Top 5 players the 49ers should want after Day 3 of the Combine

Michigan defensive lineman Rashan Gary runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Sunday, March 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

The defensive linemen and linebackers just completed their athletic testing at the Combine. Of those players, here are the top five the 49ers should be interested in:

1. Josh Allen, DE, Kentucky

Height: 6-4 7/8″
Weight: 262 lbs.
Arms: 33 1/2″
Hands: 8 6/8″
40: 4.62
10: 1.61
3-cone: 7.15
Short shuttle: 4.23
Vert: —
Broad: 118″
Bench: 28
Pro comparison: Khalil Mack

The best player and most impressive combination of size, speed, strength, agility, versatility and production in this draft. Allen is the no-brainer selection for the 49ers if they keep the No. 2 pick.

2. Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan

Height: 6-4 3/8″
Weight: 277 lbs.
Arms: 34 1/8″
Hands: 9 5/8″
40: 4.58
10: 1.63
3-cone: 7.26
Short shuttle: 4.29
Vert: 38″
Broad: 120″
Bench: 26
Pro comparison: Jadeveon Clowney

A rare combination of speed, power and explosiveness. Gary never recorded more than 5.5 sacks in a season at Michigan, but neither did Seahawks DE Frank Clark, who also went to Michigan and now is one of the best players in the NFL. The 49ers can take Gary if Allen isn’t available, or they trade down to the third, fourth or fifth pick in Round 1.

3. Montez Sweat, DE, Mississippi State

Height: 6-5 6/8″
Weight: 260 lbs.
Arms: 35 3/4″
Hands: 10 1/2″
40: 4.41
10: 1.50
3-cone: 7.0
Short shuttle: 4.29
Vert: 36″
Broad: 125″
Bench: 21
Pro comparison: Aldon Smith

With long, violent arms, Sweat can grab, punch and control NFL offensive tackles, plus he has the potential in a couple of seasons to convert speed to power as well as any edge rusher in the league. The 49ers can take him if they trade down to between the fifth and 10th pick in Round 1.

4. Brian Burns, OLB, Florida State

Height: 6-4 6/8″
Weight: 249 lbs.
Arms: 33 7/8″
Hands: 10″
40: 4.53
10: 1.61
3-cone: 7.01
Short shuttle: —
Vert: 36″
Broad: 129″
Bench: —
Pro comparison: Bruce Irvin

An outside linebacker who has the speed and agility the 49ers want from an edge rusher. They can get Burns if they trade up from their pick in Round 2 to the end of Round 1.

5. Drue Tranquill, ILB, Notre Dame

Height: 6-2
Weight: 234 lbs.
Arms: 31 1/2″
Hands: 9 3/4″
40: 4.57
3-cone: 6.94
Short shuttle: 4.14
Vert: 37.5″
Broad: 122″
Bench: 31

One of the best performers in every athletic category among inside linebackers at the Combine. Tranquill tore his left ACL in 2014, then his right ACL in 2015, but hasn’t torn one since. He played each of the past three seasons, and should be available the 49ers in Round 4.

Notable: Nick Bosa, DE/DT, Ohio State

Height: 6-3 3/4″
Weight: 266 lbs.
Arms: 33″
Hands: 10 3/4″
40: 4.79
10: 1.55
3-cone: 7.1
Short shuttle: 4.14
Vert: 33.5″
Broad: 116″
Bench: 29
Pro comparison: Justin Smith

Like Smith, Bosa is a strong all-around player who defends the run well and can play defensive end in a 3-4 or 4-3 base defense. Also like Smith, Bosa lacks the height, length and speed to succeed as an edge rusher — NFL offensive tackles can engulf him. He is best suited to rush from the interior on passing downs.

The 49ers don’t need anymore interior rushers.

Unlike Smith, Bosa doesn’t seem to play through injury. Smith tore his triceps in 2012 and missed only two games. Bosa hurt his groin last season, missed 10 games and quit his college team. He and his brother, Joey Bosa, seem to play only when they feel 100-percent healthy. The 49ers should not do business with the Bosas.

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  1. Interesting pro comparisons for those prospects. But Drue doesn’t remind you of anyone currently or recently in the league?

    And bold last statement. Should elicit some predictable reactions from the usual suspects.

      1. Not necessarily saying you’re wrong about Tranquill, but my hunch is that if the 9ers went out and selected somebody with multiple ACL tears on his rap sheet, the standard chorus would be screaming the Trent Baalke blues in a heartbeat.

        As far as Bosa, again, not saying you’re necessarily wrong, but why do you think it is that almost every other draft prognosticator has him as the 1st or 2nd best player available, and yet you see him as an honorable mention top five? I would be curious to get your honest opinion as to where everybody else is going wrong.

        1. Frank Gore had multiple ACL tears in his rap sheet.

          If Bosa turns out to be Justin Smith, he would be worth a top-five pick, but he wouldn’t fit the 49ers. They already have their Justin Smith — DeForest Buckner. They need a true edge rusher to complement him.

          And Bosa has a serious injury history, and lacks Justin Smith’s blue-collar mentality. The Bosas make business decisions and take lots of time off. Nick has major red flags and I don’t understand why so many people ignore them.

          1. It’s all just noise. Nick Bosa is the best player at the 49ers position of need, and they will draft him if the Cardinals have chosen Murray.

              1. You, I, and everyone else knows the 49ers are going to take Bosa.

                I’d remind you that you said Williams was the perfect fit for Shanny’s offense, and there would be no worries. I warned you, but you and Lynch did not listen. He’s no longer on the team, and Solomon Thomas is last I checked….

              2. If only Kyle Shanahan and I had listened to your warnings about Williams. And if only you and Lynch had listened to my warnings about Thomas. Because it’s far worse to miss on a top-three pick than a Day 3 pick.

              3. Thomas might have been overdrafted at 3 but he’s still got time. He turns 24 this season, and I believe under Kocurek he’ll have his best year….

              4. Dude Bosa is the best and I hope you dont switch your words when Allen isnt what you think he is. You didnt even have William’s on the list. Smh. The guy on tv said he can play anywhere on the line, hes that strong and quick. Dude said edge too. As much as noone wants to it admit it. Hell free agency hadn’t even started. If they get Flowers or Fowler or Ansah, I’d grab Quinnen at 2 with the quicks

              5. Speaking of S. Thomas, yesterday as I was watching DL drills for both inside and edge players, one of my first thoughts as I saw a tremendous depth in numbers in the display of athletic and physically gifted talent was how did S. Thomas’ combine numbers stack up with the cream of this year’s draft eligible crop? I know Thomas has played inside as well as on the edge, so it’s a bit tough to find potential draft eligible players who also fit the bill of a ‘tweener. Who is, or who are, most like Thomas in this year’s draft

              6. Great question, Mike.

                Solomon Thomas
                Height: 6-2 3/4″
                Weight: 273 lbs.
                Arms: 33″
                Hands: 9 3/8″
                40: 4.69
                10: 1.65
                3-cone: 6.95
                Short shuttle: 4.28
                Vert: 35″
                Broad: 126″
                Bench: 30

                Nick Bosa
                Height: 6-3 3/4″
                Weight: 266 lbs.
                Arms: 33″
                Hands: 10 3/4″
                40: 4.79
                10: 1.55
                3-cone: 7.1
                Short shuttle: 4.14
                Vert: 33.5″
                Broad: 116″
                Bench: 29

            1. I hope your wrong about them getting Bosa, I prefer Allen over Bosa, Allen is more versatile
              than Bosa and more talented.

          2. Frank Gore went in the 3rd round when the 49ers had 11 picks to play with. I’ve never seen a player with multiple ACL injuries get drafted in the first round, let alone the top five or wherever the 49ers wind up picking.

            Definitely some issues with Bosa that should make any GM pause. I like the fact that Allen didn’t miss a game in his four year career in college.

            1. Bosa has had multiple ACL injuries? That’s news to me (knock on wood).

              Bosa made a business decision to shut things down while undergoing a legitimate recovery from a core muscle injury. Bosa was already the consensus #1 pick at the time of his “business decision”, and IMO, he would have been making a mistake coming back from his injury and risking either re-aggarvating the same injury, or suffering a new one, when he had nothing to gain and everything to lose, by coming back last season. And I’d be willing to bet that Josh Allen or Q. Williams, would have made the same decision had their circumstances been similar. In fact, I’d question their judgement if they didn’t make the same decision.

              An argument can be made that Nick has been a bit injury prone, but I’m not giving any weight to the notion that, because he shut himself down after a serious injury last year, when he nothing to gain and everything to lose by rushing himself back, that this is somehow indicative that he might take unneccesary time off in the pros.

              I’m not buying that argument for a second!

