To our readers: The Press Democrat terminates services of 49ers blogger

To our readers:

This morning I learned that Jack Hammer, whose work as a freelance blogger covering the San Francisco ‘49ers has appeared in The Press Democrat since July 2021, had pleaded no contest to a felony child-sex charge 18 years ago and was sentenced to 60 days of work release.

We have terminated his services effective immediately.

The incident, which involved a 17-year-old girl, occurred when Hammer, whose real name is Jeff Patterson, was a high school football coach and math teacher in Morgan Hill in the South Bay. In addition to his work-release sentence, he served five years of probation and had his teaching certificate permanently revoked. He was not required to register as a sex offender.

As a freelancer, Patterson did not represent The Press Democrat in a professional capacity. As an independent contractor, he was not an employee, and therefore was not subject to our employee background check process.

John D’Anna

Interim Executive Editor

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    1. Good luck? With what? Your emotionally-unstable 17-year old daughter? Good riddance. If you’re a predator and have a problem with little girls, that doesn’t just go away. And how stupid do you have to be to try to change your name, How long is that cover-up going to work? We’re dealing with a dishonest individual, with serious problems. And we just know the one time he got caught… and now he gets busted for lying, and he disappears. Deletes all his social media, and he’s gone. Like Jack, this whole situation is disgusting and anyone defending him should look hard in the mirror. Hopefully he’s replaced with an honest respectable individual who doesn’t prey on the vulnerable.

      1. I have not been on here since Grant left and I have rarely read Jack or now Jeff’s blogs, that being said. that was one expensive BJ to ruin a man’s careeer. Was that worth it Jeff? How stupid and immoral can Jeff be. First off the guy was married and his wife was pregnant. Second he was verbally abusing that poor girl, saying that I think of you when I make love to my wife. Teachers should have a hign moral contest but Jeff lacks that integrity. I have been married for years and there a ton of tempation out there but I ignore because I want to live a honest life and woukld never hurt my wife that way.. I have plenty of flaws but what Jeff did was incomprehensible. Also like a 17 year old girl won’t tell her friends and family. Jeff facing severe consequences now because he got off pretty easy when he did his hideous act.

  1. It was 18 years ago, people change.

    That chick was 17… in some states like NY 17 is the age of consent. It’s not like she was 12.

    Free Jack Hammer!!!

    1. Right. You can join the military at age 17, use firearms, get killed or kill others. Yet they protect her like she’s a 5 yr old child. Every1 deserves a 2nd chance. 18 yrs ago. WTF… By law he doesn’t have to disclose his rap sheet. It’s the employer’s job to vet the candidate thoroughly.

    2. He groomed a vulnerable child, when he was 31 and knew she was struggling. Then he blamed/shamed her (which is what you are doing as well). He served no time for this. If this happened now, he’d be in the big house for a long time. Finally he has some consequences for his deplorable action. Morgan Hill Times 2005 – 2006 articles.

  2. 18 years was a long time ago. He did his time, have a heart and some forgiveness

  3. Wonder who ratted him out?

    He served his penalty, and should be allowed to work. This was a long time ago, people change and mature. Let the man work, not like he is working with teens in this job. Shameful to punish someone a second time for something that happened a generation ago and has no relevance or bearing on his current work. Glad I terminated my subscription to the Press over a year ago.

    1. I knew Jack was Jeff; and I knew his history. In fact I figured out who he was back when Cohn was running the blog. We both referenced the same high school football story about simplifying the offensive cadence and moving from I backs to split backs. But I didn’t rat him out. In fact, I assumed the Press Democrat did their background check and was fine with him. I only discussed it with one other friend/former teammate and he used to be on friendlier terms with Jeff than I was. So I don’t know who ratted him out or maybe the Democrat just finally got around to doing a background check.

      I mean, I wouldn’t want him coaching a high school girl’s flag football team. But I’m fine with him blogging about football.

      The funniest thing I’ll remember about interacting with him was discussing the Young vs Montana debate of the early 90’s. We discussed how he almost got into a fight with his back up QB when Jeff was bad mouthing Young. I told him that his back up QB in high school was related to Steve Young (a 2nd cousin or something I think). Jeff had no clue and said that now it made sense as to why the back up QB got so mad and defensive. And I said DUH! your back up QB’s last name was YOUNG.

      1. I’m guessing it was the Niners. Jack Hammer is such a stupid fake name & he was covering the team more & more as of late.

  4. He manipulated her feelings so much that she was sure it was OK for him to tell her, ‘When I have sex with my wife I think about you.’ The whole episode has got (my daughter) mentally worse off than ever before,” the woman said.

    The mother then said her daughter has been to the emergency room because of an overdose…

      1. He groomed a vulnerable child, when he was 31 and knew she was struggling. Then he blamed/shamed her (which is what you are doing as well). He served no time for this. If this happened now, he’d be in the big house for a long time. Finally he has some consequences for his deplorable action. Morgan Hill Times 2005 – 2006 articles.

  5. on another note after 18 years don’t you think the guy deserves a chance to rehabilitate himself.Also nice of you publish it out there for all to see.You couldn’t just let him go without details?

    1. Girl was “nearly 18″ and act was ” consensual”, according to this report. After 18 years, hardly grounds for an immediate dismissal by the Press Democrat. But this is Sonoma County, one of the most liberal, progressive in the country, and the PD reflects the population it serves. It is totally woke, which is why I stopped subscribing some time ago. You have my sympathies and best wishes, Jack. You re-established the credibility of this blog and produced analysis and commentary as good as any. I will miss you and your work.

      1. Gary,
        I agree that a teacher who has sex with a 17yo but stays clean for 18 years should have the right to work (not with children) but lets not make it political. I live in Sonoma County and have quite a few politically conservative evangelical acquaintances who would agree with the PDs move. His firing has to do with potential bad press not poltics.

        1. Yeah but the “bad press” would only be an issue if his background somehow came into the light. Like someone was threatening to publish or broadcast it for some reason.

        2. I call BS OC!!!!! The way the PD handled this is despicable!!! Its called a “virtue signal”……its what woke wanker weirdos do…….they signal their wokeness to one another.
          If they wanted to fire the guy……well that is their business…….but to blab the guys life story for all to see……was just wrong and classless!!!!!
          But its what woke wanker weirdos do!!!!! its called cancel culture

          1. j,
            I was watching the first half with two of my conservative highly religious neighbors who think Jack is a sinner who should suffer. Anyways politics don’t belong here Jack was very serious about that. So lets keep it a politics free zone

              1. David,
                I stand with you that redemption is a big part of Christian belief. And let’s add that on the legal side, Jack paid his debt to society 18 yrs ago.

                Also, it was a classless act by the PD to expose this story for all to see. Dismissing Jeff without the flawed history from his past, would have worked just fine.

            1. Kind of crazy that you guys figured out a way to turn this story into an attack on Christians.

            2. Coach… because two neighbors feel that way everyone else does? If that’s not a leftist way of thinking I don’t know what is. Keep politics out, but feel free to bash beliefs in religion. Ok! SMH

        3. It’s not complex. He’s easily replaceable. He’s a convicted pedo and total creep. He’s been lying to the PD, us, and everyone else, because he doesn’t want anyone to know who he really is. He just regurgitated what all the beat writers said. Case in point by his actions leading up to and after getting caught. He’s not too bright. Hopefully wherever he goes, it’s far, far away.

      2. hey gary, you should hire him to work with your daughters or granddaughters! that will teach us all who want to protect the kids from sick men.

