Time for GM John Lynch to prove himself

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch, left, and head coach Kyle Shanahan field questions during the NFL team’s football training camp Thursday, July 27, 2017, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

John Lynch is on the clock.

He needs to crush the draft this year, or his time as a general manager could end soon. Through two seasons as a GM, his 49ers are 10-22. If they have another losing season in 2019, someone probably will get fired, and that someone could be Lynch, fair or not.

Lynch isn’t solely responsible for the 49ers’ problems — head coach Kyle Shanahan shares culpability. He’s the one who wanted to take quarterback C.J. Beathard in Round 3 of the 2017 draft instead of NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes in Round 1.

But, if the 49ers were to fire Shanahan after next season, he almost certainly would get another job in the NFL right away, either as a head coach or an offensive coordinator. He has a good reputation in the league.

If the 49ers were to fire Lynch after next season, he almost certainly would NOT get another job in the NFL. He probably would have to return to the broadcast booth. He was a good announcer and a terrific player, but has no reputation as an executive in the league. Hasn’t proven enough.

This is the most important month of Lynch’s career as a GM. He doesn’t need to knock every pick out of the park, but he needs to prove himself in the following ways:

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  1. Couldn’t disagree more. We need to add elite talent. We’re no longer a team that needs bodies to fill out a rebuilding roster. The table is set for Lynch, and Bosa will be the main course….

  2. Lynch must trade down in Round 1 and pick up two or three extra picks. Preferably three in this draft, none deferred to the 2020 draft. He needs players now.

    Easier said than done. I agree that this would be best case scenario Grant, and I suspect ShanaLynch would love to find a trade partner for the 2nd overall pick. I’m just not sure it’s realistic. If the Cardinals take Murray, who’s looking to make that trade for the 2nd pick in the draft? Is there another QB worthy of trading up for this early? Maybe the Raiders move up 2 slots to take Lock (I hear Gruden loves the kid), but that’s doubtful. Is Bosa worth trading up for when the draft is fairly deep in DE’s and DL’s? I’m not so sure.

    What they simply cannot afford to do is blow another top 5 pick. Bosa is the safest blue chip talent in this draft class, and he fills a need. If they don’t find a trade partner willing to cough up a reasonable bounty, it’s Nick Bosa at #2, and my guess is they either address the back-end of the defense with a Safety, or go WR in round 2. Book it!

    1. Agree. There’s no red button on a GM’s desk that can force another team to trade up with a (reasonable) offer.

      Bosa is a safe pick. I wish he was even safer. The injury history is a real concern. It might turn out to be nothing, but it’s a concern.

      In 2017 Lynch skipped a talented player with high position importance because of the “Fast-n-Fragile” label on Marshon Lattimore. I thought the same thing, wishing for (and getting) Solomon Thomas as part of the “clean six” players with no off field or injury concerns.

      I have high hopes Thomas will be a solid player. Maybe never living up to 3rd overall but still an important contributor.

      1. I get it Brodie, he’s coming off of an injury. But he hadn’t missed a game during his college career (2+ seasons) prior to the core injury. That doesn’t scream injury prone to me. I could be wrong, but he sure seems like a guy who lives, and loves to compete, all gas-no brakes, as the Niners like to say. And he’s built like a Sherman tank, so I’m not sweating the injury factor! I personally wouldn’t have risked coming back this season, being that the Buckeye’s had been eliminated from championship contention, so I’m not holding it against him. But that’s me, my own personal feelings, I know some people feel otherwise.

      2. For some reason, when I watch Bosa, I get flashbacks to Mike Mamula, a combine warrior and very god college stats who did not transition well to the NFL. With Bosa, there is a huge concern about injury, rehab time and how well or if he will play if he has some of the typical bumps and bruises. Some players have to be “perfect” to play and can’t handle playing if only 90%, as an example.

        Mike Mamula is known in the NFL as, “That guy who got drafted in the Top 10 because he had a great Scouting Combine, then didn’t do anything as a pro.” But that’s really not fair.

        Mamula did help his draft stock with a great Combine, but he was already regarded as a first-round pick even before the Combine. And although his NFL career didn’t meet expectations, he was a solid player for a few years in the NFL.

        Mamula was a great athlete, but he attributes much of his Combine success to the fact that he actually trained for the specific Combine drills. In those days, long before the Combine was ever televised, many of the players didn’t know exactly what they’d be asked to do at the Combine and didn’t prepare specifically for the Combine drills.

        For his first three seasons in Philadelphia, Mamula was a starter on one of the best defenses in the N.F.L. He missed all of 1998 after suffering a preseason injury, returned in 1999 to record 8.5 sacks, and then suffered more injuries in 2000 before finally calling it a career.

        Yes, Eagles fans who say the team would have been better off drafting Warren Sapp are correct. But the Eagles were looking for an edge pass rusher that year, and if they hadn’t drafted Mamula, they likely would have passed on Sapp and chosen Derrick Alexander.

        All of this just shows that he draft and player evaluation is not an exact science.

        Hopefully for Niner fans, Lynch is not Matt Millen Part Deux.

        1. Well, I know I’ve already covered everything I like about taking Nick Bosa at #2, but since you mentioned Mamula, I think for the sake of making my opinions clear, I’ll cover it one more time:

          Mike Mamula is known around NFL circles as, “That guy who got drafted in the Top 10 because he had a great Scouting Combine, then didn’t do anything as a pro.” Mamula was a great athlete, but like you said, even he is honest about attributing much of his Combine success to the fact that he actually trained for the specific Combine drills. Interestingly enough, Mamula was also listed at 6’4″, though his natural play weight was considerably lighter than Nick Bosa. That said, while Mamula put up fine numbers in college, the tape shows a guy who excelled because he was a superior athlete, and he came out of college nowhere near as polished in the fundamentals you look for in a player you hope to consider a “can’t miss” NFL prospect.

          Nick Bosa on the other hand, is an absolute technician, and without question the most polished edge rusher in this class. And refined pass rushing technique goes a long way in the NFL. But it doesn’t stop there for Bosa when I watch his tape. I don’t care how great of a technician you are, or how many different techniques you’ve worked hard to develop and master, you still need to to be able to match up physically with NFL caliber players. Nick does this in spades! He’s as strong as an ox at the point of attack, in part because he’s extremely well put together physically, with a strong upper body (strong shoulder arms and hands), and a stout lower body, extremely thick through his strong – beefy thighs, and strong calves. His shear strength though is said to much more than weight-room strength, and more along the lines of the kind of natural strength that translates exceptionally well to the football field. He doesn’t appear to be a combine warrior, but he did shined in just about every drill that matters for an edge defender. And perhaps just as importantly, he plays hard for 60 minutes, and has a non-stop motor and the kind of relentless play style that wears down opponents and breaks their spirit.

          Bosa is the complete package in my book. The only question for me is that he’s coming off of an injury. However, he smartly decided to shut it down in September, in order to allow the injury to heal properly, and he looks like he’s fully recovered and fresh physically, and so that, along with his talent, makes him that rare breed of DL who is ready to dominate the NFL day 1, and he just so happens to also fill a need for the 49ers opposite Dee Ford. Adding Bosa opposite Ford, along with DeFo, a now healthy/ascending Arik Armstead, and a number of talented depth pieces along the DL (Thomas, Street, Day, Jones, Blair III & Julian Taylor) could give the 49ers the best DL in the entire NFL, and that’s no joke, IMO!

    2. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the 49ers are changing their approach up front this season. DL Coach Kris Kocurek and Robert Saleh are going to be spacing the DL out a lot more with a wide-9 alignment, and Bosa is what they call “scheme proof,” as he can line up in tight, or out wide.

      What they really should do is trade Solomon Thomas for whatever they can get for him prior to the draft, cut their losses, and go BPA at #2 (aka Nick Bosa), if they can’t find a trade partner for the 2nd overall pick.

      1. Yah, well … I’m not sure why anyone would consider an undersized interior defensive lineman to be a safe pick as a top 5 prospect. I sure argued against picking him until I was blue in the face. He was a safe pick if were talking about character and work ethic, but he’s a “tweener” in my eyes, and he’s certainly miscast in this defense.

        1. Funny, I do not remember you having any reservations about Solomon Thomas. I thought it was Scooter who pointed out the tweener factor.

          1. No Seb, Razor will tell you, I was adamantly opposed to Thomas. I argued nonstop on this blog why you don’t take an undersized interior lineman in the top 5. Look it up if you’d like. I strongly advocated for Jamal Adams, and he was my avatar for 2 plus months.

            On a different topic, this is why it’s hard to take CBS Sports seriously. Here is their list of needs for the Niners:

            QB, RB, WR/TE, INTL DL, DB

            Laughable! They are entirely wrong on 3 out of 5 49ers “needs”. Utterly embarrassing!

            1. Here you go Seb, these are excerpts straight out of one of my long diatribes on this blog, pre-draft 2017, verbatim.

              At the combine, a general manger of a NFC playoff team said Thomas should go in the top-24 picks, but they didn’t have him as a high first-rounder. Another AFC playoff team graded him as a late first-round pick. The issue that is coming up the most with Thomas is that many teams feel has TWEENER size, listed at 6-foot-3, 273 pound. One NFC general manager picking outside of the top 10 said this of Thomas, Many teams view him (Thomas) as a poor-man’s Aaron Donald, however Donald is heavier, has a lower center of gravity, and is more explosive.

              Thomas was overwhelmingly used as an interior 1 gap penetrator in Stanford’s defense, which typically utilized an odd front. Opposing offensive lines made sure to combo block him on downhill runs and passing plays that involved a deep drop or a full field read from the quarterback. And his lack of size for a true defensive tackle was exposed on most of those combo blocks. Thomas’ experience as a defensive tackle comes with his relative aforementioned inexperience as a true edge rusher. A director of scouting for an AFC team called Stanford DL Solomon Thomas a “damn good player”. However, he directly followed up this with another: “I don’t think he gets drafted as early as you do (NFL Media’s Lance Zierlein) because he’s not big enough for inside and he’s not as long as you like on the outside.”

              He’s not a twitched-up athlete, and lacks the elite first step off the edge. Does not display natural bend when running the arc on his outside rush. Struggles with change of direction in space. Can get engulfed by double-teams, struggles to maintain his ground at the POC.

              I’m not trying to take anything away from him, I just think the buzz and everyone now mocking him at No. 2 overall seems a little extreme. Especially because I don’t view him as an outside defensive end.

              Some players are hard to definitively project heading into the NFL. Personally, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on Solomon Thomas’ skill set and his ideal fit for the NFL. I know for a fact that there are many top scouts around the NFL who feel like Thomas is versatile enough to play in a number of different schemes, though there is a fairly strong consensus around NFL circles that Thomas’ did his best work in college on the interior and that will likely continue to be the case moving forward.

              The most common player comp for Thomas around NFL circles has been Aaron Donald, with a lot of people going as far as to call Thomas a “poor man’s Aaron Donald.” However, I personally think that’s a bit of a stretch. I recently referenced BR’s MATT MILLER’S 2017 big board in which Miller had Thomas listed 45th. This was an honest mistake on my part because this ranking was outdated. That said, in some ways it still validates my point. Thomas was listed outside of the first round on a lot of draft boards up until as recently as early December. It took a strong finish to the season combined with a very solid NFL combine before Thomas’ really started to grab everyone attention, and I am always leery when I see a sudden rise like Thomas’ has experienced.

              It’s clear to me that Thomas is likely going to eventually find his niche at the NFL level and develop into one of the better defenders in this draft class, but I don’t see a clear cut, defined position for Solomon Thomas to come in and dominate right away. I think he’ll likely find his greatest success as a penetrating interior DL, but he’s going to need to add an additional 10-15 lbs in order to do so. And the other thing that seems clear to me is that Thomas’ is not ideally suited to dominate the C gap between the RT and TE and get after the QB. Thomas lacks the ideal physical characteristics you like to see for a 6/7 Tech. Though Thomas has some physical attributes in common with say …. a guy like Michael Bennett, he’s not nearly as sure of a tackler as Bennett (maybe because his hands are so much smaller) nor is he quite as twitchy or quick out of his stance as Bennett. And if you compare Thomas to a guy like Cameron Wake, you don’t see anything close to the quickness and fluidity combined with agility (dip & bend) that makes Wake a special player.

              1. And believe me Seb, there are many more of my posts pointing out Thomas as being and undersized interior lineman, NOT an edge rusher/defender.

              2. So noted.
                I just remember that everyone was very impressed with his bowl game, and thought he could get to the QB with his explosive first step.

              3. “I just remember that everyone was very impressed with his bowl game, and thought he could get to the QB with his explosive first step.”

                Seb, a lot of people questioned the Thomas selection. Razor, was his biggest advocate and argued with many on his behalf. I don’t recall many others that really loved him.