              1. Nick and Joey both make business decisions.

                “If Joey Bosa ever decides to show up — I don’t know if he has to ask his dad for permission — because we know the Bosas, if there’s an injury that’s a week to 12 weeks, there gonna take it all the way to 12 weeks.” — Rex Ryan

              2. NFL teams make business decisions too, and it might have to do with it being a business? I dunno.

              3. Are you really quoting Rex Ryan, Grant?

                Let me get this straight. Rex Ryan, the genius who insisted on signing the great …. Mark Sanchez, to a 3 year extension, is someone we should actually take seriously? The same Rex Ryan who followed up this mistake by trading for the great Tim Tebow? The same Rex Ryan who actually thought it was a good idea to trade for Tim Tebow, and the circus came along with him, even though he says that he never intended on making Tim Tebow his starting QB, because “he knew Tebow wasn’t good enough to play QB in the NFL”?

                Seriously Grant? That’s the guy you suggest we should all be listening to when it comes to business decisions? Not the nearly unanimous consensus of NFL executives and scouts, who are actually, you know, still currently working in the NFL? Rather, we should be listening to an ex-NFL head coach with a career losing record, who was the mastermind behind the trade that brought Tim Tebow to the Jets, shortly after putting his weight behind a contract extension for Mark Sanchez, which included …. get this …. $20.5 million in guarantees, and $40.5 million in “new” money, making Mark Sanchez the seventh-highest paid QB in the NFL?

                Come on Grant …. SMH!

              4. I’ll take Rex Ryan’s word over yours, especially when it comes to a defensive player.

              5. It’s football. You need players who play through injuries.

                What injury are you claiming Nick Bosa wouldn’t play through Grant? Bosa played in every single one of Ohio State’s 13 games as a true freshman in 2016, and he played in every single one of Ohio State’s 14 games during his 2017 sophomore year for Ohio State. That’s a fact!

                And Nick didn’t just play, he played hard! Nick Bosa had a reputation as one of the hardest working players on the team, not just on the field, but also off of it! Nick had put in the hard work, and it paid off during his sophomore season, as he recorded 32 total tackles, 14.5 of those tackles for a loss, and 7 sacks. Additionally, he had two pass breakups, eight quarterback hurries and a blocked kick. He was named a unanimous First Team All-Big Ten, and also the title of the Smith-Brown Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year, for his sophomore season.

                Again, Nick hadn’t missed a game during his first 2 seasons, playing in all 27 games!

                He started his junior season off with an absolute bang. He looked unblockable, recording 14 total tackles, 11 solo, with 6 tackles for a loss, and 4 sacks, during his first 10 quarters alone, before going down with a season ending core muscle injury. Up until that point, he hadn’t missed a single game during his college career, so the idea that Nick is soft, or doesn’t want to play hurt, sure seems like fake news as far as I am concerned! The injury he suffered required surgery, and at that point he was ruled out indefinitely. During his recovery, it was widely known that he was already the consensus #1 pick in the 2019 draft. Who in their right mind would take a chance at returning for the end of the season, risking either re-aggravating this injury, turning it into something potentially chronic, or worse, suffering another potentially catastrophic injury, when they have already earned themselves a good chance at being the #1 overall pick, and their team no longer in championship contention? In fact, I would seriously have to question anyone’s judgement if they were dumb enough to risk, not only the money which comes along with being a top pick in the upcoming draft, but even something potentially catastrophic, like a career ending injury, when they really had nothing left to prove and certainly nothing more to gain, having already earned the title of the consensus top rated prospect. And I would be willing to bet most of, if not every single top 5 prospect in the draft, would have done the same thing under similar circumstances. I know I would have done the same thing.

              6. And thanks Razor, for pointing out the blatant hypocrisy about supposedly not wanting to play through injuries.

                I sure don’t remember Grant questioning Trent Brown’s unwillingness to play through his labrum issues in 2017, does anyone else? I don’t remember Grant as being one of the reporters who asked Kyle Shanahan if he was at all disappointed when Trent Brown had to be placed on IR due to his inability to play through an injury that, let’s face it, a lot of guys have definitely played through, at some point in their careers. All I remember is Grant raving about how spectacular Trent Brown had been for the Patriots, yet not a peep about the questions surrounding Trent Brown bowing out of the Patriots’ week 10 game due to an “undisclosed” back injury, after entering that same game as questionable with an “undisclosed” illness.

              7. Joey Bosa missed 10 weeks with a foot sprain, and Nick Bosa missed 10 weeks with a groin strain. No comparison.

              8. First of all Grant, I don’t know if you have any brothers or sisters, but if you do, I would hope that you aren’t OK with the idea that you should be held up in judgement for your sibling’s successes or failures, and vise versa.

                Secondly, since when are you a doctor?

                Thirdly, where was all of this Nick Bosa criticism during the 49ers 2018 season? You run a 49ers blog for crying out loud, yet where was all of your criticism of Nick Bosa when all of the talk among fans as the 49ers season crashed and burned, was about whether or not the 49ers were either in, or out of the Nick Bosa sweepstakes? Do you remember those days, just a few short months ago? I don’t remember you once making the point that the 49ers, and their fans, would be better off forgetting about Nick Bosa anyways, because he somehow doesn’t play through injuries (because according to you, his brother doesn’t play through injuries, therefore Nick obviously doesn’t either, because he doesn’t actually have a will of his own … as if that’s the way it works) even though Nick did play in 30 straight games for the Buckeyes’, without missing a single game, prior to tearing his groin. And I certainly don’t remember you criticizing Nick Bosa for being a poor fit as an NFL edge rusher. And yet, the closer we get, and the more likely it’s starting to look like Bosa just be on the board when the 49ers make their way to the podium, suddenly the worse Nick Bosa looks as an NFL prospect. It went from being … “Josh Allen has more upside, and might be a better fit for the 49ers, blah, blah, blah”, to suddenly, “not only is Nick Bosa a poor fit for the 49ers, suddenly he’s not even a good fit as an NFL edge rusher period”, claiming he’s too short, too slow, and probably better suited on an interior of a DL. A ludicrous statement, by the way.

                I’m just starting to see right through you again Grant. You don’t know when to stop. I’m guessing you’re not the best poker player in the world because you can’t hold a bluff without tipping your entire hand! You don’t hate Nick Bosa as an NFL edge rushing prospect, you hate the idea of the 49ers getting the consensus #1 edge rushing prospect, who is suddenly too short, too slow, and too lazy in your mind, to make an impact as an NFL pass rusher for the 49ers.

              9. I hate the idea of John Lynch blowing the No. 2 pick for the second time in three drafts. I’m just trying to help.

              10. I just hate the idea that somehow Nick isn’t his own person, that just rubs me the wrong way Grant. Does your dad give you marching orders when it comes to taking a sick day? Or your brother, or sister, whatever?

                Nick Bosa had a legitimate groin injury, and a business decision to make. So what? It’s easy to say, I would have done this, or I would have done that, when it’s not your millions of dollars sitting on the table. What did he have to gain by rushing to get back to the last game or two of the Buckeye’s season, already eliminated from championship consideration? Injuries happen, everyone knows it’s a violent sport. Generally speaking, NFL players have shorter careers. Nick would have been reckless with his future, IMO, to rush back and risk a Navorro Bowman blown knee on a beautiful defensive play, if you will. Niners really got screwed in that game, BTW!

                I honestly haven’t seen anything that rises to the level of Nick Bosa’s stocking dropping over the combine, he’s still the best player right now, ready to step onto the field in 2019. Whether he’s got trhe highest ceiling, maybe not, but if you take out the silly injury argumant, again, he played 30 Buckeye games out of his first 30 Buckeye games, where’s is slacking, taking games off due to bumps and bruises. Are you kidding? He looked rugged and played rugged through his first 2 seasons plus 10 QTR’s of absolutely, flat out dominant football to start his junior season. Numbers don’t lie. The amount of plays Nick wins, in a row, just flat out beats his blocker and also double teams, I don’t know how anyone could watch his college tape and not see as guy who’s going to come in and have an instant impact with his already refined techniques. So he hurt his groin? Are you saying severe groin injury can’t end up being a serious thing? Bottom line, he’s going to be looking to make a name early in his career, and he’s hell bent on besting his older bro, always a good motivator. He physically advance, stout pound for pound power, super strong base, able to consistently control OT’s and double teams. You don’t attempt to block Nick with any kind of TE, because he’ll destroy them at the point of attack. Playing on a DL is not the same as blazing 40 yards on a track, even on the edge, don’t we agree?

                I just want to know where it suddenly went wrong Grant, and why you weren’t ringing the bell early on Nick Bosa, when all the buzz was on the Bosa Bonanza speculation, as related to draft position, position fit / need?

              11. No doubt they botched the Solomon pick, and I was one of, if not the most vocal critics on this blog, pre-draft. Many, long drawn out conversations about undersized interior linemen in college who think they can suddenly move outside, where you need to be much more athletic in a lot of ways, or stay inside, where their lack of size is an automatic impediment. Not a deal breaker but definitely a tougher road to hoe.

                Tossing out the injury crap, Bosa is a compact dynamo edge rusher … the Aaron Donald of Defensive Ends, if you will? Plenty tall at 6’4″, with an advantage low pad level/center of gravity. Average length, but again powerful and potent, tightly built powerhouse arms of Nick.

