Top 5 players the 49ers should want after Day 1 of the Combine

Mississippi offensive lineman Greg Little runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine, Friday, March 1, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

The offensive linemen and running backs just completed their athletic testing at the Combine. Of those players, here are the top five the 49ers should be interested in:

1. Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss.

A big left tackle named Little with long, 35 1/4-inch arms. Ran the 20-yard shuttle in 4.74 seconds, which confirms how quick and agile he is for a big man. Little can play left guard for a season before replacing Joe Staley at left tackle in 2020. The 49ers can draft Little in Round 2.

2. Andre Dillard, OT, Washington St.

An athletic left tackle who doesn’t have long arms (33 1/2 inches), but has more than enough quickness and agility to fit the 49ers outside-zone blocking scheme. Ran the fastest 20-yard shuttle (4.40) and second-fastest three-cone drill (7.44) among offensive linemen. Like Little, the 49ers could draft Dillard in Round 2, play him at left guard for a season and move him to left tackle in 2020.

3. Connor McGovern, OG, Penn St.

A right guard with long arms (34 1/8 inches) who is strong (28 reps on the bench) and agile (7.66 3-cone, 4.57 yards shuttle). Should be available when the 49ers pick in Round 3.

4. Dru Samia, OG, Oklahoma.

A right guard who played for the best offensive line in college football last season. Samia doesn’t have long arms (33 inches), but he’s strong (28 reps on the bench) and agile (4.7 2-yards shuttle). Should be available when the 49ers pick in Round 3.

5. Alex Barnes, RB, Kansas State.

A big running back (6’0″, 225 lbs.), who is fast for his size (4.58 40-yard dash), explosive (38-inch vertical leap) incredibly strong (34 reps on the bench) and surprisingly agile (6.95 3-cone, 4.1 shuttle). Scored eight rushing touchdowns in the red zone last season. Should be available when the 49ers pick in Round 4.

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  1. No, just no, on Little. Some pundits think he has bust written all over him.
    5 combine players so far, that the Niners should consider.
    1- Garrett Bradbury C
    2- Chris Lindstrom G
    3- Oli Udoh G/T
    4- Miles Sanders RB
    5- James Williams RB

    1. Add McCoy, Dillard and Jonah Williams to that list, and you have it about right.

      The interior OL in particular had some very good results. Good year to be looking to add an IOL… and the 49ers have an opening. Even if they re-sign Person or add another vet they could do with adding a guy that can backup at OC/OG. And potentially start in the not too distant future.

    2. All the handwringing over Little is the reason a player as big and athletic as him could be available when the 49ers pick in Round 2.

      1. I think they should concentrate on defense in the first 2 rounds, then pick Oli Udoh in the third.
        Of course, the best strategy would be to trade back a couple times, stockpile second and third round picks, and get a WR, Center, RB and/or Guard in the second and third rounds. There will be great quality in the first 80 picks.

              1. Little has a lot of work to do as far as I’m concerned. Athleticism only gets you so far. When I study Little, he struggles to maintain blocks.

  2. I did not think 28 reps of 225 lbs on bench was that strong for a lineman. I had always thought that 30+ and more like 35+ was more of a benchmark. However in reality Bench Press is a pretty irrelevant test of strength. Power Cleans are probably a better accurate measure of applicable explosive strength/power.

    DTs from last year Harrison Phillips (42 reps) and Vita Vea (41 Reps) The record is 51 by some guy named Justin Earnest back in 97.

    1. Yes he looked like the best prospect to me since he also was really good at pass protection. Too bad because he could be the replacement to for Staley at LT while also having the potential to be a great run blocker in the Shanahan system.

  3. I’ve always wanted to see if you could transform those relatively fast 6’6+ Offensive Tackles into jumbo power forward short yardage TEs.