                I remember hating that late season win because the gap from Garrett to Thomas was the width of the Grand Canyon.

              4. I remember that late season game. It was against the Rams, and Kaep led a stirring 4th quarter comeback , and he went for 2 for the win. He willed his team to victory, and I think he did it to thumb his nose at Baalke, who really wanted the Niners to lose.
                Despite that win, Jed fired Baalke, and JL and KS were hired.

            2. I had advocated them to trade back, and select Malik Hooker, because I wanted them to get the closest player to Earl Thomas. Guess my build from the back strategy is a sound one, according to Grant.
              That is why I generally use Draftek. I had used the CBS big board because it had ranked Keelan Doss at 212, and the Niners pick at 212. At times, to mix things up, I have used Walter Football.

              1. Yes, I do also remember that Seb, you advocated for Hooker.

                And, holy crap, I am long winded, lol.

              2. On a different note, watching the 49ers 2018 4th round pick, K. Street, rehab in the pool reminds me of just how stacked this team is up front defensively.

                And looking at Street’s twitter feed also reminds me of just how much I miss Steve Irwin!

                “RIP Steve”, you are sorely missed, as this planet was a better place with you on it!

              3. ………..”MY…..my build from the back strategy is a sound one, according to ….GRANT”.

                Its a strategy known by football people for many decades, Sebs!!

                Your a riot! Stick with me, my old Reds Recovery Room drinking buddy and you’ll be sh-ttin thru silk!

              4. Saw, when writing, it is perfectly fine to write in the first person. You do it all the time.
                I presented that idea over 2 years ago, so I was referring to what Grant said recently, and no, many have advocated building a defense first along the defensive line, not from the secondary.

            3. Thank you Chris Biderman, for correctly assessing the 49ers biggest needs heading into the draft. Let’s talk about them:

              1) WR – I’m not going to argue against this assessment. Whether it’s their #1 need or not, it’s certainly near the top of the list. However, I don’t think anyone believes the 49ers are taking a WR with their first round pick, and certainly not at #2 overall. They could go WR with their 2nd round pick, in which case I like AJ Brown a lot, but I’m guessing they go FS in round 2, leaving round 3 as the best spot to go WR. Some of this obviously depends on whether or not there is a WR they love in round 2, but I’m going with a WR in round 3, and for me it’s a toss up between Miles Boykin, and JJ Arcega-Whiteside at that spot.

              2) FS – Perhaps their most pressing need, at least the way I see it. That said, it appears that the sweet spot for this year’s deep crop of top flight FS’s seems to be early to mid-round 2. I prefer Gardner-Johnson, who is a darn good fit at FS in this scheme, and he happens to be my favorites all-around Safety in this class, but if the kid from Deleware, Nasir Adderley falls to round 2, he might be the best fitting single-high safety available in this class, with Juan Thornhill in the mix.

              3) Edge Defender – The 49ers made perhaps the biggest move among all teams this offseason, when talking about impact defenders. The trade for Dee Ford was a blockbuster for me, and while once again his contract is on the team friendly side, the Niners have him locked up for the foreseeable future provided he’s worked past the back issues which held him back early on in his NFL career, and continues playing at a high level while wearing the scarlet and gold. The thing is, Nick Bosa is the consensus best defensive player in this draft class, and unless the 49ers trade back, he’s BPA, and fills a need, making him a no-brainer for them at #2 overall, assuming his on still on the board.

              4) CB – I’ll be honest, I’m flipping Biderman’s 4th and 5th positions of pre-draft needs. He has OT listed at #4, but Staley certainly has 2 more good seasons left on his body, and the team seems pretty high on big Shon Coleman, who has NFL starting experience at OT, so while I understand why Chris has OT listed at #4, I’m putting CB ahead of OT/OG on my list. Can the 49ers find a player starting CB potential in round 4? Kentucky’s Lonnie Johnson Jr, seems like a great fit for this defense and could very well drop to round 4 despite a strong week at the Senior Bowl.

              5) OT – And I’m going to include OG at #5. I’ve identifed Keaton Sutherland out of Texas A&M as a late blooming OT/OG who played RT, LG, and RG for the Aggies, and seems like a good fit for this system. He had an outstanding week during East / West Shrine week, he’s flying under the radar as best I can tell, so and I like him for the Niners in round 6, if he’s still on the board.

          2. Seb

            There were quite a few more than Scooter who offered disagreement on Thomas; never cared for him, but his ‘6 plays’ in the bowl, I felt he was a wait and see….So, I waited, and saw, that he was a zero as far as the niners were concerned. He was being ‘pumped’ by Razoreater so he could name him “king solomon”…I see the same thing happening in this years draft, as the “great nicknamer” is now lobbying for Nick Bosa in the 1st round so he can rename him ‘Bosa constrictor’. I would have thought that he had learned…Bosa is Thomas 2.0…

            1. LOL. The great nicknamer? Thanks for the compliment, Oregoniner. Looking forward to the axial musculature of The Bosa Constrictor to suffocate opposing offenses, and a breakout year by King Solomon!

              1. …and a breakout year by King Solomon!

                Unless he turns out to be a never was…as so many first round busts have been.

            2. Ore, I did not think Zgonina put Thomas in his best position to succeed, just like I think Benton is not putting Joshua Garnett in his best position to succeed. Garnett won the Outland Trophy at LG, and Benton has him playing backup at RG, while Tomlinson was always at LG, but Tomlinson played RG in college. Hope Benton is more flexible, and has the O linemen play multiple positions so they can be more flexible and versatile.
              Now that Zgonina is gone, and Kocurek is the D line coach, I expect Thomas to play better. I will also disagree with your categorizing Thomas as a zero. He was stout against the run, with Marsh and Blair becoming the pass rushers. After the debacle in 2016, stopping the run was my highest priority, and Thomas helped raise the Niners from worst to middle of the pack.
              I will concede that maybe Thomas is not the best fit for the Niners. Donte Whitner assessed that Thomas would play great in a 3-4 system, like Justin Smith did when he was signed from the Bengals, who had a 4-3 system. With the glut of defensive linemen, maybe the best solution would be to trade Thomas to a 3-4 team like the Broncos. Fangio would be able to utilize him to his maximum potential.
              I do not mind Razor championing Bosa. I like his enthusiasm, and can see why he, and many others, like Bosa’s potential. It actually is increasing his draft capital, so some team like the Raiders may want to move up and select him.

            3. OREGON, how in the world is Nick Bosa – Solomon Thomas 2.0? That’s crazy talk!

              Bosa made his living as an edge defender for one of college football’s top teams. It’s what he does. It’s his craft, and he’s developed that skill set better than anyone in this class, IMO. Nick Bosa has just enough natural bend when running the arc on his outside rush to be effective, but it’s his shear strength at the POC, and his technical skills that set him apart in this draft.

              Thomas on the other hand, was an undersized interior lineman coming out of college, whom the 49ers posed as and edge defender. He hadn’t developed any of the requisite skills to come in and dominate as an edge defender. He also doesn’t have enough natural bend, and he struggles to change direction in space.

              These are 2 entirely different types of defenders, both in terms of position and skill set.

              Seb, one of the problems Joshua Garnett is that he hasn’t been healthy. More importantly, he’s also a poor scheme fit. He’s far better suited for a power scheme, but even then, he’s not really strong enough, IMO.

              1. Joshua Garnett is not swift or athletic enough to excel in this outside zone scheme, and he simply gets bullied at the point of contact. I’ll be honest, I hate to say it, but I’m going to go there …… I’m not sure Joshua’s heart is in it to win it, and that’s a tough way to compete in the NFL.

              2. 49, he did 30 reps in the combine, and has had 3 seasons to get stronger. I think he is plenty strong, IMO.
                Sure, smaller quicker O linemen are good for the OZ run plays, but then again, JG got sacked 3 times and hit 9 times in the Vikings game, and the pocket collapsed, so JG was sacked 6 times in the Lions game. The whole interior O line did not grade out well, and Benton insisted on playing an injured Richberg, when maybe the better move would have been to move Person to Center, and let Garnett play. Garnett was a lot healthier than Richberg.
                I completely disagree about the lack of heart and fire.Joshua Garnett was drafted exactly because he had a nasty disposition, and very few Outland Trophy winners get bullied.

              3. Garnett has to overcome injuries and show he can be depended upon to show up week in and week out. Until he does that, he will continue to be a backup Person….

              4. Garnet is soft as charmin.
                If you question Bosa’s toughness you must think Garnet is Mr. Glass.

              5. There is a difference between bench press strength, and play strength, and up until this point he’s sure been bullied by big NFL DT’s, as he’s often knocked backwards at the point of attack. And maybe I’m wrong about Garnett’s heart Seb, I don’t usually like to go there, but Joshua sure doesn’t seem very hungry … at least that’s my impression of the kid. Let’s hope he proves me wrong.

              6. There is a difference between bench press strength, and play strength…

                Sounds like Josh Allen.

              7. 49reasons

                He got injured displaying his ‘craft’ as you put it and hasn’t played football for almost a year and a half…on one of the top teams (with top players) in all of college football….Josh Allen played 4 full seasons at Kentucky without missing even one game while honing his craft…getting better each year …17.5 sacks is nothing to sniff at…He is faster, stronger, and can cover better than Bosa.

                My “Bosa is Thomas ” statement is overreach, but I just think that Both Thomas and Bosa were overhyped. I also think that Burns and Ferrell will outshine Bosa…

              8. He got injured displaying his ‘craft’ as you put it and hasn’t played football for almost a year and a half …

                OREGON, you’re killing me. Nick Bosa played his last snap on September 15th, 2018, which was less than 7 months ago. He was off to a dominate start last season, recording 4 Sacks, 14 tackle – 11 solo, and a forced fumble through 2 plus games in 2018, prior to his injury.

              9. 2019 NFL mock draft: Nick Bosa is the best choice for the 49ers

                The easy is the right one for San Francisco in the SB Nation NFL writers’ mock draft.


                2. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa, Edge Rusher, Ohio State

                Posey: This is too easy for the 49ers. The team needed to upgrade its front four during the offseason, and Bosa is the icing on the cake. He isn’t only the best player available, but this the best fit, as well as the best complement to newly acquired Dee Ford. Bosa doesn’t just make one person better, he makes the entire secondary better as well. The Niners struggled to get after the passer last year. Bosa is both a quick and a longterm fix. The defensive line goes from barely mediocre to quite good in a year.

                Analysis: It would be hard to find fault in San Francisco taking Bosa, Quinnen Williams of Alabama, or even Josh Allen of Kentucky. We don’t do trades in this mock draft, but moving down might actually be San Francisco’s best course of action on draft night — especially if a team wants to come up for Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins. But in our scenario, taking Bosa is the best move. He has nearly every trait a team wants in a defensive end. He’s quick off the snap, hustles, has excellent hand use, and plays with enough power. His biggest knock is his injury history. Watching for injuries — not just to Bosa — could be the key storyline to follow for the 49ers this season.

              10. I am absolutely on fire!


                Round 4) Miles Boykin, Notre Dame

                Noticing a trend? For those that haven’t, every one of the receivers highlighted so far is at least 6-foot-2. Size shouldn’t be the deciding factor of which wideout the 49ers should target, but it just so happens that this draft is stacked with big, athletic pass catchers. Boykin is no different. The Notre Dame product entered on to the scene in 2018, catching 59 passes for 872 yards and eight touchdowns. Boykin’s production isn’t eye-popping, but his athleticism is. At 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, he ran a 4.42 40-yard dash. 43.5 inch vertical and 6.77 3-cone, all very impressive for his size. Boykin’s stock currently sits as at early Day 3, but don’t be surprised if he goes sooner. For a more in-depth look at Boykin, check out Kyle’s breakdown hereMiles Boykin is the best value in the draft at receiver: The former Notre Dame wide out is also a perfect fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offensehttps://www.ninersnation.com/2019/4/1/18291012/miles-boykin-nfl-draft-49ers-best-fit

  3. Grant,

    I’m glad you pointed out…
    – Teams are building defenses back to front
    – New England Patriots will spend $19.1 m cap space on defensive linemen
    – 49ers will spend $41.7m cap space on defensive linemen

    Some thoughts…
    – A Mid 2020 2nd rounder has a good chance to be a starter at under $1.5m per year. Their equally talented replacement (extended player or free agent) will cost several times that. The ultimate cap hit for sign-n-trades is usually well above the contract cost.

    This is not a criticism of Dee Ford. Ford buys Lynch alot of draft flexibility. He could feel less guilty about taking Williams at 2. Ford’s presence enables Lynch to trade back for pick(s) equal or greater value than the 2020 2nd. And its fun watching him strip sack quarterbacks. He’ s a blur.

    – I won’t be critical if the 49ers draft a quarterback killer. It’s a high position importance, and it’s how this draft’s talent shakes out.