  6. I can’t judge a guy over something that happened 20 years ago and for which he has served his time. I’m surprised that the PD claims not to have known about it since GC has alluded to the fact that Jack did something. I always thought it was alcohol/drugs related.
    I don’t understand why a person is not allowed to redeem themself and change for the better. As far as I know Jack changed for the better and was on the way to become one of the better beat writers. Jack sure looked like he found his niche.
    If we don’t want people to better themselves we should keep them locked up instead of giving them the illusion that they have paid their dues!

    1. Jeff Patterson served no time. No consequences. He blamed/shamed the child. Finally he has consequences.

      1. Of course he had consequences and prescribed by law. His act was terrible and he abused his trust as a teacher. However, to fire him for something that happened 18 years ago is pathetic. The PD should be ashamed.

        1. The words of someone who doesn’t have a damaged 17 yo daughter.

          Why don’t you go hire him then? If you can find him.

  7. The PD continues its death spiral is all I can say. Although I should thank them for contributing to the inspiration for my blog name.

        1. Seb here. I want to post this one comment before my catfish chimes in.
          I certainly think that you should become the blog master on this site. I do not follow this site anymore, but wanted to give you a ringing endorsement. Maybe this site will collapse, but you may be the best person to keep it going. I sure miss the regulars here.
          I hope you throw your hat in the ring. AFFP may also be a good alternative.

          1. Seb,
            Thank you. I contacted the Sports Editor asking whether they have plans to keep the blog active and whether the plan on replacing Jack. Haven’t heard anything back yet.

            1. OC, if my old buddy Seb agrees with me I think it will happen. He has an in with GC.
              You might even want to write directly to GC and have him vouch for you like he did with Jack.
              You are even keeled like Jack but probably more responsive since jack tried (had to) to monetize with his other endeavors on Youtube/twitter etc.
              Could you do the film analysis like Jack did?
              I miss Jack already after this unnecessary loss.

              1. Dee,
                I don’t have half of Jack’s football knowledge. I am just a long time 49er fan with a lot of random opinions. Now if we were talking basketball or baseball it would be another thing. That is why I join AES in nominating Allforfun.

    1. whine country, leader of the pretend I’m not a child abuser movement. If you don’t like them taking swift action against someone who’s evil. Well, that says something.

  8. Can’t help but add that the message above is posted by the PD’s “interim executive editor”. I have to wonder what the executive editor did to get fired. They probably fired him because he should have known about Jack’s past. I posted before about not ever seeing the word “ownage” that Jack used but I have a new word for the PD. You guys have reached a new level of suckery. Good Luck Jack! You will be missed and you do not deserve this level of suckery.

    1. The previous executive editor left a month or two ago to take a job in Kentucky. They wrote about it at the time.

    1. Everyone in the 49er community pretty much put this out and made comments. Grant did nothing that the others weren’t doing.

    2. Funny thing is grant cohn knew the whole time. He won’t admit it, but he did. He knew and help promote Jeff Patterson.

    3. Jeff Patterson groomed his victim. He was 31, she was a 17 y.o. child. Then he blamed/shamed her. He served no time. The child was very vulnerable. Nobody’s being vengeful or hateful here. He finally has consequences for his deplorable action.

  9. To those shrugging this off saying it was a long time ago and he deserves a second chance 2 things to consider:

    You get a second chance when you come clean and are remorseful. This guy hid it and has now disappeared.

    If any of you had a daughter that he did this to, you would feel very differently.

    This guy hurt some people and pretty much got off with a slap on the wrist. He’s already had the chance to stay out of jail so he’s owed nothing.

    1. Not so nice try Van.
      He did his time for consensual sex with an almost 18 yr old.
      I believe the judge who heard the case more than your blah-blah!

    2. He pleadeded no contest. That’s an admission of guilt. His teaching credential was PERMANENTLY revoked. His sentence was commiserate with the law. That’s not a slap on the wrist, it is the application of laws on the books. If this was something still working its way through the judicial system, that would be different. We live in a system of laws. They were applied. I will not sentence people having served their sentence. A crime occurs, a sentence is meted, served, it is done. I don’t believe that it hangs forever in perpetuity. My two cents.

      1. Agreed- I was a teacher and don’t excuse his behavior of it being, “almost an adult”………. BUT, the PD could have terminated his work without putting it on blast- he paid his dues…..

  10. the Raiders are on ksro 1350 and i heard they are coming back,
    new stadium will be built near Town of Windsor
    koi raider nation
    ..Aug 28, 2023 — Richard A. Green is executive editor of The Press Democrat and chief content officer for Sonoma Media Investments. ps..he went to Kentucky. birth state of Cassius Clay.

  11. I’m not sure where to go with this. This blog under GC became so annoying. I came back when Jack took it over. I get that these decisions are fraught, and no doubt, the PD had some serious hand wringing, but it feels like some big time back side covering. Making a bigger stink than exists, 18 years later. Mistakes happen, and did. That consequences continue in perpetuity feels like colossal overthink.

    I don’t know where this blog goes from here. I come here to escape into nerdy sports coverage, and Jack did an excellent job. That he’s sacked, 18 years later, after paying the price, and doing his penance, feels like an ultimately paranoid, and inappropriate, response. Making it so public, is inappropriate x2.

    1. Totally agree. PD reacted–hastily in my view– to the tweets that began circulating about Jack Friday afternoon. They panicked in the face of the inevitable criticism they expected would come their way from their woke subscribers and advertisers and quickly cut ties with Jack. It’s a real shame. His analysis and commentary were superb and worth keeping. I’m just peeved about how the whole matter was handled.

    2. Wrong, Barley. No “hand wringing” or “colossal overthink.” Every business has a policy regarding Convicted Felons. Some will hire them – most won’t. The decision was automatic.

  12. As a freelancer, Patterson did not represent The Press Democrat in a professional capacity. As an independent contractor, he was not an employee, and therefore was not subject to our employee background check process.

  13. This is what happens when private enterprise gets involved in justice, and politics.

    He did whatever he did and he served his time. In fact the PD didn’t even need to mention what happened, who it was, or why.

    I’m out. Hopefully “Jack” finds another gig. I doubt whatever occurred is as heinous as the crime suggests or there are other circumstances but who knows. Either way, not sure what the Press Democrat is looking to accomplish from something that was settled almost 2 decades ago.

    I wonder who else at the PD may have had a past.

  14. I guess I’m a day late and dollar short. Just reading this now.

    This is sad for Jack. To him I want to say thanks. This blog has been great and I’ll miss it. I hope he finds another way to pursue his passion.

    I’ll also miss the guys who posted here, especially the “regulars.”

    For those interested, I suggest checking out the Inspired 49ers blog. Some great insights there.

    Adios, everyone.

    1. You should probably provide a disclaimer for anyone who has epilepsy before they visit that Inspired 49ers blog. If you thought this site looks dated… that blog takes it to an entire new 1990s level.

    A) To get the latest gossip on mistakes made by others? NO!
    B) To throw stones at those who make mistakes, so I can feel morally superior? NO!
    C) To express my opinion(s) about the 9ers, the players and the game they play called FOOTBALL? YES!