                My 2 questions:

                1) Since when is 6’4″, incredibly muscular 33″ arms and huge, 10 3/4″ mitts, not big enough to dominate on the edge, when I just gave you a list of players with the exact same measurements, who have been among the best performers both in the past, and also current NFL players, dominant edge rushers with basically the exact same measurements!

                2) Since when is playing in everyone of your team’s first 30 games 30 for 30, grounds for saying someone has the mentality of not wanting to play through injuries? Not even a hint of bumps or bruises slowing him down over his first 2 plus seasons but somehow he’s a slacker? Ridiculous! And since when is it OK to insinuate that the young player isn’t somehow his own person, and assumed penalized for his brother actions, even there are plenty of Charger fans who will tell you, Joey’s been legitimately banged up in his own right,again, guys get banged up. It’s obviously a dangerous sport to play, knock on wood!

              12. 1. Justin Smith had Nick Bosa’s frame, and Justin Smith had to move inside because his arms were too short. Justin Smith ran a 4.62. Still wasn’t fast enough to overcome short arms as an edge rusher. I think Bosa will have the same issue. If he were faster, the arms wouldn’t be an issue.

                2. Bosa played when he was healthy. As soon as he got injured, he quit the team and left school. Will he play injured in the NFL like Mike Person and Weston Richburg did last season, or will he play only when 100 percent healthy, like Joey Bosa? Fair question.

              13. My self I prefer Josh Allen look at the film he is a worrier who shows up not a premadona lynch went to school with Thomas and he knew him personally in short he messed up and the inside LB that grant mentioned that we could get in the ( 4th round )

              14. That’s just nonsense about Justin Smith! Where do you come up with this stuff?

                First of all, Justin Smith was at least 15 lbs heavier than Bosa coming out of college.

                Secondly, despite missing all of his first preseason, and then his first regular season game as a rookie, Justin Smith still logged the 3nd most sacks in the NFL, leading all rookies with 8.5 sacks. He finished second on the Bengals DL in total tackles, first in solo tackles, and played just about every snap at DE as a rookie. In his second season with the Bengals, Justin started every single game at RDE and led the DL in sacks, tackles, and sack yardage. He ended his first 2 seasons for the Bengals with a total of 15 sacks at DE, the most by a Cincinnati Bengal in his first two seasons since 1977. In his third season with the Bengals, he played both DE and OLB, and recording 60 total tackles, 41 solo, while adding another 5 sacks to his resume. In his fourth season, the “undersized” Smith led the Bengals’ defense in snaps played, sacks, and sack yardage. In 2005, Justin Smith once again led the team in sacks, making it the 3rd time over his first 5 seasons, to lead the team in sacks, and by the end of his fifth season, Justin had moved into fifth place on Bengals all-time sacks list with a total of 34.

                In fact, Justin Smith only really began to take a significant number of snaps on the interior after he joined the 49ers in 2008, where he was selected to five consecutive Pro Bowls, from 2009 – 2013. Even still, he often lined up on the Edge, and was named Associated Press All-Pro at both DE & DT in both 2011 & 2012. In fact, Justin had been mentioned as a candidate to win the 2011 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award, where he was eligible for the honor at both DE and DT (look it up), because the 49ers were still using him as a DE in their 3-4 base defense, only moving him inside to DT while in their 4-2 nickel packages.

              15. Justin Smith was 267 pounds when he entered the draft. The 49ers need someone who can record more than 8.5 sacks in a season. They don’t need a run defender with short arms who also can get a few sacks.

              16. Oops, sorry – *correction: Justin Smith finished 2nd in the NFL *for all rookies, with 8.5 sacks, missing the best rookie mark by a half of a sack, as a Defensive End. In fact, Justin played exclusively at DE and OLB throughout his first 3 seasons.

                In fact, it’s worth repeating that Justin Smith only really began taking a significant number of snaps on the interior after he joined the 49ers in 2008. Even then, he often lined up on the Edge, and was named Associated Press All-Pro at both DE & DT in both 2011 & 2012 (look it up). In fact, Justin had been mentioned as a candidate to win the 2011 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award, where he was eligible for the honor at both DE and DT, because the 49ers were still using him as a DE in their 3-4 base defense, only moving him inside to DT while in their 4-2 sub-packages (again, look it up).

              17. Just a little history refresher for you Grant.

                Justin Smith had arguably his best NFL season in 2011, his 11th season in the league! During this season, the rookie Aldon Smith was used only as a situational pass rusher. Justin Smith was actually their 3-4 base DE, only kicking inside to DT when the Niners brought in Aldon Smith with their sub-packages. And again, Justin was a candidate to win the 2011 NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award, deemed eligible for the honor at both DE and DT, because the 49ers were still using him as a DE in their 3-4 base defense, only moving him inside to DT while in their 4-2 sub-packages, where Aldon was technically used as an OLB.

                You should know this stuff.

              18. Yes, but Smith was a DT by 2011. The 49ers cannot draft another DT in Round 1.

    1. I actually agree 100% with Cohen DO NOT draft Bosa dude is soft we need a blue collar guy, this dude quit in his team for money it’s going to translate to the NFL even if he is good he will hold out for more money by year 2…

  2. Allen does not possess the striking power of Khalil Mack, and Big hands beat up little hands. More like Leonard Floyd.

    Gary is a boom or bust player.

    Sweat will not be a double digit sack artist in his first year, and I’d say his body frame reminds me of a smaller Peppers.

    Burns will be long gone before the end of round 1. His tape is too good.

    Nick Bosa is more like DeMarcus Lawrence and Solomon Thomas is more like Justin Smith. Nick Bosa will be the 49ers selection with the #2 pick. You can take that to the bank, bet the house on it, or book it with an agent….

    1. Allen is bigger and stronger than Mack and Floyd.

      Lawrence has longer arms than N. Bosa.

      1. Grant you really ought to cover another sport,your analysis is on par with with the dregs that inhabit blogersville.

    2. I don’t care about Nick Bosa’s ability if his issue is availability. Pass on this china doll.

  3. I would add Justin Hollins, Chase Winovich, Bobby Okereke, Jamal Davis or Gary Johnson, in the later rounds.

  4. So Gary is worth a top 5 pick but the Niners shouldn’t touch who most NFL analysts say is the best player in the entire draft? That is so you!

    Sometimes your thoughts are very logical and you make sound arguments to back them up. Then every now and then you just go full skip bayless and say something crazy completely lacking any evidence to back it up.

    1. Most analysts thought Solomon Thomas was the second-best player in the 2017 draft and the no-brainer selection for the 49ers. I didn’t.

      1. Thomas was a DT in college that the Niners, for some reason, thought could be an edge rusher. He’s proven he’s not. They’ve played him out of position for 2 years.

        Bosa is a true DE with multiple moves and counter moves (something you have said pass rusher’s must have) to go along with quickness and power. You saying that Bosa can’t rush from the outside is ludicrous since that’s pretty much all he’s done in college.

        1. Bosa can rush from the outside. He just won’t be very good at it in the NFL.

      2. Thomas was a no brainer for two reasons. He was the best run stuffer in the nation, and we bled like a sieve. Next he offered 3t pass rush ability with upside to develop an edge rushing presence. He’s in year 3 with a better position coach. Let’s see what he can do….

        1. A top 3 pick should not take that long to develop, because you want to get value out of him while he is still on his rookie salary. If a top picks takes too long and then develops you have to end up paying them like every other free agent and you do not get the value that a top draft pick should supply. In the past before the rookie salary cap it made sense to allow your draft picks more time to develop. Now not so much.

          Why do a lot of teams drop vets that cost to much. Because they can get better value out of players on rookie salaries. Many of you fans are still thinking under the old system. The most successful long term teams always rely on a number of talented rookies to keep their cap down and manageable.

          1. Most teams carry cap space now. With the ballooning cap, most teams will carry over 20 million in cap space.
            NE, the most successful franchise in the history of the league doesn’t do it on a number of talented rookies.
            Your logic is misguided and dated.

  5. Soooo… Nick Bosa who ran the 40 two hundredths of a second faster than his brother Joey, who had 10.5 sacks in 2016 and 12.5 in 2017, is too slow too rush from the edge. Riiiggghhht.. Bosa is the pick at 2 if Murray goes1. No doubt about it. Nick Bosa will be successful in the NFL as an edge rusher.

    1. Joey is 6’5″ and change and has longer arms than Nick. Tackles don’t usually engulf Joey, although Trent Brown did. Nick has Justin Smith’s frame.

      1. Nick Bosa will be the easiest pick that Lynch will ever make. Thank you Kliff Kingsbury, and thank you Arizona!

        1. Nobody is trading up for Bosa when they can just take Allen. If there’s a trade, it’ll be for a quarterback.

          1. Absolutely right!. That is why Murry at 1 will be so valuable. There are only two QB of much value for a bunch of QB hungery teams. If the trade down it will be because someone wants the second QB. You don’t trade up to number 2 for an edge if other options are also available. Last year was different because there was a huge drop off after the first pick and still no one traded up.

