Top 5 players the 49ers should want after Day 2 of the Combine

Ohio State wide receiver Terry McLaurin runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Saturday, March 2, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

The wide receivers, tight ends and quarterbacks just completed their athletic testing at the Combine. Of those players, here are the top five the 49ers should be interested in:

1. Terry McLaurin, WR, Ohio State

Height: 6-0 1/8″
Weight: 208 lbs.
Arms: 31 1/2″
Hands: 9 1/8″
40: 4.35
3-cone: 7.01
Short shuttle: 4.15
Vert: 37.5″
Broad: 125″
Bench: 18

The best value in the draft vis-a-vis wide receivers. McLaurin is a deep threat who scares defenses with his speed, runs good routes and picks up big yards after catch. Also has the size to be effective over the middle and in the red zone, and was productive in college. Averaged 20 yards per catch and scored 11 touchdowns as a senior. Should be available when the 49ers pick near the top of Round 3.

2. Parris Campbell, WR/RB/KR, Ohio State

Height: 5-11 7/8″
Weight: 205 lbs.
Arms: 32 1/4″
Hands: 9 1/2″
40: 4.31
Short shuttle: 4.03
Vert: 40″
Broad: 135″
Bench: 11

If the 49ers don’t care about value and want the best athlete, they can take Campbell near the top of Round 2. Campbell can clear out space for play-action passes as the deep threat, line up in the slot and run speed outs, shallow crosses and choice routes, play running back in the 49ers outside-zone-blocking scheme, run jet sweeps and return kickoffs. He can do it all, but he probably won’t be ready to start at wide receiver until his second or third season.

3. Stanley Morgan Jr., WR, Nebraska

Height: 6-0
Weight: 202 lbs.
Arms: 32 3/8″
Hands: 9 7/8″
40: 4.53
3-cone: 6.78
Short shuttle: 4.13
Vert: 38.5″
Broad: 125″
Bench: 14

The prototypical flanker for Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Morgan is fast enough to line up outside, quick enough to play from the slot, tough over the middle and productive. Caught 70 passes for 1,004 yards and seven touchdown in 2018, and 61 passes for 986 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2017. Should be available when the 49ers pick in Round 4.

4. Foster Moreau, TE, LSU

Height: 6-4 1/8″
Weight: 253 lbs.
Arms: 33 1/2″
Hands: 9 5/8″
40: 4.66
3-cone: 7.16
Short shuttle: 4.11
Vert: 36.5″
Broad: 121″
Bench: 22

An excellent blocker who didn’t get many opportunities to catch passes in college, similar to George Kittle. On the 49ers, Moreau can play on the line of scrimmage so Kittle can split out wide in two-tight-end formations. Plus, Moreau can be an effective red-zone target. Should be available when the 49ers pick in Round 6.

5. Trace McSorley, QB/FS, Penn State

Height: 6-0 1/8″
Weight: 202 lbs.
Arms: 31″
Hands: 9 1/8″
40: 4.57
3-cone: 7.09
Short shuttle: 4.12
Vert: 33″
Broad: 115″

Played quarterback in college, but won’t play quarterback in the NFL. Much more suited for free safety. Has the build and athleticism to cover center field in the 49ers’ three-deep scheme. Has the instincts and football intelligence from his experience playing quarterback to become a play-maker in the defensive secondary. Should be available when the 49ers use their compensatory pick at the end of Round 6.

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  1. Good list with outside the box thinking when it comes to McSorley. I’d rather have Ridley or Samuel over Campbell at the top of round 2. I’m betting the 49ers would as well.

    Trevor Sikkema

    #Florida EDGE Jachai Polite said that when he met with the 49ers at the Combine, they didn’t even really talk football with him at all. “They just bashed me the whole time… Idk.”

