Trading Frank Gore

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Frank Gore may demand a trade soon.

Gore wants DeAngelo Williams money, and the 49ers don’t want to give him anywhere near that.

So, let’s suppose Trent Baalke has two options – show Gore the money or trade him. Which should he choose?

Frank Gore has been a great 49er, but we’re talking business. Bill Walsh always traded a player a little before people thought he should – he didn’t wait.

What could Baalke get for Gore? A first-round pick? A pro-bowl cornerback or offensive tackle?

Does the emergence of Kendall Hunter and Xavier Omon make a Gore trade more plausible for the 49ers?

I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

If I were Baalke, I’d trade Gore. Gore could bring back a fortune.

There will be a 2 o’clock conference call with Jim Harbaugh, and he surely will be asked about Gore. Whether he’ll answer, I don’t know.


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