            1. Ahem. Jets traded up with Indy (3) to get Darnold.
              Bills traded up with TB (7) to get Josh Allen.
              Ravens traded up with Philly (32) to get Lamar Jackson.

            2. Right, the only other QB will be Haskins who at #2 may be too high for some teams, maybe not, then trade down w/Haskins. But Bosa, Q. Williams will be there if Murray goes #1. If Lynch wants great extra picks and other teams are in love with Bosa/QW, then it’s possible they trade down with them. They should sign J.Clowney a great run defender and good pass rusher and if they want Bosa, draft him to have bookend ends that will really pressure Qb’s and shore up the running defense.

            3. Bosa was and still is to some teams projected as ..”the #1 pick”.. for weeks ..not the #5 or 10 pick. He could be traded down if he’s there at #2 if Lynch wants extra picks, some teams will probably move up for him.

  6. I think Burns should be the pick at 2 Josh Allen’s hand size scares me I think he will struggle to consistently beat the big NFL tackles at the next level

      1. When you look at Bosa’s last healthy season compared to Allen’s last season it is a no brainer! Allen had 88 total tackles,21.5 for loss,17 sacks,5 forced fumbles,2 fumble recovery’s & 4 pass defensed! Don’t know why everybody keeps saying Bosa “is just better”. He’s more of a DE which the Niners don’t need. Allen is a true Pass Rusher the Niners desperately need!

      2. The love for Bosa is annoying
        Josh Allen’s stats across the board blows
        Bosa out of the water!
        Bosa will play DE edge rusher or DL
        Allen will play LB pass rusher (big area of need the Niners have lacked for years)

    1. How can his hand size scare you at all, 17 sacks last year, has nother to do with hand size if you ask me, who cares if his hands are small.

  7. I think Burns should be the pick at 2 Josh Allen’s hand size scares me. I think he will struggle to consistently beat the big NFL tackles at the next level. Burns was also more productive in college than Bosa and played in more games.

  8. How about DK!!! We need wr help bad and he looks like he could be something good.

  9. Top 10 Day 3 defenders.
    1. Quinnen Williams.
    2. Montez Sweat.
    3. Rashan Gary.
    4. Josh Allen.
    5. Nick Bosa
    6. Devin White.
    7. Ed Oliver.
    8. Brian Burns.
    9. Clelin Ferrell.
    10. Christian Wilkins.

  10. Grant Cohn

    You football knowledge is basically non existent some guys play bigger than they actually are and the film of nick bosa I have watched he is one of those people that play bigger than actual size. Alot of people had doubts about Joey being a double digit sack guy and 2 of his 3 seasons he has had double digit sacks.

      1. Significantly?

        Joey 6′-5 269 lbs. coming out.
        Nick 6′-4 266 lbs. coming out.

        How in the hell is that significantly bigger?

        Nick is faster and stronger. He’s a perfect fit in this defense, and he won’t have to come off the field.

        1. Joey is 1.5 inches taller and his arms are 3/8 inches longer. Much bigger frame.

          1. Much bigger? I don’t think so. That have identical frames, with Joey being slightly bigger. They even move the same.

            1. 1.5 inches is significant when it comes to height, and 3/8 inches is significant when it comes to arm length.

              1. It may be to you, but to Nick, being “1.5 inches” shorter is a natural advantage. Tall men come down to his height when he hits them in the body. 33″ arms to you is short, but it’s not to me, nor does it show up on tape.

                “Those guys with shorter limbs get into their technique quicker,” Dumervil said. “Those who don’t get into their technique quickly often lose the battle. A shorter guy is usually very quick and explosive. When he gets on a guy, he’s already in a good position, too. Taller guys must get off the snap, then get low. Meanwhile, I’m already low. That’s a second I’m not wasting. When it comes to explosiveness off the snap and rounding the corner, I see a correlation.”

              2. Sure. We’re about to find out who’s moving who, and who loves da sack. I’m super excited. I didn’t think there was a chance in hell the Cardinals would draft Murray, but the power of Kingsbury seems to have compelled them!??

    1. Nick and Joey Bosa’s dad only lasted in the NFL 3 years cause he’s injury prone. Joey Bosa still hasn’t had a full season of playing because of injuries. Nick Bosa tore his ACL in high school and didn’t even finish his last year of college because of injury even though he could’ve returnd. Anyone see a trend here???

  11. First, Grant, I think u are underestimating Bosa. His tape from last year shows his potential to b a lot more. That being said, I would still stay at #2 and take Josh Allen. He could have so much more of a total game impact. Along with the sacks, there will qb hits and pressures, interceptions, pass break ups, and a whole lot of tackles. And I would like to see a line backer group of Allen, Warner and Lee. That might b nice for a few years. And also, it will b interesting to see who the pair on the d-line with Allen and Buckner on 3rd down packages

  12. I say NO to Bosa…..

    Draft Allen at 2…..or trade down and draft Burns

    Or draft both Allen and Burns

  13. Let me make this easy for everyone. Break the bank 22 million a year for Demarcus Lawrence. 7 million a year for Dante Fowler. 14 million a year for earl Thomas. TRADE DOWN #2 PICK hopefully to raiders for #4 and one of the 20’s. Either take DK Metcalf at 4 or trade down again and get Devin White. Hopefully the trade down will yield a first rounder next year. With 24/27 draft corner. With 2nd rounder get another pass rusher or safety. Maybe even o lineman. Basically do what you want after our first pick of the first round and we have an extra first rounder next year maybe. YOU’RE WELCOME!

  14. The Niners have a fairly successful history of drafting Golden Domers in the first 5 rounds- Montana, Watters, BY, and McGlinchey is a future pro-bowler. Tranquill after the 4th would be a good pick, but I would like to see them grab Boykin at WR or Love at DB in rounds 2-4. All are classy, smart, athletic kids who play hard won’t burn them with off-the- field troubles.

  15. I’ve been saying since day 1 that Josh Allen was the man. His numbers, tape, and combine put him there. If he is taken #2 then I believe it would be our best option. You can’t ignore that kind of talent. And last I checked, guys aren’t allowed to stop the rusher by grabbing his hands, he’s not a WR. So hand size won’t be a problem. Strength sand weight also won’t be a problem and it’s laughable that people say bosa is significantly more powerful the Josh. Josh Sllen, Q Williams, and Greedy are on my wish list. Hopefully one of them comes on home.

  16. This poster keeps saying book it!!? like we booked King Solomon as a 10 sack guy, or King as the best player in the draft, or Vic Fangio being brought back as a DC, or any other of this guys shenanigans. Maybe you should stop telling people to book stuff. You would make a horrible physic. John Lynch’s own “the best ability is availability “ takes nick Bosa right out of the equation. MR. Glass doesn’t fit the mold. Everytime he sneezed he’d be on lamb for 4 to 5 weeks.. Not saying he won’t make a credible nfl player, but the niners don’t need credible, they need star power at number 2 and JOsh Allen is about to bring the house down.

    1. Back off. Razor has earned the right to be assertive. He has been proven right many times, and it is refreshing to see some one risk so much, because if he is wrong, he will have to eat crow.
      Just like when I declare Keelan Doss will be an All Pro, we are just keeping things light.
      If you do insist on criticizing him, at least spell correctly. I think the word you intended was that he was a horrible PSYCHIC. A physic is a cathartic medicine, sometimes pertaining to purging the bowels

      1. I’ll back off when the 2 of you are correct about something besides holding each other’s hand. I’ll spell how I want, if u dont like it, move on and read razor. I’m sure you will lose more brain cells.

  17. Bosa is a lock if Murray is a lock, and Lynch has the key, not me. Sure I’ve gotten 3 out of 4 right. Armstead, Buckner(obvious), Thomas and Bosa (another obvious) will make it 4 for 5.

  18. Is your comparison of Nick Bosa to Justin Smith based on Justin Smith coming out of college? That I could see. Justin Smith didn’t line up on the interior in pass rush situations until he got to the Niners and even then it was after they fully converted to 3-4 defense (initially they were playing around with Smith playing as a stand up OLB in training camp).

    But I don’t see Bosa as an interior pass rusher. At 270 lbs he’ll get eaten up by interior offensive linemen. Bosa is more like a pass rushing 5T on the strong side (I think Strahan lined up on the strong side). He’d be great against outside and stretch running teams. But power running teams might give him some trouble.

    1. Yes, coming out of college. Bosa will be a quality run defender an end early on, but his best pass-rush reps will come inside. Or he won’t be a very good pass rusher anywhere, like Chris Long.

      1. I think Nick Bosa may be in the Kyle Vanden Bosch mold. Or the max potential might be Michael Strahan. The bigger Left Defensive End pass rushers.

        Vanden Bosch thrived in Gunther Cunningham’s defensive scheme which featured a power LDE who’s job was penetration and containment. I just don’t see Nick being kicked inside.