    – We’d all love a trade back. Heck, if a quarterback goes at pick 1, Lynch could trade back with the Raiders and still be guaranteed at least one of Williams, Bosa or Allen. They’d get a freebie pick 24 (or rough equivalent). Or trade 2 for NYG’s 6+17. Burns 6, killer BPA or corner or receiver at 17. I’ll take it.

    But as far as I know, there’s no big red button labeled “Force-Another-Team-To-Trade-Up-For-Huge-Pick-Haul” on every GM’s desk. Peter King said Lynch tried to trade pick 3 they got in the Bears trade back but had no serious offers.

  4. “This is Lynch’s big chance to make career-defining draft picks and trades. He’s on the clock. What will he do?”

    Gee, one could say the early free agent acquisition period has gone reasonably well. Lynch get any credit for that? I agree the 9ers draft needs to be solid–a terms always open for interpretation, yes. Grant, you will certainly be the judge of that. I agree this is Lynch’s year to drop into 4th gear. A less-than-7 win season and a weak draft–draft results demonstrated on the filed, not in someone’s head–should lead to Lynch’s departure.

    As you’ve noted often, the 9ers have a habit of panicking. Given that, 2019 is toast–as will Lynch come late December. Any candidates for new GM?

    1. LOL

      The Raiders will kindly take Williams off your hands for you with the 4th pick. The Jets will stare at their phone desperate for a trade partner, and end up drafting Josh Allen.

  5. Good article Grant and I agree, the heat is on Lynch to some degree and will only increase if the 49ers don’t achieve more success. In my view Lynch’s situation after his first two years as GM are not much different than Bill Walsh’s after his first two seasons. Lynch as GM has 10 wins, Walsh as GM/Head Coach had 8 wins. Neither appeared to do much with personnel pick ups after two offseasons each. Walsh had drafted Joe Montana, who had yet to really prove himself, and Dwight Clark. Lynch traded for Jimmy G and drafted George Kittle. Both teams were perceived to be at the bottom of the league in terms of overall talent. Easier said than done but Lynch needs to knock his third draft outta the park like Walsh did.

          1. You guys are all crazy……………..

            1) 53 man roster, at least 47 of them needed to be dropped.
            2) you cannot replenish a team with NFL caliber talent, in total, in 2 FA and drafts
            The math simply wont allow it……….
            3) If he didn’t shore up one part of the team, there would still be several parts of the team
            that needed vast improvement.
            4) We did in fact have HUGE problems with injuries last year, when the 9ers needed all of
            their starters playing up to their ability-just to be competitive.
            5) Walsh was widely recognized for having a great eye for talent-yet he did make several draft
            mistakes his first few yrs. Every single one of his picks was not a starting caliber player..
            6) While he almost certainly was not worthy of a 3-pick in the draft, the jury is still out on Thomas.
            He really hasn’t been put in the right spot for him until maybe just recently-and he’s been pretty
            7) Foster? I would have picked that guy late in the 1st, having early 1st round talent. So would
            the Saints………..there are a multitude of troubled young guys who come into the NFL, are shown
            some discipline and order and do quite well. He was worthy of a roll of the dice-with him, it
            just didn’t work out. There is no valid reason to believe it would have worked out if he had gone
            to the Saints. He still would have carried his demons with him……….

            People are impatient. We have to deal with the Yorks and their destruction of this franchise……….
            And they have been doing it for many years-decades, in fact.
            But there are many people on this blog who know a hell of a lot about this sport………..I simply cannot believe you all can’t see the positive direction we are currently headed in. This may be in fits and starts, but its headed in the right direction.
            Try to remember where they are coming from–to put it in proper context, precisely like rebuilding Europe at the end of WW2. That is a VERY accurate comparison!

            1. Saw. why so calm, sedate and reasonable? Thought you liked the pyrotechnics?
              I will have to disagree with you. Even on the Walsh team, they won with established veterans. 47 out of 53 needed to be dropped? No way. There are even 2 players from the SB team. It was KS and JL’s determination to replace Baalke picks, and the team did have turnover, but the best strategy is to keep veterans up to their rookie contracts, and extend the keepers. Continuity engenders cohesiveness.
              Sure, turnover is to be expected, and very few players last 10 years on a team, but massive turnover entails massive turmoil.
              Yes, the Niners, not you, had injury problems, so do not attack my posts then talk about ‘WE’.
              The measure of a good team is their response to injuries. Niners were not very resilient last season.
              Do not get me started about Foster. What an unmitigated fiasco. The Niners gave him away, instead of keeping him, and trying to get a draft pick for him. Instead they cut him, and got nothing for him, and who may play against the Niners next season. I said before the draft that the Niners and especially JL, should avoid the red flagged players. Foster had so many red flags, he looked like a semaphore. To cap it off, the Niners moved up in the draft, giving away a 4th round pick to a division rival. They used that pick, and selected Tedric Thompson, who is now the Starting safety on the Seahawks..
              Like KS, who traded away Trent Brown to the Pats, who did his job to help them win a SB. Tedric Thompson helped them find a replacement for Earl Thomas, and helped them get back to the playoffs. Aiding a rival, is not a good strategy for a struggling team.
              ‘People are are impatient. We have to deal with the Yorks, and their destruction of this franchise…’ Well guess what, they will still own the Franchise for years to come, so we will have to be patient for decades?
              There are people on this blog who know about this sport? That is why they cannot see that the Niners are headed in the right direction? No, that is why they are not drinking the Koolaid, and are making realistic assessments. Even I have stated that I think JL has turned around the culture of the team, and you would never admit I have a lick of football knowledge.
              Yes, Baalke had dismantled the team, getting rid of veteran talent and leadership, and yes, it will take more than a couple drafts and FA additions to get it right, but success is fleeting, and other teams are trying just as hard to win. The Niners may improve, but the Rams, Seahawks and even the Cards will have improved, especially if the Cards draft Murray.
              Niners are like rebuilding Europe? Where is the Marshall Plan?

  6. I doubt that the 49ers get less than 8 wins this coming season. More than likely they get more so if that is the criteria then Lynch is safe. The Niners were a far better than 4 win team last season due to the number of key injuries they had and even then they could have with a few more breaks won more games. I think 8 wins is their basement. Too many people rely on the previous season to gage a teams level., one has to also consider mitigating variables.

  7. Boy, the league must not have got the memo that building front to back isn’t important anymore. The Cowboys just gave Lawrence a five-year, $105 million deal with $65 million guaranteed. He will receive a $25 million signing bonus and is set to make $31.1 million in total money in 2019. Flowers got $90 million, Mack $141 million, and Miller makes $19 million a year. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty damn good about getting Bosa at $70 million for 5 years….

        1. Yup, there is still time to hammer out a deal with another team. Lot of speculation, but things are settling down.

          1. There will be no hammering with another team. The only hammering will be the contract with Bosa’s agent. I expect the negative nancy’s to come out in full force proclaiming how he will hold out just like his brother, everyday and day after day until he signs….

            1. Razor

              I understand the power of positive thinking, but I think you’d do better praying for rain than to keep regurgitating BOSA each (many) post. I think that when a player is an “edge rusher” and leads the nation with 17.5 sacks….and you’re a team like the 49ers who NEED an edge rusher to fill out your Dline YOU TAKE HIM….Josh Allen. No significant injuries, and no missed games

              1. Try not to blow a gasket when the 49ers add The Bosa Constrictor to our defensive line. Allen Wrench isn’t the right tool for the job opposite Ford F250….

    1. Grant, anytime you use the Patriots to illustrate some trend or direction the NFL is headed, it inevitably is a short cut crutch. They are unique. The Rams, Bears, Chiefs, Chargers, Texans and Cowboys have all invested in pass rush and impactful front seven. Granted, it would be a tremendous benefit if 49ers DBs could stay healthy, but the salary cap allotment to the D-Line is skewed because Armstead is getting a 5th year option (last year it was Jimmie Ward) and Dee Ford’s contract is front loaded.

      Lynch needs impact players and healthy starters, not roster fillers, to get over .500. Solomon Thomas was a mistake, but it was his first draft and Lynch recovered in his second offseason (Richard Sherman and 3 DB in that draft).

      BTW, has anybody looked at the Rams 2018 draft? Oh my! They may be in trouble down the line.

      1. The Rams, Bears, Texans and Cowboys have quarterbacks on rookie deals. The Chiefs got rid of both Justin Houston and Dee Ford and invested in a quality free safety — Tyrann Mathieu. The Chargers are spending $35 million on their D-line. The 49ers will be at $48 million if they take Bosa with the second pick.

        1. Grant: I think you have a good point. There should be better balance between the talent on the D-Line and that in the secondary (talent translates to money spent). That doesn’t necessarily mean they shouldn’t take Bosa. Edge is still a big need. They should look to trade either Armstead or Thomas.

          What’s up with your guy, Tre Boston?

          1. Bosa from the left, Ford from the right, Buckner up the middle, and our secondary no longer looks like poo.

            1. Yeah, I don’t think it is just one thing. Are the QBs getting the ball out quicker because of their skillset or because the plays called and their receivers quickly getting open afford them the opportunity to get the ball out quicker or both?

              1. Everything works in unison, and that’s why it takes so long to build. Familiarity, continuity and trust all take time to develop. Building front to back is defensive common sense, because if you can’t stop the run; you get ran over. Bad things are more apt to happen in the passing game for an offense, and we’ve seen time and again how an average secondary can look like world beaters with a 3 prong attack up front….

        2. Grant, why do you deflect with the QB contract when you are formulating trends on how defenses are being built? Your whole premise is that the NFL is a passing league and more QBs are getting rid of the ball in less than 2.5 seconds, so Lynch is squandering money on the defensive line when he should be focused on the defensive backfield. Your pivot to the QB salary is a straw man diversion. It is irrelevant. Please take a moment to explain how one has anything to do with the other.

          And then you mention the Chiefs offseason signing of Mathieu as an indication of how things must be done (Lynch signed Sherman a year earlier), but you have no evidence that this Chiefs’ offseason makes the team better. We know with Dee Ford and Houston, they were in the AFC Championship game. And with Mathieu, the Chiefs have not won or lost a single game.

          FACT: No team is offering the 49ers two 2019 first round picks for #2 overall. Lynch will be criticized by Grant and others for not trading back, but he won’t have any choice. Grant argues that this is a make or break draft for Lynch, so future draft picks don’t help him, right?

          1. The Rams, Texans and Bears all rank top 10 in secondary spending. They can spend big at both D-line and secondary because they have quarterbacks on rookie deals.

            1. I’m sure glad the 49ers didn’t pay Tyrann Mathieu $14 M a year, with $27 M guaranteed, that’s for darn sure!!

              Besides, Trent Baalke is responsible for Buckner and Armstead, ShanaLynch went offense in the first 2 rounds last year, and Dee Ford is basically on a year to year contract.

              We get it Grant, Solomon Thomas was a mistake. Move on!

              1. Why are you glad the 49ers didn’t sign Mathieu?

                Buckner is the best player on the 49ers. Lynch just picked up Armstead’s fifth-year option worth $9 million. Lynch also traded a second-round pick for the right to give Dee Ford a year-to-year deal.

        3. The Chiefs got rid of both Justin Houston and Dee Ford and invested in a quality free safety — Tyrann Mathieu.

          Past performance is no guarantee of future results…especially with a lightweight safety who has gotten dinged up enough to have prematurely aged and lost a couple of steps…

  8. Common logic would be that Lynch would be on the hot seat with another sub par draft but when you have a Eddie wanna be running the show, all bets are off.

  9. I think the Niners will trade back, because they hold the key position, and there are many teams desperate for a QB.
    Sure, it takes 2 to tango, but in the history of the league, many many teams have moved up to draft the QB they covet.
    I am not looking for the Niners to get Wentz or Goff sized compensation, because those garnered multiple firsts and 6 or 7 picks. They should ask for the 17th and 24th picks from the Giants and Raiders, and be satisfied with a second round pick. The Niners should craft a deal that balances out on the TVC. That would be fair and equitable, so it would facilitate the likelihood of making the deal.
    Glad Gruden said that finding a pass rusher is hard to do. Glad Gettleman expressed interest in the Niner number 2 pick. Gruden’s askance glances at Carr spoke volumes, and Carr has been regressing over the years. Interesting to hear of the Giants interest in Haskins, then lately, not a word. With Gruden maybe moving up, and the Jets and TB expressing willingness to trade back, the Giants need to make some hard decisions. Do they wait, and risk losing out on the QB they covet? Do they move up, keeping that 17th pick, and spending only 2 second round picks and a 4th round pick to get the successor to Eli? Or do they tank for Tua?
    I will disagree with Grant. I hope the Niners trade back, and accept 2020 draft picks. If the Giants or Raiders tank, those picks will increase in value. I think they are wise investments for the future, especially if they are used to facilitate the deal.
    Yes, JL needs to hit a home run in this draft. I hope he is bold and decisive, and goes with his gut. Looking at the past draft history, I hope he considers what the coaches want, but hope he does not let them dictate the choices to be made. I especially, hope he does not spend picks moving up to get players that they could have gotten if they had been patient, and selected at their assigned spots.