    * If the 9ers don’t come out flat from the blowout win over the Cowgirls, I expect the Browns defense to match up with the 9ers offense, but wear down in the 2nd half.
    * Without QB Deshaun Watson, RB Nick Chubb and LG Joel Bitonio, the 9er D should control the Browns run game and force backup QB, PJ Walker, into making mistakes. * The 9er DB’s must keep WR Amari Cooper from having a big game, while controlling Donovan Peoples-Jones.
    * The 9er O-line controlled Dallas Micah Parsons. To win, they must do the same with DE Myles Garrett and the Browns D.
    * While the 9ers O-line has proven to be better than given credit for. Can they open holes for CMC and give BP time to connect with his receivers against the Brown defense? If they can, they’ll win the game.
    * The Browns DB’s Denzel Ward and Grant Delpit match up with
    Deebo and Aiyuk, but not Kittle. I also look for KS to get Juice, Jauan Jennings and Ronnie Bell more involved in the passing game.
    * To win the game, the Browns will need a wet, soggy field to slow the 9er offense down. They’ll also need to score early, get up by 10 or more, get the crowd involved and make it hard for the 9ers to hear the snap count and force the 9er offense into mistakes (turnovers).
    9ers win 27 —- Browns 17

      1. Finally, the 49ers have a little challenge. Obviously, I want the 49ers to win, but a little competition helps build tough character.

        Wilks, was slow to make the correct defensive call on the Browns TD.

    1. GEEP,
      Good points as usual.
      If the PD 49ers blog terminates, as they say. I’d be fine with them completely removing this page. To the PD, please don’t allow this page to continue on like it did when GC left.

  16. I think we’ve found Purdy’ weak spot. A wet football. Seems he’s having trouble gripping and ripping it.

  17. Seahawks, 12th man is their fans.
    Browns 12th man has been the officials.
    Purdy will get his chance to show his comeback mettle if the Browns score again.

    1. Coach,
      I put this one on Moody. He has to make these close field-goals. Sure, there will be those who say Purdy put the team in position to win, and that’s true. But he also put the 49ers in position to lose with a poor passing game.
      Any way you cut it, Purdy may have had a great run, but I’ll wait before crowning him as the next Montana.

      Jack, was right about one thing on his last post, Schwartz owns Shanahan.

  18. As bad as Purdy played until the final drive this loss is 90% on the O line. D wasn’t great but 17 points isn’t that bad. The other 10% is at the Feet of KS he was out coached big time.

    1. Yep, the OL was terrible today. Brock was running around for his life and when he could throw there was a guy in his face. Yet KS kept calling plays that took time to develop.

    2. In what may be my last post here I’ll say this….

      It took 6 games into this season to finally see how this patchwork (except for Williams) OL has had it’s numerous deficiencies masked by clever play calling by KS, but they finally played a team that exposed the OL for who they truly are — unable to impose their physical will on the opposing DL — and the results:
      – a close loss
      – Injuries to 2 absolutely key pieces to the offense
      – possible shaken confidence of Purdy?

      The upsides:
      – loss is against the AFC, so less of a concern for tie braking calculations towards the end of the season
      – a chance for Purdy to bounce back and show more leadership skills after a tough, grinding loss
      – Purdy does not suffer a big injury, so that’s good

      Now KS realizes that:
      – the kicking game won’t save the day
      – his OL has been exposed, and every opponent going forward will use Schwartz’s defensive plan as best as they can duplicate it
      – we REALLY need to focus more on how the OL handles other run concepts, not just Outside Zone
      – we REALLY need to get RBs not named McCaffrey playing well with IZ and Power schemes to control TOP and do much better on 3rd down conversions
      – find ways to win close and low scoring games, can’t rely on broken plays, chunk plays, etc.

  19. Schwartz has KS’ number. Also, I didn’t like giving up a high pick for a kicker. If you can, always get a kicker with experience especially at kicking game winners in the NFL. Let rookie kickers perfect their craft somewhere else.

  20. It was a close game and the Niners could have won if any of a number of plays had gone their way. I knew the the Niners O line would struggle going up against Cleveland’s D line. What surprised me was our D line getting beat badly and that’s were much of the blame should go.

    1. Highest paid DL in the league. The expectations should be very high, and I agree that they have not lived up to their cost. Now, is that their fault only or does Wilks’ scheme have something to do with it. I don’t know the answer.

  21. One silver lining, though, is that Brock was able to bring the team back and put them in a position to win the game. We needed to see that because this team, while very good, will not dominate every team in the league on their way to winning the SB.

  22. I think most will agree that if we give up only 17 points we should always win, given our offense. That said, their defense is one of the best I’ve seen, it was Purdy’s and Aiyuk’s worst game, likely because of the wet ball, and even the best teams almost never win all their games. The most concerning thing to me was the injuries.

    1. I agree. I also don’t think our defense is as good as it should be with the players we have up front. They sure missed a lot of tackles today.

      1. Warner has easily earned his money this year. The extremely high priced DL not living up to the expectations based on what they are being paid (except Hargrave has been as good as advertised). I rarely hear Armstead’s name mentioned. He will be 30 this year. Greenlaw was definitely missed this game. But it was mostly the fact that the Cleveland DL >>> SF OL that resulted in this loss.

  23. There was a legal case and a sentence. The result was: “… will serve 60 days in a work-furlough program and will not be required to register as a sex offender, according to the sentencing punishment handed down Monday morning at the South County Courthouse.”

    “… Biegel said the sentence Patterson received was fair.”

    I assume he followed that sentence.

    Why does the Santa Rosa Press Democrat sentences him again – 18 years later? Does the SRPD believes the sentence was not fair?

    Should a person that made one fault be never allowed to work again?

    1. Criminal activity, especially pedophilia, combined with his sneaky name change? Lets be real, he dug his own grave.

  24. Sorry for the double post – not intentional

    In what may be my last post here I’ll say this….

    It took 6 games into this season to finally see how this patchwork (except for Williams) OL has had it’s numerous deficiencies masked by clever play calling by KS, but they finally played a team that exposed the OL for who they truly are — unable to impose their physical will on the opposing DL — and the results:
    – a close loss
    – Injuries to 2 absolutely key pieces to the offense
    – possible shaken confidence of Purdy?

    The upsides:
    – loss is against the AFC, so less of a concern for tie braking calculations towards the end of the season
    – a chance for Purdy to bounce back and show more leadership skills after a tough, grinding loss
    – Purdy does not suffer a big injury, so that’s good

    Now KS realizes that:
    – the kicking game won’t save the day
    – his OL has been exposed, and every opponent going forward will use Schwartz’s defensive plan as best as they can duplicate it
    – we REALLY need to focus more on how the OL handles other run concepts, not just Outside Zone
    – we REALLY need to get RBs not named McCaffrey playing well with IZ and Power schemes to control TOP and do much better on 3rd down conversions
    – find ways to win close and low scoring games, can’t rely on broken plays, chunk plays, etc.

  25. Renew Kyle’s contract. Again and again!

    Let me say this for what probably will be the final time. KS will never
    take this team to another SB win and the promised land. Not yesterday.
    Not today. Not tomorrow. He will get out-schemed, out-coached, out-
    smarted, out-something. Just will never happen under this hapless, dour
    of a man so many here tout as the coach incarnate.

    Finally, thank you Jack for providing an opportunity to express myself
    about KS on your blog. You were open to any, all opinions, no matter
    how objectionable, and I will always be grateful to you for that. Best
    to you in the future. You’ve truly gotten a raw deal.

  26. 49ersunder,
    I wouldn’t call your posts “objectionable” disagreeable maybe but not “objectionable”.

  27. The 49ers can’t win if they can’t run the ball. Why? Because they can’t pass unless they can run the ball . Why? Because they do not have an OL that can just plain pass block. BP did a real good impersonation of JG today. Oh well. We still have an offensive genius who relies on defense to win,

    1. I am more and more pissed off about Jack. He did the crime and he did the time. That is our way and anyone who wants to split hairs can KMA. Why is it that so many think that you can have a society where the mob is the judge jury and ultimate sentencer of those who break our laws (not to mention those who decide which laws, how they are interpreted and any additional unwritten ones which should be) The PD has reached new lows, along with anyone who supports them, that I thought impossible IMO.

