Three reasons the 49ers could make history with Brock Purdy

The 49ers best chance to make a Super Bowl run this season was for Jimmy Garoppolo to stay healthy, but he’s now out for the season.

Here are three reasons to believe San Francisco can make history with Brock Purdy.

1.) Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa is the best player on the best defense in the NFL. Despite missing a game and a half due to injury, Bosa leads the NFL in sacks (14.5), and quarterback hits (34). He is also tied for second in tackles for loss (15).

Bosa has started 11 of San Francisco’s 12 games this season and the Niners defense has held its opponent to 19 points or less in ten of those games.

2.) Dual threats – Christian McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel

The addition of McCaffrey prior to the trade deadline changed the 49ers offense. For the first time since Kyle Shanahan took over in 2017 the Niners have a running back who is a true factor in the passing game. McCaffrey provides a safety blanket for quarterbacks with his ability to turn short dump offs into first downs.

In five starts since joining San Francisco McCaffrey has averaged 105 total yards per game while managing to pick up 31 first downs and four touchdowns.

Joining McCaffrey as a dual threat option is Deebo Samuel. The duo is two of only three players with 50 or more receptions, 500 or more receiving yards and 200 or more rushing yards this season.

3.) Brian Griese

The 49ers raised some eyebrows when they announced the hire of Brian Griese as their choice to replace Rich Scangarello as the quarterbacks coach.

Despite being an NFL quarterback, Griese had never coached at any level was working as a broadcaster for ESPN since 2009.

The addition of Griese to the staff has done wonders.

Prior to this season, Jimmy Garoppolo had never gone more than two consecutive games without throwing an interception. Prior to his most recent injury, Garoppolo was turnover free four weeks running. The veteran quarterback was even throwing passes away, something he almost never did in previous years.

Enter Brock Purdy.

The seventh-round rookie quarterback shrugged off a rough start to complete 68 percent of his passes and throw a pair of touchdowns to defeat Miami in his first extended NFL action.

With Purdy at quarterback the 49ers would become the first team in NFL history to make the Super Bowl with a rookie under center.

If San Francisco is to make history, Purdy will need to make smart decisions with the football, get the ball into the hands of his playmakers and make a play or two himself in the postseason. Something that has been missed during the 49ers last two postseason runs.



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  1. I am rooting for B. Purdy with all my heart but I have serious doubts that he can win consistently at this level. I believe that he won’t be successful for three reasons.
    #1 Lack of arm strength. I don’t think I have ever seen a QB in the modern era who has won with as weak an arm as Purdys. Defenses will load the box to take away the run, short passes over the middle and shorten the blitz lanes.
    #2 The O line is terribly inconsistent. A young inexperienced QB with a weak arm but a great D might be able to squeak by behind a very good to great O line. This O line is neither great nor very good.
    #3 Even if Purdy possessed all of the physical tools his lack of experience would limit him greatly. He got very little time in the off season program as well as during camp. He got no time with the first team during practices during the first 12 weeks of the season.
    I really hope I will be eating major crow in Feb. but I just don’t think so.

      1. Jack,
        I saw a youtube video that said JG’s passes have been clocked at 56 MPH while BP’s ball has been clocked at 52 MPH but I will take your word on it.

        1. Hey OC,

          Yeah, those were their recorded MPH at the combine. I don’t think Garoppolo’s velocity is where it was pre-knee injury.

      2. Yes! And Purdy is an old-fashioned salt-of-the-earth type. Wonderful character and great intact family!

    1. OC is right about his analysis. Mainly I worry that the OL cannot protect him. They failed to protect Jimmy either. But Purdy is more mobile and brings us the pass-action threat again. He is so thin, though. I just hope he is not hurt.

      1. Allie, Brock is 6′ 1″ and 220 lbs – Not thin at all. Although he is inexperienced at the NFL level
        he was a 4 year starter at Iowa. Meaning he started as a freshman – unusual. He will have to learn
        to have eyes in the back of his head to sense pressure, but he does have the “scramble gene”.
        Kyle will design runs, quick outs, slants, various hot reads etc. to protect him. Watch out for Danny Gray to
        be active for unexpected deep shots as well.

      1. I’m hesitant to effuse about Purdy given his draft position, but the kid looks perfect for this team and certainly looks like the biggest steal in the draft.

  2. OC.. We shall find out soon enough if you will be eating crow. I am very pleasantly surprised BP did as well as he did against Miami. Once there is tape, things go south ie Nick Mullins. I agree that Brian Griese has made a difference. Who was the last QB coach? Is he in Miami now?

  3. Of course I’m rooting for Brock Purdy. I really liked him after I saw him in the preseason and had no problems with the team picking Purdy over Sudfield. But I have to say, Baker Mayfield put on an amazing performance after only two days on the Rams. It does make me wonder.

          1. He did look good last night, but he has a way of looking good for a short while. Sort of a mean-looking guy. Not like our Jimmy or Purdy.

        1. No. Besides, adding Mayfield might have disrupted the locker room. Going with Purdy is the right move at this point.

  4. Been saying it since the start of the season that Griese would be a great influence on the QB room. I always liked his ability to be able to analyze and communicate his thoughts while he was an analyst for MNF.

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