          1. DeMarcus Lawrence was an OLB in college. He was also smaller at 251 lbs . He eventually grew in the NFL to be close to Nick Bosa’s current college size. Nick Bosa’s 40 time is a 4.86 with a 1.6 10 yard split. Lawerence at his pro day ran a 4.69 (at his pro day. 4.8 at the combine) with a 1.63 split (pro day). Bosa is just a bigger guy (assuming if he wants to he can grow bigger in the NFL….Lawrence has presumably reached his optimal size). Nick is stronger than Lawrence coming out of college. (28 reps at bench vs. 20 reps at bench).

            1. Nick’s 10 yard split was 1.55, and I was comparing them in real time. Similar body frames and pass rushing proficiency.

              1. other than height what do you mean by “body frames”?

                what specifically do you mean by their similar pass rushing proficiency?

              2. Vanden Bosch’s 10-yard split was 1.56, and he was more agile and explosive than Nick Bosa. But, Vanden Bosch didn’t come from a famous family, so he was a second-round pick. If Nick’s last name was Schmosa, he’d be a second-round pick, too.

              3. Yea, it’s all in the name. Nick Bosa will be a house hold name in SF! Who loves da sack, baby?

                Bosa Constrictor!

        1. Vanden Bosch is a great comparison for Nick Bosa, although I’m guessing Vanden Bosch had longer arms. Not who you want to get with the second pick in Round 1.

          1. I think it depends on your draft philosophy and where you are in your team building.

            IMO Bosa’s floor is likely Vanden Bosch. I think he has potential be more. But I don’t think Bosa’s potential or ceiling is as high as Allen. Allen has a much higher ceiling IMO but a lower floor too. And at the other extreme you have Sweat who is almost all potential so he has a very low floor and a very high ceiling (the classic boom/bust prospect).

            IMO a GM isn’t going to go very wrong with Bosa. Even Bosa stays at his Vanden Bosch Floor, that’s a bunch of 6-8 sack seasons, one 12 sack season and 3 Pro Bowls. Not a franchise player. But a good one. Bosa is the safe bet (other than the big IF of injury history).

            1. Bosa has a very low floor when you consider his injury history and the business decisions his family makes.

              1. I’m not sure if Allen is a LEO at this point. He’s a backfield pass rushing penetrator for sure. But LEO’s unlike OLBs engage blockers in the run game. OLBs play containment and backside containment. They don’t go in to the backfield, they have to sit patient on the edges against the run. Allen at this point is not a take on a blocker in the run game player. In the run game, Allen might make a better down SAM. Penetrating into the backfield as a run defender is different than penetrating into the backfield as a pass rusher. As a run defender you have to keep your shoulders more parallel to the line of scrimmage which exposes more body to the blocker than making a pass rush move and turning your shoulders (and going small). There’s more straight up power involved in penetrating as a run defender. I see Allen initially as a pass rush specialist the Wide Nine technique that was recently mentioned by Shanahan. Allen may grow into a full time LEO type of role.

              2. Allen has the traits to be a dominant Leo, but he might play Sam for a year, as you say. Bosa is a big end, not a Leo.

              3. Allen does not hold up at the poa like Burns, and Burns is a more elite pass rusher right now. I’ve got Bosa, Burns and then Allen.

              1. He played one season in college realistically, has injury concerns, dedication concerns… I wouldnt call that the safest by far. I agree with grant fully, Allen should be the first the 49ers look at. Allen is a better fit and athlete.

  19. The 49ers will trade out of 2 for OBJ, and because the Cardinals take Kyler, that trade will include a swapping of first round picks (because obviously the Giants want to make sure they get their qb). Then they’ll take Sweat at 6. Book THAT…

    1. It will take more than a swap of 1st round picks to get OBJ. But if they effectively spent their 1st and 2nd round picks on OBJ and Montez Sweat that would be a good draft.

      1. I thought I’d share this if it hasn’t already been posted:

        My favorite part of the article is Tariq Cole talking about Nick Bosa a couple weeks before they played each other in 2018:

        “All I know is Nick hasn’t gotten a sack off me,” says Cole, whose Scarlet Knights visit Ohio State on Sept. 8. “It’s up to me to keep it that way.”

        Nick finished with 3 TFL and 1 sack. Also had a few pressures.

        He looked much more efficient in 2018. He was on track for a great year

      2. I do not believe Shanny will trade for OBJr. Not his MO. I feel pretty confident it’s a wr in round 2.

    2. Don’t book that. Tyrell Williams is a cheaper, better option at WR due to his lack of drama on the sideline and off the field and if comparing Bosa’s combine, and college performance to Allen’s is considered in who we will draft I think Allen will be the choice.

  20. Nick Bosa may not be as tall as his brother but he is taller than Khalil Mack, Demarcus Lawrence and Von Miller.

    And people are making it sound like Bosa has stubby little arms… It is only half an inch shorter than Josh Allen and a quarter of an inch shorter than Khalil Mack. Everyone should put their thumb and index finger a quarter of an inch apart and see how small that really is. And nobody plays with their arms straight out anyway so that quarter to half an inch doesn’t bother me at all.

    This argument about his arm length also dismisses one of the strongest parts of Bosa’s game. His hand technique is superior to any other linemen. Most linemen will have trouble getting their hands on Bosa in the first place.

    Lastly, I noticed you left off Bosa’s 10 yard split, one of the most important measurables for an edge rusher. If I’m not mistaken it was 1.55 seconds. Faster than everyone you listed except Sweat. Bosa is one of the most explosive edge rushers off the line.

    1. Compare his arms to other draft choices. Bosa’s arms are 33″. Gary’s arms are 34 and 1/8 “. Montez Sweat’s arms are 35 and 3/4 “.
      Most linemen had a hard time getting their arms on Sweat, especially in the Senior Bowl Practices.
      Actually, his 10 yard split was 1.6. Sweat’s was 1.55, so thank you for admitting Sweat had superior numbers.

      1. I was comparing his arm length to someone like Khalil Mack to prove that you don’t need crazy long arms to be and effective pass rusher.

        I don’t like combine stars if there is no tape to support those great numbers. Give me someone who produces on the field. Bosa is the not the best athlete at edge rusher, he is just the best edge rusher. Those are two different things.

        Now if your concern about Bosa is his health then you have an argument to be made.

  21. Wow. I actually agree with most of your list today, and about Bosa. I’m so tired of you know a handful of analysts saying ‘Bosa is the guy’ and the rest of the media just assumes it’s true. I’ll tell you this : If Bosa is the guy, the gap is minimal. This draft is not like 2 years ago, when you had the obvious number one in Myles Garrett, and nobody else.

    I highly doubt Burns lasts to the middle of the first round. His upside his tremendous. Q Williams impressed everybody and could easily be the best player out of this draft.

    I was against a trade back but I’ll tell you if the price is right, it can be a great move. Alot of LBs impressed. This draft class is looking very strong, one of the best in years and years.

  22. Montez Sweat ran a 4.41? He’s a combination Von Miller and Aldon Smith. Don’t tell me he can’t pass rush. And he’ll only get better when he packs on a little more muscle. He’ll terrorize the league. I’d take him over Bosa. Good point you made on Bosa, Grant. Andy Isabella would make a great addition at WR with Wes Welker as a coach he could become a far faster version.

    1. With his size and speed they could also use him sometimes as a TE like the used Watts. Just think a double duty player. That is if he can catch.

  23. Many people think that the Cards will bail on Rosen, and draft Murray.That is wishful thinking. The Cards gave up 155 yards per game, so they need to stop the run, or no QB will make a difference.
    That means, they will draft a stout run defender. Quinnen Williams fits the bill. They do not need a pass rusher over a run defender, so they will pass on Bosa and Allen, and choose QW.
    That means, the Niners at 2 are in a good position to draft Kyler Murray. Since the Jets have been advertising that they want to trade back, the Niners are the best team to trade up with. Gruden may think it is worth trading his first, second and third round picks for Murray, especially if he trades Carr for a second round pick. Niners at 4 are almost guaranteed to be able to pick Bosa, Allen, Gary or Sweat.

  24. This blog post is meant to be about how players performance at the scouting combine should impact how much the 49ers want them. Regarding Bosa, on that criteria, I honestly don’t know how you take his combine performance and don’t think he helped himself as a guy the 49ers would want. His results were excellent. Very good size, very good strength, decent length, decent explosion with outstanding 10 yard burst, excellent agility for his size.

    The only reason for saying his combine wasn’t a success is purely to support a pre-conceived idea of who and what he is.

    Comparing him to Justin Smith simply ignores the considerable difference between the two in terms of burst and bend/ agility. They aren’t the same. Bosa is an edge bender, not just an edge setter.

      1. When is a DE going to have to run 40 yards. It’s a meaningless stat for DE. That is why 10 yard split is far more important. It shows how explosive a player is off the line.

        I agree with you that Sweat is a better athlete but Bosa isa better football player. You can have your underwear olympics champion. I want the guy who proved it on the field.

