions. Before KD was hurt I told my brother that the Warriors looked vulnerable because of the above reasons.
          Last night the loss of KD actually seemed to give them a spark. But unless the Warriors can rediscover their fire and energy, the dynasty may be over.

  31. The 49ers’ offensive line got off to a hot start before the San Jose Sharks’ Game 7 Second Round matchup with the Colorado Avalanche. They didn’t stop once the puck dropped though. In fact, from there they only upped the intensit

    ……. the 49ers’ starting offensive line downing copious amounts of beer during the first intermission, courtesy of the 49ers’ Twitter account:

    It’s good to see some good, clean team bonding going on during the offseason. If this isn’t helping contribute to the 49ers’ strong locker room culture, it’s hard to imagine what is.

    I am starting to believe we are making the playoffs this coming season……

      1. Jack: You’ve voiced your displeasure with what the team has done in the offseason, yet you say the team should be able to win 10 to 12 games. Let’s assume that the team had done exactly what you wanted them to, how many games should they win under that assumption?

        1. They should have been an 8-10 win team last year. The addition of Ford bumps that up a tick.

          The Vegas over/under is 8 games and I wouldn’t put money on either side. My guess is that at the end of the year we will once again be talking about how if this or that happened they could have won x number of games more.

              1. They found ways to lose 6 a season ago and 5 in a row early in the season before that

          1. Doesn’t really answer my question. The operative word here is “should”. Forget the fact that they might find ways to lose. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you saying that with the talent they currently have they “should” win 10 to 12 games? But if they had followed your plan to acquire talent (FA or draft), you would expect a higher number of wins? If so, how many?

            If you’re saying they will find ways to lose, then isn’t that more on the coaching staff than the “talent acquisition” staff?

            1. The signing of Ford pretty much fulfilled their offseason needs as far as I was concerned. That move alone is good enough for an additional win or two.

              Regarding finding ways to lose, have I ever given the impression that I think Shanahan is a winner?

  32. Dante Pettis
    Deebo Samuel
    Marquise Goodwin

    Trent Taylor
    Kendrick Bourne
    Richie James

    I think it would be a mistake to trade or cut Richie James………i would rather let Bourne go…..I just don’t see him getting any better than what we have seen so far….

    Hurd will be listed as the third tight end

  33. Matt Miller tweeted 30 minutes before the Niner draft in 2014, that Jimmie Ward was the pick. He then downplays his association with Baalke. Who else was close enough to Baalke to derive that intel? Then, Miller denies that he has a mole in the Front Office, and it was not his intention to undermine John Lynch, while still claiming he has good sources.
    Sounds like he has a mole in the Front Office, and the result was that JL was undermined.
    The ‘friction’ involved was the fact that KS demanded that Joe Williams be drafted, even though he was not on JL’s draft board. In hindsight, KS was being held responsible for whiffing on draft choices, so he would not be allowed to have total control of the draft. KS sure would push back on that notion.
    In the overall scheme of things, JL would be held responsible for the draft, but that KS should get more of the blame.
    If there is turnover, JL would be the sacrificial lamb, and KS would be retained. But if KS is responsible for the draft, JL is just being a good soldier, and following orders, but his head will roll, when KS is actually the person responsible.
    JL is being unfairly maligned. He has helped change the culture of the locker room. He is responsible for stopping the leaks, up until this point. It is ironic that he is the victim of this new leak.
    JL should be retained, and not be speculated about losing his job, even if they continue to struggle. Maybe he wanted Q Williams, because he thought he was the BPA, but let KS talk him into taking Bosa. JL wanted to be on the same page, so he allowed KS to take the lead, because he did not want a repeat of Baalke.

    If anything, if the Niners go 2-14. JL should not be the only guy fired. Both JL and KS should be let go.
    Hopefully, the Niners will not have a losing season, and both guys will be secure in their jobs.
    However, if KS demanded they take Bosa, and now we see Bosa sitting out practices because of his core injury, I hope people point their fingers at KS, not JL. KS should realize that his track record on selecting players is not good, so he should let the scouts and JL have more say.
    Guess who I think is the serial leaker?

    1. Oh please Sebbie! Please tell us who the leaker is! Please!

      Say, any chance we can bring Chip K. back (as you wanted)?

  34. How the F…. is the NCAA a 501(c) organizations………and they still don’t pay the students…

    Who is the face of the NCAA?

    1. The NFL is a non-profit too. Just because you are a non-profit (tax status) doesn’t mean you don’t earn.

    1. What most amazes me about that post is there were 712 responses and not a single angry political post. Was it just a happier time in America?

    1. Chancellor hasn’t played for them in a year and a half anyway and the Baldwin release has been rumored for a bit now.

      1. Yep. There’s only 3 guys left from the team that won the 2014 Superbowl: Wilson, Wagner and Wright.

        But Baldwin was often a thorn in our sides: making long-bomb catches after Wilson would run around a bit.