    2:42 PM – Mar 2, 2019

    1. Um, except for the fact that Mcsorely declined to do drills with the DBs?? You must think playing single high safety is easy or something, that a guy that’s never done it before can come in and do it because he runs a 4.5?? That’s absurd. The player the 49ers should want and draft at number 2 is DK Metcalf. Highest ceiling out of anybody. The 49ers offense could suddenly be historic by 2020. I’m not sure they have the balls to make that pick though

        1. I’d love to be able to take Metcalf, but this team isn’t in a position to make a luxury pick. Bosa will be the pick by the 49ers, and either Ridley, Samuel or A. J. Brown will be their 2nd round WR.

            1. No doubt he’d represent value in the 3rd round, but what makes him a better fit at flanker over Samuel or Ridley?

              1. Shanahan and McVay’s offense requires a flat-out burner to take the top off the defense and make the play-action passes work, and Pettis ain’t a burner.

              2. Ok, you think Pettis is at Flanker, with Goodwin backing up McLaurin. That makes sense.

                Let’s say they wait until round 3, take McLaurin. What position groups will represent value with the players available?

              3. Pettis or Bourne at flanker. I’m not sold on Pettis. And I’m not in favor of starting any Day 2 pick at WR right away.

              4. OT/OG or FS/CB at the top of round 2?

                McLaurin wouldn’t start right away, but with Goodwin only available part of the time, he’d be starting sooner rather than later.

              5. Could happen, but I still expect Pettis will be the X next season. It’s where he played best last year. I think they’ll draft the flanker this year, not another X.

              6. Would this be your preferred draft as of now, Grant?

                2 Josh Allen, EDGE

                36 Andre Dillard, OT
                Washington State

                67 Terry McLaurin, WR
                Ohio State

                104 Josh Oliver, TE
                San Jose State

                176 Ryquell Armstead, RB

                212 Trace McSorley, FS
                Penn State

              7. I’d still take Greg Little in Round 2 over Dillard, and I’d look to take a free safety or running back in Round 4. Taking a tight end that high would be tricky, because he would make more money than Kittle.

              8. Razor,
                I’d like that draft, however I do hope they at least take a flyer on a DB somewhere in the draft.

            2. Grant, what about…. WR Myles Boykin?…3rd-4th rd??

              6’4″ 220lb….4.42-40 yd dash. Great speed, size and length, red zone WR?
              43.5″ vertical…WOW..140″[11’8″ broad]…WOW. The guys got some springs, red zone WR?
              6.77 sec 3-cone drill…..4.07 sec 20yd shuttle…WOW. Very fast important numbers for seperation.

              1. I like Miles Boykin too. A Citrus Bowl MVP and great senior season. He has 33 1/2″ arms…and 9 7/8″ hands, both good size. Boykin has strong, natural hands that allows him to pluck passes out of the air at full extension. Numerous times, he adjusted to balls thrown slightly behind or ahead of him with ease, always extending towards the catch point. Thriving in the intermediate level, Boykin looks the part of a possession receiver at the next level at 6’4 and 220+ pounds. He’s not a top 3 WR in the draft but few receivers have his combination of strength, ball skills and NOW speed upon entering the NFL draft.

              2. The problem with Boykin is he struggles against press coverage. He gets his chest taken away, and that’s a big no no. I think he’d be a good value pick on day 3, but he’ll need time to learn how to take what’s his….

    2. If Polite can’t handle a few tough questions at the combine how is he going to handle coaches yelling in at his face or opposing players talking trash? Huge red flag…

      1. I think it’s safe to assume Polite is off the board. Airing out the dirty laundry wasn’t a good look either.

  2. Players available for the Niners.
    Kyler Murray, DK Metcalf, Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin and Noah Fant would all be good, but the Niners may pass on them, or they would be taken before the Niners could draft again in the rounds. Niners should offer trade backs with QB hungry teams, so they can get more second round picks.
    1. N’keal Harry. He might drop to the second round.
    2. Andy Isabella. Too fast and runs too well to pass up.
    3. Dillon Mitchell. Might be available in the later rounds.
    4. Josh Oliver. TE may be available with a 4th round pick.
    5. Keelan Doss. Did not do anything in the combine, but he has all pro potential. ;p