      1. You’re absolutely right! The interim editor panicked and ran for cover, fearing his woke mob of subscribers and advertisers would be coming his way. Shameful behavior and reaction on his part.

  28. For those who might hang around if the Press Democrat plans on filling the moderator position. I just emailed the sports editor and asked him what plans he and the paper have for the blog. If he answers me I will let everyone know what he has to say. I like most here will miss Jack but I have always thought the best thing about this place was the community not the moderator

    1. “I was watching the first half with two of my conservative highly religious neighbors who think Jack is a sinner who should suffer. Anyways politics don’t belong here Jack was very serious about that. So let’s keep it a politics free zone.”

      “I m going to passive aggressively attack someone’s religion, then label them ‘conservative’ and ask for this blog not to get political right after I subtly get very political.”

      Old Coach

      Dude, you’re a Delta Bravo. ALL Christians know we are all sinners who can be forgiven thru repentance. I don’t care who you email. You’re an absolute tool.

      Jack, if you read this blog ever again, I want you to know I’m praying for you.

    2. Old Coach, I’ve always appreciated your views here. You, AES and George are always enjoyable, insightful, and make solid points. Allie, I’m still astounded that you saw something in Purdy before anyone. Felix, I feel like we agree more than we used to. Either way, there’s certainly a greater respect nowadays. To others who have been generally civil, but I didn’t interact as much with, I still enjoyed the posts.

      As far as politics are concerned- I don’t think Old Coach has ever been political on here. In fact, I went from being Conservative to completely abandoning both dominant political parties and thinking for myself. I find that I prefer to see human beings as human beings, not Democrat or Republican. I miss the days when we could enjoy each other for our similarities AND our differences.

      Sadly this is probably my last time out here. Certainly sucks for Jack. I always wondered if something was amiss since I hadn’t met any other personalities who use a pseudo name even on recorded videos or on-air live. Unfortunately it just reared its ugly head. Still, the man did his time and his crime was not anywhere as egregious as, say, a certain $250M quarterback in Cleveland.

      This is just a good time to take a moment and understand how much social media controls our lives. One mistake, even decades ago, even if forgiven in some cases, can cost someone their livelihood. The US Men’s National Soccer team coach found his redemption eventually, but most are not that lucky.

      If there’s one thing that has caused the downfall of humanity and polarized us beyond repair, it’s that technology known as social media. Though I’m pretty much not on anything these days, it still finds ways to penetrate my life. Unfortunately I can’t convince my wife and kids to stay off of it. It just sucks.

      Anyway, adios everyone! And a big middle finger to the Press Democrat for not growing a pair, instead caving in to the online lynch mob.

      I hope this news doesn’t affect Jeff’s day job, but I fear he has even more to lose than blogging for the 49ers.

      1. Gav,
        Please take a look at the “Inspired 49ers” site.
        Scooter and Razor do a great job on all things 49ers.
        People, like Old Coach, George, GEEP and other PD personalities frequent that site.

      2. There are many companies that will hire a felon. But, it is wise to be up front and report a conviction to the company, regardless of whether applying for an employee or contractor position. Jeff Patterson tried to sneak his conviction past the Press Democrat. Some might call that a second mistake and indicative of his true character.

        1. Did he sneak it past Grant Cohn? It’s hard to believe that Cohn was not aware of Jeff’s past. And did Grant recommend him for the PD Inside the 49ers blog? Grant’s dad (a long time PD employee) may have also known of Jeff’s background. The PD should be open to investigation regarding this. The PD should be held accountable.

          1. The person responsible for reporting Patterson’s felony conviction to the Press Democrat was Patterson himself. You are clearly besotted with Patterson and straying into irrationality. Try to “move on,” as we say in the football world. I say this with utmost kindliness because it is obvious you are grieving the loss of your dear friend.

            1. Agreed. It’s amazing how morality gets lost when people facing losing something they like and affects their spare time. This guy Jeff Patterson used a position of authority to seduce a young lady who like many 17 almost 18 year olds didn’t have the maturity to see what was happening. I don’t care that it was 18 years ago. I don’t care that some of you guys obviously don’t have daughters and can’t make a rational argument on why this is ok. This dude is a sexual predator who got off with 2 months in a work release program. The fact he lost his teaching license is irrelevant. He was able to move on with his life and work in another field without anyone knowing what he did because he wasn’t put on the sexual predator list due to a deal he worked out with the prosecutor.

              I have 3 daughters and if this had happened to one of them I would have hunted this Ahole down and beaten to within an inch of his life. He has probably negatively affected this womans mental state for the rest of her life and we have knuckleheads on this board crying about giving this guy another chance because they don’t have anywhere else to go to talk football. You guys are a freaking joke.

              1. So, I don’t really care one way or the other…..

                But at what point does a person have a chance to move on from a mistake? Or are they condemned to wear a scarlet letter and be damned in society for the rest of their lives? Your issue with his sentence is one with the judge and not Patterson.

                You having 3 daughters is irrelevant. Your feelings are irrelevant. Sure if I had a daughter and something like that happened, I’d probably also go violently crazy too. But MY FEELINGS are irrelevant.

                I used to know Patterson a few decades ago. And I would choose not to associate with him personally. But Jesús….this is just a football blog….as long as he’s not being sponsored by the Girl Scouts or coaching girl’s flag football; I’m fine with him writing about football on a computer.

              2. Van9er
                There are those pious dolts who begin by speaking of MORALITY, as if they alone possessed such knowledge! How only they’re qualified to be judge and jury and met out their version of justice!
                As a morally superior cretin, they have the right to take the law into their hands and “hunt this Ahole down and beat him to within an inch of his life?”
                Have you considered the fact that would qualify them as narcissistic vigilantes who believe they are above the law?

            2. You are completely wrong in assuming that Jeff is my best friend. I’ve never met the guy or been anywhere near his presence.

              My contention with the PD is that Patterson could have been dismissed from the PD without the back story.
              It seems that not only was the Press Democrat covering their backside, but by exposing the crime of 18 yrs ago, were intent on bringing future damage upon Jeff.
              I’m sure that there may be more to the story, but I’m just going off the current PD report

            3. I think you are the one that is irrational. He did his time and it’s been 18 years, and he’s trying to make a living at something he loves. How many people would volunteer this information? I don’t excuse what he did at all. He was entrusted as a teacher to protect the kids and did the opposite. He wouldn’t be my buddy, but he derives a chance to make a life for him and his family.

              1. What you seem to be missing, Felix, is that many employers do hire felons. Just search on “What companies hire felons” – you will be amazed. In addition, there are wonderful resources that give excellent advice. Check out the helpforfelons and hirefelons websites, for example. But, concealing a felony conviction is a poor strategy. If you conceal and are outed, you get canned. Full disclosure, on the other hand, gives the employer the opportunity to say, “Yes, we are aware of Mr. X’s past and decided to give him a second chance. We are glad we did.”

                Patterson did a superb job as moderator here, but he only has himself to blame for his demise.

              2. Collywobbles:

                The PD admitted that they did no background check on Patterson. If he wasn’t handed a form to fill out to provide background information (because he was brought on as a contractor not an employee) should he just have volunteered it especially since this happened 18 years ago and he probably thought he paid his debt to society per the sentencing.