    1. Ironically, the better the offense performs the less important to the team their 4th rounder becomes. :-P

      1. Would seem that way…good thing Wishnowsky is competent at kickoffs–something he’ll be doing more of, no?

    2. The guy who hosted their uniform unveiling also thinks their offense is entertaining? I’m shocked.

  35. I guess I didn’t realize how many close games the 49ers were in the last two seasons.

    “San Francisco has lost 11 one-possession games over the past two seasons, and the Niners believe the amped-up edge rush can help them come up with the big plays that can turn some of those defeats into victories.”

    So while we might be more than a few players away from winning a SB, it’s likely we now have enough good players to seriously compete for the playoffs (even though the secondary was not adequately addressed).

  36. Wishnowsky is like a good auto insurance policy. You hope you never need to use it, but it’s there when you do.

    1. Been said before–if he has decent support around him on special teams…good/clean snaps, good protection, and good downfield coverage, his ball placement skills will be evident. Snaps over the head and horrible protection will result in bad outcomes, and he’ll be blamed. I’m sure a few fails will truly be his fault–no issue there.

      This blog will go nuts with his very first fail–pretty much true for any draftee’s first fail this year. We have posters declaring the season is lost because of a few rookie ball drops on day one of rookie minicamp. What fun.

      1. Truth-that will happen. If any of these players momentarily fail, go thru rookie growing pains, there will be a wailing heard round the world.

      2. Of course the inverse is also true, at the first booming punt there will be posters who will validate the punter puck, or if Hurd breaks a couple of tackles en route to a TD there will be bloggers gushing about possible rookie of the year awards too!

      1. President Trump vs. The Deep State One World Order

        It almost reminds me of the old Hans Brinker and the Little Dutch Boy who put his finger in the dike, and Donald Trump is the Little Dutch Boy….

        1. I don’t care if it was Obama vs. The Deep State One World Order. This site doesn’t need more political crap.

      2. Yeah….
        A/ the sky is blue
        B/ no it isn’t
        A/ what?!?
        B/ if you go high enough it’s black
        A/ if it’s black it’s not sky it’s Space
        B/ you’re spaced!
        A/ you’re high!
        B/ you suck!
        S/ Bring back Kaep!
        B/ whaaat? STFU!
        A/ yah, seriously..”.

        1. What’s sad is that I can actually see that type of back-and-forth occurring during a political discussion.

      3. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III wrote a letter in late March complaining to Attorney General William P. Barr that a four-page memo to Congress describing the principal conclusions of the investigation into President Trump “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance” of Mueller’s work, according to a copy of the letter reviewed Tuesday by The Washington Post.

        1. Post this crap on MSNBC, Fox News, or whatever political site floats your boat. Just not here.

    1. Jack Hammer, “What else would a coach say about one of his players?”

      I discounted Hurd as a player Shanny would not be interested in due to a limited route tree, when I should have been thinking outside the box when it came to his versatility, and what he could potentially become as a dangerous chess piece….

  37. For those unsure about Hurd’s character, I highly recommend listening to the Better Rivals podcast interview with his receivers coach at Baylor, as well as giving this a read.

    I understand some of the concern with how he left Tennessee, but as I said right after he was drafted, this is a kid I liked and thought was the kind of player you bet on succeeding because everything I had read about his mental makeup suggests he is seriously committed to being a great football player, and has the requisite athletic ability to go with the mindset. I definitely think he was drafted earlier than he needed to be (in terms of I doubt too many teams were that hot for him at that spot in the draft), but I also think he will be a good player for the 49ers.

    1. Leaving one college program for another isn’t necessarily an indication of poor character issues. Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray , Russ Wilson all did just that.

      1. Bingo! Just look too at many highly-ranked prospects in next’s years draft class–they’ve changed schools.

      1. According to draft services that aren’t actually involved in the real scouting process. Those sites are awesome, and really great for a fan to have access to. Real life decisions in the NFL are not based on the content of those draft sites.

        1. I am talking about real life decisions. 10 teams thought another WR was superior to Hurd.
          If you look at Draftek, they had him as the 28th best WR. Some draft Big Boards did not have him ranked at all.

          1. Seb,
            From a draft analyst perspective, ratings pay the bills. But I can’t think of too many of them that actually agree on players.

            Shanahan no doubt views Hurd in a much different light than the football pundits and some bloggers here do. Every head coach has a plan and envisions the type of players that help achieve his plan.

            Hurd might just be that type of player for Shanahan.
            That’s why I don’t get wrapped up in the number’s game by the talking heads without having any idea how the head coach plans to utilize them.

            1. AES, it sure seems like the Niners like to find that hidden player that nobody is talking about.
              Guess the scouts are doing their job, to find those hidden gems.
              However, I think there is an argument to be made for the league wide consensus assessments. I think AJ Brown may have a better season than Deebo, and Hakeem Butler may do better than Hurd.
              How they perform on the field will be the best way to see if the rankings were correct, or not.

  38. How about those with polarizing political beliefs cease pi**ing all over this blog? Yeah, yeah, someone else started it. Last I checked this isn’t a middle school playground. Snowflake behavior knows no political boundary. Some just can’t help marking their territory….pi**ing everywhere. Oh, and I’ve contributed a bit too no doubt–a fraction compared to some. Is this a football blog?

