Training camp report: Wednesday, the not-so-good — Harbaugh ejects Kyle Williams for fighting

SANTA CLARA – Kyle Williams dropped two passes in practice today, but that’s not why Jim Harbaugh ejected him.

Toward the end of practice, Williams caught a pass with undrafted cornerback Deante Purvis draped all over him. It seemed like Williams felt Purvis took too long undraping himself, so Williams head butted him. Then Purvis swung a punch back at him. Harbaugh ran in to break it up.

He was angry with Williams, who instigated the scuffle, so he ejected him and let Purvis keep practicing. Harbaugh told Williams to leave the field, but Williams refused. He kneeled next to Dashon Goldson for a few minutes, and then he watched the re st of practice with Michael Crabtree.

After practice Williams sought out Harbaugh on the field and the two talked for about a minute before Harbaugh extended his hand and Williams shook it.

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