        1. Yep, 100%.

          Seb, as Yoyo says, 40 yard times aren’t very meaningful for DL. Its the first 10 yards that matter. 1.55s for the first 10 yards at his size is very much elite.

          1. Yo, my bad. Too bad you just proved Sweat is better with a 1.5.
            I am just saying that if a QB can run a 4.6 forty, Bosa will not be able to run him down.
            Sweat, who ran a 4.41, will be able to easily run down a 4.6 forty QB.
            Some others were making a point about Bosa’s injury history, which should be a concern. Gary played hurt all season, which showed his toughness. Bosa might be another Todd Shell.
            I would like to point out Joey Bosa and his hold out. He missed all of training camp, and Nick Bosa will probably do the same, asking for as much money as he can, on advice from his family.
            Still cannot understand why you think Bosa is the only pass rusher in the draft class that can get to the QB. Montez Sweat performed admirably in the Senior Bowl Practices. Some said his long arms kept the O linemen from reaching his chest, so he was unblockable.
            I would even take Rashan Gary over Bosa. He is 11 lbs heavier, but ran a 4.58 forty. Many say that he has the most potential, and could become a dominant force in the NFL.
            My main point is that the Niners should be willing to miss out on some players to move back, so they can get more second and third round picks. They will be moving back to allow a team to secure a QB, so those defensive players may still be there when they pick. Hopefully, they can trade back, and still get the player they covet.

        2. Bosa wasn’t on the field much and if a TE so much as touches you while you’re trying to get to the QB you better hope that you can keep up with him in coverage (possibly 40 yrds)

    1. Bosa’s length is not decent. And his 10-yard split doesn’t make him a speed rusher. He takes a while to get to the quarterback, as you’ve admitted. Justin Smith had burst and bend coming out of Missouri. His problem was his short arms. Chris Long has the same issue. Only a Nick Bosa fan would over look his plethora of red flags.

      1. If Lynch was willing to pay through the nose for Khalil Mack, he’ll take Bosa with the #2 pick. Now that’s bang for your buck, baby!

          1. You are getting very, very sleepy…your eyelids are getting heavy…so heavy that you cannot hold them up.

            Not working Grant! No matter how many times you say it! Come to papa, baby Bosa!

              1. The Chargers play in LA and run the same defense as the 49ers. Melvin Ingram is their Leo.

              2. I know where he plays and who his DC is. Bosa will be rushing off the edge under Saleh here in SF, just like Mack did for the Raiders and just like he does in Chicago. He will get at least 10 sacks with Murray being at least one of them….

            1. He could play that position. I don’t he has the length to be successful outside as a pass rusher.

              1. The big end is usually the bigger of the Seattle 4-3 DEs, so I am not sure how he could play that position if you think length is an issue for Bosa as a pass rusher.

            2. Mid,
              Instead of touting Bosa as possible interior tackle why not just pick the best at that position: Q. Williams.

              I’ve always felt (and still do) that Bosa is the best pure pass rusher and that Allen is the most versatile.

              I’m not concerned about Bosa’ combine numbers, which btw, were very respectable. Bosa gets to the QB and that’s what matters to me. My only pause is the injury DNA that runs in the family.

              My potential top 3 players have been in this order :
              Q. Williams.
              It comes down to what the Org views as the most vital to the defense.
              Any of these players would be a significant upgrade because they are turn-key types who could be productive from day one.

              1. Out of all the Bosa’s that played, I think the great uncle had the longest NFL career at center for the Bears with 9 years. Mike Pyle.

      2. Sure, but you are basing this all on what you already thought of him, which was my point. Bosa could have run a 4.5s 40 and you’d still say he is too slow, etc.

        If you just took his combine results he had a great day, and if the 49ers liked him beforehand they will like him a lot now. My understanding of these entries was that you were highlighting the guys whose combine results should impress the 49ers. Seems to me you are using it more just as a platform to push for guys you already liked as prospects.

        1. I also like how you included all the edge rushers 10 yard split bar Bosa’s, even though the only guy on the list with a better split was Sweat.

          Interestingly, Bosa and Allen had very similar days. Bosa had better 10 yard split and agility scores than Allen, while most other measurements were very close aside from the 40 (which really isn’t that relevant for a DL – relevant for Allen if he is playing LB too though). Yet Allen had a day worthy of being the #2 pick and Bosa… not so much. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

        2. There was zero chance Bosa would run in the 4.5s. Anybody who watched him play knew that. His arm length is part of his combine results, and that was a bad result for him. You can point to his 10-yard split, but Kyle Vaden Bosch posted the same split, as well as superior agility scores. Vanden Bosch’s Combine was far better than Nick Bosa’s, but Vanden Bosch didn’t come from a famous family, so he was slotted correctly in Round 2.

          1. 33″ arms is decent enough for a DE. Especially one that is renowned for using his hands as well as Bosa does to keep himself clean.

            Vanden Bosch… remind me, did he have as good college tape as Bosa? Wait, silly question, he didn’t but you will say he did anyway no doubt. As I have outlined before, Bosa’s college tape is excellent which is why he is viewed as one of the top prospects. His combine results were very good and help solidify his spot as one of the top prospects. Just like Allen’s did.

            1. 33″ arms are decent enough for a speed rusher like Dwight Freeney who can run around OTs and doesn’t have to engage them. 33″ arms are not decent enough for a hand fighter like Bosa, because he will struggle to get his hands on NFL offensive tackles. They will engulf him.

              Bosa’s college tape and production is OK. If he had another last name, people wouldn’t overrate him. Chris Long had the same bloodline bump.

              Bosa’s Combine numbers were fine, but nothing special. To say that Bosa is elite, you have to over-analyze his tape against Oregon State. The Combine didn’t show him being elite. It showed him being Kyle Vanden Bosch but slower and less agile.

              1. The draft is a crapshoot, but I think the assumption that coach Davis is a little more qualified, and his word carries a little more weight is a safe one….

              2. Well, when healthy KVB was one of the better DEs in the NFL, so there are worse guys to compare to.

                Chris Long was good at the Rams too once they stopped trying to make him an OLB.

              3. If KVB didn’t tear his ACL in 2 of his first 3 seasons, yeah, that would be ok.

          2. The obvious fact is not being mentioned here. You obviously feel that the Bosa family has somehow slighted you. You seem to go out of your way to find a negative and then you beat that horse until it is dead. The truth of the matter is that either player, Bosa or Allen, would be a major upgrade to what we have at their respective positions. Your personal issues should not enter your reporting. That has always been your downfall. You can never report anything that doesn’t fit your view of the world.

            1. Slighted me? I’ve never even met them. It’s not personal. It’s strictly business. I don’t want the 49ers to make another big mistake.

  25. Josh Allen was faster than Bosa in the combine and equally, strong(bench press) and solid in the rest of the workouts, Allen showed durability, productivity, and versatility throughout college so I myself don’t see why we wouldn’t take him with our #2 overall. And as for free agency we can bring in Anthony Barr, Shaquil Barrett and Tyrell Williams for 4 years at about 36 million a year and still have a decent amount of cap left. I say we address the guard depth and defensive back depth and linebacker needs with the remaining early round picks in each round.

    1. The team now seems to value versatility so in that respect Allen has a leg up on Bosa.

        1. Razor,
          Last year there was a small ruffle on this site regarding Harold Landry vs Tre Edmunds.
          After Bradley Chubb, Landry was the best pass rusher (as a pass rusher I was touting M. Davenport) and Edmunds was the most versatile. I felt that Edmunds was better at covering more space as well as getting to the QB.
          A year later the verdict is still out on both players, but they both look to be good players going forward.

          Chubb who was the consensus best at his position was an immediate impact player.
          If we want the consensus best at their position we have 3 to chose from.
          Bosa, Allen and Q. Williams.

          I’d be fine with either one of them because each would provide an immediate upgrade.
          What is more important to the Org?
          Pass Rush
          Interior Dline
          Looks like we have a chance (if Cards go w/Murray) to pick our poison.

  26. Totally agree on your Bosa analysis. He is nowhere near the edge rusher at the NFL level the Hype predicts. Way overrated.. Bosa is a Solomon Thomas waiting to happen and not near the athlete Thomas is.. Love Sweat, Allen and Gary in that order… Select one of those and Burns with your second pick. Then O lineman, WR and DB in that order..

  27. This draft is gonna be a scream.

    Several on this blog are convinced Lynch and Shanahan are not capable of making anything close to good football decisions…the GM and HC are deceitful morons. With that, what makes anyone feel draft day decisions will be anything other than abysmal–abysmal by ‘our’ standards? The hopes of many will be crushed–ground to pulp.

    Let’s enjoy the ride. As the draft comes to a close there’ll be pious outrage, accusations of gross overreaching, wide application of the moniker ‘Freakin’, and much, much more. Good theater.

    One of the questions Grant can ask Denise is why–over time–her team just cannot acquire the necessary talent to win.

    1. ‘Several on this blog are convinced ….The GM and HC are deceitful morons.’ – Only Baalke blog trolls like you.