    How about we get back to football? Let’s rip players, ownership, the GM, the coaching staff, Grant–that’s what we’re quite good at. Maybe we even find a ray of light now and then concerning the 9ers upcoming season.

    How about it?

    1. They can’t help themselves, Cassie. And that is said without any intent on being a wise guy……….politicians are probably the only human beings I actually have complete contempt for………..

      And no, I don’t hate Sebs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Misc sports stuff :

    1. Baldwin and Chancellor are no longer Seahawks
    2. The White House thought it would be a good idea to invite the “Boston Red Socks” to lunch.
    BOSTON (CBS) – It looks like someone on the White House staff doesn’t know much about Boston or baseball.

    3. No word if KFC will be served again.
    4. Meanwhile 2 dozen members of the Red Sox will not attend.
    5. The Patriots also have not been invited yet. Robert Kraft responded ” We will get it worked out. I believe in happy endings. “

  40. Looking at the roster moves after the Draft, the Niners did not draft an O lineman, but picked up several O linemen from other teams. At least they are trying to upgrade.
    Maybe they should look on the waiver wire for another DB to give them more competition and options. Not Kam, though. He may be risking paralysis if he gets injured.

    1. Seb:
      * “Maybe they should look on the waiver wire for another DB to give them more competition and options.”
      * In your next meeting with Lynch and Shanahan, be sure to bring that up. They’d never think of doing it!

      1. GEEP, Maybe they are content with the players they have. Maybe they think Tim Harris is all they need.
        I hope Joe Woods can take the players he has, and forge them into a cohesive unit. Maybe the first thing he should do is teach Mabin how to defend along the side line.

        1. seb
          * Don’t be so modest Seb! Stand up, take a bow and pat yourself on the back! The 9er Nation owes you a sincere debt of gratitude for your brilliant suggestions and fearless dedication to defending the 9ers organization from the incompetence of all those who don’t / won’t follow your brilliant guidance!
          * Who else but you, spends 10 hours a day blogging your infinite wisdom for the rest of us to consume and your plethora of mock drafts. Bravo Seb, bravo…..To the rescue Don Quixote!

          1. Yup, any team that is 4-12, should welcome all the help they can get.
            You must think they are doing so well, they were a playoff team last year, and do not need any help at all.
            Since you whined so much about my mocks, I cut them down, and only did 20 over a 3 month period.
            I still think that a 4-12 team needs an OC. In the SB, the Rams showed how not having an OC, can lead to them scoring only 3 points. Belichick had an OC, and won the SB. Guess you think Belichick is clueless and not having an OC is smart.

          1. Yes, when I wrote the first post, I meant that the Niners did not draft an O lineman ‘early’.
            I wanted them to draft a player like Chris Lindstrom, Erik McCoy or Elgton Jenkins. Some one who would step in and compete for the starting job.
            Considering the scouting report of Skule, I do not know why KS would want such a slow player. He was also picked in the 6th round for many reasons, so he needed to become a lot better before being stout competition with all the former starters the Niners signed.

  41. Hurd is going to be looked at as an understudy to Juice in the passing game, or may even take some of his snaps away.

    1. What about using them both in a split backfield with Kittle inline, Samuel split wide as part of a redzone package?

    2. Just a wild guess on my part, but I don’t see him as a Juice or as a Delanie. Those guys can be lead blockers, not Hurd’s forte. I can see him running some of the routes like the other two, as well as out wide and big slot. He’ll likely get a few carries just so the D has to defend, but not a steady diet. He’ll need to block as a WR, but size, speed, and elusiveness are what he brings. We’ll see if I’m guessing right.

      1. Red,
        Shanahan/Hurd will create a new position which I refer to as the phantom. Defenses will have no idea where Hurd will line up and if he is actually getting the ball.

        I know that’s a lot to put on a rookie who hasn’t even had a training camp yet, but personally, there’s a reason why Shanahan went after Hurd and left some higher rated WR’s on the board.
        Shanahan has a plan – a phantom plan 🤔

      2. “Those guys can be lead blockers, not Hurd’s forte.”

        Which is why I was specific by saying in the passing game. Don’t expect to see him lining up at FB

        1. Jack,
          “Don’t expect to see him lining up at FB.”

          Why not? Shanahan could line Hurd up as a FB then have him shift out to another spot. I don’t expect to see Hurd being moved around right away because he is still raw and will need to learn a completely new system. His impact will be more manifested later in the year.

          If this team is in contention towards the bottom half of the season, I could see Shanahan implementing a little more in his repertoire for Hurd.
          If this kid is our next SAK, I wouldn’t limit him. I’d be on my computer drawing up plays for him right now.

          1. “Shanahan could line Hurd up as a FB then have him shift out to another spot”

            Of course he could. I doubt they’ll line him up in the backfield and then run the ball with him being a lead blocker/fullback.

  42. On this topic about Hurd just another bad pick due to the fact it was done in the 3rd round. He might be talented but has way to many issues with injury and position wise. Just another Shanny pick that will probably bust and should of been drafted in 6/7 round or undrafted.

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