    1. “They should ask for the 17th and 24th picks from the Giants and Raiders.”

      You mean 2 for Raiders 4+24… or 2 for NYG’s 6+17? If the Cards take Murray, trading 2 for Raiders 4+24 guarantees one of (possibly two of) Bosa, Allen, Williams will be at 4. Pick 24 would be a freebie. Sounds good to me.

      I’d propose trading 2+36 for the Raiders 4+24+35. Pick 35 is just inside the sweet spot for scooping up a “faller.”
      Swapping 2 for NYG’s 6+17 appeals too.

      49er web zone “One NFL scout with connections to Kyle Shanahan tells nfldraftscout “If Bosa is on the board, the Niners are picking Bosa.” Maiocco mentioned similar chatter at a recent pro day.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I think it would take a chart (or better) offer to get Lynch to trade down.

      1. Yes, for the Niners number 2 pick, the Raiders would offer 4, 24, 106. The Giants would offer 6, 17, 108. Sorry it was not clearly stated. They would almost balance out on the TVC.
        The Raiders could offer 4, 35, 106, plus a 2020 third round pick. That would allow the Raiders to keep 3 first round picks. This would be fair for both sides, because the Niners would get 3 additional picks.
        The Giants could offer 6, 37, 108, plus a 2020 second round pick. This would allow the Giants to keep 2 first round picks, This would be fair for both sides, because the Niners would also get 3 additional picks.

          1. I think the Niners could trade back with the Raiders, and if the Giants trade up with the Jets, the Niners could still draft Bosa, if Haskins and Lock are selected.

  10. One thing JL could do in this upcoming draft, is network efficiently. He should enlist the aid of people like Steve Young, and research the personnel on other teams so if the Niners make a call, they have a person who personally knows the draft person on the other team.
    JL should not use Paraag as the point man, because the other teams do not respect him, since he never played, so he should not be talking football. Paraag should be used for the financials. The other teams took advantage of the Niners, cajoling them into unfair deals like the trade up with Seattle to get Foster. By moving back, the Seahawks selected Tedric Thompson, who is now starting for the Seahawks, while Foster disappeared like a puff of smoke.
    JL should designate Martin Mayhew as the point man for calls with other teams. He is a former player, a former SB winner and a former GM. His resume commands respect, unlike Paraag, who is just a numbers guy, and a pal of the owner.
    JL should accept input from many sources. The coaches, the scouts, former players, former coaches, the analytics department and the Front Office. Even Joan in accounting. Then, he should design a strategy, and build a consensus. Ultimately, since it is his job on the line, he should go with his own gut feeling, think outside the box, and try to channel Bill Walsh.
    I hope he is churning out mocks, and saving the ones that select the best targeted players. I hope he has a trade back deal brokered ahead of time, and fall back plans if things change. With enough preparations, the outcome may be decided ahead of time. This draft may not only determine the outcome of next season, it may affect the future of the franchise for years to come.

    1. Seb

      I do somewhat agree with your post…but be reminded that too many cooks ruin the stew…A mule is a horse designed by a committee….

      1. Ore I did say that JL should accept input, but eventually, it should be his call, and he should go with his gut.
        Case in point. JL did not even have Joe Williams on his draft board. KS stood up on a desk and demanded that they TRADE UP to get him. JL, wanting to be a team player, let KS convince him that Joe Williams would be a great addition to the Niners. JL did not want to veto KS, so he let KS convince him to select JW, and that would mean they were both on the same page. JW was a KS pick.
        I want JL to be cognizant of past history. KS wanted JW, Foster, and CJB , and wanted them so bad, he got Paraag to wheel and deal to move up. JL now knows that he should have not made those selections, and in the case of Pettis, he should have been patient, saved the pick, and selected Pettis at 59.
        With the past draft history, I hope JL learns from his mistakes, and I hope KS learns that he should not be so insistent on certain players.Maybe KS should make his wishes known, then let the scouts have equal say, since they have been studying the players for months, and even years.
        Ore, I want JL to be bold and decisive, and let KS eat a little humble pie. Looking at the past draft history, that would be the wisest course of action. KS should not be HC, OC, GM and scout. He should be the HC, delegate authority, and let people do their jobs.

        1. Your praise for Lynch and criticism of Shanahan in terms of the draft is baffling to me.
          Kyle made a mistake on Joe Williams yes, but Beatherd is ok for a 4th rounder they gave up a (4th and a throw away 7th in the trade up) and per Peter King he thought it was more because Lynch wanted Kyle to have his guy than because Kyle wanted to trade up.
          Lynch wanted Solomon Thomas and Rueban Foster both of which were whiffs and that’s on him considering Kyle is the offensive mind and Lynch is the defensive mind in the room.

          1. CJB is 1-9, and I think Foster was too much of a red flagged player to be on JL’s draft board. Sure, JL said all the right things to justify Foster, but the trade up was instigated by Paraag, and his dealing with a division rival. The trade up for CJB, Joe Williams and Pettis all had KS’s fingerprints all over them, so it is not a stretch to assume Foster’s trade up was because the HC wanted him, and JL wanted to be on the same page as his HC.

            1. If what you said is true then John Lynch is worthless as a GM and is little more than a public relations officer and a lackey.
              Jed should have brought any Joe Schmoe off the street to do the same job, paid him far less and not guaranteed him a 6 year contract.

              1. The Niners should have taken an even bolder step than with JL and hired Mike Mayock as the GM. Sure, he would be as much a yes-man to KS as JL is, but at least he’s likely a much better judge of football horseflesh.

                John Dorsey would have been terrific, but he wasn’t available when we needed to send Baalke through the trapdoor, and in any event it’s highly doubtful he would have wanted to work for a boob like Jed.

              2. Mike Mayock’s misses:

                1. Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M (2014)
                Mayock rated the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner as the highest quarterback in the draft over Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, and Jimmy Garoppolo. After struggling off the field, Manziel only lasted two seasons in the NFL after the Browns drafted him with the 22nd overall pick in 2014.

                2. Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee (2013)
                Patterson’s big-playmaking ability led to Mayock ranking him as the second best wide receiver in the draft, over DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, and Robert Woods. Patterson was ultimately the third wide receiver to come off the board at 29 overall. Since entering the league, he has been arguably the best kick returner in the NFL, but has yet to record 500 receiving yards or five touchdowns in a season.

                3. Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri (2011)
                2010 Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton was viewed as the consensus top quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft, that is except for Mayock who had Gabbert rated higher. Newton, the 2015 MVP winner, was eventually the number one overall pick, and has been to three Pro Bowls . Gabbert on the other hand was the tenth overall pick, and has been one of the bigger draft busts of the past decade.

                4. Le’Veon Bell, RB Michigan State (2013)
                Mayock’s 94th overall prospect was taken in the second round at pick 48 by the Steelers. He is arguably the most dynamic running back in the NFL and has been to three Pro Bowls. Bell helped revolutionize the position as the ultimate two-way threat as he can even line up at wide receiver.

                5. DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson (2013)
                Despite having some of the most reliable hands in the draft, Hopkins was his fifth rated receiver. He has since been named a First-Team All-Pro twice, and will likely be named one in 2019 for the third year in a row. Hopkins has topped 1,000 yards four seasons, two of which he surpassed 1,500 receiving yards.

                6. Mitchell Schwartz, OT, California (2012)
                Schwartz was Mayock’s eighth rated tackle, and 62nd overall prospect. Six seasons after the Browns made him the third tackle drafted at 37 overall, he has recorded over 100 consecutive career starts and was named a 2018 All-Pro right tackle with the Chiefs.

                7. Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina State (2018)
                As a rookie, Leonard led the NFL with 163 tackles on top of seven sacks and four forced fumbles. He was named a First-Team All-Pro and is a favorite to win Defensive Rookie of the Year. Leonard was drafted by the Colts at 36 overall, but he was Mayock’s 87th rated prospect. It’s still early, but this looks like a major whiff for the Raiders new general manager.

                8. Kevin White, WR, West Virginia (2015)
                White broke out as a senior at West Virginia recording over 1,400 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. He left an impression on Mayock, who rated him as the highest receiver in the draft over Amari Cooper. Cooper has since topped 1,000 yards receiving three times in his four-year career, while White has failed to top 200 yards in a season and has started just five games.

                9. Mark Sanchez, QB, USC (2009)
                After throwing for over 3,000 yards and 34 touchdowns as a junior, Mayock had Sanchez as his highest rated quarterback over Georgia’s Matthew Stafford. Ten years later, Sanchez is a backup on the Redskins, and Stafford has recorded over 38,000 passing yards.

                10. Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College (2011)
                Castonzo has actually had a productive NFL career having started 116 games at left tackle for the Colts who selected him with the 22nd overall pick. Nevertheless, he appears on this list because Mayock had him rated higher than both Tyron Smith and Nate Solder, who were both drafted higher and are still two of the best offensive tackles in the NFL.

                From one doofus to another, don’t take yourself so seriously. You’ll end up with foot and mouth disease.

  11. I disagree with Grant’s perspective that this is a prove it year for Lynch. Unless he totally messes up the entire draft and the team tanks again. Lynch and Shanahan are a team. They were hired for expressly that purpose– because they work together and not against each other. They are not going to throw Lynch to the wolves halfway during their rebuilding process. That is a drastic move that is just not going to happen. They were given 6 years and those years will be evaluated using the initial construct that they were hired as. How well they work together to build the team. In the rebuilding stage, their effectiveness is the product of their tandem. not just on one or the other.

    Of course, all of us were not in the meetings where the details for their six-year rebuilding contracts were agreed too. Or the plan that was laid out by Shanahan and Lynch that convinced York that they were the men for the job and why he gave them six years. Throughout their first year, it became evident that the majority of the poster on this site were clueless with respect to the process they were following to rebuild the team. These posters were still locked into the methods that most coaches and GM’s used that did not have a six-year plan in place. The opinion that this is a make or break year for Lynch is just an extension of that same myopic perspective.

    1. How do you sate a fanbase that would have endured it’s 6th season in a row without playoffs, if you tell them that the current regime is all fine and working with 3 years of losing records to their name? Hypothetical I know, but the seat has got to be hot by then, surely?

  12. Trading down would be my choice. There are just too many good defensive players that can be grabbed in mid 1st round. However if trading down isn’t possible, I’d pass on Bosa. Getting Ford eliminates the great need there even if he might be the best in draft. I’d prefer either Quinnen Williams to complement Buckner or an excellent Linebacker, Josh Allen. Ford, Buckner, and either Williams or Allen would be a pretty stout defensive front. Second round must be a receiver.

    1. IMHO, second round should be an OL if there’s one at/near BPA at that point. They really need at least two, but beggars can’t be choosers. The Niners offensive line is one of the worst in the league, and Staley isn’t getting any younger better.

      If Shanahan can’t recognize a pretty good receiver for his system later on in the draft, he shouldn’t be making personnel decisions.

      1. I have a bet going on this, so I really hope the Niners trade back, and get an O lineman and WR in the second round.
        I really really hope Chris Lindstrom falls to the Niners at 36.
        N’Keal Harry is ranked 35, so he would be my choice for WR.

  13. Benjamin Allbright‏
    Verified account
    Apr 4
    Washington/Rosen looks more and more like the pairing, unless someone else steps up their offer.

    Come to papa Bosa!

  14. I’m all for trading back if they get a decent offer. I really like Bosa, but I think they can still get a good edge guy to pair with Ford after trading back while also adding a key piece at another position.

    I would prefer a trio of Allen/ Burns, AJ Brown and Juan Thornhill in the first 36 picks over Bosa and just one of those guys.

    1. Yes, a good trade back, I think most are for. However, this has to be a good offseason or the team will languish (like Carolina).

        1. Well, I did predict he’d have Thomas at the top of his draft board. I guess us doofus’ think alike. One 1st round pick and some change for our #2 might work for a chump like yourself, but it’s not good enough for us doofus’….

    2. I don’t necessarily disagree Scooter, but who’s going to offer the 49ers a fair deal? Maybe the Raiders want the Mizzu QB – Drew Lock, enough to move up to #2, to insure nobody else does (as I’ve heard Gruden is smitten with Lock after the Senior Bowl), but that’s about the only scenario that looks promising at the moment, and that’s assuming they move Carr before the draft. I know the Giants need a QB, but are they willing to give up what it will cost to move up, when they have a number of other needs? Denver should be in the market for Joe Flacco’s replacement, but signing Flacco probably means they aren’t planning on moving up to #2 to get one.