  3. Ideal (though unlikely) scenario

    Cards take Murray
    Raiders trade picks 4+24 for pick 2, taking a quarterback

    49ers get one of Bosa or Allen + pick 24

    1. Nice idea, but I do not think Gruden wants to give up two of his first round picks.
      A more reasonable proposal that comes within 10 of the Trade Value Chart is trading the Niners number 2, for the Raiders first, second and third round picks (4,35, 66). Gruden would either be able to get Murray or Bosa, maybe even Metcalf.
      If he does get Murray, he can then trade away Carr for a second round pick, recouping his loss in the trade with the Niners.

      1. I like both. Trading 2 for the Raiders 4+24 might seem steep, but the 49ers are actually down 60 points (2 for 4+21 is exact chart).

        But I’d go for 2 for 4+35+66 too (if I was certain the Raiders would take a QB.). That would put the 49ers in the catbird seat on day two.

        But it’s all just having trade scenario fun at this point. QBs going 1 and 2 is unlikely this year. Possible, but very unlikely.

        1. Yep. If the Niners could manage that, they could even trade back in the second round.
          Raiders might want to do that, because even if they miss out on Murray, they could get QW or Bosa.
          Niners might like that, because they might get the trade backs, all those extra picks, and Josh Allen may last until 7. Metcalf may be a intriguing possibility, too. 4.33 speed with that size….

      2. Nice idea, but I do not think Gruden wants to give up two of his first round picks.

        Seb, in what world is trading their 4th and 24th picks, and getting the 2nd overall pick in return, equivalent to giving up 2 first round picks? They would be giving up 2 picks to acquire 1 higher pick in return, which, by anyway you do the math (-2 +1 = -1) equals giving up 1 first round pick.

        In fact, the tRaiders would actually come out ahead in this scenario, by way of your chart, would they not?

        1. 49, the 24th pick is a first round pick.
          Yes, the TVC has the Raiders being 60 points on top of that trade (4 and 24).
          However, trading a first, second and third would miss the exact equivalency by only 10 points(4,35, 66).
          I guess the question is- is a second and third round pick equal to a first round pick? I think a first round pick is worth more.

  4. Niners should want to trade back. If they did, they could get more second and third round picks.
    If they traded back with the Raiders, they could get pick numbers 4, 35 and 66. They could stay at 4, but if they traded back with Jax, The Jags could leapfrog over the Giants and get the QB they covet. Jax could give up their first and second to move up, But the Niners could be content to get the Jags first, third and 4th round picks, too. For this scenario, I will hope they over pay in the TVC, so the Niners receive the Jags pick numbers 7 and 38.
    By trading back 5 spots, the Niners could receive pick numbers 35, 38 and 66. In the first 3 rounds, the Niners could have pick numbers 7, 35, 36, 38, 66 and 67. Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    7- Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
    35- Brian Burns OLB. He is ranked 71, but many mocks have him going in the first round.
    36- Devin Bush ILB.
    38- Chris Lindstrom OG.
    66- Deebo Samuel WR.
    67- Erik McCoy OC.
    By trading back, instead of 3 players, they could possibly obtain 6 players.

    1. Not bad Seb.
      But I don’t see Deebo lasting to 66.
      And I would take Devin White at #7 then grab Burns or Ferguson with our #36.
      Lindstrom and McCoy are nice picks if they drop that far.
      I want to see what K. Street can do in TC. If he and Jullian Taylor can make a strong push this summer it could really help the Dline.

      I still think that Bosa or Allen are the FO priority. We’ve been clamering for an Edge rusher since Aldon Smith and as a pure pass rusher, Bosa is still the best.

      If the Org wants the best, they keep their #2 pick.