              3. Yes Cubus, he should volunteer it, if not asked. A felony conviction, unless you are pardoned, stays on your record all your life. You can serve time, abide by terms of parole, wait 18 years, it’s still there. You may well be right, but we don’t know for sure what he “probably thought.”

                Always stay informed and follow the rules. You might just benefit, and with luck, the world won’t come crashing down on you.

  29. The incident, which involved a 17-year-old girl, occurred when Hammer, whose real name is Jeff Patterson, was a high school football coach and math teacher in Morgan Hill in the South Bay. In addition to his work-release sentence, he served five years of probation and had his teaching certificate permanently revoked. He was not required to register as a sex offender

  30. when will something be done about the grant cohn scandal, getting his dads job?
    what about all the human trafficked labor in sonoma county to make wine
    truly disgusting and the press democrat ignores it
    meanwhile kids get drunk and kill other kids

  31. Old Coach,

    Do you think Shanahan’s play calling was clunky on purpose? *Puts on tin foil hat* He said to reporters that the niners needed a challenging game. And it seem as if the game plan wasn’t fluid. Do you think he do it on purpose?

    Also, there were a lot of other thing happening. Purdy missed throws. Oline wasn’t there. But the play calling stood out to me.

    1. KY,
      If he didn’t have a terrible record versus J. Shwartz previously you might have something. Its kind of like Ali against Norton. Ali would beat every other fighter but he just couldn’t figure out Norton or a mediocre pitcher who owned a HOF hitter. It just a matter of styles. I’ll tell you what worries me is Purdy’s ability to play in bad weather. I watched a You Tube interview with him just this past Saturday where he said he had a problem gripping the ball in bad weather games especially in a game against Drake

      1. I think Kyle is so dependent on creating mismatches through motion and window dressing that he doesn’t know what to do against aggressive defensive line penetration that isn’t paying attention to all of his pre and post snap motion/window dressing. I wonder if it ever occurs to him to counter with a simple quick hitting run game?

        The 49ers had the same problem against Philly in the playoffs.

        1. Allfor,
          Mason seemed to get better results than CMC. Do you think it had to do with running styles, play calling or just an anomaly

          1. That’s an interesting observation. Mason tends to be more of a straight forward runner. He hits the hole and goes straight…often like a bowling ball. CMC is more of a slasher and reader of blocks. But that can mean he’s slower to hit the hole. It also means that once he gets by the line of scrimmage he finds a path and gets more yards vs. being a bowling ball and creating a pile of tacklers and moving them a few yards. But against a penetrating defense? Yeah….hitting the hole quickly is going to have it’s advantages. I didn’t notice if the plays called for Mason were any different than the ones called for CMC.

      2. The 49ers were practically inept in all phases of yesterday’s game. But, that said, the 49ers were still in position to win had Moody made a 41 yrd FG. When we drafted Moody, I envisioned him winning games in this exact type of game.

        Also, (maybe someone can help with this) why is Moody unable to boom the ball into the endzone. Is this by design or does he not have the leg strength? This is disappointing, and hopefully not harbinger of things to come.

        1. AES,
          I think the 49ers special team coach has Moody doing what is called directional kicking. They hope they can pin the returner inside the 20. It takes great coverage and the 9ers STs seem to do every thing pretty well other than KO coverage.

  32. This game reminded me of the Philly playoff game. The Niners couldn’t handle a defense that got penetration against the run and pass. WTF were with all the misdirection DRAW plays from shotgun????? It’s 2023; defenses don’t automatically expect you to pass from the shotgun formation. Other than the first drive, the run game was blown up in the backfield. You know what works against aggressive penetration? TRAP BLOCKS. Harbaugh did this against a Schwartz Lions defense. TRAP BLOCKS take advantage of aggressive penetrators, they’re vulnerable to being moved out of their gaps. Then you bring COUNTER TRAP plays. You know what doesn’t work against defensive penetration? Wide Zone and simple inside zone run plays. That stuff gets blown up in the backfield no matter how much window dressing you present. It doesn’t matter what the motion is if the defense’ goal is to meet at the “mesh point” where the QB hands off to the RB. The defense is no longer following motion, linemen steps, back flow….nope just meet in the backfield.

    Purdy was rattled and just late on many of his throws. He had very poor timing and looked like he didn’t trust his protection and didn’t have a plan for when he felt some pressure.

    The run defense was horrible. Kinlaw just plain sucks he’s getting washed out of plays and making tackles 5 yards down the field. Armstead was stood up half the time. Both were trying to penetrate and getting blown out of their gaps. Why can’t the 49ers have at least one gap eater to anchor the run in the middle? I have never liked the all single gap penetration containment run fit scheme.

      1. I think the personnel implementation of the Wide 9 does have some issue with the weak run D. On the other hand the coaches work with the personnel they have. The Wide 9 run fits are somewhat similar to a 3-4 defense in that it’s a containment based run fit scheme. The middle you have to have guys that can not only blast into the backfield, read the play and make plays (blow up in the backfield or chase down from behind). You also need linebackers that are stout enough to take on blockers because they aren’t being protected by D-linemen that are occupying blockers for very long. Warner is the best or one of the best linebackers in the league. But he’s not Patrick Willis or Bowman. Warner is not a down hill tight flow thumper who engages blockers and sheds them at an elite level. Warner is a fast flow linebacker. He moves and makes plays better when moving laterally or when gaps are clear and he can shoot through them.

        The run defense used to have DeForest Buckner who was good enough to penetrate but smart enough to read plays and blocks. Then they had DJ Jones. Jones was a good run defender. He didn’t simply blast into the backfield. He engaged blockers, stacked, read the play or blocks, shedded and then made his way into the backfield. This kept the middle of the defensive gaps clogged enough to keep the linebackers clean. But Hardgrave is a poorman’s Buckner when it comes to run defense. He sometimes blows stuff up in the backfield. He sometimes chased down runners from behind going into a pile. But he also makes wrong reads and gets out of place and gets washed out. Kinlaw is clueless and is badly washed out of his gaps…probably because he’s busy trying to read plays and blocks. On the edges it’s a hard task to ask your Ends to play containment. Bosa is usually pretty good at it. But I think he was being nullified in the last game. I’m not sure how the other End is doing (Greggory?). But guys like Burks or whomever the apex/overhand defender is (nickel back, linebacker, safety) has to be able to defeat blockers on the edge….maybe those guys should play force (to the sidelines) instead of containment….I don’t know.

        Speaking of DTs……Armstead. I like the guy. He at times makes plays with his length and long arms. But he’s sort of a tweener. He doesn’t really eat up blockers and anchor the line and he doesn’t blast into the backfield and blow stuff up either. I think due to his height he’s susceptible to O-line getting a leverage advantage over him.

        If it were me, I’d have a NT that squeezed gaps in base/run down situations. Not a 2 gap space eater. But a guy that can control his gaps and could move some.

        1. They could have kept H. Ridgeway for little money I thought he did a good job against the run. I would like to see the two rookie LBs Winters and Graham playing in place of Burks and Flanigan-Fowels when Greenlaw is out.

          1. like most of the rest of the league, the 49ers tend to sacrifice run defending thump for speed and quickness in coverage. Greenlaw has a bit of both….he’s not a stack and shed guy but he is a downhill thumper and he’s good in coverage. I don’t know enough about Burks, Flanigan-Fowls and the rookies.

            1. All4/Coach
              Maybe the Browns did not have the time needed to plan on Gregory. But I thought Gregory had a better impact on the DL than expected. Drake, has basically been a no-show since the opening game. Heck, Solomon Thomas seemed better than DJ and that’s saying a lot. Givens has put in good snaps when he’s played.

