The view from the press box

When you watch football on television, you only see what’s happening at the line of scrimmage. That’s just half the story. When I watch a game from a press box, I get to watch the other half. I want to tell you about the other half.

I watch how the wide receivers run their patterns and how the defensive backs try to cover them. Seeing all that, I try to figure out where the quarterback will or should throw before he’s thrown it.

After the play I look at the television, which is always on a 10-second delay, and I watch the battle at the line of scrimmage, the quarterback in the pocket, the other of half of the story.

In the Lambeau press box, I could see how the Packers’ coverage of Randy Moss evolved during the game, and how that affected the other receivers.

They started by single-covering Moss, showing him very little respect. That ended when the Packers’ defensive backs completely lost track of Moss in the end zone, and he caught a touchdown.

After that, the Packers were extra aware of Moss, and the Niners used that against them. Moss ran deep on one play, and the Packers completely overreacted to him, double-teaming him 50 yards down the field.

Which opened up the middle for Vernon Davis, who was wide open. And Alex Smith hit him for a 29-yard gain.

I admit, I was staring at Moss run deep on that play. I didn’t notice Davis break open. Moss was such a good decoy, he deked me, too.

The reason I tell you this is because when I’m in the press box, I can provide you analysis you can’t see in real time, except when I get deked.

Glad to be of service to you.

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