  28. Bosa’s injury history scares me, but the “he quit on his team” narrative doesn’t. A lot of players in his position would have made the same choice.
    Still, I think I’d prefer Allen if they’re both there. Clean injury history, and he’s far more versatile than Bosa. His lack of a counter move can be coached up. He’s an athletic freak.
    That being said, I would be happy with either one of them.
    This is an ideal draft for a trade down, but I doubt it happens unless they snag an edge rusher in free agency.

    1. Bosa had a chance to return to his team prior to the end of the year but he chose to quit. He not only chose to quit on his team, he left school early. He didn’t even stick around to help his replacement because he worried the coaches would pressure him to play. A college player was worried the coaches might make him play. Thats some straight up BS right there. This is not a Team guy. This is a Me guy. Bosa’s talent is off the charts but IMO his decision to abandon his college team puts a major red flag on his draft value. Joe Williams was battling some personal history and he left his team to deal with his mental health. Many teams totally took Williams off their board. IMO what Nick Bosa did was worse than what Williams did and it’s not close.

  29. Just listened to the ESPN First Draft podcast with Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and Chris Sprow. It was actually pretty well done. It’s a good listen. One of the guys was saying Edge Rushers with a 3 cone drill at 6.9 or under is almost always successful in the NFL. There are great rushers that are higher than 6.9 but if a guy hits 6.9 it’s almost always true that he is successful in the NFL. Von Miller’s 3-cone was 6.7. JJ Watts 3-cone was 6.88. The next stat to look at is the 10 yard split on their 40 time. If you take the names off this list and just look at combine results Drue Tranquill looks pretty good. He’s a LB though so if the 49ers are looking at Edge Rushers, he doesn’t make the top 5. Of the Edge Rushers, Montez Sweat looks like he had the best combine day.

    1. Nick Bosa 3 cone- 7.1.
      Montez Sweat 3 cone- 7.0.
      I like Tranquill’s stats. I do not like the fact he tore both his ACLs.

    2. Interesting. Unfortunately, none of the top edge rushers ran a sub 6.9 three cone drill.
      In fact only Maxx Crosby and Sutton Smith are possible edge rushers that did run a sub 6.9

      1. Shoup,
        I really like Sutton Smith, but as an Edge he will get engulfed by Olinemen at the next level.

        If a team is willing to convert him to a LB he may have some serious value, because this kid is a straight-up ball’r!
        I see a Zack Thomas clone in Sutton.

  30. Greedy just made himself some cheese. 4.38.

    Joejuan Williams just lost some cheese. 4.65

    Rock Ya-Sin 4.59

    Baker 4.53

    1. Jamel Dean ran a 4.31, not bad.
      Mark Fields ran a 4.37.
      13 have run under 4.5.

      1. Jamel Dean was ranked 200 on the draft board. At 6′ 1″, 206 lbs, methinks he may rise a bit from a late 6th round ranking.

    2. The fact that Greedy Williams shut down DK Metcalf also will result in some cheese.

      Metcalf v Williams (2018)
      Targets: 9
      Receptions: 3
      Yards: 37
      INT-PB: 2
      Passer Rating: 7.4

  31. Sebbie… Have you detected any tongues hanging out during all the drills? Lack of tongue discipline should cause someone to drop into the lower rounds.

  32. Isaiah Johnson, 6′ 2″ 208 lbs, who did well in the Senior Bowl, just ran a 4.4 forty. Niners should consider him.

  33. Off topic, but it is fairly interesting that several of the big name edge rushers have not been tagged yet. I am expecting a frenzy of tagging right before the deadline, but if the big name edge rushers do hit the market, who do you guys think the 49ers should pursue? Who should they avoid?

    1. Graham and Flowers are gone. Dante Fowler would be nice, since it would weaken the Rams.
      Ziggy Ansah may be the best bet. Some teams will look askance at his injury history. High risk, high reward.
      Hope they stay away from DV Frank Clark.

      1. Neither do testicles: “One crazy question I can think of was, ‘Do I have both of my testicles?’,” Boyd said. “And I was like ‘yeah, I don’t know why you got to ask.’ That was one I can think of.”

        Must have been a Pete Carroll q&a.

      2. He helped win a national championship, and had a good week at the Senior Bowl Practices.
        He did not allow a TD pass, and kept his receivers to 300 total yards. Not bad.

  34. Remember this from the 2010 Combine?

    Taylor Mays, S, USC: The former Trojan created quite a buzz with his impressive performance in drills. Mays posted the best 40-yard dash time of all defensive backs (4.43) despite measuring in with linebacker-like dimensions (6-3, 230 pounds). Additionally, Mays was surprisingly fluid in his movements during positional drills. Although Mays’ disappointing play during his senior season will stick out in the minds of many scouts, his sensational athletic display at the combine will undoubtedly lead many to re-evaluate their grades on the mercurial talent.”

    1. Taylor Mays should have been a WILL or a MIKE (in a Tampa 2 scheme) linebacker. I don’t know how well he could fill gaps but he would have been a good hybrid overhang defender if not a full time linebacker.

    1. Carr to the Cards. Cards biggest need is shoring up a run defense that allowed over 150 rushing yards a game.
      Gruden wants Murray for his move to Vegas. He could offer Carr to move up. Maybe even throw in a pick.
      Cards get a good starter, who Rosen can sit and study behind, so they benefit. Then at 4, they could draft Quinnen Williams or Bosa, Allen, Sweat or Gary, whoever is left, to help the defense.
      Cards are playing it smart. They have hyped Murray, so teams like the Raiders will be offering lucrative deals. Cards, by trading back, just got a starter, and no rookie QB will be anointed a starter, until he proves it on the field. Murray has a ton of potential, but he is short. That is an unfortunate fact. It would be a no brainer if he was 6′ 3″, 225 lbs. He is 5 inches shorter, and 20 pounds lighter than that prototypical ideal.
      This might play into the Niners’ hands, because the Giants may want to get the QB they covet. The Jets want to move back, so many QB needy teams may want to get Haskins, the better sized QB. They would leapfrog over the Giants, and the Giants would miss out on the QB they covet. Giants, by trading up, would secure that pick.
      Niners, by trading back from 2, could possibly get pick numbers 6, 37, 108 and 142, plus a conditional third round pick. If the Giants make it to the playoffs, it becomes a 2020 second round pick. If the Giants make it to the NFCC Game, it elevates to a 2020 first round pick. The Giants have extra picks in the 4th and 5th rounds and it does not add up, but the conditional pick could sway the equation towards the Niner side. It would help balance out the trade, and make it fair to both sides. It would be a win/win scenario. By moving back 4 spaces, the Niners could get 4 additional draft picks. Then, one of Bosa, Allen, Sweat, Wiliams and Gary would still be available.
      The Niners may want to move back even farther, but the Niners could end up with pick numbers- 6, 36, 37, 67, 104, 108, 142, 176 and 212. plus, a conditional 2020 third round pick. 10 picks.

  35. I’m with you on Bosa…he just comes with a lot of questions about injury history and skill fit. I really like Josh Allen…I would stand pat at #2 and select Allen.

        1. And check this…

          “Three-year starter with decent size but too far below the threshold with his athletic movements, instincts and recovery speed. Woods is a willing combatant when playing near the line of scrimmage, but he’s simply not talented enough in coverage and lacking in instincts to play over the top. To make a roster, he will need to shine on special teams and play lights out as a tackler in the box.”

          1. And notice I did not say he had first round talent?
            Speed is inherent, but talent can be developed. Niners should be thinking about players they can teach and get better, especially in the later rounds.

            1. No need to be paranoid Sebbie. Nowhere did I indicate you declared Woods a #1 pick. I was adding to the information you shared.

              As a tyke, did you watch the original Godzilla movie–and found yourself scared witless? Lighten up.

              1. Cassie you are transparent as glass. Try desperately to counter my remark as if your feeble attempt at trolling was not inferred. Then projecting, which makes me wonder why you are trying so hard. Guess I really get to you, and your Baalke Paraag cabal. Your paranoia has you jumping at shadows. Buck up. Quit failing. Try thinking of something intelligent to say. Your snark is lacking, and just brings back the stench of Baalke.
                Why don’t ya call JL and KS morons again. That is about your speed.

  36. 49ers sign Jadeveon Clowney and Frank Clark in FA before the draft. No willing trade partners? Who do they take with the #2 pick? I’d go with 1) Devin White; or 2) Andre Dillard or 3) Greedy Williams.

    1. Houston:
      * the Seattle Seahawks have decided to put the tag on Clark, according to Sports Illustrated’s Alber Breer, and continue their fruitful negotiations knowing he’ll be guaranteed to play football for the Seahawks in 2019. Per the team’s confirmation, the Seahawks have placed the non-exclusive tag on the defensive lineman, which means he can still sign with another team but if the Seahawks elect not to match the offer, they get two first-round picks in return from that team. You think 9ers are willing to give up two first round draft picks?

