Training camp report: Saturday, the not-so-good – down goes Harbaugh

SANTA CLARA – The two people on this list didn’t have bad practices, just bad moments.

Anthony Dixon ran very hard, caught passes and made some nice blocks, but he got absolutely blasted by a cornerback (Perrish Cox), and jeered at by the defense for the rest of practice. Every time he ran into the huddle the defensive backs yelled his name.

Jim Harbaugh almost one-upped Dixon. It was the last play of practice and he called for a field goal. The special team lined up, but there happened to be no uprights. Which meant David Akers had nowhere to kick. Harbaugh, thinking quickly, substituted himself for Akers, lined up to kick, called hike, the ball was snapped to the holder, Harbaugh faked everyone out by running right, he caught a quick pitch from the holder, made a strong cut on grass with sneakers and fell on his face.

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