      1. AES, Deebo was a stretch at 66, but Hakeem Butler would have been my fallback pick if Deebo was gone.
        Devin White would be a good pick, but I hope they stay away from Ferguson, like they might with Polite.
        Lindstrom and McCoy are my favorites, but Jenkins, Bradbury, McGary, Risner and Little could all be taken at 38 according to the draft board.
        My point is, if they miss out on Bosa, they could additionally get 3 of those players. If they sign a decent FA Edge rusher, Bosa is not critical.
        Personally, I think Gruden is salivating over Murray, but even if he does not get him, he could get Bosa, QW Allen or Metcalf.

    1. Razor

      I sure as hell hope that Arizona takes Bosa with the 1st pick…You’ sounded this way when touting ‘ King’ Solomon two years ago…. I still like your posts, but Bosa is a one way ticket to the IR…Too many question marks for my taste…

      1. Don’t you fret, Oregoniner. They just read Sebber’s post’s, not mine. Just because I nailed the Armstead, Buckner, and Thomas picks doesn’t mean it’s anything other than a coinkydink-y….

        1. I like Williams tape a bit better… but I really like Allen. And the more I watch him the more I like him.
          He is an every down player that can be moved from side to side to change up the pass rush scheme.

  5. Trysten Hill, Kevin Givens and Jerry Tillery showed smooth movement and quick lateral cutting ability.
    They put themselves in the second tier category.

    Q. Williams is head and shoulders above everyone else today.

        1. Sorry, Sweat isn’t going top 5 guys, and Bosa’s official time was 1.55. NFL Network is dumb.
          Sweat’s tape isn’t good enough. He raised his stock a little with his combine work, but when you watched him go through his drills, he struggled to open his hips. A Forty time means literally nothing when evaluating an edge anyway.

  6. Burns ran the 40 under 4.6. Not too shabby for a guy who put on extra weight.
    Bosa first run was in the 4.8 range. I’m a little surprised at this given the fact that he’s had plenty of time to train for the Combine, but there’s still more drills to cover.

      1. Good. Now we know that Williams will will sack the qb before bosa if he drops back 40 yards. Bosa’s 10 yard split of 1.60 was elite. Whether you like Williams or bosa the 40 yard dash doesn’t give any indication of a good pass rusher since they will never run 40 yards. Also Montez sweats time!!! That time was more impressive than Metcalf in my opinion.

      1. I agree. In my opinion bosa and Williams are the best players in this draft by a reasonable margin. I am sick of grants consistent need to find invalid reasons to diminish a player he doesn’t like. I find Allen to be very very one dimensional; I believe bosa is better. St the same time if Allen runs a 4.8 with a 1.55 ten yard split, I am not going to post a stupid comment like “joe Staley ran a faster 40” to diminish him.

      2. Razor… and will be smooth as butter on the IR in no time. Like his dad and big bro I think he’s an injury plagued player. Hit the talent, just don’t like the gut feeling of him being injured often.
        High energy guys like him always seem to have injuries throughout their careers.
        And Allen will be better in their NFL careers. Take that to the bank.

          1. This ain’t your Pelosi “take it to the bank Trump won’t be president”
            Take it to the banks.
            I’m legit. (Said everyone on here) 🤣🤣

      1. No amount of deodorant can cover up Sweat’s struggles holding up at the point of attack, while the Tide washes him down the line. He had obvious stiffness in his hips during the risers exercise as well.

        1. Sorry, Razor, Bosa is good, but other players are shining, too.
          Sweat, with his 35 inch arms, can beat the O linemen to the punch, something that Bosa, with 33 inch arms, just cannot do.
          Heck, Sweat may become 2 way player. He could be a devastating TE with his size and speed.

            1. Good. That means the Niners could move back a third time, get even more picks, and still get Ferrell or Sweat.

          1. I would give that (two-way) category to Brian Burns. Burns showed explosive first step ability and amazing pass catching as well.

            The only question left from this combine event is who will the 49ers pick?
            And are they walking away feeling that Bosa is still the top pass rusher?