    1. Now that they gave Armstead that 5th year option, I hope they could utilize his basketball skills. He could line up wide on third and 5, Take 3 steps down field, then head to the side line. JG could throw the ball 6 yards downfield, 10 feet in the air. Armstead could box out the DB, and high point the ball, like a center in basketball. Even if it misses, the ball would end up going out of bounds, so there would be little risk of an interception.
      Low risk, high reward because it would keep the chains moving. It would be hard to defend, and relatively simple to execute. I think Armstead could jump that high, and JG is accurate enough to make that throw.

  4. What? Little was terrible today. Nobody ‘should’ want him after today’s performance. I mean I learned this last year but you clearly dont know what your talking about.

  5. Of course, with pro days right around the corner, prospect assessments will continue to flex.

  6. Love all your lineman.. Barnes was brilliant at the Combine yesterday but when I look at RB tape, Qadree Ollison just jumps out of the screen like the best RB to me.. I love Ollison..

    1. Ollison is interesting, but I prefer his teammate, Darrin Hall, who didn’t receive an invitation to the Combine. Hall is my sleeper.

  7. Just looking at the numbers it seems this years crop of running backs don’t have the explosion seen in years past.
    Holyfield’s 40 was terrible, he seemed much faster on tape.

    1. Singletary underwhelmed too, and is another player that his game speed is noticeably faster than his Forty.

      1. They normally do.
        I wonder if it has more to do with handtiming or just being more comfortable and relaxed.
        I prefer the 40 at Indy as it’s level playing field so to speak.

      1. Looks good in a deep class. Needs work at the top of his stems. Was he the one that got in some trouble that led to missing time?

        1. I haven’t read anything about him getting in trouble. He looks like a quality red-zone target who can split out wide. Great size, length and body control to catch the back-shoulder fade.

          1. Agreed. I thought I heard Charles Davis mention something about missing time. Did he only play 8 games last year or something?

              1. He’d be a nice get there, but what if McLaurin is there too? I think you’ve got a chance for 3 TE’s in the first round. Fant, Hockenson and Smith Jr.

              2. If McLaurin runs a 4.35, he probably will get picked in the late second or early third.

              3. I do think they should draft a TE, but with all the needs in other positions, they should hope to select one in round 6. They could also sign Jesse James or Tyler Eifert in Free Agency.

  8. Gurley has arthritis in his knee. The Rams are officially screwed. I look for them to draft a running back.

        1. And now he’ll fall to the third round, just as I predicted. I also predict he will run a 4.54 at his Pro Day.

              1. Schrager is reporting that Harry killed his interviews, and has a lot of buzz irrespective of his Forty time.

                He just ran 4.54. Maybe it’s true that the scouts are just wild about Harry!

              2. And he just hit 4.54. May not fall to the third round after all. Although Juju ran the same time and fell to the end of Round 2.

    1. Dang. I knew they probably wanted Trent Brown, and probably could not keep both of them.
      Niners should have thrown money at him, but the former Pats coach had the edge.

  9. If Murray goes #1 to the Cardinals like the scuttlebutt is predicting, then it becomes an easy pick to predict for the 49ers. They will take Bosa over Allen.

          1. Checks another box. I’m sold on Allen at #2 but I think Kocurek will want Bosa over him. I don’t think you can go wrong with either player.

            1. Allen is a much better fit for a Wide 9 end. I think Kocurek will want Allen. Lynch may be a different story.

              1. And with the 2nd pick of the 2019 NFL draft, the San Francisco Forty Niners select, DE JOSH ALLEN, Kentucky – The 49ers finally land the dominant pass rusher they’ve been sorely lacking in recent years. The stars may have aligned for a 49ers recently minted braintrust and it’s not all of the time when arguably the drafts best player, also happens to a teams biggest need, but here they are! New Defensive Line coach Kris Kocurek will be making some changes to the scheme along Robert Saleh’s defensive line, and Kyle hinted recently that one of those tweaks would be “using more Wide-9 concepts” moving forward. Josh Allen is the prototypical player for this kind of role! He could very well be the missing link, capable of transforming a defense which up to this point has improved defending the run by leaps and bounds, but has been unable to consistently knock the opposing QB around, and in turn wreaking havoc in the backfield while blowing up the timing of opposing teams passing attack. In the 49ers current scheme, the LEO is usually the best pass rusher on the team. While he does play the C gap in run support, his primary responsibility is getting after the QB. He generally aligns himself out wide, angled back toward the quarterback, which is all about isolating the Offensive Linemen, and giving the LEO defender room to operate and a good look at the big red bullseye on the targeted QB.