              Yesterday’s loss certainly doesn’t disqualify the 49ers from making a deep playoff run. But, if they face the Eagles in the NFC championship game with Kinlaw, DJ and Armstead getting push around, it could spell trouble.

              1. Gregory’s presence was felt in passing game. But I don’t recall hearing his name or even seeing him involved in the run game.

                The issue with the Eagles and the Browns is the defensive line penetration. The Niners need an answer for that in the run game and the passing game. I think Kyle plans all wrong against a defensive front that he can’t trick.

              2. All4,
                Do you think that the 49ers can find some help on the OL at the trading deadline at the end of the month?
                I haven’t really done a study of players available, but, it’s certainly something the 49ers should be active in.

            2. @AES

              The only guy I can see that could be available for a trade that would help the Niner’s O-line is Garrett Bolles of the Broncos. He’s a tackle with a 72.8 PFF Grade this year which is decent to almost good. That’s far better than anyone on the right side of the 49er’s line. Burford is the weakest of three (48.6 PFF). So ideally someone could slide inside; I don’t know if Bolles could do that or maybe McKivitz.

              1. Bolles would be a very good trade prospect.

                On another topic. I think that you would make a great moderator for the “Inside the 49ers blog.” Your football acumen is second to none and your knowledge of the 49ers goes deep and insightful.
                Don’t know if you would be interested in this, but if the PD needs someone that could run this blog, you fit the bill, imho.

              2. I could see them slipping Pryor inside to at least rotate with Burford. If they were to trade for Bolles I think McKivitz could be a decent guard

              3. All4,
                Bolles would make a very good addition on the OL.

                On a different topic. Would you ever consider taking over the “Inside the 49ers blog” if the PD wants to continue to offer it for their readers?
                Your football acumen is second to none, along with knowledge of the business side of the game.
                If the PD ever decides to look for a new moderator, I hope that you would give it consideration.

  33. Thanks AES and Old Coach. I actually nominated Old Coach in an earlier post. It’d be fun; even as a collaborative effort. But then I’d have to learn to write coherently.

    I really think the Press Democrat could leverage the blog site into larger sports and community sports based content. Sports psychology, pro sports impact on communities, pro sports impact on local sports and communities (I recently learned that Junior Giants Summer Youth Baseball is available in a neighboring town near me). There’s been a decrease in interest in youth tackle football but an increase in flag football. Is there a crossover? Can youth football be saved? Can the NFL help (are they helping now?). There are all kinds of ways you can go with this. Again, in addition to football content.

    1. Allfor,
      Your ability to write coherently is far superior to mine. My last college writing course was almost 50 years ago. A collaborative effort sounds like an interesting idea to me and something beyond just a 49er blog is also interesting. I have emailed the P.D. sports editor asking him what their plans for the blog is. If and when I hear back I will let the community know.

      1. I support anybody who can keep this going. Two might be a good idea but is not always ideal.
        Hell, if we really get desperate we can always petition my good old buddy Seb to come out of hiding and take the helm.
        His verbal diarrhea is second to none! Daily diatribes!
        He’ll be able to piff off more people than baby-Cone ever did and generate a lot of traffic here. It wont be as good in terms of football, but it definitely will be entertaining!

  34. I wonder what Jack will do now. I’m sure this is a devastating blow and will require some time to get his bearings back. I noticed that he posted a YouTube video during the game yesterday. I Wonder if he’s lost his press pass. He could also start is own blog and tie it into his videos and X posts. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of him.

    1. It would be nice to have him continue but after Baby-Cone and Freddie Krueger dumped him publicly before knowing all the facts, it will be an uphill battle for him to get access to the tapes, locker-room, inside scoop etc.

  35. Now I’m not saying what Jack H did is ok, but I’m seeing a lot of finger pointing in here and just have one question for the higher than thou folks. Where’s your stance on this trans movement brainwashing children with their shows in schools? And I’m talking elementary children. Got a hunch most of you pointing your fingers are ok with this movement and indoctrination. Like this leftist garbage paper is! You speaking up for this disgusting movement is all that needs to be known. You’ll deny it publicly , but you know who you are. So take a look in that mirror before pointing that finger! That’s all I gotta say.

    1. What time are the shows for this new movement you mentioned?
      I can use a different kind of exercise!

      1. Go hit any pride parade or check your local elementary schools. I guess to some it’s all good for a man dressed as a woman to shake his +** in front of children.PEDOS!

  36. The crappy part for the community on here is that the PD will likely go through a dry spell again, letting the site die on the vine. Which sucks, especially given how vibrant the site once was and that it was finally getting back to something comparable to what it once was.
    This was always a nice place to go for general niner discord. Hopefully several of you will go to Razor and Scooter’s site as it would be nice to keep the community together at least somewhat.



  39. what a God-tier take that man had about Kyle Shanahan’s odds against Jim Schwartz. so good it got him exposed as a nonce.

  40. Attention Inside The 49ers community’ I just received an answer to my email from John D’Anna. He said that the Press Democrat is actively looking for a moderator for this site. They have already spoken to a couple of candidates. The feeling I got from Mr. D’Anna’s email is that they are looking for a staff writer something like when Phil Barber or Matt Maiocco were the moderators. Any ways it sounds like there may be a replacement soon.

  41. Maybe they could create a new page each week. It doesn’t have to have any content until they find a replacement, but it gives us a clean page each week.

  42. The Hammer Patterson story is not as benign as some of you seem to think. Hammer Patterson took advantage of a troubled teen


    Patterson urged a student to forge a note to get her out of sixth period, then left campus where Patterson picked her up. Patterson then drove her to an empty parking lot where she said she had oral sex with Patterson.

    Patterson pleaded no contest on a count of felony oral copulation with a minor as well as an additional misdemeanor. The victim’s mother demanded the maximum punishment and said that Patterson was fully aware of the girl’s “delicate mental status,” and that she had been to an emergency room because of an overdose since the incident. The victim’s mother also lamented that her family would be “facing these demons forever.”

    1. We all know the details. Thats not the issue. The issue is he did his time and accepted his punishments and now 18 years later he gets fired for no good reason. Just politics.

      1. ” gets fired for no good reason. Just politics. ”

        Every employer has the right to hire and fire. You have no idea if it was politics or a moral decision.

        1. A bad decision either way and for no good reason. Where’s the morality in firing a person for a crime that he was punished 18 years ago that not only deprives him of his livelihood but has serious ramifications for his family.

          1. You do persist, Felix. Have you noticed that your continued posts defending Patterson afford the opportunity to reply in kind? Perhaps the “no good reason” is that the Press Democrat doesn’t want to be associated with perpetrators of severe crimes.

            (From the felonyrecordhub website): “If a criminal record happens because of felony convictions due to severe crimes, there is no eligibility for expunging a criminal conviction. In the majority of US states, a law enforcement agency considers severe crimes to include:
            1 Murder,
            2 Sexual battery, sexual imposition, or rape,
            3 Serious weapons charges,
            4 Felonies involving victims 17 years of age and under, including corruption of a minor and pornography or obscenity involving a minor.”

            You appear to think that the passage of time changes the severity of the crime. It is curious that you weep for Patterson’s family, but not for his victim. I’d hazard a guess that Patterson would like to see this discussion end, but carry on if you must.

  43. Like Seb, I no longer follow or partake in this site. For two reasons:

    1. Non-existent account authentication. No prevention of catfishing. – any lowlife can hijack someone else’s account and post crap under their name. Other deranged cretins can “sign in” under a different name for each posting. Doxing. Once Sebs RL info was revealed it was all over the poor guy here. Until PD replaces this forum backend, it doesn’t matter who the moderator is.