      2. Seb,
        True. But this was not a track meet competition.
        But I can’t deny that Sweat wasn’t the combine star in his category.

        Devin White blew the henges off as well. Mocks had DW anywhere between a top 10 to late first rd pick. He established himself today as a solid top 12 imo.

        1. Thankfully, the Niners sitting at 2 are in a great position. They could trade back, and still get a very good player who will be a starter for years. If they traded back 3 times and got Devin White, I would call that a home run.
          I agree. Combines do not crown a player. One has to look at his game tapes, also.

          1. Grant,
            But Gary wasn’t a consistent force in college and seemed to take plays off. He disappeared in some games.
            Either he was lazy, lacked motivation or both.
            He’s a boom or bust imo.

  7. If only Sutton Smith was 3″ taller and 60lbs heavier.
    His drills have looked good.

    IMO, when all is said and done, Bosa is still the best pure pass rusher. What he may lack in foot speed, he makes up with hand speed and core and leg strength.

    1. Bosa’s feet are efficient, and fluid. No wasted movement, shoulders square over his feet. Looked really good.

      1. Oh so now everybody is going to start talking about Winovich. Where was the love two months ago when I said he was the prospect they should target?

        1. Not from me. He doesn’t play to his test results. Solid, high effort guy. He’ll be a decent pro, but not what the 49ers need.

  8. Sweat’s biggest issue is his ability to bend, but I think that can be worked around.
    Some are knocking Bosa’s time, but I do not see how that has affected his brother.
    The bottom line is neither guy helped or hurt his stock with their 40 time. If anything, it confirmed what was already suspected.

    1. I am just pointing out that Bosa is not the slam dunk best player in the draft.
      Josh Allen ran a 4.64 forty, but he is 15 lbs lighter than Gary, who ran a 4.58.

      1. Montez Sweat at 260 lbs, running a 4.41 forty, is like Metcalf and his 4.33 time and Q Williams who weighs 303 lbs, clocking a 4.83 forty.
        All 3 of those players could be considered better than Bosa.

        1. Fake news. Bosa has been #1, and everything he’s done checks the boxes on his tape. He looked healthy, and his meds seem clean. He’s been 99% of every pundit’s top pick, and will continue to be unless the Cardinals are taking Murray….

              1. He doesn’t lack burst, but neither did Justin Smith, who was also faster and more explosive than Nick Bosa.

              2. Faster over 40, but about the same explosiveness and didn’t do any agility tests, which Bosa nailed.

          1. With 20 WRs running sub 4.5, and 7 running sub 4.4, and 4 O linemen running sub 5.0, this draft is loaded with talent on offense and defense.
            I might even consider Rashan Gary to be superior to Bosa, because the numbers do not lie.
            Maybe the Niners could trade back twice and still get Bosa.

          2. 99%? So far, maybe, but now the Combine has shown the stats, Quinnen Williams is being projected as the number one pick. Metcalf ran faster than Calvin Johnson, and 2 WRs clocked out at 4.31.
            Sweat ran a 4.41 forty, which is insane for a 260 lbs pass rusher.

    2. Mid,
      I agree.
      No one is to confuse Bosa as a track star. He’s a QB’s nightmare plain and simple.
      I doubt that Usain Bolt can get to the QB the way Bosa could.
      It’s not always about who’s the fastest.
      The same can apply to Josh Allen who didn’t crush the 40.

      1. Now we have the Combine stats, Bosa may fall out of the top 5.
        Bosa also has injury issues. His brother sure did not shine in the playoffs.
        Just because he is coming from a football family, and has been hyped up a lot, does not mean that all other players are inferior to Bosa. Lots of pass rushers can get to the QB.
        Sweat, with his long arms, was unblockable in the Senior Bowl practices. His forty time was faster than many WRs.

      2. I think after all is said and done, and you came into this draft desperate for an edge player or two; you’re left feeling pretty good about your situation. I imagine that was part of the formula for Gruden moving Mack….