  37. Two players the 49ers will not draft if you believe the interviews: Polite, who decided to complain about the Niners and Packers criticizing him, and DK Metcalf, who talked about needing to keep his cool during interviews in reference to the Niners’ interview.

    1. I hope they stay away from Jaylon Ferguson, too. No red flags, please.
      A disinvite to the Combine is a red flag.
      JL should remember Foster. Why borrow trouble?

      1. Seb,
        Ferguson’s disinvite was due to a fight he got into in high school with another guy which was apparently caught on tape.

        I would understand if it was a woman, he robbed someone or some other such nonsense. However, taking the stance that any physical altercation gets you disinvited is stupid.

        1. I thought he sent some one to the hospital, and was convicted of battery. A simple fistfight should not lead to a conviction and fine. Then he was charged with public intoxication. I do not know all the details, but it was enough to disinvite him. The NFL knew all the details.

  38. The price of Rosen jerseys went from $100 to $39.99.

    Falcons hot dogs went from $2 to $1.50.

    1. The Falcons know how to do it when it comes to concessions; keep prices reasonable, and people will buy (one of the top earners in concession money). There was also a great article on ESPN before the Super Bowl about how the stadium manages restrooms and bathroom flow.

      How the Niners went with a nondescript look for Levi’s with outrageous prices speaks a lot about ownership’s priorities. Of course, I fall for it by forking over my season ticket money every year, and paying a PSA.

    1. When u hand a guy with a poor work ethic and weight problems a big contract the rest is history

  39. Thornhill is a guy Grant suggested previously in the 2nd round. He’s had a great day. If the 49ers don’t address FS in FA he could well be the pick in the 2nd round.

    Alongside excellent 40 and explosion scores, he reportedly smashed agility tests in college so expect he will score well there too. Great athlete and by all accounts a real student of the game with a high IQ. Could definitely see the 49ers being interested.

    1. What if Marquise Brown slides to us in round 2 and Thornhill round 3?

      Bosa or Allen
      Marquise Brown

        1. Yep… but razor, why not one of Samuel, Ridley or Brown? Or even Harry, even though I’m not a huge fan? Would seem to make more sense than a speedster.

          1. Any of those receivers would be fine. I was just think about a surprise dropper.

      1. Not many true FS prospects in the draft… find it hard to imagine Thornhill lasts until the 3rd round.

  40. Rock Ya-Sin was solid in all the drills (not excellent, but solid), which should make up for his poor Senior Bowl practices.

    Thornhill’s skills may put him in play as a cornerback selection for some teams, moving him from safety (though game tape shows he has some trouble at the position).

    I’d be fine with either Thornhill and Gardner-Thompson as free safeties to develop behind 2 or 3 years of Earl Thomas, or even letting Colbert learn from Thomas, though I imagine we would be more comfortable with the rookies spot starting if Thomas gets hurt compared to Colbert.


    Imagine a vengeful, ticked-off Bosa, all 6-4, 266 pounds of him, angrily chasing Murray off the edge, play after play, two games a year, for the next decade. Bosa is, after all, a quarterback killer when it comes to this year’s crop of pass rushers and make no mistake, he’d take delicious delight in continuously reminding the Cardinals they picked the wrong guy.

    Bosa just happens to be the great grandson of the late Chicago mobster, Tony Accardo, also known as “Joe Batters” and “Big Tuna.”

  42. According to OddsShark, Bosa is still the favorite to be selected with the top choice in the NFL draft April 25, but Murray is climbing the board.

    Nick Bosa -200
    Kyler Murray +200
    Quinnen Williams +1000
    Dwayne Haskins +1000
    Ed Oliver +1400
    Josh Allen +1400

    Gonna be Murray/Bosa 1 & 2!

    1. We knew he was going to benefit from a weak market at the position. We’ll be drafting a WR.

      1. If Giants make OBJ available he is headed to SF. I thinking drafting a Wr in the second rnd is an option but if they have a chance to make a run at arguably the best in the game you have to do it. I think now is the time to make a bold statement!

        1. Dunno, like RB, Shanny is able to get more from less when it comes to WR. OBJr. is gonna be cost prohibitive.

          1. I think he does a decent job of identifying Wrs but he haven’t found anything special(I think Pettis will be very good btw). I think we saw the capabilities of his offense when he was in Atlanta. In order to get his offense completely humming he needs that game changing talent. He is in year 3. Taking another Wr in draft that typically needs two years to make an big impact is a risk for him. Kyle/John need to start winning next year.

            1. What are you comfortable giving up for him, RAW?

              There’s no way in hell I’d give them #2.

              1. Give them the 2nd overall(Giants). Niners get the 6th and OBJ. Plus Niners give up a third this year and a 4th next year. This is assuming Niners sign two edge guys in free agency. Maybe a combo of Justin Houston( just got released) and Shaq Barret or Fowler. Then at 6 get Burns or Sweat for example. I’d prefer White at 6 but that’s just me. Niners come away with OBJ, Burns or Sweat or White. Instead of Bosa. You HAVE to do a trade like that. OBJ, Burns, Houston, Barrett would be a devastating off season(in a good way :)).

              2. 49ers 2018 1st Round Pick, 2019 Second Round Pick, and 2020 Second Round Pick for Giants 2018 1st Round Pick and OBJ

              3. Yeah, I just pulled that one out of left field. Honestly, I don’t think the team should trade for OBJ unless he was the missing piece needed for the team to be a title contender.

              4. MWD, I’m glad because I rather fancy McGlinchey. I agree we should just draft our own WR.

    1. I will say in the linebacker drills I saw Burns in, he looked pretty good. Showed an ability to drop back, flip hips in coverage, hands were definitely there too.

      1. As a pass rusher, I have him above Allen. The only thing Allen has on him is experience in coverage.

      1. Miss the days when the team would make playoff runs. The draft has been debated around here since the 24th of September.

          1. Lol. You’re probably right.

            Trade 2, a 4th and next years 2nd to NYG for OBJ and 6. Then draft Josh Allen at 6.

            That’s day 1. You’re all welcome. ??

              1. You mean like Julio Jones did when he was in Atlanta? OBJ would be in heaven playing in Kyles offense. Would be like Kevin Durant playing for the Warriors(Meaning System fit) Making his job that more easy playing in a great system. Making OBJ even more dangerous.

        1. We all do Jack, but I think we are closer to seeing the team become a playoff contender than farther away.
          On a personal note, I would be discussing draft options even when the 49ers become playoff contenders again.

        2. ‘Don’t dominate the rap, Jack, if you got nothing new to say’……
          The combine just ended, and you cannot comment on a single player or event?
          I guess some people are easily bored. This, to me, is an exciting time, with rivers of rumors and reams of measurements. This is the time for armchair GMs to speculate wildly.
          There were some very impressive 40 times, and players rising and falling in the rankings. I thought there would be 4 CBs and 2 safeties chosen in the first round, but now they may be more.

  43. Round 2 Players Left On The Board You Be The GM:

    Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama
    Kelvin Harmon, WR, NC St
    Oruwariye, CB, Penn St.
    Marquise Brown, WR, OK
    Lindstrom, OG, BC
    Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss
    Deebo Samuel, WR, SC
    D. Thompson, FS, Al
    Riley Ridley, WR, GA
    Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio St.
    Mack Wilson, LB, Al
    Joejuan Williams, CB, Vandy
    Thornhill, FS, Va

    1. JL needs to move back. Losing out on Bosa or Allen is better than losing out on tapping into that second round.
      If JL could get 3 players on that list, he would have hit a home run.

  44. This will be flashbacks to when Nolan had a choice between Rodgers and Alex Smith.
    If they choose Bosa over Allen.

  45. We’re the 49ers…I don’t know who will be better ,but I guarantee we choose the wrong one…lol..were the 49ers..we always choose wrong

    1. Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice. The entire ’86 draft. The Niners have chosen the right ones, before. Maybe not lately.

  46. It will take a village – which Antonio Brown would likely pillege.

    Brown disrespected his coach, teammates, organization and the faithful Steelers fans.
    He’s become T. O. 2.0.
    Which is to say he feels that he is bigger than the game.
    I’m a pass on Brown.

  47. AB should go to another team. There are a lot better options in Free Agency.
    Thomas is pulling a Harper, using the Niners to leverage the Cowboys.
    OBJ is not leaving the Giants, unless they give up a king’s ransom. Giants would not obtain a QB, then trade away his biggest weapon.
    Murray to the Cards sounds exciting, but the Cards really need to fix their run defense, first.
    Niners still are in a good position to trade back with a QB hungry team. Giants have 9 picks to work with, so a trade could be feasible. Gruden may trade up with the Niners, since he may want Murray.

  48. By the time Baalke left SF, the player cupboard was pretty bare. He failed to maintain a healthy evolving roster. Forget the Tomsula debacle, that was just setting fire to the garage to distract from the mess in the kitchen.
    Skip ahead to the present, has anyone done a worse roster management job than John Elway? Another new coach. Another new QB. Who’s going to pass protect Statue Flacco? Depth at receiver? Secondary?

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