      A lot can change between now and the draft, but I’m not holding my breath!

      1. No arguments from me – I have said many times it isn’t as easy as some make out to find a trade partner. That’s why I consciously avoided saying anything like they have to trade back. But if they get a decent offer I very much think they should. And it doesn’t have to be a king’s ransom – the Giants 6 and 17 would be enough for me. If they can get some change with that then great.

        As much as I think Bosa will be very good I think it is silly to believe he will be the only good pass rusher from this class, or the only edge that will considerably improve the 49ers. Obviously if they trade back the onus will be on the front office to correctly ID who will be good, but that’s the game and what they are paid for. If they can’t do it they shouldn’t be there.

        This team still has a lot of areas to improve, and they only have six picks this year and are already down a 2nd round pick next year. While I don’t advocate for trading back multiple times to get lots of mid round picks, getting 3 picks inside the top 36 would be very useful to address some key areas by taking some of the top guys available at positions of strength in this draft.

    1. I’m rooting for Moore. Here’s one of the comments —

      “backintheday99 says:
      April 5, 2019 at 7:34 pm

      I watched every one of his snaps as a Giant. Played more as time went on and got into the rotation. Talent wise, sure looked like JPP was the only guy who was more gifted.

      But he became the high risk/high reward guy who became a risk. I don’t recall his NY snafus off the field. One fight but I’m sure there was a lot more. There certainly were some incredibly dumb penalties.

      Here’s hoping he got smarter, grew up, whatever the words are. I root for people and the game, regardless of my Giants bias.”

      1. Was that you George? :) I read that….and I root for players like these as well.

        I don’t know how it will turn out….maybe he is a camp body or maybe he edges out Blair. Don’t know, but sure will keep a watch on the D-Line come training camp.

  15. Great article Grant. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while. Here is where I think the nut/knot is. Kyle believes he can be innovative on the field, if he has the right players to execute his innovations and creativity. This doesn’t require the FO to be innovative, because there are metrics in play for certain players that Kyle is looking for, for better or worse. Case in point, CJ as a QB that fit Shanny’s metric points. And while this type of evaluation and placement of players is in alignment with other gridiron architects (Bill Walsh and Jimmy Johnson come to mind) a team can miss out on outstanding players as a result. Pat Mahomes is one case in point. I had Mahomes as the top QB in his class with Watson in the second position.

    KS so badly wanted Cousins, and building a year out from his release, that Mahomes was never an option. This was incredibly faulty thinking and it affected the rest of the draft by inexplicably trading up to get Beathard.

    Lynch needs to prove that he’s not just a suit and insert himself into the draft. He’s made mistakes. Thomas and Foster come quickly to mind, and he needs to overcome those picks and the natural tendency to be conservative.

    I also have a bit of a beef with Paraag. He’s always reminded me of the Rasputin to the York’s Romanovs. He was a key player in the awful hire of Mike Nolan. He ushered Bill Walsh out. When Jim Harbaugh was the coach, I think Paraag was the leaker, Jed’s henchman.

    He may draft a crafty deal, but I think the guy is toxic and he’s been a common thread all the way through Denise’s ownership with losing and a losing culture.

    The Niners lack of success ensures in some ways that Marathe can still be employed. If the team was uber successful, other teams would court Marathe, but they don’t. He’s been a constant since the Donahue debacle and so deeply embedded that Lynch and almost any other FO personnel have to deal with his constant presence and influence with Jed.

    I think he’s bad juju and if anyone should go, it’s the svengali of the salary cap and ultimately, Jed’s handler.

        1. To complete this thread, remember Jed’s humiliation tour, wandering from city to city, and getting doors slammed in his face? Remember who was his side kick? Paraag. Some potential GMs would not even meet with them. Then, months later that person became a GM, because it was not Jed who was the owner.
          Luckily, JL fell into his lap and saved Jed from any more humiliation. I wonder why Jed thought that Paraag had a clue about what criteria makes up a good GM. Maybe he thought fleshing out the financials was the best strategy to tackle first, when it should have been the last thing they do.
          No wonder they gave both KS and JL 6 year contracts.

    1. Nice post, and very Sensible Captain! ShanaLynch have thankfully done better with their middle and late round picks. This team needs to to start winning though, and I suspect they will. BTW, I’ll take Jimmy G over Kirk Cousins any day!

  16. Tre Boston is still a free agent and he’s only 26 years old. Wasn’t he high on Grant’s and other’s list as a FA safety pickup. Curious that no team has signed him yet.

    1. He’s earned a reputation as an inconsistent tackler, and I would imagine that’s played a big role in his unemployment.

      1. Razor: FS Tre Boston:
        * This article is obviously dated, but is relevant to Boston’s abilities to play FS

        * “He’s earned a reputation as an inconsistent tackler, and I would imagine that’s played a big role in his unemployment.”

        * Overlooked Free-Agent Safety Tre Boston Could Be a Game-Changer for NFL Teams.
        * The kind of free safety Boston played most of the time is perhaps the most difficult kind of safety play. In Los Angeles’ defense, where Cover-1 and Cover-3 base schemes are the order of the day, the free safety is tasked to play the deep third of the defense. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2786243-overlooked-free-agent-safety-tre-boston-could-be-a-game-changer-for-nfl-teams
        * As a FS he wasn’t asked to play the run much, and the Chargers preferred him deep as opposed to the slot.
        * “IF” the 9ers signed Boston to a team friendly one year veteran minimum contract, it would be a steal and be one less position they’d need to fill in the draft.

  17. “The season is like we’re in a submarine – we’re all in the submarine and we go down together,” Garoppolo said, via 49ers offensive assistant Katie Sowers (per The Football Girl Podcast).

    No muff too tough, we dive at 5!

    1. As we live a life of ease
      Every one of us has all we need
      Sky of blue, and sea of green
      In our red and gold, submarine.

    2. “The season is like we’re in a submarine – we’re all in the submarine and we go down together.”

      And every Niner player hearing that might have thought to himself, “No, pretty boy, if you want to play in a submarine, go ahead. We’re not gonna be tethered to your anchor.”

      1. And every Niner player hearing that might have thought to himself, “No, pretty boy, if you want to play in a submarine, go ahead. We’re not gonna be tethered to your anchor.”

        Call it a hunch, but players like Staley, McGlinchey and Kittle are thinking, SEMPER FI Motherf**kers!

  18. This article is just hogwash. Lynch is not in hot water or in any danger of loosing his job. They have only had 2 years since taking over a destroyed team. They got 6 year contracts for a reason. Only 2 people matter for lynches future. Jed and Mike.

    My belief is that the 2 most important factors for a successful organization is that the Coach and GM have to be on the same page and are a team not to be separated. The second factor is having a plan and sticking to it and with the people involved. The quickest way to destroy a team is for the owner to keep firing people because he doesn’t get instant success.

    1. Instant success? No, but 4-12 is not heading in the right direction. If they go 2-14, it is a foregone conclusion that JL will be the scapegoat. 6-10, 4-12, 2-14 is not a good look.
      However, I am hopeful. I expect an 8-8 season, and if JL can hit a grand slam in the draft, maybe even a winning season. If the moon and planets align, maybe even a shot at a wild card spot.

            1. I’m betting many many many more games were won in the 9th by stringing together hits than from a walk off grand slam.

              1. Which makes the grand slam walk off so special. A grand slam also takes stringing together some hits to load the bases.

              2. I want them to win a SB. That is like hitting a grand slam.
                You may want them to bunt for a hit. That is fine, too.

      1. Seb, hopefully Jed is smart enough to view the situation using other factors than just the current win loss record. The roster is obviously better as is the attitude in the locker room. To start talking failure and the blame game after 2 seasons is rediculous.

        1. Yes, but we are also talking about Jed who fired JH and kept Baalke, then fired Tomsula and Chip.
          4-12 sure is not successful, although Jed likes to be rewarded with a high draft position.
          Yes, Jed is learning from his mistakes. Generally, he has stopped talking, and has stopped the leaks.I just wish he would get smarter, quicker.
          I am also happy with JL, and am rooting for his success. He is a big reason why the culture in the locker room has changed. I wish KS would also learn from his mistakes, and accepts all the help he can get. Yes, the roster has improved, and I hope the coaching has, too.

          1. Seb:
            * “Yes, but we are also talking about Jed who fired JH and kept Baalke, then fired Tomsula and Chip.”

            * Are you not the same Seb that told me Jed and the Yorks should not shared the blame for the 9ers past failures? Didn’t you blame it all on “The stench of Baalke?” So which is it, all Baake’s fault or not?
            * You also failed (or refused), to explain how Baalke could fire, or hire, a HC without the approval of Jed and the Yorks. Would you care to do so now?

            1. Geep, good morning. I will try to keep it simple, so you can understand what I say.
              The Yorks hired Baalke. Jed went with an empty suit over a HC.
              The stench of Baalke is also emanating from you, not just Cassie.

  19. Lynch will get a pass this season because of the major injuries suffered last year to key players.
    Garoppolo and McKinnon was a huge loss and Garcon was not the same after returning from his neck injury.
    Our best RB Breida played hurt and Mostert got injured. The offense was never stable last season.

    Through all this, some promising players emerged in the likes of Kittle, McGlinchey, Pettis, Warner and Mullens.

    Unless the team continues the tailspin of loses this season with a healthy lineup, Lynch won’t be on the hot-seat until 2020.
    7-9 wins gets Lynch to complete his full contract.

      1. OR,
        That would be great.
        My only pause is that they would need to learn how to win on the road if they want to reach 10 wins.

        If they can win 6 games at home and 4 on the road it would be a significant achievment. Going 5 and 5 would be nice as well, but winning 5 road games might be a big challenge.on
        Right now this team needs to learn how to win at home.
        But it’s a new season, and anything can happen.

  20. JL and his scouts should be fired if he misses again on a top 5 pick. You can’t miss twice in 3 years l, that sets back franchises years.
    On the other hand if JL trades back in the draft and gets fleeced and Nick Bosa ends up being a beast he should be fired for that too

        1. It certainly wasn’t the one where you said Michael Turner would run rough shot all over the 49ers in the NFC Championship game, that’s for sure.

      1. I’ve said this before only to be called a fool, an idiot and most recently a racist. The 49ers do not properly allocate their money to talent. Or to state it another way – they don’t manage their cap as well as the elite teams. Who has been the constant throughout the continued rebuilding and plain poor football ? – the man with the title Cap Manager and master of analytics. Most people reacted the same as last year’s FA period – Wow, these guys are being paid too much! Juice, McKinnon, Richburg, Alexander, Ford…. and on. Big money but small production. Then the subject turns to rationalization of how they are hidden brilliant moves. It’s bang for the buck that matters in the cap era. Production per dollar spent. I’m as much a fan as anyone on this board but let’s just say that I’m a little more skeptical. I’m going to wait until they start winning to congratulate and celebrate. No doubt I will be called a fool again but there are two constants in the York’s El Stinko era – the York’s and Paraag. To use a term from the financial world (which also applies to the football world) – Is it correlation or causation? The 49ers under the Yorks constantly look like the tail is wagging the dog to me.

        1. WC, I sure will never call you a fool or idiot. I think your football acumen is spot on, and impressive.
          You speak the truth, and some cannot handle the truth.
          Please ignore that troll who calls you a racist. You seem to be one of the more level headed posters on this site.

      2. your right, Razor…………these downer people cant see the forest from the trees.

        Having said that, if we see no growth, no improvement and just 3-5 wins this yr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        Then the Sebs of the world and their Debbie-Downer attitudes will have plenty to crow about!! (And that is an activity they are very proficient at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

        1. Whine…………

          I agree with what you said, tho…………the one constant seems to be Prag to this largely two decade nightmare. Prag and old man York, who’s pulling the strings.
          We’ll know more by the end of the year. Shanny has plenty of talent to be strongly competitive.

          Sebbs……..see you at Red’s!!!!!! Cassie’s buyin!!

          1. Saw, I knew you just could not help yourself. I am predicting an 8-8 season, so I do not know where the Debbie Downer label came from.
            I just call ’em like I see ’em. Niners need to improve.

  21. Who is #3?

    If Bosa and Williams comprise the first two names on their list, who’s next? Who’s the guy they are targeting if they trade back?

    If the team ends up at #4 they would still likely be able to get Williams. There would probably be two QB’s taken and then the Jets would take Bosa.

    If they end up #6 or higher I think they’re out of the running for their top two picks. Josh Allen seems like a highly possible pick. Rashan Gary and Ed Oliver do as well.

    The players they should target in the 6+ range are either Cody Ford G or Deandre Baker CB

    I will take back every single bad comment I’ve made about John Lynch if they draft Cody Ford.