  9. At 6’4″, 266lbs, Nick Bosa had a great combine.

    – 4.79s 40 with a 1.55s (!!!) 10 yard split
    – Decent broad (116″) and verticals (33.5″)
    – 7.1s 3-cone and 4.14s 20 yard shuttle – at his size those are fantastic #s for agility scores.
    – 29 reps on the bench.

    Not sure how anyone can consider that anything other than a big win for Bosa.

          1. Come on Grant, moving an unlockable edge rusher like Nick to the inside, may even be a worse idea than moving an interior guy like Solomon Thomas out to the edge!

            Oh wait …. the 49ers did what? Where’s Razor? lol

            1. Nick Bosa’s lack of height, length, explosion and speed will make him a better rusher from the interior than the edge in the NFL.

              1. How then do explain away Nick Bosa’s explosive traits on his dominant college tape? He’s a technician on the exterior, and his get off is absolutely elite. He consistently gets around the edge with a combination of burst, footwork, and hand/arm techniques.

                And BTW, since when is 6’4′ not tall enough to dominate on the edge? Remember the great Jack Youngblood, he was 6’4″. Demarcus Ware – 6’4″. The great Derrick Thomas was only 6’3″. Nick Bosa is as tall or taller than many of today’s top edge rushers as well. He’s the same height as Ryan Kerrigan. He’s taller than Von Miller, taller than Khalil Mack, taller than Everson Griffen, and taller than Melvin Engram. And remember Elvis Dumervil, he was a dominant edge rusher at 5’11”. How about Dwight Freeney, one of the pass rushers I’ve ever seen, who measured in at 6’1″ on his tallest days, yet recorded 125.5 sacks during his career?

              2. Freeney was fast. Everything you wrote in your first paragraph applied to Justin Smith at Missouri.

              3. Nobody controls opposing blockers in this class better than Nick Bosa. He has both an elite first step and elite pad-level, as well as an uncanny ability to instantly disengage any OT who is lucky enough to get his hands on him, thanks to strong hands and wonderful technique. That’s why he gets to the QB more consistently than anyone else in this draft.

                So what if he also has enough play strength to play on the interior, and eat double teams like a nose tackle?

              4. I just think that it’s a little silly to discount such a dominant edge rusher, who by the way was considered a dream scenario as a draft prospect for the 49ers at #2, as recently as just a few months ago, and has done nothing to change the fact that he is still at the top of the list in terms of edge rushing prospects in this draft class for the majority of NFL scouts.

                If your argument was based purely on his risk due to his injury history, I wouldn’t be so critical. That’s a legitimate concern. But to ignore his dominant college film simply because he doesn’t have the length that some of the other guys have, or that he ran a 4.79 40 (despite a fantastic 10 yard split) seems to be going out of your way to find fault in a player who most scouts believe is still the best all around edge rusher, and in some cases the best player overall player in the draft, because you know very well he could be the 49ers target at #2.

                Bottom line: Nick Bosa, when healthy, was the most dominant edge rusher in college football, and certainly the most refined in terms of technique. Sure, he’s probably strong enough to play some on the interior, but nobody got to the QB off the edge more cosnsistantly than a healthy Nick Bosa, and most scouts believe his skill set translates well to the NFL level.

                The only question is whether or not he can stay healthy over the course of a long pro career.

              5. If you think Josh Allen would be a better pick for the 49ers, well, OK, maybe he would be. Maybe you think he’s a better fit, or has a higher ceiling? Fine, that’s a reasonable opinion.

                But that doesn’t mean Bosa isn’t a great NFL edge rushing prospect. He’s an absolute baller! At 6’4″ with 33″ arms, he’s plenty tall and plenty lengthy enough to do what he does. He’s also as strong as an ox, he’s made an art of pass rushing from the edge, and he’s done it as well, if not better, than anyone else in this draft class.