                I can’t think of a better role for DE Josh Allen, though to use a broad brush stroke to describe Josh Allen’s all around game, would be a mistake. A year ago, after 2 promising, and nearly identical Sophomore & Junior seasons in which Josh reportedly played at between 225 – 235 lbs, he made a serious commitment to bulk up for his Senior season …. and boy did he. A lot of guys blow up in the upper body when they put on weight, but Allen made a commitment to his “base”, his lower body strength and conditioning. It’s estimated that he added 25+ lbs over the course of the 2018 offseason, and as a result, he was noticeably bigger in through his thighs, quads and his glutes. And it’s at his base where he really transformed himself. He was always quick and rangy, with long arms and the ability to bend around the edge, as well as fluidly dropping back in coverage, but now he’s added better ability to convert speed to power. He is simply one explosive athlete!

                I mentioned Josh Allen as an ascending player. One thing I’ve learned over the years is the value of a 4 year player on a rapidly ascending trajectory – a good player for most of his college career, who takes a major step forward and grows into a great player with a lot more room to grow. Josh Allen has done just that. He’s become a destructive force of nature, wreaking defensive havoc everywhere he lines up, whether he’s hunting an opposing QB, smoothly dropping back to take away a passing lane, setting an edge, or stopping a RB in his tracks.

                At 6’5″, and 62 lbs, with room to grow, Josh Allen just may be everything the 49ers are looking for to fill out their front 7, and the draft can’t come soon enough!

          2. Considering, he stated he benched 405 easy… 28 reps doesn’t surprise me at all.

            His explosive get off make him more valuable in the wide 9 I would assume.

              1. Yeah, but he’s not in Allen’s league in terms of getoff on tape.
                The 10 yard split will be very interesting to see.

                For Dlinemen I wish they didnt make them run a normal 40. I wish the trigger would be the snap of a ball. This would help showcase their reaction time and thus their true getoff.

              2. And Allen isn’t in Bosa’s league when it comes to technical refinement. It comes down to whether or not you like Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. I like both.

              3. “And Allen isn’t in Bosa’s league when it comes to technical refinement.”

                Agreed, Bosa is far more polished, I think he is the better player and is the player I would choose. I just think Allen has a higher upside but a very high floor as well. I’m actually ok if SF goes with either player.

              4. You don’t draft based on which players are most advanced. You draft based on which players you think will have the best career.

              1. Nick Bosa is a handfigher with short arms who lacks blazing speed. He’s going to have to transition to interior rusher eventually in the NFL. Watch.

              2. Nick Bosa is also more technically refined, and should be a 10 sacks artist in year one. I don’t know how short arms have anything to do with it, because his arms are only .5 inches shorter than Allens.

              3. Bosa will fail as an edge rusher and be forced to kick inside, just like Justin Smith. Watch.

              4. I really doubt that. But yeah, I am fully on board the Josh Allen train now. Don’t care which one of those two the 49ers take.

              5. Same, Scooter. Either one will do nicely. Should be a very relaxing 1st round, but I just wish we were a luxury pick pick away so we could have Metcalf!