    1. CFC
      * I like Cody Ford, who could play both OG and OT, but think a replacement for LT J. Staley is a more urgent need.
      * Also, after signing Mike Perso, I’d be surprised to see the 9ers drafting another OG.

      * Andre Dillard, Washington St. OT would, in my opinion, be that player. Not only are Dillards Combine metrics better than Fords, he could also learn from Staley before taking over when Staley retires.

      1. Maiocco reported that Staley will play 2-3 more years. I expect them to draft a developmental prospect later on to compete with Coleman.

        1. Razor: Sorry, I missed your response yesterday.
          * As you recall, I proposed a 4th and 6th round draft prospect. The question is, if the 9ers do draft an OT developmental prospect, can / will he beat out Shan Coleman? If not, it’s a wasted draft pick!
          * And just because Maiocco “reported” Staley will play 2-3 more years, doesn’t make it a reality.

          1. Maiocco is pretty reliable because he’s effectively the media filter for the front office, and Staley doesn’t impress me as a flaky personality. If he says he’s in it for 2-3 more years, I’d take him at his word, as I imagine the team will as well. Coleman was a 3rd round pick, and he should give them a better idea as to how he fits into their long term plans given his full grasp of the offense this year. As for a wasted pick, I’m not so sure I’d agree with that because you’ve got to give him some competition. Plus they may want to stash the draft pick on the practice squad in the event they believe he can be the swing tackle down the road. As you’re well aware, this offense takes some time to get acclimated to. Even Staley admitted to not having mastered it until midseason….

      2. None of their current Guards are decent NFL starters so I would argue that OG is the more urgent need versus OT. Factor in that the Guards appear to be the better prospects in this years OL crop PLUS the teams investment in the run game and it makes more sense to address the position now and with a player that is potentially one of the best players in this years draft. I don’t have any real expectations of them drafting Ford but I do think them taking one in the 2nd round isn’t inconceivable. Chris Lindstrom would be a good one in the second round.

        Staley if he remains healthy likely has two more seasons left. I imagine they’ll attempt to draft his replacement next year where they have some intriguing prospects at the position.

        1. The likely hood of a rookie guard learning this offense, and winning a starting job is nominal in my opinion. I think Shanny is fine with the continuity upfront as evidenced by the resigning of Person. He’s got Garnett and others to throw into the mix for competition….

  22. Grant…

    Top 10 prospects in the 2019 draft–those identified by mainstream media and respected draft wonks…. Would be interesting to know who represents these prospects (their agents), and what issues may lurk given these agents. Any of these agents have healthy relationships with the 9ers? Any agents nearly impossible to deal with?

    1. Bosa’s dad has a bit of the Archie Manning parental syndrome going on. There will likely be some posturing WRT offsets and guaranteed $. Hold out a possibility.

      1. Gawd, let’s hope John Bosa doesn’t turn out to be the LaVar Ball of the NFL. Unless Arizona drafts Bosa after all. Which has begun to look like a distinct possibility according the latest variety of flour from the rumor mill.

        1. Doesn’t matter who the Cardinals draft, whether it be Bosa Constrictor or Murray. Either way, we win by either getting the best pass rusher in the draft or a chitload of draft picks. Both scenarios work for me. The Cardinals are caught up in a rock in a hard place….

          1. So you think that this year, Murray has exceptional value for a QB-starving team other than the Cards — a pretty special case — and that another team will mortgage their future by trading up to #2? Just don’t see that happening with the Giants, Dolphins, Redskins, etc., although you never know with some wacky front offices. IMHO, the Niners will have an interesting time on the clock if Bosa goes first, and so will we fans with anticipation and dread about what JL ends up doing — given the last two years.

            1. It’s not the front offices you need to worry about. It’s the owners. Redskins did it for RGMe, and all it takes is a guy like Ross to make it so. He’d love nothing more than to put butts in the seats by adding an electrifying talent like Murray, and all the headlines it would entail….

              Gettleman isn’t moving up for a quarterback, and especially Murray.

              Redskins are in talks for Rosen, so I don’t see them repeating their mistake.

  23. Grant,
    A couple of questions for you. #1 have sacks fallen in the NFL the last few years and if so how much? #2 if they haven’t fallen i’m guessing you might attribute that to better DB play than pass rush. If that is the case can you tell me has the avg time a QB has held the ball while being sacked gone up or more simply are there more coverage sacks? Thanks

    1. This article makes me realize just how badly the 49ers want a top WR.

      While this is old news:
      The 49ers were willing to move from No. 2 to No. 6 in a deal that included Beckham. They just weren’t willing to relinquish the No. 2 overall pick straight up without a pick swap.

      The following is a new twist:
      The 49ers were stunned. Lynch and Gettleman had multiple conversations spanning weeks. Despite the 49ers monitoring the situation closely, they ultimately never heard from the Giants before the trade was made. Gettleman’s contact with Lynch ended the days prior to the conversations with Cleveland. It’s strongly believed the 49ers would have been willing to offer more for a wide receiver of Beckham’s stature, according to a league source.

      I’m now firmly in the camp that the 49ers will look to trade down. They wanted a top receiver and were willing to settle for the next tier pass rusher in the draft. They won’t get a receiver of Beckham’s stature in the draft, but I think they will still go for a trade down to 4 (Raiders) or 6 (Giants), since a top pass rusher is not the most pressing concern. If no trades materialize, then I think Lynch goes with the safest pick, which is Bosa. Even if Bosa ultimately fails, Lynch won’t be blamed because the consensus is almost unanimous that Bosa is the top defensive player in the draft.


      Pro Bowl defensive tackle DeForest Buckner’s name was also brought up at some point in the conversations between Gettleman and Lynch. The 49ers didn’t want to go there.

      I had some thoughts that if the 49ers take QW, they might let Buckner go after his rookie contract. But, imo, it’s better to reward talent as it keeps players very motivated to play for the team.

      1. Yeah, I think some people are:

        1. Underestimating how much Shanahan wants to add a top flight WR. This idea Shanahan is willing to get by with lesser talent because his scheme makes guys productive is over blown. Yes, he can get by, but he wants his offense to win games and having a really good group of WRs plus Kittle will go a long way to making the offense excel. There isn’t a WR worth taking at #2, and probably not even a top 10 pick if they trade down. But if they are able to get a second 1st rounder later in the round I find it hard to believe that it won’t be used on a WR. At worst it will be #36.

        2. The impact Ford has on their draft. Actually, that’s not 100% accurate. Its more what their willingness to trade to get Ford means about their thoughts at #2. While I very much expect them to take Bosa if they don’t get a good trade offer (and he is available) I very much think the preference is to move back. Ford gives them more leeway to do just that.

        1. Longer odds against, but it’s possible a team might want to move up to #2 for Bosa, QW or even Allen, not just for a QB. There does have to be a team in love with a prospect to pay the price.

          1. They didn’t trade a 2020 2nd to have him for one year. Don’t let the contract structure blind you. They expect him to be here for most of that contract. They just have some outs if he doesn’t live up to it.

            1. Sure they expect him to be fine, but they wouldn’t have structured his contract in the fashion they did if they didn’t have some trepidation….

              1. They structure almost everyone’s contract that way. Who was the last big money signing they didn’t do the same for?

              2. Scooter, the inconsistency and back surgery is why they signed him to that contract. Same goes for Alexander. Same with Sherman. Do you think they could get those kind of contracts if they didn’t come with question marks? I don’t. That’s why the Chiefs could only get a 2nd rounder for him….

              3. They have done the same thing for pretty much every big money player they have signed in recent memory. When was the last time one of those guys only saw out one year of their contract? If you think they traded for and paid big for Ford and don’t expect the team to believe he will a massive part of their forward plans at edge you are, quite honestly, kidding yourself.

              4. They’ve signed a bunch of good players with question marks, including Garoppolo. Sure they have great expectations but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be met. Hence the team friendly contracts. Is it your contention that Buckner will need to sign that type of contract, because if you do; quite honestly, you’re kidding yourself….

              5. Yes, you keep saying that. Where have I argued against that being the case? I am very much aware of why they did it, and why the team keeps doing it with these big money signings. That is not the point I am making.

                They very much expect Ford to be a long term answer at edge. He is most definitely not viewed as a one year rental like you said. The contract effectively being a series of one year deals is immaterial in terms of how it impacts their plans and expectations.

              6. If Ford does not meet expectations they can cut him loose after this year. It’s like a prenuptial, and why I said what I did. Of course they see him in their long term plans, but someone once said, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry….

              7. They can do the same to JG.

                As I said, your one year rental comment was way off base. That is not at all what they see the deal being. To think otherwise is ridiculous. You haven’t explained why you think the deal is a one year rental in any of your subsequent comments, just outlined the structure of the deal. Which as I have pointed out means nothing as they do the exact same thing with all their big money players these days. It is not an indicator of the team expecting this to be a one year deal.

              8. Yea, they won’t get away with that kind of contract when it comes to signing Buckner.

              9. I imagine there will be more years worth of guarantees for Buckner, yes. But wouldn’t be surprised if they still try and keep the signing bonus fairly low and push as much of the cap hit up front as possible. Basically make it a 2-3 year deal with (effectively) a bunch of 1 year deals after that.

                But also not sure how that is relevant to the discussion of Ford being a 1 year rental.

              10. One year Rental?
                I have to agree with Scooter on this.
                SF signs everyone to as team friendly of a deal as possible. This wont always be the case as some players wont be willing to sign such deals, but don’t believe for a second SF wont try to do the same thing to Buckner if they can. They did it with Jimmy G., Richard Sherman, Dee Ford, Juice, and McKinnon.
                Maybe Buckner will want a longer term contract, but if SF can offer enough guaranteed money in the first two years then its possible he will accept the deal simply because of the amount of guaranteed money up front… as its the proverbial bird in hand.
                A common misnomer with these “team friendly” contracts SF is signing, is that they are being cheap. They are not, they are overpaying players up front to gain flexibility on the back end.

              11. @Shoup:

                “A common misnomer with these “team friendly” contracts SF is signing, is that they are being cheap. They are not, they are overpaying players up front to gain flexibility on the back end.”

                Exactly. The intent is to have these players stay with the team long term, but, in case things don’t work out, the team has flexibility to move on. These types of contracts (more upfront money) seem to be possible if the team has a fair amount of cap space.

              12. I hope the Niners are proactive, and sign Buckner to an extension. The Niners need to show loyalty, and retain veteran talent and leadership, and Buckner is the best defender on the team.
                The Niners still have 36 mil in estimated cap space, so I hope he is extended by mid season.

              13. Buckner is going to be interesting because he has the same agent as Mack in Segal. I wouldn’t try to get too cute with his contract negotiations because he’s your cornerstone piece defensively….

              14. Scooter, Shoup, Cubus and Sebbers:

                Follow Follow @JasonLaCanfora
                49ers essentially gave up a 2 to rent Dee Ford year-to-year starting at $20M for 2019. Given his erratic production, smart move for the team. Odds of Ford getting serious long-term guarantees were always steep, in KC or otherwise.

                Although I understand y’all’s point and it’s a fair one, I feel like LaCanfora reinforces mine.

              15. Razor, maybe it would help if you define what you mean by one year rental?

                To me it is not a one year rental as to me a one year rental is a one year contract where you want a short term fix or are seeing if you like the fit. It implies you are not making long term plans around it. While Ford’s deal provides the flexibility to let him go if he doesn’t work out, I am very much of the opinion he is part of their long term plans so it doesn’t constitute a one year rental.

              16. Scooter, did you miss the adverb from my original statement? Anyways, I do see your point and acknowledged it is fair. If I wasn’t clear enough, my apologies.

  24. Brian Baldinger
    Writer | NFL.com
    + Follow On Twitter
    Nick Bosa’s advanced skill set makes him the most pro-ready
    There’s only one pass rusher in this class (that I see) that has an advanced skill set coming into the league: Nick Bosa. A lot of other guys have great potential, but they aren’t close to finished when it comes to learning the art of pass rushing. Bosa can dip, bend, play the left or right side of the line or inside. He is so versatile and has countless counter moves so he doesn’t stay blocked. He has an uncanny ability to consistently get to the quarterback because of that elite skill set coming out of college.

      1. Wait, aren’t you and all the “experts” like CFC going to pretend you know more than Baldy and confirm he is a card carrying member of the doofus club?