    2. Disagreement with Jack’s administration of the site. No political content, fine. But then allowing blatantly political screen names. A bit of a double-standard there Hammer, no thanks.

    And for those braying about PD succumbing to the “woke mob”, let me remind you. It wasn’t wokeness that introduced pedophilia accusation hysteria, “grooming”, anti-LGBTQ legislation, book banning into the political sphere, the nations culture wars (witness mds unhinged rants). It’s a hallmark of QANON, and the politically adjacent fellow traveler MAGA. Once this news broke, if they kept Hammer on I wouldn’t be surprised if PD staff started receiving death threats, and not from the “woke mob”. So wear your red hat proudly. I’m as woke as they come, I think Hammer got and is getting a raw deal.

    Finally, 1.6 “Patriot” and your disgusting slam against OldCoach. Do you even read the f-ing book that supposedly contains the words of the guy you name your religion after?

    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

    Matthew 5:11-12.

    Calling a guy a DB, that’s a hell of a way to spread a blessing.

    You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also. And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well.

    Matthew 5:38-40.

    And if you are so put out about “christian persecution”, how about this. After millennia of warning us non-believers about the anti-christ, how about convincing fewer of your brethren to vote for him when he finally showed up.

    With that, ribico out.

    1. Rib, good to hear from you. Great punch line!
      I do take exception with portraying Seb as a victim though. He was no innocent bystander. He liked to dish it out but was not very good at receiving it. He liked to come off as smart but was mostly a smart-ass.
      Having said all that, it is not cool that that he was threatened by some canadian coward who doxed him after Seb outed himself. The ensuing saga with Seb whining to GC, and telling people that it was his wife, not him, who posted his real name, didn’t make him more palatable but did set off the rampage of impersonations of him (plagiarism is the best form of flattery?). I still don’t know how they did it.
      The guy never understood what made him so unpopular and how HE drove away people from the site with his continuous, constant cacophony. Many quit posting and mentioned that HE was the reason. Did you forget about that?
      I thought it was funny, entertaining at times, annoying at other times and I had my share of poking the panda.
      I hope you come back with your insights and quips!
      No good reason to dwell on the past on our way to the SB!!!

      PS, I don’t mind if a poster identifies themselves with their criminal activity in their moniker. A warning of who’s talking is always welcome…

    2. Sebnynah began posting here around Jun 3 – Jun 12, and then once again abruptly vanished. Don’t blame him in the slightest, and exactly for the reason (#1) you mentioned. Great to hear from a true red and gold 49ers fan like yourself. Keep in touch, ribico.

  44. Dee,
    I just hope the Press Democrat moves quickly and they don’t choose a part time moderator. My one complaint regarding Jack was he didn’t interact with or answer posters questions. You can say what you want about GC he consistently interacted with those of us who posted.

    1. Maiocco did too; maybe not as much as Cohn. I remember sending Maiocco a question on a few occasions and he emailed me back.

      I hope it’s someone that actually knows football. Cohn irritated me with his arrogance with what he thought he knew. At least with Jeff I knew he knew what he was talking about.

      1. Jack certainly had better football knowledge than GC but best of all he started the no politics ban. When GC was the moderator you had to look thru 10 to 15 posts to find football posts. I couldn’t believe that Cohn let the site get so out of control.

      2. Allfun, I agree. With Jack it was always about football, never about himself.
        I requested a few times from GC to review his predictions he made at the beginning of the year. He never did. Jack did the first year without prompting.
        It’s an eye-opening difference!

    2. OC, I agree that GC had more interactions but towards the end he was rarely there too. I think the same thing happened to him as what happened to Jack. He started to monetize his opinion. (nothing wrong with that) Jack went on YouTube, twitter, talkshows, etc and promote their wares. That takes a lot of time to prepare for.
      In the beginning Jack would respond way more. I also remember that Jack had a learning curve with writing, took a class. He found out writing is not the same as talking. And talking on YouTube is not the same as talking in person.
      Anyways it would be nice if you and/or Allfun were running the show,( assuming that you don’t start a Youtube channel) and everybody can communicate the old fashioned way by posting and responding.
      If they assign a regular guy like they did last time, it will be one post a week probably. I hope they find a good one like Jack.

  45. How is the recovery going for CMC , Deebo and Greenlaw? I have mixed feelings about Greenlaw.

    Positives: Sideline to Sideline speed. Great tackler. Game saving tackle verses Seattle.
    Negatives: Nagging injuries. At least 3x per year he will have a late hit or unsportsman penalty which will cost the Niners a critical 15 penalty yards -extending drives .

  46. Any body think D.J. Jones might be available in a trade. He could take all of Kinlaw’s snaps and 5 of Hargraves and 5 of Armsteads. I think the 2 trades they should make are Jones and Jeremy Chinn. Chinn is currently injured right now but should be available by the end of Nov. right in time for the stretch drive and the playoffs. I think they could get both for a 4th and a 5th round pick

    1. I thought about D.J. Jones as I’ve mentioned before how I think the middle of the defense needs to be fortified. But at a quick glance of his contract, he’s still owed another $10M guaranteed (that’s not signing bonus that Denver paid him). That’s a lot of cap space for a run defending role player.

      But yeah, IMO ideally I think you’d have a D.J. Jones play DT next to Hargrave and move Armstead out to Closed End (which I think is his best position) in base/run situations.

      One thing I think I’ve noticed is that the 49ers seem to be running less stunts in passing situations. I don’t know if that’s true but it sure seems like it.

      1. Allfor,
        Gregory looked good on passing downs. I would like to see him on run downs to see if he can be as effective against the run as he was against the pass. Then again they may want to limit his snaps with his injury record.

      2. If by stunts you mean trick plays, I agree. The routes the receivers run seem pretty standard. Of course CMC, Mr Zigzag, turns almost every run into a stunt.
        The flea-flicker was a surprise though with great results.
        It also seems KS is trying to push Brock with his long throws. BP is also less flighty.
        He stays in the pocket longer in stead of running to his left.
        I’m still waiting to hear why BP didn’t wear gloves last week. No excuse!

        1. No, I was talking about defensive line stunts. The most common one is the T/E stunt. Or Tackle End exchange/loop. Basically the DT attacks and pass rushes out towards the Offensive Tackle while the Defensive End loops around into the interior gap vacated by the DT. Often times when an offensive Guard sees an open space in front of them move out towards the next nearest defender to the outside and is then surprised when the End comes looping around back into the Guard’s gap.

          Fangio ran that a lot with Justin Smith and Aldon Smith. Saleh and Ryans ran it frequently with a DT and Bosa. I wonder if they run it less when Hargrave is next to Bosa? Maybe because having Hargrave crash down on and occupy the Tackle and clear a space for Bosa is a waste of Hargrave’s pass rushing skills?

            1. Whlie Wilks could shoulder some blame, I have not been impressed with Hardgrave. Cleveland pushed the DTs around at will. And Drake seems to have regressed since game one. And let’s be honest, Bosa isn’t really doing his usual Bosa things. Kinlaw might be a trade prospect (hopefully) in a package deal.
              I felt that going into the trade deadline the 49ers might target an OL. But, now I’m looking at D. Hunter and possibly Brian Burns.