              6. Nick Bosa is a Pit Bull of an NFL edge rushing prospect. While he’s not as big as his older brother Joey, whom many analysts have understandably compared him to, he looks like the more dynamic pass rushing prospect of the two. And pound-for-pound, he might even be the stronger player as well. What he lacks in length, he makes up for with his explosive get off, with an unbelievable knack for timing the snap of the football as well. In a flash, more often than not, he’s got a step on every opposing Offensive Tackle, and after a dominant first couple steps, it’s at this point when he really does his best work. Nick has a preverbial treasure chest full of moves and techniques designed to control his blocker. He uses a combination of strong hands and techniques in order to disengage, and prevent offensive lineman from controlling him as he sets his sights on the QB. Nick may not be considered a speed rusher in the traditional sense, and he may not have the prototypical length, the longest arms, or the gumby-like bend we see from some of the more wiry pass rushers in the game, but he more than makes up for it with his footwork, (whether it’s a quick inside feint, spin mover, or lateral sidestep) and his handwork. Nick has some of the strongest hands I’ve seen, and he uses his powerful hands to swat the hands of the opposing blocker who is lucky enough to get their hands on him, while simultaneously throwing him off balance so that he can quickly get outside of him and around the edge. Nick is going to hunt NFL quarterbacks, provided he can stay healthy, though he’s not just a pass rushing specialist. Nick is also a very good run defender. Strong at the point of attack, he is more than capable of setting an edge as he uses his leverage exceptionally well, while again using an array of strong hand placement techniques, where he extends to control the blocker allowing him to locate the football, and read and react to the play. He’ shows himself to be very instinctive as well, with a very high football IQ, quick to diagnose against the run or the pass. He’s a complete defensive end, and I think he’s going to be better than his brother.

                And I’m still on the fence right now, between him and Josh Allen, though I’m starting to lean toward Allen, based on scheme fit.

              7. Does anyone ever bother reading 49reasons war and peace entries? If so, could someone summarise them for me?

              8. Here you go Scooter.

                Nick Bosa – is a very good pass rusher. Josh Allen – is also a very good pass rusher.

                DK Metcalf – is an incredible physical specimen, and also a very good wide receiver.

                There, I fixed it for you bro.

              9. Thanks mate, appreciated. I would be fine with any of those three round 1, though Metcalf only if they get a good edge guy in FA.

              10. Seb, I’d like to remind you that as much as I liked Connor Cook as a second round prospect, I don’t think I liked him quite as much as you liked Kevin Hogan.

                Touché :)

              11. You seem like a good guy Scooter, and I find that I rarely dissagree with much of anything you post, so I’ll work on shortening up my long winded posts.

                GO NINERS!

              12. Thanks mate, I just find a wall of text like that too burdensome to read on such a forum.

  10. The Giants have finally found their long sought after leadoff hitter. Batting first, #99, Larry Baer. I hear he is a true “slap” hitter.

    1. Metcalf has vaulted his stock into the top 10 if not top 5. I was saying it indirectly yesterday, but if the 49ers do find their LEO in free agency, then there will be a growing possibility that Metcalf could a stronger contender for that second pick.

      1. I was just ’bout to post the same thing in response to Shoup below. I’d would absolutely lose it if Shanny bucked precedent and drafted Metcalf. Somehow I think Jimmy would tweet, Euck yea!

      2. Holy Cow! DK with a 4.33 40, and a 40.5″ Vert?

        DK Metcalf looks to have all of the tools we talk about when it comes to the prototypical game breaking #1 WR. While his route running needs refinement, something which is hardly unusual for draft prospects in this day and age, everything about DK’s game screams future all-pro ability in the not so distant future! That said, he simply cannot be contained by way of press coverage. His hand usage is violent at the line of scrimmage, a legal technique which allows him to constantly knock defensive backs off balance early in the rep. His ability to vary releases and footwork at the line of scrimmage is also top-notch, combined with his exceptional burst and long speed, he has the natural tools to separate (a quality Kyle Shanahan puts a premium on) allowing him to create early vertical separation off the line of scrimmage on a consistent basis. And then comes DK’s second gear, eating up huge chunks of yardage with eye-popping long strides. His use of a second gear to detach when the ball is in the air was on display all season long, consistently accelerating away from cornerbacks in almost every game, until a neck injury ended his 2018 season prematurally.