  25. New trade back scenario. TB is not enamored with Winston. He throws too many picks, and Arians wants Haskins, after making a full team assessment. There has already been a mock showing TB taking Haskins at 5.
    Giant may lose out on Haskins if they do not move up in the draft, but I am thinking that TB may want to move up, because the Raiders may take Haskins at 4.
    The Bucs could move up to number 2, by offering the Niners their first and second round picks (5, 39), plus their 2020 second round pick. It would balance out on the TVC if the Bucs pick 19th in the 2020 draft. If the Giants move up with the Jets to take Lock, the Niners could select Josh Allen, since Bosa would fall to Gruden at 4.
    Maybe the Giants do not move up, the Jets take Bosa and the Raiders take Q Williams, then the Niners still get Allen or Oliver. However, the Niners may trade back with Denver, since they want Lock. Denver could offer the Niners their first and second round picks (10, 41), for the Niners newly acquired number 5.
    The Niners would trade back twice, lose out on Bosa, Allen, Williams and Oliver , but would gain 2 second round picks, and still could possibly get Sweat, Gary, Ferrell, White, Taylor or Burns.
    The Niners would end up with pick numbers 10, 36, 39, 41, 67, 104, 176 and 212, plus TB’s 2020 second round pick. Getting pick numbers 39 and 41 would assure the Niners could select 3 players in the second round that could starters, thus helping the rebuild.
    Following Cubus’s post, Gettleman may be trying to play hardball with the Niners, so the Niners should not do the Giants any favors. Giants would miss out on Haskins and Lock, but maybe they are tanking for Tua.

  26. The trade scenarios I see most are trades with the Raiders or Giants. What about swapping first round picks with JAX and JAX sends us Jalen Ramsey? Burns would almost certainly still be available. However, since JAX signed Foles, there probably is less incentive for them to trade up.

    1. Yawn.
      Give it up. the aaf is deader than a doornail.
      EVERY team will be signing couch potatoes, even ex- aaf players.

      1. Gee Sebbie…

        Are you okay? Mannion was NEVER part of the AAF. Talk about knee jerk reactions…

        1. You are such a cheerleader for the aaf, I just assumed he was another player from the aaf. I did not bother to click on your link.
          Guess Mannion was too good for the aaf, but he was still a couch potato.

              1. Ms. Baalke, I had a teacher who had this wooden paddle drilled with small holes throughout so as to travel through the air more efficiently prior to striking your buttocks. Needless to say, the students back then were a little more respectful….

              2. Cassie, whenever you try some football snark on me, I only need to remind you of your infatuation with the aaf. Of all the hundreds of players, how many will be signed to an NFL squad? 10? 20?

    2. Cassie

      Sean Mannion is a more accurate passer than Cousins…and in a year or two could move past him to start

    1. If focused he could bring some competition in OTAs and training camp. I think he’s a decent addition. If he earns a roster spot, great. If not, no great loss for the team. Hope he does well.

      1. Maybe Ford will take him under his wing. Show him the work ethic he needs to excel. Has the talent. Maybe the kid’s ready now. Long shot.

  27. Ford gives them the flexibility to make the most of this draft, and if they take Bosa it has nothing to do with the structure of Ford’s contract. In fact Razor you could say that about nearly all contracts structured by Paraag. Ford serves two alternative directions in the first round of this draft-as a complement to another edge/LEO, or as the primary (or only) rusher if the route taken is other than edge.

  28. Been perusing the blogs and the NY Giants seem to buy in the notion that they will draft Haskins at number 6. 45% of their mocks have Haskins at 6, with Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat and Jawaan Taylor the next 3 most popular choices.
    With the Niners, Jets and TB expressing a willingness to trade back, the Giants better decide whether to trade up to get Haskins, or staying put and missing out on him. Many are downplaying Haskins’ skills, but they are fooling no one. The silence about Haskins is very telling, especially when almost half the mocks are picking him.

    1. One guy on the Giants blog has them picking Will Grier with the 17th pick, which is way high considering he is ranked 157 on Draftek. Guess they are blowing a lot of smoke to hide their interest in Haskins.

  29. Although I agree with Grant that Lynch is kinda on the hot seat, I don’t think he will be fired.
    I believe this teams downfall has been the injuries. And last season was an odd season with injuries. Not to often you see the key injuries to key players like last season.

    I can’t see this happening again.
    I think the defense will be fine. Whether they trade back or pick Bosa or Allen.
    The piece that concerns me a bit is JG.
    I have some faith he will be great, but I didn’t like the wave he was on before getting injured. I knew he’d struggle a bit with an offseason and defenses having more film.
    Wish he would have played a little more so I could see if he could adjust like the nfl did with him.

    I think some of the faithful are overlooking a sleeper in this team.
    Again I’ll say IF HEALTHY I think this team is a playoff caliber team.
    And I believe they’re not a few pieces away from the playoffs, I think they’re a couple of pieces away from a Super Bowl.
    They’re going to shock some fans this year.
    Keep this one in the archives.

  30. Interesting stats but I think you’re lack of experience in a real world job is revealed in this article. There is much more to being a GM than making draft picks. Lynch also oversees a pretty big operation. He is in charge of Personnel & Scouting, Sports Medicine, and Football Operations. May be more in his job title so I’m not sure of the exact org structure. Lynch revamped the Training and Strength & Conditioning departments. He brought in several additional resources in the Scouting Dept. York sees Lynch’s leadership in many other ways that talent acquisition. If the operation is running smoothly then Lynch will keep his job regardless of the 49ers win total next year.

  31. Lynch’s handling of the Foster Fiasco is very telling. He claimed to not have a clue that RF brought his former gf to the hotel, but as GM, he should be on top of that situation. Maybe he was totally blindsided by that, but as GM it was his responsibility to know about things like that. Yes, RF is mainly responsible, but the Niners were not handling the situation, and being proactive. There was a previous incident, so they were warned that RF was still associating with her, so the alarm bells were ringing, but JL was asleep at the switch.
    Yes, RF was a miscreant, lying to the organization, and sneaking her into the team hotel, but as GM, JL should have prevented that situation in the first place. JL has never been a GM before, so I think a more savvy veteran GM would have been way more knowledgeable about what RF was doing, and would not have been such a nice guy to him. Yes, it was another learning experience, but it was a painful one for the team. JL compounded the fiasco by dumping Foster, instead of keeping him, and trading him away, so they would have gotten something for him, instead of getting nothing at all from him, except losing a headache.
    I sure hope JL is not on the hot seat, and I hope the Niners win at least 8 games this season, but this is also a results driven business. If the Niners end up with 4 or less wins this season, JL will be on the hot seat, and KS too. 4 or less wins means a dysfunctional system, and Jed has not shown much patience before. There are very many question marks about this team, especially the one about how the players can show they are recovered from injury, and how they can stay healthy.
    The coaching needs to have improved, and it is a daunting challenge to beat a SB team, with the Seahawks being a playoff team, too. Grant mentioned the Niners were winless on the road, so they need some road victories, and get back that -Us Against the World- mentality. KS needs to be the HC, not just the OC. The defense needs to make more than 2 turnovers. The Red Zone offense must become more efficient. The Interior O line must step up their game. JG and JM must return from their injuries and function at a high level. The DBs need to blanket receivers, instead of letting them go uncovered. The pass rush needs to get more pressure and sacks.
    However, hope springs eternal. I am expecting 8 wins, but they are presently undefeated. Many players are returning from injury, and even the second string performed well, at times. The third string beat a division rival and playoff team, so the team does have talent. I hope KS has learned how to finish games, and JL has signed many FAs. The trade for Dee Ford is huge, since it means the Niners have way more flexibility in the draft, and the Niners, sitting at the number 2 spot, are in a very strong position.
    Now, JL just needs to put on his Trader John Hat, and hit a grand slam in the draft.

    1. I’d think putting Bill W’s ‘Trader Bill’ underwear on would bring better results, don’t you?

      I’d settle for a ground rule double, followed with a next-at-bat walk, then a sharp single to right…

    2. Seb:
      * “Lynch’s handling of the Foster Fiasco is very telling. He claimed to not have a clue that RF brought his former gf to the hotel, but as GM, he should be on top of that situation.”

      * The U.S. Supreme Court has held that there is a federal constitutional right to personal privacy. Employers must avoid practices that infringe upon their employees’ reasonable expectations of privacy as guaranteed by the Constitution. * Invasion of privacy laws: Intrusion Upon Seclusion: … One who intentionally intrudes, physically or otherwise, upon the seclusion of another or his private affairs or concerns, is subject to liability to the other for invasion of his privacy.

      1. RF flat out lied to JL. Under no circumstances, did the Niners want RF’s gf to be in their hotel. And quite certainly, they did not want RF arrested for DV. They had a game to play, and RF thought he was above the rules.
        Invasion of privacy? RF violated so many rules, he had absolutely no expectations of privacy. If RF had an iota of common decency, he should have asked for permission to allow her to stay in that hotel. Guess what? He hid her until she called the cops. Sneaking around behind the Niner’s backs does not sound like RF was not guilty of any violation of team rules. The Niners should have surrounded RF with handlers to prevent what had happened, not enablers. That is called protecting their investment.
        RF was at fault, but the Niners also dropped the ball, JL included.

        1. seb
          * “RF flat out lied to JL.” And Irrelevant in a court of law.
          * “Under no circumstances, did the Niners want RF’s gf to be in their hotel.” What the Niners wanted is also irrelevant, they’re required, as any employer is, to follow the law….or risk being sued.
          * “They had a game to play, and RF thought he was above the rules.” Again, irrelevant under the law!
          * The Niners should have surrounded RF with handlers to prevent what had happened, not enablers. That is called protecting their investment. And if RF refused to allow that, then what sebbi?
          * FACT: Lynch’s responsibility is to the 9er organization! Not getting sued by RF lawyers for invasion of privacy.
          * If you want to find fault with Lynch for drafting him, so be it. But you’re also finding fault with the rest of the 9er FO. Lunch did not / does not, draft players in a vacuum…But feel free to continue your rant.
          You continue to throw up excuses and strawman, rather than addressing the legal issue….BTW: Is your skin color a little orange?

          1. GEEP, in most contracts, there is language that talks about conduct that is detrimental to the team. I do not know what planet you are from, but here, his conduct was very detrimental to the team, since he was sitting in jail and had to be bailed out before the game.
            They also have things called team rules, and flat out lying to the GM violates the team rules, and those are very relevant.
            So they arrested RF and he does not play, and you call that irrelevant? It may have been a gut punch and a factor in their loss.
            Since RF refused to follow the team rules, he lost a lot of money and he is no longer on the team.
            She had him arrested so he missed 2 games due to his suspension, and you think the Niners would be invading his privacy if he hooked up with her again? How can you defend the indefensible?
            Actually, I found fault in Paraag for negotiating a trade with a division rival, and KS, since KS was instrumental in the Joe Williams trade up, the CJB trade up and the Dante Pettis trade up. So I spread the blame around. However, as GM, he is responsible for every pick. It is part of his job description. That is why they are paying him the big bucks.
            So, in your desperate ravings to try and find fault in what i say, you are actually defending RF’s right to hide his egregious behavior and are even sanctioning it? if you want to get out of a hole, my first advice is- stop digging.

        2. Ah, B.S. Sebb……………

          They gave that guy numerous opportunities and stuck with him when many people said he wanted to destroy all women, or some such slop. Knee jerk reactions by the uber-libs and femi-nazis—only to find out it was ALL LIES!! She was guilty of purposely bearing false witness! Niners stuck with him thru all that-they did the right thing.
          At some point, the individual has to be held accountable for their thoughts and behavior. Mr. Foster uses extremely poor judgement with his girlfriends-Lynch treated him like an adult and he flubbed it.
          And no, I don’t hate him. But babysitting a grown man gets old real quick……….

          1. JL should have had enough concern about RF to ask him about his ex gf. Too bad he hooked back up with her, but obviously did not care to tell JL that.
            You may call it babysitting. I call it protecting your investment. Yes, JL treated him like an adult, but RF just was not mature enough. After the Aldon fiasco, I thought the Niners had learned their lesson.
            Some one in the organization should have been monitoring the situation more closely, That call to the cops was a warning sign. She was toxic, and the Niners should have forced RF to sever all ties with her, Look what she did to his career.
            See you still throwing out your ad hominem attacks, but I guess that you cannot help yourself. We treat DV as a problem, because it is one. Big tough football players should not get mad at any woman, or put himself into any position where he could be accused or falsely accused. The Niners, especially JL, should have been more pro-active. He is responsible for the personnel, and ignorance is not an excuse.

            1. Im not a big tough football player and there have been women in my life i have wanted to deck. I didn’t, but I surely wanted to………its foolish to worship someone simply and only because of their gender, Seb.
              He’s an adult and was given every benefit of the doubt. He flubbed it-it happens. These are all grown men who absolutely want to be treated as such.
              What would that have done for team chemistry if tho others saw him baby-sat like that, what would they feel about that?

              These are men, Seb-not a bunch of Berkeley students. They made it to the NFL because of what their body can do. They stay in the NFL because of whats upstairs. And the players respect and understand that.

  32. Another “doofus” agrees with me on Nick Bosa:

    With the Cardinals expected to select quarterback Kyler Murray with the top pick in the draft, Bosa is the favorite to land in the 49ers’ lap. In that case, it’s a no-brainer to King.