              1. Hargrave like all players are tools that have to be used correctly. He blasts into the backfield to blow stuff up. But that works best when you have someone that can anchor the middle of the line. This used to work well when D.J. Jones was the NT for the 49ers. The problem is that Armstead is also barrelling into the backfield and he’s trying to read the play and ends of standing up and getting blown out of the hole. Hargrave without any protection also takes himself out of plays at times. Armstead would be best used if he were the base down strong side end and passing down DT. Hargrave would be best used by allowing him to blast into the backfield like a 3 technique/under tackle in an under front with a run stuffing DT next to him.

                Wilks just doesn’t seem to have a feel for the defense….(yet?). No sense when to call blitzes, when to stunt, when to call tight coverage and when to play off based on down, distance, personnel match up….etc…

          1. I’m pretty sure that Gregory and not sure if it was Hargrave or Kinlaw ran a stunt in the game against the Browns. But you’re right, before that, I don’t remember the announcers ever mentioning any stunts. But that’s probably because any previous stunts that were run didn’t result in a sack.

  47. AES,
    I think we would all love an O lineman but there doesn’t see to be any available. I believe that Gregory should take care of the pass rush so I would like to see them pick up a DT run stuffer, they usually come cheap and a nickle back.

    1. Hopefully, the DL getting pushed around in Ohio was an aberration. Monday night should be a bounce back game for the entire team. I think that Givens might be able to replace Kinlaw as a backup for either Hardgrave and Armstead.
      Also, with Bosa being the only threat from the edge to bring pressure, the DL seems to have slightly regressed from last year as far as putting pressure on the QB. If Gregory can fill the void, the D could be better going forward.

  48. If T.Williams isn’t able to play Monday night the 9ers could be in huge trouble. A tackle pairing of McKivitz and Moore does not strike fear in any defenses. imho

    1. I think you’re right about McKivitz and Moore. But it would also be good opportunity and challenge for both (especially Moore) to prove their mettle. My old football coach used to say when facing strong teams, “it’s time to step up, or step down.” Harsh, but true, lol.

    2. Our online is who we have and I see little opportunity for adding anyone. Each team has to prioritize positions and except for left tackle the oline is a lower priority for the Niners. Until
      Last week they were scoring over 30 points per game so I’d expect invest to remain a low priority.

  49. Felix,
    These are the current backup Olinemen on the 53mr.
    Jayson Moore, Nick Zakelj, Jon Feliciano and Matt Pryor. These guys can’t be counted on to continue the consistency of the Starters if any of them are out for a considerable amount of time.

    Another concern when looking at the OL is that there really isn’t a full-fledged backup Center if Brendal goes down. Zakelj is the likely guy to take over, but he’s far from a long term answer.
    But as I mentioned to Coach, hopefully, the game against Cleveland was an aberration. Personally, I think it was.

    1. Feliciano is a vet with some starting experience. He’s kind of solid for a back up. He’s actually started at Center before too.

      1. All4,
        You are right. Feliciano can play Center if needed. My concern with him is that he’s on his 4th team in his 9 yr career. He could help in a pinch, but if he had to start in a 6-8 game stretch, that might be an issue.

        The 49ers might need to give serious attention in finding an OL that has the potential to start right away. As you mentioned some days ago, Garrett Bolles could fill that spot.

  50. Has anyone else made a post and the P.D says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” ” This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.” I wonder if this is a post Jack change that the paper is making.

    1. I haven’t experienced that, Coach. But, I do miss not having 4 min, edit feature which allowed me to make corrections on any mistakes. But, this has been happening for awhile.

    2. Must be a new thing as I have asked numerous times about a moderator. I have never received a reply from the PD. I tried reporting the spammers and they ignored me. I asked Cone about moderators and he banned me.

      1. David,
        I emailed the editor asking what the PD was going to do with the blog. John D’Anna answered me in about 2 days. He said they are trying to hire a new moderator and had in fact already interviewed a couple of candidates. He gave me the impression that maybe they were going to hire a staff writer who would also moderate this site.

        1. I never thought of Cone or Jack as moderators. What was needed (in my opinion) was moderation of what was posted in the blog comments.

              1. David,
                I agree on the spammers. GC did a much better job of deleting those than Jack did. I wonder if quick removal doesn’t discourage them in the first place.

  51. I read nothing that was published during Jack’s time that I felt was inappropriate for a football/sports site. I’m not sure if it was Jack moderating or self moderation by the community but I hope it continues under the next moderator. imho

  52. Latest 49ers injury report and its not good Deebo out a hairline broken bone in his shoulder will miss at least 2 games. Williams doubtful. CMC questionable. Like I said earlier if Moore and McKivitz start at OT the 49ers will lose this Mon. I think KS would be smart to hold out CMC let him have another week to heal and on top of that don’t run him behind that O line.

    1. With Moore in for Williams, I don’t think you’ll see a lot of passing…’ll be a heavier dose of the run game (from an already run heavy offense). You probably won’t see any 7 step drop passes….probably even less 5 step passes. More screen passes…etc… It’ll be a constipated offense that the Vikings will be prepared for. So it’ll come down to offense eking out some points and the defense showing up and throttling the Vikings.

      Or it’ll be an inexplicable shoot out.

  53. It’s games like this (when missing star players), that Shanahan shows his coaching chops. It will be interesting to see if he modifies the game plan or
    keep the same game plan as if TW and CMC were playing. I believe that he will have a plan A and B for the game. It’s the plan C that worries me, lol.

    1. I think it’s an AFC/NFC thing. Not being able to prepare for strangers. Cleveland’s lights out D holds us to 19 and then Indy puts 38 on them. Ravens have a history of doing well against teams they don’t face often and then when the chips are down they el foldo. Gonna have to see more of Lions before I believe they’re not real. For the record, I think Goff is better than he gets credit for and got a bum rap with the Rams.

    2. I think it’s an AFC/NFC thing. Not being able to prepare for strangers. Cleveland’s lights out D holds us to 19 and then Indy puts 38 on them. Ravens have a history of doing well against teams they don’t face often and then when the chips are down they el foldo. Gonna have to see more of Lions before I believe they’re not real. For the record, I think Goff is better than he gets credit for and got a bum rap with the Rams. Nice to see a local guy do good besides Aaron “Hate my Family” R….

    3. I think it’s an AFC/NFC thing. Not being able to prepare for strangers. Cleveland’s lights out D holds us to 19 and then Indy puts 38 on them. Ravens have a history of doing well against teams they don’t face often and then when the chips are down they el foldo. Gonna have to see more of Lions before I believe they’re not real. For the record, I think Goff is better than he gets credit for and got a bum rap with the Rams. Nice to see a local guy do good besides that other QB that hates his family.

  54. what a dude or chick wants to do in the privacy of there own home on there own time is of no business to anyone…….i have been in a gay relationship with ninermd and bayareafanatic for almost 10 years now……only god can judge me

    1. Oh, thanks for that. Just the information I needed on a football blog. Anyone else have anything stupid to say.

  55. Cleveland lost star running back Nick Chubb for the season with a knee injury during their week 2 loss at Pittsburgh. Over the last two games they have turned to Pierre Strong, Jerome Ford and Kareem Hunt and averaged just 3.1 yards per rush attempt.

  56. how much do we pay for a d-line that gets 0 sacks against Kurt Cousins? CAN WE PLEASE HIRE SALAH BACK

  57. Let this sink in.

    #49ers fall to 0-36 under Kyle Shanahan when trailing by 8+ points in 4th quarter in regular season or playoffs. Niners have lost 37 straight in all in that scenario. Only Panthers have longer streak at 45 straight.

    Is that the pedigree of a head coach that can take a team to the SB and win the SB? This really bums me out.

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