        Unfortunately this wasn’t the first time an injury derailed a Metcalf season. He took a medical redshirt in 2016 after breaking his right foot versus Wofford, but he came back from that injury stronger than ever, and was named to the SEC All-Freshman team. While the injuries may be a bit of a red flag, they haven’t been the kind of injuries that one would consider serious enough to question whether a player can return to form, and he’s expected to be 100% healthy in for his rookie season, a in reality without his injury history, he would certainly be out of reach for the 49ers with their 2nd pick in the draft.

        Getting back to his athleticism and ability to separate early and often, you can bet that his impressive ability to separate will likely become elite in the near future, as he continues to develop his route running and diversify his route tree. As it stands right now though, his ability to separate is only one of his most impressive attributes, as his high-point ability is already at that elite level. He understands how to use his frame to box out and simply outreach most defensive backs and he’s rarely even bothered by contact as he soars high for the football. If that weren’t enough, his YAC ability is just as impressive, as he has the strength to run through arm tackles, the burst to destroy pursuit angles, and his long speed on film, looks fast enough to run away from the secondary with every step, as he takes it to the house! He is constantly physical and competitive post-catch, and works hard to maximize every touch. Obviously has the size and physicality to be a difference-maker in this area, and it’s an area where this current crop of 49ers WR’s is sorely lacking. DK doesn’t physically back down from anyone, and he’s always looking for opportunities to remind opposing cornerbacks that he’s simply not the typical receiver they are accustomed to dealing with.

        Go get em ShanaLynch!

      1. DKM, is out of our range.
        I don’t see us taking him with our #2 pick. DK placed himself in the area of 5-10 in the 1st rd.

        The only way we get Metcalf is for Shanahan to squawk loud and often for him which means trading down to 5-7 and still get a 2nd tier EDGE in the first rd.

        Its hard to believe that Shanahan wasn’t salivating after watching DK today.
        I’m sure Shanny was having flashbacks of Julio Jones and was diagramming plays for DK in his mind already.
        Metcalf definitely provided the “wow” factor today.

    1. Isabella’s stock just dropped a bit. That explains why I wasnt seeing the seperation on tape that I expected from a short guy (quicker out of his cuts) that supposedly ran in the 4.3’s

      1. His 2nd time was 4.46 I believe. Yea, I thought he was faster too but he’s going to be a very good NFL receiver. Not just from the slot either.

      2. He’s faster than that time. And super quick to boot. If his 40 time drops him to day 3 the 49ers should strongly consider taking him. He’ll be an excellent pro.

          1. My problem is I thought he looked incredibly quick on tape but didn’t seem to blow by people on deeper routes.

      3. I would not doubt at all, that the Pats said that he should not go all, out, and just have good showing. Then, he may fall to them. He would be the heir apparent to Edelman.
        If he had shown his game tape speed, other teams would have drafted him in the later first. Pats would miss out on him. He went to a NE school, so he might be a NE fan. I bet if he lasted until 32, the Pats would take him.
        I know, I know, Machiavelli…..

      4. Lol! I am seeing reports that it was actually a laser issue, and that he actually ran sub-4.3. I suspect this is true – he is way faster than those #s.

              1. Isabella is a 3rd rounder. Everyone knew he was fast, that’s why his initial fake time was a surprise.

              2. Belichick may think otherwise. Luckily for him, this draft is loaded with good pass rushers, even in the third round. I just think he would not risk out on losing the opportunity to draft Isabella.

              3. Isabella WAS a third rounder. He now may be a first rounder.
                The combine results are painting a different picture, and I see a lot of movement in the rankings.
                You must admit that 4.31 is very impressive. Fastest offensive guy in the draft.

              4. 4.3 is exactly what most people expected Seb. He just confirmed opinions. That doesn’t move a round 3 guy to round 1. And impressive combine never should have that effect anyway, even when unexpected.

              5. Its OK, I am just thinking about his overall potential, and he definitely will not last until the third round.
                I am also thinking about the Patriot draft strategy. Many times, Belichick does not have a good draft, because he is picking last or towards the last. Many players do not make the team, because it is a SB team. He is looking for that Game changer, who can help him win. He chose Sony Michel, who was ranked 52, when the common wisdom had teams passing on RBs in the first round.
                I bet Belichick would consider Isabella to be a huge upgrade from Hogan.