  10. After saying he wanted to prove he was the best player at the combine, I am surprised and a bit disappointed Josh Allen held himself out of a lot of the testing. But what he did do was fine. Great bench effort, good speed and decent vert. Great size. Really wanted to see how he did in agility tests though.

    That said, he did nothing but confirm he should be a top draft pick.

    1. I’m hearing Allen actually ran a 7.15s 3-cone. If true, that’s a good time for him at his height and weight.

            1. I just googled ‘Combine’ and up popped the Combine Tracker.
              However, yours is more complete because yours contains the 10 splits. Mine doesn’t.

    2. Agreed.
      I’ve always said I liked him a lot due to what all he offered the team. However, I would feel a lot more comfortable confirming what I saw on tape.

  11. Montez Sweat obviously had himself a day. But I hate it when you see test scores like this but don’t see that athleticism on tape. Sweat does not demonstrate that athleticism on the football field. Which just makes me wonder why? With test scores like that he should be an elite speed rusher, but he really isn’t. Maybe in a scheme that puts him in a wide 9 alignment a lot (like the 49ers are saying they will use this year) he might be a more dangerous speed rusher.

    1. You do not need to downplay Sweat to boost Bosa.
      Sweat had really good Senior Bowl practices. They said he was unblockable. Those long arms will keep the O line from getting their hands on his chest. He sure showed his athleticism, then.
      Checking on the stats, Sweat is way faster, can jump higher, can leap farther and is faster in the 3 cone drill, than Bosa. Agility can take a player only so far, and does not discount every other measurable.
      Gary is faster, but outweighs Bosa by 11 pounds and that is reflected in the 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle drill results. He also can out jump and out leap Bosa.
      To me, Bosa may be a tweener who is injury prone. He certainly is not the best player in the draft. Quinnen Williams, Montez Sweat, Rashan Gary and maybe even Josh Allen, may be equal or superior.

      1. Where did I compare him to Bosa? Just my observation on Sweat and Sweat alone.

        Sweat did very well in the underwear Olympics. That isn’t the athlete I see on film though.

        1. Sorry, I felt your rejoinders with Razor seemed to imply that feeling. You also may be right, I have not watched much of his film, but plan to.
          However, I was very impressed with Sweat, and he put himself in the top 10 easily. He might even go number 2. I like players who set records.

          1. You put way too much stock on these combine #s. He might go top 10, but then that was already being said prior to the combine. But #2? No chance.

            1. Base on his tape and bump in combine, Sweat will probably go where Polite was expected to go before the character concerns and combine snafu. #15.

              1. Yes, mocked around the 20s, but his name had been mentioned as a possible top 10 prospect. His combine certainly did nothing to hurt him, but suggesting it will catapult him into top 5 consideration seems dramatic.

              2. I hope the Niners trade back to 4, and draft Sweat. If they miss out on Sweat, Gary could set the edge and rush the passer. IMHO, both Bosa and Allen are inferior to those 2. However, if the Niners do draft Bosa or Allen, I will not complain too much.

              3. How are Bosa and Allen inferior to players that they were more productive than?
                Don’t get over infatuated with combine numbers, that’s how you draft players like Mike Mamula and miss out on players like Terrel Suggs or Anquan Boldin.

                What teams now need to do is check why these numbers were not translating on the field. Why was Gary so unimpressive on the field when he is such a freak athlete? Was it lack of desire or poor scheme fit?
                For Sweat the question is more, why did he not show elite burst on tape that threatened the edge? Was it something he was being asked to do? or is his reaction time a step behind?

    2. Sweat has achieved 101 total tackles, 30 tackles for loss and 22.5 sacks over the last two seasons playing in College Footballs best conference the SEC.

    3. That’s the weird part that the NFL combine reveals.
      Players like Polite and Allen seem to jump off the screen with the way they threaten the edge but were much slower than Sweat. Which begs the question as to why? Is it because his preferred technique is a bull rush? Is there something his coaches were asking him to do in their scheme that stopped this?
      Sometimes, the combine creates more questions than it answers.

