Tony Romo on the Niners

SANTA CLARA – Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo spoke to Bay Area reporters on a conference call this afternoon.

Here’s what he said.

Q: Have you had any chance to look at any of the 49ers stuff yet?

ROMO: Yeah, I got done watching a few hours of tape here this morning.

Q: What are your impressions?

ROMO: Good, they play hard. You can see, it jumps out the tape that they’re an aggressive team that goes until the whistle. When you watch them, you can tell they’re going to try to play a little 2-man against us, and probably have some sort of secondary blitzes, some corners and stuff. It’s an aggressive team. They want to attack people and you’ve got to be prepared for that.

Q: What’s 2-man?

ROMO: It’s just a coverage term that I think they like to play. They play a man under scheme where they have two safeties (inaudible) and everyone else plays man.

Q: Did you see and secondary blitzes in the Seattle game?

ROMO: When you watch them, it depends on what you’re calling a secondary blitz, but yeah, you see different forms of it. Without giving away too much to you guys, I just think that they are an aggressive, attacking style defense, and we have to be prepared for that.

Q: Did you watch any Stanford film?

ROMO: I want to say just instantly when you watch them they’ve got a little bit of the Dom Capers feel to them. And I don’t know the background there. They look a little bit like when we play the Redskins or the Packers in some ways. They’ll mix it up – go from a three-down front to a four down, and things like that.

Q: Has it been cathartic for you after last night’s game looking forward to the 49ers so fast?

ROMO: Yeah, you’ve got to get ready and go. The games come up fast, and you have to be in a position to come right back and get ready to go and for us that’s why we get in here and play this game. Last night was disappointing and frustrating ,and we’ve got to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I’m going to make sure of that.

Q: The 49ers seemed to get a lot of pressure on the Seahawks without blitzing. Hoe difficult is it to prepare for a team’s blitz packages when they haven’t shown you a whole lot?

ROMO: That’s why I said we’re going to see some pressure because if you’re able to get it like they did in the Seahawks game with just the front guys, there’s no reason to continuously send it. If they’re able to continually do that they’ll do the same thing to us, but I would think that they’re going to have to, and they’re going to end up bringing some secondary pressures against us. I just think you prepare for it – it’s in their system and we have to be ready for it.

Q: Was that a subdued, quiet plane ride home last night?

ROMO: Yeah, it was disappointing and frustrating to lose that football game yesterday. That’s why we’re up early to move onto the 49ers right now. You have to get ready for the next one. We have to put that one behind us and I have to come out and play my best game this week and make sure that what happened last week doesn’t happen again and I’ll do that.

Q: Does it feel like defensive coordinators will be more aggressive with you just because of all the new guys you have on the offensive line?

ROMO: Yeah, I think that’s a good assessment. I also think that people usually have a way of bring different people against us just because they feel that’s in their best interest – to attack us. We saw a lot of three and four-man rush this week, which usually tells you that won’t be the same thing next week.

Q: When you look at the Niners defense on film who catches your eye?

ROMO: What jumps off the tape if just they play hard. You don’t see anyone loafing. You don’t see anyone not giving 100 percent. Obviously, Patrick Willis is a great player. We’re going to have to account for him. McDonald showed up, obviously, last week. I just think these guys, they go to the whistle. They’re going to be tough to handle, and it’s going to be a great challenge for our guys up front this week.

Q: You played against Carlos Rogers a lot, what distinguishes him as a quarterback?

ROMO: Just a good sense for the ball. He has good timing and good instincts, and you just had to be prepared for him.

Q: You’ve never played in San Francisco. What kind of familiarity do you have with the rivalry?

ROMO: I obviously came around after the stuff in the old days. I love reading about the game and hearing about the history, so I know all about the great games of the ‘80s and ‘90s and hopefully we’ll be able to resurrect that one day.

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