              1. Speed is the name of the game. 4.31, and runs routes as well as he does? If Brady can throw to Edelman and Isabella? Pats may be even considering moving up to take him.

      1. Yea, I actually see Samuel and A. J. going round 1, and Ridley slipping. He’s one where he has an extra gear when the ball is in the air, so I’m not too concerned about his forty….

        1. Ridley has little wasted movement as well. Quick onto the DB, quick out of his breaks. Don’t care about his long speed, that’s not his game.

  11. Metcalf simulcast against Julio Jones, and the way Metcalf pulled away at the end was impressive. Top 5 lock.

    1. So, remember when you said that KS will never draft a WR?
      Sometimes, even I have to eat my words, just like we all. ;p

    2. As I said a few months ago, he’s the only guy I think might convince the 49ers not to go edge round 1. Offense is the name of the game these days, and he is a guy that opens up things for everyone. Just have to believe you can coach him up some.

      1. Wow, that 4..33 just upset the draft.
        Niners are in the catbird seat. They could go Metcalf, Murray, Bosa or Allen.

      2. Yes, and if they can get a good pass rusher in FA, the dire need to get a pass rusher is lessened, and the BPA comes into the equation.

    3. I don’t know that he is top 5 pick. Everyone already knew he was big and fast.
      The question was more regarding his injuries and route running ability.

        1. The Jets biggest need is for an Edge Rusher, if Murray goes first Allen is their Guy.
          Oakland is now on the clock with Q. Williams out there.

          I just don’t see it

          1. Actually the Jets tweeted Metcalf after his run, and he’s the #1 trending topic. I think if you’re talking about potential and how it applies to drafting, there’s not a better specimen at the position. All you need to do is refine him. Gruden has his Carr for sale, so not a lock he’s taking Edge at the top, especially with what he has left in the first round and the depth at the position….

          2. Jets would benefit the most by trading back, then drafting OT Jonah Williams They need to protect Darnold more. It might help their run game, too.

      1. I’m not concerned about Metcalf’s lack of refinement with his route running because he creates more early separation for a guy his size than I think I’ve ever seen from a WR on film. His ability to vary releases and footwork at the line of scrimmage is already top-notch, and he so damn physical, with violent hands and violent intentions, he’s impossible to contain at the LOS. And once he hits his second gear, forget about it – I doubt there is a DB in the league who can keep up with him stride for stride.

        If there is one question mark for me, it’s his hands. He’s not OBJ in terms sticky hands, and he let’s the ball get onto his body a little too often. But he doesn’t have stones for hands either, and his hands are so big (9-7/8″), I think he’ll be fine with a little extra work on the jugs machine. The sky’s the limit for this kid, as long as he can stay healthy. I’d like to see him lay off the weight room a bit, at some point too much muscle can be an issue.

        1. The biggest question mark for me is his injuries. Foot and neck are at least not an ACL, and he has a good prognosis.
          He was very productive when healthy.

          1. And D.K. certainly has the pedigree as well. His cousin Terry was a 3-time Pro Bowl RB and averaged 4.6 YPC. His other cousin, Eric Metcalf, was a 3-time All Pro, and one of the best Kick Return specialist I’ve ever seen. Even his dad was a pretty good OG for the Bears.

  12. Wow, these numbers are riveting. Cue the speculation.
    I was disappointed with the Murray decision to not participate in the field activities. Maybe it was because he bulked up and felt slow. Also, his unfamiliarity with the WRs told him to wait until his pro day, and he and McLaurin can perfect some routes.
    Metcalf was impressive. Length, strength, size, speed, quickness, he has it all. Cards may want to draft him.
    This Combine is going well for the league. Every day is exciting, with eye opening numbers. Cant wait until the Defense is measured. That may jumble the rankings even more.