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    Updated March 3, 2019
    By Charlie Campbell. Follow Charlie on Twitter @draftcampbell.

    Outside of the defensive line, there are several positions in the 2019 NFL Draft that are not as talented as typical years, and one of those positions is cornerback. Some teams only have one cornerback with a first-round grade, and that can vary as to which cornerback. However, across a handful of teams, the top consensus cornerback was DeAndre Baker from Georgia, and others like LSU’s Greedy Williams and Washington’s Byron Murphy were getting a lot of second-round grades.

    “We only had one corner get a first-round grade. That was Baker from Georgia,” said a NFC general manager. “We have Greedy [Williams], Byron [Murphy], and Rock [Ya-Sin] graded in round two.”

    An AFC general manager said he had the players graded the same. He felt that Williams was graded in the second for them, and he said he was one of the most overrated players in the draft. Another top scout from an AFC team said they had Williams in the second frame as well because he lacks strength, gets bumped and out-physicaled, can’t play inside, lacks instincts and awareness, doesn’t have feel or make plays in off man coverage, and lacks the speed a team would want for a 180-pounder.

    An AFC director of college scouting said something similar: “Baker is the only corner we have graded in the first, but I think Greedy could slip into the first round.”

    Another AFC director of college scouting texted, “Yes there is only one first-round corner for us on an evaluation perspective, but I think three will go in the first round: Baker, Williams, Murphy.”

    There are lots of teams that need help at cornerback, so even though teams may only have one first-round-graded cornerback, there could easily be more than one gets selected in the opening frame.

    Echoes what I’ve saying about Baker. Whomever takes Greedy is going to seriously regret it. One of the more overrated players in the draft.

  13. Predictably hyperbolic over-reactions and wild extrapolation of these testing scores.
    Some of the comments are “fantastic”:
    NOT: “extraordinarily good or attractive”
    More like: “imaginative or fanciful, remote from reality.”
    Happens to The Pro’s too
    Tony Mandarich, Mike Mamula,etc
    “Jamarcus Russell is Great! Get over it!” – Al Davis

    1. Yes, but having times and facts sure helps focus the speculation.
      Yes, everything may change during the College Pro Days.
      Yes, everything will change once Free Agency is sorted out.
      Yes, nobody knows if trades will be executed.
      Yes, it is an inexact science, and nobody knows for sure.
      Yes, one could cherry pick and point out all the first round busts.
      Yes, everyone can point out Tom Brady lasting until the 6th round, so every team failed 5 times.
      However, this is the fun time of year, and every poster can play GM. It is all archived, and one can look back and see who did best.

  14. I’d feel better if Nick would pipe down. He’s letting the Cardinals know if they pass him up, they’ll live to regret it. Yeesh!

  15. Interesting proposal I saw on Twitter- would you prefer Bosa/Allen at #2 or a trade back that gives you Devin White and Montez Sweat?

    I think I would take the latter.

  16. Niners resign Mike Pearson to a 3 year 9 million dollar deal. Essentially a 1 year 3 mil deal. Nice depth signing and can start as well. Good beginning.

        1. Person’s natural position is center. Whoever earns the right to back up Person will start at RG if Richburg were to go down. I think the 49ers are leaning towards edge, wr and then ol or cb.

            1. They probably won’t draft a TE higher than the round they stole Kittle. 6th round TE is a good bet, especially from the deepest class anyone can remember….

  17. Bosa’s 1.55 10 yard split is f-ing phenomenal with a f.

    It may not be Bosa or bust, but it’s Bosa is best for the 49ers.

    Cardinals War Room:


    Decisions, decisions…..

  18. Later round pass rushers the Niners should investigate.
    LJ Collier
    Jamal Davis
    Justin Hollins
    Bobby Okereke
    Sione Takitaki
    Drue Tranquill
    Austin Bryant- Because of the college playoffs.

  19. I’ve said it before. None of these players will mean squat if they don’t have coaches that can tap their full potential.

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