    “Buckner, in 2018, was the first Niner to have a double-digit sack season in six years. Bosa’s been injured seriously in two of his last four football seasons, so he doesn’t come without risk. But he’s the right pick here,” King wrote.

    Bosa, 6-foot-4 and 263 pounds, recorded 17.5 sacks and 29 tackles for loss in 29 career games at Ohio State. He also totaled 77 tackles, two forced fumbles, and two passes defensed.

      1. I wasn’t wrong about Thomas being the pick, just like I wasn’t wrong about Armstead or Buckner. You earned your share of “doofus”-ness with your prediction that Michael Turner would run all over the 49ers, that Gore wouldn’t do dink, that we would ultimately lose the game and then there’s that Mettenberger train you were on that got derailed. I appreciate you though!

    1. “Thomas is widely considered one of the best prospects in the draft. He’s stout against the run and flashed pass-rush potential along the interior for the Cardinal. But the question remains where he would fit in the 49ers’ revamped 4-3 defense. The consensus seems to be that the three-technique defensive tackle spot would be ideal but the Niners have DeForest Buckner, last year’s first-round pick, poised to man that position. He could play left defensive end but Arik Armstead, the team’s 2015 first-round pick looks like a match there.

      What the 49ers really need is a stud pass-rusher capable of playing the “Leo” or “Elephant” position (a hybrid linebacker/end role). Thomas has flashed versatility, but it’s unclear if he’s a fit there. I spoke to one scouting director last month who believes Thomas absolutely can play that spot.

      On Tuesday, I asked ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. about the fit between Thomas and the Niners. He’s been a regular proponent of the pairing in his mock drafts and he added some more insight into his thinking, though he didn’t specify whether he believes Thomas could play the Leo position.”

      You’ll likely be just as right about who they pick this year as you were in 2017 and you and a lot of other people will end up being just as wrong about him as you were about Thomas.

      1. Yea, that’s where we differ because Thomas, although overdrafted, is entering year 3. To beat one’s chest and claim you knew better is premature. There’s been plenty of defensive lineman that took a little time to realize their potential, and I think he’s entering a year where under new DL coach Kocurek, the table is set for him to have a breakout season….

        1. Razor:
          * “I think he’s (Thomas), entering a year where under new DL coach Kocurek, the table is set
          for him to have a breakout season.”
          * Just pulling your chain, how strong do you really feel? A) Define “breakout season” (eight
          or more sacks)?
          B) If Thomas doesn’t have a “breakout season” will you admit to being a “DOOFUS?”

          1. A)More disruption and holding calls. Better hand to hand combat. More sacks. Let’s start with 6.
            B)I’m no more of a doofus than Lynch and the entire front office, but much less qualified.

            C)Geep and all the self proclaimed experts, if Thomas has a breakout season will you come back down to earth and realize y’all are just a bunch of hacks too?

    2. Sooooo a guy with health issues is worth the second pick in the draft?
      That’s not overreaching?
      Hmmmm. I’d think besides talent
      Health and mental health would and could be deal makers or deal breakers.
      That’s pretty high for a gamble.

      1. He’s completely healthy and at no more risk for injury than any other player. The core injury according to medical experts is not an injury that makes it susceptible to further incurrances, and his acl in high school, to the best of my knowledge, has no degenerative concerns….

    3. Raz,
      I’ve been touting Bosa since day one, but I’m leaning towards a trade down for more players.
      The Jets might be looking for the next Mark Gastineau and Bosa seems to fit the bill.

      Draftek has the 49ers trading with the New York Giants because they covet Dwayne Haskins. In return the 49ers get the NYG’ #6, #17 and #132.
      According to Draftek (although its really anybody’s guess), the 49ers use those first rd picks for Ed Oliver and D.K Metcalf. Also, if these are not the players the 49ers covet, they still have some nice options.
      Numbers 6 and 17, puts us in the Sweat, Burns, Ferrell, A.J, N’Keal, Andre Dillard and maybe even Josh Allen (if he slides) sweepstakes.

      Again, the different draft possibilities will come flying as we approach the draft. But if we can garner those two players with this scenario, it would make it hard for me to hold up the Bosa torch.

      1. AES, that’s cool but I’m still unconvinced that any team trades up to #2 for anyone other than Murray. I just don’t see Gettleman as foolish enough to waste his draft capital to move up for an Urban Meyer quarterback.

  33. NFL teams spend endless hours, millions of dollars, use the most advanced technical abilities and investigative tools, and are infinitely ahead of the fans when it comes to making informed decisions about which direction to go with their valuable draft picks.

    For anyone to suggest in here that they somehow know better than Lynch is more of an indictment on “doofus”-ism than it is pragmatism.

  34. Seb:
    * “RF flat out lied to JL.”
    * Irrelevant in a court of law Seb! As a bleeding heart liberal, you should know personal privacy is a Constitutional right. Constitutional rights are not something you can give up. Slavery is against the law in the US!
    * You sound like the guy in the WH you claim to dislike, so what’s up with that?

    1. No, we all know who the serial liar is.
      And no, most criminals like to privately break the law while nobody is looking. They can be caught and have no right to privacy.
      Please get a clue.

  35. The Browns essentially gave up two 1st round picks (Peppers 1st rounder) and a 3rd for an excellent wide receiver who’s had some difficulty staying healthy the past 2 years, and a reputation for having a diva persona. In my doofus’ opinion, anything less for Bosa would go down as a loser for Lynch….

  36. By the close of the first round, this blog will be electric–some of us ecstatic, some embarrassed, some apoplectic, a few will cry out “I called it!”… Cannot wait for the theater….

    In a few very short months Grant will be posting dozens of videos showing the 9er OL on rollerskates–intermixed with vaunted D linemen getting rag-dolled… And many will panic.

    1. I will honor my word and not claim any credit when and if Bosa is the pick, because it’s just too easy this year. That 2nd and 3rd round pick will represent the real challenge. I’m leaning towards WR then FS, but it could be vice versa or a CB. Kinda depends on Moore. Is their plan, like Scooter contends, to move him to FS or do they stay the course as Sherman’s eventual replacement. I’m not even accounting for Verrett due to medical history. Except for the talent, he’s a complete unknown. If he shows up, great. If he doesn’t, no surprise. I’m under the impression that this defensive scheme puts more value at FS than CB, and that tends to suggest taking a FS in round 2 or 3 over a CB. We’ve got time to sort it out, but it’s a convoluted endeavor….

      1. Razor, embrace the fandom, you deserve it. If Bosa is the Niner pick, I will salute you, and hail your football acumen. No one has been a bigger Bosa fan than you, so own it, and be proud.
        That is what i like about this site. People can state their opinions, and defend them vigorously. What fun is there in vapid agreement?

    2. CFB,
      Yup, the twelve days (leading up to the draft) of draftmas will bring a bus load of draft predictions.

      It would be interesting to see if anyone here can predict the first 3 picks whether by trade or staying pat.
      Grant should give out digital championship belt to the winner (ha!)

  37. Jeremiah joins the “doofus” club, instead of the pretentious club headed by CFC:

    “I think this is a huge year, and one of the reasons when you kind of look at their options on what they can potentially do (in the draft), I just keep coming back to the same thing, especially if Kyler Murray goes No. 1. I just think (with) Bosa, you’re putting that thing right in the middle of the fairway. To me, that would be the no-brainer pick.”

  38. GEEP says:
    April 8, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    * “RF flat out lied to JL.”
    * Irrelevant in a court of law Seb! As a bleeding heart liberal, you should know personal privacy is a Constitutional right. Constitutional rights are not something you can give up.

    sebnynah says:
    April 8, 2019 at 12:33 pm
    No, we all know who the serial liar is.

    Reply: Seb, isn’t it time we laid our cards on the table. When you said I broke into gunsafes you plagiarized what I wrote about you and your fascination in updating this blog with assault rifle slaughter dates and the similarities to the Aldon Smith House party where assault rifles were fired.

    Your insistence that everyone’s a liar but yourself, eerily is like Richard Nixon getting caught with the lock picks in his hand to the Watergate Hotel where the Dems documents were stashed, then claiming he’s not a liar or a crook….I think you are a crook Seb; a crook in plagiarism–a form of lying

    1. TrollD, in your desperate attempts to antagonize me, you did go over the deep end. I think it is mainly due to the fact that I want sensible gun laws so we have no more Sandy Hooks or the carnage in Vegas. Believe it or not, we did ban assault weapons, and the world did not come to an end. I hope we can ban them again so it will make mass killings, no longer commonplace. I want a well regulated Second Amendment.
      You spewed delusional ranting, when I wrote that the Niners should stop shooting themselves in the foot. Since it made you so unstable, I changed it to avoiding the unforced errors. Maybe you have not noticed, but I have refrained from mentioning your comments about gun safes and creating nightmares, until you start attacking me again. Maybe if you just move on, ignore me, and prattle on your own posts, we will all be happy.
      I am not plagiarizing you, I am quoting you. I mention gun massacres, because they attack our humanity, and if we forget them, they will continue. Making gun jokes on the anniversary of a gun massacre, is…. insensitive.

        1. I tell everyone who YOU said, I am not plagiarizing your comments. You said them, and I told you that I would throw your own words back in your teeth.
          Your problem is that you said those words, and I promised to bring them up every time you attack me, so you keep attacking, then whine that I am being mean to you.
          Get a clue. leave me alone, and I will leave you alone. It really is that simple. It is all archived.

      1. Sebs…………

        What will u then do about

        heavy blunt objects
        any sharp instrument
        people who drive auto’s into crowds for their own deranged reasons
        etc., etc.. Isn’t the thought, the intended spirit behind the pulled trigger something that should be addressed?
        More often than not, people who pull the trigger do not believe in or care about accountability. Where did they get THAT idea?

        1. Saw, I am hopeful. After the Las Vegas shooting, when a Shooter fired a thousand rounds, killed 59 and caused 841 injuries, 422 from bullets, they actually did something about it, and banned Bump Stocks, so the military styled AR 15 rifles could not be used like a machine gun.
          Sure, evil has been perpetrated from the dawn of mankind, but we should not make it easy. New Zealand just banned assault guns, I hope America can do the same thing.
          Maybe they should go back to original intent, and only sanction flintlocks.

  39. Razor:
    A) “More disruption and holding calls. Better hand to hand combat. More sacks. Let’s start with 6.”
    * More and Better, is difficult to quantify…. Make it 8 sacks, something we can quantify?
    “C) Geep and all the self proclaimed experts, if Thomas has a breakout season will you come back down to earth and realize y’all are just a bunch of hacks too?”
    * I’m not the one pimping Thomas! But If (or when), I do pimp a player then yes, I’ll admit I’m a
    HACK also……Do we have a bet Razor?

    1. I take offense to your term “pimping”. I’m also not the one bagging on Thomas day after day, week after week, month after month, and I’ve stated several times that he’s got to take the next step this year. I’ve also stated that I’m pushing all my chips in on him, because I believe in him. You call that pimping? Where the Euck are you from, because around here, we call that conviction….

      1. Razor:
        * Take offense if you want. Modern vernacular for pimping: To describe something using the accolade pimping is to mark it as wonderful or exciting.”
        * For someone who loves to quote music lyrics, perhaps Jay-Z’s 2001 hit “Big Pimpin,” that used the term as shorthand for a livin’-large lifestyle, has yet to reach where you live in Indiana? But then we both know it has and you’re aware of Jay-Z’s 2001 hit “big pimpin.”
        * You down on Thomas or not?

        1. LOL I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to nursery rhymes on steroids, but it does not surprise me in the least that you do.

          1. You just compared rap to nursery rhymes!!! Wow the skull on this idiot shines bright everyday. Country western and hard rock must be in the Jeep.

            1. This is brilliant:

              Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road
              I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more
              I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road
              I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more (Kio, Kio)

              Nursery rhyme:

              Up and down the City road,
              In and out the Eagle,
              That’s the way the money goes,
              Pop! goes the weasel.

              🤣I think the similarity is uncanny, don’t you?🤣

    PICK 2:  DE Nick Bosa

    PICK 36:  OLB Mack Wilson

    PICK 67:  WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

    PICK 105:  CB Isaiah Johnson

    PICK 177:  WR Miles Boykin
    PICK 214:  CB/S Jimmy Moreland

  41. Apparently Off topic (:-(

    Has any other Sports Reporter/professional source advocated or mocked 49ers trading down and/or, looking at S, CB, LB first like Grant has reccomended to Lynch?

    Is Grant a savant? Are 49ers playing what looks to me like every other mock which has 49ers taking Bosa if available at #2, or one of the other stud edge rushers in this draft?

    I’ve heard of being a contrarian, but Grant is picking Truman when everyone else is picking Dewey.

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