    1. Noah Fant 249 lbs ran a 4.5. Isabella 4.31. Mclaurin at 4.35, Deebo at 4.48, Myles Boykin at 4.42, AJ Brown at 4.49 and even Hakkem Butler at 4.48, this draft is loaded with speed.
      I think Lock will go before Haskins. Niners should trade away Mullens for a second round draft pick, and draft Nick Fitzgerald or Gardner Minshew as his replacement, or sign him as an UDFA.

      1. Haskins had Parris Campbell (4.31), Terry Mclaurin (4.35) and Johnnie Dixon ( 4.41) to throw to. No wonder he did so well.

            1. Metcalf, Marquise Brown, N’Keal Harry, AJ Brown, Kelvin Harmon are the top 5.
              Deebo Samuel, JJ Arcega- Whiteside, Parris Campbell, Terry Mclaurin and Andy Isabella, are 5 more who could also be considered for the first round.
              Then Mecole Hardman (4.33), Emanuel Hall (4.39), Johnnie Dixon (4.41), Myles Boykin (4.42) and Gary Jennings (4.42) have NFL speed.

              1. I think Harmon hurt himself. Like Ridley, I think he falls out of round 1. I think Samuel is the last of the bunch with his performance today that could be the 5th receiver taken in round 1. There’s no way in hell Whiteside, Mclaurin, Isabella or Campbell go round 1.

              2. Hakeem Butler may also be in the first round mix. This is passing league, and passers need pass catchers.
                Parris Campbell made a ton of money today, and Andy Isabella to the Pats could put 7 WRs in the first round.

              3. Hakeem Butler is 6′ 5″ 227, and just ran a 4.48 forty. He also just made a ton of money in this Combine.
                Big fast WRs are in high demand.

              4. Butler was ranked 69 in CBS and 68 on the Draftek big board. He will move up, just like i expect some other players will move down.

              5. Sure he’ll move up into the 2nd round conversation, just like Harmon could drop into the 3rd round conversation.

  13. 49ers met with Texas DE Charles Omenihu at the NFL Scouting Combine
    By David Bonilla
    3 hrs ago • 0

    Omenihu recorded 45 combined tackles, 18 for a loss, and a career-high 9.5 sacks as a senior with the Longhorns this past season.

    Lance Zierlein of compares Omenihu to Romeo Okwara.

    “Omenihu steps off the bus with a physique that says NFL defensive end, but his skill-set and football acumen are still very raw. He looks like a 5-technique and lines up there, but he simply doesn’t have the grit or anchor needed for that line of work. As a 4-3 end, Omenihu sets a stronger edge and has shown some potential to mix power with get-off as a rusher. His game lacks instincts and consistency, but he’s got the traits and potential to become an eventual starter if he can continue his development.”


    Height: 6-5
    Weight: 280 lbs.
    Arm length: 280 inches
    Hand length: 9 3/8 inches

    Reply: Maybe Saleh would know if he has an upside?

  14. Metcalf’s poor shuttle time is as expected. Too big to be quick in those agility tests.

    Deebo has had a good day.

    1. I think Boykin and Jennings are two wr’s that had a good day, could fly under the radar, and would represent excellent value on day 3.

    2. Deebo is my guy. Love him in rd two, but that might be wishful thinking.
      Metcalf will be first WR off the board, but DS is not far off.
      If Metcalf is Julio Jones 2.0, Deebo is Anquan Boldin 2.0.

      1. Deebo is not like Anquan. Bolden was sloooow, but great at boxing out defenders and catching contested balls. Deebo is quick with a RB build and great with ball in hand.

            1. That’s a good one too but I think Tate was a hair faster and not as refined in his route running as Samuel coming out.

        1. Deebo plays with the same physical mentality that Boldin had.
          He’s going to be a load to tackle for 180 – 195 lbs CB’s.

  15. For Scooter:

    Trevor Sikkema

    #Florida EDGE Jachai Polite said that when he met with the 49ers at the Combine, they didn’t even really talk football with him at all. “They just bashed me the whole time… Idk.”

    2:42 PM – Mar 2, 2019

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